My daily arXiv picks


For years, I have been keeping a private daily list of arXiv preprints that I find interesting.  Starting on 2017.10.30, I have made the list public, mainly for my convenience, but also in case somebody could benefit from the filtered list.

Papers below are drawn mainly from the astro-ph and hep-ph categories, with occasional contributions from nucl-th, nucl-ex and physics categories.

Star-icon = Especially interesting / worth reading

Star-iconStar-icon = Very interesting / very relevant for my own work

379710-200 = April Fools’ Day paper (used only once a year, around April 01)

Archive of past years: 202220212020 / 2019 / 2018 / 2017

Thu, Feb 02, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon Reconstructing the arrival direction of neutrinos in deep in-ice radio detectors
Ilse Plaisier, Sjoerd Bouma, Anna Nelles
2302.00054 astro-ph

Scalar Co-SIMP Dark Matter: Models and Sensitivities
Aditya Parikh, Juri Smirnov, Weishuang Linda Xu, Bei Zhou
2302.00008 hep-ph

First measurements of periodicities and anisotropies of cosmic ray flux observed with a water-Cherenkov detector at the Marambio Antarctic base
Santos Noelia et al.
2302.00322 astro-ph

Time Dependent CP-even and CP-odd Signatures of Scalar Ultra-light Dark Matter in Neutrino Oscillations
Marta Losada, Yosef Nir, Gilad Perez, Inbar Savoray, Yogev Shpilman
2302.00005 hep-ph

A New Approach to Sonification of Astrophysical Data: The User Centred Design of SonoUno
Johanna Casado, Beatriz García, Poshak Gandhi, Wanda Díaz-Merced
2302.00085 astro-ph

Wed, Feb 01, 2023

Star-icon Diffusive shock acceleration at EeV and associated multimessenger flux from ultra-fast outflows driven by Active Galactic Nuclei
Enrico Peretti et al.
2301.13689 astro-ph

An analytical approach to Bayesian evidence computation
Juan Garcia-Bellido
2301.13783 astro-ph

Prospects for Future Binary Black Hole GW Studies in Light of PTA Measurements
John Ellis, Malcolm Fairbairn, Gert Hütsi, Martti Raidal, Juan Urrutia, Ville Vaskonen, Hardi Veermäe
2301.13854 astro-ph

The passive symmetries of machine learning
Soledad Villar, David W. Hogg, Weichi Yao, George A. Kevrekidis, Bernhard Schölkopf
2301.13724 stat

Tue, Jan 31, 2023

Implications of MicroBooNE’s low sensitivity to electron antineutrino interactions in the search for the MiniBooNE excess
Nicholas W. Kamp, Matheus Hostert, Carlos A. Argüelles, Janet M. Conrad, Michael H. Shaevitz
2301.12573 hep-ph

Cosmic Background Neutrinos Deflected by Gravity: DEMNUni Simulation Analysis
Beatriz Hernández-Molinero, Carmelita Carbone, Raul Jimenez, Carlos Peña Garay
2301.12430 astro-ph

Fast Neutrino Flavor Conversion in Core-Collapse Supernovae: A Parametric Study in 1D Models
Jakob Ehring, Sajad Abbar, Hans-Thomas Janka, Georg Raffelt
2301.11938 astro-ph

Theoretical Aspect of Nonunitarity in Neutrino Oscillation
Chee Sheng Fong
2301.12960 hep-ph

Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Evan Grohs, George M. Fuller
2301.12299 astro-ph

Mon, Jan 30, 2023

Neutrinos from dense: flavor mechanisms, theoretical approaches, observations, new directions
Maria Cristina Volpe
2301.11814 hep-ph

Detection of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos with Lunar Orbital Radio Telescope
Linjie Chen, Marc Klein Wolt, Amin Aminaei, Stijn Buitink, Heino Falcke
2301.11830 astro-ph

SN1987A neutrino burst: limits on flavor conversion
Pedro Dedin Neto, Marcos V. dos Santos, Pedro Cunha de Holanda, Ernesto Kemp
2301.11407 hep-ph

Fri, Jan 27, 2023

Dark Radiation from Neutrino Mixing after Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Daniel Aloni, Melissa Joseph, Martin Schmaltz, Neal Weiner
2301.10792 astro-ph

Roles of fast neutrino-flavor conversion on the neutrino-heating mechanism of core-collapse supernova
Hiroki Nagakura
2301.10785 astro-ph

Klein-Gordon Equation with Self-Interaction λϕ4 and Arbitrary Spherical Source Terms
Peter B. Denton
2301.11106 physics

Unravelling physics beyond the standard model with classical and quantum anomaly detection
Julian Schuhmacher et al.
2301.10787 hep-ex

Quantum anomaly detection in the latent space of proton collision events at the LHC
Kinga Anna Woźniak et al.
2301.10780 quant-ph

Thu, Jan 26, 2023

Star-icon Probing gamma-ray bursts observed at very high energies through their afterglow
Ersilia Guarini, Irene Tamborra, Damien Bégué, Annika Rudolph
2301.10256 astro-ph

Star-icon Neutrino Electromagnetic Properties and the Weak Mixing Angle at the LHC Forward Physics Facility
Roshan Mammen Abraham, Saeid Foroughi-Abari, Felix Kling, Yu-Dai Tsai
2301.10254 hep-ph

Hadronic versus leptonic origin of gamma-ray emission from supernova remnants
N. Corso, R. Diesing, D. Caprioli
2301.10257 astro-ph

Cosmological Structure Formation and Soliton Phase Transition in Fuzzy Dark Matter with Axion Self-Interactions
Philip Mocz et al.
2301.10266 astro-ph

Wed, Jan 25, 2023

Star-icon Sterile Neutrino Shape-shifting Caused by Dark Matter
Hooman Davoudiasl, Peter B. Denton
2301.09651 hep-ph

Star-icon Probing the pulsar explanation of the Galactic-Center GeV excess using continuous gravitational-wave searches
Andrew L. Miller, Yue Zhao
2301.10239 astro-ph

Star-icon Slow and fast collective neutrino oscillations: Invariants and reciprocity
Damiano F. G. Fiorillo, Georg G. Raffelt
2301.09650 hep-ph

Star-icon Inference of proto-neutron star properties in core-collapse supernovae from a gravitational-wave detector network
T. Bruel et al.
2301.10019 astro-ph

Soliton Merger Rates and Enhanced Axion Dark Matter Decay
Xiaolong Du et al.
2301.09769 astro-ph

Energy Spectrum of Ultrahigh-Energy Cosmic Rays according to Data from Ground-Based Scintillation Detectors of the Yakutsk EAS Array
A. V. Glushkov, M. I. Pravdin, A. V. Sabourov
2301.09654 astro-ph

A Whole Cosmology View of the Hubble Constant
Eric V. Linder
2301.09695 astro-ph

Tue, Jan 24, 2023

Star-icon NGC 1068 constraints on neutrino-dark matter scattering
James M. Cline, Matteo Puel
2301.08756 hep-ph

Reacceleration of Galactic Cosmic Rays Beyond the Knee at the Termination Shock of a Cosmic-Ray-Driven Galactic Wind
Payel Mukhopadhyay, Enrico Peretti, Noemie Globus, Paul Simeon, Roger Blandford
2301.08902 astro-ph

CHIME/FRB Discovery of 25 Repeating Fast Radio Burst Sources
CHIME/FRB Collaboration
2301.08762 astro-ph

A new direct detection electron scattering experiment to search for the X17 particle
D. Dutta et al.
2301.08768 nucl-ex

Search for inelastic dark matter-nucleus scattering with the PICO-60 CF3I and C3F8 bubble chambers
PICO Collaboration
2301.08993 astro-ph

Black holes as tools for quantum computing by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations
Gia Dvali, Zaza N. Osmanov
2301.09575 physics

Mon, Jan 23, 2023

Star-icon Can Neutrino Self-interactions Save Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter?
Rui An, Vera Gluscevic, Ethan O. Nadler, Yue Zhang
2301.08299 astro-ph

A new limit on intergalactic magnetic fields on sub-kpc scales from fast radio bursts
Hamsa Padmanabhan, Abraham Loeb
2301.08259 astro-ph

Multi-Messenger Constraint on the Hubble Constant H0 with Tidal Disruption Events
Thomas Hong Tsun Wong
2301.08407 astro-ph

The formation of hard VHE spectra from GRB afterglow via Two-Zone Synchrotron Self-Compton Emission
Dmitry Khangulyan, Andrew M. Taylor, Felix Aharonian
2301.08578 astro-ph

First search for ultralight dark matter with a space-based gravitational-wave antenna: LISA Pathfinder
Andrew L. Miller, Luis Mendes
2301.08736 gr-qc

Search for the dipole portal of heavy neutral leptons at future colliders
Maksym Ovchynnikov, Jing-Yu Zhu
2301.08592 hep-ph

Detection of gravitational waves in circular particle accelerators II. Response analysis and parameter estimation using synthetic data
Suvrat Rao, Julia Baumgarten, Jochen Liske, Marcus Brüggen
2301.08331 gr-qc

Superradiance Properties of Light Black Holes and 10−12-105 eV Bosons
Caner Unal
2301.08267 hep-ph

ICARUS at the Fermilab Short-Baseline Neutrino Program — Initial Operation
ICARUS Collaboration
2301.08634 hep-ex

NSC++: Non-Standard Cosmologies in C++
Dimitrios Karamitros
2301.08253 astro-ph

Fri, Jan 20, 2023

An Analytic Approach to Light Dark Matter Propagation
Christopher Cappiello
2301.07728 hep-ph

Supernova model discrimination with a kilotonne-scale Gd-H2O Cherenkov detector
Y. Schnellbach, J. Migenda, A. Carroll, J. Coleman, L. Kneale, M. Malek, C. Metelko, A. Tarrant
2301.08079 astro-ph

Thu, Jan 19, 2023

Star-icon Testing Heavy Neutral Leptons in Cosmic Ray Beam Dump experiments
Oliver Fischer, Baibhab Pattnaik, José Zurita
2301.07120 hep-ph

Star-icon Mineral Detection of Neutrinos and Dark Matter. A Whitepaper
Sebastian Baum et al.
2301.07118 astro-ph

Chiral phonons as dark matter detectors
Carl P. Romao, Riccardo Catena, Nicola A. Spaldin, Marek Matas
2301.07617 hep-ph

Inferring the rate of technosignatures from sixty years of nondetection
Claudio Grimaldi
2301.07165 physics

Wed, Jan 18, 2023

Star-icon Report of the 2021 U.S. Community Study on the Future of Particle Physics (Snowmass 2021) Summary Chapter
Joel N. Butler et al.
2301.06581 hep-ex

Probing the Blue Axion with Cosmic Optical Background Anisotropies
Pierluca Carenza, Giuseppe Lucente, Edoardo Vitagliano
2301.06560 hep-ph

Testing heavy neutral leptons produced in the supernovae explosions with future neutrino detectors
Vsevolod Syvolap
2301.07052 hep-ph

Solution of H0 tension with evidence of dark sector interaction from 2D BAO measurements
Armando Bernui, Eleonora Di Valentino, William Giarè, Suresh Kumar, Rafael C. Nunes
2301.06097 astro-ph

EFT analysis of New Physics at COHERENT
Víctor Bresó-Pla, Adam Falkowski, Martín González-Alonso, Kevin Monsálvez-Pozo
2301.07036 hep-ph

Many-body neutrino flavor entanglement in a simple dynamic model
Joshua D. Martin, A. Roggero, Huaiyu Duan, J. Carlson
2301.07049 hep-ph

Tue, Jan 17, 2023

No arXiv announcements

Mon, Jan 16, 2023

Multi-Wavelength and Multi-Messenger Studies with the next-generation Event Horizon Telescope
Rocco Lico et al.
2301.05699 astro-ph

End-to-end study of the home and genealogy of the first binary neutron star merger
Heloise F. Stevance, Jan J. Eldridge, Elizabeth R. Stanway, Joe Lyman, Anna F. McLeod, Andrew J. Levan
2301.05236 astro-ph

Deep Learning Symmetries and Their Lie Groups, Algebras, and Subalgebras from First Principles
Roy T. Forestano, Konstantin T. Matchev, Katia Matcheva, Alexander Roman, Eyup Unlu, Sarunas Verner
2301.05638 hep-ph

Extending the Discovery Potential for Inelastic-Dipole Dark Matter with FASER
Keith R. Dienes, Jonathan L. Feng, Max Fieg, Fei Huang, Seung J. Lee, Brooks Thomas
2301.05252 hep-ph

Fri, Jan 13, 2023

Direction-sensitive dark matter search with three-dimensional vector-type tracking in NEWAGE
Takuya Shimada et al.
2301.04779 hep-ex

DarkSPHERE: Exploring light dark matter with a spherical proportional counter electroformed underground at the Boulby Underground Laboratory
NEWS-G Collaboration
2301.05183 hep-ex

Searching for Heavy Neutral Leptons at A Future Muon Collider
Tsz Hong Kwok, Lingfeng Li, Tao Liu, Ariel Rock
2301.05177 hep-ph

Venus, Phosphine and the Possibility of Life
David L. Clements
2301.05160 astro-ph

Thu, Jan 12, 2023

Star-icon Probing LHAASO Galactic PeVatrons through gamma-ray and neutrino correspondence
Prantik Sarmah, Sovan Chakraborty, Jagdish C. Joshi
2301.04161 astro-ph

Distortion of neutrino oscillations by dark photon dark matter
Gonzalo Alonso-Álvarez, Katarina Bleau, James M. Cline
2301.04152 hep-ph

Gamma-ray emission from spectrally resolved cosmic rays in galaxies
Maria Werhahn, Philipp Girichidis, Christoph Pfrommer, Joseph Whittingham
2301.04163 astro-ph

HAWC Detection of a TeV Halo Candidate Surrounding a Radio-quiet pulsar
HAWC Collaboration
2301.04646 astro-ph

First 3D reconstruction of a blast furnace using muography
Amélie Cohu et al.
2301.04354 physics

Phase Transitions in Particle Physics — Results and Perspectives from Lattice Quantum Chromo-Dynamics
Gert Aarts et al.
2301.04382 hep-lat

Wed, Jan 11, 2023

Searching for Ultralight Dark Matter Conversion in Solar Corona using LOFAR Data
Haipeng An, Xingyao Chen, Shuailiang Ge, Jia Liu, Yan Luo
2301.03622 hep-ph

Celestial Objects as Strongly-Interacting Asymmetric Dark Matter Detectors
Anupam Ray
2301.03625 hep-ph

The NANOGrav 12.5-year Data Set: Bayesian Limits on Gravitational Waves from Individual Supermassive Black Hole Binaries
NANOGrav Collaboration
2301.03608 astro-ph

Nuclear β decay as a probe for physics beyond the Standard Model
M. Brodeur et al.
2301.03975 nucl-ex

The impact of human expert visual inspection on the discovery of strong gravitational lenses
Karina Rojas et al.
2301.03670 astro-ph

A Theory of Theories
Michèle Levi
2301.04039 physics

Commission Femmes et Astronomie de la SF2A: Women participation in French astronomy
Rhita-Maria Ouazzani et al.
2301.03658 astro-ph

Tue, Jan 10, 2023

How, where and when do cosmic rays reach ultrahigh energies?
James H. Matthews, Andrew M. Taylor
2301.02682 astro-ph

Improved limits on the coupling of ultralight bosonic dark matter to photons from optical atomic clock comparisons
M. Filzinger et al.
2301.03433 physics

Can Sterile Neutrino Explain Very High Energy Photons from GRB221009A?
Shu-Yuan Guo, Maxim Khlopov, Lei Wu, Bin Zhu
2301.03523 hep-ph

Kilohertz quasiperiodic oscillations in short gamma-ray bursts
Cecilia Chirenti, Simone Dichiara, Amy Lien, M. Coleman Miller, Robert Preece
2301.02864 astro-ph

An FRB Sent Me a DM: Constraining the Electron Column of the Milky Way Halo with Fast Radio Burst Dispersion Measures from CHIME/FRB
Amanda M. Cook et al.
2301.03502 astro-ph

Search for light dark matter from atmosphere in PandaX-4T
PandaX Collaboration
2301.03010 hep-ex

Mon, Jan 09, 2023

Light scalar explanation for 18 TeV GRB 221009A
Shyam Balaji, Maura E. Ramirez-Quezada, Joseph Silk, Yongchao Zhang
2301.02258 hep-ph

Gamma-ray Emission from Galaxies Hosting Molecular Outflows
Alex McDaniel, Marco Ajello, Chris Karwin
2301.02574 astro-ph

Fri, Jan 06, 2023

No picks today

Thu, Jan 05, 2023

A collapsar origin for GRB 211211A is (just barely) possible
Jennifer Barnes, Brian D. Metzger
2301.01389 astro-ph

The Fermi-LAT Light Curve Repository
Abdollahi Soheila et al.
2301.01607 astro-ph

Wed, Jan 04, 2023

Enhanced prospects for direct detection of inelastic dark matter from a non-galactic diffuse component
Gonzalo Herrera, Alejandro Ibarra, Satoshi Shirai
2301.00870 hep-ph

Tue, Jan 03, 2023

Star-iconStar-icon Bump-hunting in the diffuse flux of high-energy cosmic neutrinos
Damiano F. G. Fiorillo, Mauricio Bustamante
2301.00024 astro-ph

Constraints from the duration of supernova neutrino burst on resonant light gauge boson production by neutrinos
David G. Cerdeño, Marina Cermeño, Yasaman Farzan
2301.00661 hep-ph

Many-body collective neutrino oscillations: recent developments
Amol V. Patwardhan, Michael J. Cervia, Ermal Rrapaj, Pooja Siwach, A. B. Balantekin
2301.00342 hep-ph

Mon, Jan 02, 2023

Probing sterile neutrino dark matter in the PTOLEMY-like experiment
Ki-Young Choi, Erdenebulgan Lkhagvadorj, Seong Moon Yoo
2212.14192 hep-ph

D-Egg: a Dual PMT Optical Module for IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
2212.14526 astro-ph

Letter of Intent: the NA60+ experiment
NA60+ Collaboration
2212.14452 nucl-ex

The strong interactions
H. Leutwyler
2212.14791 hep-ph

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