My daily arXiv picks


For years, I have been keeping a private daily list of arXiv preprints that I find interesting.  Starting on 2017.10.30, I have made the list public, mainly for my convenience, but also in case somebody could benefit from the filtered list.

Papers below are drawn mainly from the astro-ph and hep-ph categories, with occasional contributions from nucl-th, nucl-ex and physics categories.

Star-icon = Especially interesting / worth reading

Star-iconStar-icon = Very interesting / very relevant for my own work

379710-200 = April Fools’ Day paper (used only once a year, around April 01)

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Fri, Jun 02, 2023

Star-icon Diffuse Ultra-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Emission From TeV Halos
Ariane Dekker, Ian Holst, Dan Hooper, Giovani Leone, Emily Simon, Huangyu Xiao
2306.00051 astro-ph

Star-icon Axion Helioscopes as Solar Thermometers
Sebastian Hoof, Joerg Jaeckel, Lennert J. Thormaehlen
2306.00077 hep-ph

Star-icon Hard X-ray emission from blazars associated with high-energy neutrinos
A.V. Plavin et al.
2306.00960 astro-ph

Neutrino mass and nature through its mediation in atomic clock interference
José Bernabeu, Dylan O. Sabulsky, Federico Sánchez, Alejandro Segarra
2306.00767 physics

GW190425 and FRB20190425A: Challenges for Fast Radio Bursts as Multi-Messenger Sources from Binary Neutron Star Mergers
Mohit Bhardwaj, Antonella Palmese, Ignacio Magaña Hernandez, Virginia D’Emilio, Soichiro Morisaki
2306.00948 astro-ph

Search for Boosted Dark Matter in COSINE-100
COSINE-100 Collaboration
2306.00322 hep-ex

How limiting is optical follow-up for fast radio burst applications? Forecasts for radio and optical surveys
Joscha N. Jahns, Laura G. Spitler, Charles R. H. Walker, Carlton M. Baugh
2306.00084 astro-ph

Thu, Jun 01, 2023

A standard siren measurement of the Hubble constant using GW170817 and the latest observations of the electromagnetic counterpart afterglow
A. Palmese, R. Kaur, A. Hajela, R. Margutti, A. McDowell, A. MacFadyen
2305.19914 astro-ph

Dark Photons from Charged Pion Bremsstrahlung at Proton Beam Experiments
David Curtin, Yonatan Kahn, Rachel Nguyen
2305.19309 hep-ph

Hints of a new leptophilic Higgs sector?
Yoav Afik, P. S. Bhupal Dev, Anil Thapa
2305.19314 hep-ph

New Physics in Neutrino Oscillation: Nonunitarity or Nonorthogonality?
Chee Sheng Fong
2305.19755 hep-ph

Measurement of the inclusive electron-neutrino charged-current cross section on 127I with the COHERENT NaIνE detector
P. An et al.
2305.19594 nucl-ex

Wed, May 31, 2023

One to many: comparing single gravitational-wave events to astrophysical populations
Matthew Mould, Davide Gerosa, Marco Dall’Amico, Michela Mapelli
2305.18539 astro-ph

Measurement of the τ-lepton mass with the Belle~II experiment
Belle II Collaboration
2305.19116 hep-ex

Host group degeneracy in gravitational lensing time delay determination of H0
Luca Teodori, Kfir Blum
2305.19151 astro-ph

A 4-8 GHz Galactic Center Search for Periodic Technosignatures
Akshay Suresh et al.
2305.18527 astro-ph

Tue, May 30, 2023

Star-icon What can be learnt from UHECR anisotropies observations Paper II: intermediate-scale anisotropies
Denis Allard, Julien Aublin, Bruny Baret, Etienne Parizot
2305.17811 astro-ph

Limits from the grave: resurrecting Hitomi for decaying dark matter and forecasting leading sensitivity for XRISM
Christopher Dessert, Orion Ning, Nicholas L. Rodd, Benjamin R. Safdi
2305.17160 astro-ph

Solar neutrinos with CEνNS and flavor-dependent radiative corrections
Nityasa Mishra, Louis E. Strigari
2305.17827 hep-ph

Testing space-time geometries and theories of gravity at the Galactic Center with pulsar’s time delay
Riccardo Della Monica, Ivan de Martino, Mariafelicia de Laurentis
2305.18178 gr-qc

The Araucaria Project: Improving the cosmic distance scale
Araucaria Project
2305.17247 astro-ph

The Social Value of Dark Energy
Avner Offer, Ofer Lahav
2305.17982 physics

Mon, May 29, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon Constraining models for the origin of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays with a novel combined analysis of arrival directions, spectrum, and composition data measured at the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2305.16693 astro-ph

Star-icon The First LHAASO Catalog of Gamma-Ray Sources
LHAASO Collaboration
2305.17030 astro-ph

A Novel Beam-Dump Measurement with the LHC General-Purpose Detectors
Bhaskar Dutta, Doojin Kim, Hyunyong Kim
2305.16383 hep-ph

Sensitivity of the Cherenkov Telescope Array to TeV photon emission from the Large Magellanic Cloud
Cherenkov Telescope Array Consortium
2305.16707 astro-ph

The early evolution of magnetar rotation — II. Rapidly rotating magnetars: Implications for Gamma-Ray Bursts and Super Luminous Supernovae
Tejas Prasanna, Matthew S. B. Coleman, Matthias J. Raives, Todd A. Thompson
2305.16412 astro-ph

CP and T violation effects in presence of an eV scale sterile neutrino at long baseline neutrino experiments
Sabila Parveen, Kiran Sharma, Sudhanwa Patra, Poonam Mehta
2305.16824 hep-ph

Sun is a cosmic ray TeVatron
Prabir Banik, Arunava Bhadra, Sanjay K. Ghosh
2305.17086 astro-ph

Quantum Spread Complexity in Neutrino Oscillations
Khushboo Dixit, S. Shajidul Haque, Soebur Razzaque
2305.17025 hep-ph

Fri, May 26, 2023

Multiple QCD axion
Belén Gavela, Pablo Quílez, Maria Ramos
2305.15465 hep-ph

Capability of the proposed long-baseline experiments to probe large extra dimension
Samiran Roy
2305.16234 hep-ph

An Optically Targeted Search for Gravitational Waves emitted by Core-Collapse Supernovae during the Third Observing Run of Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo
Marek J. Szczepańczyk et al.
2305.16146 astro-ph

First measurement of η production in neutrino interactions on argon with MicroBooNE
MicroBooNE Collaboration
2305.16249 hep-ex

30 years in: Quo vadis generalized uncertainty principle?
Pasquale Bosso, Giuseppe Gaetano Luciano, Luciano Petruzziello, Fabian Wagner
2305.16193 gr-qc

Thu, May 25, 2023

Terrestrial detection of hidden vectors produced by solar nuclear reactions
Francesco D’Eramo, Giuseppe Lucente, Newton Nath, Seokhoon Yun
2305.14420 hep-ph

Predicting the baryon asymmetry with degenerate right-handed neutrinos
S. Sandner, P. Hernandez, J. Lopez-Pavon, N. Rius
2305.14427 hep-ph

A New Window into Gravitationally Produced Scalar Dark Matter
Marcos A. G. Garcia, Mathias Pierre, Sarunas Verner
2305.14446 hep-ph

The case for an EIC Theory Alliance: Theoretical Challenges of the EIC
Raktim Abir et al.
2305.14572 hep-ph

Wed, May 24, 2023

Limits on light primordial black holes from high-scale leptogenesis
Roberta Calabrese, Marco Chianese, Jacob Gunn, Gennaro Miele, Stefano Morisi, Ninetta Saviano
2305.13369 hep-ph

Explaining the GeV excess with exploding black holes
Zachary S. C. Picker, Alexander Kusenko
2305.13434 astro-ph

Diffuse Neutrino Flux Based on the Rates of Core-Collapse Supernovae and Black Hole Formation Deduced from a Novel Galactic Chemical Evolution Model
Yosuke Ashida, Ken’ichiro Nakazato, Takuji Tsujimoto
2305.13543 astro-ph

Improvement of graviton mass constraints using GRAVITY’s detection of Schwarzschild precession in the orbit of S2 star around the Galactic Center
Predrag Jovanović, Vesna Borka Jovanović, Duško Borka, Alexander F. Zakharov
2305.13448 astro-ph

Axion Poltergeist
Keisuke Harigaya, Keisuke Inomata, Takahiro Terada
2305.14242 hep-ph

Local clustering of relic neutrinos with kinetic field theory
Emil Brinch Holm, Isabel M. Oldengott, Stefan Zentarra
2305.13379 hep-p

Electroweak Loop Contributions to the Direct Detection of Wino Dark Matter
John Ellis, Natsumi Nagata, Keith A. Olive, Jiaming Zheng
2305.13837 hep-ph

On the Dirac-Majorana neutrinos distinction in four-body decays
Juan Manuel Márquez, Diego Portillo-Sánchez, Gabriel López Castro, Pablo Roig
2305.14140 hep-ph

Machine Learning for Quantum-Enhanced Gravitational-Wave Observatories
Chris Whittle, Ge Yang, Matthew Evans, Lisa Barsotti
2305.13780 astro-ph

Sensitivities to feebly interacting particles: public and unified calculations
Maksym Ovchynnikov, Jean-Loup Tastet, Oleksii Mikulenko, Kyrylo Bondarenko
2305.13383 hep-ph

Tue, May 23, 2023

Weighing neutrinos at the damping tail
Eleonora Di Valentino, Stefano Gariazzo, William Giarè, Olga Mena
2305.12989 astro-ph

Dark matter at the Higgs resonance
Mattia Di Mauro, Chiara Arina, Nicolao Fornengo, Jan Heisig, Daniele Massaro
2305.11937 hep-ph

Constraints on the gamma-ray emission from Small Solar System Bodies with the Fermi Large Area Telescope data
S. De Gaetano, L. Di Venere, F. Gargano, F. Loparco, L. Lorusso, M. N. Mazziotta, G. Panzarini, R. Pillera, D. Serini
2305.12436 astro-ph

Exploring the high energy frontiers of the Milky Way with ground-based gamma-ray astronomy: PeVatrons and the quest for the origin of Galactic cosmic-rays
E.O. Angüner
2305.12729 astro-ph

The Cherenkov Telescope Array
Werner Hofmann, Roberta Zanin
2305.12888 astro-ph

The Hubble Constant: A Historical Review
R. Brent Tully
2305.11950 astro-ph

Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity: Rovelli’s lectures on LQG
Pietropaolo Frisoni
2305.12215 gr-qc

Mon, May 22, 2023

Star-icon Extragalactic neutrino factories
Sara Buson et al.
2305.11263 astro-ph

Star-icon Fast Neutrino Flavor Conversions can Help and Hinder Neutrino-Driven Explosions
Jakob Ehring, Sajad Abbar, Hans-Thomas Janka, Georg Raffelt, Irene Tamborra
2305.11207 astro-ph

Density and magnetic intensity dependence of radio pulses induced by energetic air showers
Juan Ammerman-Yebra, Jaime Alvarez-Muñiz, Enrique Zas
2305.11668 astro-ph

Searching for Scalar Ultralight Dark Matter with Optical Fibers
J. Manley, R. Stump, R. Petery, and S. Singh
2305.11205 hep-ph

Cosmic string bursts in LISA
Pierre Auclair, Stanislav Babak, Hippolyte Quelquejay Leclere, Danièle A.Steer
2305.11653 gr-qc

Search for vector dark matter in microwave cavities with Rydberg atoms
J. Gué, A. Hees, J. Lodewyck, R. Le Targat, P. Wolf
2305.11671 physics

Quantum sensing for particle physics
Steven D. Bass, Michael Doser
2305.11518 quant-ph

A GPU-accelerated viewer for HEALPix maps
Andrei V. Frolov
2305.11507 astro-ph

Fri, May 19, 2023

The LHAASO PeVatron bright sky: what we learned
Martina Cardillo, Andrea Giuliani
2305.10526 astro-ph

The Photon Content of the Neutron
Keping Xie, Bei Zhou, T.J. Hobbs
2305.10497 hep-ph

Lepto-hadronic interpretation of 2021 RS Ophiuchi nova outburst
Agnibha De Sarkar, Nayana A. J., Nirupam Roy, Soebur Razzaque, G. C. Anupama
2305.10735 astro-ph

Fast particle acceleration in 3D hybrid simulations of quasi-perpendicular shocks
Luca Orusa, Damiano Caprioli
2305.10511 astro-ph

Probing Non-Standard Neutrino Interactions with Interference: Insights from Dark Matter and Neutrino Experiments
Jong-Chul Park, Gaurav Tomar
2305.10836 hep-ph

Production of p-nuclei from r-process seeds: the νr-process
Zewei Xiong, Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo, Oliver Just, Andre Sieverding
2305.11050 astro-ph

Primordial Black Hole Reheating
Md Riajul Haque, Essodjolo Kpatcha, Debaprasad Maity, Yann Mambrini
2305.10518 hep-ph

Gravitational Machines
Freeman J. Dyson
2305.10470 gr-qc

Learning Likelihood Ratios with Neural Network Classifiers
Shahzar Rizvi, Mariel Pettee, Benjamin Nachman
2305.10500 hep-ph

The LHCb upgrade I
LHCb Collaboration
2305.10515 hep-ex

Thu, May 18, 2023

Star-icon Multimessenger Constraints on Radiatively Decaying Axions from GW170817
Melissa Diamond, Damiano F.G. Fiorillo, Gustavo Marques-Tavares, Irene Tamborra, Edoardo Vitagliano
2305.10327 hep-ph

Model of Cosmic Ray Propagation in the Milky Way at the Knee
G. Giacinti, D. Semikoz
2305.10251 astro-ph

Unstable cosmic-ray nuclei constrain low-diffusion zones in the Galactic disk
Hanno Jacobs, Philipp Mertsch, Vo Hong Minh Phan
2305.10337 astro-ph

Updated T2K measurements of muon neutrino and antineutrino disappearance using 3.6 × 1021 protons on target
T2K Collaboration
2305.09916 hep-ex

Bounding the mass of ultralight bosonic Dark Matter particles with the motion of the S2 star around Sgr A*
Riccardo Della Monica, Ivan de Martino
2305.10242 gr-qc

An optimized search for dark matter in the galactic halo with HAWC
HAWC Collaboration
2305.09861 astro-ph

Air-Shower Radio Simulations — Where we stand and where we go
Tim Huege
2305.10100 astro-ph

The Radio Detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory — status and expected performance
Tim Huege
2305.10104 astro-ph

A farewell to particles
Boris Kosyakov
2305.09692 physics

Wed, May 17, 2023

Star-icon Observation of collider muon neutrinos with the SND@LHC experiment
SND@LHC Collaboration
2305.09383 hep-ex

Star-icon Hunting for gamma-ray emission from Fast Radio Bursts
G. Principe, L. Di Venere, M. Negro, N. Di Lalla, N. Omodei, R. Di Tria, M.N. Mazziotta, F. Longo
2305.09428 astro-ph

The uncertainties on the EFT coupling limits for direct dark matter detection experiments stemming from uncertainties of target properties
Daniel J. Heimsoth, Brandom Lem, Anna M. Suliga, Calvin W. Johnson, A. Baha Balantekin, Susan N. Coppersmith
2305.08991 hep-ph

Compatibility of CEνNS with muon g−2, W mass, and R(D(∗)) in a gauged Lμ−Lτ with a scalar LQ
Chuan-Hung Chen, Cheng-Wei Chiang, Chun-Wei Su
2305.09256 hep-ph

Modelling supernova nebular lines in 3D with ExTraSS
Bart van Baal, Anders Jerkstrand, Annop Wongwathanarat, Thomas H. Janka
2305.08933 astro-ph

Demonstration of neutrinoless double beta decay searches in gaseous xenon with NEXT
NEXT Collaboration
2305.09435 nucl-ex

Close Encounters of the Interstellar Kind: Examining the Capture of Interstellar Objects in Near Earth Orbit
Diptajyoti Mukherjee, Amir Siraj, Hy Trac, Abraham Loeb
2305.08915 astro-ph

Tue, May 16, 2023

Star-icon Global constraints on non-standard neutrino interactions with quarks and electrons
Pilar Coloma, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, Michele Maltoni, João Paulo Pinheiro, Salvador Urrea
2305.07698 hep-ph

The Maximum Energy of Shock-Accelerated Cosmic Rays
Rebecca Diesing
2305.07697 astro-ph

Multi-messenger observations of core-collapse supernovae: Exploiting the standing accretion shock instability
Marco Drago, Haakon Andresen, Irene Di Palma, Irene Tamborra, Alejandro Torres-Forné
2305.07688 astro-ph

TeV halos and the role of pulsar wind nebulae as sources of cosmic ray positrons
Benedikt Schroer, Carmelo Evoli, Pasquale Blasi
2305.08019 astro-ph

UV signatures of magnetar formation and their crucial role for Gravitational Wave detection
Sandhya S. Menon, Dafne Guetta, Simone Dall’Osso
2305.07761 astro-ph

Exploring Ultralight Scalar Assistance in Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter: Cold Spectrum and Unusual X/Gamma-ray Signatures
Yuxuan He, Jia Liu, Xiaolin Ma, Xiao-Ping Wang
2305.08095 hep-ph

Application of Graph Networks to background rejection in Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes
Jonas Glombitza, Vikas Joshi, Benedetta Bruno, Stefan Funk
2305.08674 astro-ph

Mon, May 15, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon Identifying Extended PeVatron Sources via Neutrino Shower Detection
Takahiro Sudoh, John F. Beacom
2305.07043 astro-ph

On the nature of M31 gamma-ray halo in its relation to dark matter annihilation
Andrei E. Egorov
2305.07590 astro-ph

Neutrino oscillations in the interaction picture
Massimo Blasone, Francesco Giacosa, Luca Smaldone, Giorgio Torrieri
2305.07107 hep-ph

Searches for continuous gravitational waves from neutron stars: A twenty-year retrospective
Karl Wette
2305.07106 gr-qc

Fri, May 12, 2023

Star-icon A Leptonic Model for Neutrino Emission From Active Galactic Nuclei
Dan Hooper, Kathryn Plant
2305.06375 astro-ph

Star-icon Searching for temporary gamma-ray dark blazars associated with IceCube neutrinos
Emma Kun, Imre Bartos, Julia Becker Tjus, Peter L. Biermann, Anna Franckowiak, Francis Halzen, György Mező
2305.06729 astro-ph

Star-icon Neutrino CPT violation in the solar sector
Gabriela Barenboim, Pablo Martínez-Miravé, Christoph A. Ternes, Mariam Tórtola
2305.06384 hep-ph

Star-icon Twin Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter
Ian Holst, Dan Hooper, Gordan Krnjaic, Deheng Song
2305.06264 hep-ph

Probing the Local Dark Matter Halo with Neutrino Oscillations
Tony Gherghetta, Andrey Shkerin
2305.06441 hep-ph

Galactic diffuse gamma-ray emission from GeV to PeV energies in light of up-to-date cosmic ray measurements
Rui Zhang, Xiaoyuan Huang, Zhi-Hui Xu, Shiping Zhao, Qiang Yuan
2305.06948 astro-

Thu, May 11, 2023

Multi-Messenger Diagnostics of the Engine behind Core-Collapse Supernovae
Christopher L. Fryer et al.
2305.06134 astro-ph

Absorption of Axion Dark Matter in a Magnetized Medium
Asher Berlin, Tanner Trickle
2305.05681 hep-ph

Signals of Millicharged Dark Matter in Light-Shining-Through-Wall Experiments
Asher Berlin, Raffaele Tito D’Agnolo, Sebastian A. R. Ellis, Jury I. Radkovski
2305.05684 hep-ph

Implications of pulsar timing array observations for LISA detections of massive black hole binaries
Nathan Steinle et al.
2305.05955 astro-ph

Testing Gravity in the Laboratory
Quentin G. Bailey
2305.06325 gr-qc

A Bayesian Analysis of Technological Intelligence in Land and Oceans
Manasvi Lingam, Amedeo Balbi, Swadesh M. Mahajan
2305.05989 astro-ph

Wed, May 10, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon Measurement of ultra-high-energy diffuse gamma-ray emission of the Galactic plane from 10 TeV to 1 PeV with LHAASO-KM2A
LHAASO Collaboration
2305.05372 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Flavor-dependent long-range neutrino interactions in DUNE & T2HK: alone they constrain, together they discover
Masoom Singh, Mauricio Bustamante, Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla
2305.05184 hep-ph

Star-icon Search for astrophysical electron antineutrinos in Super-Kamiokande with 0.01wt% gadolinium loaded water
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
2305.05135 astro-ph

* SENSEI: Search for Millicharged Particles produced in the NuMI Beam
SENSEI Collaboration
2305.04964 hep-ex

Dark Matter Direct Detection on the Moon
Andrea Gaspert, Pietro Giampa, Navin McGinnis, David E. Morrissey
2305.04943 hep-ph

GRB 221009A: Spectral signatures based on ALPs candidates
D. Avila Rojas, S. Hernández-Cadena, M. M. González, A. Pratts, R. Alfaro, J. Serna-Franco
2305.05145 astro-ph

Beyond Mediocrity: How Common is Life?
Amedeo Balbi, Manasvi Lingam
2305.05395 astro-ph

Tue, May 09, 2023

Star-icon IceCube and the origin of ANITA-IV events
Toni Bertólez-Martínez, Carlos A. Argüelles, Ivan Esteban, Jacobo Lopez-Pavon, Ivan Martinez-Soler, Jordi Salvado
2305.03746 astro-ph

Star-icon Neutrino many-body correlations
Lucas Johns
2305.04916 hep-ph

Can we discover lepton number violation with LHC far detectors?
Ying-nan Mao, Kechen Wang, Zeren Simon Wang
2305.03908 hep-ph

Spectral distortions of astrophysical blackbodies as axion probes
Jae Hyeok Chang, Reza Ebadi, Xuheng Luo, Erwin H. Tanin
2305.03749 hep-ph

Probing Lepton Flavor Violation at Circular Electron-Positron Colliders
Wolfgang Altmannshofer, Pankaj Munbodh, Talise Oh
2305.03869 hep-ph

ALP dark matter with non-periodic potentials: parametric resonance, halo formation and gravitational signatures
Aleksandr Chatrchyan, Cem Eröncel, Matthias Koschnitzke, Géraldine Servant
2305.03756 hep-ph

Weakly-Supervised Anomaly Detection in the Milky Way
Mariel Pettee, Sowmya Thanvantri, Benjamin Nachman, David Shih, Matthew R. Buckley, Jack H. Collins
2305.03761 astro-ph

Exploring the viability of pseudo Nambu-Goldstone boson as ultralight dark matter in a mass range relevant for strong gravity applications
António P. Morais, Vinícius Oliveira, António Onofre, Roman Pasechnik, Rui Santos
2305.03776 hep-ph

Exploring light dark matter with the Migdal effect in hydrogen-doped liquid xenon
Nicole F. Bell, Peter Cox, Matthew J. Dolan, Jayden L. Newstead, Alexander C. Ritter
2305.04690 hep-ph

On networks of space-based gravitational-wave detectors
Rong-Gen Cai et al.
2305.04551 gr-qc

Origins of Life on Exoplanets
Paul B. Rimmer
2305.04911 astro-ph

Advanced life peaked billions of years ago according to black holes
David Garofalo
2305.04033 astro-ph

Mon, May 08, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon Present and future constraints on flavor-dependent long-range interactions of high-energy astrophysical neutrinos
Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla, Mauricio Bustamante, Sudipta Das, Ashish Narang
2305.03675 hep-ph

Star-icon Hunting muonic forces at emulsion detectors
Akitaka Ariga, Reuven Balkin, Iftah Galon, Enrique Kajomovitz, Yotam Soreq
2305.03102 hep-ph

Star-icon COHERENT production of a Dark Fermion
Pablo M. Candela, Valentina De Romeri, Dimitrios K. Papoulias
2305.03341 hep-ph

Star-icon Explaining dark matter halo density profiles with neural networks
Luisa Lucie-Smith, Hiranya V. Peiris, Andrew Pontzen
2305.03077 astro-ph

Star-icon Detecting ALP wiggles at TeV energies
M. Kachelriess, J. Tjemsland
2305.03604 hep-ph

Dark Matter-Induced Stellar Oscillations
Jeremy Sakstein, Ippocratis D. Saltas
2305.03085 hep-ph

Stimulated emission of signal photons from dark matter waves
Ankur Agrawal, Akash V. Dixit, Tanay Roy, Srivatsan Chakram, Kevin He, Ravi K. Naik, David I. Schuster, Aaron Chou
2305.03700 quant-ph

Fri, May 05, 2023

Galactic cosmic ray transport in the absence of resonant scattering
O. Pezzi, P. Blasi
2305.02890 astro-ph

Resolving the muon g−2 tension through Z′-induced modifications to σhad
Nina M. Coyle, Carlos E.M. Wagner
2305.02354 hep-ph

The FLUKA cross sections for cosmic-ray leptons and uncertainties on current positron predictions
Pedro De la Torre Luque, Mario Nicola Mazziotta, Francesco Loparco
2305.02958 astro-ph

On the growth of supermassive black holes formed from the gravitational collapse of fermionic dark matter cores
C. R. Argüelles, K. Boshkayev, A. Krut, G. Nurbakhyt, J. A. Rueda, R. Ruffini, J. D. Uribe-Suárez, R. Yunis
2305.02430 astro-ph

Thu, May 04, 2023

Star-icon Precision CMB constraints on eV-scale bosons coupled to neutrinos
Stefan Sandner, Miguel Escudero, Samuel J. Witte
2305.01692 hep-ph

What can a GNOME do? Search targets for the Global Network of Optical Magnetometers for Exotic physics searches
S. Afach et al.
2305.01785 hep-ph

Constraints on dark matter-neutrino scattering from the Milky-Way satellites and subhalo modeling for dark acoustic oscillations
Kensuke Akita, Shin’ichiro Ando
2305.01913 astro-ph

The self-confinement of electrons and positrons from dark matter
Marco Regis, Michael Korsmeier, Gianni Bernardi, Giada Pignataro, Javier Reynoso-Cordova, Piero Ullio
2305.01999 astro-ph

Constraining the dark matter interpretation of the positron excess with γ-ray data
Haoxiang Zhan
2305.01992 astro-ph

Simple, but not simplified: A new approach for optimising beyond-Standard Model physics searches at the Large Hadron Collider
Melissa van Beekveld, Philip Grace, Anders Kvellestad, Adam Leinweber, Martin White
2305.01835 hep-ph

Feebly Interacting Particles: FIPs 2022 workshop report
C. Antel et al.
2305.01715 hep-ph

An Interferometric SETI Observation of Kepler-111 b
Kelvin Wandia
2305.02262 astro-ph

Wed, May 03, 2023

Star-icon First Constraints on the Photon Coupling of Axion-like Particles from Multimessenger Studies of the Neutron Star Merger GW170817
P. S. Bhupal Dev, Jean-François Fortin, Steven P. Harris, Kuver Sinha, Yongchao Zhang
2305.01002 astro-ph

Quantum information and quantum simulation of neutrino physics
A. B. Balantekin, Michael J. Cervia, Amol V. Patwardhan, Ermal Rrapaj, Pooja Siwach
2305.01150 nucl-th

Extended Analysis of Neutrino-Dark Matter Interactions with Small-Scale CMB Experiments
Philippe Brax, Carsten van de Bruck, Eleonora Di Valentino, William Giarè, Sebastian Trojanowski
2305.01383 astro-ph

Tue, May 02, 2023

Star-icon A data science platform to enable time-domain astronomy
Michael W. Coughlin et al.
2305.00108 astro-ph

Bayesian Inference of Supernova Neutrino Spectra with Multiple Detectors
Xu-Run Huang, Chuan-Le Sun, Lie-Wen Chen, Jun Gao
2305.00392 hep-ph

Directional Sensitivity of the NEWSdm Experiment to Cosmic Ray Boosted Dark Matter
N.Y. Agafonova et al.
2305.00112 astro-ph

Discovering the Origin of Neutrino Masses at SHiP
Seyda Ipek, Douglas Tuckler
2305.00017 hep-ph

The Flavor of QCD Axion Dark Matter
Gonzalo Alonso-Álvarez, James M. Cline, Tianzhuo Xiao
2305.00018 hep-ph

Corrections of Z′ to the Magnetic Moment of the Muon
Jorge Gamboa, Justo López-Sarrión, Fernando Méndez, Natalia Tapia Arellano
2305.00073 hep-ph

Methods and prospects for gravitational wave searches targeting ultralight vector boson clouds around known black holes
Dana Jones, Ling Sun, Nils Siemonsen, William E. East, Susan M. Scott, Karl Wette
2305.00401 gr-qc

Searching for 76Ge neutrinoless double beta decay with the CDEX-1B experiment
CDEX Collaboration
2305.00894 nucl-ex

Beam Delivery and Beamstrahlung Considerations for Ultra-High Energy Linear Colliders
Tim Barklow et al.
2305.00573 physics

Mon, May 01, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon Prometheus: An Open-Source Neutrino Telescope Simulation
Jeffrey Lazar, Stephan Meighen-Berger, Christian Haack, David Kim, Santiago Giner, Carlos A. Argüelles
2304.14526 hep-ex

Direct Measurement of the Cosmic-Ray Helium Spectrum from 40 GeV to 250 TeV with the Calorimetric Electron Telescope on the International Space Station
CALET Collaboration
2304.14699 astro-ph

A comprehensive revision of the summation method for the prediction of reactor antineutrino fluxes and spectra
Lorenzo Perissé et al.
2304.14992 nucl-ex

Evidence of a lepto-hadronic two-zone emission in flare states
E. Aguilar-Ruiz, N. Fraija, A. Galván-Gámez
2304.14534 astro-ph

Revisiting constraints on the photon rest mass with cosmological fast radio bursts
Bao Wang, Jun-Jie Wei, Xue-Feng Wu, Martín López-Corredoiraa
2304.14784 astro-ph

Inferring Warm Dark Matter Masses with Deep Learning
Jonah C. Rose et al.
2304.14432 astro-ph

The Light Source of the TRIDENT Pathfinder Experiment
Wenlian Li et al.
2304.14608 astro-ph

Quantum Generative Adversarial Networks For Anomaly Detection In High Energy Physics
Elie Bermot et al.
2304.14439 quant-ph

Fri, Apr 28, 2023

Revisiting the proton synchrotron radiation in blazar jets: Possible contributions from X-ray to γ-ray bands
Rui Xue, Shao-Teng Huang, Hu-Bing Xiao, Ze-Rui Wang
2304.13893 astro-ph

GRB 221009A Afterglow from a Shallow Angular Structured Jet
Ramandeep Gill, Jonathan Granot
2304.14331 astro-ph

Simulation of the Earth’s radio leakage from mobile towers as seen from selected nearby stellar systems
Ramiro C. Saide, Michael A. Garrett, Nalini. Heeralall-Issur
2304.13779 astro-ph

Thu, Apr 27, 2023

Star-icon Do we have enough evidence to invalidate the mean-field approximation adopted to model collective neutrino oscillations?
Shashank Shalgar, Irene Tamborra
2304.13050 astro-ph

Star-icon Repeated patterns of gamma-ray flares reveal structured jets of blazars as likely neutrino sources
Polina Novikova, Ekaterina Shishkina, Dmitry Blinov
2304.13044 astro-ph

Muon puzzle in ultra-high energy EASs according to Yakutsk array and Auger experiment data
A.V. Glushkov, A.V. Sabourov, L.T. Ksenofontov, K.G. Lebedev
2304.13095 astro-ph

Asymptotic Analysis on Binned Likelihood and Neutrino Floor
Jian Tang, Bing-Long Zhang
2304.13665 hep-ph

Determination of neutrino mass ordering from Supernova neutrinos with T2HK and DUNE
Papia Panda, Monojit Ghosh, Rukmani Mohanta
2304.13303 hep-ph

Halo Formation from Yukawa Forces in the Very Early Universe
Guillem Domènech, Derek Inman, Alexander Kusenko, Misao Sasaki
2304.13053 astro-ph

A ring-like accretion structure in M87 connecting its black hole and jet
Ru-Sen Lu et al.
2304.13252 astro-ph

Wed, Apr 26, 2023

Star-icon Search for correlations of high-energy neutrinos detected in IceCube with radio-bright AGN and gamma-ray emission from blazars
IceCube Collaboration
2304.12675 astro-ph

Production rates of dark photons and Z′ in the Sun and stellar cooling bounds
Shao-Ping Li, Xun-Jie Xu
2304.12907 hep-ph

Analyzing the time spectrum of supernova neutrinos to constrain their effective mass or Lorentz Invariance Violation
C. A. Moura, L. Quintino, F. Rossi-Torres
2304.12546 hep-ph

Tue, Apr 25, 2023

Star-icon Measurement of Atmospheric Neutrino Mixing with Improved IceCube DeepCore Calibration and Data Processing
IceCube Collaboration
2304.12236 hep-ex

Star-icon Keeping it Simple: Simplified Frameworks for Long-Lived Particles at Neutrino Facilities
Brian Batell, Wenjie Huang, Kevin J. Kelly
2304.11189 hep-ph

Improving the Composition of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays with Ground Detector Data
Blaž Bortolato, Jernej F. Kamenik, Michele Tammaro
2304.11197 astro-ph

Multi-messenger signals of heavy axionlike particles in core-collapse supernovae: two-dimensional simulations
Kanji Mori, Tomoya Takiwaki, Kei Kotake, Shunsaku Horiuchi
2304.11360 astro-ph

Terzina on board NUSES: a pathfinder for EAS Cherenkov Light Detection from space
Leonid Burmistrov (for the NUSES Collaboration)
2304.11992 astro-ph

Quantum Science and the Search for Axion Dark Matter
Alexander O. Sushkov
2304.11797 hep-ph

Mon, Apr 24, 2023

Star-icon A Cross-correlation Study between IceCube Neutrino Events and the Fermi Unresolved Gamma-ray Sky
Michela Negro, Milena Crnogorčević, Eric Burns, Eric Charles, Lea Marcotulli, Regina Caputo
2304.10934 astro-ph

Star-icon Effects of large-scale magnetic fields on the observed composition of ultra high-energy cosmic rays
Ellis R. Owen, Qin Han, Kinwah Wu
2304.10688 astro-ph

Detectability of Late-time Supernova Neutrinos with Fallback Accretion onto Protoneutron star
Ryuichiro Akaho, Hiroki Nagakura, Thierry Foglizzo
2304.11150 astro-ph

Searching for Heavy Dark Matter near the Planck Mass with XENON1T
XENON Collaboration
2304.10931 hep-ex

What Does the Milky Way Look Like?
Y. Xu, C. J. Hao, D. J. Liu, Z. H. Lin, S. B. Bian, L. G. Hou, J. J. Li, Y. J. Li
2304.10690 astro-ph

Potential of Constraining Propagation Parameters of Galactic Cosmic Rays with the High Energy cosmic-Radiation Detection facility onboard China’s Space Station
Zhi-Hui Xu, Qiang Yuan, Zhi-Cheng Tang, Xiao-Jun Bi
2304.11036 astro-ph

Fri, Apr 21, 2023

Star-icon Neutrino Constraints and the ATOMKI X17 Anomaly
Peter B. Denton, Julia Gehrlein
2304.09877 hep-ph

Hard TeV Gamma-Ray Afterglows of Nearby GRB 190829A as a Tentative Signature of Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays Accelerated in Gamma-Ray Burst Jets
Jian-Kun Huang, Xiao-Li Huang, Ji-Gui Cheng, Jia Ren, Lu-Lu Zhang, En-Wei Liang
2304.10188 astro-ph

Muons in EASs with E0=1019 eV according to data of the Yakutsk Array
A.V. Glushkov, K.G. Lebedev, A.V. Sabourov
2304.09924 astro-ph

No evidence for p- or d-wave dark matter annihilation from local large-scale structure
Andrija Kostić, Deaglan J. Bartlett, Harry Desmond
2304.10301 astro-ph

Simulating Atomic Dark Matter in Milky Way Analogues
Sandip Roy, Xuejian Shen, Mariangela Lisanti, David Curtin, Norman Murray, Philip F. Hopkins
2304.09878 astro-ph

Massive black holes in galactic nuclei: Observations
Marianne Vestergaard, Kayhan Gültekin
2304.10233 astro-ph

Statement from the American Linear Collider Committee to the P5 subpanel
J.A. Bagger et al.
2304.10299 hep-ph

Annotated bibliography: Philosophy of Astrophysics
Cameron C. Yetman
2304.10067 physics

Thu, Apr 20, 2023

Coulomb Corrections for Coherent Neutrino Nucleus Scattering
Ryan Plestid
2304.09241 hep-ph

The Primordial Black Holes that Disappeared: Connections to Dark Matter and MHz-GHz Gravitational Waves
Thomas C. Gehrman, Barmak Shams Es Haghi, Kuver Sinha, Tao Xu
2304.09194 hep-ph

The formation of the first black holes
John H. Wise
2304.09311 astro-ph

Wed, Apr 19, 2023

Star-icon Astrophysical neutrino point sources as a probe of new physics
C. Döring, S. Vogl
2304.08533 hep-ph

Early Science with the Oscura Integration Test
Santiago Perez et al.
2304.08625 hep-ex

TASI Lectures: (No) Global Symmetries to Axion Physics
Matthew Reece
2304.08512 hep-ph

Tue, Apr 18, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon Constraints on the proton fraction of cosmic rays at the highest energies and the consequences for cosmogenic neutrinos and photons
Domenik Ehlert, Arjen van Vliet, Foteini Oikonomou, Walter Winter
2304.07321 astro-ph

Star-icon Accurate Inverse-Compton Models Strongly Enhance Leptophilic Dark Matter Signals
Isabelle John, Tim Linden
2304.07317 hep-ph

Star-icon Prospects for ultra-high-energy particle acceleration at relativistic shocks
Zhi-Qiu Huang, Brian Reville, John G. Kirk, Gwenael Giacinti
2304.08132 astro-ph

Star-icon Determination of high-energy hadronic interaction properties from observables of proton initiated extensive air showers
Isabel Astrid Goos, Xavier Bertou, Tanguy Pierog
2304.08007 hep-ex

Prospects for annihilating dark matter from M31 and M33 observations with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
Miltiadis Michailidis et al.
2304.08202 astro-ph

Investigating Time Evolution of Thermal Emission from the Putative Neutron Star in SN 1987A for 50+ Years
Akira Dohi, Emanuele Greco, Shigehiro Nagataki, Masaomi Ono, Marco Miceli, Salvatore Orlando, Barbara Olmi
2304.08418 astro-ph

Search for gravitational-lensing signatures in the full third observing run of the LIGO-Virgo network
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration, KAGRA Collaboration
2304.08393 gr-qc

NvDEx-100 Conceptual Design Report
X. Cao et al.
2304.08362 physics

Mon, Apr 17, 2023

Star-icon New Physics searches using ProtoDUNE and the CERN SPS accelerator
Pilar Coloma, Jacobo López-Pavón, Laura Molina-Bueno, Salvador Urrea
2304.06765 hep-ph

Star-icon Effective portals to heavy neutral leptons
Enrique Fernández-Martínez et al.
2304.06772 hep-ph

Star-icon Probing Beyond the Standard Model Physics with Double-beta Decays
E. Bossio, M. Agostini
2304.07198 hep-ex

Neutrino signals from Neutron Star implosions to Black Holes
Yossef Zenati, C. Albertus, M. Ángeles Pérez-García, Joseph Silk
2304.06746 astro-ph

Fri, Apr 14, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon Probing neutrino production in high-energy astrophysical neutrino sources with the Glashow Resonance
Qinrui Liu, Ningqiang Song, Aaron C. Vincent
2304.06068 astro-ph

Stellar Signals of a Baryon-Number-Violating Long-Range Force
Hooman Davoudiasl
2304.06071 hep-ph

Inelastic Freeze-in
Saniya Heeba, Tongyan Lin, Katelin Schutz
2304.06072 hep-ph

Precision measurement of the index of refraction of deep glacial ice at radio frequencies at Summit Station, Greenland
J.A. Aguilar et al.
2304.06181 astro-ph

GRB 211211A-like Events and How Gravitational Waves May Tell Their Origin
Yi-Han Iris Yin, Bin-Bin Zhang, Hui Sun, Jun Yang, Yacheng Kang, Lijing Shao, Yu-Han Yang, Bing Zhang
2304.06581 astro-ph

Fermionic Dark Matter: Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology
C. R. Arguüelles, E. A. Becerra-Vergara, J. A. Rueda, R. Ruffini
2304.06329 astro-ph

Thu, Apr 13, 2023

Star-icon JUNO as a Probe of the Pseudo-Dirac Nature using Solar Neutrinos
Jack Franklin, Yuber F. Perez-Gonzalez, Jessica Turner
2304.05418 hep-ph

Star-icon Impact of dark matter spikes on the merger rates of Primordial Black Holes
Pratibha Jangra, Bradley J. Kavanagh, J. M. Diego
2304.05892 astro-ph

Future leptonic CP phase determination in the presence of NSI
Luis A. Delgadillo, O. G. Miranda
2304.05545 hep-ph

Assisted neutrino pair production in combined external fields
Naser Ahmadiniaz, Rashid Shaisultanov, Ralf Schützhold
2304.05711 hep-ph

Observing Supernova Neutrino Light Curves with Super-Kamiokande. IV. Development of SPECIAL BLEND: a New Public Analysis Code for Supernova Neutrinos
Akira Harada et al.
2304.05437 astro-ph

Detecting axion dark matter with Rydberg atoms via induced electric dipole transitions
Georg Engelhardt, Amit Bhoonah, W. Vincent Liu
2304.05863 hep-ph

Binned Likelihood including Monte Carlo Statistical Uncertainty in Bayesian Inference
Shilin Liu, Clark McGrew
2304.05433 hep-ex

νDoBe — A Python Tool for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
Oliver Scholer, Jordy de Vries, Lukáš Gráf
2304.05415 hep-ph

Galactic ChitChat: Using Large Language Models to Converse with Astronomy Literature
Ioana Ciucă, Yuan-Sen Ting
2304.05406 cs

Wed, Apr 12, 2023

Star-icon Benchmarks of Dark Energy
Eric V. Linder
2304.04803 astro-ph

Star-icon The James Webb Space Telescope Mission
Jonathan P. Gardner et al.
2304.04869 astro-ph

Future Constraints on Dark Matter with Gravitationally Lensed Fast Radio Bursts Detected by BURSTT
Simon C.-C. Ho, Tetsuya Hashimoto, Tomotsugu Goto, Yu-Wei Lin, Seong Jin Kim, Yuri Uno, Tiger Y.-Y. Hsiao
2304.04990 astro-ph

Characterizing quasi-steady states of fast neutrino-flavor conversion by stability and conservation laws
Masamichi Zaizen, Hiroki Nagakura
2304.05044 astro-ph

Diffusive Shock Acceleration of Cosmic Rays — Quasi-thermal and Non-thermal Particle Distributions
Bojan Arbutina
2304.05168 astro-ph

Tue, Apr 11, 2023

Star-icon There and back again: Solar cycle effects in future measurements of low-energy atmospheric neutrinos
Kevin J. Kelly, Pedro A.N. Machado, Nityasa Mishra, Louis E. Strigari, Yi Zhuang
2304.04689 hep-ph

ASAS-SN Sky Patrol V2.0
K. Hart et al.
2304.03791 astro-ph

Bright X-ray pulsars as sources of MeV neutrinos in the sky
Aman Asthana, Alexander A. Mushtukov, Alexandra A. Dobrynina, Igor S. Ognev
2304.04520 astro-ph

Updated Constraints and Future Prospects on Majoron Dark Matter
Kensuke Akita, Michiru Niibo
2304.04430 hep-ph

Detecting Stochastic Wave Dark Matter with Fermi-LAT γ-ray Pulsar Timing Array
Hoang Nhan Luu, Tao Liu, Jing Ren, Tom Broadhurst, Ruizhi Yang, Jie-Shuang Wang, Zhen Xie
2304.04735 astro-ph

Self-interactions of ULDM to the rescue?
Bihag Dave, Gaurav Goswami
2304.04463 astro-ph

A Solar Investigation of Multicomponent Dark Matter
Amit Dutta Banik
2304.04721 hp-ph

Antistars as possible sources of antihelium cosmic rays
Andrey Bykov, Konstantin Postnov, Alexander Bondar, Serguey Blinnikov, Aleksander Dolgov
2304.04623 astro-ph

Mon, Apr 10, 2023

Neutrino flavor oscillations inside matter in conformal coupling models
Fayçal Hammad, Parvaneh Sadeghi, Nicolas Fleury
2304.03746 hep-ph

Fundamental Symmetries, Neutrons, and Neutrinos (FSNN): Whitepaper for the 2023 NSAC Long Range Plan
B. Acharya et al.
2304.03451 nucl-ex

Fri, Apr 07, 2023

Cosmic ray propagation in turbulent magnetic fields
Alex Lazarian, Siyao Xu, Yue Hu
2304.02684 astro-ph

Searching for Primordial Black Holes with the Einstein Telescope: impact of design and systematics
G. Franciolini, F. Iacovelli, M. Mancarella, M. Maggiore, P. Pani, A. Riotto
2304.03160 gr-qc

The indication for 40K geo-antineutrino flux with Borexino phase-III data
L.B. Bezrukov, I.S. Karpikov, V.V. Sinev
2304.02747 hep-ex

Right-Handed Neutrino Dark Matter with Forbidden Annihilation
Yu Cheng, Shao-Feng Ge, Jie Sheng, Tsutomu T. Yanagida
2304.02997 hep-ph

Pitch-angle diffusion through localized interactions with sharp magnetic field bends in MHD turbulence
Martin Lemoine
2304.03023 physics

Anisotropic Hubble Expansion in Pantheon+ Supernovae
Ruairí McConville, Eoin Ó Colgáin
2304.02718 astro-ph

The Large Array Survey Telescope — Science Goals
S. Ben-Ami et al.
2304.02719 astro-ph

Upper limits on transmitter rate of extragalactic civilizations placed by Breakthrough Listen observations
Yuri Uno, Tetsuya Hashimoto, Tomotsugu Goto, Simon C.-C. Ho, Tzu-Yin Hsu, Ross Burns
2304.02756 astro-ph

Thu, Apr 06, 2023

Anomalous Tau Neutrino Appearance from Light Mediators in Short-Baseline Neutrino Experiments
P. S. Bhupal Dev, Bhaskar Dutta, Tao Han, Doojin Kim
2304.02031 hep-ph

Testing generalized neutrino interactions with PTOLEMY
Indra Kumar Banerjee, Ujjal Kumar Dey, Newton Nath, Saadat Salman Shariff
2304.02505 hep-ph

Towards the optimal beam dump experiment to search for feebly interacting particles
Kyrylo Bondarenko, Alexey Boyarsky, Oleksii Mikulenko, Richard Jacobsson, Maksym Ovchynnikov
2304.02511 hep-ph

Detection of extended gamma-ray emission around the Geminga pulsar with H.E.S.S
H.E.S.S. Collaboration
2304.02631 astro-ph

Quantum mismatch: a powerful measure of “quantumness” in neutrino oscillations
Dibya S. Chattopadhyay, Amol Dighe
2304.02475 hep-ph

Cherenkov Detectors in Astroparticle Physics
Christian Spiering
2304.02340 astro-ph

Albatross: A scalable simulation-based inference pipeline for analysing stellar streams in the Milky Way
James Alvey, Mathis Gerdes, Christoph Weniger
2304.02032 astro-ph

The Next Generation Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration: History, Philosophy, and Culture
Peter Galison et al.
2304.02463 physics

Wed, Apr 05, 2023

A novel prediction for secondary positrons and electrons in the Galaxy
Mattia Di Mauro, Fiorenza Donato, Michael Korsmeier, Silvia Manconi, Luca Orusa
2304.01261 astro-ph

Implications of NSI constraints from ANTARES and IceCube on a simplified Z′ model
J. M. Cabarcas, A. Parada, Nestor Quintero
2304.01388 hep-ph

Gravitational Bose-Einstein Condensation of Vector/Hidden Photon Dark Matter
Jiajun Chen, Xiaolong Du, Mingzhen Zhou, Andrew Benson, David J. E. Marsh
2304.01965 astro-ph

Fast flavor evolution in dense neutrino systems, as described in quantum field theory
R. F. Sawyer
2304.01987 hep-ph

Axion-photon conversion of GRB221009A
Luohan Wang, Bo-Qiang Ma
2304.01819 astro-ph

A Field-Level Multi-Probe Analysis of the CMB, ISW, and the Galaxy Density Maps
Alan Junzhe Zhou, Scott Dodelson
2304.01387 astro-ph

Search for bosonic super-weakly interacting massive particles at COSINE-100
COSINE-100 Collaboration
2304.01460 hep-ex

Tue, Apr 04, 2023

Star-icon Measurement of the cosmic p+He energy spectrum from 46 GeV to 316 TeV with the DAMPE space mission
DAMPE Collaboration
2304.00137 astro-ph

Star-icon Constraints on the localization volume of High Energy Neutrinos for galaxy-targetted electromagnetic followups
Thierry Pradier
2304.00831 astro-ph

Star-icon Investigating starburst-driven neutrino emission from galaxies in the Great Observatories All-Sky LIRG Survey
Yarno Merckx, Pablo Correa, Krijn D. de Vries, Kumiko Kotera, George C. Privon, Nick van Eijndhoven
2304.01020 astro-ph

Star-icon Sensitivity to Supernovae Average νx Temperature with Neutral Current Interactions in DUNE
Darcy A. Newmark, Austin Schneider
2304.00035 hep-ph

Star-icon IceCat-1: the IceCube Event Catalog of Alert Tracks
IceCube Collaboration
2304.01174 astro-ph

379710-200 Spontaneous Human Combustion rules out all standard candidates for Dark Matter
Frederic V. Hessman, J. Craig Wheeler
2304.00319 hep-ph

379710-200 Predictive power of daily viscacha and vicuña sightings on Simons Array site work results
Praween Siritanasak, Ian Birdwell, Lindsay Lowry, Felipe Lucero, Macaroni Kijsanayotin
2304.00351 astro-ph

379710-200 The most fundamental question of all times
Ste Berta, Avril de Poisson, Kriemhild von Scherz, Saul Fools
2304.01011 astro-ph

Reanalysis of the Systematic Uncertainties in Cosmic-Ray Antiproton Flux
Xing-Jian Lv, Xiao-Jun Bi, Kun Fang, Peng-Fei Yin, Meng-Jie Zhao
2304.00760 astro-ph

Investigating the gamma-ray burst from decaying MeV-scale axion-like particles produced in supernova explosions
Eike Müller, Francesca Calore, Pierluca Carenza, Christopher Eckner, M.C. David Marsh
2304.01060 astro-ph

Searching for dark matter subhalos in the Fermi-LAT catalog with Bayesian neural networks
Anja Butter, Michael Krämer, Silvia Manconi, Kathrin Nippel
2304.00032 astro-ph

Supermassive Dark Star candidates seen by JWST?
Cosmin Ilie, Jillian Paulin, Katherine Freese
2304.01173 astro-ph

Sterile neutrino searches with reactor antineutrinos using coherent neutrino-nucleus scattering experiments
S. P. Behera, D. K. Mishra, P. K. Netrakanti, R. Sehgal, R. Dey, V. Jha
2304.00912 hep-ph

Energy flow in Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray interactions as a probe of thermalization and potential solution to the Muon puzzle
Ronald Scaria, Suman Deb, Captain R. Singh, Raghunath Sahoo
2304.00294 hep-ph

On the Role of LHC and HL-LHC in Constraining Flavor Changing Neutral Currents
S. Kovalenko et al.
2304.00041 hep-ph

The High-Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Observatory in México: The Primary Detector
HAWC Collaboration
2304.00730 astro-ph

A Long-Baseline Atom Interferometer at CERN: Conceptual Feasibility Study
G. Arduini et al.
2304.00614 physics

Solar radio emissions and ultralight dark matter
Haipeng An, Shuailiang Ge, Jia Liu
2304.01056 hep-ph

Interstellar Objects
Darryl Z. Seligman, Amaya Moro-Martín
2304.00568 astro-ph

Mon, Apr 03, 2023

379710-200 Nuggets of Wisdom: Determining an Upper Limit on the Number Density of Chickens in the Universe
Rachel Losacco, Zachary Claytor
2303.17626 astro-ph

379710-200 Can AI Put Gamma-Ray Astrophysicists Out of a Job?
Samuel Timothy Spencer, Vikas Joshi, Alison Mairi Wallace Mitchell
2303.17853 physics

379710-200 Party Planning the Next True Happy New Year: Lunar Orbital Evolution Epochs with Integer Synodic Months Per Year
Mark Popinchalk
2303.17697 astro-ph

379710-200 A Unified Nomenclature and Taxonomy for Planets, Stars, and Moons
Jason T. Wright
2303.18217 astro-ph

379710-200 MO0NFALL: The Great Filter and Exo-Moon Occurrence
Casey Brinkman, Keyan Gootkin, Rena A. Lee, Grey Murphree, Nick Saunders, Linnea Wolniewicz
2303.18227 astro-ph

379710-200 ChatGPT scores a bad birdie in counting gravitational-wave chirps
Floor S. Broekgaarden
2303.17628 astro-ph

Detecting Nanometer-Scale New Forces with Coherent Neutron Scattering
Zachary Bogorad, Peter W. Graham, Giorgio Gratta
2303.17744 hep-ph

Could compact stars in globular clusters constrain dark matter?
Raghuveer Garani, Nirmal Raj, Javier Reynoso-Cordova
2303.18009 astro-ph

Machine learning applications for the study of AGN physical properties using photometric observations
Sarah Mechbal, Markus Ackermann, Marek Kowalski
2303.18076 astro-ph

What can a detected photon with a given gravitational redshift tell us about the maximum density of a compact star?
Shahar Hod
2303.17630 gr-qc

Fri, Apr 01, 2023

379710-200 As a matter of colon: I am NOT digging cheeky titles (no, but actually yes :>)
Joanne Tan, Tie Sien Suk
2303.17059 astro-ph

379710-200 UFOs: Just Hot Air or Something Meteor?
Michael B. Lund
2303.17103 physics

379710-200 I Murdered Conan O’Brien and Nobody Will Ever Know — an exercise in inference sabotage
Eve Armstrong
2303.17400 astro-ph

379710-200 On The Planetary Theory of Everything
J.J. Charfman Jr., M.M.M., J. Dietrich, N.T. Schragal, A.M. Avsar
2303.17035 astro-ph

379710-200 Galaxy Evolution in μ¨ based Cosmologies
Will J. Roper et al.
2303.17002 astro-ph

379710-200 When Tails Tell Tales
Henri M.J. Boffin
2303.16941 astro-ph

379710-200 A Modest Proposal for the Non-existence of Exoplanets: The Expansion of Stellar Physics to Include Squars
Charity Woodrum, Raphael E. Hviding, Rachael C. Amaro, Katie Chamberlain
2303.16915 astro-ph

Neutrinoless double beta decay as seen by the devil’s advocate
Gia Dvali, Alessio Maiezza, Goran Senjanovic, Vladimir Tello
2303.17261 hep-ph

Constraining the dark matter contribution of γ rays in Cluster of galaxies using Fermi-LAT data
Mattia Di Mauro, Judit Pérez-Romero, Miguel A. Sánchez-Conde, Nicolao Fornengo
2303.16930 astro-ph

Impact of cross-section uncertainties on supernova neutrino spectral parameter fitting in the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
DUNE Collaboration
2303.17007 hep-ex

Constraining ultralight dark matter using the Fermi-LAT Pulsar Timing Array
Zi-Qing Xia, Tian-Peng Tang, Xiaoyuan Huang, Qiang Yuan, Yi-Zhong Fan
2303.17545 astro-ph

Gravitational Wave Eigenfrequencies from Neutrino-Driven Core-Collapse Supernovae
Noah E. Wolfe, Carla Frohlich, Jonah M. Miller, Alejandro Torres-Forne, Pablo Cerda-Duran
2303.16962 astro-ph

Soft Gamma-Ray Spectral and Time evolution of the GRB 221009A: prompt and afterglow emission with INTEGRAL/IBIS-PICsIT
James Rodi, Pietro Ubertini
2303.16943 astro-ph

A Bright First Day for Tidal Disruption Event
Xiaoshan Huang, Shane W. Davis, Yan-fei Jiang
2303.17443 astro-ph

Theoretical and Experimental Constraints for the Equation of State of Dense and Hot Matter
MUSES Collaboration
2303.17021 nucl-th

The ESSnuSB design study: overview and future prospects
ESSnuSB Collaboration
2303.17356 hep-ex

Hot QCD White Paper
M. Arslandok et al.
2303.17254 nucl-ex

Thu, Mar 30, 2023

A bright megaelectronvolt emission line in γ-ray burst GRB 221009A
Maria Edvige Ravasio et al.
2303.16223 astro-ph

Update on the indication of a mass-dependent anisotropy above 1018.7eV in the hybrid data of the Pierre Auger Observatory
Eric Mayotte (for the Pierre Auger Collaboration)
2303.16336 astro-ph

Remote Reactor Ranging via Antineutrino Oscillations
Steve T. Wilson, Chris Cotsford, James Armitage, Tara Appleyard, Niamh Holland, Matthew Malek, John. G. Learned
2303.16661 physics

New Insight on Neutrino Dark Matter Interactions from Small-Scale CMB Observations
Philippe Brax, Carsten van de Bruck, Eleonora Di Valentino, William Giarè, Sebastian Trojanowski
2303.16895 astro-ph

Flavor conversions with energy-dependent neutrino emission and absorption
Chinami Kato, Hiroki Nagakura, Masamichi Zaizen
2303.16453 astro-ph

Yet another QFT model of neutrino oscillations
W. Grimus
2303.16655 hep-ph

Wed, Mar 29, 2023

A Search for IceCube sub-TeV Neutrinos Correlated with Gravitational-Wave Events Detected By LIGO/Virgo
IceCube Collaboration
2303.15970 astro-ph

Relic Neutrino Helicity Evolution in Galactic Magnetic Field and Its Implications
Kuo K. Liao, Glennys R. Farrar
2303.15562 hep-ph

Decoherence effects in reactor and Gallium neutrino oscillation experiments — a QFT approach
Raphael Krueger, Thomas Schwetz
2303.15524 hep-ph

Anticipating the XRISM search for the decay of resonantly produced sterile neutrino dark matter
Mark R. Lovell
2303.15513 astro-ph

Prospects for detection rate of very-high-energy γ-ray emissions from short γ-ray bursts with the HADAR experiment
Qi-Ling Chen et al.
2303.15683 astro-ph

Probing Heavy Neutrinos at the LHC from Fat-jet using Machine Learning
Wei Liu, Jing Li, Zixiang Chen, Hao Sun
2303.15920 hep-ph

The Positron Puzzle
Thomas Siegert
2303.15582 astro-ph

PEANUTS: a software for the automatic computation of solar neutrino flux and its propagation within Earth
Tomás E. Gonzalo, Michele Lucente
2303.15527 hep-ph

Science with the Einstein Telescope: a comparison of different designs
Marica Branchesi et al.
2303.15923 gr-qc

STCF Conceptual Design Report: Volume 1 — Physics & Detector
M. Achasov et al.
2303.15790 hep-ex

Tue, Mar 28, 2023

Sensitivity of the Cherenkov Telescope Array to spectral signatures of hadronic PeVatrons with application to Galactic Supernova Remnants
Cherenkov Telescope Array Consortium
2303.15007 astro-ph

Jitter Mechanism as a Kind of Coherent Radiation: Constrained by the GRB 221009A Emission at 18 TeV
Jirong Mao, Jiancheng Wang
2303.14398 astro-ph

First Dark Matter Search with Nuclear Recoils from the XENONnT Experiment
XENON Collaboration
2303.14729 hep-ex

Mon, Mar 27, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon First Direct Observation of Collider Neutrinos with FASER at the LHC
FASER Collaboration
2303.14185 hep-ex

Star-iconStar-icon Inferring astrophysical neutrino sources from the Glashow resonance
Guo-yuan Huang, Manfred Lindner, Nele Volmer
2303.13706 hep-ph

Star-iconStar-icon High-energy neutrino deeply inelastic scattering cross sections from 100 GeV to 1000 EeV
Keping Xie, Jun Gao, T. J. Hobbs, Daniel R. Stump, C.-P. Yuan
2303.13607 hep-ph

Star-icon Search for neutrino lines from dark matter annihilation and decay with IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
2303.13663 astro-ph

Gamma-rays and neutrinos from supernovae of Type Ib/c with late time emission
Prantik Sarmah, Sovan Chakraborty, Irene Tamborra, Katie Auchettl
2303.13576 astro-ph

Fermi-GBM Discovery of GRB 221009A: An Extraordinarily Bright GRB from Onset to Afterglow
S. Lesage et al.
2303.14172 astro-ph

Constraints on the baryonic load of gamma-ray bursts using ultra-high energy cosmic rays
Eloise Moore, Bruce Gendre, N. Brice Orange, Fiona H. Panther
2303.13781 astro-ph

The Gallium Neutrino Absorption Cross Section and its Uncertainty
W. C. Haxton, E. J. Rule, S. R. Elliott, V.N. Gavrin, T. V. Ibragimova
2303.13623 nucl-th

New Resonances of Supernova Neutrinos in Twisting Magnetic Fields
Sudip Jana, Yago Porto
2303.13572 hep-ph

Borexino’s search for low-energy neutrinos associated with gravitational wave events from GWTC-3 database
BOREXINO Collaboration
2303.13876 astro-ph

Multipole vector dark matter below the GeV-scale
Xiaoyong Chu, Junji Hisano, Alejandro Ibarra, Jui-Lin Kuo, Josef Pradler
2303.13643 hep-ph

Primordial black hole dark matter from catastrogenesis with unstable pseudo-Goldstone bosons
Graciela B. Gelmini, Jonah Hyman, Anna Simpson, Edoardo Vitagliano
2303.14107 hep-ph

APES: Approximate Posterior Ensemble Sampler
Sandro Dias Pinto Vitenti, Eduardo J. Barroso
2303.13667 astro-ph

Fri, Mar 24, 2023

The dark matter profile of the Milky Way inferred from its circular velocity curve
Xiaowei Ou, Anna-Christina Eilers, Lina Necib, Anna Frebel
2303.12838 astro-ph

A Sensitive Search for Supernova Emission Associated with the Extremely Energetic and Nearby GRB 221009A
Gokul P. Srinivasaragavan et al.
2303.12849 astro-ph

High-Energy Neutrino Fluxes from Hard-TeV BL Lacs
E. Aguilar-Ruiz, N. Fraija, A. Galván-Gámez
2303.13025 astro-ph

Search for the evaporation of primordial black holes with H.E.S.S
H.E.S.S. Collaboration
2303.12855 astro-ph

Predicting the Initial Conditions of the Universe using Deep Learning
Vaibhav Jindal, Drew Jamieson, Albert Liang, Aarti Singh, Shirley Ho
2303.13056 astro-ph

Prospective Dark Matter Annihilation Signals From the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal
Thomas A. A. Venville, Alan R. Duffy, Roland M. Crocker, Oscar Macias, Thor Tepper-García
2303.13180 astro-ph

Thu, Mar 23, 2023

Flavor solitons in dense neutrino gases
Damiano F. G. Fiorillo, Georg Raffelt
2303.12143 hep-ph

WIMP cross-section limits from LOFAR observations of dwarf spheroidal galaxies
L. Gajović et al.
2303.12155 astro-ph

All-sky limits on Sterile Neutrino Galactic Dark Matter obtained with SRG/ART-XC after two years of operations
E.I. Zakharov et al.
2303.12673 astro-ph

Resonant neutrino self-interactions and the H0 tension
Jorge Venzor, Gabriela Garcia-Arroyo, Abdel Pérez-Lorenzana, Josue De-Santiago
2303.12792 astro-ph

Dark Matter spikes around Sgr A* in γ-rays
Shyam Balaji, Divya Sachdeva, Filippo Sala, Joseph Silk
2303.12107 hep-ph

Dark Exoplanets
Yang Bai, Sida Lu, Nicholas Orlofsky
2303.12129 astro-ph

Do the CMB Temperature Fluctuations Conserve Parity?
Oliver H. E. Philcox
2303.12106 astro-ph

Extreme ion acceleration at extragalactic jet termination shocks
Benoît Cerutti, Gwenael Giacinti
2303.12636 astro-ph

The first stars: formation, properties, and impact
Ralf S. Klessen, Simon C. O. Glover
2303.12500 astro-ph

Machine Learning in Physics and Geometry
Yang-Hui He, Elli Heyes, Edward Hirst
2303.12656 hep-th

Wed, Mar 22, 2023

Star-icon Axion-sourced fireballs from supernovae
Melissa Diamond, Damiano F. G. Fiorillo, Gustavo Marques-Tavares, Edoardo Vitagliano
2303.11395 hep-ph

Star-icon Hunting for Neutral Leptons with Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays
Robert Heighton, Lucien Heurtier, Michael Spannowsky
2303.11352 hep-ph

Absorption of Vector Dark Matter Beyond Kinetic Mixing
Gordan Krnjaic, Tanner Trickle
2303.11344 hep-ph

Particle acceleration at magnetized, relativistic turbulent shock fronts
Virginia Bresci, Martin Lemoine, Laurent Gremillet
2303.11394 astro-ph

Searching for Time-Dependent Axion Dark Matter Signals in Pulsars
R. A. Battye, M. J. Keith, J. I. McDonald, S. Srinivasan, B. W. Stappers, P. Weltevrede
2303.11792 astro-ph

Limits on Dark Matter Annihilation from the Shape of Radio Emission in M31
Mitchell J. Weikert, Matthew R. Buckley
2303.11354 hep-ph

The Strong Force meets the Dark Sector: a robust estimate of QCD uncertainties for anti-matter dark matter searches
Adil Jueid, Jochem Kip, Roberto Ruiz de Austri, Peter Skands
2303.11363 hep-ph

Determining probability density functions with adiabatic quantum computing
Matteo Robbiati, Juan M. Cruz-Martinez, Stefano Carrazza
2303.11346 quant-ph

Quantum memories for fundamental science in space
Jan-Michael Mol et al.
2303.11810 quant-ph

Tue, Mar 21, 2023

Star-icon GRB 221009A: An ordinary nearby GRB with extraordinary observational properties
Lin Lan et al.
2303.10804 astro-ph

H.E.S.S. follow-up observations of GRB221009A
H.E.S.S. Collaboration
2303.10558 astro-ph

A search for neutron-to-hidden-neutron oscillations in a ultra-cold neutron beam
G. Ban et al.
2303.10507 hep-ph

Comprehensive study of LIV in atmospheric and long-baseline experiments
Deepak Raikwal, Sandhya Choubey, Monojit Ghosh
2303.10892 hep-ph

Searching for continuous Gravitational Waves in the second data release of the International Pulsar Timing Array
IPTA Collaboration
2303.10767 gr-qc

An importance sampling method for Feldman-Cousins confidence intervals
Lukas Berns
2303.11290 hep-ex

Revisiting Puffy Dark Matter with Novel Insights: Partial Wave Analysis
Wenyu Wang, Wu-Long Xu, Jin Min Yang, Bin Zhu
2303.11058 hep-ph

Astrophysical and Cosmological Searches for Lorentz Invariance Violation
Shantanu Desai
2303.10643 astro-ph

Mon, Mar 20, 2023

Star-icon Reconstructing Galactic magnetic fields from local measurements for backtracking ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
Alexandros Tsouros, Gordian Edenhofer, Torsten Enßlin, Michalis Mastorakis, Vasiliki Pavlidou
2303.10099 astro-ph

Current status and new perspectives on cosmic ray deuterons
Diego Mauricio Gomez-Coral, Cory Gerrity, Riccardo Munini, Philip von Doetinchem
2303.09775 astro-ph

Cosmic ray mass composition at the knee using azimuthal fluctuations of air shower particles detected at ground by the KASCADE experiment
Nicusor Arsene
2303.09889 astro-ph

Nuclear decay anomalies as a signature of axion dark matter
Xin Zhang, Nick Houston, Tianjun Li
2303.09865 hep-ph

Gender and Precarity in Astronomy
N. A. Webb, C. Bot, S. Charpinet, T. Contini, L. Jouve, H. Meheut, S. Mei, B. Mosser, G. Soucail
2303.10105 astro-ph

A Biotic Habitable Zone: Impacts of Adaptation in Biotic Temperature Regulation
A. E. Nicholson, N. J. Mayne
2303.10052 astro-ph

Fri, Mar 17, 2023

Star-icon Earth tomography with supernova neutrinos at future neutrino detectors
Rasmi Hajjar, Olga Mena, Sergio Palomares-Ruiz
2303.09369 hep-ph

Nuclear neutron radius and weak mixing angle measurements from latest COHERENT CsI and atomic parity violation Cs data
M. Atzori Corona, M. Cadeddu, N. Cargioli, F. Dordei, C. Giunti, G. Masia
2303.09360 nucl-ex

Putting all the X in one basket: Updated X-ray constraints on sub-GeV Dark Matter
Marco Cirelli, Nicolao Fornengo, Jordan Koechler, Elena Pinetti, Brandon M. Roach
2303.08854 hep-ph

The magnificent ACT of flavor-specific neutrino self-interaction
Anirban Das, Subhajit Ghosh
2303.08843 astro-ph

Nucleosynthesis in neutrino-heated ejecta and neutrino-driven winds of core-collapse supernovae; neutrino-induced nucleosynthesis
Shinya Wanajo
2303.09442 astro-ph

Thu, Mar 16, 2023

Modification of the Dipole in Arrival Directions of Ultra-high-energy Cosmic Rays due to the Galactic Magnetic Field
Alena Bakalová, Jakub Vícha, Petr Trávníček
2303.08766 astro-ph

A Consistent View of Interacting Dark Energy from Multiple CMB Probes
Yuejia Zhai, William Giarè, Carsten van de Bruck, Eleonora Di Valentino, Olga Mena, Rafael C. Nunes
2303.08201 astro-ph

The effect of non-equal emission times and space-time correlations on (anti-) nuclei production
M.Kachelriess, S.Ostapchenko, J.Tjemsland
2303.08437 hep-ph

Search for dark photon decays to μ+μ− at NA62
NA62 Collaboration
2303.08666 hep-ex

Particle acceleration by magnetic reconnection in relativistic jets: the transition from small to large scales
Tania E. Medina-Torrejón, Elisabete M. de Gouveia Dal Pino, Grzegorz Kowal
2303.08780 astro-ph

Global fits of simplified models for dark matter with GAMBIT II. Vector dark matter with an s-channel vector mediator
Christopher Chang, Pat Scott, Tomás E. Gonzalo, Felix Kahlhoefer, Martin White
2303.08351 hep-ph

Trigger-Level Event Reconstruction for Neutrino Telescopes Using Sparse Submanifold Convolutional Neural Networks
Felix J. Yu, Jeffrey Lazar, Carlos A. Argüelles
2303.08812 hep-ex

Towards a Muon Collider
Carlotta Accettura et al.
2303.08533 physics

Motivation for Two Detectors at a Particle Physics Collider
Paul D. Grannis, Hugh E. Montgomery
2303.08228 hep-ex

Wed, Mar 15, 2023

Star-icon Dark matter from hot big bang black holes
Avi Friedlander, Ningqiang Song, Aaron C. Vincent
2303.07372 hep-ph

CMB and Lyman-α constraints on dark matter decays to photons
Francesco Capozzi, Ricardo Z. Ferreira, Laura Lopez-Honorez, Olga Mena
2303.07426 astro-ph

New solar X-ray constraints on keV Axion-Like Particles
Cyprien Beaufort, Mar Bastero-Gil, Tiffany Luce, Daniel Santos
2303.06968 hep-ph

Probing Lepton Flavor Violation in Meson Decays with LHC Data
Sébastien Descotes-Genon, Darius A. Faroughy, Ioannis Plakias, Olcyr Sumensari
2303.07521 hep-ph

Fast and accurate AMS-02 antiproton likelihoods for global dark matter fits
Sowmiya Balan, Felix Kahlhoefer, Michael Korsmeier, Silvia Manconi, Kathrin Nippel
2303.07362 hep-ph

Observational constraint on axion dark matter in the realistic halo profile with gravitational waves
Takuya Tsutsui, Atsushi Nishizawa
2303.07688 hep-ph

CERNLIB status
Ulrich Schwickerath, Andrii Verbytskyi
2303.07506 physics

Tue, Mar 14, 2023

Probing generalized neutrino interactions with DUNE Near Detector
Pantelis Melas, Dimitrios K. Papoulias, Niki Saoulidou
2303.07094 hep-ph

Search for the Cosmic Axion Background with ADMX
ADMX Collaboration
2303.06282 hep-ex

Implications on Cosmology from Dirac Neutrino Magnetic Moments
E. Grohs, A. B. Balantekin
2303.06576 hep-ph

Low Frequency (100-600 MHz) Searches with Axion Cavity Haloscopes
S. Chakrabarty et al.
2303.07116 hep-ph

Mon, Mar 13, 2023

Star-icon Towards Resolving the Gallium Anomaly
Vedran Brdar, Julia Gehrlein, Joachim Kopp
2303.05528 hep-ph

A new bound on Lorentz violation based on the absence of vacuum Cherenkov radiation in ultra-high energy air showers
Fabian Duenkel, Marcus Niechciol, Markus Risse
2303.05849 hep-ph

Misidentification of Short GRBs as Magnetars in Nearby Galaxies
E. C. Schösser, J. M. Burgess, J. Greiner
2303.05922 astro-ph

Applications of Machine Learning to Detecting Fast Neutrino Flavor Instabilities in Core-Collapse Supernova and Neutron Star Merger Models
Sajad Abbar
2303.05560 astro-ph

Detection of a new molecular cloud in the LHAASO J2108+5157 region supporting a hadronic PeVatron scenario
Eduardo de la Fuente et al.
2303.05712 astro-ph

Future of neutron star studies with fast radio bursts
Popov S.B., Pshirkov M.S.
2303.05591 astro-ph

Fri, Mar 10, 2023

Star-icon A Diffraction Grating for the Cosmic Neutrino Background and Dark Matter
Asimina Arvanitaki, Savas Dimopoulos
2303.04814 hep-ph

Interactions of Particles with “Continuous Spin” Fields
Philip Schuster, Natalia Toro, Kevin Zhou
2303.04816 hep-th

Improved bounds on the bosonic dark matter with pulsars in the Milky Way
Dicong Liang, Lijing Shao
2303.05107 astro-ph

EFT, Decoupling, Higgs Mixing and All That Jazz
Upalaparna Banerjee, Joydeep Chakrabortty, Christoph Englert, Wrishik Naskar, Shakeel Ur Rahaman, Michael Spannowsky
2303.05224 hep-ph

Search for Majorana neutrinos
Itaru Shimizu
2303.05127 hep-ex

String Cosmology: from the Early Universe to Today
Michele Cicoli, Joseph P. Conlon, Anshuman Maharana, Susha Parameswaran, Fernando Quevedo, Ivonne Zavala
2303.04819 hep-th

The carbon footprint of astronomical research infrastructures
Jürgen Knödlseder
2303.05424 astro-ph

A Brief History of the Study of High Energy Cosmic Rays using Arrays of Surface Detectors
A. A. Watson
2303.05133 physics

Big Steve and the State of the Universe
R. P. Woodard
2303.05111 hep-th

Thu, Mar 09, 2023

Star-icon Prospects for joint cosmic ray and neutrino constraints on the evolution of trans-GZK proton sources
Marco Stein Muzio, M. Unger, Stephanie Wissel
2303.04170 astro-ph

Star-icon Observation of Seasonal Variations of the Flux of High-Energy Atmospheric Neutrinos with IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
2303.04682 astro-ph

Neutrinoless double-beta decay in the neutrino-extended Standard Model
Wouter Dekens, Jordy de Vries, Emanuele Mereghetti, Javier Menéndez, Pablo Soriano, Guanghui Zhou
2303.04168 hep-ph

Lorentz and CPT breaking in gamma-ray burst neutrinos from string theory
Chengyi Li, Bo-Qiang Ma
2303.04765 hep-ph

Wed, Mar 08, 2023

Star-icon Dark Matter Annihilation Inside Large Volume Neutrino Detectors
David McKeen, David E. Morrissey, Maxim Pospelov, Harikrishnan Ramani, Anupam Ray
2303.03416 hep-ph

JUNO sensitivity to 7Be, pep, and CNO solar neutrinos
Angel Abusleme et al.
2303.03910 hep-ex

GRB 221009A, its precursor and two afterglows in the Fermi data
B. Stern, I. Tkache
2303.03855 astro-ph

Where intermediate-mass black holes could hide in the Galactic Centre: A full parameter study with the S2 orbit
GRAVITY Collaboration
2303.04067 astro-ph

Light Dark Matter Search with Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamonds
So Chigusa, Masashi Hazumi, Ernst David Herbschleb, Norikazu Mizuochi, Kazunori Nakayama
2303.12756 hep-ph

Spectrally resolved cosmic rays — III. Dynamical impact and properties of the circumgalactic medium
Philipp Girichidis, Maria Werhahn, Christoph Pfrommer, Rüdiger Pakmor, Volker Springel
2303.03417 astro-ph

First Results of Axion Dark Matter Search with DANCE
Yuka Oshima et al.
2303.03594 hep-ex

Discovery prospects with the Dark-photons & Axion-Like particles Interferometer–part I
Javier De Miguel, Juan F. Hernández-Cabrera
2303.03997 hep-ph

Deep Einstein@Home all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves in LIGO O3 public data
B. Steltner, M. A. Papa, H.-B. Eggenstein, R. Prix, M. Bensch, B. Machenschalk
2303.04109 gr-qc

Can observations of 511 keV line from the M31 galaxy shed light on the AGN jet composition?
B.A. Nizamov, M.S. Pshirkov
2303.03526 astro-ph

Tue, Mar 07, 2023

Star-icon Constraining High-Energy Neutrino Emission from Supernovae with IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
2303.03316 astro-ph

Star-icon Measurements of neutrino oscillation parameters from the T2K experiment using 3.6×1021 protons on target
T2K Collaboration
2302.03222 hep-ex

Star-icon Gamma-ray emission from the Seyfert galaxy NGC 4151 and multimessenger implications for ultra-fast outflows
Enrico Peretti, Giada Peron, Francesco Tombesi, Alessandra Lamastra, Markus Ahlers, Francesco Gabriele Saturni
2303.03298 astro-ph

Star-icon A pure hadronic model description of the observed neutrino emission from the tidal disruption event AT2019dsg
Prabir Banik, Arunava Bhadra
2303.02955 astro-ph

Star-icon TASI Lectures on the Particle Physics and Astrophysics of Dark Matter
Benjamin R. Safdi
2303.02169 hep-ph

Intergalactic magnetic field studies by means of γ-ray emission from GRB 190114C
Paolo Da Vela, Guillem Martí-Devesa, Francesco Gabriele Saturni, Peter Veres, Antonio Stamerra, Francesco Longo
2303.03137 astro-ph

The Present and Future of QCD
P. Achenbach et al.
2303.02579 hep-ph

Eryn : A multi-purpose sampler for Bayesian inference
Nikolaos Karnesis, Michael L. Katz, Natalia Korsakova, Jonathan R. Gair, Nikolaos Stergioulas
2303.02164 astro-ph

MUYSC: An end-to-end muography simulation toolbox
J. Peña-Rodríguez, J. Jaimes-Teherán, K. Dlaikan-Castillo, L.A. Núñez
2303.02627 physics

Multiverse Predictions for Habitability: Origin of Life Scenarios
McCullen Sandora, Vladimir Airapetian, Luke Barnes, Geraint F. Lewis, Ileana Pérez-Rodríguez
2303.02678 q-bio

Mon, Mar 06, 2023

Star-icon Where are the Cascades from Blazar Jets? An Emerging Tension in the γ-ray sky
Carlos Blanco, Oindrila Ghosh, Sunniva Jacobsen, Tim Linden
2303.01524 astro-ph

Star-icon Evaporation Barrier for Dark Matter in Celestial Bodies
Javier F. Acevedo, Rebecca K. Leane, Juri Smirnov
2303.01516 hep-ph

Probing Long-lived Axions at the KOTO Experiment
Yoav Afik, Babette Döbrich, Jan Jerhot, Yotam Soreq, Kohsaku Tobioka
2303.01521 hep-ph

Investigating the impact of spin effects at the high-energy neutrino-nucleon interactions while it crosses the Earth’s core
R. Francener, D.R. Gratieri, G. Torrieri
2303.01915 hep-ph

Testing BSM Physics with Gravitational Waves
Francesco Muia, Fernando Quevedo, Andreas Schachner, Gonzalo Villa
2303.01548 hep-ph

Lighting up the LHC with Dark Matter
Sebastian Baum, Marcela Carena, Tong Ou, Duncan Rocha, Nausheen R. Shah, Carlos E. M. Wagner
2303.01523 hep-ph

MAGO2.0: Electromagnetic Cavities as Mechanical Bars for Gravitational Waves
Asher Berlin et al.
2303.01518 hep-ph

Cosmic Radioactivity and Galactic Chemical Evolution
Roland Diehl, Nikos Prantzos
2303.01825 astro-ph

Fri, Mar 03, 2023

Insight-HXMT and GECAM-C observations of the brightest-of-all-time GRB 221009A
Insight-HXMT Collaboration, GECAM Collaboration
2303.01203 astro-ph

Synchrotron Radiation Dominates the Extremely Bright GRB 221009A
Jun Yang et al.
2303.00898 astro-ph

Stellar limits on scalars from electron-nucleus bremsstrahlung
Salvatore Bottaro, Andrea Caputo, Georg Raffelt, Edoardo Vitagliano
2303.00778 hep-ph

UV physics from IR features: new prospects from top flavor violation
Wolfgang Altmannshofer, Stefania Gori, Benjamin V. Lehmann, Jianhong Zuo
2303.00781 hep-ph

Search for Two-neutrino Double-Beta Decay of 136Xe to the 0+1 excited state of 136Ba with the Complete EXO-200 Dataset
EXO-200 Collaboration
2303.01103 nucl-ex

Thu, Mar 02, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon daemonflux: DAta-drivEn MuOn-calibrated Neutrino Flux
Juan Pablo Yañez, Anatoli Fedynitch
2303.00022 hep-ph

Light Shining Through a Thin Wall: Evanescent Hidden Photon Detection
Asher Berlin, Roni Harnik, Ryan Janish
2303.00014 hep-ph

LISA Constraints on an Intermediate-Mass Black Hole in the Galactic Centre
Vladimir Strokov, Giacomo Fragione, Emanuele Berti
2303.00015 astro-ph

What neutron stars tell about the hadron-quark phase transition: a Bayesian study
János Takátsy, Péter Kovács, György Wolf, Jürgen Schaffner-Bielich
2303.00013 astro-ph

Application of Deep Learning Methods for Distinguishing Gamma-Ray Bursts from Fermi/GBM TTE Data
Peng Zhang et al.
2303.00370 astro-ph

Wed, Mar 01, 2023

Star-icon Quantifying the tension between cosmological and terrestrial constraints on neutrino masses
Stefano Gariazzo, Olga Mena, Thomas Schwetz
2302.14159 hep-ph

Detailed Analysis of the TeV γ-Ray Sources 3HWC J1928+178, 3HWC J1930+188, and the New Source HAWC J1932+192
HAWC Collaboration
2302.14137 astro-ph

Listening to dark sirens from gravitational waves: Combined effects of fifth force, ultralight particle radiation, and eccentricity
Tanmay Kumar Poddar, Anish Ghoshal, Gaetano Lambiase
2302.14513 hep-ph

Spontaneous Lorentz symmetry breaking effects on GRBs jets arising from neutrino pair annihilation process near a black hole
Mohsen Khodadi, Gaetano Lambiase, Leonardo Mastrototaro
2302.14200 hep-ph

Tue, Feb 28, 2023

Star-icon GRB 221009A, The BOAT
Eric Burns et al.
2302.14037 astro-ph

Star-icon Nuclear and electromagnetic cascades induced by ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays in radio galaxies: implications for Centaurus A
B. Theodore Zhang, Kohta Murase
2302.14048 astro-ph

A direct detection view of the neutrino NSI landscape
Dorian W. P. Amaral, David Cerdeno, Andrew Cheek, Patrick Foldenauer
2302.12846 hep-ph

Properties of the extremely energetic GRB~221009A from Konus-\textit{WIND} and \textit{SRG}/ART-XC observations
D. Frederiks et al.
2302.13383 astro-ph

Mon, Feb 27, 2023

The origin of power-law spectra in relativistic magnetic reconnection
Hao Zhang, Lorenzo Sironi, Dimitrios Giannios, Maria Petropoulou
2302.12269 astro-ph

A Model for Nonthermal Particle Acceleration in Relativistic Magnetic Reconnection
Xiaocan Li, Fan Guo, Yi-Hsin Liu, Hui Li
2302.12737 astro-ph

Tracking axion-like particles at the LHC
Gonzalo Alonso-Álvarez, Joerg Jaeckel, Diego D. Lopes
2302.12262 hep-ph

Multiverse Predictions for Habitability: Planetary Characteristics
McCullen Sandora, Vladimir Airapetian, Luke Barnes, Geraint F. Lewis
2302.12376 astro-ph

Fri, Feb 24, 2023

Dark Matter and Gravity Waves from a Dark Big Bang
Katherine Freese, Martin Wolfgang Winkler
2302.11579 astro-ph

Constraining Lorentz Invariance Violation with Next-Generation Long-Baseline Experiments
Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla, Sudipta Das, Sadashiv Sahoo, Pragyanprasu Swain
2302.12005 hep-ph

Impact of pions on binary neutron star merger
Vimal Vijayan, Ninoy Rahman, Andreas Bauswein, Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo, Ignacio L. Arbina
2302.12055 astro-ph

Burst search method based on likelihood ratio in Poisson Statistics
Ce Cai et al.
2302.11755 astro-ph

Thu, Feb 23, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon The Neutrino Magnetic Moment Portal and Supernovae: New Constraints and Multimessenger Opportunities
Vedran Brdar, André de Gouvêa, Ying-Ying Li, Pedro A. N. Machado
2302.10965 hep-ph

Star-icon Global QCD Analysis and Dark Photons
N. T. Hunt-Smith, W. Melnitchouk, N. Sato, A. W. Thomas, X. G. Wang, M. J. White
2302.11126 hep-ph

Implication of GRB 221009A: Can TeV Emission Come from the GRB Prompt Phase?
Kai Wang, Zhi-Peng Ma, Ruo-Yu Liu, Yuan-Chuan Zou, Zhuo Li, Zi-Gao Dai
2302.11111 astro-ph

Revisiting the Parameter Space of Binary Neutron Star Merger Event GW170817
Austin McDowell, Andrew MacFadyen
2302.11394 astro-ph

Constraining Supernova Physics through Gravitational-Wave Observations
Gergely Dálya, Sibe Bleuzé, Bence Bécsy, Rafael S. de Souza, Tamás Szalai
2302.11480 astro-ph

End-to-end kilonova models of neutron-star mergers with delayed black-hole formation
Oliver Just et al.
2302.10928 astro-ph

The power of the rings: the GRB 221009A soft X-ray emission from its dust-scattering halo
Andrea Tiengo et al.
2302.11518 astro-ph

Conformal B-L and Pseudo-Goldstone Dark Matter
Rabindra N. Mohapatra, Nobuchika Okada
2302.11072 hep-ph

Effect of spacetime geometry on neutrino oscillations
Riya Barick, Indrajit Ghose, Amitabha Lahiri
2302.10945 hep-ph

Fluctuations of atomic energy levels due to axion and scalar fields
V. V. Flambaum
2302.11167 hep-ph

Multiverse Predictions for Habitability: Element Abundances
McCullen Sandora, Vladimir Airapetian, Luke Barnes, Geraint F. Lewis, Ileana Pérez-Rodríguez
2302.10919 astro-ph

Comment on: “Possible Relation between the Cosmological Constant and Standard Model Parameters”
Shahar Hod
2302.10938 gr-qc

On Einstein’s last bid to keep a stationary cosmology
Salvador Galindo-Uribarri, Jorge L. Cervantes-Cota
2302.10823 physics

Wed, Feb 22, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon Searching for Dark Matter Annihilation with IceCube and P-ONE
Kruteesh Desai, Rouhan Li, Stephan Meighen-Berger
2302.10542 hep-ph

Star-icon How to measure the reactor neutrino flux below the inverse beta decay threshold with CEνNS
Jiajun Liao, Hongkai Liu, Danny Marfatia
2302.10460 hep-ph

Star-icon Axion Star Explosions: A New Source for Axion Indirect Detection
Miguel Escudero, Charis Kaur Pooni, Malcolm Fairbairn, Diego Blas, Xiaolong Du, David J. E. Marsh
2302.10206 hep-ph

On the Tremaine-Gunn Limit with Mass-Varying Particles
Lotfi Boubekeur, Stefano Profumo
2302.10246 astro-ph

Limits on compression of cosmic rays in supernova remnants
Iurii Sushch, Robert Brose
2302.10591 astro-ph

Search for solar bosonic dark matter annual modulation with COSINE-100
COSINE-100 Collaboration
2302.10267 hep-ex

Primordial Gravitational Waves From Black Hole Evaporation in Standard and Non-Standard Cosmologies
Aurora Ireland, Stefano Profumo, Jordan Scharnhorst
2302.10188 gr-qc

Investigating the effects of Lorentz Invariance Violation on the CP-sensitivities of the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
Arnab Sarker, Abinash Medhi, Moon Moon Devi
2302.10456 hep-ph

Probing the dark sector with nuclear transition photons
Bhaskar Dutta, Wei-Chih Huang, Jayden L. Newstead
2302.10250 hep-ph

What Is In a Survey? Simulation-Induced Selection Effects in Astronomy
Sarah C. Gallagher, Chris Smeenk
2302.10774 physics

Tue, Feb 21, 2023

Star-icon The spectra of IceCube Neutrino (SIN) candidate sources — III. Optical spectroscopy and source characterization of the full sample
Simona Paiano et al.
2302.10080 astro-ph

Neutrino-Assisted Early Dark Energy is a Natural Resolution of the Hubble Tension
Mariana Carrillo González, Qiuyue Liang, Jeremy Sakstein, Mark Trodden
2302.09091 astro-ph

Using the Sun and the Moon as Source masses and the Earth’s Rotation as a Modulation to Search for Exotic Spin-Dependent Interactions at Astronomical Distances
L.Y. Wu, K.Y. Zhang, M. Peng, J. Gong, H.Yan
2302.09096 hep-ph

Multi-frequency test of dark matter annihilation into long-lived particles in Sirius
Yu-Xuan Chen, Lei Zu, Zi-Qing Xia, Yue-Lin Sming Tsai, Yi-Zhong Fan
2302.09951 astro-ph

The peak-flux of GRB 221009A measured with GRBAlpha
Jakub Ripa et al.
2302.10047 astro-ph

Sterile neutrino dark matter: relativistic freeze-out
Oleg Lebedev, Takashi Toma
2302.09515 hep-ph

The most massive Population III stars
Teeraparb Chantavat, Siri Chongchitnan, Joseph Silk
2302.09763 astro-ph

Spontaneous Scalarization as a New Core-Collapse Supernova Mechanism and its Multi-Messenger Signals
Takami Kuroda, Masaru Shibata
2302.09853 astro-ph

Consistent Constraints on the Equivalence Principle from localised Fast Radio Bursts
Robert Reischke, Steffen Hagstotz
2302.10072 astro-ph

Possible Relation between the Cosmological Constant and Standard Model Parameters
Mark P. Hertzberg, Abraham Loeb
2302.09090 hep-th

Low Energy Neutrino and Mass Dark Matter Detection Using Freely Falling Atoms
Alim Ruzi, Sitian Qian, Tianyi Yang, Qiang Li
2302.09874 hep-ph

Polarization of Fast Radio Bursts: radiation mechanisms and propagation effects
Yuanhong Qu, Bing Zhang
2302.09697 astro-ph

GRBAlpha: the smallest astrophysical space observatory — Part 1: Detector design, system description and satellite operations
András Pál et al.
2302.10048 astro-ph

The result of the Neutrino-4 experiment, sterile neutrinos and dark matter, the fourth neutrino and the Hubble constant
A.P. Serebrov, R.M. Samoilov, M.E. Chaikovskii, O.M. Zherebtsov
2302.09958 hep-ph

Mon, Feb 20, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon Neutrino Structure Functions from GeV to EeV Energies
Alessandro Candido, Alfonso Garcia, Giacomo Magni, Tanjona Rabemananjara, Juan Rojo, Roy Stegeman
2302.08527 hep-ph

Star-icon Here Comes the Sun: Solar Parameters in Long-Baseline Accelerator Neutrino Oscillations
Peter B. Denton, Julia Gehrlein
2302.08513 hep-ph

Search for Ultraheavy Dark Matter from Observations of Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies with VERITAS
VERITAS Collaboration
2302.08784 astro-ph

Importance nested sampling with normalising flows
Michael J. Williams, John Veitch, Chris Messenger
2302.08526 astro-ph

Fri, Feb 17, 2023

The brightest GRB ever detected: GRB 221009A as a highly luminous event at z = 0.151
D. B. Malesani et al.
2302.07891 astro-ph

Can LIGO Detect Asymmetric Dark Matter?
Sulagna Bhattacharya, Basudeb Dasgupta, Ranjan Laha, Anupam Ray
2302.07898 hep-ph

Searching for TeV Dark Matter in Irregular dwarf galaxies with HAWC Observatory
HAWC Collaboration
2302.07929 astro-ph

A structured jet explains the extreme GRB 221009A
B. O’Connor et al.
2302.07906 astro-ph

Probing Cosmic Neutrino Background Charge via Unconventional Interferometer
Chrisna Setyo Nugroho
2302.08246 hep-ph

Thu, Feb 16, 2023

Search for neutrino counterparts to the gravitational wave sources from O3 catalogues with the ANTARES detector
ANTARES Collaboration
2302.07723 astro-ph

The first JWST spectrum of a GRB afterglow: No bright supernova in observations of the brightest GRB of all time, GRB 221009A
A. J. Levan et al.
2302.07761 astro-ph

Prospects for ditauonium discovery at colliders
David d’Enterria, Hua-Sheng Shao
2302.07365 hep-ph

Opportunistic CP Violation
Quentin Bonnefoy, Emanuele Gendy, Christophe Grojean, Joshua T. Ruderman
2302.07288 hep-ph

Searching for Low-Mass Resonances Decaying into W Bosons
Guglielmo Coloretti, Andreas Crivellin, Srimoy Bhattacharya, Bruce Mellado
2302.07276 hep-ph

Wed, Feb 15, 2023

Improved sensitivities of ESSνSB from a two-detector fit
F. Capozzi, C. Giunti, C.A. Ternes
2302.07154 hep-ph

Repeating fast radio bursts reveal memory from minutes to an hour
F. Y. Wang, Q. Wu, Z. G. Dai
2302.06802 astro-ph

The Gravitational-Wave Signature of Core-Collapse Supernovae
David Vartanyan, Adam Burrows, Tianshu Wang, Matthew S.B. Coleman, Christopher J. White
2302.07092 astro-ph

SMEFiT: a flexible toolbox for global interpretations of particle physics data with effective field theories
Tommaso Giani, Giacomo Magni, Juan Rojo
2302.06660 hep-ph

Tue, Feb 14, 2023

Star-icon UHECR Echoes from the Council of Giants
A. M. Taylor, J. H. Matthews, A. R. Bell
2302.06489 astro-ph

Star-icon Limits on Neutrino Emission from GRB 221009A from MeV to PeV using the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
IceCube Collaboration
2302.05459 astro-ph

Leptoquark Search at the Forward Physics Facility
Kingman Cheung, Thong T. Q. Nguyen, C. J. Ouseph
2302.05461 hep-ph

MeV Gamma-Ray Constraints for Light Dark Matter from Semi-Annihilation
Jun Guo, Lei Wu, Bin Zhu
2302.06159 hep-ph

GRANDMA and HXMT Observations of GRB 221009A — the Standard-Luminosity Afterglow of a Hyper-Luminous Gamma-Ray Burst
D. A. Kann et al.
2302.06225 astro-ph

Hubble Tension: The Evidence of New Physics
Jian-Ping Hu, Fa-Yin Wang
2302.05709 astro-ph

Introduction of Machine Learning for Astronomy (Hands-on Workshop)
Yu Wang, Rahim Moradi, Mohammad H. Zhoolideh Haghighi, Fatemeh Rastegarnia
2302.06475 astro-ph

Mon, Feb 13, 2023

Simulation study on the optical processes at deep-sea neutrino telescope sites
Fan Hu et al.
2302.05032 astro-ph

Semi-Visible Dark Photons below the Electroweak Scale
Asli M. Abdullahi, Matheus Hostert, Daniele Massaro, Silvia Pascoli
2302.05410 hep-ph

Constraining Light Thermal Inelastic Dark Matter with NA64
Martina Mongillo et al.
2302.05414 hep-ph

Gravitational wave constraints on non-birefringent dispersions of gravitational waves due to Lorentz violations with GWTC-3
Cheng Gong, Tao Zhu, Rui Niu, Qiang Wu, Jing-Lei Cui, Xin Zhang, Wen Zhao, Anzhong Wang
2302.05077 gr-qc

Analysis of atomic-clock data to constrain variations of fundamental constants
Nathaniel Sherrill et al.
2302.04565 physics

The Force Explosion Condition is Consistent with Spherically Symmetric CCSN Explosions
Mariam Gogilashvili, Jeremiah W. Murphy, Evan P. O’Connor
2302.04890 astro-ph

Unbinned Profiled Unfolding
Jay Chan, Benjamin Nachman
2302.05390 hep-ph

Emergent axion response in multilayered metamaterials
Leon Shaposhnikov, Maxim Mazanov, Daniel A. Bobylev, Frank Wilczek, Maxim A. Gorlach
2302.05111 physics

Fri, Feb 10, 2023

The Radio to GeV Afterglow of GRB 221009A
Tanmoy Laskar et al.
2302.04388 astro-ph

2022 report from the Auger-TA working group on UHECR arrival directions
A. di Matteo et al.
2302.04502 astro-ph

The impact of the Large Magellanic Cloud on dark matter direct detection signals
Adam Smith-Orlik et al.
2302.04281 astro-ph

Simulations of multi-field ultralight axion-like dark matter
Noah Glennon, Nathan Musoke, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein
2302.04302 astro-ph

Updated Constraints on Primordial Black Hole Evaporation
Mrunal Korwar, Stefano Profumo
2302.04408 hep-ph

Thu, Feb 09, 2023

Star-icon High-energy neutrino emission associated with gravitational-wave signals: effects of cocoon photons and constraints on late-time emission
Riki Matsui, Shigeo S. Kimura, Kenji Toma, Kohta Murase
2302.04130 astro-ph

Lack of Bright Supernova Emission in the Brightest Gamma-ray Burst, GRB~221009A
Manisha Shrestha et al.
2302.03829 astro-ph

Wed, Feb 08, 2023

Star-icon Signals of a New Gauge Boson from IceCube and Muon g−2
Dan Hooper, Joaquim Iguaz Juan, Pasquale D. Serpico
2302.03571 astro-ph

Star-icon GRB 221009A: Discovery of an Exceptionally Rare Nearby and Energetic Gamma-Ray Burst
Maia A. Williams et al.
2302.03642 astro-ph

Beyond Gaussian Noise: A Generalized Approach to Likelihood Analysis with non-Gaussian Noise
Ronan Legin, Alexandre Adam, Yashar Hezaveh, Laurence Perreault Levasseur
2302.03046 astro-ph

Reinterpretation of searches for long-lived particles from meson decays
Rebeca Beltrán, Giovanna Cottin, Martin Hirsch, Arsenii Titov, Zeren Simon Wang
2302.03216 hep-ph

Open data from the third observing run of LIGO, Virgo, KAGRA and GEO
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration, KAGRA Collaboration
2302.03676 gr-qc

Data Preservation in High Energy Physics — DPHEP Global Report 2022
T. Basaglia et al.
2302.03583 hep-ex

Tue, Feb 07, 2023

Star-icon Revisiting ultrahigh-energy constraints on decaying super-heavy dark matter
Saikat Das, Kohta Murase, Toshihiro Fujii
2302.02993 astro-ph

Star-icon New determination of the production cross section for γ rays in the Galaxy
Luca Orusa, Mattia Di Mauro, Fiorenza Donato, Michael Korsmeier
2302.01943 astro-ph

Star-icon Extracting the gamma-ray source-count distribution below the Fermi-LAT detection limit with deep learning
Aurelio Amerio, Alessandro Cuoco, Nicolao Fornengo
2302.01947 astro-ph

Probing invisible neutrino decay with KM3NeT-ORCA
KM3NeT Collaboration
2302.02717 hep-ex

First Constraints from DAMIC-M on Sub-GeV Dark-Matter Particles Interacting with Electrons
DAMIC-M Collaboration
2302.02372 hep-ex

Opportunities for Fundamental Physics Research with Radioactive Molecules
Gordon Arrowsmith-Kron et al.
2302.02165 nucl-ex

Steven Weinberg (1933 – 2021)
Rohini M. Godbole, Urjit Yajnik
2302.02704 physics

Mon, Feb 06, 2023

Star-icon Search for low mass dark matter in DarkSide-50: the bayesian network approach
DarkSide-50 Collaboration
2302.01830 hep-ex

First Search for the Sagittarius Tidal Stream of Axion Dark Matter around 4.55 μeV
Andrew K. Yi et al.
2302.01502 hep-ex

Effects of gravitational lensing by Kaluza-Klein black holes on neutrino oscillations
Hrishikesh Chakrabarty, Auttakit Chatrabhuti, Daniele Malafarina, Bhuddhanubhap Silasan, Takol Tangphati
2302.01564 gr-qc

Gauged Le−Lμ−Lτ symmetry, fourth generation, neutrino mass and dark matter
Satyabrata Mahapatra, Rabindra N. Mohapatra, Narendra Sahu
2302.01784 hep-ph

Lead perovskites as CEνNS detectors
César Jesús-Valls, Federico Sánchez
2302.01597 physics

LEX-EFT: The light exotics effective field theory
Linda M. Carpenter, Taylor Murphy, Matthew J. Smylie
2302.01344 hep-ph

Fri, Feb 03, 2023

Proto-Neutron Star Convection and the Neutrino-Driven Wind: Implications for the r-Process
Brian Nevins, Luke F. Roberts
2302.01249 astro-ph

Thu, Feb 02, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon Reconstructing the arrival direction of neutrinos in deep in-ice radio detectors
Ilse Plaisier, Sjoerd Bouma, Anna Nelles
2302.00054 astro-ph

Scalar Co-SIMP Dark Matter: Models and Sensitivities
Aditya Parikh, Juri Smirnov, Weishuang Linda Xu, Bei Zhou
2302.00008 hep-ph

First measurements of periodicities and anisotropies of cosmic ray flux observed with a water-Cherenkov detector at the Marambio Antarctic base
Santos Noelia et al.
2302.00322 astro-ph

Time Dependent CP-even and CP-odd Signatures of Scalar Ultra-light Dark Matter in Neutrino Oscillations
Marta Losada, Yosef Nir, Gilad Perez, Inbar Savoray, Yogev Shpilman
2302.00005 hep-ph

A New Approach to Sonification of Astrophysical Data: The User Centred Design of SonoUno
Johanna Casado, Beatriz García, Poshak Gandhi, Wanda Díaz-Merced
2302.00085 astro-ph

Wed, Feb 01, 2023

Star-icon Diffusive shock acceleration at EeV and associated multimessenger flux from ultra-fast outflows driven by Active Galactic Nuclei
Enrico Peretti et al.
2301.13689 astro-ph

An analytical approach to Bayesian evidence computation
Juan Garcia-Bellido
2301.13783 astro-ph

Prospects for Future Binary Black Hole GW Studies in Light of PTA Measurements
John Ellis, Malcolm Fairbairn, Gert Hütsi, Martti Raidal, Juan Urrutia, Ville Vaskonen, Hardi Veermäe
2301.13854 astro-ph

The passive symmetries of machine learning
Soledad Villar, David W. Hogg, Weichi Yao, George A. Kevrekidis, Bernhard Schölkopf
2301.13724 stat

Tue, Jan 31, 2023

Implications of MicroBooNE’s low sensitivity to electron antineutrino interactions in the search for the MiniBooNE excess
Nicholas W. Kamp, Matheus Hostert, Carlos A. Argüelles, Janet M. Conrad, Michael H. Shaevitz
2301.12573 hep-ph

Cosmic Background Neutrinos Deflected by Gravity: DEMNUni Simulation Analysis
Beatriz Hernández-Molinero, Carmelita Carbone, Raul Jimenez, Carlos Peña Garay
2301.12430 astro-ph

Fast Neutrino Flavor Conversion in Core-Collapse Supernovae: A Parametric Study in 1D Models
Jakob Ehring, Sajad Abbar, Hans-Thomas Janka, Georg Raffelt
2301.11938 astro-ph

Theoretical Aspect of Nonunitarity in Neutrino Oscillation
Chee Sheng Fong
2301.12960 hep-ph

Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Evan Grohs, George M. Fuller
2301.12299 astro-ph

Mon, Jan 30, 2023

Neutrinos from dense: flavor mechanisms, theoretical approaches, observations, new directions
Maria Cristina Volpe
2301.11814 hep-ph

Detection of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos with Lunar Orbital Radio Telescope
Linjie Chen, Marc Klein Wolt, Amin Aminaei, Stijn Buitink, Heino Falcke
2301.11830 astro-ph

SN1987A neutrino burst: limits on flavor conversion
Pedro Dedin Neto, Marcos V. dos Santos, Pedro Cunha de Holanda, Ernesto Kemp
2301.11407 hep-ph

Fri, Jan 27, 2023

Dark Radiation from Neutrino Mixing after Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Daniel Aloni, Melissa Joseph, Martin Schmaltz, Neal Weiner
2301.10792 astro-ph

Roles of fast neutrino-flavor conversion on the neutrino-heating mechanism of core-collapse supernova
Hiroki Nagakura
2301.10785 astro-ph

Klein-Gordon Equation with Self-Interaction λϕ4 and Arbitrary Spherical Source Terms
Peter B. Denton
2301.11106 physics

Unravelling physics beyond the standard model with classical and quantum anomaly detection
Julian Schuhmacher et al.
2301.10787 hep-ex

Quantum anomaly detection in the latent space of proton collision events at the LHC
Kinga Anna Woźniak et al.
2301.10780 quant-ph

Thu, Jan 26, 2023

Star-icon Probing gamma-ray bursts observed at very high energies through their afterglow
Ersilia Guarini, Irene Tamborra, Damien Bégué, Annika Rudolph
2301.10256 astro-ph

Star-icon Neutrino Electromagnetic Properties and the Weak Mixing Angle at the LHC Forward Physics Facility
Roshan Mammen Abraham, Saeid Foroughi-Abari, Felix Kling, Yu-Dai Tsai
2301.10254 hep-ph

Hadronic versus leptonic origin of gamma-ray emission from supernova remnants
N. Corso, R. Diesing, D. Caprioli
2301.10257 astro-ph

Cosmological Structure Formation and Soliton Phase Transition in Fuzzy Dark Matter with Axion Self-Interactions
Philip Mocz et al.
2301.10266 astro-ph

Wed, Jan 25, 2023

Star-icon Sterile Neutrino Shape-shifting Caused by Dark Matter
Hooman Davoudiasl, Peter B. Denton
2301.09651 hep-ph

Star-icon Probing the pulsar explanation of the Galactic-Center GeV excess using continuous gravitational-wave searches
Andrew L. Miller, Yue Zhao
2301.10239 astro-ph

Star-icon Slow and fast collective neutrino oscillations: Invariants and reciprocity
Damiano F. G. Fiorillo, Georg G. Raffelt
2301.09650 hep-ph

Star-icon Inference of proto-neutron star properties in core-collapse supernovae from a gravitational-wave detector network
T. Bruel et al.
2301.10019 astro-ph

Soliton Merger Rates and Enhanced Axion Dark Matter Decay
Xiaolong Du et al.
2301.09769 astro-ph

Energy Spectrum of Ultrahigh-Energy Cosmic Rays according to Data from Ground-Based Scintillation Detectors of the Yakutsk EAS Array
A. V. Glushkov, M. I. Pravdin, A. V. Sabourov
2301.09654 astro-ph

A Whole Cosmology View of the Hubble Constant
Eric V. Linder
2301.09695 astro-ph

Tue, Jan 24, 2023

Star-icon NGC 1068 constraints on neutrino-dark matter scattering
James M. Cline, Matteo Puel
2301.08756 hep-ph

Reacceleration of Galactic Cosmic Rays Beyond the Knee at the Termination Shock of a Cosmic-Ray-Driven Galactic Wind
Payel Mukhopadhyay, Enrico Peretti, Noemie Globus, Paul Simeon, Roger Blandford
2301.08902 astro-ph

CHIME/FRB Discovery of 25 Repeating Fast Radio Burst Sources
CHIME/FRB Collaboration
2301.08762 astro-ph

A new direct detection electron scattering experiment to search for the X17 particle
D. Dutta et al.
2301.08768 nucl-ex

Search for inelastic dark matter-nucleus scattering with the PICO-60 CF3I and C3F8 bubble chambers
PICO Collaboration
2301.08993 astro-ph

Black holes as tools for quantum computing by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations
Gia Dvali, Zaza N. Osmanov
2301.09575 physics

Mon, Jan 23, 2023

Star-icon Can Neutrino Self-interactions Save Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter?
Rui An, Vera Gluscevic, Ethan O. Nadler, Yue Zhang
2301.08299 astro-ph

A new limit on intergalactic magnetic fields on sub-kpc scales from fast radio bursts
Hamsa Padmanabhan, Abraham Loeb
2301.08259 astro-ph

Multi-Messenger Constraint on the Hubble Constant H0 with Tidal Disruption Events
Thomas Hong Tsun Wong
2301.08407 astro-ph

The formation of hard VHE spectra from GRB afterglow via Two-Zone Synchrotron Self-Compton Emission
Dmitry Khangulyan, Andrew M. Taylor, Felix Aharonian
2301.08578 astro-ph

First search for ultralight dark matter with a space-based gravitational-wave antenna: LISA Pathfinder
Andrew L. Miller, Luis Mendes
2301.08736 gr-qc

Search for the dipole portal of heavy neutral leptons at future colliders
Maksym Ovchynnikov, Jing-Yu Zhu
2301.08592 hep-ph

Detection of gravitational waves in circular particle accelerators II. Response analysis and parameter estimation using synthetic data
Suvrat Rao, Julia Baumgarten, Jochen Liske, Marcus Brüggen
2301.08331 gr-qc

Superradiance Properties of Light Black Holes and 10−12-105 eV Bosons
Caner Unal
2301.08267 hep-ph

ICARUS at the Fermilab Short-Baseline Neutrino Program — Initial Operation
ICARUS Collaboration
2301.08634 hep-ex

NSC++: Non-Standard Cosmologies in C++
Dimitrios Karamitros
2301.08253 astro-ph

Fri, Jan 20, 2023

An Analytic Approach to Light Dark Matter Propagation
Christopher Cappiello
2301.07728 hep-ph

Supernova model discrimination with a kilotonne-scale Gd-H2O Cherenkov detector
Y. Schnellbach, J. Migenda, A. Carroll, J. Coleman, L. Kneale, M. Malek, C. Metelko, A. Tarrant
2301.08079 astro-ph

Thu, Jan 19, 2023

Star-icon Testing Heavy Neutral Leptons in Cosmic Ray Beam Dump experiments
Oliver Fischer, Baibhab Pattnaik, José Zurita
2301.07120 hep-ph

Star-icon Mineral Detection of Neutrinos and Dark Matter. A Whitepaper
Sebastian Baum et al.
2301.07118 astro-ph

Chiral phonons as dark matter detectors
Carl P. Romao, Riccardo Catena, Nicola A. Spaldin, Marek Matas
2301.07617 hep-ph

Inferring the rate of technosignatures from sixty years of nondetection
Claudio Grimaldi
2301.07165 physics

Wed, Jan 18, 2023

Star-icon Report of the 2021 U.S. Community Study on the Future of Particle Physics (Snowmass 2021) Summary Chapter
Joel N. Butler et al.
2301.06581 hep-ex

Probing the Blue Axion with Cosmic Optical Background Anisotropies
Pierluca Carenza, Giuseppe Lucente, Edoardo Vitagliano
2301.06560 hep-ph

Testing heavy neutral leptons produced in the supernovae explosions with future neutrino detectors
Vsevolod Syvolap
2301.07052 hep-ph

Solution of H0 tension with evidence of dark sector interaction from 2D BAO measurements
Armando Bernui, Eleonora Di Valentino, William Giarè, Suresh Kumar, Rafael C. Nunes
2301.06097 astro-ph

EFT analysis of New Physics at COHERENT
Víctor Bresó-Pla, Adam Falkowski, Martín González-Alonso, Kevin Monsálvez-Pozo
2301.07036 hep-ph

Many-body neutrino flavor entanglement in a simple dynamic model
Joshua D. Martin, A. Roggero, Huaiyu Duan, J. Carlson
2301.07049 hep-ph

Tue, Jan 17, 2023

No arXiv announcements

Mon, Jan 16, 2023

Multi-Wavelength and Multi-Messenger Studies with the next-generation Event Horizon Telescope
Rocco Lico et al.
2301.05699 astro-ph

End-to-end study of the home and genealogy of the first binary neutron star merger
Heloise F. Stevance, Jan J. Eldridge, Elizabeth R. Stanway, Joe Lyman, Anna F. McLeod, Andrew J. Levan
2301.05236 astro-ph

Deep Learning Symmetries and Their Lie Groups, Algebras, and Subalgebras from First Principles
Roy T. Forestano, Konstantin T. Matchev, Katia Matcheva, Alexander Roman, Eyup Unlu, Sarunas Verner
2301.05638 hep-ph

Extending the Discovery Potential for Inelastic-Dipole Dark Matter with FASER
Keith R. Dienes, Jonathan L. Feng, Max Fieg, Fei Huang, Seung J. Lee, Brooks Thomas
2301.05252 hep-ph

Fri, Jan 13, 2023

Direction-sensitive dark matter search with three-dimensional vector-type tracking in NEWAGE
Takuya Shimada et al.
2301.04779 hep-ex

DarkSPHERE: Exploring light dark matter with a spherical proportional counter electroformed underground at the Boulby Underground Laboratory
NEWS-G Collaboration
2301.05183 hep-ex

Searching for Heavy Neutral Leptons at A Future Muon Collider
Tsz Hong Kwok, Lingfeng Li, Tao Liu, Ariel Rock
2301.05177 hep-ph

Venus, Phosphine and the Possibility of Life
David L. Clements
2301.05160 astro-ph

Thu, Jan 12, 2023

Star-icon Probing LHAASO Galactic PeVatrons through gamma-ray and neutrino correspondence
Prantik Sarmah, Sovan Chakraborty, Jagdish C. Joshi
2301.04161 astro-ph

Distortion of neutrino oscillations by dark photon dark matter
Gonzalo Alonso-Álvarez, Katarina Bleau, James M. Cline
2301.04152 hep-ph

Gamma-ray emission from spectrally resolved cosmic rays in galaxies
Maria Werhahn, Philipp Girichidis, Christoph Pfrommer, Joseph Whittingham
2301.04163 astro-ph

HAWC Detection of a TeV Halo Candidate Surrounding a Radio-quiet pulsar
HAWC Collaboration
2301.04646 astro-ph

First 3D reconstruction of a blast furnace using muography
Amélie Cohu et al.
2301.04354 physics

Phase Transitions in Particle Physics — Results and Perspectives from Lattice Quantum Chromo-Dynamics
Gert Aarts et al.
2301.04382 hep-lat

Wed, Jan 11, 2023

Searching for Ultralight Dark Matter Conversion in Solar Corona using LOFAR Data
Haipeng An, Xingyao Chen, Shuailiang Ge, Jia Liu, Yan Luo
2301.03622 hep-ph

Celestial Objects as Strongly-Interacting Asymmetric Dark Matter Detectors
Anupam Ray
2301.03625 hep-ph

The NANOGrav 12.5-year Data Set: Bayesian Limits on Gravitational Waves from Individual Supermassive Black Hole Binaries
NANOGrav Collaboration
2301.03608 astro-ph

Nuclear β decay as a probe for physics beyond the Standard Model
M. Brodeur et al.
2301.03975 nucl-ex

The impact of human expert visual inspection on the discovery of strong gravitational lenses
Karina Rojas et al.
2301.03670 astro-ph

A Theory of Theories
Michèle Levi
2301.04039 physics

Commission Femmes et Astronomie de la SF2A: Women participation in French astronomy
Rhita-Maria Ouazzani et al.
2301.03658 astro-ph

Tue, Jan 10, 2023

How, where and when do cosmic rays reach ultrahigh energies?
James H. Matthews, Andrew M. Taylor
2301.02682 astro-ph

Improved limits on the coupling of ultralight bosonic dark matter to photons from optical atomic clock comparisons
M. Filzinger et al.
2301.03433 physics

Can Sterile Neutrino Explain Very High Energy Photons from GRB221009A?
Shu-Yuan Guo, Maxim Khlopov, Lei Wu, Bin Zhu
2301.03523 hep-ph

Kilohertz quasiperiodic oscillations in short gamma-ray bursts
Cecilia Chirenti, Simone Dichiara, Amy Lien, M. Coleman Miller, Robert Preece
2301.02864 astro-ph

An FRB Sent Me a DM: Constraining the Electron Column of the Milky Way Halo with Fast Radio Burst Dispersion Measures from CHIME/FRB
Amanda M. Cook et al.
2301.03502 astro-ph

Search for light dark matter from atmosphere in PandaX-4T
PandaX Collaboration
2301.03010 hep-ex

Mon, Jan 09, 2023

Light scalar explanation for 18 TeV GRB 221009A
Shyam Balaji, Maura E. Ramirez-Quezada, Joseph Silk, Yongchao Zhang
2301.02258 hep-ph

Gamma-ray Emission from Galaxies Hosting Molecular Outflows
Alex McDaniel, Marco Ajello, Chris Karwin
2301.02574 astro-ph

Fri, Jan 06, 2023

No picks today

Thu, Jan 05, 2023

A collapsar origin for GRB 211211A is (just barely) possible
Jennifer Barnes, Brian D. Metzger
2301.01389 astro-ph

The Fermi-LAT Light Curve Repository
Abdollahi Soheila et al.
2301.01607 astro-ph

Wed, Jan 04, 2023

Enhanced prospects for direct detection of inelastic dark matter from a non-galactic diffuse component
Gonzalo Herrera, Alejandro Ibarra, Satoshi Shirai
2301.00870 hep-ph

Tue, Jan 03, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon Bump-hunting in the diffuse flux of high-energy cosmic neutrinos
Damiano F. G. Fiorillo, Mauricio Bustamante
2301.00024 astro-ph

Constraints from the duration of supernova neutrino burst on resonant light gauge boson production by neutrinos
David G. Cerdeño, Marina Cermeño, Yasaman Farzan
2301.00661 hep-ph

Many-body collective neutrino oscillations: recent developments
Amol V. Patwardhan, Michael J. Cervia, Ermal Rrapaj, Pooja Siwach, A. B. Balantekin
2301.00342 hep-ph

Mon, Jan 02, 2023

Probing sterile neutrino dark matter in the PTOLEMY-like experiment
Ki-Young Choi, Erdenebulgan Lkhagvadorj, Seong Moon Yoo
2212.14192 hep-ph

D-Egg: a Dual PMT Optical Module for IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
2212.14526 astro-ph

Letter of Intent: the NA60+ experiment
NA60+ Collaboration
2212.14452 nucl-ex

The strong interactions
H. Leutwyler
2212.14791 hep-ph

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