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For years, I have been keeping a private daily list of arXiv preprints that I find interesting.  Starting on 2017.10.30, I have made the list public, mainly for my convenience, but also in case somebody could benefit from the filtered list.

Papers below are drawn mainly from the astro-ph and hep-ph categories, with occasional contributions from nucl-th, nucl-ex and physics categories.

Star-icon = Especially interesting / worth reading

Star-iconStar-icon = Very interesting / very relevant for my own work

379710-200 = April Fools’ Day paper (used only once a year, around April 01)

Thu, Jan 14, 2021

Star-icon Giant cosmic ray halos around M31 and the Milky Way
S. Recchia, S. Gabici, F. A. Aharonian, V. Niro
2101.05016 astro-ph

Star-icon Common envelope jets supernovae with a black hole companion as possible high energy neutrino sources
Aldana Grichener, Noam Soker
2101.05118 astro-ph

Supernova Model Discrimination with Hyper-Kamiokande
Hyper-Kamiokande Collaboration
2101.05269 astro-ph

The characteristics of the Galactic center excess measured with 11 years of Fermi-LAT data
Mattia Di Mauro
2101.04694 astro-ph

Analysis methods for the first KATRIN neutrino-mass measurement
KATRIN Collaboration
2101.05253 hep-ex

Gauged Lμ−Lτ at a muon collider
Guo-yuan Huang, Farinaldo S. Queiroz, Werner Rodejohann
2101.04956 hep-ph

Exact Oscillation Probabilities of Neutrinos in Three generations derived from Relativistic Equation
Keiichi Kimura, Akira Takamura
2101.05101 hep-ph

Positronia’ clouds in Universe
I.M. Dremin
2101.04679 hep-ph

The Physics of Fast Radio Bursts
Di Xiao, Fayin Wang, Zigao Dai
2101.04907 astro-ph

The Physics of Accretion Discs, Winds And Jets in Tidal Disruption Events
Jane Lixin Dai, Giuseppe Lodato, Roseanne M. Cheng
2101.05195 astro-ph

Wed, Jan 13, 2021

Star-icon* The Imprint of Large Scale Structure on the Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Ray Sky
Chen Ding, Noemie Globus, Glennys R. Farrar
2101.04564 astro-ph

Testing High-latitude Curvature Effect of Gamma-Ray Bursts with {\it Fermi} Data: Evidence of Bulk Acceleration in Prompt Emission
Liang Li, Bing Zhang
2101.04325 astro-ph

A comparison of optimisation algorithms for high-dimensional particle and astrophysics applications
DarkMachines High Dimensional Sampling Group
2101.04525 hep-ph

Unification of Neutrino-Neutrino and Neutrino-Antineutrino Oscillations
Keiichi Kimura, Akira Takamura
2101.04509 hep-ph

Super-Earths, M Dwarfs, and Photosynthetic Organisms: Habitability in the Lab
R. Claudi et al.
2101.04448 astro-ph

On the Development of Effective Field Theory
Steven Weinberg
2101.04241 hep-th

Tue, Jan 12, 2021

Estimating the Neutrino Flux from Choked Gamma-Ray Bursts
Michela Fasano, Silvia Celli, Dafne Guetta, Antonio Capone, Angela Zegarelli, Irene Di Palma
2101.03502 astro-ph

Nuclear de-excitation lines as a probe of low-energy cosmic rays
Bing Liu, Rui-zhi Yang, Felix Aharonian
2101.03695 astro-ph

Testing dark matter interactions with CMB spectral distortions
Yacine Ali-Haïmoud
2101.04070 astro-ph

Improved constraints on neutrino mixing from the T2K experiment with 3.13×1021 protons on target
T2K Collaboration
2101.03779 hep-ex

Search for Tens of MeV Neutrinos associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts in Super-Kamiokande
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
2101.03480 astro-ph

Interplanetary magnetic flux rope observed at ground level by HAWC
HAWC Collaboration
2101.03243 astro-ph

New CP Phase and Exact Oscillation Probabilities of Dirac Neutrino derived from Relativistic Equation
Keiichi Kimura, Akira Takamura
2101.03555 hep-ph

Mon, Jan 11, 2021

Modeling particle transport in astrophysical outflows and simulations of associated emissions
D. A. Papadopoulos, O. T. Kosmas, S. Ganatsios
2101.02964 astro-ph

Towards extracting cosmic magnetic field structures from cosmic-ray arrival directions
Marcus Wirtz, Teresa Bister, Martin Erdmann
2101.02890 astro-ph

Neutrino production in Population III microquasars
Agustín M. Carulli, Matías M. Reynoso, Gustavo E. Romero
2101.02999 astro-ph

Particle-in-cell Simulation of the Neutrino Fast Flavor Instability
Sherwood Richers, Don E. Willcox, Nicole M. Ford, Andrew Myers
2101.02745 astro-ph

A numerical jet model for the prompt emission of gamma-ray bursts
Ruben Farinelli, Rupal Basak, Lorenzo Amati, Cristiano Guidorzi, Filippo Frontera
2101.02984 astro-ph

Collider Signals of Baryogenesis and Dark Matter from B Mesons: A Roadmap to Discovery
Gonzalo Alonso-Álvarez, Gilly Elor, Miguel Escudero
2101.02706 hep-ph

Deep-Learning based Reconstruction of the Shower Maximum Xmax using the Water-Cherenkov Detectors of the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2101.02946 astro-ph

The relevance of nuclear reactions for Standard Solar Models construction
Francesco L. Villante, Aldo Serenelli
2101.03077 astro-ph

The NANOGrav 11yr Data Set: Limits on Supermassive Black Hole Binaries in Galaxies within 500Mpc
NANOGrav Collaboration
2101.02716 astro-ph

Fri, Jan 08, 2021

A New Approach to Probe Non-Standard Interactions in Atmospheric Neutrino Experiments
Anil Kumar, Amina Khatun, Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla, Amol Dighe
2101.02607 hep-ph

High-energy emission from tidal disruption events in active galactic nuclei
Chi-Ho Chan, Tsvi Piran, Julian H. Krolik
2101.02290 astro-ph

Thu, Jan 07, 2021

Telescope Array Bursts, Radio Pulses and Axion Quark Nuggets
Xunyu Liang, Ariel Zhitnitsky
2101.01722 hep-ph

Search for axion-like dark matter using solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance
Deniz Aybas et al.
2101.01241 hep-ex

Carbon Footprint Study for the GRAND Project
Clarisse Aujoux, Kumiko Kotera, Odile Blanchard
2101.02049 astro-ph

Wed, Jan 06, 2021

Implications of current nuclear cross sections on secondary cosmic rays with the upcoming DRAGON2 code
Pedro de la Torre Luque, Mario Nicola Mazziotta, Francesco Loparco, Fabio Gargano, Davide Serini
2101.01547 astro-ph

The One-Way Speed of Light and the Milne Universe
Geraint F. Lewis, Luke A. Barnes
2012.12037 gr-qc

Fast Flavor Oscillations of Astrophysical Neutrinos with 1,2,…,∞ Crossings
Soumya Bhattacharyya, Basudeb Dasgupta
2101.01226 hep-ph

Fast flavor oscillations in dense neutrino media with collisions
Joshua D. Martin, J. Carlson, Vincenzo Cirigliano, Huaiyu Duan
2101.01278 hep-ph

Tue, Jan 05, 2021

Star-icon Search for GeV Neutrino Emission During Intense Gamma-Ray Solar Flares with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
IceCube Collaboration
2101.00610 astro-ph

Star-icon Polarized radiation and the Emergence of Biological Homochirality on Earth and Beyond
Noemie Globus, Anatoli Fedynitch, Roger D. Blandford
2101.00530 astro-ph

The Sun: Light Dark Matter and Sterile Neutrinos
Ilídio Lopes
2101.00210 hep-ph

Possible bump structure of cosmic ray electrons unveiled by AMS-02 data
Pei-pei Zhang, Bing-qiang Qiao, Wei Liu, Shu-wang Cui, Qiang Yuan, Yi-qing Guo
2101.00189 astro-ph

Resonant Scattering between Dark Matter and Baryons: Revised Direct Detection and CMB Limits
Xingchen Xu, Glennys R. Farrar
2101.00142 hep-ph

Can dispersion of light in interstellar medium cause the delays of gamma-ray bursts without invoking the drastic assumption of Lorentz invariance violation?
Iver Brevik, Masud Chaichian, Markku Oksanen
2101.00954 astro-ph

Mon, Jan 04, 2021

No arXiv announcements

Fri, Jan 01, 2021

Star-icon Evidence of 200 TeV photons from HAWC J1825-134
HAWC Collaboration
2012.15275 astro-ph

Star-icon ANTARES search for point-sources of neutrinos using astrophysical catalogs: a likelihood stacking analysis
ANTARES Collaboration
2012.15082 astro-ph

NANOGrav signal as mergers of Stupendously Large Primordial Black Holes
Vicente Atal, Albert Sanglas, Nikolaos Triantafyllou
2012.14721 astro-ph

Testing the general theory of relativity using gravitational wave propagation from dark standard sirens
Suvodip Mukherjee, Benjamin D. Wandelt, Joseph Silk
2012.15316 astro-ph

The effect of axion-like particles on the spectrum of the extragalactic gamma-ray background
Yun-Feng Liang, Xing-Fu Zhang, Ji-Gui Cheng, Hou-Dun Zeng, Yi-Zhong Fan, En-Wei Liang
2012.15513 astro-ph

Cosmic-ray transport and gamma-ray emission in M31
Audrey Do et al.
2012.14507 astro-ph

Neutron – mirror neutron mixing and neutron stars
Zurab Berezhiani, Riccardo Biondi, Massimo Mannarelli, Francesco Tonelli
2012.15233 astro-ph

Thu, Dec 31, 2020

No arXiv announcements

Wed, Dec 30, 2020

No arXiv announcements

Tue, Dec 29, 2020

Star-icon Constraints on the mass of Majorana neutrinos from Cosmology
M. Agostini, G. Benato, S. Dell’Oro, S. Pirro, F. Vissani
2012.13938 hep-ph

Star-icon PeV-EeV neutrinos from gamma-ray blazars due to ultrahigh-energy cosmic-ray propagation
Saikat Das, Nayantara Gupta, Soebur Razzaque
2012.13877 astro-ph

Star-icon Bayesian Analysis of a Future Beta Decay Experiment’s Sensitivity to Neutrino Mass Scale and Ordering
A. Ashtari Esfahani et al.
2012.14341 physics

Star-icon Etching Plastic Searches for Dark Matter
Amit Bhoonah, Joseph Bramante, Brian Courtman, Ningqiang Song
2012.13406 hep-ph

Searching for spin-2 ULDM with gravitational waves interferometers
Juan Manuel Armaleo, Diana López Nacir, Federico R. Urban
2012.13997 astro-ph

A search for hard X-ray bursts occurring simultaneously to fast radio bursts in the repeating FRB 121102
Shangyu Sun, Wenfei Yu, Yunwei Yu, Dongming Mao
2012.14266 astro-ph

Supernova neutrino induced neutrons in liquid xenon dark matter detectors
Pijushpani Bhattacharjee et al.
2012.13986 hep-ph

Some Recent Results on Neutrino Oscillations in Hypercritical Accretion
Juan David Uribe Suárez, Jorge Armando Rueda
2012.14046 astro-ph

Are extrasolar Einstein’s spinning tops habitable?
Lorenzo Iorio
2012.14245 astro-ph

Mon, Dec 28, 2020

No arXiv announcements

Fri, Dec 25, 2020

Leptonic and Hadronic Radiative Processes in Supermassive-Black-Hole Jets
Matteo Cerruti
2012.13302 astro-ph

Modeling particle acceleration and non-thermal emission in supernova remnants
S. Orlando et al.
2012.13394 astro-ph

What if a specific neutrinoless double beta decay is absent
Takehiko Asaka, Hiroyuki Ishida, Kazuki Tanaka
2012.13186 hep-ph

Thu, Dec 24, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon The Future of High-Energy Astrophysical Neutrino Flavor Measurements
Ningqiang Song, Shirley Weishi Li, Carlos A. Argüelles, Mauricio Bustamante, Aaron C. Vincent
2012.12893 hep-ph

Star-icon Lunar neutrinos
S. Demidov, D. Gorbunov
2012.12870 hep-ph

Explaining cosmic ray antimatter with secondaries from old supernova remnants
Philipp Mertsch, Andrea Vittino, Subir Sarkar
2012.12853 astro-ph

Evolution of Primordial Neutrino Helicities in Astrophysical Magnetic Fields and Implications for their Detection
Gordon Baym, Jen-Chieh Peng
2012.12421 hep-ph

Wed, Dec 23, 2020

Star-icon Nuclear Fusion Inside Dark Matter
Javier F. Acevedo, Joseph Bramante, Alan Goodman
2012.10998 hep-ph

Star-icon A closer look at the pp-chain reaction in the Sun: Constraining the coupling of light mediators to protons
Anna M. Suliga, Shashank Shalgar, George M. Fuller
2012.11620 astro-ph

Self-interacting neutrinos, the Hubble parameter tension, and the Cosmic Microwave Background
Thejs Brinckmann, Jae Hyeok Chang, Marilena LoVerde
2012.11830 astro-ph

LeptonInjector and LeptonWeighter: A neutrino event generator and weighter for neutrino observatories
IceCube Collaboration
2012.10449 physics

All-sky search in early O3 LIGO data for continuous gravitational-wave signals from unknown neutron stars in binary systems
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration
2012.12128 gr-qc

Compact Dark Objects in Neutron Star Mergers
Andreas Bauswein, Gang Guo, Jr-Hua Lien, Yen-Hsun Lin, Meng-Ru Wu
2012.11908 astro-ph

Supernova Constraints on Dark Flavored Sectors
Jorge Martin Camalich, Jorge Terol-Calvo, Laura Tolos, Robert Ziegler
2012.11632 hep-ph

First Results from Axion Haloscope at CAPP around 10μeV
Ohjoon Kwon et al.
2012.10764 hep-ex

Measurement of the 2νββ Decay Half-life of 130Te with CUORE
CUORE Collaboration
2012.11749 nucl-ex

Search for Low-energy Electron Antineutrinos in KamLAND Associated with Gravitational Wave Events
KamLAND Collaboration
2012.12053 astro-ph

Proposal: JSNS2-II
S.Ajimura et al.
2012.10807 hep-ex

The Explosion Mechanism of Core-Collapse Supernovae and Its Observational Signatures
Ondřej Pejcha
2012.11873 astro-ph

Tue, Dec 22, 2020

Star-icon Neutral Current Neutrino Interactions at FASERν
Ahmed Ismail, Roshan Mammen Abraham, Felix Kling
2012.10500 hep-ph

Dark matter local density determination: recent observations and future prospects
Pablo F. de Salas, Axel Widmark
2012.11477 astro-ph

Primordial nucleosynthesis with varying fundamental constants: Degeneracies with cosmological parameters
C. J. A. P. Martins
2012.10505 astro-ph

Mon, Dec 21, 2020

The Cosmic-Ray Composition between 2 PeV and 2 EeV Observed with the TALE Detector in Monocular Mode
Telescope Array Collaboration
2012.10372 astro-ph

Direct Measurement of the Cosmic-Ray Carbon and Oxygen Spectra from 10 GeV/n to 2.2 TeV/n with the Calorimetric Electron Telescope on the International Space Station
CALET Collaboration
2012.10319 astro-ph

Probing the Weinberg Operator at Colliders
Benjamin Fuks, Jonas Neundorf, Krisztian Peters, Richard Ruiz, Matthias Saimpert
2012.09882 hep-ph

Cosmological and astrophysical probes of dark baryons
David McKeen, Maxim Pospelov, Nirmal Raj
2012.09865 hep-ph

Simple and statistically sound strategies for analysing physical theories
Shehu S. AbdusSalam et al.
2012.09874 hep-ph

The observability of plasmoid-powered γ-ray flares with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Manuel Meyer, Maria Petropoulou, Ian Christie
2012.09944 astro-ph

Progress in Understanding the Enigmatic Fast Radio Bursts
Shami Chatterjee
2012.10377 astro-ph

Exploring and Interrogating Astrophysical Data in Virtual Reality
T.H. Jarrett et al.
2012.10342 astro-ph

Fri, Dec 18, 2020

Star-icon Dark Matter, Destroyer of Worlds: Neutrino, Thermal, and Existential Signatures from Black Holes in the Sun and Earth
Javier F. Acevedo, Joseph Bramante, Alan Goodman, Joachim Kopp, Toby Opferkuch
2012.09176 hep-ph

Probing sub-eV Dark Matter decays with PTOLEMY
Kyrylo Bondarenko, Alexey Boyarsky, Marco Nikolic, Josef Pradler, Anastasia Sokolenko
2012.09704 astro-ph

Searching for axion-like particle decay in the near-infrared background: an updated analysis
Andrea Caputo, Andrea Vittino, Nicolao Fornengo, Marco Regis, Marco Taoso
2012.09179 astro-ph

Sterile Neutrino Search at the Short-Baseline Neutrino Program via Neutral Current Disappearance
Andrew Furmanski, Christopher Hilgenberg
2012.09788 hep-ex

Search for Invisible Axion Dark Matter of mass ma=43 μeV with the QUAX–aγ Experiment
D. Alesini et al.
2012.09498 hep-ex

Dispersion of neutrinos in a medium
Ki-Young Choi, Eung Jin Chun, Jongkuk Kim
2012.09474 hep-ph

Review on Dark Matter Tools
Chiara Arina
2012.09462 hep-ph

Thu, Dec 17, 2020

Binary interactions enhance the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background
Shunsaku Horiuchi et al.
2012.08524 astro-ph

Fast neutrino flavor conversions in one-dimensional core-collapse supernova models with and without muon creation
Francesco Capozzi et al.
2012.08525 astro-ph

Wed, Dec 16, 2020

Star-icon IceCube constraints on Violation of Equivalence Principle
Damiano F. G. Fiorillo, Gianpiero Mangano, Stefano Morisi, Ofelia Pisanti
2012.07867 hep-ph

Star-icon The POEMMA (Probe of Extreme Multi-Messenger Astrophysics) Observatory
A. V. Olinto et al.
2012.07945 astro-ph

Nonminimal Lorentz Violation in Macroscopic Matter
Matthew Mewes
2012.08302 hep-ph

Limits on the abundance of millicharged particles bound to matter
Gadi Afek et al.
2012.08169 hep-ex

Gamma Ray Signals from Cosmic Ray Scattering on Axion-Like Particles
James B. Dent et al.
2012.07930 hep-ph

Invisible decays of axion-like particles: constraints and prospects
Luc Darmé, Federica Giacchino, Enrico Nardi, Mauro Raggi
2012.07894 hep-ph

A Statistical Estimation of the Occurrence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence in the Milky Way Galaxy
Xiang Cai, Jonathan H. Jiang, Kristen A. Fahy, Yuk L. Yung
2012.07902 astro-ph

Tue, Dec 15, 2020

The spectra and composition of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays and the measurement of the proton-air cross section
Paolo Lipari
2012.06861 astro-ph

Updated constraints on massive neutrino self-interactions from cosmology in light of the H0 tension
Shouvik Roy Choudhury, Steen Hannestad, Thomas Tram
2012.07519 astro-ph

Hydrogen Mixing as a Novel Mechanism for Colder Baryons in 21 cm Cosmology
Lucas Johns, Seth Koren
2012.06584 hep-ph

The Hydrogen Mixing Portal, Its Origins, and Its Cosmological Effects
Lucas Johns, Seth Koren
2012.06591 hep-ph

On the characteristics of fast neutrino flavor instabilities in three-dimensional core-collapse supernova models
Sajad Abbar, Francesco Capozzi, Robert Glas, H.-Thomas Janka, Irene Tamborra
2012.06594 astro-ph

Prospects for Measuring the Hubble Constant with Neutron-Star-Black-Hole Mergers
Stephen M. Feeney, Hiranya V. Peiris, Samaya M. Nissanke, Daniel J. Mortlock
2012.06593 astro-ph

Under an Iron Sky: On the Entropy at the Start of the Universe
Luke A. Barnes, Geraint F. Lewis
2012.06975 astro-ph

Explainable machine learning of the underlying physics of high-energy particle collisions
Yue Shi Lai, Duff Neill, Mateusz Płoskoń, Felix Ringer
2012.06582 hep-ph

Mon, Dec 14, 2020

Star-icon Contribution of Secondary Neutrinos from Line-of-sight Cosmic Ray Interactions to the IceCube Diffuse Astrophysical Flux
Alina Kochocki, Volodymyr Takhistov, Alexander Kusenko, Nathan Whitehorn
2012.05955 astro-ph

Investigating γ-ray halos around three HAWC bright sources in Fermi-LAT data
Mattia Di Mauro, Silvia Manconi, Michela Negro, Fiorenza Donato
2012.05932 astro-ph

Fri, Dec 11, 2020

Neutrino lines from DM decay induced by high-scale seesaw interactions
Rupert Coy, Thomas Hambye
2012.05276 hep-ph

Giant Radio Array for Neutrino Detection (GRAND)
Sijbrand de Jong
2012.05580 astro-ph

Thu, Dec 10, 2020

Star-icon First Observations of Solar Disk Gamma Rays over a Full Solar Cycle
Tim Linden et al.
2012.04654 astro-ph

Star-icon First Multimessenger Observations of a Neutron Star Merger
Raffaella Margutti, Ryan Chornock
2012.04810 astro-ph

Ghost Imaging of Dark Particles
Juan Estrada, Roni Harnik, Dario Rodrigues, Matias Senger
2012.04707 hep-ph

Invisible neutrino decay : First vs second oscillation maximum
Kaustav Chakraborty, Debajyoti Dutta, Srubabati Goswami, Dipyaman Pramanik
2012.04958 hep-ph

Wed, Dec 09, 2020

Radio-to-gamma-ray synchrotron and neutrino emission from proton-proton interactions in active galactic nuclei
Andrii Neronov, Dmitry Semikoz
2012.04425 astro-ph

Neutrino flavor mixing breaks isotropy in the early universe
Rasmus S. L. Hansen, Shashank Shalgar, Irene Tamborra
2012.03948 astro-ph

Follow-up of astrophysical transients in real time with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
IceCube Collaboration
2012.04577 astro-ph

Cosmic-ray antiprotons in the AMS-02 era: A sensitive probe of dark matter
Jan Heisig
2012.03956 astro-ph

Tue, Dec 08, 2020

Star-icon Energetics of ultrahigh-energy cosmic-ray nuclei
Yu Jiang, B. Theodore Zhang, Kohta Murase
2012.03122 astro-ph

Search for coherent elastic scattering of solar 8B neutrinos in the XENON1T dark matter experiment
XENON1T Collaboration
2012.02846 hep-ex

An observational determination of the evolving extragalactic background light from the multiwavelength HST/CANDELS survey in the Fermi and CTA era
Alberto Saldana-Lopez et al.
2012.03035 astro-ph

Baikal-GVD: status and first results
Grigory Safronov
2012.03373 astro-ph

Mon, Dec 07, 2020

The UHECR Dipole and Beyond
Rodrigo Guedes Lang, Andrew M. Taylor, Vitor de Souza
2012.02561 astro-ph

Detecting the brightest HAWC sources with IceCube in the upcoming years
Viviana Niro
2012.02599 astro-ph

Neutron-Antineutron Oscillation Search using a 0.37 Megaton⋅Year Exposure of Super-Kamiokande
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
2012.02607 hep-ex

Fri, Dec 04, 2020

Directional detection of light dark matter from three-phonon events in superfluid 4He
Andrea Caputo et al.
2012.01432 hep-ph

A search for a cosmologically-relevant boson in muon decay
J.I. Collar
2012.01504 nucl-ex

Probing fast oscillating scalar dark matter with atoms and molecules
Dionysios Antypas et al.
2012.01519 physics

Material Identification in Nuclear Waste Drums using Muon Scattering Tomography and Multivariate Analysis
M.J. Weekes et al.
2012.01554 physics

Thu, Dec 03, 2020

Star-icon A search for time-dependent astrophysical neutrino emission with IceCube data from 2012 to 2017
IceCube Collaboration
2012.01079 astro-ph

A Proposed Network to Detect Axion Quark Nugget Dark Matter
Xunyu Liang, Egor Peshkov, Ludovic Van Waerbeke, Ariel Zhitnitsky
2012.00765 hep-ph

Strategies to Detect Dark-Matter Decays with Line-Intensity Mapping
José Luis Bernal, Andrea Caputo, Marc Kamionkowski
2012.00771 astro-ph

Magnetic Reconnection as a Mechanism for Energy Extraction from Rotating Black Holes
Luca Comisso, Felipe A. Asenjo
2012.00879 astro-ph

Wed, Dec 02, 2020

Detection of gravitational waves in circular particle accelerators
Suvrat Rao, Marcus Brüggen, Jochen Liske
2012.00529 astro-ph

Fast radio burst repeaters produced via Kozai-Lidov feeding of neutron stars in binary systems
Valentin Decoene, Kumiko Kotera, Joseph Silk
2012.00029 astro-ph

Anomalies in Radioactive Decay Rates: A Bibliography of Measurements and Theory
M. H. McDuffie et al.
2012.00153 nucl-ex

Tue, Dec 01, 2020

Probing UHECR production in Centaurus A using secondary neutrinos and gamma-rays
Cainã de Oliveira, Vitor de Souza
2011.13984 astro-ph

New cosmological bounds on hot relics: Axions & Neutrinos
William Giarè, Eleonora Di Valentino, Alessandro Melchiorri, Olga Mena
2011.14704 astro-ph

Cosmological bound on neutrino masses in the light of H0 tension
Toyokazu Sekiguchi, Tomo Takahashi
2011.14481 astro-ph

Photon interaction with the relic neutrino gas
Maxim Dvornikov, Victor B. Semikoz
2011.14883 hep-ph

Determining the proton content with a quantum computer
Adrián Pérez-Salinas et al.
2011.13934 hep-ph

Demography of galactic technosignatures
Claudio Grimaldi
2011.14147 astro-ph

Simulation-efficient marginal posterior estimation with swyft: stop wasting your precious time
Benjamin Kurt Miller, Alex Cole, Gilles Louppe, Christoph Weniger
2011.13951 astro-ph

Mon, Nov 30, 2020

Star-icon Flavour specific neutrino self-interaction: H0 tension and IceCube
Arindam Mazumdar, Subhendra Mohanty, Priyank Parashari
2011.13685 hep-ph

Dirac neutrinos and Neff II: the freeze-in case
Xuheng Luo, Werner Rodejohann, Xun-Jie Xu
2011.13059 hep-ph

Two-Neutrino Double Beta Decay with Sterile Neutrinos
Patrick D. Bolton, Frank F. Deppisch, Lukáš Gráf, Fedor Šimkovic
2011.13387 hep-ph

Search for explanation of the neutron lifetime anomaly
A.P.Serebrov et al.
2011.13272 nucl-ex

A Coincidence Null Test for Poisson-Distributed Events
Reed Essick, Geoffrey Mo, Erik Katsavounidis
2011.13787 gr-qc

Fri, Nov 27, 2020

No arXiv announcements

Thu, Nov 26, 2020

Star-icon On the energy of the protons producing the very high-energy astrophysical neutrinos
Esteban Roulet, Francesco Vissani
2011.12769 astro-ph

Simulations of neutrino and gamma-ray production from relativistic black-hole microquasar jets
Th. V. Papavasileiou, O. T. Kosmas, J. Sinatkas
2011.12939 hep-ph

The lunar surface as a recorder of astrophysical processes
Ian A. Crawford, Katherine H. Joy, Jan H. Pasckert, Harald Hiesinger
2011.12744 astro-ph

Sidney Coleman’s Dirac Lecture “Quantum Mechanics in Your Face”
Sidney Coleman
2011.12671 physics

Wed, Nov 25, 2020

Unraveling the origin of magnetic fields in galaxies
Sergio Martin-Alvarez et al.
2011.11648 astro-ph

Black hole superradiance of self-interacting scalar fields
Masha Baryakhtar, Marios Galanis, Robert Lasenby, Olivier Simon
2011.11646 hep-ph

Tue, Nov 24, 2020

Star-icon UHECR mass composition at highest energies from anisotropy of their arrival directions
M.Yu. Kuznetsov, P.G. Tinyakov
2011.11590 astro-ph

Star-icon Flavor Triangle of the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background
Zahra Tabrizi, Shunsaku Horiuchi
2011.10933 hep-ph

Search for correlations between neutrinos recorded by the ANTARES detector and GRBs detected by IACTs
ANTARES Collaboration
2011.11411 astro-ph

Quantum Kinetic Equilibrium
Chad T. Kishimoto, Heather Hodlin, Olexiy Dvornikov
2011.11237 hep-ph

Mon, Nov 23, 2020

Search for inelastic scattering of WIMP dark matter in XENON1T
XENON Collaboration
2011.10431 hep-ex

A novel approach for the study of CEvNS
A. Galindo-Uribarri, O. G. Miranda, G. Sanchez Garcia
2011.10230 hep-ph

Primordial monopolium as dark matter
Vicente Vento
2011.10327 hep-ph

Fri, Nov 20, 2020

Star-icon Modeling of the Tau and Muon Neutrino-induced Optical Cherenkov Signals from Upward-moving Extensive Air Showers
A. L. Cummings, R. Aloisio, J. F. Krizmanic
2011.09869 astro-ph

Dark Matter Detection With Bound Nuclear Targets: The Poisson Phonon Tail
Yonatan Kahn, Gordan Krnjaic, Bashi Mandava
2011.09477 hep-ph

“Slow” Radio Bursts from Galactic Magnetars?
Bing Zhang
2011.09921 astro-ph

Three-flavor collective neutrino conversions with multi-azimuthal-angle instability in an electron-capture supernova model
Masamichi Zaizen et al.
2011.09635 astro-ph

Thu, Nov 19, 2020

Constraints on Lightly Ionizing Particles from CDMSlite
SuperCDMS Collaboration
2011.09183 hep-ex

Xenon1T excess from electron recoils of non-relativistic Dark Matter
Dario Buttazzo, Paolo Panci, Daniele Teresi, Robert Ziegler
2011.08919 hep-ph

Baryonic and Leptonic GeV Dark Matter
Bartosz Fornal, Alec Hewitt, Yue Zhao
2011.09014 hep-ph

Wed, Nov 18, 2020

Neutrino amplitude decomposition in matter
Hisakazu Minakata
2011.08415 hep-ph

The dispersion measure and scattering of FRBs: Contributions from the intergalactic medium, foreground halos, and hosts
Weishan Zhu, Long-Long Feng
2011.08519 astro-ph

New Insights into Classical Novae
Laura Chomiuk, Brian D. Metzger, Ken J. Shen
2011.08751 astro-ph

Tue, Nov 17, 2020

Search of spin-dependent fifth forces with precision magnetometry
N. Crescini et al.
2011.07100 hep-ex

Sensitivity of future liquid argon dark matter search experiments to core-collapse supernova neutrinos
DarkSide-20k Collaboration
2011.07819 astro-ph

Emission of magnetar bursts and precursors of neutron star mergers
Andrei M. Beloborodov
2011.07310 astro-ph

Lepton Flavour Asymmetries and the Mass Spectrum of Primordial Black Holes
Dietrich Bodeker, Florian Kuhnel, Isabel M. Oldengott, Dominik J. Schwarz
2011.07283 astro-ph

Blast from the past: Constraints on the dark sector from the BEBC WA66 beam dump experiment
Giacomo Marocco, Subir Sarkar
2011.08153 hep-ph

Mon, Nov 16, 2020

Axion-like Particles at Future Neutrino Experiments: Closing the “Cosmological Triangle”
Vedran Brdar et al.
2011.07054 hep-ph

What determines the structure of short gamma-ray burst jets?
Gerardo Urrutia et al.
2011.06729 astro-ph

Constraining velocity-dependent Lorentz/CPT-violations using Lunar Laser Ranging
A. Bourgoin et al.
2011.06641 gr-qc

Modeling and searching for a stochastic gravitational-wave background from ultralight vector bosons
Leo Tsukada, Richard Brito, William E. East, Nils Siemonsen
2011.06995 astro-ph

Fri, Nov 13, 2020

On the energy and redshift distributions of fast radio bursts
Rachel C. Zhang, Bing Zhang, Ye Li, Duncan R. Lorimer
2011.06151 astro-ph

Heavy Axion Opportunities at the DUNE Near Detector
Kevin J. Kelly, Soubhik Kumar, Zhen Liu
2011.05995 hep-ph

Modeling in-ice radio propagation with parabolic equation methods
S. Prohira et al.
2011.05997 astro-ph

Thu, Nov 12, 2020

Star-icon Transient Radio Signatures from Neutron Star Encounters with QCD Axion Miniclusters
Thomas D. P. Edwards et al.
2011.05378 hep-ph

Shining Primordial Black Holes
Mark P. Hertzberg et al.
2011.05922 hep-ph

Flavor-dependent radiative corrections in coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering
Oleksandr Tomalak, Pedro Machado, Vishvas Pandey, Ryan Plestid
2011.05960 hep-ph

The state is not abolished, it withers away: how quantum field theory became a theory of scattering
Alexander S. Blum
2011.05908 physics

Wed, Nov 11, 2020

Search for sub-TeV neutrino emission from transient sources with three years of IceCube data
IceCube Collaboration
2011.05096 astro-ph

Bound on 3+1 active-sterile neutrino mixing from the first four-week science run of KATRIN
KATRIN Collaboration
2011.05087 hep-ex

Neutrino beam-dump experiment with FASER at the LHC
Krzysztof Jodłowski, Sebastian Trojanowski
2011.04751 hep-ph

The limits of cosmology: role of the Moon
Joseph Silk
2011.04671 astro-ph

Sensitivity of the SHiP experiment to dark photons decaying to a pair of charged particles
SHiP Collaboration
2011.05115 hep-ex

Follow-up Observations for IceCube-170922A: Detection of Rapid Near-Infrared Variability and Intensive Monitoring of TXS 0506+056
Tomoki Morokuma et al.
2011.04957 astro-ph

Tue, Nov 10, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon The IceCube high-energy starting event sample: Description and flux characterization with 7.5 years of data
IceCube Collaboration
2011.03545 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Measurement of the high-energy all-flavor neutrino-nucleon cross section with IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
2011.03560 hep-ex

Star-iconStar-icon Measurement of Astrophysical Tau Neutrinos in IceCube’s High-Energy Starting Events
IceCube Collaboration
2011.03561 hep-ex

A two-zone blazar radiation model for “orphan” neutrino flares
Rui Xue, Ruo-Yu Liu, Ze-Rui Wang, Nan Ding, Xiang-Yu Wang
2011.03681 astro-ph

Neutrino Emission from an Off-Axis Jet Driven by the Tidal Disruption Event AT2019dsg
Ruo-Yu Liu, Shao-Qiang Xi, Xiang-Yu Wang
2011.03773 astro-ph

The full Boltzmann hierarchy for dark matter-massive neutrino interactions
Markus R. Mosbech et al.
2011.04206 astro-ph

The first five years of gravitational-wave astrophysics
Salvatore Vitale
2011.03563 gr-qc

Quasi Anomalous Knowledge: Searching for new physics with embedded knowledge
Sang Eon Park et al.
2011.03550 hep-ph

Mon, Nov 09, 2020

Star-icon The Physical Mechanisms of Fast Radio Bursts
Bing Zhang
2011.03500 astro-ph

DAMA annual modulation is not due to electron recoils from Plasma/Mirror Dark Matter with Kinetic Mixing
Douglas Q. Adams, Sunniva Jacobsen, Chris Kelso
2011.03079 hep-ph

Search for U(1)Lμ−Lτ charged Dark Matter with neutrino telescope
Kento Asai, Shohei Okawa, Koji Tsumura
2011.03165 hep-ph

BICEP / Keck Array XII: Constraints on axion-like polarization oscillations in the cosmic microwave background
Keck Array Collaboration , BICEP Collaboration
2011.03483 astro-ph

Fri, Nov 06, 2020

Star-icon Starburst galaxies strike back: a multi-messenger analysis
Antonio Ambrosone et al.
2011.02483 astro-ph

Intimate Relationship Between Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter and ΔNeff
Kevin J. Kelly, Manibrata Sen, Yue Zhang
2011.02487 hep-ph

The impact of astrophysical dust grains on the confinement of cosmic rays
Jonathan Squire, Philip F Hopkins, Eliot Quataert, Philipp Kempski
2011.02497 astro-ph

Majorana Neutrinos in Same-Sign W±W± Scattering at the LHC: Breaking the TeV Barrier
Benjamin Fuks et al.
2011.02547 hep-ph

Conservative constraints on the effective theory of dark matter-nucleon interactions from IceCube: the impact of operator interference
Anja Brenner, Alejandro Ibarra, Andreas Rappelt
2011.02929 hep-ph

XENON1T implications for the DAMA annual modulation: The good, the bad and the ugly
R. Foot
2011.02590 hep-ph

A backscattering dominated prompt emission model for the prompt phase of Gamma ray bursts
Mukesh K Vyas, Asaf Pe’er, David Eichler
2011.02973 astro-ph

Thu, Nov 05, 2020

Star-icon Dynamical effects of cosmic rays leaving their sources
Benedikt Schroer et al.
2011.02238 astro-ph

Star-icon New Developments in Flavor Evolution of a Dense Neutrino Gas
Irene Tamborra, Shashank Shalgar
2011.01948 astro-ph

The Search for Feebly-Interacting Particles
Gaia Lanfranchi, Maxim Pospelov, Philip Schuster
2011.02157 hep-ph

Carpet-2 search for gamma rays above 100 TeV in coincidence with HAWC and IceCube alerts
D.D. Dzhappuev et al.
2011.02452 astro-ph

Absorption of Sub-MeV Fermionic Dark Matter by Electron Targets
Jeff A. Dror, Gilly Elor, Robert McGehee, Tien-Tien Yu
2011.01940 hep-ph

Neutrino experiments probe hadrophilic light dark matter
Yohei Ema, Filippo Sala, Ryosuke Sato
2011.01939 hep-ph

MARTY — Modern ARtificial Theoretical phYsicist A C++ framework automating symbolic calculations Beyond the Standard Model
G. Uhlrich, F. Mahmoudi, A. Arbey
2011.02478 hep-ph

Wed, Nov 04, 2020

Star-icon Invisible neutrino decay in precision cosmology
Gabriela Barenboim et al.
2011.01502 astro-ph

Swift X-ray Follow-Up Observations of Gravitational Wave and High-Energy Neutrino Coincident Signals
Azadeh Keivani et al.
2011.01319 astro-ph

Black Holes and WIMPs: All or Nothing or Something Else
Bernard Carr, Florian Kuhnel, Luca Visinelli
2011.01930 astro-ph

Updated constraints on decaying cold dark matter
Andreas Nygaard, Thomas Tram, Steen Hannestad
2011.01632 astro-ph

New Pathways to the Relic Abundance of Vector-Portal Dark Matter
Patrick J. Fitzpatrick, Hongwan Liu, Tracy R. Slatyer, Yu-Dai Tsai
2011.01240 hep-ph

A misleading CP violation measurement at DUNE induced by a Majorana phase
J.C. Carrasco-Martínez, F.N. Díaz, A.M. Gago
2011.01254 hep-ph

Cosmic rays, neutrinos and GeV-TeV gamma rays from Starburst Galaxy NGC 4945
E. Aguilar-Ruiz, N. Fraija, Jagdish C. Joshi, A. Galvan-Gamez, J.A. de Diego
2011.01847 astro-ph

Fast radio bursts: do repeaters and non-repeaters originate in statistically similar ensembles
Xiang-Han Cui et al.
2011.01339 astro-ph

Fast magnetic field amplification in distant galaxyclusters
Gabriella Di Gennaro et al.
2011.01628 astro-ph

Massive black hole binary systems and the NANOGrav 12.5 year results
Hannah Middleton et al.
2011.01246 astro-ph

Neutrino 2020: Theory Outlook
Goran Senjanovic
2011.01264 hep-ph

Tue, Nov 03, 2020

A change of direction in pairwise neutrino conversion physics: The effect of collisions
Shashank Shalgar, Irene Tamborra
2011.00004 astro-ph

SNEWS 2.0: A Next-Generation SuperNova Early Warning System for Multi-messenger Astronomy
S. Al Kharusi et al.
2011.00035 astro-ph

Search for sterile neutrino oscillation using RENO and NEOS data
RENO Collaboration
2011.00896 hep-ex

Diverse polarization angle swings from a repeating fast radio burst source
R. Luo et al.
2011.00171 astro-ph

Stability and pulsation of the first dark stars
Tanja Rindler-Daller et al.
2011.00231 astro-ph

First constraints on elastic neutrino nucleus scattering in the fully coherent regime from the Conus experiment
H.Bonet et al.
2011.00210 hep-ex

Mon, Nov 02, 2020

Discovery potential of FASERν with contained vertex and through-going events
Pouya Bakhti, Yasaman Farzan, Silvia Pascoli
2010.16312 hep-ph

Exploring invisible neutrino decay at ESSnuSB
Sandhya Choubey, Monojit Ghosh, Daniel Kempe, Tommy Ohlsson
2010.16334 hep-ph

Radiofrequency Dark Photon Dark Matter across the Sun
Haipeng An, Fa Peng Huang, Jia Liu, Wei Xue
2010.15836 hep-ph

Study of the GeV to TeV morphology of the γ-Cygni SNR (G78.2+2.1) with MAGIC and Fermi-LAT
MAGIC Collaboration
2010.15854 astro-ph

Constraining the Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter at JUNO
Sai Wang, Dong-Mei Xia, Xukun Zhang, Shun Zhou, Zhe Chang
2010.16053 hep-ph

Selective enhancement of the QCD axion couplings
Luc Darmé, Luca Di Luzio, Maurizio Giannotti, Enrico Nardi
2010.15846 hep-ph

Developing an end-to-end simulation framework of supernova neutrino detection
Masamitsu Mori et al.
2010.16254 astro-ph

Excitation of gravitational wave modes by a center-of-mass velocity of the source
Alejandro Torres-Orjuela, Xian Chen, Pau Amaro-Seoane
2010.15856 astro-ph

Lorentz Invariance Violation Limits from the Spectral Lag Transition of GRB~190114C
Shen-Shi Du et al.
2010.16029 astro-ph

Fri, Oct 30, 2020

Axionlike particles searches in reactor experiments
D. Aristizabal Sierra, V. De Romeri, L. J. Flores, D.K. Papoulias
2010.15712 hep-ph

Testing gravity with the Milky Way: Yukawa potential
Jakob Henrichs, Margherita Lembo, Fabio Iocco, Luca Amendola
2010.15190 astro-ph

Non-thermal neutrinos created by shock acceleration in successful and failed core-collapse supernova
Hiroki Nagakura, Kenta Hotokezaka
2010.15136 astro-ph

No-go limitations on UV completions of the Neutrino Option
Ilaria Brivio, Jim Talbert, Michael Trott
2010.15428 hep-ph

Higher Spin Dark Matter
Stephon Alexander, Leah Jenks, Evan McDonough
2010.15125 hep-ph

Seeding Supermassive Black Holes with Self-Interacting Dark Matter
Wei-Xiang Feng, Hai-Bo Yu, Yi-Ming Zhong
2010.15132 astro-ph

Periodic structure in the FRB 121102 spectra
D.G. Levkov, A.G. Panin, I.I. Tkachev
2010.15145 astro-ph

Thu, Oct 29, 2020

Star-icon Astrophysical constraints on non-standard coherent neutrino-nucleus scattering
Anna M. Suliga, Irene Tamborra
2010.14545 hep-ph

Star-icon Measurement of Reactor Antineutrino Flux and Spectrum at RENO
RENO Collaboration
2010.14989 hep-ex

Resonant Sub-GeV Dirac Dark Matter
Elias Bernreuther, Saniya Heeba, Felix Kahlhoefer
2010.14522 hep-ph

Flavoured Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
Lukas Graf, Sudip Jana, Manfred Lindner, Werner Rodejohann, Xun-Jie Xu
2010.15109 hep-ph

Population Properties of Compact Objects from the Second LIGO-Virgo Gravitational-Wave Transient Catalog
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration
2010.14533 astro-ph

Search for Gravitational Waves Associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts Detected by Fermi and Swift During the LIGO-Virgo Run O3a
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration
2010.14550 astro-ph

Tests of General Relativity with Binary Black Holes from the second LIGO-Virgo Gravitational-Wave Transient Catalog
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration
2010.14529 gr-qc

Performance of the LAGO water Cherenkov detectors to cosmic ray flux
Christian Sarmiento-Cano et al.
2010.14591 astro-ph

Wed, Oct 28, 2020

On the interpretation of the latest AMS-02 cosmic ray electron spectrum
Mattia Di Mauro, Fiorenza Donato, Silvia Manconi
2010.13825 astro-ph

Bayesian analysis of the spin distribution of LIGO/Virgo black holes
Juan Garcia-Bellido, Jose Francisco Nuño Siles, Ester Ruiz Morales
2010.13811 astro-ph

Comprehensive analysis of beta decays within and beyond the Standard Model
Adam Falkowski, Martín González-Alonso, Oscar Naviliat-Cuncic
2010.13797 hep-ph

No phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus
Geronimo Villanueva et al.
2010.14305 astro-ph

Tue, Oct 27, 2020

Hunting for the CP violating ALP
Luca Di Luzio, Ramona Grober, Paride Paradisi
2010.13760 hep-ph

Improved Treatment of Dark Matter Capture in Neutron Stars II: Leptonic Targets
Nicole F. Bell, Giorgio Busoni, Sandra Robles, Michael Virgato
2010.13257 hep-ph

Searching for new physics with a levitated-sensor-based gravitational-wave detector
Nancy Aggarwal et al.
2010.13157 gr-qc

Lightning-Fast Gravitational Wave Parameter Inference through Neural Amortization
Arnaud Delaunoy et al.
2010.12931 astro-ph

Late-Time Dark Matter Oscillations and the Core-Cusp Problem
James M. Cline, Guillermo Gambini, Samuel D. McDermott, Matteo Puel
2010.12583 hep-ph

Lunar Gravitational-Wave Antenna
Jan Harms et al.
2010.13726 gr-qc

Mon, Oct 26, 2020

Star-icon Design and Sensitivity of the Radio Neutrino Observatory in Greenland (RNO-G)
J. A. Aguilar et al.
2010.12279 astro-ph

Galactic factories of cosmic-ray electrons and positrons
Carmelo Evoli, Elena Amato, Pasquale Blasi, Roberto Aloisio
2010.11955 astro-ph

Mapping Machine-Learned Physics into a Human-Readable Space
Taylor Faucett, Jesse Thaler, Daniel Whiteson
2010.11998 hep-ph

Revisiting the analysis of axion-like particles with the Fermi-LAT gamma-ray observation of NGC1275
Ji-Gui Cheng, Ya-Jun He, Yun-Feng Liang, Rui-Jing Lu, En-Wei Liang
2010.12396 astro-ph

Is PSR J0855−4644 responsible for the 1.4 TeV electron spectral bump hinted by DAMPE?
Yiwei Bao, Yang Chen, Siming Liu
2010.12170 astro-ph

Astrophysics Milestones For Pulsar Timing Array Gravitational Wave Detection
NANOGrav Collaboration
2010.11950 astro-ph

Conceptual Design of BabyIAXO, the intermediate stage towards the International Axion Observatory
IAXO Collaboration
2010.12076 physics

Fri, Oct 23, 2020

Millicharged Cosmic Rays and Low Recoil Detectors
Roni Harnik, Ryan Plestid, Maxim Pospelov, Harikrishnan Ramani
2010.11190 hep-ph

Detecting Dark Photons from Atomic Rearrangement in the Galaxy
James Eiger, Michael Geller
2010.11205 hep-ph

Gravitational waves from a universe filled with primordial black holes
Theodoros Papanikolaou, Vincent Vennin, David Langlois
2010.11573 astro-ph

On Dark Matter Explanations of the Gamma-Ray Excesses from the Galactic Center and M31
Anne-Katherine Burns et al.
2010.11650 astro-ph

Maximum Black Hole mass across Cosmic Time
Jorick S. Vink, Erin R. Higgins, Andreas A.C. Sander, Gautham N. Sabhahit
2010.11730 astro-ph

Thu, Oct 22, 2020

Star-icon Cosmic ray anisotropies from transient extragalactic sources
Diego Harari, Silvia Mollerach, Esteban Roulet
2010.10629 astro-ph

A search for ultra high energy neutrinos from TXS 0506+056 using the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2010.10953 astro-ph

Multidimensional Boltzmann Neutrino Transport Code in Full General Relativity for Core-collapse Simulations
Ryuichiro Akaho et al.
2010.10780 astro-ph

Wed, Oct 21, 2020

Present and future status of light dark matter models from cosmic-ray electron upscattering
James B. Dent et al.
2010.09749 hep-ph

Sterile neutrino searches at tagged kaon beams
Luis Delgadillo, Patrick Huber
2010.10268 hep-ph

Decaying dark matter, the H0 tension, and the lithium problem
Luis A. Anchordoqu
2010.09715 hep-ph

Tue, Oct 20, 2020

Star-icon Limits on the Existence of sub-MeV Sterile Neutrinos from the Decay of 7Be in Superconducting Quantum Sensors
S. Friedrich et al.
2010.09603 nucl-ex

Star-icon Luminous solar neutrinos II: Mass-mixing portals
Ryan Plestid
2010.09523 hep-ph

Dark Matter Interpretation of the Fermi-LAT Observations Toward the Outer Halo of M31
Chris Karwin et al.
2010.08563 astro-ph

Searching for charged lepton flavor violation at ep colliders
Stefan Antusch, A. Hammad, Ahmed Rashed
2010.08907 hep-ph

Numerical modeling of cosmic rays in the heliosphere: Analysis of proton data from AMS-02 and PAMELA
Emanuele Fiandrini et al.
2010.08649 astro-ph

Probing Fundamental Physics with Gravitational Waves: The Next Generation
Scott E. Perkins, Nicolás Yunes, Emanuele Berti
2010.09010 gr-qc

Can the EHT M87 results be used to test general relativity?
Samuel E. Gralla
2010.08557 astro-ph

Searches for new sources of CP violation using molecules as quantum sensors
N. R. Hutzler et al.
2010.08709 hep-ph

Mon, Oct 19, 2020

A new lepto-hadronic model applied to the first simultaneous multiwavelength data set for Cygnus X–1
D. Kantzas et al.
2010.08501 astro-ph

Searching for Scalar Dark Matter via Coupling to Fundamental Constants with Photonic, Atomic and Mechanical Oscillators
William M. Campbell et al.
2010.08107 hep-ex

Cosmic Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory
Piotr Homola et al.
2010.08351 astro-ph

Neutrino oscillation in the q-metric
Kuantay Boshkayev, Orlando Luongo, Marco Muccino
2010.08254 gr-qc

Fri, Oct 16, 2020

Neutrino oscillations in matter: from microscopic to macroscopic description
Evgeny Akhmedov
2010.07487 hep-ph

Astronomy with energy dependent flavour ratios of extragalactic neutrinos
Siddhartha Karmakar, Sujata Pandey, Subhendu Rakshit
2010.07336 hep-ph

F. J. Dyson: The Man who would make Patterns and Disturb the Universe
Patrick Das Gupta
2010.07767 physics

Thu, Oct 15, 2020

Detecting Composite Dark Matter with Long Range and Contact Interactions in Gas Clouds
Amit Bhoonah, Joseph Bramante, Sarah Schon, Ningqiang Song
2010.07240 hep-ph

Production of axion-like particles from photon conversions in large-scale solar magnetic fields
Ersilia Guarini et al.
2010.06601 hep-ph

On the question of measuring spatial curvature in an inhomogeneous universe
Chi Tian et al.
2010.07274 astro-ph

Monte Carlo simulations for the ANTARES underwater neutrino telescope
ANTARES Collaboration
2010.06621 astro-ph

Reproducing GW150914: the first observation of gravitational waves from a binary black hole merger
Duncan A. Brown, Karan Vahi, Michela Taufer, Von Welch, Ewa Deelman
2010.07244 cs

Wed, Oct 14, 2020

Axion Dark Matter eXperiment: Run 1B Analysis Details
ADMX Collaboration
2010.06183 astro-ph

A two-Higgs doublet solution to the LSND, MiniBooNE and muon g−2 anomalies
Waleed Abdallah, Raj Gandhi, Samiran Roy
2010.06159 hep-ph

Constraints on MeV dark matter and primordial black holes: Inverse Compton signals at the SKA
Bhaskar Dutta, Arpan Kar, Louis E. Strigari
2010.05977 astro-ph

Detectable environmental effects in GW190521-like black-hole binaries with LISA
Alexandre Toubiana et al.
2010.06056 astro-ph

The End of Galaxy Surveys
Jason Rhodes, Eric Huff, Daniel Masters, Anna Nierenberg
2010.06064 astro-ph

Neutrino Telescopes
Gisela Anton
2010.06012 astro-ph

Tue, Oct 13, 2020

Star-icon Stellar Collapse Diversity and the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background
Daniel Kresse, Thomas Ertl, Hans-Thomas Janka
2010.04728 astro-ph

Direct Detection of Hawking Radiation from Asteroid-Mass Primordial Black Holes
Adam Coogan, Logan Morrison, Stefano Profumo
2010.04797 astro-ph

Charged Higgs effects in IceCube: PeV events and NSIs
Ujjal Kumar Dey, Newton Nath, Soumya Sadhukhan
2010.05797 hep-ph

Effects of nonstandard neutrino self-interactions and magnetic moment on collective Majorana neutrino oscillations
Oleg G. Kharlanov, Pavel I. Shustov
2010.05329 hep-ph

On the Origin of Majorana Neutrino Masses
S. M. Bilenky
2010.05336 hep-ph

Mon, Oct 12, 2020

Luminous solar neutrinos I: Dipole portals
Ryan Plestid
2010.04193 hep-ph

The U boson, interpolating between a generalized dark photon or dark Z, an axial boson and an axionlike particle
Pierre Fayet
2010.04673 hep-ph

Large N-ightmare Dark Matter
Logan Morrison, Stefano Profumo, Dean J. Robinson
2010.03586 hep-ph

Precise Capture Rates of Cosmic Neutrinos and Their Implications on Cosmology
Kensuke Akita, Saul Hurwitz, Masahide Yamaguchi
2010.04454 hep-ph

The Effects of Asymmetric Dark Matter on Stellar Evolution I: Spin-Dependent Scattering
Troy J. Raen et al.
2010.04184 astro-ph

Gravitational Waves from Core-Collapse Supernovae
Ernazar Abdikamalov, Giulia Pagliaroli, David Radice
2010.04356 astro-ph

Results of the further analysis of Tien-Shan array data on the energy spectrum of primary cosmic rays at 2×1013 – 3×1017 eV
E. Gudkova, N. Nesterova
2010.04236 astro-ph

Fri, Oct 09, 2020

Star-icon How to search for multiple messengers — a general framework beyond two messengers
Doğa Veske, Zsuzsa Márka, Imre Bartos, Szabolcs Márka
2010.04162 astro-ph

Cosmological constraints on multi-interacting dark matter
Niklas Becker et al.
2010.04074 astro-ph

Characterizing Dark Matter Signals with Missing Momentum Experiments
Nikita Blinov, Gordan Krnjaic, Douglas Tuckler
2010.03577 hep-ph

New Constraints on the Mass of Fermionic Dark Matter from Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies
James Alvey et al.
2010.03572 hep-ph

Searching for New Interactions at Sub-micron Scale Using the Mossbauer Effect
Giorgio Gratta, David E. Kaplan, Surjeet Rajendran
2010.03588 hep-ph

Assessing the tension between a black hole dominated early universe and leptogenesis
Yuber F. Perez-Gonzalez, Jessica Turner
2010.03565 hep-ph

Quasielastic Electromagnetic Scattering Cross Sections and World Data Comparisons in the GENIE Monte Carlo Event Generator
Joshua L. Barrow et al.
2010.04154 nucl-th

Superheavy Dark Matter from String Theory
Rouzbeh Allahverdi, Igor Broeckel, Michele Cicoli, Jacek K. Osiński
2010.03573 hep-ph

Mutual detectability: a targeted SETI strategy that avoids the SETI Paradox
Eamonn Kerins
2010.04089 astro-ph

Thu, Oct 08, 2020

Bounds on velocity-dependent dark matter-proton scattering from Milky Way satellite abundance
Karime Maamari et al.
2010.02936 astro-ph

Observing primordial magnetic fields through Dark Matter
Sabir Ramazanov, Federico R. Urban, Alexander Vikman
2010.03383 astro-ph

Scalar Dark Matter Candidates — Revisited
Céline Bœhm, Xiaoyong Chu, Jui-Lin Kuo, Josef Pradler
2010.02954 hep-ph

Enhanced Supernova Axion Emission and its Implications
Pierluca Carenza et al.
2010.02943 hep-ph

MUSiC: a model unspecific search for new physics in proton-proton collisions at s√= 13 TeV
CMS Collaboration
2010.02984 hep-ex

Quantum Information for Particle Theorists
Joseph D. Lykken
2010.02931 quant-ph

Wed, Oct 07, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon A search for ultrahigh-energy neutrinos associated with astrophysical sources using the third flight of ANITA
ANITA Collaboration
2010.02869 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon The Payload for Ultrahigh Energy Observations (PUEO): A White Paper
PUEO Collaboration
2010.02892 astro-ph

Investigating the Fermi Large Area Telescope sensitivity of detecting the characteristics of the Galactic center excess
Mattia Di Mauro
2010.02231 astro-ph

The TeV Cosmic Ray Bump: a Message from Epsilon Indi Star?
Mikhail A. Malkov, Igor V. Moskalenko
2010.02826 astro-ph

Cosmic ray positrons from compact binary millisecond pulsars
Manuel Linares, Michael Kachelriess
2010.02844 astro-ph

Impact of neutrino pair-production rates in Core-Collapse Supernovae
Aurore Betranhandy, Evan O’Connor
2010.02261 astro-ph

Observable Signatures of the Ejection Speed of Interstellar Objects from their Birth Systems
Amir Siraj, Abraham Loeb
2010.02214 astro-ph

Tue, Oct 06, 2020

GUT Baryogenesis With Primordial Black Holes
Dan Hooper, Gordan Krnjaic
2010.01134 astro-ph

Sensitivity of the Cherenkov Telescope Array for probing cosmology and fundamental physics with gamma-ray propagation
Cherenkov Telescope Array Consortium
2010.01349 astro-ph

Was GW190814 a black hole — strange quark star system?
I. Bombaci, A. Drago, D. Logoteta, G. Pagliara, I. Vidana
2010.01509 nucl-th

New physics effects on temporal and spatial correlations in neutrino oscillations
Trisha Sarkar, Khushboo Dixit
2010.02175 hep-ph

Mon, Oct 05, 2020

Composition determination of cosmic rays from the muon content of the showers
A. C. Cobos, A. D. Supanitsky, A. Etchegoyen
2010.00618 astro-ph

Stellar limits on light CP-even scalar
P. S. Bhupal Dev, Rabindra N. Mohapatra, Yongchao Zhang
2010.01124 hep-ph

Direct Detection of Atomic Dark Matter in White Dwarfs
David Curtin, Jack Setford
2010.00601 hep-ph

Inference of neutrino flavor evolution through data assimilation and neural differential equations
Ermal Rrapaj, Amol V. Patwardhan, Eve Armstrong, George Fuller
2010.00695 astro-ph

The Stellar Merger Scenario for Black Holes in the Pair-instability Gap
M. Renzo, M. Cantiello, B. D. Metzger, Y.-F. Jiang
2010.00705 astro-ph

What is the likelihood function, and how is it used in particle physics?
Robert D. Cousins
2010.00356 physics

Fri, Oct 02, 2020

Exoplanets as New Sub-GeV Dark Matter Detectors
Rebecca K. Leane, Juri Smirnov
2010.00015 hep-ph

Filling the Black Hole Mass Gap: Avoiding Pair Instability in Massive Stars through Addition of Non-Nuclear Energy
Joshua Ziegler, Katherine Freese
2010.00254 astro-ph

Thu, Oct 01, 2020

Star-icon Neutrino Oscillation Constraints on U(1)’ Models: from Non-Standard Interactions to Long-Range Forces
Pilar Coloma, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, Michele Maltoni
2009.14220 hep-ph

Star-icon Dark Matter Interferometry
Joshua W. Foster et al.
2009.14201 hep-ph

A Test of the Cosmological Principle with Quasars
Nathan Secrest et al.
2009.14826 astro-ph

Observations of the Origin of Downward Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes
J. W. Belz et al.
2009.14327 physics

ParaMonte: A high-performance serial/parallel Monte Carlo simulation library for C, C++, Fortran
Amir Shahmoradi, Fatemeh Bagheri
2009.14229 cs

Wed, Sep 30, 2020

Star-icon The best place and time to live in the Milky Way
R. Spinelli, G. Ghirlanda, F. Haardt, G. Ghisellini, G. Scuderi
2009.13539 astro-ph

Uncertainties in the Galactic dark matter distribution: an update
Maria Benito, Fabio Iocco, Alessandro Cuoco
2009.13523 astro-ph

Determining the Hubble Constant with Black Hole Mergers in Active Galactic Nuclei
Y. Yang, V. Gayathri, S. Marka, Z. Marka, I. Bartos
2009.13739 astro-ph

Core-Collapse Supernova Explosion Theory
Adam Burrows, David Vartanyan
2009.14157 astro-ph

NanoGrav 12.5-yr data and different stochastic Gravitational wave background sources
Ligong Bian, Jing Liu, Ruiyu Zhou
2009.13893 astro-ph

Implications of Gravitational-wave Production from Dark Photon Resonance to NANOGrav Observations and Effective number of Relativistic Species
Ryo Namba, Motoo Suzuki
2009.13909 astro-ph

NANOGrav signal from MHD turbulence at QCD phase transition in the early universe
A.Neronov, A.Roper Pol, C.Caprini, D.Semikoz
2009.14174 astro-ph

Effective Field Theory of Dark Matter Direct Detection With Collective Excitations
Tanner Trickle, Zhengkang Zhang, Kathryn M. Zurek
2009.13534 hep-ph

Kinematical distributions of coherent neutrino trident production in gauged Lμ−Lτ model
Takashi Shimomura, Yuichi Uesaka
2009.13773 hep-ph

Tue, Sep 29, 2020

Star-icon Experimental tests of sub-surface reflectors as an explanation for the ANITA anomalous events
D. Smith et al.
2009.13010 astro-ph

A fake Interacting Dark Energy detection?
Eleonora Di Valentino, Olga Mena
2009.12620 astro-ph

Localized FRBs are Consistent with Magnetar Progenitors Formed in Core-Collapse Supernovae
Christopher D. Bochenek, Vikram Ravi, Dillon Dong
2009.13030 astro-ph

Charting the Fifth Force Landscape
Hannah Banks, Matthew McCullough
2009.12399 hep-ph

Implications of the NANOGrav pulsar timing results for inflation
Sunny Vagnozzi
2009.13432 astro-ph

Gravitational wave complementarity and impact of NANOGrav data on gravitational leptogenesis
Rome Samanta, Satyabrata Datta
2009.13452 hep-ph

Neutrino Decoherence in Simple Open Quantum Systems
Bin Xu
2009.13471 hep-ph

Is Phosphine in the Mass Spectra from Venus’ Clouds?
Rakesh Mogul, Sanjay S. Limaye, M. J. Way, Jamie A. Cordova Jr
2009.12758 astro-ph

A Titan mission using the Direct Fusion Drive
Marco Gajeri, Paolo Aime, Roman Ya. Kezerashvili
2009.12621 physics

Mon, Sep 28, 2020

Star-icon Multimessenger Constraints on Intergalactic Magnetic Fields from the Flare of TXS 0506+056
Rafael Alves Batista, Andrey Saveliev
2009.12161 astro-ph

Star-icon Hadronic X-ray Flares from Blazars
Apostolos Mastichiadis, Maria Petropoulou
2009.12158 astro-ph

Whispers from the dark side: Confronting light new physics with NANOGrav data
Wolfram Ratzinger, Pedro Schwaller
2009.18875 astro-ph

Mergers of binary neutron star systems: a multi-messenger revolution
Elena Pian
2009.12255 astro-ph

Squeezing the Parameter Space for Lorentz Violation in the Neutrino Sector by Additional Decay Channels
Ulrich D. Jentschura
2009.11947 hep-ph

Enhanced violation of Leggett-Garg Inequality in three flavour neutrino oscillations via non-standard interactions
Sheeba Shafaq, Poonam Mehta
2009.12328 hep-ph

Hypothesis Perspectives: Might active volcanisms today contribute to the presence of phosphine in Venus’s atmosphere?
Ngoc Truong, Jonathan I. Lunine
2009.11904 astro-ph

Fri, Sep 25, 2020

Probing below the neutrino floor with the first generation of stars
Cosmin Ilie, Caleb Levy, Jacob Pilawa, Saiyang Zhang
2009.11478 astro-ph

Constraining Dark Matter properties with the first generation of stars
Cosmin Ilie, Caleb Levy, Jacob Pilawa, Saiyang Zhang
2009.11474 astro-ph

Confronting the Magnetar Interpretation of Fast Radio Bursts Through Their Host Galaxy Demographics
Mohammadtaher Safarzadeh et al.
2009.11735 astro-ph

The Population III origin of GW190521
Boyuan Liu, Volker Bromm
2009.11447 astro-ph

Possible Solar-Mass Primordial Black Holes for NANOGrav Hint of Gravitational Waves
Kazunori Kohri, Takahiro Terada
2009.11853 astro-ph

A Precursor Balloon Mission for Venusian Astrobiology
Andreas M. Hein et al.
2009.11826 astro-ph

Monitoring the Morphology of M87* in 2009-2017 with the Event Horizon Telescope
Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration
2009.11842 astro-ph

The Ecological Impact of High-performance Computing in Astrophysics
Simon Portegies Zwart
2009.11295 astro-ph

The carbon footprint of large astronomy meetings
Leonard Burtscher et al.
2009.11344 astro-ph

An astronomical institute’s perspective on meeting the challenges of the climate crisis
Knud Jahnke et al.
2009.11307 astro-ph

The impact of climate change on astronomical observations
Faustine Cantalloube et al.
2009.11779 astro-ph

Thu, Sep 24, 2020

Estimation of an Upper Limit on the Density of Relic Neutrinos in the Sun via the Solar 8B Neutrino Flux
Tim Ruhe, Alexander Sandrock
2009.11051 hep-ph

The physics potential of a reactor neutrino experiment with Skipper CCDs: Measuring the weak mixing angle
Guillermo Fernandez-Moroni et al.
2009.10741 hep-ph

Searching for Gravitational Waves with Strongly Lensed Repeating Fast Radio Bursts
Noah Pearson, Cynthia Trendafilova, Joel Meyers
2009.11252 astro-ph

Observing the thermalization of dark matter in neutron stars
Raghuveer Garani, Aritra Gupta, Nirmal Raj
2009.10728 hep-ph

Screening Effects on Electron Capture Rates and Type Ia Supernova Nucleosynthesis
Kanji Mori et al.
2009.10925 astro-ph

Early dark energy is not excluded by current large-scale structure data
Tristan L. Smith et al.
2009.10740 astro-ph

WIMPs at High Energy Muon Colliders
Tao Han, Zhen Liu, Lian-Tao Wang, Xing Wang
2009.11287 hep-ph

Probing photophobic (rel)axion dark matter
Nayara Fonseca, Enrico Morgante
2009.10974 hep-ph

A search for neutron to mirror-neutron oscillations
C. Abel et al.
2009.11046 hep-ph

Wed, Sep 23, 2020

Star-icon Association of IceCube neutrinos with radio sources observed at Owens Valley and Metsähovi Radio Observatories
T. Hovatta et al.
2009.10523 astro-ph

On the formation of GW190814
Wenbin Lu, Paz Beniamini, Clément Bonnerot
2009.10082 astro-ph

Bursts before Burst: A Comparative Study on FRB 200428-associated X-ray Burst and other FRB-absent X-ray Bursts from SGR J1935+2154
Yu-Han Yang et al.
2009.10342 astro-ph

Physics potentials with a combined sensitivity of T2K-II, NOνA extension and JUNO
S. Cao, A. Nath, T. V. Ngoc, P. T. Quyen, N. T. Hong Van, Ng. K. Francis
2009.08585 hep-ph

Reacceleration of charged dark matter
M. Kachelriess, J. Tjemsland
2009.10479 astro-ph

Neutrino Observables from a U(2) Flavor Symmetry
Matthias Linster, Jacobo Lopez-Pavon, Robert Ziegler
2009.10437 hep-ph

NANOGrav results and Dark First Order Phase Transitions
Andrea Addazi, Yi-Fu Cai, Qingyu Gan, Antonino Marciano, Kaiqiang Zeng
2009.10327 hep-ph

Analysis of Light Neutrino Exchange and Short-Range Mechanisms in 0νββ Decay
Frank F. Deppisch, Lukas Graf, Francesco Iachello, Jenni Kotila
2009.10119 hep-ph

Neutrino Flavor Oscillations without Flavor States
Bruno de S. L. Torres et al.
2009.10165 hep-ph

Lepton-flavour violation in hadronic tau decays and μ−τ conversion in nuclei
Tomas Husek, Kevin Monsalvez-Pozo, Jorge Portoles
2009.10428 hep-ph

PRad-II: A New Upgraded High Precision Measurement of the Proton Charge Radius
A. Gasparian et al.
2009.10510 nucl-ex

Gauge Is More Than Mathematical Redundancy
Carlo Rovelli
2009.10362 hep-th

Tue, Sep 22, 2020

Star-icon The Intrinsic Gamma-Ray Spectrum of TXS 0506+056: Intergalactic Propagation Effects
Andrey Saveliev, Rafael Alves Batista
2009.09772 astro-ph

Star-icon Neutrino emission during the γ-suppressed state of blazars
Emma Kun et al.
2009.09792 astro-ph

A survey of active galaxies at TeV photon energies with the HAWC gamma-ray observatory
HAWC Collaboration
2009.09039 astro-ph

Constraints on Axion-like Particles from a Hard X-ray Observation of Betelgeuse
Mengjiao Xiao et al.
2009.09059 astro-ph

Fast oscillations, collisionless relaxation, and spurious evolution of supernova neutrino flavor
Lucas Johns, Hiroki Nagakura, George M. Fuller, Adam Burrows
2009.09024 hep-ph

Neutrino signatures of near-critical supernova outflows
Alexander Friedland, Payel Mukhopadhyay
2009.10059 astro-ph

Gravitational Waves and Dark Radiation from Dark Phase Transition: Connecting NANOGrav Pulsar Timing Data and Hubble Tension
Yuichiro Nakai, Motoo Suzuki, Fuminobu Takahashi, Masaki Yamada
2009.09754 astro-ph

Overview of KAGRA: Calibration, detector characterization, physical environmental monitors, and the geophysics interferometer
T.Akutsu et al.
2009.09305 gr-qc

Radiative decays of charged leptons as constraints of unitarity polygons for active-sterile neutrino mixing and CP violation
Zhi-zhong Xing, Di Zhang
2009.09717 hep-ph

Dark Matter as a Solution to Muonic Puzzles
Maxim Perelstein, Yik Chuen San
2009.09867 hep-ph

Transfer of Life Between Earth and Venus with Planet-Grazing Asteroids
Amir Siraj, Abraham Loeb
2009.09512 astro-ph

Mon, Sep 21, 2020

Star-icon Directional association of TeV to PeV astrophysical neutrinos with active galaxies hosting compact radio jets
A.V. Plavin, Y.Y. Kovalev, Y.A. Kovalev, S.V. Troitsky
2009.08914 astro-ph

Evidence of Cosmic-Ray Excess from Local Giant Molecular Clouds
Vardan Baghmanyan et al.
2009.08893 astro-ph

Formation of the cosmic-ray halo: Galactic spectrum of primary cosmic rays
V. A. Dogiel, A. V. Ivlev, D. O. Chernyshov, C.-M. Ko
2009.08799 astro-ph

Discovering supernova-produced dark matter with directional detectors
Elisabetta Baracchini, William DeRocco, Giorgio Dho
2009.08836 hep-ph

Effect of neutrino magnetic moment and charge radius on the neutrino mean free path in dense matter with medium modifications of the nucleon form factors
Parada T. P. Hutauruk, A. Sulaksono, K. Tsushima
2009.08781 hep-ph

Addressing H0 tension by means of VCDM
Antonio De Felice, Shinji Mukohyama, Masroor C. Pookkillath
2009.08718 astro-ph

Constraints on the abundance of 0.01c stellar engines in the Milky Way
Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb
2009.08874 physics

Fri, Sep 18, 2020

Star-icon Persistent mysteries of jet engines, formation, propagation, and particle acceleration: have they been addressed experimentally?
Eric G. Blackman, Sergey V. Lebedev
2009.08057 astro-ph

Direct Detection Limits on Heavy Dark Matter
Michael Clark et al.
2009.07909 hep-ph

NANOGrav Hints to Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter
V. De Luca, G. Franciolini, A. Riotto
2009.08268 astro-ph

Unraveling the Dirac Neutrino with Cosmological and Terrestrial Detectors
Peter Adshead, Yanou Cui, Andrew J. Long, Michael Shamma
2009.07852 hep-ph

Bounds on neutrino-scalar non-standard interactions from big bang nucleosynthesis
Jorge Venzor, Abdel Pérez-Lorenzana, Josue De-Santiago
2009.08104 hep-ph

nazgul: A statistical approach to gamma-ray burst localization. Triangulation via non-stationary time-series models
J. Michael Burgess, Ewan Cameron, Dmitry Svinkin, Jochen Greiner
2009.08350 astro-ph

Path integral of neutrino oscillations
Kazuo Fujikawa
2009.08082 hep-ph

Nonbinary Systems: Looking Towards the Future of Gender Equity in Planetary Science
Beck E. Strauss et al.
2009.08247 astro-ph

Thu, Sep 17, 2020

Did NANOGrav see a signal from primordial black hole formation?
Ville Vaskonen, Hardi Veermäe
2009.07832 astro-ph

Impact of magnetic field on neutrino-matter interactions in core-collapse supernova
Takami Kuroda
2009.07733 astro-ph

Neutron conversion-diffusion: a new model for structured short gamma-ray burst jets compatible with GRB 170817
Edwan Préau, Kunihito Ioka, Peter Mészáros
2009.07507 astro-ph

On The Biomass Required To Produce Phosphine Detected In The Cloud Decks Of Venus
Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb
2009.07835 astro-ph

The theory of intensity interferometry revisited
Prasenjit Saha
2009.07824 astro-ph

Wed, Sep 16, 2020

Observing imprints of black hole event horizon on X-ray spectra
Srimanta Banerjee, Marat Gilfanov, Sudip Bhattacharyya, Rashid Sunyaev
2009.07222 astro-ph

Constraints on neutrino non-standard interactions from LHC data with large missing transverse momentum
DianYu Liu, ChuanLe Sun, Jun Gao
2009.06668 hep-ph

Ultralight Bosonic Field Mass Bounds from Astrophysical Black Hole Spin
Matthew J. Stott
2009.07206 hep-ph

Direct CP violation in beauty and charm hadron decays
Ignacio Bediaga, Carla Göbel
2009.07037 hep-ex

Reproducibility and Replication of Experimental Particle Physics Results
Thomas R. Junk, Louis Lyons
20009.06864 physics

Tue, Sep 15, 2020

Star-icon Spectral signatures of PeVatrons
Silvia Celli, Felix Aharonian, Stefano Gabici
2009.05999 astro-ph

Star-icon Phosphine Gas in the Cloud Decks of Venus
Jane S. Greaves et al.
2009.06593 astro-ph

Has NANOGrav found first evidence for cosmic strings?
Simone Blasi, Vedran Brdar, Kai Schmitz
2009.06607 astro-ph

Cosmic String Interpretation of NANOGrav Pulsar Timing Data
John Ellis, Marek Lewicki
2009.06555 astro-ph

Final Results of GERDA on the Search for Neutrinoless Double-β Decay
GERDA collaboration
2009.06079 nucl-ex

The luminosity constraint in the era of precision solar physics
Diego Vescovi et al.
2009.05676 astro-ph

Using Gravitational Wave Parallax to Measure the Hubble Parameter with Pulsar Timing Arrays
Daniel J. D’Orazio, Abraham Loeb
2009.06084 astro-ph

Is GW190521 the merger of black holes from the first stellar generations?
Eoin J. Farrell et al.
2009.06585 astro-ph

Phosphine on Venus Cannot be Explained by Conventional Processes
William Bains et al.
2009.06499 astro-ph

Studying the neutrino wave-packet effects at medium-baseline reactor neutrino oscillation experiments and the potential benefits of an extra detector
Zhaokan Cheng, Wei Wang, Chan Fai Wong, Jingbo Zhang
2009.06450 hep-ph

High-energy and very high-energy gamma-ray emission from the magnetar SGR 1900+14 neighbourhood
B. Hnatyk, R. Hnatyk, V. Zhdanov, V. Voitsekhovskyi
2009.06081 astro-ph

Mon, Sep 14, 2020

Star-icon Limiting Superluminal Neutrino Velocity and Lorentz Invariance Violation by Neutrino Emission from the Blazar TXS 0506+056
Kai Wang, Shao-Qiang Xi, Lijing Shao, Ruo-Yu Liu, Zhuo Li, Zhong-Kai Zhang
2009.05201 astro-ph

Search for Signatures of Sterile Neutrinos with Double Chooz
Double Chooz Collaboration
2009.05515 hep-ex

GW190521 as a Highly Eccentric Black Hole Merger
V. Gayathri et al.
2009.05461 astro-ph

Don’t fall into the gap: GW190521 as a straddling binary
Maya Fishbach, Daniel E. Holz
2009.05472 astro-ph

The (ultra) light in the dark: A potential vector boson of 8.7×10−13 eV from GW190521
Juan Calderón Bustillo et al.
2009.05376 gr-qc

A gravitational-wave limit on the Chandrasekhar mass of dark matter
Divya Singh et al.
2009.05209 astro-ph

Impact of high energy beam tunes on the sensitivities to the standard unknowns at DUNE
Jogesh Rout, Samiran Roy, Mehedi Masud, Mary Bishai, Poonam Mehta
2009.05061 hep-ph

Probing the cosmic ray energy spectrum at 1012–1016 eV with two HiSPARC scintillators
K. van Dam, B. van Eijk, J.J.M. Steijger
2009.05308 astro-ph

Probing Lorentz violation in 2νββ using single electron spectra and angular correlations
O.V. Nitescu , S.A. Ghinescu, M. Mirea, S. Stoica
2009.05350 nucl-th

Fri, Sep 11, 2020

Search for Slow Magnetic Monopoles with the NOvA Detector on the Surface
NOvA Collaboration
2009.04867 hep-ex

Constraining the Jet Launching Time of GRB 170817A by Utilizing the Baryon Loading
Jia Ren et al.
2009.04735 astro-ph

The Clustering Evolution of Primordial Black Holes
V. De Luca, V. Desjacques, G. Franciolini, A. Riotto
2009.04731 astro-ph

Analysis of published data of electron capture in 7Be in the search for a heavy neutrino in the mass range under 840 keV
N.A. Likhovid, V.S. Pantuev
2009.04754 hep-ex

Thu, Sep 10, 2020

Star-icon Multi-wavelength and neutrino emission from blazar PKS 1502+106
Xavier Rodrigues et al.
2009.04026 astro-ph

Simulating gamma-ray production from cosmic rays interacting with the solar atmosphere in the presence of coronal magnetic fields
Zhe Li, Kenny C. Y. Ng, Songzhan Chen, Yuncheng Nan, Huihai He
2009.03888 astro-ph

Fast neutrino flavor conversion, ejecta properties, and nucleosynthesis in newly-formed hypermassive remnants of neutron-star mergers
Manu George et al.
2009.04046 astro-ph

The Axion Quality Problem: Global Symmetry Breaking and Wormholes
James Alvey, Miguel Escudero
2009.03917 hep-ph

Stellar cooling, inelastic dark matter, and XENON
Wai-Yee Keung, Danny Marfatia, Po-Yan Tseng
2009.04444 hep-ph

Particle Acceleration in Relativistic Electron-positron Jets with Helical Magnetic Fields
A. Meli et al.
2009.04158 astro-ph

A model-independent constraint on the Hubble constant with gravitational waves from the Einstein Telescope
Sixuan Zhang et al.
2009.04204 astro-ph

Neutral-current background induced by atmospheric neutrinos at large liquid-scintillator detectors:II. in situ measurement
Jie Cheng, Yu-Feng Li, Hao-Qi Lu, Liang-Jian Wen
2009.04085 hep-ex

Wed, Sep 09, 2020

On the rate of core collapse supernovae in the Milky Way
Karolina Rozwadowska, Francesco Vissani, Enrico Cappellaro
2009.03438 astro-ph

Fast Flavor Depolarization of Supernova Neutrinos
Soumya Bhattacharyya, Basudeb Dasgupta
2009.03337 hep-ph

Completely Dark Photons from Gravitational Particle Production During Inflation
Edward W. Kolb, Andrew J. Long
2009.03838 astro-ph

Tue, Sep 08, 2020

Star-icon Strengthening the bound on the mass of the lightest neutrino with terrestrial and cosmological experiments
GAMBIT Cosmology Workgroup
2009.03287 astro-ph

CosmoBit: A GAMBIT module for computing cosmological observables and likelihoods
GAMBIT Cosmology Workgroup
2009.03286 astro-ph

The Effects of Primordial Black Holes on Dark Matter Models
Paolo Gondolo, Pearl Sandick, Barmak Shams Es Haghi
2009.02424 hep-ph

Hunting down the X17 boson at the CERN SPS
E. Depero et al.
2009.02756 hep-ex

Mon, Sep 07, 2020

Star-icon Implications of SU(2)L gauge invariance for constraints on Lorentz violation
Andreas Crivellin, Fiona Kirk, Marco Schreck
2009.01247 hep-ph

Interplay between neutrino and gravity portals for FIMP dark matter
Marco Chianese, Bowen Fu, Stephen F. King
2009.01847 hep-ph

Neutrino telescopes and high-energy cosmic neutrinos
Andrea Palladino, Maurizio Spurio, Francesco Vissani
2009.01919 astro-ph

Gravitational wave signatures from discrete flavor symmetries
Graciela B. Gelmini, Silvia Pascoli, Edoardo Vitagliano, Ye-Ling Zhou
2009.01903 hep-ph

Dark Fluxes from Accreting Black Holes and Direct Detections
Rong-Gen Cai, Sichun Sun, Bing Zhang, Yun-Long Zhang
2009.02315 hep-ph

Multi-Dimensional Solution of Fast Neutrino Conversions in Binary Neutron Star Merger Remnants
Ian Padilla-Gay, Shashank Shalgar, Irene Tamborra
2009.01843 astro-ph

Flavor ratios of astrophysical neutrinos interacting with stochastic gravitational waves having arbitrary spectrum
Maxim Dvornikov
2009.02195 astro-ph

The Galactic cosmic ray intensity at the evolving Earth and young exoplanets
D. Rodgers-Lee, A. A. Vidotto, A. M. Taylor, P. B. Rimmer, T. P. Downes
2009.02173 astro-ph

Correlation between optical and γ-ray flux variations in bright flat spectrum radio quasars
Bhoomika Rajput, C. S. Stalin, S. Sahayanathan
2009.02055 astro-ph

Interstellar communication network. II. Deep space nodes with gravitational lensing
Michael Hippke
2009.01866 astro-ph

Proton spin after 30 years: what we know and what we don’t?
Xiangdong Ji, Feng Yuan, Yong Zhao
2009.01291 hep-ph

Using evidence to make decisions
Charles Jenkins
2009.01991 astro-ph

Teaching gauge theory to first year students
Nils-Erik Bomark
2009.02162 physics

Fri, Sep 04, 2020

Star-icon Using High-Energy Neutrinos As Cosmic Magnetometers
Mauricio Bustamante, Irene Tamborra
2009.01306 astro-ph

Star-icon Flavors of Astrophysical Neutrinos with Active-Sterile Mixing
Markus Ahlers, Mauricio Bustamante, Niels Gustav Nortvig Willesen
2009.01253 hep-ph

The GW190521 Mass Gap Event and the Primordial Black Hole Scenario
V. De Luca, V. Desjacques, G. Franciolini, P. Pani, A. Riotto
2009.01728 astro-ph

Low Mass Black Holes from Dark Core Collapse
Basudeb Dasgupta, Ranjan Laha, Anupam Ray
2009.01825 astro-ph

Searching for Light in the Darkness: Bounds on ALP Dark Matter with the optical MUSE-Faint survey
Marco Regis et al.
2009.01310 astro-ph

Short duration gamma-ray bursts and their outflows in light of GW170817
Davide Lazzati
2009.01773 astro-ph

Contribution of dark matter annihilation to gamma-ray burst afterglows near massive galaxy centers
Bao-Quan Huang, Tong Liu, Feng Huang, Da-Bin Lin, Bing Zhang
2009.01416 astro-ph

An Update to the Letter of Intent for MATHUSLA: Search for Long-Lived Particles at the HL-LHC
Cristiano Alpigiani et al.
2009.01693 physics

Thu, Sep 03, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon GW190521: A Binary Black Hole Merger with a Total Mass of 150 M⊙
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration
2009.01075 gr-qc

Star-icon Properties and astrophysical implications of the 150 Msun binary black hole merger GW190521
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration
2009.01190 astro-ph

Beyond the Standard Model Explanations of GW190521
Jeremy Sakstein et al.
2009.01213 gr-qc

Dark Matter in Stars
Aaron C. Vincent
2009.00663 hep-ph

SM antideuteron background to indirect dark matter signals in galactic cosmic rays
Diego Mauricio Gomez Coral, Arturo Menchaca-Rocha
2009.00747 astro-ph

Directional detection of dark matter with diamond
Mason C. Marshall et al.
2009.01028 physics

Developments in Lorentz and CPT Violation
Alan Kostelecky
2009.01107 hep-ph

Wed, Sep 02, 2020

Star-icon On the Detection Potential of Blazar Flares for Current Neutrino Telescopes
M. Kreter, M. Kadler, F. Krauß, K. Mannheim, S. Buson, R. Ojha, J. Wilms, M. Böttcher
2009.00125 astro-ph

Constraining sub-eV Dark Matter from Direct Detection Experiment
Chen Xia, Yan-Hao Xu, Yu-Feng Zhou
2009.00353 hep-ph

Harnessing the Population Statistics of Subhalos to Search for Annihilating Dark Matter
Jean J. Somalwar, Laura J. Chang, Siddharth Mishra-Sharma, Mariangela Lisanti
2009.00021 astro-ph

Kinetic Simulations of Cosmic-Ray-Modified Shocks II: Particle Spectra
Damiano Caprioli, Colby C. Haggerty, Pasquale Blasi
2009.00007 astro-ph

The response of ultralight dark matter to supermassive black holes and binaries
Lorenzo Annulli, Vitor Cardoso, Rodrigo Vicente
2009.00012 gr-qc

Solar neutrino detection in liquid xenon detectors via charged-current scattering to excited states
Scott Haselschwardt, Brian Lenardo, Pekka Pirinen, Jouni Suhonen
2009.00535 hep-ex

Enhancement of Lithium in Red Clump Stars by the Neutrino Magnetic Moment
Kanji Mori et al.
2009.00293 astro-ph

Tue, Sep 01, 2020

The neutrino-floor in the presence of dark radation
Marco Nikolic, Suchita Kulkarni, Josef Pradler
2008.13557 hep-ph

A Test for the Origin of Solar Mass Black Holes
Volodymyr Takhistov, George M. Fuller, Alexander Kusenko
2008.12780 astro-ph

Muonization of supernova matter
Tobias Fischer t al.
2008.13628 astro-ph

Searching for new physics using optically levitated sensors
David C. Moore, Andrew A. Geraci
2008.13197 quant-ph

On the Anthropogenic and Natural Injection of Matter into Earth’s Atmosphere
Leonard Schulz, Karl-Heinz Glassmeier
2008.13032 physics

Mon, Aug 31, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Neutrino Counterparts of Fast Radio Bursts
Brian D. Metzger, Ke Fang, Ben Maraglit
2008.12318 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Prospects for Beyond the Standard Model Physics Searches at the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
DUNE Collaboration
2008.12769 hep-ex

CYGNUS: Feasibility of a nuclear recoil observatory with directional sensitivity to dark matter and neutrinos
S. E. Vahsen et al.
2008.12587 physics

Parton distribution functions
Stefano Forte, Stefano Carrazza
2008.12305 hep-ph

Primordial black holes from long-range scalar forces and scalar radiative cooling
Marcos M. Flores, Alexander Kusenko
2008.12456 astro-ph

Search for sterile neutrino with light gauge interactions: recasting collider, beam-dump, and neutrino telescope searches
Yongsoo Jho, Jongkuk Kim, Pyungwon Ko, Seong Chan Park
2008.12598 hep-ph

Bounds on Lorentz-violating Yukawa couplings via lepton electromagnetic moments
J. Alfonso Ahuatzi-Avendaño et al.
2008.12370 hep-ph

Fri, Aug 28, 2020

Bounds on axion-like particles from the diffuse supernova flux
Francesca Calore, Pierluca Carenza, Maurizio Giannotti, Joerg Jaeckel, Alessandro Mirizzi
2008.11741 hep-ph

Constraints on Decaying Sterile Neutrinos from Solar Antineutrinos
Matheus Hostert, Maxim Pospelov
2008.11851 hep-ph

Elastic and Inelastic Scattering of Cosmic-Rays on Sub-GeV Dark Matter
Gang Guo, Yue-Lin Sming Tsai, Meng-Ru Wu, Qiang Yuan
2008.12137 astro-ph

Can a protophobic vector boson explain the ATOMKI anomaly?
Xilin Zhang, Gerald A. Miller
2008.11288 hep-ph

Thu, Aug 27, 2020

Status, Challenges and Directions in Indirect Dark Matter Searches
Carlos Pérez de los Heros
2008.11561 astro-ph

New Constraints on Millicharged Particles from Cosmic-ray Production
Ryan Plestid et al.
2008.11732 hep-ph

Earliest Resolution to the Neutrino Mass Ordering?
Anatael Cabrera et al.
2008.11280 hep-ph

Diffuse Galactic Gamma-rays from star clusters
Biman B. Nath, David Eichler
2008.11220 astro-ph

Radio Detection of Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays with Low Lunar Orbiting SmallSats
Andrés Romero-Wolf et al.
2008.11232 astro-ph

Cosmology Intertwined I: Perspectives for the Next Decade
Eleonora Di Valentino et al.
2008.11283 astro-ph

Cosmology Intertwined II: The Hubble Constant Tension
Eleonora Di Valentino et al.
2008.11284 astro-ph

Cosmology Intertwined III: fσ8 and S8
Eleonora Di Valentino et al.
2008.11285 astro-ph

Cosmology Intertwined IV: The Age of the Universe and its Curvature
Eleonora Di Valentino et al.
2008.11286 astro-ph

Wed, Aug 26, 2020

New Experimental Constraints in a New Landscape for Composite Dark Matter
Christopher V. Cappiello, J. I. Collar, John F. Beacom
2008.10646 hep-ex

A solar origin of the XENON1T excess without stellar cooling problems
Sabyasachi Chakraborty et al.
2008.10610 hep-ph

Multimessenger Gamma-Ray and Neutrino Coincidence Alerts using HAWC and IceCube sub-threshold Data
AMON Collaboration, HAWC Collaboration, IceCube Collaboration
2008.10616 astro-ph

Comparing the Galactic Bulge and Galactic Disk Millisecond Pulsars
Harrison Ploeg, Chris Gordon, Roland Crocker, Oscar Macias
2008.10821 astro-ph

New Limits on Axionic Dark Matter from the Magnetar PSR J1745-2900
Jeremy Darling
2008.11188 astro-ph

Powerlaw spectra from stochastic acceleration
Martin Lemoine, Mikhail A. Malkov
2008.10955 astro-ph

Eliminating the LIGO bounds on primordial black hole dark matter
Celine Boehm et al.
2008.10743 astro-ph

Tue, Aug 25, 2020

Constraints on General Light Mediators from PandaX-II Electron Recoil Data
Amir N. Khan
2008.10279 hep-ph

Global oscillation data analysis on the 3ν mixing without unitarity
Zhuojun Hu, Jiajie Ling, Jian Tang, TseChun Wang
2008.09730 hep-ph

Retrieval of energy spectra for all flavor of neutrinos from core-collapse supernova with multiple detectors
Hiroki Nagakura
2008.10082 astro-ph

No redshift evolution of non-repeating fast radio-burst rates
Tetsuya Hashimoto et al.
2008.09621 astro-ph

The Impact of Tidal Disruption Events on Galactic Habitability
E. Pacetti, A. Balbi, M. Lingam, F. Tombesi, E. Perlman
2008.09988 astro-ph

Mon, Aug 24, 2020

Electric Dipole Moments, New Forces and Dark Matter
Pavel Fileviez Perez, Alexis D. Plascencia
2008.09116 hep-ph

Precision Metrology Meets Cosmology: Improved Constraints on Ultralight Dark Matter from Atom-Cavity Frequency Comparisons
Colin J. Kennedy et al.
2008.08773 physics

Pseudo-Goldstone dark matter: gravitational waves and direct-detection blind spots
Tommi Alanne et al.
2008.09605 hep-ph

Fri, Aug 21, 2020

Dark Photons in the Solar Basin
Robert Lasenby, Ken Van Tilburg
2008.08594 hep-ph

Resonant Self-Interacting Dark Matter from Dark QCD
Yu-Dai Tsai, Robert McGehee, Hitoshi Murayama
2008.08608 hep-ph

Probing Dark Matter with Disappearing Tracks at the LHC
Alexander Belyaev, Stefan Prestel, Felipe Rojas-Abbate, Jose Zurita
2008.08581 hep-ph

Is SMEFT Enough?
Timothy Cohen, Nathaniel Craig, Xiaochuan Lu, Dave Sutherland
2008.08597 hep-ph

Potential For Liquid Water Biochemistry Deep Under The Surfaces Of The Moon, Mars And Beyond
Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb
2008.08709 astro-ph

Thu, Aug 20, 2020

Reconciling hints on axion-like-particles from high-energy gamma rays with stellar bounds
Gautham Adamane Pallathadka et al.
2008.08100 hep-ph

Neutrinos in a dense medium, CP and CPT violations: Beyond the MSW effect
Antonio Capolupo, Salvatore Marco Giampaolo, Aniello Quaranta
2008.08119 hep-ph

Dark Scalars and Heavy Neutral Leptons at DarkQuest
Brian Batell, Jared A. Evans, Stefania Gori, Mudit Rai
2008.08108 hep-ph

THESEUS Insights into ALP, Dark Photon and Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter
Charles Thorpe-Morgan et al.
2008.08306 astro-ph

Galactic Center constraints on self-interacting sterile neutrinos from fermionic dark matter (“ino”) models
R. Yunis et al.
2008.08464 astro-ph

Wed, Aug 19, 2020

T2K measurements of muon neutrino and antineutrino disappearance using 3.13×1021 protons on target
T2K Collaboration
2008.07921 hep-ex

Tue, Aug 18, 2020

Supernova Neutrino Burst Detection with the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment
DUNE Collaboration
2008.06647 hep-ex

Ultralight Fermionic Dark Matter
Hooman Davoudiasl, Peter B. Denton, David A. McGady
2008.06505 hep-ph

Modeling of Cosmic-Ray Production and Transport and Estimation of Gamma-Ray and Neutrino Emissions in Starburst Galaxies
Ji-Hoon Ha, Dongsu Ryu, Hyesung Kang
2008.06650 astro-ph

Analytic solutions for neutrino-light curves of core-collapse supernovae
Yudai Suwa, Akira Harada, Ken’ichiro Nakazato, Kohsuke Sumiyoshi
2008.07070 astro-ph

A global model of particle acceleration at pulsar wind termination shocks
Benoît Cerutti, Gwenael Giacinti
2008.07253 astro-ph

Double Beta Decay Experiments at Canfranc Underground Laboratory
Susana Cebrian
2008.06426 nucl-ex

Humanly traversable wormholes
Juan Maldacena, Alexey Milekhin
2008.06618 hep-th

Mon, Aug 17, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Features of the energy spectrum of cosmic rays above 2.5×1018 eV using the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2008.06488 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon A measurement of the cosmic-ray energy spectrum above 2.5×1018 eV using the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2008.06486 astro-ph

Star-icon A search for solar axions and anomalous neutrino magnetic moment with the complete PandaX-II data
PANDAX-II Collaboration
2008.06485 hep-pex

Star-icon A Statistical Analysis of the COHERENT Data and Applications to New Physics
Peter B. Denton, Julia Gehrlein
2008.06062 hep-ph

Star-icon Statistical interpretation of sterile neutrino oscillation searches at reactors
Pilar Coloma, Patrick Huber, Thomas Schwetz
2008.06083 hep-ph

Synthesis of radio signals from extensive air showers using previously computed microscopic simulations
Matias Tueros, Anne Zilles
2008.06454 astro-ph

Total Energy in Supernova Neutrinos and the Tidal Deformability and Binding Energy of Neutron Stars
Brendan Reed, C. J. Horowitz
2008.06108 astro-ph

Searching for primordial helical magnetic fields
M. Kachelriess, B.C. Martinez
2008.06279 astro-ph

Mechanical Quantum Sensing in the Search for Dark Matter
Daniel Carney et al.
2008.06074 physics

Fri, Aug 14, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Ultra-high Energy Air Showers Observed by ANITA-IV
ANITA Collaboration
2008.05690 astro-ph

High-energy neutrino emission subsequent to gravitational wave radiation from supermassive black hole mergers
Chengchao Yuan, Kohta Murase, Shigeo S. Kimura, Péter Mészáros
2008.05616 astro-ph

Thu, Aug 13, 2020

Constraints on light vector mediators through coherent elastic neutrino nucleus scattering data from COHERENT
M. Cadeddu, N. Cargioli, F. Dordei, C. Giunti, Y.F. Li, E. Picciau, Y.Y. Zhang
2008.05022 hep-ph

Shedding New Light on Sterile Neutrinos from XENON1T Experiment
Soroush Shakeri, Fazlollah Hajkarim, She-Sheng Xue
2008.05029 hep-ph

Sensitivity of direct detection experiments to neutrino magnetic dipole moments
D. Aristizabal Sierra, R. Branada, O. G. Miranda, G. Sanchez Garcia
2008.05080 hep-ph

Wed, Aug 12, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon IceCube-Gen2: The Window to the Extreme Universe
IceCube-Gen2 Collaboration
2008.04323 astro-ph

Star-icon Exciting Prospects for Detecting Late-Time Neutrinos from Core-Collapse Supernovae
Shirley Weishi Li, Luke F. Roberts, John F. Beacom
2008.04340 astro-ph

Deciphering the Origin of the GeV–TeV Gamma-ray Emission from SS 433
Shigeo S. Kimura, Kohta Murase, Peter Mészáros
2008.04515 astro-ph

Dark Matter EFT, the Third — Neutrino WIMPs
Ingolf Bischer, Tilman Plehn, Werner Rodejohann
2008.04718 hep-ph

Coherence and mixedness of neutrino oscillations in a magnetic field
P. Kurashvili, L. Chotorlishvili, K. A. Kouzakov, A. I. Studenikin
2008.04727 hep-ph

Neutral-current background induced by atmospheric neutrinos at large liquid-scintillator detectors: I. model predictions
Jie Cheng, Yu-Feng Li, Liang-Jian Wen, Shun Zhou
2008.04633 hep-ph

FRBs: the Dispersion Measure of Host Galaxies
M. Jaroszynski
2008.04634 astro-ph

The Mysterious Bursts observed by Telescope Array and Axion Quark Nuggets
Ariel Zhitnitsky
2008.04325 hep-ph

The decline of astronomical research in Venezuela
Nestor Sanchez
2008.04595 cs

Tue, Aug 11, 2020

Star-icon Multi-Wavelength Constraints on the Outflow Properties of the Extremely Bright Millisecond Radio Bursts from the Galactic Magnetar SGR 1935+2154
Shotaro Yamasaki, Kazumi Kashiyama, Kohta Murase
2008.03634 astro-ph

Non-standard neutrino interactions as a solution to the NOνA and T2K discrepancy
Sabya Sachi Chatterjee, Antonio Palazzo
2008.04161 hep-ph

X-ray Searches for Axions from Super Star Clusters
Christopher Dessert, Joshua W. Foster, Benjamin R. Safdi
2008.03305 hep-ph

Repeating behaviour of FRB 121102: periodicity, waiting times and energy distribution
M. Cruces et al.
2008.03461 astro-ph

Supernova-scope for the Direct Search of Supernova Axions
Shao-Feng Ge et al.
2008.03924 hep-ph

Complete parameter inference for GW150914 using deep learning
Stephen R. Green, Jonathan Gair
2008.03312 astro-ph

Direct detection of dark matter: Precision predictions in a simplified model framework
Christoph Borschensky et al.
2008.04253 hep-ph

Mon, Aug 10, 2020

Overview of KAGRA : KAGRA science
KAGRA Collaboration
2008.02921 gr-qc

Global maps of the magnetic field in the solar corona
Zihao Yang et al.
2008.03136 astro-ph

FRB 121102 Bursts at a Constant Rate per Log Time
Elisa Tabor, Abraham Loeb
2008.02809 astro-ph

The Cabibbo anomaly versus electroweak precision tests — an exploration of extensions of the Standard Model
Matthew Kirk
2008.03261 hep-ph

Acceleration of high energy protons in AGN relativistic jets
Ya. N. Istomin, A. A. Gunya
2008.03178 astro-ph

Low Scale String Theory Benchmarks for Hidden Photon Dark Matter Interpretations of the XENON1T Anomaly
Athanasios Karozas, Stephen F. King, George K. Leontaris, Dimitrios K. Papoulias
2008.03295 hep-ph

Fri, Aug 07, 2020

Star-icon Axion Gegenschein: Probing Back-scattering of Astrophysical Radio Sources Induced by Dark Matter
Oindrila Ghosh, Jordi Salvado, Jordi Miralda-Escudé
2008.02729 astro-ph

Probing the Milky Way’s Dark Matter Halo for the 3.5 keV Line
Dominic Sicilian et al.
2008.02283 astro-ph

Future CEvNS experiments as probes of lepton unitarity and light-sterile neutrinos
O. G. Miranda, D. K. Papoulias, O. Sanders, M. Tórtola, J. W. F. Valle
2008.02759 hep-ph

Black Dwarf Supernova in the Far Future
M. E. Caplan
2008.02296 astro-ph

The Cosmological Tension of Ultralight Axion Dark Matter and its Solutions
Jeff A. Dror, Jacob M. Leedom
2008.02279 hep-ph

Deciphering the recently discovered tetraquark candidates around 6.9 GeV
Jacob Sonnenschein, Dorin Weissman
2008.01095 hep-ph

Constraining hidden photons via atomic force microscope measurements and the Plimpton-Lawton experiment
D. Kroff, P.C. Malta
2008.02209 hep-ph

Dark matter assisted lepton anomalous magnetic moments and neutrino masses
Sudip Jana, Vishnu P.K., Werner Rodejohann, Shaikh Saad
2008.02377 hep-ph

Thu, Aug 06, 2020

Star-icon Constraining the contribution of Gamma-Ray Bursts to the high-energy diffuse neutrino flux with 10 years of ANTARES data
ANTARES Collaboration
2008.02127 astro-ph

A Review on Machine Learning for Neutrino Experiments
Fernanda Psihas, Micah Groh, Christopher Tunnell, Karl Warburton
2008.01242 physics

Planck Frequencies as Schelling Points in SETI
Jason T. Wright
2008.01817 astro-ph

About the J/ψJ/ψ peak of LHCb: fully-charmed tetraquark?
Jean-Marc Richard
2008.01962 hep-ph

PIC methods in astrophysics: PIC simulations of relativistic jets
Kenichi Nishikawa, Ioana Dutan, Christoph Kohn, Yosuke Mizuno
2008.02105 astro-ph

Neutrinos: Majorana or Dirac?
S. Bilenky
2008.02110 hep-ph

Reflections on the discovery of the first magnetic white dwarf
John D. Landstreet
2008.01802 astro-ph

Wed, Aug 05, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Current and Future Neutrino Oscillation Constraints on Leptonic Unitarity
Sebastian A. R. Ellis, Kevin J. Kelly, Shirley Weishi Li
2008.01088 hep-ph

CP-Violating Neutrino Non-Standard Interactions in Long-Baseline-Accelerator Data
Peter B. Denton, Julia Gehrlein, Rebekah Pestes
2008.01110 hep-ph

Neutrino decoupling including flavour oscillations and primordial nucleosynthesis
Julien Froustey, Cyril Pitrou, Maria Cristina Volpe
2008.01074 hep-ph

Fast Radio Burst Breakouts from Magnetar Burst Fireballs
Kunihito Ioka
2008.01114 astro-ph

Lyman-α Constraints on Cosmic Heating from Dark Matter Annihilation and Decay
Hongwan Liu, Wenzer Qin, Gregory W. Ridgway, Tracy R. Slatyer
2008.01084 astro-ph

Hint of a tension between Nuclear physics and Astrophysical observations
Bhaskar Biswas, Prasanta Char, Rana Nandi, Sukanta Bose
2008.01582 astro-ph

Fundamental physics using the temporal gravitational wave background
Suvodip Mukherjee, Joseph Silk
2008.01082 astro-ph

The Habitability of the Galactic Bulge
Amedeo Balbi, Maryam Hami, Andjelka B. Kovačević
2008.01419 astro-ph

Sensitivity and Performance of the Advanced LIGO Detectors in the Third Observing Run
A. Buikema et al.
2008.01301 astro-ph

Tue, Aug 04, 2020

Prospects for Heavy WIMP Dark Matter with CTA: the Wino and Higgsino
Lucia Rinchiuso, Oscar Macias, Emmanuel Moulin, Nicholas L. Rodd, Tracy R. Slatyer
2007.00692 astro-ph

Quantum witness and invasiveness of cosmic neutrino measurements
P. Kurashvili, L. Chotorlishvili, K. A. Kouzakov, A. G. Tevzadze, A. I. Studenikin
2007.00732 hep-ph

An Electroweak Monopole, Dirac Quantization and the Weak Mixing Angle
John Ellis, P.Q. Hung, Nick Mavromatos
2007.00464 hep-ph

Fast radio bursts to be detected with the Square Kilometre Array
Tetsuya Hashimoto et al.
2007.00007 astro-ph

Reaffirming the Cosmic Acceleration without Supernova and CMB
Xiaolin Luo, Zhiqi Huang, Qiyue Qian, Lu Huang
2007.00487 astro-ph

Mon, Aug 03, 2020

Star-icon High-Energy Neutrinos and Gamma-Rays from Non-Relativistic Shock-Powered Transients
Ke Fang, Brian D. Metzger, Indrek Vurm, Elias Aydi, Laura Chomiuk
2007.15742 astro-ph

Breaking up the Proton: An Affair with Dark Forces
Graham D. Kribs, David McKeen, Nirmal Raj
2007.15655 hep-ph

Heterodyne Broadband Detection of Axion Dark Matter
Asher Berlin, Raffaele Tito D’Agnolo, Sebastian A. R. Ellis, Kevin Zhou
2007.15656 hep-ph

Cosmological Constraint on Vector Mediator of Neutrino-Electron Interaction in light of XENON1T Excess
Masahiro Ibe, Shin Kobayashi, Yuhei Nakayama, Satoshi Shirai
2007.16105 hep-ph

Muon Colliders: Opening New Horizons for Particle Physics
Kenneth Long, Donatella Lucchesi, Mark Palmer, Nadia Pastrone, Daniel Schulte, Vladimir Shiltsev
2007.15684 physics

Electroweak Constraints from the COHERENT Experiment
Witold Skiba, Qing Xia
2007.15688 hep-ph

Search for event bursts in XMASS-I associated with gravitational-wave events
XMASS Collaboration
2007.16046 astro-ph

Refining constraints from Borexino measurements on a light Z′-boson coupled to Lμ-Lτ current
Sergei Gninenko, Dmitry Gorbunov
2007.16098 hep-ph

Gamma Rays from UltraCompact Minihaloes: Effects on the Earth’s Atmosphere and Links to Mass Extinction Events
M. Sarkis, G. Beck, B. C. Thomas
2007.15975 astro-ph

Pre-construction estimates of the Cherenkov Telescope Array sensitivity to a dark matter signal from the Galactic centre
Cherenkov Telescope Array Consortium
2007.16129 astro-ph

Deep-sea deployment of the KM3NeT neutrino telescope detection units by self-unrolling
KM3NeT Collaboration
2007.16090 astro-ph

Fri, Jul 31, 2020

Star-icon χaroν: a tool for neutrino flux generation from WIMPs
Qinrui Liu, Jeffrey Lazar, Carlos A. Argüelles, Ali Kheirandish
2007.15010 hep-ph

Dark Matter Spectra from the Electroweak to the Planck Scale
Christian W. Bauer, Nicholas L. Rodd, Bryan R. Webber
2007.15001 hep-ph

Changes in cosmic-ray transport properties connect the high-energy features in the electron and proton data
Ottavio Fornieri et al.
2007.15321 astro-ph

Boosted Neutrinos and Relativistic Dark Particles as Messengers from Reheating
Joerg Jaeckel, Wen Yin
2007.15006 hep-ph

The Neutrino Magnetic Moment Portal: Cosmology, Astrophysics, and Direct Detection
Vedran Brdar, Admir Greljo, Joachim Kopp, Toby Opferkuch
2007.15563 hep-ph

First Experimental Constraints on WIMP Couplings in Effective Field Theory Framework from the CDEX Experiment
CDEX Collaboration
2007.15555 hep-ex

Results of Dark Matter Search using the Full PandaX-II Exposure
PandaX-II Collaboration
2007.15469 astro-ph

Results on low-mass weakly interacting massive particles from a 11 kg-day target exposure of DAMIC at SNOLAB
DAMIC Collaboration
2007.15622 astro-ph

A quantum Monte Carlo based approach to intranuclear cascades
Joshua Isaacson, William I. Jay, Alessandro Lovato, Pedro A. N. Machado, Noemi Rocco
2007.15570 hep-ph

Plasma dark matter and electronic recoil events in XENON1T
Lei Zu, R. Foot, Yi-Zhong Fan, Lei Feng
2007.15191 hep-ph

Thu, Jul 30, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon The fate of hints: updated global analysis of three-flavor neutrino oscillations
Ivan Esteban, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, Michele Maltoni, Thomas Schwetz, Albert Zhou
2007.14792 hep-ph

Star-icon Model Independent Bounds on the Non-Oscillatory Explanations of the MiniBooNE Excess
Vedran Brdar, Oliver Fischer, Alexei Yu. Smirnov
2007.14411 hep-ph

Pico-charged particles explaining 511 keV line and XENON1T signal
Yasaman Farzan, Meshkat Rajaee
2007.14421 hep-ph

The Large Hadron-Electron Collider at the HL-LHC
P. Agostini et al.
2007.14491 hep-ex

Detecting the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background in the future Water-based Liquid Scintillator Detector Theia
Julia Sawatzki, Michael Wurm, Daniel Kresse
2007.14705 physics

Reproductive Freeze-In of Self-Interacting Dark Matter
John March-Russell, Hannah Tillim, Stephen M. West
200714688 astro-ph

Neutrinoless Double-Electron Capture
K. Blaum et al.
2007.14908 hep-ph

Wed, Jul 29, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Fundamental physics with the diffuse supernova background neutrinos
André de Gouvêa, Ivan Martinez-Soler, Yuber F. Perez-Gonzalez, Manibrata Sen
2007.13748 hep-ph

Indirect searches for dark matter bound state formation and level transitions
Iason Baldes, Francesca Calore, Kalliopi Petraki, Vincent Poireau, Nicholas L. Rodd
2007.13787 hep-ph

Sensitivity reach of gamma-ray measurements for strong cosmological magnetic fields
A. Korochkin, O. Kalashev, A. Neronov, D. Semikoz
2007.14331 astro-ph

Accounting for the Heisenberg and Pauli principles in the kinetic approach to neutrino oscillations
A. Kartavtsev
2007.13736 hep-ph

Neutron’s Dark Secret
Bartosz Fornal, Benjamin Grinstein
2007.13931 hep-ph

The look-elsewhere effect from a unified Bayesian and frequentist perspective
Adrian E. Bayer, Uros Seljak
2007.13821 physics

Tue, Jul 28, 2020

Star-icon Revisiting AGN as the Source of IceCube’s Diffuse Neutrino Flux
Daniel Smith, Dan Hooper, Abby Vieregg
2007.12706 astro-ph

Star-icon Tau Neutrinos with Cherenkov Telescope Array
Damiano F. G. Fiorillo, Gennaro Miele, Ofelia Pisanti
2007.13423 hep-ph

Simulating Hadron Test Beams in Liquid Argon
Alexander Friedland, Shirley Weishi Li
2007.13336 hep-ph

Turbulence Fingerprint on Collective Oscillations of Supernova Neutrinos
Sajad Abbar
2007.13655 astro-ph

Strong bound on canonical ultra-light axion dark matter from the Lyman-alpha forest
Keir K. Rogers, Hiranya V. Peiris
2007.12705 astro-ph

A targeted search for repeating fast radio bursts associated with gamma-ray bursts
Nipuni T. Palliyaguru et al.
2007.13246 astro-ph

The gravitational wave background signal from tidal disruption events
Martina Toscani, Elena M. Rossi, Giuseppe Lodato
2007.13225 astro-ph

Reactor Rate Modulation oscillation analysis with two detectors in Double Chooz
Double Chooz Collaboration
2007.13431 hep-ex

Mon, Jul 27, 2020

The Fate of the Merger Remnant in GW170817 and its Imprint on the Jet Structure
Ariadna Murguia-Berthier et al.
2007.12245 astro-ph

A sensitive search for wormholes
John H. Simonetti, Michael J. Kavic, Djordje Minic, Dejan Stojkovic, De-Chang Dai
2007.12184 gr-qc

Constraining cosmic-ray acceleration in the magnetospheric gaps of Sgr A*
Grigorios Katsoulakos, Frank Rieger, Brian Reville
2007.12189 astro-ph

Hidden Photon Dark Matter Interacting via Axion-like Particles
Paola Arias, Ariel Arza, Joerg Jaeckel, Diego Vargas-Arancibia
2007.12585 hep-ph

Fri, Jul 24, 2020

Search for composite dark matter with optically levitated sensors
Fernando Monteiro et al.
2007.12067 hep-ex

XENON1T constraints on neutrino non-standard interactions
Siddhartha Karmakar, Sujata Pandey
2007.11892 hep-ph

Anomalous U(1) Gauge Bosons as Light Dark Matter in String Theory
Luis A. Anchordoqui, Ignatios Antoniadis, Karim Benakli, Dieter Lust
2007.11697 hep-th

Constraints on mixed dark matter model of particles and primordial black holes from the Galactic 511 keV line
Rong-Gen Cai, Xing-Yu Yang, Yu-Feng Zhou
2007.11804 astro-ph

Thu, Jul 23, 2020

Integral X-ray constraints on sub-GeV Dark Matter
Marco Cirelli, Nicolao Fornengo, Bradley J. Kavanagh, Elena Pinetti
2007.11493 hep-ph

Galactic contribution to the dispersion measure of extragalactic fast radio bursts
Sanskriti Das, Smita Mathur, Anjali Gupta, Fabrizio Nicastro, Yair Krongold
2007.11542 astro-ph

A Measurement of the Hubble Constant using Gravitational Waves from the Neutron-Star Black-Hole Candidate GW190814
Sergiy Vasylyev, Alex Filippenko
2007.11148 astro-ph

Search for ultra-high energy photons through preshower effect with gamma-ray telescopes: Study of CTA-North efficiency
Kévin Almeida Cheminant et al.
2007.11105 astro-ph

Gamma-ray and radio background constraints on cosmic rays in Milky Way circumgalactic medium
Ranita Jana, Manami Roy, Biman B. Nath
2007.11015 astro-ph

Primordial black hole origin for thermal gamma-ray bursts
Oscar del Barco
2007.11226 astro-ph

Wed, Jul 22, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Ultra-High-Energy Tau Neutrino Cross Sections with GRAND and POEMMA
Peter B. Denton, Yves Kini
2007.10334 astro-ph

Primordial Black Holes as a dark matter candidate
Anne M. Green, Bradley J. Kavanagh
2007.10722 astro-ph

Jet Propagation in Expanding Medium for Gamma-Ray Bursts
Hamid Hamidani, Kunihito Ioka
2007.10690 astro-ph

Inelastic Fermion Dark Matter Origin of XENON1T Excess with Muon (g−2) and Light Neutrino Mass
Debasish Borah, Satyabrata Mahapatra, Dibyendu Nanda, Narendra Sahu
2007.10754 hep-ph

Dealing with Nuisance Parameters using Machine Learning in High Energy Physics: a Review
Tommaso Dorigo, Pablo de Castro
2007.09121 stat

A Lockdown Perspective on the Hubble Tension
G. Efstathiou
2007.10716 astro-ph

Recommendations for Planning Inclusive Astronomy Conferences
Inclusive Astronomy 2 Local Organizing Committee
2007.10970 cs

Tue, Jul 21, 2020

Star-icon Constraining photohadronic scenarios for the unified origin of IceCube neutrinos and ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays
Shigeru Yoshida, Kohta Murase
2007.09276 astro-ph

Multimessenger observations of counterparts to IceCube-190331A
Felicia Krauß et al.
2007.10193 astro-ph

Demonstration of stellar intensity interferometry with the four VERITAS telescopes
A. U. Abeysekara et al.
2007.10295 astro-ph

Estimating survival probability using the terrestrial extinction history for the search for extraterrestrial life
Kohji Tsumura
2007.09904 astro-ph

What if ALP dark matter for the XENON1T excess is the inflaton
Fuminobu Takahashi, Masaki Yamada, Wen Yin
2007.10311 hep-ph

A radiative seesaw model linking to XENON1T anomaly
Jongkuk Kim, Takaaki Nomura, Hiroshi Okada
2007.09894 hep-ph

Explaining The XENON1T Excess With Light Goldstini Dark Matter
Junjie Cao, Xiaokang Du, Zhuang Li, Fei Wang, Yang Zhang
2007.09981 hep-ph

Mon, Jul 20, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Back to (Mass-)Square(d) One: The Neutrino Mass Ordering in Light of Recent Data
Kevin J. Kelly et al.
2007.08526 hep-ph

Star-icon 3HWC: The Third HAWC Catalog of Very-High-Energy Gamma-ray Sources
HAWC Collaboration
2007.08582 astro-ph

Projected WIMP Sensitivity of the XENONnT Dark Matter Experiment
XENON Collaboration
2007.08796 physics

Investigating the detection of dark matter subhalos as extended sources with Fermi-LAT
Mattia Di Mauro, Martin Stref, Francesca Calore
2007.08535 astro-ph

Cosmic ray propagation in the Universe in presence of a random magnetic field
A. D. Supanitsky
2007.09064 astro-ph

Reconstruction of Events Recorded with the Surface Detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2007.09035 astro-ph

Novel aspects of cosmic ray diffusion in synthetic magnetic turbulence
Andrej Dundovic, Oreste Pezzi, Pasquale Blasi, Carmelo Evoli, William H. Matthaeus
2007.09142 astro-ph

Lepton flavour violation from an anomaly-free leptophilic axion-like particle
C. Han, M.L. López-Ibáñez, A. Melis, O. Vives, J. M. Yang
2007.08834 hep-ph

Dark matter models for the 511 keV galactic line predict keV electron recoils on Earth
Yohei Ema, Filippo Sala, Ryosuke Sato
2007.09105 hep-ph

Gravitational-Wave Lunar Observatory for Cosmology
Karan Jani, Abraham Loeb
2007.08550 astro-ph

Fri, Jul 17, 2020

Star-icon Where do IceCube neutrinos come from? Hints from the diffuse gamma-ray flux
Antonio Capanema, Arman Esmaili, Pasquale Dario Serpico
2007.07911 hep-ph

Star-icon Charm contribution to ultrahigh-energy neutrinos from newborn magnetars
Jose Alonso Carpio, Kohta Murase, Mary Hall Reno, Anna Stasto
2007.07945 astro-ph

Dispelling a myth on dense neutrino media: fast pairwise conversions depend on energy
Shashank Shalgar, Irene Tamborra
2007.07926 astro-ph

A search for hep solar neutrinos and the diffuse supernova neutrino background using all three phases of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
SNO Collaboration
2007.08018 hep-ex

EFT Interpretation of XENON1T Electron Recoil Excess: Neutrinos and Dark Matter
Giorgio Arcadi et al.
2007.08500 hep-ph

Dark Matter, Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment and the XENON1T Excess
Debajyoti Choudhury, Suvam Maharana, Divya Sachdeva, Vandana Sahdev
2007.08205 hep-ph

Missing in Action: New Physics and the Black Hole Mass Gap
Djuna Croon, Samuel D. McDermott, Jeremy Sakstein
2007.07889 gr-qc

Are Fast Radio Bursts Produced By Large Glitches Of Anomalous X-ray Pulsars?
Shlomo Dado, Arnon Dar
2007.08370 astro-ph

An experiment to test the discreteness of time
Marios Christodoulou, Andrea Di Biagio, Pierre Martin-Dussaud
2007.08431 gr-qc

Thu, Jul 16, 2020

Star-icon Observable features in (ultra)high energy neutrinos due to active-sterile secret interactions
Damiano F. G. Fiorillo, Stefano Morisi, Gennaro Miele, Ninetta Saviano
2007.07866 hep-ph

Sensitivity of reactor experiments to nonstandard neutrino interactions in beta decay rates
Andrew D. Santos
2007.07409 hep-ph

Gravitational Waves from Neutrino Asymmetries in Core-Collapse Supernovae
David Vartanyan, Adam Burrows
2007.07261 astro-ph

A constraint on light primordial black holes from the interstellar medium temperature
Hyungjin Kim
2007.07739 hep-ph

Wed, Jul 15, 2020

Cosmic Imprints of XENON1T Axions
Fernando Arias-Aragon et al.
2007.06579 hep-ph

Dark Nucleosynthesis: Cross-sections and Astrophysical Signals
Rakhi Mahbubani, Michele Redi, Andrea Tesi
2007.07231 hep-ph

Will Gravitational Waves Discover the First Extra-Galactic Planetary System?
Camilla Danielski, Nicola Tamanini
2007.07010 astro-ph

James Chadwick: ahead of his time
Gerhard Ecker
2007.06926 physics

Tue, Jul 14, 2020

Probing Particle Acceleration through Broadband Early Afterglow Emission of MAGIC Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 190114C
Katsuaki Asano, Kohta Murase, Kenji Toma
2007.06307 astro-ph

On the nature of GW190814 and its impact on the understanding of supranuclear matter
Ingo Tews et al.
2007.06057 astro-ph

A cosmic Zevatron based on cyclotron auto-resonance
Yousef I. Salamin, Meng Wen, Christoph H. Keitel
2007.06409 astro-ph

Constraining Primordial Black Hole Fraction at the Galactic Centre using radio observational data
Man Ho Chan, Chak Man Lee
2007.05677 astro-ph

On the Origin of Long-Lived Particles
Jared Barron, David Curtin
2007.05538 hep-ph

New cosmological bounds on axions in the XENON1T window
Marius Millea
2007.05659 astro-ph

Evidence of A Simple Dark Sector from XENON1T Anomaly
Cheng-Wei Chiang, Bo-Qiang Lu
2007.06401 hep-ph

One, No One, and One Hundred Thousand — Inferring the properties of a population in presence of selection effects
Salvatore Vitale
2007.05579 astro-ph

Synchronized neutrino communications over intergalactic distances
A. D. Santos, E. Fischbach, J. T. Gruenwald
2007.05736 astro-ph

The Complexity and Information Content of Simulated Universes
Franco Vazza
2007.05995 astro-ph

Mon, Jul 13, 2020

Star-icon Relaxing Cosmological Neutrino Mass Bounds with Unstable Neutrinos
Miguel Escudero, Jacobo Lopez-Pavon, Nuria Rius, Stefan Sandner
2007.04994 hep-ph

Star-icon Global fits of axion-like particles to XENON1T and astrophysical data
Peter Athron et al.
2007.05517 astro-ph

An Attractive Scenario for Light Dark Matter Direct Detection
Hooman Davoudiasl, Peter B. Denton, Julia Gehrlein
2007.04989 hep-ph

An Active-to-Sterile Neutrino Transition Dipole Moment and the XENON1T Excess
Ian M. Shoemaker, Yu-Dai Tsai, Jason Wyenberg
2007.05513 hep-ph

Core-collapse supernova neutrino emission and detection informed by state-of-the-art three-dimensional numerical models
Hiroki Nagakura, Adam Burrows, David Vartanyan, David Radice
2007.05000 astro-ph

Fri, Jul 10, 2020

Resolving acceleration *to very high energies along the Jet of Centaurus A
H.E.S.S. Collaboration
2007.04823 astro-ph

Gravitational-wave Signature of a First-order Quantum Chromodynamics Phase Transition in Core-Collapse Supernovae
Shuai Zha, Evan P. O’Connor, Ming-chung Chu, Lap-Ming Lin, Sean M. Couch
2007.04716 astro-ph

“Non-Local” Effects from Boosted Dark Matter in Indirect Detection
Kaustubh Agashe, Steven J. Clark, Bhaskar Dutta, Yuhsin Tsai
200.04971 astro-ph

Detectability of Thermal Emission from Sub-Relativistic Objects
Thiem Hoang, Abraham Loeb
2007.04892 astro-ph

Thu, Jul 09, 2020

Star-icon Sensitivities of KM3NeT on decaying dark matter
Kenny C. Y. Ng et al.
2007.03692 astro-ph

Star-icon The low rate of Galactic pevatrons
P. Cristofari, P. Blasi, E. Amato
2007.04294 astro-ph

Axion and neutrino red-giant bounds updated with geometric distance determinations
Francesco Capozzi, Georg Raffelt
2007.03694 astro-ph

Is GW170817 a Multimessenger Neutron Star-Primordial Black Hole Merger?
Yu-Dai Tsai, Antonella Palmese, Stefano Profumo, Tesla Jeltema
2007.03686 astro-ph

GeV-scale neutrinos: interactions with mesons and DUNE sensitivity
Pilar Coloma et al.
2007.03701 hep-ph

Large Neutrino Magnetic Moments in the Light of Recent Experiments
K.S. Babu, Sudip Jana, Manfred Lindner
2007.04291 hep-ph

Wed, Jul 08, 2020

Signatures of Ultralight Dark Matter in Neutrino Oscillation Experiments
Abhish Dev, Pedro A.N. Machado, Pablo Martínez-Miravé
2007.03590 hep-ph

New physics at nuSTORM
Kaustav Chakraborty, Srubabati Goswami, Kenneth Long
2007.03321 hep-ph

Neutrinos from the cosmic noon: a probe of the cosmic star formation history
Riya, Vikram Rentala
2007.02951 astro-ph

On self-gravitating strange dark matter halos around galaxies
Marco Merafina et al.
2007.03024 astro-ph

Undulating Dark Matter
Joe Davighi, Matthew McCullough, Joseph Tooby-Smith
2007.03662 hep-ph

Neutron Star Extreme Matter Observatory: A kilohertz-band gravitational-wave detector in the global network
K. Ackley et al.
2007.03128 astro-ph

Monte Carlo estimation of the probability of causal contacts between communicating civilisations
Marcelo Lares, José Funes, Luciana Gramajo
2007.03597 physics

Tue, Jul 07, 2020

A complete model of Phenomenologically Emergent Dark Energy
Weiqiang Yang, Eleonora Di Valentino, Supriya Pan, Olga Mena
2007.02927 astro-ph

On the true fractions of repeating and non-repeating FRB sources
Shunke Ai, He Gao, Bing Zhang
2007.02400 astro-ph

Supernova Triggers for End-Devonian Extinctions?
Brian D. Fields et al.
2007.01887 astro-ph

Dark Matter Z′ and XENON1T Excess from U(1)X Extended Standard Model
Nobuchika Okada, Satomi Okada, Digesh Raut, Qaisar Shafi
2007.02898 hep-ph

Mon, Jul 06, 2020

The signature of energy losses on the cosmic ray electron spectrum
Carmelo Evoli, Pasquale Blasi, Elena Amato, Roberto Aloisio
2007.01302 astro-ph

Cornering (quasi) degenerate neutrinos with cosmology
Massimiliano Lattanzi, Martina Gerbino, Katherine Freese, Gordon Kane, José W. F. Valle
2007.01650 astro-ph

Searching for axion-like particles under strong gravitational lenses
Aritra Basu, Jishnu Goswami, Dominik J. Schwarz, Yuko Urakawa
2007.01440 astro-ph

Constraining the spin-independent elastic scattering cross section of dark matter using the Moon as a detection target and the background neutrino data
Man Ho Chan, Chak Man Lee
2007.01589 astro-ph

Radio-Frequency Searches for Dark Matter in Dwarf Galaxies
Geoff Beck
2007.01689 astro-ph

Overlay of the Special Issue ‘The Role of Halo Substructure in Gamma-Ray Dark Matter Searches’
Miguel Angel Sanchez Conde, Michele Doro
2007.01747 astro-ph

Nearby source interpretation of differences among light and medium composition spectra in cosmic rays
Qiang Yuan, Bing-Qiang Qiao, Yi-Qing Guo, Yi-Zhong Fan, Xiao-Jun Bi
2007.01768 astro-ph

XENON1T signal from transition neutrino magnetic moments
O. G. Miranda, D. K. Papoulias, M. Tórtola, J. W. F. Valle
2007.01765 hep-ph

Constraints on electron-scattering interpretation of XENON1T excess
So Chigusa, Motoi Endo, Kazunori Kohri
2007.01663 hep-ph

Fri, Jul 03, 2020

Observation of the cosmic ray shadow of the Sun with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
ANTARES Collaboration
2006.00931 astro-ph

Constraining the Charge-Sign and Rigidity-Dependence of Solar Modulation
Ilias Cholis, Dan Hooper, Tim Linden
2006.00669 astro-ph

Implications of a possible TeV break in the cosmic-ray electron and positron flux
Yu-Chen Ding, Nan Li, Chun-Cheng Wei, Yue-Liang Wu, Yu-Feng Zhou
2006.00703 astro-ph

Formation of mass-gap objects in highly asymmetric mergers
Mohammadtaher Safarzadeh, Abraham Loeb
2006.00847 astro-ph

Probing P- and CP-violation in dark matter interactions
Riccardo Catena, Joakim Hagel, Carlos E. Yaguna
2006.01262 hep-ph

Long range dark matter self-interactions and plasma instabilities
Robert Lasenby
2006.00667 hep-ph

Thu, Jul 02, 2020

Star-icon Tau neutrinos at DUNE: new strategies, new opportunities
Pedro Machado, Holger Schulz, Jessica Turner
2007.00015 hep-ph

Star-icon Neutrino decoherence from quantum gravitational stochastic perturbations
Thomas Stuttard, Mikkel Jensen
2007.00068 hep-ph

Star-icon What is the price of abandoning dark matter? Cosmological constraints on alternative gravity theories
Kris Pardo, David N. Spergel
2007.00555 astro-ph

Star-icon Missing in Axion: where are XENON1T’s big black holes?
Djuna Croon, Samuel D. McDermott, Jeremy Sakstein
2007.00650 hep-ph

Search for a large-scale anisotropy on arrival directions of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays observed with the Telescope Array Experiment
Telescope Array Collaboration
2007.00023 astro-ph

Model-independent discovery prospects for primordial black holes at LIGO
Benjamin V. Lehmann, Stefano Profumo, Jackson Yant
2007.00021 astro-ph

Investigating the XENON1T Low-Energy Electronic Recoil Excess Using NEST
M. Szydagis, C. Levy, G.M. Blockinger, A. Kamaha, N. Parveen, G.R.C. Rischbieter
2007.00528 hep-ex

Active-sterile neutrino mixing constraint using reactor antineutrinos with the ISMRAN set-up
S. P. Behera, D. K. Mishra, L. M. Pant
2007.00392 hep-ph

Wed, Jul 01, 2020

Star-icon Updated MiniBooNE Neutrino Oscillation Results with Increased Data and New Background Studies
MiniBooNE Collaboration
2006.16883 hep-ex

Measurements of the Time-Dependent Cosmic-Ray Sun Shadow with Seven Years of IceCube Data — Comparison with the Solar Cycle and Magnetic Field Models
IceCube Collaboration
2006.16298 astro-ph

A Guaranteed Discovery at Future Muon Colliders
Rodolfo Capdevilla, David Curtin, Yonatan Kahn, Gordan Krnjaic
2006.16277 hep-ph

Straight Lightning as a Signature of Macroscopic Dark Matter
Nathaniel Starkman, Jagjit Sidhu, Harrison Winch, Glenn Starkman
2006.16272 astro-ph

Dark Matter Annihilation Can Produce a Detectable Antihelium Flux through Λ¯b Decays
Martin Wolfgang Winkler, Tim Linden
2006.16251 hep-ph

Revisiting primordial black holes capture into neutron stars
Yoann Génolini, Pasquale Serpico, Peter Tinyakov
2006.16975 astro-ph

H0 Ex Machina: Vacuum Metamorphosis and Beyond H0
Eleonora Di Valentino, Eric V. Linder, Alessandro Melchiorri
2006.16291 astro-ph

Neutrino amplitude decomposition: Toward observing the atmospheric – solar wave interference
Hisakazu Minakata
2006.16594 hep-ph

Implications of the XENON1T Excess on the Dark Matter Interpretation
Haider Alhazmi et al.
2006.16252 hep-ph

XENON1T excess in local Z2 DM models with light dark sector
Seungwon Baek, Jongkuk Kim, P. Ko
2006.16876 hep-ph

XENON1T solar axion and the Higgs boson emerging from the dark
Giacomo Cacciapaglia et al.
2006.16267 hep-ph

An Introduction to Effective Field Theories
Riccardo Penco
2006.16285 hep-th

Dyson Spheres
Jason T. Wright
2006.16734 astro-ph

Tue, Jun 30, 2020

Star-icon The First Three Seconds: a Review of Possible Expansion Histories of the Early Universe
Rouzbeh Allahverdi et al.
2006.16182 astro-ph

Star-icon Long-baseline neutrino oscillation physics potential of the DUNE experiment
DUNE Collaboration
2006.16043 hep-ex

Star-icon Telling Solar Neutrinos from Solar Axions When You Can’t Shut Off the Sun
Pilar Coloma, Patrick Huber, Jonathan M. Link
2006.15767 hep-ph

Star-icon Systematics in the XENON1T data: the 15-keV anti-axion
Christopher Dessert, Joshua W. Foster, Yonatan Kahn, Benjamin R. Safdi
2006.16220 hep-ph

Precision constraints for three-flavor neutrino oscillations from the full MINOS+ and MINOS data set
MINOS+ Collaboration
2006.15208 hep-ex

Identifying Galactic Sources of High-Energy Neutrinos
Ali Kheirandish
2006.16087 astro-ph

Cosmic rays across the star-forming galaxy sequence. I: Cosmic ray pressures and calorimetry
Roland M. Crocker, Mark R. Krumholz, Todd A. Thompson
2006.15819 astro-ph

Cosmic rays across the star-forming galaxy sequence. II: Stability limits and the onset of cosmic ray-driven outflows
Roland M. Crocker, Mark R. Krumholz, Todd A. Thompson
2006.15821 astro-ph

Search For Electron-Antineutrinos Associated With Gravitational-Wave Events GW150914, GW151012, GW151226, GW170104, GW170608, GW170814, and GW170817 at Daya Bay
Daya Bay Collaboration
2006.15386 astro-ph

Experimental constraint on axion-like particle coupling over seven orders of magnitude in mass
Tanya S. Roussy et al.
2006.15787 hep-ph

Semi-annihilating Z3 Dark Matter for XENON1T Excess
P. Ko, Yong Tang
2006.15822 hep-ph

XENON1T Excess: Some Possible Backgrounds
Biplob Bhattacherjee, Rhitaja Sengupta
2006.16172 hep-ph

Solar Neutrino Scattering with Electron into Massive Sterile Neutrino
Shao-Feng Ge, Pedro Pasquini, Jie Sheng
2006.16069 hep-ph

Impact of loop-induced processes on the boosted dark matter interpretation of the XENON1T excess
Luigi Delle Rose, Gert Hütsi, Carlo Marzo, Luca Marzola
2006.16078 hep-ph

Pseudo-Dirac Dark Matter in XENON1T
Wei Chao, Yu Gao, Ming jie Jin
2006.16145 hep-ph

Lepton Number Violating Electron Recoils at XENON1T by the U(1)B−L Model with Non-Standard Interactions
Yu Gao, Tianjun Li
2006.16192 hep-ph

Ocean Worlds Exploration and the Search for Life
Samuel M. Howell et al.
2006.15803 astro-ph

Mon, Jun 29, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon First Direct Experimental Evidence of CNO neutrinos
Borexino Collaboration
2006.15115 hep-ex

Hydrogen portal to exotic radioactivity
David McKeen, Maxim Pospelov, Nirmal Raj
2006.15140 hep-ph

Unexpected Circular Radio Objects at High Galactic Latitude
Ray P. Norris et al.
2006.14805 astro-ph

Implications of the search for optical counterparts during the second part of the Advanced LIGO’s and Advanced Virgo’s third observing run: lessons learned for future follow-up observations
Michael W. Coughlin et al.
2006.14756 astro-ph

A search for fast radio burst-like emission from Fermi gamma-ray bursts
Mieke Bouwhuis et al.
2006.14906 astro-ph

Neutrino interaction classification with a convolutional neural network in the DUNE far detector
DUNE Collaboration
2006.15052 physics

Fri, Jun 26, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Systematic parameter space study for the UHECR origin from GRBs in models with multiple internal shocks
Jonas Heinze et al.
2006.14301 astro-ph

Supernova Muons: New Constraints on Z’ Bosons, Axions, and ALPs
Djuna Croon, Gilly Elor, Rebecca K. Leane, Samuel D. McDermott
2006.13942 hep-ph

The XMM Cluster Survey: new evidence for the 3.5 keV feature in clusters is inconsistent with a dark matter origin
S. Bhargava et al.
2006.13955 astro-ph

Weighing the Neutrinos with the Galaxy Shape-Shape Correlations
Jounghun Lee, Suho Ryu
2006.14477 astro-ph

Ultralight Scalar Decay and the Hubble Tension
Mark Gonzalez, Mark P. Hertzberg, Fabrizio Rompineve
2006.13959 astro-ph

Re-examining the Solar Axion Explanation for the XENON1T Excess
Christina Gao, Jia Liu, Lian-Tao Wang, Xiao-Ping Wang, Wei Xue, Yi-Ming Zhong
2006.14598 hep-ph

Electromagnetic Signals of Inelastic Dark Matter Scattering
Masha Baryakhtar, Asher Berlin, Hongwan Liu, Neal Weiner
2006.13918 hep-ph

Electric But Not Eclectic: Thermal Relic Dark Matter for the XENON1T Excess
Joseph Bramante, Ningqiang Song
2006.14089 hep-ph

XENON1T Anomaly: A Light Z′
Manfred Lindner, Yann Mambrini, Tessio B. de Melo, Farinaldo S. Queiroz
2006.14590 hep-ph

Exploring New Physics with O(keV) Electron Recoils in Direct Detection Experiments
Itay M. Bloch et al.
2006.14521 hep-ph

From oscillation dip to oscillation valley in atmospheric neutrino experiments
Anil Kumar, Amina Khatun, Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla, Amol Dighe
2006.14529 hep-ph

Symmetries and their breaking in the fundamental laws of physics
Jose Bernabeu
2006.13996 hep-ph

Thu, Jun 25, 2020

Interpreting LIGO/Virgo “Mass-Gap” events as lensed Neutron Star-Black Hole binaries
Tom Broadhurst, Jose M. Diego, George F. Smoot
2006.13219 astro-ph

Dark Radiation from Inflationary Fluctuations
Gordan Krnjaic
2006.13224 hep-ph

Scalar Direct Detection: In-Medium Effects
Graciela B. Gelmini, Volodymyr Takhistov, Edoardo Vitagliano
2006.13909 hep-ph

XENON1T observes tritium
Alan E. Robinson
2006.13278 hep-ex

A Comment on the note arXiv:2006.13147 on arXiv:2005.05301, “Preparation of the Neutrino-4 experiment on search for sterile neutrino and the obtained results of measurements”
A.P. Serebrov, R. M. Samoilov
2006.13639 hep-ex

Breakthrough Listen Search for Technosignatures Towards the Kepler-160 System
Karen Perez et al.
2006.13789 astro-ph

Wed, Jun 24, 2020

Star-icon GW190814: Gravitational Waves from the Coalescence of a 23 M⊙ Black Hole with a 2.6 M⊙ Compact Object
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration
2006.12611 astro-ph

Star-icon Astronomy Paper Seminar Participation Guide & Reading Walkthrough
Kevin C. Cooke et al.
2006.12566 astro-ph

Star-icon Note on arXiv:2005.05301, ‘Preparation of the Neutrino-4 experiment on search for sterile neutrino and the obtained results of measurements’
H. Almaza’n et al.
2006.13147 hep-ph

COHERENT Collaboration data release from the first detection of coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering on argon
COHERENT Collaboration
2006.12659 nucl-ex

Sterile neutrino self-interactions: H0 tension and short-baseline anomalies
Maria Archidiacono, Stefano Gariazzo, Carlo Giunti, Steen Hannestad, Thomas Tram
2006.12885 astro-ph

The GCE in a New Light: Disentangling the γ-ray Sky with Bayesian Graph Convolutional Neural Networks
Florian List, Nicholas L. Rodd, Geraint F. Lewis, Ishaan Bhat
2006.12504 astro-ph

Physical Conditions and Particle Acceleration in the Kiloparsec Jet of Centaurus A
Takahiro Sudoh, Dmitry Khangulyan, Yoshiyuki Inoue
2006.12519 astro-ph

Large-scale Simulations of Antihelium Production in Cosmic-ray Interactions
Anirvan Shukla et al.
2006.12707 astro-ph

Origin of sources of repeating fast radio bursts with periodicity in close binary systems
S.B. Popov
2006.12037 astro-ph

Does Matter Matter? Using the mass distribution to distinguish neutron stars and black holes
Maya Fishbach, Reed Essick, Daniel E. Holz
2006.13178 astro-ph

A Somewhat Random Walk Through Nuclear and Particle Physics
Thomas D. Cohen, Nicholas R. Poniatowski
2006.12564 hep-ph

Prospects of Migdal Effect in the Explanation of XENON1T Electron Recoil Excess
Ujjal Kumar Dey, Tarak Nath Maity, Tirtha Sankar Ray
2006.12529 hep-ph

Exploring for sub-MeV Boosted Dark Matter from Xenon Electron Direct Detection
Qing-Hong Cao, Ran Ding, Qian-Fei Xiang
2006.12767 hep-ph

Dark Matter Search at Colliders and Neutrino Floor
Qing-Hong Cao, An-Kang Wei, Qian-Fei Xiang
2006.12768 hep-ph

Collider Constraints on a Dark Matter Interpretation of the XENON1T Excess
R. Primulando, J. Julio, P. Uttayarat
2006.13161 hep-ph

Can nonstandard neutrino interactions explain the XENON1T spectral excess?
Amir N. Khan
2006.12887 hep-ph

Gravitational Production of Hidden Photon Dark Matter in light of the XENON1T Excess
Kazunori Nakayama, Yong Tang
2006.13159 hep-ph

Exothermic Dark Matter for XENON1T Excess
Hyun Min Lee
2006.13183 hep-ph

Tue, Jun 23, 2020

Star-icon Recurrent Neutrino Emission from Supermassive Black Hole Mergers
O. de Bruijn, I. Bartos, P.L. Biermann, J. Becker Tjus
2006.11288 astro-ph

A possible polar origin for the FRB associated with a Galactic magnetar
G. Younes et al.
2006.11358 astro-ph

High-energy processes in starburst-driven winds
Ana Laura Müller, Gustavo E. Romero, Markus Roth
2006.13359 astro-ph

Potential Impact of Fast Flavor Oscillations on Neutrino-driven Winds and Their Nucleosynthesis
Zewei Xiong, Andre Sieverding, Manibrata Sen, Yong-Zhong Qian
2006.11414 astro-ph

Measuring the energy spectrum of neutral pions in ultra–high–energy proton–air interactions
Lorenzo Cazon, Ruben Conceição, Miguel Alexandre Martins, Felix Riehn
2006.11303 astro-ph

Explaining the XENON1T excess with Luminous Dark Matter
Nicole F. Bell, James B. Dent, Bhaskar Dutta, Sumit Ghosh, Jason Kumar, Jayden L. Newstead
2006.12461 hep-ph

Solar axions cannot explain the XENON1T excess
Luca Di Luzio, Marco Fedele, Maurizio Giannotti, Federico Mescia, Enrico Nardi
2006.12487 hep-ph

Neutrino self-interactions and XENON1T electron recoil excess
Andreas Bally, Sudip Jana, Andreas Trautner
2006.11919 hep-ph

On-shell mediator dark matter models and the Xenon1T anomaly
Mingxuan Du, Jinhan Liang, Zuowei Liu, Van Que Tran, Yilun Xue
2006.11949 hep-ph

Shining dark matter in Xenon1T
Gil Paz, Alexey A. Petrov, Michele Tammaro, Jure Zupan
2006.12462 hep-ph

Sun Heated MeV-scale Dark Matter and the XENON1T Electron Recoil Excess
Yifan Chen, Jing Shu, Xiao Xue, Guanwen Yuan, Qiang Yuan
2006.12447 hep-ph

Light vector mediators facing XENON1T data
D. Aristizabal Sierra, V. De Romeri, L. J. Flores, D. K. Papoulias
2006.12457 hep-ph

Galactic Origin of Relativistic Bosons and XENON1T Excess
Jatan Buch, Manuel A. Buen-Abad, JiJi Fan, John Shing Chau Leung
2006.12488 hep-ph

Xenon1T anomaly: Inelastic Cosmic Ray Boosted Dark Matter
Liangliang Su, Wenyu Wang, Lei Wu, Jin Min Yang, Bin Zhu
2006.11837 hep-ph

Inelastic Dark Matter Electron Scattering and the XENON1T Excess
Keisuke Harigaya, Yuichiro Nakai, Motoo Suzuki
2006.11938 hep-ph

XENON1T Anomaly and its Implication for Decaying Warm Dark Matter
Gongjun Choi, Motoo Suzuki, Tsutomu T. Yanagida
2006.12348 hep-ph

Beyond a pale blue dot : how to search for possible bio-signatures on earth-like planets
Yasushi Suto
2006.11451 astro-ph

Mon, Jun 22, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon 2020 Global reassessment of the neutrino oscillation picture
P. F. de Salas et al.
2006.11237 hep-ph

Star-icon Improved Short-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Search and Energy Spectrum Measurement with the PROSPECT Experiment at HFIR
PROSPECT Collaboration
2006.11210 hep-ex

Star-icon Light new physics in XENON1T
Celine Boehm et al.
2006.11250 hep-ph

Hidden Photon Dark Matter in the Light of XENON1T and Stellar Cooling
G. Alonso-Álvarez, F. Ertas, J. Jaeckel, F. Kahlhoefer, L. J. Thormaehlen
2006.11243 hep-ph

Dark matter capture in celestial objects: light mediators, self-interactions, and complementarity with direct detection
Basudeb Dasgupta, Aritra Gupta, Anupam Ray
2006.10773 hep-ph

Solar neutrino probes of the muon anomalous magnetic moment in the gauged U(1)Lμ−Lτ
Dorian Warren Praia do Amaral, David G. Cerdeno, Patrick Foldenauer, Elliott Reid
2006.11225 hep-ph

Constraining Early Dark Energy with Large-Scale Structure
Mikhail M. Ivanov et al.
2006.11235 astro-ph

Primordial Black Hole Dark Matter and the LIGO/Virgo observations
Karsten Jedamzik
2006.11172 astro-ph

Fuzzy Dark Matter and Dark Matter Halo Cores
Andreas Burkert
2006.11111 astro-ph

Fri, Jun 19, 2020

Star-icon Radio interferometry applied to the observation of cosmic-ray induced extensive air showers
Harm Schoorlemmer, Washington R. Carvalho Jr
2006.10348 astro-ph

Dark Matter and the XENON1T electron recoil excess
Kristjan Kannike, Martti Raidal, Hardi Veermäe, Alessandro Strumia, Daniele Teresi
2006.10735 hep-ph

Reacceleration of charged dark matter
M. Kachelriess, J. Tjemsland
2006.10479 astro-ph

Astrophysics: A fast radio burst with an unexpected repeat period
Bing Zhang
2006.10727 astro-ph

Looking forward to test the KOTO anomaly with FASER
Felix Kling, Sebastian Trojanowski
2006.10630 hep-ph

What binary systems are the most likely sources for periodically repeating FRBs?
Xianfei Zhang, He Gao
2006.10328 astro-ph

GRB Fermi-LAT afterglows: explaining flares, breaks, and energetic photons
N. Fraija et al.
2006.10291 astro-ph

A brief overview of black hole-neutron star mergers
Francois Foucart
2006.10570 astro-ph

AstroDance: Engaging Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students in Astrophysics via Multimedia Performances
J. Nordhaus et al.
2006.10543 physics

Thu, Jun 18, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Observation of Excess Electronic Recoil Events in XENON1T
XENON Collaboration
2006.09721 hep-ex

Star-icon Space-Based Measurement of the Neutron Lifetime using Data from the Neutron Spectrometer on NASA’s MESSENGER Mission
Jack T. Wilson et al.
2006.10008 nucl-ex

Star-icon XENON1T anomaly from anomaly-free ALP dark matter
Fuminobu Takahashi, Masaki Yamada, Wen Yin
2006.10035 hep-ph

Star-icon The Impact of Different Parameterizations on the Interpretation of CP Violation in Neutrino Oscillations
Peter B. Denton, Rebekah Pestes
2006.09384 hep-ph

Finding eV-scale Light Relics with Cosmological Observables
Nicholas DePorzio, Weishuang Linda Xu, Julian B. Muñoz, Cora Dvorkin
2006.09380 astro-ph

New production channels for light dark matter in hadronic showers
Andrea Celentano, Luc Darmé, Luca Marsicano, Enrico Nardi
2006.09419 hep-ph

Searching for Dark Matter Signals in Timing Spectra at Neutrino Experiments
Bhaskar Dutta et al.
2006.09386 hep-ph

Accurately Weighing Neutrinos with Cosmological Surveys
Weishuang Linda Xu, Nicholas DePorzio, Julian B. Muñoz, Cora Dvorkin
2006.09395 astro-ph

Combined Limit on the Photon Mass with Nine Localized Fast Radio Bursts
Jun-Jie Wei, Xue-Feng Wu
2006.09680 astro-ph

Note on Thermalization of Non-resonantly Produced Sterile Neutrinos
Graciela B. Gelmini, Philip Lu, Volodymyr Takhistov
2006.09553 hep-ph

Wed, Jun 17, 2020

Star-icon Signatures of secondary acceleration in neutrino flares
Claire Guépin
2006.08660 astro-ph

Determining the nuclear neutron distribution from Coherent Elastic neutrino-Nucleus Scattering: current results and future prospects
Pilar Coloma, Ivan Esteban, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, Javier Menendez
2006.08624 hep-ph

A New Multi-Wavelength Census of Blazars
A. Paggi, M. Bonato, C. M. Raiteri, M. Villata, G. De Zotti, M. I. Carnerero
2006.08627 astro-ph

Neutrino (Antineutrino)-Nucleus Interactions in the Shallow- and Deep-Inelastic Scattering Regions
M. Sajjad Athar, Jorge G. Morfin
2006.08603 hep-ph

Tue, Jun 16, 2020

Deciphering the properties of the central engine in GRB collapsars
M. Petropoulou, P. Beniamini, G. Vasilopoulos, D. Giannios, R. Barniol Duran
2006.07482 astro-ph

Search for Sub-eV Sterile Neutrino at RENO
RENO Collaboration
2006.07782 hep-ex

On the determination of log-normal flux distributions for astrophysical systems
Zahir Shah, Ranjeev Misra, Atreyee Sinha
2006.07852 astro-ph

Accretion-to-jet energy conversion efficiency in GW170817
Om S. Salafia, Bruno Giacomazzo
2006.07376 astro-ph

Feynman Lectures on the Strong Interactions
Richard P. Feynman, James M. Cline
2006.08594 hep-ph

A Quantitative Assessment of Communicating Extra-Terrestrial Intelligent Civilizations in the Galaxy and the Case of FRB-like Signals
Bing Zhang
2006.08493 physics

Mon, Jun 15, 2020

Search for Axionlike-Particle-Induced Prompt Gamma-Ray Emission from Extragalactic Core-Collapse Supernovae with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Manuel Meyer, Tanja Petrushevska
2006.06722 astro-ph

Teraelectronvolt emission from the γ-ray burst GRB 190114C
MAGIC Collaboration
2006.07249 astro-ph

Probing Dark Photons with Plasma Haloscopes
Graciela B. Gelmini, Alexander J. Millar, Volodymyr Takhistov, Edoardo Vitagliano
2006.06836 hep-ph

Production of secondary particles in heavy nuclei interactions in supernova remnants
Maulik Bhatt et al.
2006.07018 astro-ph

Evolution and observational signatures of the cosmic ray electron spectrum in SN 1006
Georg Winner, Christoph Pfrommer, Philipp Girichidis, Maria Werhahn, Matteo Pais
2006.06683 astro-ph

Simulating the “hidden giant” in cold and self-interacting dark matter models
Omid Sameie et al.
2006.06681 astro-ph

π Earth: a 3.14 days Earth-sized Planet from \textit{K2}’s Kitchen served warm by the SPECULOOS Team
Prajwal Niraula et al.
2006.07308 astro-ph

Fri, Jun 12, 2020

Cosmic Flavor Hexagon for Ultrahigh-energy Neutrinos and Antineutrinos at Neutrino Telescopes
Shun Zhou
2006.06181 hep-ph

Tidal disruption events in the first billion years of a galaxy
Hugo Pfister et al.
2006.06565 astro-ph

New Interpretable Statistics for Large Scale Structure Analysis and Generation
E. Allys, T. Marchand, J.-F. Cardoso, F. Villaescusa-Navarro, S. Ho, S. Mallat
2006.06298 astro-ph

Is the faint young Sun problem for Earth solved?
Benjamin Charnay, Eric T. Wolf, Bernard Marty, François Forget
2006.06265 astro-ph

Thu, Jun 11, 2020

Star-icon On the relative importance of hadronic emission processes along the jet axis of Active Galactic Nuclei
Mario R. Hoerbe, Paul J. Morris, Garret Cotter, Julia Becker Tjus
2006.05140 astro-ph

Star-icon Cosmic Ray Spectrum from 250 TeV to 10 PeV using IceTop
IceCube Collaboration
1006.05215 astro-ph

Optical Observations Reveal Strong Evidence for High Energy Neutrino Progenitor
V. M. Lipunov et al.
2006.04918 astro-ph

Cosmological implications of the KOTO excess
Wolfgang Altmannshofer, Benjamin V. Lehmann, Stefano Profumo
2006.05064 hep-ph

Fast neutrino cooling of nuclear pasta in neutron stars: molecular dynamics simulations
Zidu Lin, Matthew E. Caplan, Charles J. Horowitz, Cecilia Lunardini
2006.04963 nucl-th

Unravelling the richness of dark sector by FASERν
Pouya Bakhti, Yasaman Farzan, Silvia Pascoli
2006.05437 hep-ph

Looking forward to Lepton-flavor-violating ALPs
Lorenzo Calibbi, Diego Redigolo, Robert Ziegler, Jure Zupan
2006.04795 hep-ph

The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon in the Standard Model
T. Aoyama et al.
2006.04822 hep-ph

New high-sensitivity searches for neutrons converting into antineutrons and/or sterile neutrons at the European Spallation Source
A. Addazi et al.
2006.04907 physics

BBN constraints on universally-coupled ultralight scalar dark matter
Sergey Sibiryakov, Philip Sørensen, Tien-Tien Yu
2006.04820 hep-ph

Wed, Jun 10, 2020

No arXiv announcements

Tue, Jun 09, 2020

Constraints on Primordial Black Holes From Big Bang Nucleosynthesis Revisited
Celeste Keith, Dan Hooper, Nikita Blinov, Samuel D. McDermott
2006.03608 astro-ph

Search for dark matter signatures in the gamma-ray emission towards the Sun with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
M. N. Mazziotta et al.
2006.04114 astro-ph

The TeV gamma-ray luminosity of the Milky-Way and the contribution of H.E.S.S. unresolved sources to VHE diffuse emission
Maddalena Cataldo, Giulia Pagliaroli, Vittoria Vecchiotti, Francesco Lorenzo Villante
2006.04106 astro-ph

Photohadronic model for the neutrino and γ-ray emission from TXS 0506+056
Sarira Sahu, Carlos Eduardo Lopez Fortin, Shigehiro Nagataki
2006.04009 astro-ph

Source-count Distribution of Gamma-Ray Blazars
Lea Marcotulli, Mattia Di Mauro, Marco Ajello
2006.04703 astro-ph

Response to a comment on Dessert et al. “The dark matter interpretation of the 3.5 keV line is inconsistent with blank-sky observations”
Christopher Dessert, Nicholas L. Rodd, Benjamin R. Safdi
2006.03974 astro-ph

Mon, Jun 08, 2020

Star-icon Variability in Short Gamma-ray Bursts: Gravitationally Unstable Tidal Tails
Eric R. Coughlin, C. J. Nixon, Jennifer Barnes, Brian D. Metzger, R. Margutti
2006.03174 astro-ph

The FRB-SGR Connection
J. I. Katz
2006.03468 astro-ph

Solar Neutrino Detection Sensitivity in DARWIN via Electron Scattering
DARWIN Collaboration
2006.03114 physics

Study on the escape timescale of high-energy particles from supernova remnants through thermal X-ray properties
Hiromasa Suzuki, Aya Bamba, Ryo Yamazaki, Yutaka Ohira
2006.03382 astro-ph

The case for decaying spin-3/2 dark matter
Marcos A. G. Garcia, Yann Mambrini, Keith A. Olive, Sarunas Verner
2006.03325 hep-ph

Effects of a scalar fifth force on the dynamics of a charged particle as a new experimental design to test chameleon theories
Jean-Philippe Uzan, Martin Pernot-Borràs, Joel Bergé
2006.03359 gr-qc

Fri, Jun 05, 2020

Theoretical prediction of presupernova neutrinos and their detection
Chinami Kato, Koji Ishidoshiro, Takashi Yoshida
2006.02519 astro-ph

Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter
Bernard Carr, Florian Kuhnel
2006.02838 astro-ph

Density Matrix Formalism for PT-Symmetric Non-Hermitian Hamiltonians with the Lindblad Equation
Tommy Ohlsson, Shun Zhou
2006.02445 quant-ph

Galactic Centre as an efficient source of cosmic rays
Rita C. Anjos, Fernando Catalani
2006.02584 astro-ph

Probing the angular and polarization reconstruction of the ARIANNA detector at the South Pole
ARIANNA Collaboration
2006.03027 astro-ph

The structure of hydrodynamic γ-ray burst jets
Ore Gottlieb, Ehud Nakar, Omer Bromberg
2006.02466 astro-ph

The Luminosity Distribution of Short Gamma-Ray Bursts under a Structured Jet Scenario
Qi Guo, Daming Wei, Yuanzhu Wang
2006.02748 astro-ph

Detecting Planet 9 via Hawking radiation
Alexandre Arbey, Jérémy Auffinger
2006.02944 astro-ph

Thu, Jun 04, 2020

Blazars at the Cosmic Dawn
Vaidehi S. Paliya et al.
2006.01857 astro-ph

Understanding the MiniBooNE and the muon g−2 anomalies with a light Z′ and a second Higgs doublet
Waleed Abdallah, Raj Gandhi, Samiran Roy
2006.01948 hep-ph

Searching for correlations of geomagnetic activities with high-energy EAS muons
Rajat K. Dey, Sabyasachi Ray, Sandip Dam
2006.02277 astro-ph

Wed, Jun 03, 2020

Star-icon Reactor Antineutrino Oscillations at Super-Kamiokande
André de Gouvêa, Ivan Martinez-Soler
2006.01155 hep-ph

A Bayesian Approach to Modelling Multi-Messenger Emission from Blazars using Lepto-Hadronic Kinetic Equations
Bruno Jiménez-Fernández, H. J. van Eerten
2006.01543 astro-ph

Mapping reactor neutrino spectra from TAO to JUNO
Francesco Capozzi, Eligio Lisi, Antonio Marrone
2006.01648 hep-ph

Dynamical Evidence For a Fifth Force Explanation of the ATOMKI Nuclear Anomalies
Jonathan L. Feng, Tim M. P. Tait, Christopher B. Verhaaren
2006.01151 hep-ph

Antimatter as Macroscopic Dark Matter
Jagjit Singh Sidhu, Robert J. Scherrer, Glenn Starkman
2006.01200 astro-ph

Spin oscillations of neutrinos scattered off a rotating black hole
Maxim Dvornikov
2006.01636 hep-ph

A Multilevel Empirical Bayesian Approach to Estimating the Unknown Redshifts of 1366 BATSE Catalog Long-Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts
Joshua A. Osborne, Amir Shahmoradi, Robert J. Nemiroff
2006.01157 astro-ph

Tue, Jun 02, 2020

MAGIC observations of the diffuse γ-ray emission in the vicinity of the Galactic Centre
MAGIC Collaboration
2006.00623 astro-ph

Indirect Detection of Dark Matter in the Galaxy
Rebecca K. Leane
2006.00513 hep-ph

The Consequences of Gamma-ray Burst Jet Opening Angle Evolution on the Inferred Star Formation Rate
Nicole M. Lloyd-Ronning, Jarrett L. Johnson, Aycin Aykutalp
2006.00022 astro-ph

Using Cosmic Rays detected by HST as Geophysical Markers I: Detection and Characterization of Cosmic Rays
Nathan Miles et al.
2006.00909 astro-ph

Revisiting the confrontation of the shock-powered synchrotron maser model with the Galactic FRB 200428
Yun-Wei Yu, Yuan-Chuan Zou, Zi-Gao Dai, Wen-Fei Yu
2006.00484 astro-ph

Will LISA Detect Harmonic Gravitational Waves from Galactic Cosmic String Loops?
Zimu Khakhaleva-Li, Craig J. Hogan
2006.00438 astro-ph

Mon, Jun 01, 2020

Star-icon Revisiting the distance to the nearest UHECR source: Effects of extra-galactic magnetic fields
Rodrigo Guedes Lang, Andrew M. Taylor, Markus Ahlers, Vitor de Souza
2005.14275 astro-ph

Fast flavor conversions in supernovae: the rise of mu-tau neutrinos
Francesco Capozzi, Madhurima Chakraborty, Sovan Chakraborty, Manibrata Sen
2005.14204 hep-ph

Cosmic-ray database update: ultra-high energy, ultra-heavy, and anti-nuclei cosmic-ray data (CRDB v4.0)
D. Maurin, H. Dembinski, J. Gonzalez, I. C. Mariş, F. Melot
2005.14663 astro-ph

Data Analysis Recipes: Products of multivariate Gaussians in Bayesian inferences
David W. Hogg, Adrian M. Price-Whelan, Boris Leistedt
2005.14199 stat

Constraints on dark matter-nucleon effective couplings in the presence of kinematically distinct halo substructures using the DEAP-3600 detector
DEAP Collaboration
2005.14667 astro-ph

Aquatic Biospheres On Temperate Planets Around Sun-like Stars And M-dwarfs
Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb
2005.14387 astro-ph

Fri, May 29, 2020

Star-icon HAWC J2227+610 and its association with G106.3+2.7, a new potential Galactic PeVatron
HAWC Collaboration
2005.13699 astro-ph

Star-icon An Unambiguous Separation of Gamma-Ray Bursts into Two Classes from Prompt Emission Alone
Christian K. Jespersen et al.
2005.13554 astro-ph

Gravitational waves and proton decay: complementary windows into GUTs
Stephen F. King, Silvia Pascoli, Jessica Turner, Ye-Ling Zhou
2005.13549 he-ph

Compact Halo around the Sun Accreted after Dark Matter Dissipative Self Interaction
Ran Huo
2005.14158 hep-ph

Thu, May 28, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon An eV-scale sterile neutrino search using eight years of atmospheric muon neutrino data from the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
IceCube Collaboration
2005.12942 hep-ex

Star-icon Searching for eV-scale sterile neutrinos with eight years of atmospheric neutrinos at the IceCube neutrino telescope
IceCube Collaboration
2005.12943 hep-ex

Modified majoron model for cosmological anomalies
Gabriela Barenboim, Ulrich Nierste
2005.13280 hep-ph

Dark Matter-Neutrino Interconversion at COHERENT, Direct Detection, and the Early Universe
Nicholas Hurtado, Hana Mir, Ian M. Shoemaker, Eli Welch, Jason Wyenberg
2005.13384 hep-ph

Supernovae neutrino detection via coherent scattering off silicon nuclei
Ana Luisa Foguel, Eduardo Souza Fraga, Carla Bonifazi
2005.13068 hep-ph

A census of baryons in the Universe from localized fast radio bursts
J.-P. Macquart et al.
2005.13161 astro-ph

On the measurement of handedness in Fermi Large Area Telescope data
Julia Asplund, Guðlaugur Jóhannesson, Axel Brandenburg
2005.13065 astro-ph

21st Century Statistical and Computational Challenges in Astrophysics
Eric D. Feigelson, Rafael S. de Souza, Emille E. O. Ishida, Gutti Jogesh Babu
2005.13025 astro-ph

On the cosmic-ray energy scale of the LOFAR radio telescope
K. Mulrey et al.
2005.13441 astro-ph

Qualitative classification of extraterrestrial civilizations
Valentin D. Ivanov, Juan Carlos Beamin, Claudio Caceres, Dante Minniti
2005.13221 physics

Wed, May 27, 2020

Star-icon Probing Lepton Flavor Models at Future Neutrino Experiments
Mattias Blennow, Monojit Ghosh, Tommy Ohlsson, Arsenii Titov
2005.12277 hep-ph

Exploration of the outer solar system with fast and small sailcraft
Slava G. Turyshev et al.
2005.12336 astro-ph

Searching for Black Holes in the Outer Solar System with LSST
Amir Siraj, Abraham Loeb
2005.12280 astro-ph

Neutrino charge constraints from scattering to the weak gravity conjecture to neutron stars
Arindam Das, Diptimoy Ghosh, Carlo Giunti, Arun Thalapillil
2005.12304 hep-ph

Sensitivity to neutrinos from the solar CNO cycle in Borexino
Borexino Collaboration
2005.12829 hep-ex

GRB 170817A as a Refreshed Shock Afterglow viewed off-axis
Gavin P. Lamb, Andrew J. Levan, Nial R. Tanvir
2005.12426 astro-ph

Dispersion measure components within host galaxies of Fast Radio Bursts: observational constraints from statistical properties of FRBs
Yuu Niino
2005.12891 astro-ph

Gravitational Decoherence of Dark Matter
Itamar Allali, Mark P. Hertzberg
2005.12287 gr-qc

Tue, May 26, 2020

Star-icon An X-Ray Burst from a Magnetar Enlightening the Mechanism of Fast Radio Bursts
M. Tavani et al.
2005.12164 astro-ph

Stringent upper limits on pulsed radio emission during an active bursting phase of the Galactic magnetar SGRJ1935+2154
L. Lin et al.
2005.11479 astro-ph

Gamma-ray counterparts of 2WHSP high-synchrotron-peaked BL Lac objects as possible signatures of ultra-high-energy cosmic-ray emission
Michael W. Toomey, Foteini Oikonomou, Kohta Murase
2005.11581 astro-ph

Atom-interferometric test of the equivalence principle at the 10−12 level
Peter Asenbaum, Chris Overstreet, Minjeong Kim, Joseph Curti, Mark A. Kasevich
2005.11624 physics

Search for exotic neutrino-electron interactions using solar neutrinos in XMASS-I
XMASS Collaboration
2005.11891 hep-ex

Storage Ring Probes of Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Peter W. Graham et al.
2005.11867 hep-ph

Mon, May 25, 2020

Star-icon A peculiar hard X-ray counterpart of a Galactic fast radio burst
A. Ridnaia et al.
2005.11178 astro-ph

Reactor neutrino applications and coherent elastic neutrino nucleus scattering
Maitland Bowen, Patrick Huber
2005.10907 physics

A Physical Background Model for the Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor
Björn Biltzinger et al.
2005.11219 astro-ph

Fri, May 22, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon A bright millisecond-duration radio burst from a Galactic magnetar
CHIME/FRB Collaboration
2005.10324 astro-ph

Star-icon A fast radio burst associated with a Galactic magnetar
Christopher D. Bochenek et al.
2005.10828 astro-ph

Interpreting NOνA and T2K data in the presence of a light sterile neutrino
Sabya Sachi Chatterjee, Antonio Palazzo
2005.10338 hep-ph

Probing Source and Detector NSI parameters at the DUNE Near Detector
Alessio Giarnetti, Davide Meloni
2005.10272 hep-ph

Inelastic Dark Matter and the SABRE Experiment
M. J. Zurowski, E. Barberio, G. Busoni
2005.10404 hep-ph

Deceleration of relativistic jets with lateral expansion
Wenbin Lu, Paz Beniamini, Austin McDowell
2005.10313 astro-ph

Detectability of Axion Dark Matter with Phonon Polaritons and Magnons
Andrea Mitridate, Tanner Trickle, Zhengkang Zhang, Kathryn M. Zurek
2005.10256 hep-ph

Thu, May 21, 2020

Dark matter searches by the planned gamma-ray telescope GAMMA-400Dark matter searches by the planned gamma-ray telescope GAMMA-400
Andrey E. Egorov et al.
2005.09032 astro-ph

Studying Type II supernovae as cosmological standard candles using the Dark Energy Survey
DES Collaboration
2005.09757 astro-ph

Lectures on Quantum Field Theory
James M. Cline
2005.10241 hep-th

Wed, May 20, 2020

Star-icon The Pacific Ocean Neutrino Experiment
M. Agostini et al.
2005.09493 astro-ph

Constraining sterile neutrinos by core-collapse supernovae with multiple detectors
Jian Tang, TseChun Wang, Meng-Ru Wu
2005.09168 hep-ph

An Objective Bayesian Analysis of Life’s Early Start and Our Late Arrival
David Kipping
2005.09008 astro-ph

Millisecond Pulsars Modify the Radio-SFR Correlation in Quiescent Galaxies
Takahiro Sudoh, Tim Linden, John F. Beacom
2005.08982 astro-ph

Simulations of Tidal Disruption Events
Giuseppe Lodato, Roseanne M. Cheng, Clement Bonnerot, Linxin Dai
2005.08974 astro-ph

Probing Energetic Light Dark Matter with Multi-Particle Tracks Signatures at DUNE
Albert De Roeck et al.
2005.08979 hep-ph

Hole or grain? A Section Pursuit Index for Finding Hidden Structure in Multiple Dimensions
Ursula Laa, Dianne Cook, Andreas Buja, German Valencia
2005.13327 stat

A Starshot Communication Downlink
Kevin L. G. Parkin
2005.08940 astro-ph

Apollo 11 and Fundamental Science
A. De Rújula
2005.09332 physics

Tue, May 19, 2020

Star-icon High-Energy Neutrino and Gamma-Ray Emission from Tidal Disruption Events and Implications for AT2019dsg
Kohta Murase et al.
2005.08937 astro-ph

Cross-correlating 2MRS galaxies with UHECR flux from Pierre Auger Observatory
Pavel Motloch
2005.08782 astro-ph

Constraining dark photon dark matter with fast radio bursts
Ricardo G. Landim
2005.08621 astro-ph

Dark sector origin of the KOTO and MiniBooNE anomalies
Alakabha Datta, Saeed Kamali, Danny Marfatia
2005.08920 hep-ph

TAO Conceptual Design Report: A Precision Measurement of the Reactor Antineutrino Spectrum with Sub-percent Energy Resolution
JUNO Collaboration
2005.08745 physics

Windowing Artifacts Likely Account for Recent Claimed Detection of Oscillating Cosmic Scale Factor
Sasha Brownsberger Christopher Stubbs Daniel Scolnic
2005.08029 astro-ph

Effects of Supernova Redshift Uncertainties on the Determination of Cosmological Parameters
Charles L. Steinhardt, Albert Sneppen, Bidisha Sen
2005.07707 astro-ph

Analytical description of CP violation in oscillations of atmospheric neutrinos traversing the Earth
Ara Ioannisian, Stefan Pokorski, Janusz Rosiek, Michal Ryczkowski
2005.07719 hep-ph

Evolving Antennas for Ultra-High Energy Neutrino Detection
Julie Rolla et al.
2005.07772 astro-ph

Mon, May 18, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Visible Decay of Astrophysical Neutrinos at IceCube
Asli Abdullahi, Peter B. Denton
2005.07200 hep-ph

Star-icon Evidence for a Supergalactic Structure of Magnetic Deflection Multiplets of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
Telescope Array Collaboration
2005.07312 astro-ph

Search for long-lived staus using neutrino telescopes
Stephan Meighen-Berger et al.
2005.07523 hep-ph

Comprehensive Multimessenger Modeling of the Extreme Blazar 3HSP J095507.9+355101 and Predictions for IceCube
Maria Petropoulou et al.
2005.07218 astro-ph

Fri, May 15, 2020

Star-icon A unified picture of Galactic and cosmological fast radio bursts
Wenbin Lu, Pawan Kumar, Bing Zhang
2005.06736 astro-ph

Can we use Next-Generation Gravitational Wave Detectors for Precision Measurements of Shapiro Delay?
Andrew G. Sullivan et al.
2005.07188 gr-qc

Big Bang Nucleosynthesis constraints on sterile neutrino and lepton asymmetry of the Universe
Graciela B. Gelmini et al.
2005.06721 hep-ph

Muons in supernovae: implications for the axion-muon coupling
Robert Bollig, William DeRocco, Peter W. Graham, Hans-Thomas Janka
2005.07141 hep-ph

Supernova neutrino detection in NOvA
NOvA Collaboration
2005.07155 physics

Leptons in the Proton
Luca Buonocore, Paolo Nason, Francesco Tramontano, Giulia Zanderighi
2005.06477 hep-ph

A precision calculation of relic neutrino decoupling
Kensuke Akita, Masahide Yamaguchi
2005.07047 hep-ph

Thu, May 14, 2020

Star-icon A concordance scenario for the observation of a neutrino from the Tidal Disruption Event AT2019dsg
Walter Winter, Cecilia Lunardini
2005.06097 astro-ph

Data-driven detection of multi-messenger transients
Iftach Sadeh
2005.06406 astro-ph

CPT and CP, an entangled couple
Gabriela Barenboim, Christoph A. Ternes, Mariam Tórtola
2005.05975 hep-ph

Lectures: From quantum mechanics to the Standard Model
Ben Gripaios
2005.06355 hep-ph

Wed, May 13, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Resonant Neutrino Self-Interactions
Cyril Creque-Sarbinowski, Jeffrey Hyde, Marc Kamionkowski
2005.05332 hep-ph

Star-iconStar-icon A high-energy neutrino coincident with a tidal disruption event
Robert Stein et al.
2005.05340 astro-ph

Star-icon Preparation of the Neutrino-4 experiment on search for sterile neutrino and the obtained results of measurements
A.P. Serebrov et al.
2005.05301 hep-ex

Tue, May 12, 2020

Star-icon Implications of a “Fast Radio Burst” from a Galactic Magnetar
Ben Margalit, Paz Beniamini, Navin Sridhar, Brian D. Metzger
2005.05283 astro-ph

Dark matter or correlated errors? Systematics of the AMS-02 antiproton excess
Jan Heisig, Michael Korsmeier, Martin Wolfgang Winkler
2005.04237 astro-ph

Fast Radio Bursts from reconnection events in magnetar magnetospheres
Maxim Lyutikov, Sergey Popov
2005.05093 astro-ph

Cobaya: Code for Bayesian Analysis of hierarchical physical models
Jesus Torrado, Antony Lewis
2005.05290 astro-ph

Probing the Nature of Neutrinos with a New Force
Pavel Fileviez Perez, Alexis D. Plascencia
2005.04235 hep-ph

Indirect Search for Dark Matter from the Galactic Center and Halo with the Super-Kamiokande Detector
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
2005.05109 hep-ex

Dark Matter Capture by Atomic Nuclei
Bartosz Fornal, Benjamin Grinstein, Yue Zhao
2005.04240 hep-ph

KOTO vs. NA62 Dark Scalar Searches
Stefania Gori, Gilad Perez, Kohsaku Tobioka
2005.05170 hep-ph

Magnetic monopoles revisited: Models and searches at colliders and in the Cosmos
Nick E. Mavromatos, Vasiliki A. Mitsou
2005.05100 hep-ph

Resonance enhancement of neutrino oscillations due to transition magnetic moments
A. V. Chukhnova, A. E. Lobanov
2005.04503 hep-ph

Dark Matter Detection Capabilities of a Large Multipurpose Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber
Eric Church, Christopher Jackson, Richard Saldanha
2005.04824 physics

Neutrino-hydrogen interactions with a high-pressure TPC
Philip Hamacher-Baumann, Xianguo Lu, Justo Martín-Albo
2005.05252 physics

Mon, May 11, 2020

Origin of Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter via Vector Secret Neutrino Interactions
Kevin J. Kelly, Manibrata Sen, Walter Tangarife, Yue Zhang
2005.03681 hep-ph

Resonant Conversion of Dark Matter Oscillons in Pulsar Magnetospheres
Anirudh Prabhu, Nicholas Rapidis
2005.03700 astro-ph

Phenomenological consequences of an interacting multicomponent dark sector
Jan Tristram Acuña, Marco Fabbrichesi, Piero Ullio
2005.04146 hep-ph

Constraining superheavy decaying dark matter with ultra-high-energy gamma rays from dwarf spheroidal galaxies
Oleg Kalashev, Mikhail Kuznetsov, Yana Zhezher
2005.04085 astro-ph

Biosignature Surveys to Exoplanet Yields and Beyond
McCullen Sandora, Joseph Silk
2005.04005 astro-ph

Toward the Detection of Relativistic Image Doubling in Water Cherenkov Detectors
Neerav Kaushal, Robert J. Nemiroff
2005.03830 astro-ph

Fri, May 08, 2020

Star-icon Probing Light Gauge Bosons in Tau Neutrino Experiments
Felix Kling
2005.03594 hep-ph

Star-icon Probing neutrino quantum decoherence at reactor experiments
André de Gouvêa, Valentina De Romeri, Christoph A. Ternes
2005.03022 hep-ph

Measuring the Speed of Gravitational Waves from the Second Observing Run of Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo
Xiaoshu Liu et al.
2005.03121 gr-qc

Black Hole Hunting with LISA
Neil J. Cornish, Kevin Shuman
2005.03610 gr-qc

Ultra-Light Dark Matter
Elisa G. M. Ferreira
2005.03254 astro-ph

Observability of Dark Matter Substructure with Pulsar Timing Correlations
Harikrishnan Ramani, Tanner Trickle, Kathryn M. Zurek
2005.03030 astro-ph

Thu, May 07, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Bayesian constraints on the astrophysical neutrino source population from IceCube data
Francesca Capel, Daniel J. Mortlock, Chad Finley
2005.02395 astro-ph

Constraining Low-luminosity Gamma-Ray Bursts as Ultra-high-energy Cosmic Ray Sources Using GRB 060218 as a Proxy
Filip Samuelsson, Damien Bégué, Felix Ryde, Asaf Pe’er, Kohta Murase
2005.02417 astro-ph

Dark Higgs Dark Matter
Cristina Mondino, Maxim Pospelov, Joshua T. Ruderman, Oren Slone
2005.02397 hep-ph

Antineutrino Detectors Remain Impractical for Nuclear Explosion Monitoring
Michael Foxe, Theodore Bowyer, Rachel Carr, John Orrell, Brent VanDevender
2005.02756 physics

Wed, May 06, 2020

Star-icon Soft MeV Gamma-Ray Background from LLow-Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei and Connection to the Origin of IceCube PeV Neutrinos
Shigeo S. Kimura, Kohta Murase, Peter Mészáros
2005.01934 astro-ph

Searching for Sub-GeV Dark Matter in the Galactic Centre using Hyper-Kamiokande
Nicole F. Bell, Matthew J. Dolan, Sandra Robles
2005.01950 hep-ph

Sterile Neutrinos and the Global Reactor Antineutrino Dataset
Jeffrey M. Berryman, Patrick Huber
2005.01756 hep-ph

Afterglow constraints on the viewing angle of binary neutron star mergers and determination of the Hubble constant
Ehud Nakar, Tsvi Piran
2005.01754 astro-ph

Is an Infinitely Long Ruler Possible in an Expanding Universe?
Aaron Glanville, Tamara Davis
2005.01968 astro-ph

Freeze-in Dark Matter from Secret Neutrino Interactions
Yong Du, Fei Huang, Hao-Lin Li, Jiang-Hao Yu
2005.01717 hep-ph

Tue, May 05, 2020

Star-icon Physics results from the first COHERENT observation of CEνNS in argon and their combination with cesium-iodide data
M. Cadeddu, F. Dordei, C. Giunti, Y.F. Li, E. Picciau, Y.Y. Zhang
2005.01645 hep-ph

The Sun is less active than other solar-like stars
Timo Reinhold et al.
2005.01401 astro-ph

Probing the large scale structure using gravitational-wave observations of binary black holes
Aditya Vijaykumar et al.
2005.01111 astro-ph

Dirac neutrinos and Neff
Xuheng Luo, Werner Rodejohann, Xun-Jie Xu
2005.01629 hep-ph

Generic neutrino interactions with sterile neutrinos in light of neutrino-nucleus coherent scattering and meson invisible decays
Tong Li, Xiao-Dong Ma, Michael A. Schmidt
2005.01543 hep-ph

Can Planet Nine Be Detected Gravitationally by a Sub-Relativistic Spacecraft?
Thiem Hoang, Abraham Loeb
2005.01120 astro-ph

Hubble Hullabaloo and String Cosmology
Luis A. Anchordoqui
2005.01217 astro-ph

Mon, May 04, 2020

Detecting ultra-high energy cosmic ray anisotropies through cross-correlations
Federico R. Urban, Stefano Camera, David Alonso
2005.00244 astro-ph

Black hole genealogy: Identifying hierarchical mergers with gravitational waves
Chase Kimball et al.
2005.00023 astro-ph

Revisiting supernova constraints on a light CP-even scalar
P. S. Bhupal Dev, Rabindra N. Mohapatra, Yongchao Zhang
2005.00490 hep-ph

Fast Neutrino Flavor Conversion at Late Time
Soumya Bhattacharyya, Basudeb Dasgupta
2005.00459 hep-ph

Search for lepton flavour violating muon decay mediated by a new light particle in the MEG experiment
MEG Collaboration
2005.00339 hep-ex

Fri, May 01, 2020

Improved Treatment of Dark Matter Capture in Neutron Stars
Nicole F. Bell, Giorgio Busoni, Sandra Robles, Michael Virgato
2004.14888 hep-ph

LSND Constraints on the Higgs Portal
Saeid Foroughi-Abari, Adam Ritz
2004.14515 hep-ph

Kaluza-Klein FIMP Dark Matter in Warped Extra-Dimensions
Nicolás Bernal, Andrea Donini, Miguel G. Folgado, Nuria Rius
2004.14403 hep-ph

Tri-Partite entanglement in Neutrino Oscillations
Abhishek Kumar Jha, Supratik Mukherjee, Bindu A. Bambah
2004.14853 hep-ph

The Brute-Force Search for Planet Nine
Scott Lawrence, Zeeve Rogoszinski
2004.14980 astro-ph

Some Relativistic and Gravitational Properties of the Wolfram Model
Jonathan Gorard
2004.14810 cs

Thu, Apr 30, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Leptonic Unitarity Triangles
Sebastian A.R. Ellis, Kevin J. Kelly, Shirley Weishi Li
2004.13719 hep-ph

Scalar and tensor neutrino interactions
Tao Han, Jiajun Liao, Hongkai Liu, Danny Marfatia
2004.13869 hep-ph

Interpreting gravitational-wave burst detections: constraining source properties without astrophysical models
Bence Bécsy et al.
2004.13729 gr-qc

Localizing merging black holes with gravitational-wave lensing
Otto A. Hannuksela, Thomas E. Collett, Mesut Çalışkan, Tjonnie G. F. Li
2004.13811 astro-ph

Searching for a Black Hole in the Outer Solar System
Edward Witten
2004.14192 astro-ph

Wed, Apr 29, 2020

The Hubble tension and a renormalizable model of gauged neutrino self-interactions
Maximilian Berbig, Sudip Jana, Andreas Trautner
2004.13039 hep-ph

Charged Dark Matter and the H0 tension
Jose Beltrán Jiménez, Dario Bettoni, Philippe Brax
2004.13677 astro-ph

An updated estimate of the cosmic radio background and implications for ultra-high-energy photon propagation
I. C. Niţu, H. T. J. Bevins, J. D. Bray, A. M. M. Scaife
2004.13596 astro-ph

Can the cosmological dilation explain the skewness in the GRB duration distribution?
Mariusz Tarnopolski
2004.13623 astro-ph

Shock within a shock: revisiting the radio flares of NS merger ejecta and GRB-supernovae
Ben Margalit, Tsvi Piran
2004.13028 astro-ph

Isotope production in thunderstorms
Pablo G. Ortega
2004.13416 hep-ph

The first attempts to measure light deflection by the Sun
Luís C. B. Crispino, Santiago Paolantonio
2004.11681 physics

Tue, Apr 28, 2020

Star-icon Prospects for High-Elevation Radio Detection of >100 PeV Tau Neutrinos
Stephanie Wissel et al.
2004.12718 astro-ph

Neutrino Self-Interactions and Double Beta Decay
Frank F. Deppisch, Lukas Graf, Werner Rodejohann, Xun-Jie Xu
2004.11919 hep-ph

Seesaw neutrino dark matter by freeze-out
Carlos Jaramillo, Manfred Lindner, Werner Rodejohann
2004.12904 hep-ph

First Hubble diagram and cosmological constraints using superluminous supernova
DES Collaboration
2004.12218 astro-ph

A New Method to Measure Hubble Parameter H(z) using Fast Radio Bursts
Q. Wu, Hai Yu, F. Y. Wang
2004.12649 astro-ph

Mon, Apr 27, 2020

Star-icon Lifting the core-collapse supernova bounds on keV-mass sterile neutrinos
Anna M. Suliga, Irene Tamborra (Niels Bohr Institute), Meng-Ru Wu
2004.11389 astro-ph

Potential impact of sub-structure on the resolution of neutrino mass hierarchy at medium-baseline reactor neutrino oscillation experiments
Zhaokan Cheng, Neill Raper, Wei Wang, Chan Fai Wong, Jingbo Zhang
2004.11659 hep-ex

Sensitivity Reach on the Heavy Neutral Leptons and τ-Neutrino Mixing |UτN|2 at the HL-LHC
Kingman Cheung, Yi-Lun Chung, Hiroyuki Ishida, Chih-Ting Lu
2004.11537 hep-ph

Fri, Apr 24, 2020

A Study of New Physics Searches with Tritium and Similar Molecules
Wolfgang Gregor Hollik, Matthias Linster, Mustafa Tabet
2004.11274 hep-ph

Self-interacting neutrinos: solution to Hubble tension versus experimental constraints
Kun-Feng Lyu, Emmanuel Stamou, Lian-Tao Wang
2004.10868 hep-ph

The multiwavelength counterparts of fast radio bursts
Ge Chen, Vikram Ravi, Wenbin Lu
2004.10787 astro-ph

What’s in a name: the etymology of astrobiology
Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb
2004.11312 physics

Thu, Apr 23, 2020

Search for magnetically-induced signatures in the arrival directions of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays measured at the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2004.10591 astro-ph

Probing Flavor Structure of Cosmic Ray e∓ Spectrum and Implications for Indirect Dark Matter Searches
Shao-Feng Ge, Hong-Jian He, Yu-Chen Wang, Qiang Yuan
2004.10683 astro-ph

Wed, Apr 22, 2020

White Paper: ARIANNA-200 high energy neutrino telescope
A. Anker et al.
2004.09841 astro-ph

Electron-positron pair plasma in TXS 0506+056 and the “neutrino flare” in 2014 – 2015
Nissim Fraija, Edilberto Aguilar-Ruiz, Antonio Galván-Gámez
2004.09772 astro-ph

Blazar — IceCube neutrino association revisited
Jia-Wei Luo, Bing Zhang
2004.09686 astro-ph

Kinetic Heating from Contact Interactions with Relativistic Targets: Electrons Capture Dark Matter in Neutron Stars
Aniket Joglekar, Nirmal Raj, Philip Tanedo, Hai-Bo Yu
2004.09539 hep-ph

Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter in Left-Right Theories
Jeff A. Dror, David Dunsky, Lawrence J. Hall, Keisuke Harigaya
2004.09511 hep-ph

Measurement of TeV dark particles due to decay of heavy dark matter in the earth core at IceCube
Ye Xu
2004.09497 hep-ph

Tue, Apr 21, 2020

Star-icon Measuring Changes in the Atmospheric Neutrino Rate Over Gigayear Timescales
Johnathon R. Jordan et al.
2004.08394 hep-ph

Feasibility of superwinds-generated ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays upon the light of large-scale modeling of starbursts
Luis A. Anchordoqui, Diego F. Torres
2004.09378 astro-ph

Constraints on the coupling with photons of heavy axion-like-particles from Globular Clusters
Pierluca Carenza et al.
2004.08399 hep-ph

Unified explanation of flavor anomalies, radiative neutrino mass and ANITA anomalous events in a vector leptoquark model
P. S. Bhupal Dev, Rukmani Mohanta, Sudhanwa Patra, Suchismita Sahoo
2004.09464 hep-ph

Relieving the Hubble tension with primordial magnetic fields
Karsten Jedamzik, Levon Pogosian
2004.09487 astro-ph

Fifth force induced by a chameleon field on nested cylinders
Martin Pernot-Borràs, Joel Bergé, Philippe Brax, Jean-Philippe Uzan
2004.08403 gr-qc

Reheating and Post-inflationary Production of Dark Matter
Marcos A. G. Garcia, Kunio Kaneta, Yann Mambrini, Keith A. Olive
2004.08404 hep-ph

Probing variation of the fine-structure constant using the strong gravitational lensing
L. R. Colaço, R. F. L. Holanda, R. Silva
2004.08484 astro-ph

Mon, Apr 20, 2020

Star-icon A Class of Models with the Potential to Represent Fundamental Physics
Stephen Wolfram
2004.08210 cs

Further studies on the physics potential of an experiment using LHC neutrinos
N. Beni et al.
2004.07828 hep-ex

Supermassive black holes as possible sources of ultra high energy cosmic rays
Arman Tursunov et al.
2004.07907 astro-ph

Event reconstruction for KM3NeT/ORCA using convolutional neural networks
KM3NeT Collaboration
2004.08254 astro-ph

Fri, Apr 17, 2020

Statistical Significance of Reactor Antineutrino Active-Sterile Oscillations
C. Giunti
2004.07577 hep-ph

Modeling the spectrum and composition of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays with two populations of extragalactic sources
Saikat Das, Soebur Razzaque, Nayantara Gupta
2004.07621 astro-ph

Thu, Apr 16, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon New limits on neutrino decay from the Glashow resonance of high-energy cosmic neutrinos
Mauricio Bustamante
2004.06844 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon RES-NOVA: A revolutionary neutrino observatory based on archaeological lead
Luca Pattavina, Nahuel Ferreiro Iachellini, Irene Tamborra
2004.06936 astro-ph

Wed, Apr 15, 2020

Warm Decaying Dark Matter and the Hubble Tension
Nikita Blinov, Celeste Keith, Dan Hooper
2004.06114 astro-ph

Fast radio bursts from axion stars moving through pulsar magnetospheres
James H. Buckley, P. S. Bhupal Dev, Francesc Ferrer, Fa Peng Huang
2004.06486 astro-ph

Neutrino Long-Baseline Experiments and Nuclear Physics
Ulrich Mosel
2004.06596 nucl-th

Technical Comment on “The dark matter interpretation of the 3.5-keV line is inconsistent with blank-sky observations”
Kevork N. Abazajian
2004.06170 astro-ph

Technical comment on the paper of Dessert et al. “The dark matter interpretation of the 3.5 keV line is inconsistent with blank-sky observations”
Alexey Boyarsky, Denys Malyshev, Oleg Ruchayskiy, Denys Savchenko
2004.06601 astro-ph

Tue, Apr 14, 2020

NS 1987A in SN 1987A
Dany Page et al.
2004.06078 astro-ph

Particle acceleration in a shock wave propagating to an inhomogeneous medium
Shota Yokoyama, Yutaka Ohira
2004.05765 astro-ph

Mon, Apr 13, 2020

Star-icon Complete predictions for high-energy neutrino propagation in matter
Alfonso Garcia, Rhorry Gauld, Aart Heijboer, Juan Rojo
2004.04756 hep-ph

Star-icon Discovering leptonic forces using non-conserved currents
Jeff A. Dror
2004.04750 hep-ph

On the effect of NSI in the present determination of the mass ordering
Ivan Esteban, M. C. Gonzalez-Garcia, Michele Maltoni
2004.04745 hep-ph

Fri, Apr 10, 2020

Extragalactic cosmic rays diffusing from two populations of sources
Silvia Mollerach, Esteban Roulet
2004.04253 astro-ph

The Hidden Geometry of Particle Collisions
Patrick T. Komiske, Eric M. Metodiev, Jesse Thaler
2004.04159 hep-ph

Restoration of azimuthal symmetry of muon densities in extended air showers
Nicusor Arsene, Markus Roth, Octavian Sima
2004.04461 astro-ph

GRANDMA Observations of Advanced LIGO’s and Advanced Virgo’s Third Observational Campaign
S. Antier et al.
2004.04277 astro-ph

Radar evidence of subglacial liquid water on Mars
R. Orosei et al.
2004.04587 astro-ph

Thu, Apr 09, 2020

A new fitting function for GRB MeV spectra based on the internal shock synchrotron model
M. Yassine et al.
2004.03987 astro-ph

Strong CP violation: problem or blessing?
Goran Senjanovic, Vladimir Tello
2004.04036 hep-ph

Elastic and inelastic scattering of neutrinos and WIMPs on nuclei
R. Sahu, D. K. Papoulias, V. K. B. Kota, T. S. Kosmas
2004.04055 nucl-th

The Astrobiological Copernican Weak and Strong Limits for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life
Tom Westby, Christopher J. Conselice
2004.03968 astro-ph

Wed, Apr 08, 2020

Star-icon Obscured pp-channel neutrino sources
Matthias Vereecken, Krijn D. de Vries
2004.03435 astro-ph

Probing High-Energy Light Dark Matter with IceCube
Gang Guo, Yue-Lin Sming Tsai, Meng-Ru Wu
2004.03161 astro-ph

Fingerprint of Low-Scale Leptogenesis in the Primordial Gravitational-Wave Spectrum
Simone Blasi, Vedran Brdar, Kai Schmitz
2004.02889 hep-ph

Identification of GRB precursors in Fermi-GBM bursts
Paul Coppin, Krijn D. de Vries, Nick van Eijndhoven
2004.03246 astro-ph

IceCube Search for Neutrinos Coincident with Compact Binary Mergers from LIGO-Virgo’s First Gravitational-Wave Transient CatalogIceCube Search for Neutrinos Coincident with Compact Binary Mergers from LIGO-Virgo’s First Gravitational-Wave Transient Catalog
IceCube Collaboration
2004.02910 astro-ph

Effects of Different Cosmic Ray Transport Models on Galaxy Formation
Philip F. Hopkins et al.
2004.02897 astro-ph

Flavor Constraints from Unitarity and Analyticity
Grant N. Remmen, Nicholas L. Rodd
2004.02885 hep-ph

An Upper Limit on the Initial Temperature of the Radiation-Dominated Universe
Betty X. Hu, Abraham Loeb
2004.02895 astro-ph

An Interactive Gravitational-Wave Detector Model for Museums and Fairs
S. J. Cooper et al.
2004.03052 physics

Tue, Apr 07, 2020

Presupernova neutrinos: directional sensitivity and prospects for progenitor identification
Mainak Mukhopadhyay, Cecilia Lunardini, F. X. Timmes, Kai Zuber
2004.02045 astro-ph

Searching for solar axions at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Aagaman Bhusal, Nick Houston, Tianjun Li
2004.02733 hep-ph

Phase Decoherence of Gravitational Wave Backgrounds
Aoibheann Margalit, Carlo R. Contaldi, Mauro Pieroni
2004.01727 astro-ph

First Measurement of Electron Neutrino Scattering Cross Section on Argon
ArgoNeuT Collaboration
2004.01956 hep-ex

Mon, Apr 06, 2020

Star-icon Measuring the local Dark Matter density in the laboratory
Bradley J. Kavanagh, Timon Emken, Riccardo Catena
2004.01621 astro-ph

On the interplay between astrophysical and laboratory probes of MeV-scale axion-like particles
Fatih Ertas, Felix Kahlhoefer
2004.01193 hep-ph

Fast Particle Acceleration at Perpendicular Shocks with Uniform Upstream Magnetic Field and Strong Downstream Turbulence
Shoma F. Kamijima, Yutaka Ohira, Ryo Yamazaki
2004.01622 astro-ph

Astrophysical and theoretical physics implications from multimessenger neutron star observations
Hector O. Silva, A. Miguel Holgado, Alejandro Cárdenas-Avendaño, Nicolás Yunes
2004.01253 gr-qc

How to suppress exponential growth — on the parametric resonance of photons in an axion background
Ariel Arza, Thomas Schwetz, Elisa Todarello
2004.01669 hep-ph

Fri, Apr 03, 2020

INTEGRAL constraints on primordial black holes and particle dark matter
Ranjan Laha, Julian B. Muñoz, Tracy R. Slatyer
2004.00627 astro-ph

FRB Coherent Emission from Decay of Alfven Waves
Pawan Kumar, Z. Bosnjak
2004.00644 astro-ph

Radiation Forces Constrain the FRB Mechanism
Pawan Kumar, Wenbin Lu
2004.00645 astro-ph

Independent measurement of Muon neutrino and anti-neutrino oscillations at the INO-ICAL Experiment
Zubair Ahmad Dar, Daljeet Kaur, Sanjeev Kumar, Md. Naimuddin
2004.01127 hep-ph

Thu, Apr 02, 2020

Green Bank and Effelsberg Radio Telescope Searches for Axion Dark Matter Conversion in Neutron Star Magnetospheres
Joshua W. Foster et al.
2004.00011 astro-ph

Variations in fundamental constants at the cosmic dawn
Laura Lopez-Honorez et al.
2004.00013 astro-ph

Hot Gravitons and Gravitational Waves From Kerr Black Holes in the Early Universe
Dan Hooper et al.
2004.00618 astro-ph

Testing Lepton Flavor Models at ESSnuSB
Mattias Blennow, Monojit Ghosh, Tommy Ohlsson, Arsenii Titov
2004.00017 hep-ph

Constraints on the circumburst environments of short gamma-ray bursts
Brendan O’Connor, Paz Beniamini, Chryssa Kouveliotou
2004.00031 astro-ph

Model-independent test for CPT violation using long-baseline and atmospheric neutrino experiments
Daljeet Kaur
2004.00349 hep-ex

379710-200 Conspiratorial cosmology. II. The anthropogenic principle
Jörg P. Rachen, Ute G. Gahlings
2004.00401 physics

Wed, Apr 01, 2020

379710-200 Defining the Really Habitable Zone
Marven F. Pedbost, Trillean Pomalgu, Chris Lintott, Nora Eisner, Belinda Nicholson
2003.13722 astro-ph

379710-200 Making It Rain: How Giving Me Telescope Time Can Reduce Drought
Michael B. Lund
2003.13879 astro-ph

379710-200 Cosmological Dark Matter: a Review
M. R. Lovell
2003.13696 astro-ph

379710-200 A PDF PSA, or Never gonna set_xscale again — guilty feats with logarithms
John C. Forbes
2003.14327 astro-ph

379710-200 Searching for Space Vampires with TEvSS
Maximilian N. Günther, David A. Berardo
2003.14327 astro-ph

Dark Photon Dark Matter in the Presence of Inhomogeneous Structure
Samuel J. Witte, Salvador Rosauro-Alcaraz, Samuel D. McDermott, Vivian Poulin
2003.13698 astro-ph

Effects of the Violation of the Equivalence Principle at DUNE
F. N. Díaz, J. Hoefken, A. M. Gago
2003.13712 hep-ph

gSeaGen: the KM3NeT GENIE-based code for neutrino telescopes
KM3NeT Collaboration
2003.14040 astro-ph

Enceladus Farm: Can plants grow with Enceladus’ water? (Preliminary Report)
Daigo Shoji
2003.14131 astro-ph

Tue, Mar 31, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon The signatures of secondary leptons in radio-neutrino detectors in ice
Daniel García-Fernández, Christian Glaser, Anna Nelles
2003.13442 astro-ph

Star-icon Nonfuel Antineutrino Contributions in the High Flux Isotope Reactor
A.B. Balantekin et al.
2003.12654 nucl-ex

Star-icon Lessons learned from CHIME repeating FRBs
Wenbin Lu, Anthony L. Piro, Eli Waxman
2003.12581 astro-ph

Star-icon Limits from the Funk Experiment on the Mixing Strength of Hidden-Photon Dark Matter in the Visible and Near-Ultraviolet Wavelength Range
FUNK Collaboration
2003.13144 astro-ph

Gamma-Ray Dark Matter Searches in Milky Way Satellites — A Comparative Review of Data Analysis Methods and Current Results
Javier Rico
2003.13482 astro-ph

MeV-scale reheating temperature and cosmological production of light sterile neutrinos
Takuya Hasegawa et al.
2003.13302 hep-ph

Probes of Gravitational Waves with Atom Interferometers
John Ellis, Ville Vaskonen
2003.13480 gr-qc

Screened fifth forces lower the TRGB-calibrated Hubble constant too
Harry Desmond, Jeremy Sakstein
2003.12876 astro-ph

Constraints on compact dark matter with fast radio burst observations
Kai Liao, Zhengxiang Li, He Gao, S.-B. Zhang
2003.13349 astro-ph

Sensitivities of future solar neutrino observatories to NSI
Pouya Bakhti, Meshkat Rajaee
2003.12984 hep-ph

Mon, Mar 30, 2020

Star-icon IceCube Search for High-Energy Neutrino Emission from TeV Pulsar Wind Nebulae
IceCube Collaboration
2003.12071 astro-ph

Periodicity in recurrent fast radio bursts and the origin of ultra long period magnetars
Paz Beniamini, Zorawar Wadiasingh, Brian D. Metzger
2003.12509 astro-ph

Cosmic muon flux measurement and tunnel overburden structure imaging
Ran Han et al.
2003.12376 physics

Fri, Mar 27, 2020

Implications of the first detection of coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering (CEvNS) with Liquid Argon
O. G. Miranda et al.
2003.12050 hep-ph

Resolving Hubble Tension by Self-Interacting Neutrinos with Dirac Seesaw
Hong-Jian He, Yin-Zhe Ma, Jiaming Zheng
2003.12057 hep-ph

An explanation of the repetition/pulse width relation in FRBs
L. Connor, M.C. Miller, D.W. Gardenier
2003.11930 astro-ph

On arrival time difference between lensed gravitational waves and light
Teruaki Suyama
2003.11748 astro-ph

Thu, Mar 26, 2020

Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering with directional detectors
M. Abdullah, D. Aristizabal Sierra, Bhaskar Dutta, Louis E. Strigari
2003.11510 hep-ph

High-energy particles and radiation in star-forming regions
A.M. Bykov, A. Marcowith, E. Amato, M.E. Kalyashova, J.M.D. Kruijssen, E. Waxman
2003.11534 astro-ph

Diffusive photospheres in gamma-ray bursts
G. V. Vereshchagin, I. A. Siutsou
2003.11440 astro-ph

An Effective Field Theory Analysis of the First LUX Dark Matter Search
LUX Collaboration
2003.11141 astro-ph

The Neutrino Casimir Force
Alexandria Costantino, Sylvain Fichet
2003.11032 hep-ph

Wed, Mar 25, 2020

First Detection of Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering on Argon
COHERENT Collaboration
2003.10630 nucl-ex

Proton Synchrotron γ-rays and the Energy Crisis in Blazars
I. Liodakis, M. Petropoulou
2003.10460 astro-ph

Tue, Mar 24, 2020

Star-icon Askaryan radiation from neutrino-induced showers in ice
Jaime Alvarez-Muñiz, P. M. Hansen, Andrés Romero-Wolf, Enrique Zas
2003.09705 astro-ph

Strong constraints on thermal relic dark matter from Fermi-LAT observations of the Galactic Center
Kevork N. Abazajian et al.
2003.10416 hep-ph

Universal properties of primary and secondary cosmic ray energy spectra
Marco Smolla, Benjamin Schäfer, Harald Lesch, Christian Beck
2003.10153 astro-ph

The impact of peculiar velocities on supernova cosmology
R. Mohayaee, M. Rameez, S.Sarkar
2003.10420 astro-ph

Axions in neutron star mergers
Steven P. Harris, Jean-Francois Fortin, Kuver Sinha, Mark G. Alford
2003.09768 astro-ph

Sensitivities to secret neutrino interaction at FASERν
Majid Bahraminasr, Pouya Bakhti, Meshkat Rajaee
2003.09985 hep-ph

Mon, Mar 23, 2020

Neutrino Invisible Decay at DUNE: a multi-channel analysis
A. Ghoshal, A. Giarnetti, D. Meloni
2003.09012 hep-ph

The subsurface habitability of small, icy exomoons
J. Tjoa, M. Mueller, F.F.S. van der Tak
2003.09231 astro-ph

Fri, Mar 20, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Blazar origin of the UHECRs and perspectives for the detection of astrophysical source neutrinos at EeV energies
Xavier Rodrigues, Jonas Heinze, Andrea Palladino, Arjen van Vliet, Walter Winter
2003.08392 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon EeV Astrophysical neutrinos from FSRQs?
C. Righi, A. Palladino, F. Tavecchio, F. Vissani
2003.08701 astro-ph

Interacting radiation after Planck and its implications for the Hubble Tension
Nikita Blinov, Gustavo Marques-Tavares
2003.08387 astro-ph

Addendum to: Global constraints on absolute neutrino masses and their ordering
Francesco Capozzi et al.
2003.08511 hep-ph

Search for gravitational waves from twelve young supernova remnants with a hidden Markov model in Advanced LIGO’s second observing run
Margaret Millhouse, Lucy Strang, Andrew Melatos
2003.08588 gr-qc

Thu, Mar 19, 2020

Wave Dark Matter and Ultra Diffuse Galaxies
Alvaro Pozo et al.
2003.08313 astro-ph

Reinterpretation of LHC Results for New Physics: Status and Recommendations after Run 2
Waleed Abdallah et al.
2003.07868 hep-ph

Wed, Mar 18, 2020

Four direct measurements of the fine-structure constant 13 billion years ago
Michael R. Wilczynska et al.
2003.07627 astro-ph

Kink Instabilities In Relativistic Jets Can Drive Quasi-Periodic Radiation Signatures
Lingyi Dong, Haocheng Zhang, Dimitrios Giannios
2003.07765 astro-ph

Optimizing Energetic Light Dark Matter Searches in Dark Matter and Neutrino Experiments
Doojin Kim, Pedro A. N. Machado, Jong-Chul Park, Seodong Shin
2003.07369 astro-ph

Axion Quark Nuggets. SkyQuakes and Other Mysterious Explosions
Dmitry Budker, Victor V. Flambaum, Ariel Zhitnitsky
2003.07262 hep-ph

The Low Earth Orbit Satellite Population and Impacts of the SpaceX Starlink Constellation
Jonathan C. McDowell
2003.07446 astro-ph

Tue, Mar 17, 2020

A roadmap to hadronic supercriticalities: a comprehensive study of the parameter space for high-energy astrophysical sources
Apostolos Mastichiadis, Ioulia Florou, Elina Kefala, Stella S. Boula, Maria Petropoulou
2003.06956 astro-ph

Magnetar formation through a convective dynamo in protoneutron stars
Raphaël Raynaud, Jérôme Guilet, Hans-Thomas Janka, Thomas Gastine
2003.06662 astro-ph

Combined search for neutrinos from dark matter self-annihilation in the Galactic Centre with ANTARES and IceCube
ANTARES Collaboration, IceCube Collaboration
2003.06614 astro-ph

Particle acceleration in astrophysical jets
James Matthews, Anthony Bell, Katherine Blundell
2003.06587 astro-ph

Ion acceleration in non-relativistic quasi-parallel shocks using fully kinetic simulations
Cedric Schreiner, Patrick Kilian, Felix Spanier, Patricio A. Muñoz, Jörg Büchner
2003.07293 astro-ph

Fifth Force and Hyperfine Splitting in Bound Systems
Ulrich D. Jentschura
2003.07207 hep-ph

On the short term modulation of cosmic rays by high-speed streams at the Pierre Auger surface array detectors Oliveira, C.R.A. Augusto, C.E. Navia, A.A. Nepomuceno
2003.06432 astro-ph

A dark matter telescope probing the 6 to 60 GHz band
Javier De Miguel-Hernández
2003.06874 physics

Mon, Mar 16, 2020

3HSP J095507.9+355101: a flaring extreme blazar coincident in space and time with IceCube-200107A
P. Giommi, P. Padovani, F. Oikonomou, T. Glauch, S. Paiano, E. Resconi
2003.06405 astro-ph

Multi-Frequency Observations of the Candidate Neutrino Emitting Blazar BZB J0955+3551
Vaidehi S. Paliya et al.
2003.06012 astro-ph

A magnetar engine for short GRBs and kilonovae
Philipp Mösta, David Radice, Roland Haas, Erik Schnetter, Sebastiano Bernuzzi
2003.06043 astro-ph

The Fraction of Gamma-ray Bursts with an Observed Photospheric Emission Episode
Zeynep Acuner, Felix Ryde, Asaf Pe’er, Daniel Mortlock, Björn Ahlgren
2003.06223 astro-ph

Relativistic Jets of Blazars
Talvikki Hovatta, Elina Lindfors
2003.06322 astro-ph

LHC at 10: the physics legacy
Michelangelo Mangano
2003.05976 hep-ph

Perfect Occam’s razor for neutrino masses and leptogenesis
D. M. Barreiros, F. R. Joaquim, T. T. Yanagida
2003.06332 hep-ph

Fri, Mar 13, 2020

The γ-ray Emission of Star-Forming Galaxies
M. Ajello, M. Di Mauro, V. S. Paliya, S. Garrappa
2003.05493 astro-ph

On Stellar Evolution In A Neutrino Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
Ebraheem Farag, F.X. Timmes, Morgan Taylor, Kelly M. Patton, R. Farmer
2003.05844 astro-ph

X17: New force or evidence for a hard γ+γ process?
Benjamin Koch
2003.05722 hep-ph

Thu, Mar 12, 2020

Revisiting Neutrino Self-Interaction Constraints from Z and τ decays
Vedran Brdar, Manfred Lindner, Stefan Vogl, Xun-Jie Xu
2003.05339 hep-ph

Cosmic Discordance: Planck and luminosity distance data exclude LCDM
Eleonora Di Valentino, Alessandro Melchiorri, Joseph Silk
2003.04935 astro-ph

Gravitational Origin for Neutrino Masses
Hooman Davoudiasl
2003.04908 hep-ph

Precision Theory of Electroweak Interactions
Michael E. Peskin
2003.05433 hep-ph

Searching for New Physics using Precision Standard Model Measurements
Michael E. Peskin
2003.05435 hep-ph

Wed, Mar 11, 2020

A Return To Neutrino Normalcy
Peter B. Denton
2003.04319 hep-ph

Simulation of Loop Quantum Gravity — A Scalable Linear-Optical Approach
Lior Cohen et al.
2003.03414 quant-ph

Annual Modulation in Direct Dark Matter Searches
Francis Froborg, Alan R Duffy
2003.04545 astro-ph

Combining neutrino experimental light-curves for pointing to the next Galactic Core-Collapse Supernova
Alexis Coleiro et al.
2003.04864 astro-ph

Periodic Fast Radio Bursts as a Probe of Extragalactic Asteroid Belts
Z. G. Dai, S. Q. Zhong
2003.04644 astro-ph

On the FRB luminosity function — II. Event rate density
Rui Luo, Yunpeng Men, Kejia Lee, Weiyang Wang, D. R. Lorimer, Bing Zhang
2003.04848 astro-ph

Phase-Space Bounds on the Mass of Dark Matter in Fermi Degenerate Non-Isothermal Galaxies
Ahmad Borzou
2003.04532 astro-ph

A probabilistic analysis of the Fermi paradox in terms of the Drake formula: the role of the L factor
Nikos Prantzos
2003.04602 physics

Impossible measurements require impossible apparatus
Henning Bostelmann, Christopher J. Fewster, Maximilian H. Ruep
2003.04660 quant-ph

Tue, Mar 10, 2020

Star-icon On sub-GeV Dark Matter Production at Fixed-Target Experiments
Asher Berlin, Patrick deNiverville, Adam Ritz, Philip Schuster, Natalia Toro
2003.03379 hep-ph

Rejecting the Majorana nature of dark matter with electron scattering experiments
Riccardo Catena, Timon Emken, Julia Ravanis
2003.04039 hep-ph

Neutrino Non-Standard Interactions: Complementarity Between LHC and Oscillation Experiments
K.S. Babu, Dorival Gonçalves, Sudip Jana, Pedro A. N. Machado
2003.03383 hep-ph

Reinterpretation of classic proton charge form factor measurements
Miha Mihovilovic, Douglas W. Higinbotham, Melisa Bevc, Simon Sirca
2003.03816 nucl-ex

Particle acceleration at colliding shock waves
Thibault Vieu, Stefano Gabici, Vincent Tatischeff
2003.03411 astro-ph

Simulating the Fermi Bubbles as Forward Shocks driven by AGN Jets
Ruiyu Zhang, Fulai Guo
2003.03625 astro-ph

Muon deficit in air shower simulations estimated from AGASA muon measurements
Flavia Gesualdi, Alberto Daniel Supanitsky, Alberto Etchegoyen
2003.03385 astro-ph

Search for neutrino counterparts of catalogued gravitational-wave events detected by Advanced-LIGO and Virgo during run O2 with ANTARES
ANTARES Collaboration
2003.03022 astro-ph

Prospects for Pre-supernova Neutrino Observation in Future Large Liquid-scintillator Detectors
Hui-Ling Li, Yu-Feng Li, Liang-Jian Wen, Shun Zhou
2003.03982 astro-ph

Mon, Mar 09, 2020

What will it take to measure individual neutrino mass states using cosmology?
Maria Archidiacono, Steen Hannestad, Julien Lesgourgues
2003.03354 astro-ph

A Novel Multi-Dimensional Boltzmann Neutrino Transport Scheme for Core-Collapse Supernovae
Conrad Chan, Bernhard Mueller
2003.02845 astro-ph

Search for axion-like dark matter with ferromagnets
Alexander V. Gramolin et al.
2003.03348 hep-ex

Constraints from globular cluster pulsars on the magnetic field in the Galactic halo
Federico Abbate et al.
2003.02867 astro-ph

The analysis of the results of the Neutrino-4 experiment on search for sterile neutrino and comparison with results of other experiments
A.P. Serebrov, R.M. Samoilov
2003.03199 hep-ex

Annual modulations from secular variations: not relaxing DAMA?
Andrea Messina, Marco Nardecchia, Stefano Piacentini
2003.03340 hep-ex

Characterizing the continuous gravitational-wave signal from boson clouds around Galactic isolated black holes
Sylvia J. Zhu et al.
2003.03359 gr-qc

Magnetic filed structure of the Galactic plane from differential analysis of interstellar polarization
Tetsuya Zenko et al.
2003.03059 astro-ph

A Model of Metastable EeV Dark Datter
Emilian Dudas, Lucien Heurtier, Yann Mambrini, Keith A. Olive, Mathias Pierre
2003.02846 hep-ph

The Host Galaxies of Tidal Disruption Events
K. Decker French, Thomas Wevers, Jamie Law-Smith, Or Graur, Ann I. Zabludoff
2003.02863 astro-ph

Performance and energy footprint assessment of FPGAs and GPUs on HPC systems using Astrophysics application
David Goz et al.
2003.03283 astro-ph

Under the same sky with Amanar
Sandra Benitez-Herrera, Jorge G. Rivero Gonzalez
2003.02897 astro-ph

Fri, Mar 06, 2020

How long does the hydrogen atom live?
David McKeen, Maxim Pospelov
2003.02270 hep-ph

Bounds on light sterile neutrino mass and mixing from cosmology and laboratory searches
Steffen Hagstotz et al.
2003.02289 astro-ph

The Power of Halometry
Siddharth Mishra-Sharma, Ken Van Tilburg, Neal Weiner
2003.02264 astro-ph

Prospects of using opaque detectors in accelerator neutrino experiments
Jian Tang, Sampsa Vihonen, TseChun Wang
2003.02792 physics

Dark matter Annihilation in Most Luminous and the Most Massive Ultracompact Dwarf Galaxies (UCD)
Elaine C. F. S. Fortes et al.
2003.02383 astro-ph

Thu, Mar 05, 2020

International Large Detector: Interim Design Report
ILD Collaboration
2003.01116 physics

Investigation of Unit-1 Nuclear Reactor of the Fukushima Daiichi by Cosmic Muon Radiography
Hirofumi Fujii et al.
2003.02057 physics

Magnetorotational Explosion of A Massive Star Supported by Neutrino Heating in General Relativistic Three Dimensional Simulations
Takami Kuroda, Almudena Arcones, Tomoya Takiwaki, Kei Kotake
2003.02004 astro-ph

Proxima Centauri b: A Strong Case for including Cosmic-Ray-induced Chemistry in Atmospheric Biosignature Studies
M. Scheucher et al.
2003.02036 astro-ph

Wed, Mar 04, 2020

Les Houches 2019: Physics at TeV Colliders: Standard Model Working Group Report
S. Amoroso et al.
2003.01700 hep-ph

Tue, Mar 03, 2020

Entering the Era of Dark Matter Astronomy? Near to Long-Term Forecasts in X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Bands
Dawei Zhong, Mauro Valli, Kevork N. Abazajian
2003.00148 astro-ph

Extension of the synchrotron radiation of electrons to very high energies in clumpy environments
Dmitry Khangulyan, Felix Aharonian, Carlo Romoli, Andrew Taylor
2003.00927 astro-ph

Improved Constraints on Anisotropic Birefringent Lorentz Invariance and CPT Violation from Broadband Optical Polarimetry of High Redshift Galaxies
Andrew S. Friedman et al.
2003.00647 astro-ph

Neutrinos in curved spacetimes: particle mixing and flavor oscillations
Antonio Capolupo, Gaetano Lambiase, Aniello Quaranta
2003.00516 astro-ph

The landscape of QCD axion models
Luca Di Luzio, Maurizio Giannotti, Enrico Nardi, Luca Visinelli
2003.01100 hep-ph

Mon, Mar 02, 2020

Star-icon Spurious Point Source Signals in the Galactic Center Excess
Rebecca K. Leane, Tracy R. Slatyer
2002.12370 astro-ph

Star-icon The Enigmatic Galactic Center Excess: Spurious Point Sources and Signal Mismodeling
Rebecca K. Leane, Tracy R. Slatyer
2002.12371 astro-ph

Star-icon Foreground Mismodeling and the Point Source Explanation of the Fermi Galactic Center Excess
Malte Buschmann et al.
2002.12373 astro-ph

Detecting dark matter around black holes with gravitational waves: Effects of dark-matter dynamics on the gravitational waveform
Bradley J. Kavanagh, David A. Nichols, Gianfranco Bertone, Daniele Gaggero
2002.12811 gr-qc

Constraints on Primordial Black Holes
Bernard Carr, Kazunori Kohri, Yuuiti Sendouda, Jun’ichi Yokoyama
2002.12778 astro-ph

Intermittent hydrodynamic jets in collapsars do not produce GRBs
Ore Gottlieb, Amir Levinson, Ehud Nakar
2002.12384 astro-ph

Test the hypothesis of compact-binary-coalescence origin of fast radio bursts through a multi-messenger approach
Min-Hao Wang, Shun-Ke Ai, Zheng-Xiang Li, Nan Xing, He Gao, Bing Zhang
2002.12391 astro-ph

Repeating fast radio bursts caused by small bodies orbiting a pulsar or a magnetar
Fabrice Mottez, Guillaume Voisin, Philippe Zarka
2002.12834 astro-ph

First Constraints on Compact Dark Matter from Fast Radio Burst Microstructure
Mawson W. Sammons et al.
2002.12533 astro-ph

Addressing RD(∗), RK(∗), muon g−2 and ANITA anomalies in a minimal R-parity violating supersymmetric framework
Wolfgang Altmannshofer, P. S. Bhupal Dev, Amarjit Soni, Yicong Sui
2002.12910 hep-ph

The Case for Probe-class NASA Astrophysics Missions
Martin Elvis et al.
2002.12739 astro-ph

Coming of Age of the Standard Model
Roger Blandford, Jo Dunkley, Carlos Frenk, Ofer Lahav, Alice Shapley
2002.12350 astro-ph

Fri, Feb 28, 2020

Constraining visible neutrino decay at KamLAND and JUNO
Yago P. Porto-Silva et al.
2002.12134 hep-ph

Structure Formation Models Weaken Limits on WIMP Dark Matter from Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies
Shin’ichiro Ando et al.
2002.11956 astro-ph

A dark matter core in M31
Pierre Boldrini, Roya Mohayaee, Joseph Silk
2002.12192 astro-ph

Les Houches 2019 Physics at TeV Colliders: New Physics Working Group Report
G. Brooijmans et al.
2002.12220 hep-ph

Reinterpreting Neutrino Oscillations
M. Bergevin
2002.12269 hep-ph

Thu, Feb 27, 2020

Search for a Variation of the Fine Structure around the Supermassive Black Hole in Our Galactic Center
A. Hees et al.
2002.11567 astro-ph

The 4th Fermi-GBM Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog: A Decade of Data
A. von Kienlin et al.
2002.11460 astro-ph

Diffusive shock acceleration in N dimensions
Assaf Lavi, Ofir Arad, Yotam Nagar, Uri Keshet
2002.11123 astro-ph

Combined analysis of AMS-02 (Li,Be,B)/C, N/O, 3He, and 4He data
Nathanael Weinrich, Yoann Génolini, Mathieu Boudaud, Laurent Derome, David Maurin
2002.11406 astro-ph

Wed, Feb 26, 2020

Star-icon Oscillation of high-energy neutrinos from choked jets in stellar and merger ejecta 3
Jose Carpio, Kohta Murase
2002.10575 astro-ph

Star-icon Revisiting cosmic ray antinuclei fluxes with a new coalescence mode
M. Kachelriess, S. Ostapchenko, J. Tjemsland
2002.10481 hep-ph

Milky Way Satellites Shining Bright in Gravitational Waves
Elinore Roebber et al.
2002.10465 astro-ph

Tue, Feb 25, 2020

Star-icon Cosmogenic neutrino fluxes under the effect of active-sterile secret interactions
Damiano F. G. Fiorillo, Gennaro Miele, Stefano Morisi, Ninetta Saviano
2002.10125 hep-ph

Impact of low-energy cosmic rays on star formation
Marco Padovani et al.
2002.10282 astro-ph

Reconstructing the Fraction of Baryons in the Intergalactic Medium with Fast Radio Bursts via Gaussian Processes
Da-Chun Qiang, Hao Wei
2002.10189 astro-ph

Synchrotron radiation in γ-ray burst prompt emission
Bing Zhang
2002.09638 astro-ph

Inequalities in access to permanent positions in astronomy in France
Olivier Berné, Alexia Hilaire
2002.10287 astro-ph

Mon, Feb 24, 2020

Likelihood-free inference of experimental Neutrino Oscillations using Neural Spline Flows
Sebastian Pina-Otey, Federico Sánchez, Vicens Gaitan
2002.09436 hep-ph

A more detailed look at Galactic magnetic field models: using free-free absorption in HII regions
I.M. Polderman, M. Haverkorn, T.R. Jaffe
2002.09204 astro-ph

Testing Fundamental Physics in Antihydrogen Experiments
M. Charlton, S. Eriksson, G. M. Shore
2002.09348 hep-ph

Fri, Feb 21, 2020

Determining the Neutrino Lifetime from Cosmology
Zackaria Chacko, Abhish Dev, Peizhi Du, Vivian Poulin, Yuhsin Tsai
2002.08401 astro-ph

Atmospheric neutrinos in a next-generation xenon dark matter experiment
Jayden L. Newstead, Rafael F. Lang, Louis E. Strigari
2002.08566 astro-ph

Consequences of neutrino self interactions for weak decoupling and big bang nucleosynthesis
E. Grohs, George M. Fuller, Manibrata Sen
2002.08557 astro-ph

Neutrino effects on the morphology of cosmic large-scale structure
Yu Liu, Yu Yu, Hao-Ran Yu, Pengjie Zhang
2002.08846 astro-ph

Robust cosmological constraints on axion-like particles
Paul Frederik Depta, Marco Hufnagel, Kai Schmidt-Hoberg
2002.08370 hep-ph

Observational Constraints on the Great Filter
Jacob Haqq-Misra, Ravi Kumar Kopparapu, Edward Schwieterman
2002.08776 astro-ph

Thu, Feb 20, 2020

Cosmology and prospects for sub-MeV dark matter in electron recoil experiments
Benjamin V. Lehmann, Stefano Profumo
2002.07809 hep-ph

Beauty at High Precision / Sensitivity
Chris Quigg
2002.08292 hep-ph

Neutrino decoherence in an electron and nucleon background
José F. Nieves, Sarira Sahu
2002.08315 hep-ph

Theory of Neutrino Detection — Flavor Oscillations and Weak Values
Y. P. Porto-Silva, M. C. de Oliveira
2002.07914 quant-ph

On the Likelihood of Observing Extragalactic Civilizations: Predictions from the Self-Indication Assumption
S. Jay Olson
2002.08194 astro-ph

Wed, Feb 19, 2020

Star-icon New Constraints on the Origin of Medium-Energy Neutrinos Observed by IceCube
Antonio Capanema, Arman Esmaili, Kohta Murase
2002.07192 hep-ph

Star-icon Can we overcome the neutrino floor at high masses?
Ciaran A. J. O’Hare
2002.07499 astro-ph

Direct comparison of sterile neutrino constraints from cosmological data, νe disappearance data and νμ→νe appearance data in a 3+1 model
Matthew Adams et al.
2002.07762 hep-ph

Beta decays as sensitive probes of lepton flavor universality
Andreas Crivellin, Martin Hoferichter
2002.07184 hep-ph

Sterile neutrinos and neutrinoless double beta decay in effective field theory
W. Dekens, J. de Vries, K. Fuyuto, E. Mereghetti, G. Zhou
2002.07182 hep-ph

Tue, Feb 18, 2020

Star-icon A Cross-Correlation Study of High-energy Neutrinos and Tracers of Large-Scale Structure
Ke Fang, Arka Banerjee, Eric Charles, Yuuki Omori
2002.06234 astro-ph

Star-icon An Andean Deep-Valley Detector for High-Energy Tau Neutrinos
Andres Romero-Wolf et al.
2002.06475 astro-ph

Testing Physical Models for Cosmic Ray Transport Coefficients on Galactic Scales: Self-Confinement and Extrinsic Turbulence at GeV Energies
Philip F. Hopkins et al.
2002.06211 astro-ph

A Dark Matter Interpretation of Excesses in Multiple Direct Detection Experiments
Noah Kurinsky, Daniel Baxter, Yonatan Kahn, Gordan Krnjaic
2002.06937 hep-ph

Classification of Photospheric Emission in Short GRBs
Hüsne Dereli-Bégué, Asaf Pe’er, Felix Ryde
2002.06408 astro-ph

Mon, Feb 17, 2020

Cosmic-ray anisotropies in right ascension measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2002.06172 astro-ph

Periodic Fast Radio Bursts with Neutron Star Free/Radiative Precession
J. J. Zanazzi, Dong Lai
2002.05752 astro-ph

Light by Light Scattering as a New Probe for Axions
Soroush Shakeri, David J. E. Marsh, She-Sheng Xue
2002.06123 hep-ph

SoLid: A short baseline reactor neutrino experiment
SoLid Collaboration
2002.05914 physics

Probing Nuclear Effects with Neutrino-induced Charged-Current Neutral Pion Production
D. Coplowe et al.
2002.05812 hep-ex

The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: A 3.95-8.00 GHz Search for Radio Technosignatures in the Restricted Earth Transit Zone
Sofia Z. Sheikh et al.
2002.06162 astro-ph

Fri, Feb 14, 2020

Dark Photon Oscillations in Our Inhomogeneous Universe
Andrea Caputo, Hongwan Liu, Siddharth Mishra-Sharma, Joshua T. Ruderman
2002.05165 astro-ph

Precise determination of proton magnetic radius from electron scattering data
J. M. Alarcón, D. W. Higinbotham, C. Weiss
2002.05167 hep-ph

New physics at the MUonE experiment at CERN
A. Masiero, P. Paradisi, M. Passera
2002.05418 hep-ph

The variable shadow of M87*
Philipp Arras et al.
2002.05218 astro-ph

Sterile neutrino oscillometry with Jinping
M.V. Smirnov, Zh.J. Hu, J.J. Ling, Yu.N. Novikov, Z. Wang, G. Yang
2002.05246 hep-ph

Thu, Feb 13, 2020

Three-flavour oscillations with accelerator neutrino beams
M. Mezzetto, F. Terranova
2002.04890 hep-ex

MUonE sensitivity to new physics explanations of the muon anomalous magnetic moment
P. S. Bhupal Dev, Werner Rodejohann, Xun-Jie Xu, Yongchao Zhang
2002.04822 hep-ph

Prospects for a Multi-TeV Gamma-ray Sky Survey with the LHAASO Water Cherenkov Detector Array
Yingying Guo, Xiaochuan Chang, Hongbo Hu, Zhiguo Yao
2002.04819 astro-ph

Electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational wave events from Gaia
Z. Kostrzewa-Rutkowska et al.
2002.04853 astro-ph

Fundamental Composite Dynamics: A Review
Giacomo Cacciapaglia, Claudio Pica, Francesco Sannino
2002.04914 hep-ph

Wed, Feb 12, 2020

Star-icon Co-SIMP Miracle
Juri Smirnov, John F. Beacom
2002.04038 hep-ph

Cosmic-ray Antinuclei as Messengers of New Physics: Status and Outlook for the New Decade
P. von Doetinchem et al.
2002.04163 astro-ph

Simulating the Cosmic Neutrino Background using Collisionless Hydrodynamics
Derek Inman, Hao-ran Yu
2002.04061 astro-ph

Natural Supersymmetry: Status and Prospects
Xerxes Tata
2002.04429 hep-ph

Quantum sensor networks as exotic field telescopes for multi-messenger astronomy
Conner Dailey et al.
2002.04352 astro-ph

Tue, Feb 11, 2020

Far-forward neutrinos at the Large Hadron Collider
Weidong Bai, Milind Diwan, Maria Vittoria Garzelli, Yu Seon Jeong, Mary Hall Reno
2002.03012 hep-ph

A global analysis strategy to resolve neutrino NSI degeneracies with scattering and oscillation data
Bhaskar Dutta et al.
2002.03066 hep-ph

Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), Far Detector Technical Design Report, Volume 1 Introduction to DUNE
DUNE Collaboration
2002.02967 physics

Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), Far Detector Technical Design Report, Volume II DUNE Physics
DUNE Collaboration
2002.03005 hep-ex

Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), Far Detector Technical Design Report, Volume III DUNE Far Detector Technical Coordination
DUNE Collaboration
2002.03008 physics

A New Approach to Mass and Radius of Neutron Stars with Supernova Neutrinos
Ken’ichiro Nakazato, Hideyuki Suzuki
2002.03300 astro-ph

Probing Dark Matter with Future CMB Measurements
Junsong Cang, Yu Gao, Yin-Zhe Ma
2002.03380 astro-ph

A fundamental test for MOND
Valerio Marra, Davi C. Rodrigues, Álefe O. F. de Almeida
2002.03946 astro-ph

On the beta-decay of the accelerated proton and neutrino oscillations: a three-flavor description with CP violation
Massimo Blasone, Gaetano Lambiase, Giuseppe Gaetano Luciano, Luciano Petruzziello
2002.03351 hep-ph

Midi-review: Status of weak scale supersymmetry after LHC Run 2 and ton-scale noble liquid WIMP searches
Howard Baer, Vernon Barger, Shadman Salam, Dibyashree Sengupta, Kuver Sinha
2002.03013 hep-ph

Crystal Defects: A Portal To Dark Matter Detection
Fedja Kadribasic, Nader Mirabolfathi, Kai Nordlund, Flyura Djurabekova
2002.03525 physics

Propulsion of Spacecrafts to Relativistic Speeds Using Natural Astrophysical Sources
Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb
2002.03247 astro-ph

Implications of Abiotic Oxygen Buildup for Earth-like Complex Life
Manasvi Lingam
2002.03248 astro-ph

Stephen William Hawking: A Biographical Memoir
Bernard J. Carr et al.
2002.03185 physics

Mon, Feb 10, 2020

Neutrino quantum decoherence engendered by neutrino radiative decay
Konstantin Stankevich, Alexander Studenikin
2002.02621 hep-ph

On fractal properties of the cosmic web
J. Einasto, G. Hütsi, T. Kuutma, M. Einasto
2002.02813 astro-ph

Constraints on long range force from perihelion precession of planets in a gauged Le−Lμ,τ scenario
Tanmay Kumar Poddar, Subhendra Mohanty, Soumya Jana
2002.02935 hep-ph

Intelligent Arxiv: Sort daily papers by learning users topics preference
Ezequiel Alvarez, Federico Lamagna, Cesar Miquel, Manuel Szewc
2002.02460 cs

Fri, Feb 07, 2020

Probing Einstein’s theory of gravity in Earth-based laser cavity experiments
Sebastian Ulbricht et al.
2002.02170 gr-qc

First Results on Dark Matter Substructure from Astrometric Weak Lensing
Cristina Mondino, Anna-Maria Taki, Ken Van Tilburg, Neal Weiner
2002.01938 astro-ph

Exploring Hubble Constant Data in an Introductory Course
Jeffrey M. Hyde
2002.02439 physics

Joseph Polchinski: A Biographical Memoir
Raphael Bousso, Fernando Quevedo, Steven Weinberg
2002.02371 physics

Thu, Feb 06, 2020

Star-icon High-energy Cosmic Ray production in X-ray Binary Jets
A. J. Cooper, D. Gaggero, S. Markoff, S. Zhang
2002.01477 astro-ph

Correlation of highly variable blazars with TeV IceCube track events
R. Moharana, P. Majumdar, P. P. Basumallick, D. Bose, R. Prince, N. Gupta
2002.01661 astro-ph

Probing new neutral gauge bosons with CEvNS and neutrino-electron scattering
Omar G. Miranda, Dimitrios K. Papoulias, Mariam Tórtola, José W. F. Valle
2002.01482 hep-ph

Probing alternative cosmologies through the inverse distance ladder
Manfred Lindner, Kevin Max, Moritz Platscher, Jonas Rezacek
2002.01487 astro-ph

Axion and dark photon limits from Crab Nebula high energy gamma-rays
Xiao-Jun Bi, Yu Gao, Junguang Guo, Nick Houston, Tianjun Li, Fangzhou Xu, Xin Zhang
2002.01796 astro-ph

Neutrino Oscillations at low energy long baseline experiments in the presence of nonstandard interactions and parameter degeneracy
Osamu Yasuda
2002.01616 hep-ph

Wed, Feb 05, 2020

Star-icon Closing in on the origin of cosmic rays using multimessenger information
Julia Becker Tjus, Lukas Merten
2002.00964 astro-ph

Physics and phenomenology of weakly magnetized, relativistic astrophysical shock waves
A. Vanthieghem, M. Lemoine, I. Plotnikov, A. Grassi, M. Grech, L. Gremillet, G. Pelletier
2002.01141 astro-ph

Dark matter constraints from dwarf galaxies with data-driven J-factors
Alexandre Alvarez et al.
2002.01229 astro-ph

Signature of neutrino mass hierarchy in gravitational lensing
Himanshu Swami, Kinjalk Lochan, Ketan M. Patel
2002.00977 hep-ph

Tue, Feb 04, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Improved Constraints on Sterile Neutrino Mixing from Disappearance Searches in the MINOS, MINOS+, Daya Bay, and Bugey-3 Experiments
Daya Bay Collaboration, MINOS+ Collaborations

Star-icon Systematic search for gamma-ray periodicity in active galactic nuclei detected by the Fermi Large Area Telescope
P. Peñil et al.
2002.00805 astro-ph

Fast Radio Bursts from Interacting Binary Neutron Star Systems
Bing Zhang
2002.00335 astro-ph

Annual modulations from secular variations: relaxing DAMA?
Dario Buttazzo, Paolo Panci, Nicola Rossi, Alessandro Strumia
2002.00459 hep-ph

First search for dyons with the full MoEDAL trapping detector in 13 TeV pp collisions
B. Acharya et al.
2002.00861 hep-ex

Degenerate Sub-keV Fermion Dark Matter from a Solution to the Hubble Tension
Gongjun Choi, Motoo Suzuki, Tsutomu T. Yanagida
2002.00036 hep-ph

Broadband characterisation of the very intense TeV flares of the blazar 1ES 1959+650 in 2016
MAGIC Collaboration
2002.00129 astro-ph

Effects of Dark Matter on Nuclear and Neutron Star Matter
Harish Chandra Das et al.
2002.00594 nucl-th

Mon, Feb 03, 2020

LHAASO sensitivity for diffuse gamma-ray signals from the Galaxy
A.Neronov, D.Semikoz
2001.11881 astro-ph

Self Destructing Atomic DM
Michael Geller, Ofri Telem
2001.11514 hep-ph

Fri, Jan 31, 2020

Astronuclear Physics: a Tale of the Atomic Nuclei in the Skies
M. Arnould, S. Goriely
2001.11228 astro-ph

Neutrino transport with Monte Carlo method: I. Towards fully consistent implementation of nucleon recoils in core-collapse supernova simulations
Chinami Kato, Hiroki Nagakura, Yusuke Hori, Shoichi Yamada
2001.11148 astro-ph

Hints of dark energy anisotropic stress using Machine Learning
Rubén Arjona, Savvas Nesseris
2001.11420 astro-ph

Deconvolution of the High Energy Particle Physics Data with Machine Learning
Bora Işıldak, Alper Hayreter, Aidan R. Wiederhold
2001.10814 physics

A Cryogenic Silicon Interferometer for Gravitational-wave Detection
Rana X Adhikari et al.
2001.11173 astro-ph

Thu, Jan 30, 2020

Fast radio bursts as strong waves interacting with ambient medium
Yuan-Pei Yang, Bing Zhang
2001.10758 astro-ph

How dark are filaments in the cosmic web?
Tianyi Yang, Michael J. Hudson, Niayesh Afshordi
2001.10943 astro-ph

Using the Marked Power Spectrum to Detect the Signature of Neutrinos in Large-Scale Structure
Elena Massara, Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro, Shirley Ho, Neal Dalal, David N. Spergel
2001.11024 astro-ph

Constraining neutrino masses with weak-lensing starlet peak counts
Virginia Ajani, Austin Peel, Valeria Pettorino, Jean-Luc Starck, Zack Li, Jia Liu
2001.10993 astro-ph

All-inclusive interacting dark sector cosmologies
W. Yang, E. Di Valentino, O. Mena, S. Pan, R. C. Nunes
2001.10852 astro-ph

Natural Philosophy versus Philosophy of Naturalness
Goran Senjanovic
2001.10988 hep-ph

Wed, Jan 29, 2020

Star-icon Patterns in the multi-wavelength behavior of candidate neutrino blazars
A. Franckowiak et al.
2001.10232 astro-ph

Star-icon Periodic activity from a fast radio burst source
CHIME/FRB Collaboration
2001.10275 astro-ph

Constraints on the density distribution of type Ia supernovae ejecta inferred from late-time light curves flattening
Doron Kushnir, Eli Waxman
2001.10005 astro-ph

Stimulated-emission based model of fast radio bursts
Mustafa Do{ğ}an, Kazım Yavuz Ekşi
2001.10454 astro-ph

Tue, Jan 28, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Characteristics of the diffuse astrophysical electron and tau neutrino flux with six years of IceCube high energy cascade data
IceCube Collaboration
2001.09520 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Dissecting the regions around IceCube high-energy neutrinos: growing evidence for the blazar connection
P. Giommi, T. Glauch, P. Padovani, E. Resconi, A. Turcati, Y.L. Chang
2001.09355 astro-ph

Exploring Primordial Black Holes from Multiverse with Optical Telescopes
Alexander Kusenko et al.
2001.09160 astro-ph

Progress in unveiling extreme particle acceleration in persistent astrophysical jets
Jonathan Biteau et al.
2001.09222 astro-ph

Linking extended and plateau emissions of short gamma-ray bursts
Tatsuya Matsumoto, Shigeo S. Kimura, Kohta Murase, Peter Mészáros
2001.09851 astro-ph

Contribution of pulsars to cosmic-ray positrons in light of recent observation of inverse-Compton halos
Silvia Manconi, Mattia Di Mauro, Fiorenza Donato
2001.09985 astro-ph

Quantum decoherence and relaxation in neutrinos using long-baseline data
A. L. G. Gomes, R. A. Gomes, O. L. G. Peres
2001.09250 hep-ph

Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Binary Neutron Star Mergers in General Relativity: Effects of Magnetic Field Orientation on Jet Launching
Milton Ruiz, Antonios Tsokaros, Stuart L. Shapiro
2001.09153 astro-ph

Cosmological model insensitivity of local H0 from the Cepheid distance ladder
S. Dhawan, D. Brout, D. Scolnic, A. Goobar, A.G. Riess, V. Miranda
2001.09260 astro-ph

Quantum Black Holes in the Sky
Jahed Abedi, Niayesh Afshordi, Naritaka Oshita, Qingwen Wang
2001.09553 gr-qc

Bounds on Lorentz invariance violation from MAGIC observation of GRB 190114C
MAGIC Collaboration
2001.09728 astro-ph

Non-relativistic neutrinos and the weak equivalence principle violation
Massimo Blasone, Petr Jizba, Gaetano Lambiase, Luciano Petruzziello
2001.09974 hep-ph

Prospects for Fundamental Physics with LISA
E. Barausse et al.
2001.09793 gr-qc

Mon, Jan 27, 2020

Anti-Deuterons and Anti-Helium Nuclei from Annihilating Dark Matter
Ilias Cholis, Tim Linden, Dan Hooper
2001.08749 astro-ph

Heating neutron stars with GeV dark matter
Wai-Yee Keung, Danny Marfatia, Po-Yan Tseng
2001.09140 hep-ph

Projected sensitivity to sub-GeV dark matter of next-generation semiconductor detectors
Erik Andersson et al.
2001.08910 hep-ph

Signatures of Velocity-Dependent Dark Matter Self-Interactions in Milky Way-mass Halos
Ethan O. Nadler, Arka Banerjee, Susmita Adhikari, Yao-Yuan Mao, Risa H. Wechsler
2001.08754 astro-ph

Detecting a μτ-philic Z’ boson via photon initiated processes at the LHC
Syuhei Iguro, Kirtimaan A. Mohan, C.-P. Yuan
2001.09079 hep-ph

Fri, Jan 24, 2020

Testing MSW effect in Supernova Explosion with Neutrino event rates
Kwang-Chang Lai, C. S. Jason Leung, Guey-Lin Lin
2001.08543 astro-ph

Model-independent constraints on Lorentz invariance violation: implication from updated Gamma-ray burst observations
Yu Pan et al.
2001.08541 astro-ph

High-energy particle physics with IceCube
Tianlu Yuan
2001.08657 hep-ex

IceCube Search for Galactic Neutrino Sources based on Very High Energy Gamma-ray Observations
Ali Kheirandish
2001.08524 astro-ph

Thu, Jan 23, 2020

Oscillation tomography of the Earth with solar neutrinos and future experiments
Pouya Bakhti, Alexei Smirnov
2001.08030 hep-ph

Parton Distributions in Nucleons and Nuclei
Jacob J. Ethier, Emanuele R. Nocera
2001.07722 hep-ph

Second order Fermi reacceleration mechanisms and large scale synchrotron radio emission in intra-cluster bridges
G. Brunetti, F. Vazza
2001.07718 astro-ph

Revealing neutrino nature and CPT violation with decoherence effects
Luca Buoninfante, Antonio Capolupo, Salvatore M. Giampaolo, Gaetano Lambiase
2001.07580 hep-ph

Search for proton decay into three charged leptons in 0.37 megaton-years exposure of the Super-Kamiokande
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
2001.08011 hep-ex

Wed, Jan 22, 2020

Search for multi-messenger signals in NOvA coincident with LIGO/Virgo detections
NOvA Collaboration
2001.07240 hep-ex

The Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background
Samalka Anandagoda, Dieter H. Hartmann, Marco Ajello, Abhishek Desai
2001.07510 astro-ph

The Habitable Exoplanet Observatory (HabEx) Mission Concept Study Final Report
B. Scott Gaudi et al.
2001.06683 astro-ph

The contribution of nearby supernova remnants on the cosmic ray flux at Earth
A. AL-Zetoun, A. Achterberg
2001.07602 astro-ph

Could quasar lensing time delays hint to cored dark matter halos, instead of H0 tension?
Kfir Blum, Emanuele Castorina, Marko Simonović
2001.07182 astro-ph

Gravitational waves from neutrino mass and dark matter genesis
Pasquale Di Bari, Danny Marfatia, Ye-Ling Zhou
2001.07637 hep-ph

Tue, Jan 21, 2020

No arXiv announcements

Mon, Jan 20, 2020

Diatomic rovibronic transitions as potential probes for proton-to-electron mass ratio across cosmological time
Anna-Maree Syme, Adam Mousley, Maria Cunningham, Laura K McKemmish
2001.06121 astro-ph

Status of direct and indirect dark matter searches
Carlos Pérez de los Heros
2001.06193 astro-ph

Fri, Jan 17, 2020

Effects of matter density profiles on neutrino oscillations for T2HK and T2HKK
Stephen F. King, Susana Molina Sedgwick, Stephen J. Parke, Nick W. Prouse
2001.05505 hep-ph

Absolute neutrino mass and the Dirac/Majorana distinction from the weak interaction of aggregate matter
Alejandro Segarra, Jose Bernabeu
2001.05900 hep-ph

Thu, Jan 16, 2020

Star-iconStar-icon Bounds on secret neutrino interactions from high-energy astrophysical neutrinos
Mauricio Bustamante, Charlotte Amalie Rosenstroem, Shashank Shalgar, Irene Tamborra
2001.04994 astro-ph

Why αs Cannot be Determined from Hadronic Processes without Simultaneously Determining the Parton Distributions
Stefano Forte, Zahari Kassabov
2001.04986 hep-ph

The role of CLIC in Europe’s course to the high-energy frontier
P. N. Burrows, L. Linssen, A. Robson, D. Schulte, S. Stapnes
2001.05373 astro-ph

Wed, Jan 15, 2020

Precision Early Universe Thermodynamics made simple: Neff and Neutrino Decoupling in the Standard Model and beyond
Miguel Escudero
2001.04466 hep-ph

Collective Oscillations of Majorana Neutrinos in Strong Magnetic Fields and Self-induced Flavor Equilibrium
Sajad Abbar
2001.04876 astro-ph

Tue, Jan 14, 2020

ANTARES and IceCube Combined Search for Neutrino Point-like and Extended Sources in the Southern Sky
ANTARES Collaboration, IceCube Collaboration
2001.04412 astro-ph

Nuclear effects in high-energy neutrino interactions
Spencer R. Klein, Sally A. Robertson, Ramona Vogt
2001.03677 hep-ph

Constraints on the Emission of Gamma Rays from M31 with HAWC
HAWC Collaboration
2001.04065 astro-ph

The Expansion of the Universe is Faster than Expected
Adam G. Riess
2001.03624 astro-ph

Mon, Jan 13, 2020

Nine New Repeating Fast Radio Burst Sources from CHIME/FRB
E. Fonseca et al.
2001.03595 astro-ph

GeV-TeV Counterparts of SS 433/W50 from Fermi-LAT and HAWC Observations
Ke Fang, Eric Charles, Roger Blandford
2001.03599 astro-ph

Approximate Neutrino Oscillations in the Vacuum
Emilio Ciuffoli, Jarah Evslin, Hosam Mohammed
2001.03287 hep-ph

Fri, Jan 10, 2020

Searching for Millicharged Particles with Superconducting Radio-Frequency Cavities
Asher Berlin, Anson Hook
2001.02679 hep-ph

Neutrino physics outlook
José W. F. Valle
2001.03016 hep-ph

Technical Proposal: FASERnu
FASER Collaboration
2001.03073 physics

Detecting Interstellar Objects Through Stellar Occultations
Amir Siraj, Abraham Loeb
2001.02681 astro-ph

Thu, Jan 09, 2020

On the Secondary Origin of Cosmic Ray Positrons
Rebecca Diesing, Damiano Caprioli
2001.02240 astro-ph

Afterglow Lightcurves from Misaligned Structured Jets
Paz Beniamini, Jonathan Granot, Ramandeep Gill
2001.02239 astro-ph

Transfer of Life by Earth-Grazing Objects to Exoplanetary Systems
Amir Siraj, Abraham Loeb
2001.02235 astro-ph

On the origin of pulsar radio emission
Alexander Philippov, Andrey Timokhin, Anatoly Spitkovsky
2001.02236 astro-ph

Wed, Jan 08, 2020

Star-icon A search for IceCube events in the direction of ANITA neutrino candidates
IceCube Collaboration
2001.01737 astro-ph

Upper Limit on the Dissipation of Gravitational Waves in Gravitationally Bound Systems
Abraham Loeb
2001.01730 astro-ph

In Leon’s company, it seemed that anything might be possible
Chris Quigg
2001.01879 physics

Tue, Jan 07, 2020

Star-icon The origin of the power-law form of the extragalactic gamma-ray flux
Paolo Lipari
2001.00982 astro-ph

Ready, set, launch: time interval between BNS merger and short GRB jet formation
Paz Beniamini, Rodolfo Barniol Duran, Maria Petropoulou, Dimitrios Giannios
2001.00950 astro-ph

Speeding Up Dark Matter With Solar Neutrinos
Yue Zhang
2001.00948 hep-ph

Constraints on the intergalactic magnetic field from γ-ray observations of GRB 190114C
Ze-Rui Wang, Shao-Qiang Xi, Ruo-Yu Liu, Rui Xue, Xiang-Yu Wang
2001.01186 astro-ph

Galactic Magnetic Field Bias on Inferences from UHECR Data
Björn Eichmann, Tobias Winchen
2001.01530 astro-ph

Search for Advanced LIGO Single Interferometer Compact Binary Coalescence Signals in Coincidence with Gamma-Ray Events in Fermi-GBM
C. Stachie et al.
2001.01462 gr-qc

A Native Hawaiian-led summary of the current impact of constructing the Thirty Meter Telescope on Maunakea
Sara Kahanamoku et al.
2001.00970 astro-ph

Mon, Jan 06, 2020

High-energy neutrinos from cosmic ray interactions in the Local Bubble
M. Bouyahiaoui, M. Kachelriess, D.V. Semikoz
2001.00768 astro-ph

High-energy astrophysical neutrinos are produced in central parsec-scale regions of radio-bright active galaxies
A.V. Plavin, Y.Y. Kovalev, Y.A. Kovalev, S.V. Troitsky
2001.00930 astro-ph

Mapping large-scale diffuse gamma-ray emission in 10-100 TeV band with Cherenkov telescopes
A.Neronov, D.Semikoz
2001.00922 astro-ph

Fri, Jan 03, 2020

Neutrino emission upper limits with maximum likelihood estimators for joint astrophysical neutrino searches with large sky localizations
Doğa Veske, Zsuzsa Márka, Imre Bartos, Szabolcs Márka
2001.00566 astro-ph

Gravitational wave memory from a propagating relativistic jet: a probe to the interior of gamma-ray burst progenitors
Yun-Wei Yu
2001.00205 astro-ph

Musings on the Current Status of HEP
M. Shifman
2001.00101 physics

Thu, Jan 02, 2020

No arXiv announcements

Wed, Jan 01, 2020

Star-icon Searches for neutrinos from cosmic-ray interactions in the Sun using seven years of IceCube data
IceCube Collaboration
1912.13135 astro-ph

KATRIN bound on 3+1 active-sterile neutrino mixing and the reactor antineutrino anomaly
C. Giunti, Y.F. Li, Y.Y. Zhang
1912.12956 hep-ph

Scalar Non-Standard Interactions of Neutrinos in Earth, Sun, Supernovae and Early Universe
K. S. Babu, Garv Chauhan, P. S. Bhupal Dev
1912.13488 hep-ph

Search for dark matter at colliders
Oliver Buchmueller, Caterina Doglioni, Lian-Tao Wang
1912.12739 hep-ex

LHC probes of the 10 TeV scale
Bogdan A. Dobrescu
1912.13155 hep-ph

Hunting dark matter in galaxy clusters with non-thermal electrons
Geoff Beck
1912.12473 astro-ph

Dark Matter Thermonuclear Supernova Ignition
Heinrich Steigerwald, Stefano Profumo, Davi Rodrigues, Valerio Marra
1912.12417 astro-ph

Measurements of the low energy neutron and gamma ray accompaniment of extensive air showers in the knee region of primary cosmic ray spectrum
A. Shepetov et al.
1912.13173 astro-ph

Charting the European Course to the High-Energy Frontier
U. Amaldi et al.
1912.13466 hep-ex

Synergies between astroparticle, particle and nuclear physics
Caterina Doglioni
1912.12745 hep-ph

Tue, Dec 31, 2019

No arXiv announcements

Mon, Dec 30, 2019

Time of Flight and Supernova Progenitor Effects on the Neutrino Halo
John F. Cherry et al.
1912.11489 astro-ph

Gamma-rays from kilonovae and the cosmic gamma-ray background
Pilar Ruiz-Lapuente, Oleg Korobkin
1912.11974 astro-ph

Fri, Dec 27, 2019

No arXiv announcements

Thu, Dec 26, 2019

No arXiv announcements

Wed, Dec 25, 2019

Axion Dark Matter Detection by Superconducting Resonant Frequency Conversion
Asher Berlin et al.
1912.11048 hep-ph

Probe Dark Matter Axions using the Hyperfine Structure Splitting of Hydrogen Atoms
Qiaoli Yang
1912.11472 hep-ph

The SPHERE-2 detector for observation of extensive air showers in 1 PeV — 1 EeV energy range
R.A. Antonov et al.
1912.11435 astro-ph

Tue, Dec 24, 2019

Testing cosmic ray composition models with very large volume neutrino telescopes
L.A. Fusco, F. Versari
1912.10778 astro-ph

First observation of a tau neutrino charged current interaction with charm production in the Opera experiment
OPERA Collaboration
1912.11012 hep-ex

New CTEQ global analysis of quantum chromodynamics with high-precision data from the LHC
Tie-Jiun Hou et al.
1912.10053 hep-ph

Electron- versus neutrino-nucleus scattering
J.E. Amaro et al.
1912.10612 nucl-th

Mon, Dec 23, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Dark Matter Annihilation to Neutrinos: An Updated, Consistent & Compelling Compendium of Constraints
Carlos A. Argüelles et al.
1912.09486 hep-ph

Star-icon Astro2020 APC White Paper: Theoretical Astrophysics 2020-2030
Juna A. Kollmeier et al.
1912.09992 astro-ph

Characterizing fast radio bursts through statistical cross-correlations
Masoud Rafiei-Ravandi, Kendrick M. Smith, Kiyoshi W. Masui
1912.09520 astro-ph

Sensitivity to light sterile neutrinos at ESSnuSB
Monojit Ghosh, Tommy Ohlsson, Salvador Rosauro-Alcaraz
1912.10010 hep-ph

Fri, Dec 20, 2019

Star-icon Core-collapse supernovae stymie secret neutrino interactions
Shashank Shalgar, Irene Tamborra, Mauricio Bustamante
1912.09115 astro-ph

Star-icon Probing the two-neutrino exchange force using atomic parity violation
Mitrajyoti Ghosh, Yuval Grossman, Walter Tangarife
1912.09444 hep-ph

Global Fit to Modified Neutrino Couplings and the Cabibbo-Angle Anomaly
Antonio M. Coutinho, Andreas Crivellin, Claudio Andrea Manzari
1912.08823 hep-ph

The hunt for sub-GeV dark matter at neutrino facilities: a survey of past and present experiments
Luca Buonocore, Patrick deNiverville, Claudia Frugiuele
1912.09346 hep-ph

A Systematic Study of Hidden Sector Dark Matter: Application to the Gamma-Ray and Antiproton Excesses
Dan Hooper, Rebecca K. Leane, Yu-Dai Tsai, Shalma Wegsman, Samuel J. Witte
1912.08821 hep-ph

Radio Signal of Axion Photon Conversion in Neutron Stars: A Ray Tracing Analysis
Mikaël Leroy, Marco Chianese, Thomas D.P. Edwards, Christoph Weniger
1912.08815 hep-ph

A search for dark matter cosmic-ray electrons and positrons from the Sun with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
A. Cuoco et al.
1912.09373 astro-ph

High-energy constraints from low-energy neutrino non-standard interactions
Jorge Terol-Calvo, Mariam Tórtola, Avelino Vicente
1912.09131 hep-ph

Faint Dark Matter Annihilation Signals and the Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole
Barry T. Chiang, Stuart L. Shapiro, Jessie Shelton
1912.09446 hep-ph

A model for lepton flavor violating non-standard neutrino interactions
Yasaman Farzan
1912.09408 hep-ph

Thu, Dec 19, 2019

Atomic responses to general dark matter-electron interactions
Riccardo Catena, Timon Emken, Nicola Spaldin, Walter Tarantino
1912.08204 hep-ph

Shining Light on the Scotogenic Model: Interplay of Colliders, Cosmology and Astrophysics
Sven Baumholzer, Vedran Brdar, Pedro Schwaller, Alexander Segner
1912.08215 hep-ph

Wed, Dec 18, 2019

Looking for MACHOs in the Spectra of Fast Radio Bursts
Andrey Katz, Joachim Kopp, Sergey Sibiryakov, Wei Xue
1912.07620 astro-ph

Searches for Decays of New Particles in the DUNE Multi-Purpose Near Detector
Jeffrey M. Berryman et al.
1912.07622 hep-ph

Which bright fast radio bursts repeat?
C.W. James et al.
1912.07847 astro-ph

Time-dependence of the astrophysical stochastic gravitational wave background
Suvodip Mukherjee, Joseph Silk
1912.07657 gr-qc

Nonlinear scattering of Fast Radio Bursts
Andrei Gruzinov
1912.08150 astro-ph

Building A Field: The Future of Astronomy with Gravitational Waves, A State of The Profession Consideration for Astro2020
Kelly Holley-Bockelmann et al.
1912.07642 astro-ph

The Legacy of Einstein’s Eclipse, Gravitational Lensing
Jorge L. Cervantes-Cota, Salvador Galindo-Uribarri, George F. Smoot
1912.07674 physics

Tue, Dec 17, 2019

Measuring the Weak Mixing Angle in the DUNE Near Detector Complex
André de Gouvêa, Pedro A. N. Machado, Yuber F. Perez-Gonzalez, Zahra Tabrizi
1912.06658 hep-ph

Self-interacting dark matter from what we know
Nicolás Bernal, Xiaoyong Chu, Suchita Kulkarni, Josef Pradler
1912.06681 hep-ph

Detectors for high-energy messengers from the Universe
Werner Hofmann, Jim Hinton
1912.07473 astro-ph

A self-consistent leptonic-hadronic interpretation of the electromagnetic and neutrino emissions from blazar TXS 0506+056
Gang Cao, Chuyuan Yang, Jianping Yang, Jiancheng Wang
1912.07448 astro-ph

Enlightening the dark ages with dark matter
Katie Short, José Luis Bernal, Alvise Raccanelli, Licia Verde, Jens Chluba
1912.07409 astro-ph

Strong lensing in multimessenger astronomy as a test of the equivalence principle
Olivier Minazzoli
1912.06891 gr-qc

Antiproton physics
Jean-Marc Richard
1912.07385 nucl-th

Mon, Dec 16, 2019

Star-icon Improved Sterile Neutrino Constraints from the STEREO Experiment with 179 Days of Reactor-On Data
STEREO Collaboration
1912.06582 hep-ex

Lepton-Nucleus Cross Section Measurements for DUNE with the LDMX Detector
Artur M. Ankowski et al.
1912.06140 hep-ph

Fri, Dec 13, 2019

Getting a THUMP from a WIMP
Hooman Davoudiasl, Gopolang Mohlabeng
1912.05572 hep-ph

Prospects for Detecting Boosted Dark Matter in DUNE through Hadronic Interactions
Joshua Berger et al.
1912.05558 hep-ph

New Directions for Axion Searches via Scattering at Reactor Neutrino Experiments
James B. Dent et al.
1912.05733 hep-ph

Search for Gamma-ray Spectral Lines from Dark Matter Annihilation in Dwarf Galaxies with the High-Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory
HAWC Collaboration
1912.05632 astro-ph

Loop Dominated Signals from Neutrino Portal Dark Matter
Hiren H. Patel, Stefano Profumo, Bibhushan Shakya
1912.05581 hep-ph

Neutrino Flavour Symmetries
Ferruccio Feruglio, Andrea Romanino
1912.06028 hep-ph

The electromagnetic counterparts of compact binary mergers
Ehud Nakar
1912.05659 astro-ph

Multi-Messenger Connections among High-Energy Cosmic Particles
Kohta Murase
1912.05764 astro-ph

A Mini-Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescope
S. Njoh Ekoume et al.
1912.05894 astro-ph

Shadow of the Moon and general relativity: Einstein, Dyson, Eddington and the 1919 light deflection
José P. S. Lemos
1912.05587 physics

Thu, Dec 12, 2019

Search for galactic Pevatron candidates in a population of unidentified gamma-ray sources
Gerrit Spengler
1912.05221 astro-ph

Counting on Short Gamma-Ray Bursts: Gravitational-Wave Constraints of Jet Geometry
Amanda Farah, Reed Essick, Zoheyr Doctor, Maya Fishbach, Daniel E. Holz
1912.04906 astro-ph

Search for dark matter towards the Galactic Centre with 11 years of ANTARES data
ANTARES Collaboration
1912.05296 astro-ph

Radiogenic power and geoneutrino luminosity of the Earth and other terrestrial bodies through time
William F. McDonough, Ondřej Šrámek, Scott A. Wipperfurth
1912.04655 physics

Testing CIBER cosmic infrared background measurements and axionlike particles with observations of TeV blazars
G. B. Long, W. P. Lin, P. H. T. Tam, W. S. Zhu
1912.05309 astro-ph

Wed, Dec 11, 2019

Limits on Kaluza-Klein dark matter annihilation in the Sun from recent IceCube results
M. Colom i Bernadich, C. Pérez de los Heros
1912.04585 astro-ph

Physics potential of the ESSνSB
M. Blennow, E. Fernandez-Martinez, T. Ota, S. Rosauro-Alcaraz
1912.04309 hep-ph

The proton radius: From a puzzle to precision
Hans-Werner Hammer, Ulf-G. Meißner
1912.03881 hep-ph

Constraints on Aquatic Photosynthesis for Terrestrial Planets Around Other Stars
Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb
1912.04301 astro-ph

Tue, Dec 10, 2019

Star-icon Constraining properties of the next nearby core-collapse supernova with multi-messenger signals
MacKenzie L. Warren, Sean M. Couch, Evan P. O’Connor, Viktoriya Morozova
1912.03328 astro-ph

Probing the scale of grand unification with gravitational waves
Wilfried Buchmuller, Valerie Domcke, Hitoshi Murayama, Kai Schmitz
1912.03695 hep-ph

Bounds on non-standard interactions of neutrinos from IceCube DeepCore data
1912.04149 hep-ph

A response to Rubin & Heitlauf: “Is the expansion of the universe accelerating? All signs still point to yes”
Jacques Colin, Roya Mohayaee, Mohamed Rameez, Subir Sarkar
1912.04257 astro-ph

Playing Pool with |ψ⟩: from Bouncing Billiards to Quantum Search
Adam R. Brown
1912.02207 quant-ph

Mon, Dec 09, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Hunting the Glashow Resonance with PeV Neutrino Telescopes
Guo-yuan Huang, Qinrui Liu
1912.02976 hep-ph

Star-icon The hadronic interaction model Sibyll 2.3c and extensive air showers
Ralph Engel, Anatoli Fedynitch, Thomas K. Gaisser, Felix Riehn, Todor Stanev
1912.03300 hep-ph

Filtered Dark Matter at a First Order Phase Transition
Michael J. Baker, Joachim Kopp, Andrew J. Long
1912.02830 hep-ph

Neutrinoless double beta decay versus other probes of heavy sterile neutrinos
Patrick D. Bolton, Frank F. Deppisch, P. S. Bhupal Dev
1912.03058 hep-ph

Hydrodynamic simulations unravel the progenitor-supernova-remnant connection in SN 1987A
S. Orlando et al.
1912.03070 astro-ph

New test of Lorentz invariance using the MICROSCOPE space mission
Hélène Pihan-le Bars et al.
1912.03030 physics

Habitable Age Instead of Location for Terrestrial Worlds
Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb
1912.02862 astro-ph

Emmy Noether on Energy Conservation in General Relativity
David E. Rowe
1912.03269 physics

Fri, Dec 06, 2019

Proton-synchrotron as the radiation mechanism of the prompt emission of GRBs?
G. Ghisellini et al.
1912.02185 astro-ph

Interference between the Atmospheric and Solar Oscillation Amplitudes
Patrick Huber, Hisakazu Minakata, Rebekah Pestes
1912.02426 hep-ph

Is the expansion of the universe accelerating? All signs still point to yes
David Rubin, Jessica Heitlauf
1912.02191 astro-ph

Nucleus Capture by Macroscopic Dark Matter
Yang Bai, Joshua Berger
1912.02813 hep-ph

The mass of our Milky Way
Wenting Wang, Jiaxin Han, Marius Cautun, Zhaozhou Li, Miho N. Ishigaki
1912.02599 astro-ph

Science Case for the Einstein Telescope
Michele Maggiore et al.
1912.02622 astro-ph

Interstellar communication network. I. Overview and assumptions
Michael Hippke
1912.02616 physics

Ab initio models of atomic nuclei: challenges and new ideas
Andreas Ekström
1912.02227 nucl-th

Voyager 2 enters interstellar space
R. Du Toit Strauss
1912.02476 astro-ph

Thu, Dec 05, 2019

Testing gamma-ray models of blazars in the extragalactic sky
Silvia Manconi et al.
1912.01622 astro-ph

Stellar Profile Independent Determination of the Dark Matter Distribution of the Fornax Local Group Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
Sasha Brownsberger, Lisa Randall
1912.01634 astro-ph

Wed, Dec 04, 2019

Star-icon A new analysis of the MiniBooNE low-energy excess
C. Giunti, A. Ioannisian, G. Ranucci
1912.01524 hep-ph

Neutrino and positron constraints on spinning primordial black hole dark matter
Basudeb Dasgupta, Ranjan Laha, Anupam Ray
1912.01014 hep-ph

Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis After Planck
Brian D. Fields, Keith A. Olive, Tsung-Han Yeh, Charles Young
1912.01132 astro-ph

Tue, Dec 03, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Constraints on the Diffuse Flux of Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos from Four Years of Askaryan Radio Array Data in Two Stations
ARA Collaboration
1912.00987 astro-ph

The Evolution of Gamma-ray Burst Jet Opening Angle through Cosmic Time
Nicole Lloyd-Ronning et al.
1912.00057 astro-ph

Gravimeter search for compact dark matter objects moving in the Earth
C. J. Horowitz, R. Widmer-Schnidrig
1912.00940 astro-ph

Fast Neutrino Flavor Instability in the Neutron-star Convection Layer of Three-dimensional Supernova Models
Robert Glas et al.
1912.00274 astro-ph

Constraints on Dark Matter from the Moon
Raghuveer Garani, Peter Tinyakov
1912.00443 hep-ph

Detection of the 511 keV Galactic position annihilation line with COSI
Carolyn A. Kierans et al.
1912.00110 astro-ph

Identifying nearby sources of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays with deep learning
Oleg Kalashev, Maxim Pshirkov, Mikhail Zotov
1912.00625 astro-ph

Mon, Dec 02, 2019

Star-icon A New Mask for An Old Suspect: Testing the Sensitivity of the Galactic Center Excess to the Point Source Mask
Yi-Ming Zhong, Samuel D. McDermott, Ilias Cholis, Patrick J. Fox
1911.12369 astro-ph

Star-icon Relativistic capture of dark matter by electrons in neutron stars
Aniket Joglekar, Nirmal Raj, Philip Tanedo, Hai-Bo Yu
1911.13293 hep-ph

Star-icon Improved constraints on parton distributions using LHCb, ALICE and HERA heavy-flavour measurements and implications for the predictions for prompt atmospheric-neutrino fluxes
O. Zenaiev et al.
1911.13164 hep-ph

Lorentz violation footprints in the spectrum of high-energy cosmic neutrinos: Deformation of the spectrum of superluminal neutrinos from electron-positron pair production in vacuum
J.M. Carmona, J.L. Cortes, J.J. Relancio, M.A. Reyes
1911.12710 hep-ph

Search for decaying eV-mass axion-like particles using gamma-ray signal from blazars
A. Korochkin, A. Neronov, D. Semikoz
1911.13291 hep-ph

The Inconsistency of Superfluid Dark Matter with Milky Way Dynamics
Mariangela Lisanti, Matthew Moschella, Nadav Joseph Outmezguine, Oren Slone
1911.12365 hep-ph

Compact Dark Matter Objects via N Dark Sectors
Gia Dvali, Emmanouil Koutsangelas, Florian Kuhnel
1911.13281 astro-ph

Cosmological direct detection of dark energy
Sunny Vagnozzi, Luca Visinelli, Olga Mena, David F. Mota
1911.12374 gr-qc

Fri, Nov 29, 2019

No arXiv announcements

Thu, Nov 28, 2019

Star-icon Constraints on Neutrino Emission from Nearby Galaxies Using the 2MASS Redshift Survey and IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
1911.11809 astro-ph

Enabling real-time multi-messenger astrophysics discoveries with deep learning
E. A. Huerta et al.
1911.11770 gr-qc

Constraints on dark photons and axion-like particles from SuperCDMS Soudan
SuperCDMS Collaboration
1911.11905 hep-ex

Non-negligible Oscillation Effects in the Crustal Geo-neutrino Calculations
Ran Han, Yu-Feng Li, Xin Mao
1911.12302 physics

Wed, Nov 27, 2019

Fisher for complements: Extracting cosmology and neutrino mass from the counts-in-cells PDF
Cora Uhlemann et al.
1911.11158 astro-ph

Probing the Weak Gravity Conjecture in the Cosmic Microwave Background
Martin Wolfgang Winkler, Martina Gerbino, Micol Benetti
1911.11148 astro-ph

AION: An Atom Interferometer Observatory and Network
L. Badurina et al.
1911.11755 astro-ph

Tue, Nov 26, 2019

Star-icon Modeling spectral lags in active galactic nucleus flares in the context of Lorentz invariance violation searches
Perennes Cédric, Sol Hélène, Bolmont Julien
1911.10377 astro-ph

Star-icon Searching for new physics with profile likelihoods: Wilks and beyond
Sara Algeri, Jelle Aalbers, Knut Dundas Morå, Jan Conrad
1911.10237 physics

Detectability of SASI activity in supernova neutrino signals
Zidu Lin, Cecilia Lunardini, Michele Zanolin, Kei Kotake, Colter Richardson
1911.10656 astro-ph

Search for heavy neutral leptons decaying into muon-pion pairs in the MicroBooNE detector
MicroBooNE Collaboration
1911.10545 hep-ex

How complex is the cosmic web?
1911.11029 astro-ph

A Family-nonuniversal U(1)′ Model for Excited Beryllium Decays
Beyhan Puliçe
1911.10482 hep-ph

Astronomy and the new SI
Prasenjit Saha
1911.10204 astro-ph

Opportunities and Outcomes for Postdocs in Canada
Henry Ngo et al.
1911.10320 astro-ph

Mon, Nov 25, 2019

Cosmic ray transport in starburst galaxies
Mark R. Krumholz et al.
1911.09774 astro-ph

Low frequency view of GRB 190114C reveals time varying shock micro-physics
K. Misra et al.
1911.09719 astro-ph

Probing a cosmic axion-like particle background within the jets of active galactic nuclei
Ahmed Ayad, Geoff Beck
1911.10078 astro-ph

AGILE Observations of Two Repeating Fast Radio Bursts with Small Intrinsic Dispersion Measure
C. Casentini et al.
1911.10189 astro-ph

Astrophysics: Extreme emission seen from γ-ray bursts
Bing Zhang
1911.09862 astro-ph

Escalating core formation with dark matter self-heating
Ayuki Kamada, Hee Jung Kim
1911.09717 hep-ph

Spectral swaps in a two-dimensional neutrino ring model
Joshua D. Martin, J. Carlson, Huaiyu Duan
1911.09772 hep-ph

The interplay between non-standard and nuclear constraints in coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering experiments
B. C. Canas, E. A. Garces, O. G. Miranda, A. Parada, G. Sanchez Garcia
1911.09831 hep-ph

Fri, Nov 22, 2019

Neutrino propagation hinders fast pairwise flavor conversions
Shashank Shalgar, Ian Padilla-Gay, Irene Tamborra
1911.09110 astro-ph

Improved global fit to Non-Standard neutrino Interactions using COHERENT energy and timing data
Pilar Coloma, Ivan Esteban, M. C. Gonzalez-Garcia, Michele Maltoni
1911.09109 hep-ph

New constraints on Heavy Neutral Leptons from Super-Kamiokande data
Pilar Coloma, Pilar Hernández, Víctor Muñoz, Ian. M. Shoemaker
1911.09129 hep-ph

Searching for Sterile Neutrino with X-ray Intensity Mapping
A.Caputo, M. Regis, M. Taoso
1911.09120 astro-ph

Searching for non-unitary neutrino oscillations in the present T2K and NOνA data
Luis Salvador Miranda, Pedro Pasquini, Ushak Rahaman, Soebur Razzaque
1911.09398 hep-ph

On the origin of the LIGO “mystery” noise and the high energy particle physics desert
Niayesh Afshordi
1911.09384 gr-qc

Thu, Nov 21, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon A very-high-energy component deep in the Gamma-ray Burst afterglow
H. Abdalla et al.
1911.08961 astro-ph

Star-icon Fundamental physics with blazar spectra: a critical appraisal
Giorgio Galanti, Fabrizio Tavecchio, Marco Landoni
1911.09056 astro-ph

Stellar cosmic rays as an important source of ionisation in protoplanetary disks: a disk mass dependent process
D. Rodgers-Lee, A. M. Taylor, T. P. Downes, T. P. Ray
1911.08852 astro-ph

NASA Probe Study Report: Farside Array for Radio Science Investigations of the Dark ages and Exoplanets (FARSIDE)
Jack O. Burns et al.
1911.08649 astro-ph

Scalar induced resonant sterile neutrino production in the early Universe
F. Bezrukov, A. Chudaykin, D. Gorbunov
1911.08502 hep-ph

Wed, Nov 20, 2019

Star-icon Constraints on Lorentz invariance violation from HAWC observations of gamma rays above 100 TeV
HAWC Collaboration
1911.08070 astro-ph

Star-icon Improved Limits on Millicharged Particles Using the ArgoNeuT Experiment at Fermilab
ArgoNeuT Collaboration
1911.07996 hep-ex

Search for dark matter induced de-excitation of 180Tam
Björn Lehnert et al.
1911.07865 astro-ph

Imprints of the Early Universe on Axion Dark Matter Substructure
Nikita Blinov, Matthew J. Dolan, Patrick Draper
1911.07853 astro-ph

Emergence of life in an inflationary universe
Tomonori Totani
1911.08092 q-bio

Dynamical evolution of axion condensates under stimulated decays into photons
Pierluca Carenza, Alessandro Mirizzi, Günter Sigl
1911.07838 hep-ph

On the Wondrous Stability of ALP Dark Matter
Gonzalo Alonso-Álvarez, Rick S. Gupta, Joerg Jaeckel, Michael Spannowsky
1911.07885 hep-ph

Superdiffusive Stochastic Fermi Acceleration in Space and Energy
Nikos Sioulas, Heinz Isliker, Loukas Vlahos, Argyris Koumtzis, Theophilos Pisokas
1911.07973 astro-ph

Maximum Cosmological Information from Type-Ia Supernova Observations
Jaiyul Yoo
1911.07869 astro-ph

Nature of γ-ray variability in blazars
Gopal Bhatta, Niraj Dhital
1911.08198 astro-ph

Spin effects in neutrino gravitational scattering
Maxim Dvornikov
1911.08317 hep-ph

Tue, Nov 19, 2019

Star-icon Search for Electron Antineutrino Appearance in a Long-baseline Muon Antineutrino Beam
T2K Collaboration
1911.07283 hep-ex

The Sun at TeV energies: gammas, neutrons, neutrinos and a cosmic ray shadow
Miguel Gutiérrez, Manuel Masip
1911.07530 hep-ph

Detection of UHE gamma rays from the Crab Nebula: Physical Implications
Dmitry Khangulyan, Masanori Arakawa, Felix Aharonian
1911.07438 astro-ph

Potential Connection Between IceCube Neutrinos and Late Bumps in Gamma-Ray Bursts
Gang Guo, Yong-Zhong Qian, Meng-Ru Wu
1911.07568 astro-ph

emcee v3: A Python ensemble sampling toolkit for affine-invariant MCMC
Daniel Foreman-Mackey et al.
1911.07688 astro-ph

Mon, Nov 18, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Is there really a `Hubble tension’?
Mohamed Rameez, Subir Sarkar
1911.06456 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Combined sensitivity to the neutrino mass ordering with JUNO, the IceCube Upgrade, and PINGU
IceCube-Gen2 Collaboration
1911.06745 hep-ex

Star-icon Neutrino Flavor Transformations from New Short-Range Forces
B.J.P. Jones, J. Spitz
1911.06342 hep-ph

Star-icon Quantum Computing for Neutrino-nucleus Scattering
Alessandro Roggero, Andy C. Y. Li, Joseph Carlson, Rajan Gupta, Gabriel N. Perdue
1911.06368 quant-ph

Cooking Pasta with Dark Matter: Kinetic and Annihilation Heating of Neutron Star Crusts
Javier F. Acevedo, Joseph Bramante, Rebecca K. Leane, Nirmal Raj
1911.06334 hep-ph

Physics with Far Detectors at Future Lepton Colliders
Zeren Simon Wang, Kechen Wang
1911.06576 hep-ph

Sensitivity of the COHERENT Experiment to Accelerator-Produced Dark Matter
COHERENT Collaboration
1911.06422 hep-ex

Fri, Nov 15, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Contribution of starburst nuclei to the diffuse gamma-ray and neutrino flux
Enrico Peretti, Pasquale Blasi, Felix Aharonian, Giovanni Morlino, Pierre Cristofari
1911.06163 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Can astrophysical neutrinos trace the origin of the detected ultra-high energy cosmic rays?
Andrea Palladino, Arjen van Vliet, Walter Winter, Anna Franckowiak
1911.05756 astro-ph

Star-icon Constraints on the Engines of Fast Radio Bursts
Ben Margalit, Brian D. Metzger, Lorenzo Sironi
1911.05765 astro-ph

Ultrahigh-energy cosmic ray interactions as the origin of very high energy γ−rays from BL Lacs
Saikat Das, Nayantara Gupta, Soebur Razzaque
1911.06011 astro-ph

Constraining the abundance of primordial black holes with gravitational lensing of gravitational waves at LIGO frequencies
Jose M. Diego
1911.05736 astro-ph

Thu, Nov 14, 2019

Star-icon Prospects of Measuring Oscillated Decay-at-Rest Neutrinos at Long Baselines
Roni Harnik, Kevin J. Kelly, Pedro A.N. Machado
1911.05088 hep-ph

Star-icon How to Characterize Habitable Worlds and Signs of Life
L. Kaltenegger
1911.05597 astro-ph

The Cosmological Evolution of Light Dark Photon Dark Matter
Samuel D. McDermott, Samuel J. Witte
1911.05086 hep-ph

Towards a precision calculation of the effective number of neutrinos Neff in the Standard Model I: The QED equation of state
Jack J. Bennett, Gilles Buldgen, Marco Drewes, Yvonne Y. Y. Wong
1911.04504 hep-ph

Kinetic equations for sterile neutrinos from thermal fluctuations
Dietrich Bodeker, Dennis Schroder
1911.05092 hep-ph

Magnetic fields in a hot dense neutrino plasma and the Gravitational Waves
Arun Kumar Pandey, Pravin Kumar Natwariya, Jitesh R Bhatt
1911.05412 astro-ph

Wed, Nov 13, 2019

Observation of Reactor Antineutrino Disappearance Using Delayed Neutron Capture on Hydrogen at RENO
C. D. Shin et al.
1911.04601 hep-ex

The DNNLikelihood: enhancing likelihood distribution with Deep Learning
Andrea Coccaro, Maurizio Pierini, Luca Silvestrini, Riccardo Torre
1911.03305 hep-ph

An Explanation for why the Early Universe was Dominated by the Standard Model and Stable
Mark P. Hertzberg, Mudit Jain
1911.04648 hep-ph

The Once and Present Standard Model of Elementary Particle Physics
James D. Wells
1911.04604 physics

Tue, Nov 12, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Multi-Epoch Modeling of TXS 0506+056 and Implications for Long-Term High-Energy Neutrino Emission
Maria Petropoulou et al.
1911.04010 astro-ph

Constraining the Local Burst Rate Density of Primordial Black Holes with HAWC
HAWC Collaboration
1911.04356 astro-ph

Comparing Short Gamma-Ray Burst Jet Structure Models
Fergus Hayes, Ik Siong Heng, John Veitch, Daniel Williams
1911.04190 astro-ph

Galactic Positron Excess from Selectively Enhanced Dark Matter Annihilation?
Anirban Das, Basudeb Dasgupta, Anupam Ray
1911.03488 hep-ph

Lorentz and CPT Violation in Partons
Alan Kostelecky, Enrico Lunghi, Nathan Sherrill, A.R. Vieira
1911.04002 hep-ph

Theia: An advanced optical neutrino detector
M. Askins et al.
1911.03501 physics

Mon, Nov 11, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Neutrino astronomy with the next generation IceCube Neutrino Observatory
M. G. Aartsen et al.
1911.02561 astro-ph

Star-icon Multiwavelength Variability Signatures of Relativistic Shocks in Blazar Jets
Markus Boettcher, Matthew G Baring
1911.02834 astro-ph

Cosmological Dependence of Resonantly Produced Sterile Neutrinos
Graciela B. Gelmini, Philip Lu, Volodymyr Takhistov
1911.03398 hep-ph

Novel constraints on the particle nature of dark matter from stellar streams
Nilanjan Banik, Jo Bovy, Gianfranco Bertone, Denis Erkal, T.J.L. de Boer
1911.02663 astro-ph

Improved limits on solar axions and bosonic dark matter from the CDEX-1B experiment using profile likelihood ratio method
CDEX Collaboration
1911.03085 hep-ex

Optimizing neural network techniques in classifying Fermi-LAT gamma-ray sources
Miloš Kovačević, Graziano Chiaro, Sara Cutini, Gino Tosti
1911.02948 astro-ph

Electric sails are potentially more effective than light sails near most stars
Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb
1911.02765 physics

Fri, Nov 08, 2019

No arXiv announcements

Thu, Nov 07, 2019

Star-icon Planck evidence for a closed Universe and a possible crisis for cosmology
Eleonora Di Valentino, Alessandro Melchiorri, Joseph Silk
1911.02087 astro-ph

Sterile neutrinos with altered dispersion relations revisited
G. Barenboim, P. Martinez-Mirave, C. A. Ternes, M. Tortola
1911.02329 hep-ph

Neutrino direction and energy resolution of Askaryan detectors
Christian Glaser
1911.02093 astro-ph

Calibration of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
Martin Rongen
1911.02016 astro-ph

Wed, Nov 06, 2019

Decaying Sterile Neutrinos and the Short Baseline Oscillation Anomalies
Mona Dentler, Ivan Esteban, Joachim Kopp, Pedro Machado
1911.01427 hep-ph

On The Decaying-Sterile Neutrino Solution to the Electron (Anti)Neutrino Appearance Anomalies
André de Gouvêa, O. L. G. Peres, Suprabh Prakash, G. V. Stenico
1911.01447 hep-ph

A novel test of Lorentz violation in the photon sector with an LC circuit
P. C. Malta
1911.01990 hep-ph

Fast Neutrino Flavor Conversion Modes in Multidimensional Core-collapse Supernova Models: the Role of the Asymmetric Neutrino Distributions
Sajad Abbar, Huaiyu Duan, Kohsuke Sumiyoshi, Tomoya Takiwaki, Maria Cristina Volpe
1911.01983 astro-ph

Modelling synchrotron and synchrotron self-Compton emission of gamma-ray burst afterglows from radio to very-high energies
Jagdish C. Joshi, Soebur Razzaque
1911.01558 astro-ph

Jets from Tidal Disruption Events
Fabio De Colle, Wenbin Lu
1911.01442 astro-ph

Tue, Nov 05, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon The shape of the cosmic ray proton spectrum
Paolo Lipari, Silvia Vernetto
1911.01311 astro-ph

Star-icon Constraining short gamma-ray burst jet properties with gravitational waves and gamma rays
Sylvia Biscoveanu, Eric Thrane, Salvatore Vitale
1911.01379 astro-ph

Star-icon Recent probes of standard and non-standard neutrino physics with nuclei
D.K. Papoulias, T.S. Kosmas, Y. Kuno
1911.00916 hep-ph

Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering at the European Spallation Source
D. Baxter et al.
1911.00762 physics

Mon, Nov 04, 2019

Prospects for Finding Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter at KATRIN
Cristina Benso, Vedran Brdar, Manfred Lindner, Werner Rodejohann
1911.00328 hep-ph

Dark Matter meets Quantum Gravity
Manuel Reichert, Juri Smirnov
1911.00012 hep-ph

The effects of cosmic rays on the formation of Milky Way-like galaxies in a cosmological context
Tobias Buck, Christoph Pfrommer, Rüdiger Pakmor, Robert J. J. Grand, Volker Springel
1911.00019 astro-ph

Electron-Positron Annihilation Freeze-Out in the Early Universe
Luke C. Thomas, Ted Dezen, Evan B. Grohs, Chad T. Kishimoto
1910.14050 hep-ph

Fri, Nov 01, 2019

Spectral and spatial analysis of the dark matter subhalo candidates among Fermi Large Area Telescope unidentified sources Javier Coronado-Blázquez et al.
1910.14429 astro-ph

Searching for Dark Photon Dark Matter with Cosmic Ray Antideuterons
Lisa Randall, Weishuang Linda Xu
1910.14669 hep-ph

A new method to build the (inverse) distance ladder
David Camarena, Valerio Marra
1910.14125 astro-ph

Indirect methods in nuclear astrophysics with relativistic radioactive beams
Thomas Aumann, Carlos A. Bertulani
1910.14094 nucl-th

Thu, Oct 31, 2019

Combining Sterile Neutrino Fits to Short Baseline Data with IceCube Data
M.H. Moulai, C.A. Argüelles, G.H. Collin, J.M. Conrad, A. Diaz, M.H. Shaevitz
1910.13456 hep-ph

Direct detection constraints on dark photon with CDEX-10 experiment at CJPL
CDEX Collaboration
1910.13234 hep-ex

QCD, from its inception to its stubbornly unsolved problems
A. De Rújula
1910.13891 hep-ph

Consistent QFT description of non-standard neutrino interactions
Adam Falkowski, Martín González-Alonso, Zahra Tabrizi
1910.02971 hep-ph

GetDist: a Python package for analysing Monte Carlo samples
Antony Lewis
1910.13970 astro-ph

HEPfit : a Code for the Combination of Indirect and Direct Constraints on High Energy Physics Models
Jorge de Blas et al.
1910.14012 hep-ph

Finely tuned models sacrifice explanatory depth
Feraz Azhar, Abraham Loeb
1910.13608 physics

Wed, Oct 30, 2019

Star-icon Probing dark matter signals in neutrino telescopes through angular power spectrum
Ariane Dekker, Marco Chianese, Shin’ichiro Ando
1910.12917 hep-ph

Upscattered Cocoon Emission in Short Gamma-ray Bursts as High-energy Gamma-ray Counterparts to Gravitational Waves
Shigeo S. Kimura, Kohta Murase, Kunihito Ioka, Shota Kisaka, Ke Fang, Peter Mészáros
1910.13277 astro-ph

Neutrino clustering in the Milky Way and beyond
P. Mertsch, G. Parimbelli, P.F. de Salas, S. Gariazzo, J. Lesgourgues, S. Pastor
1910.13388 astro-ph

Neutrino emission characteristics of black hole formation in three-dimensional simulations of stellar collapse
Laurie Walk, Irene Tamborra, Hans-Thomas Janka, Alexander Summa
1910.12971 astro-ph

Spectroscopy of short-lived radioactive molecules: A sensitive laboratory for new physics
R.F. Garcia Ruiz et al.
1910.13416 nucl-th

Cold Clouds as Cosmic-Ray Detectors
Shmuel Bialy
1910.12953 astro-ph

zfit: scalable pythonic fitting
Jonas Eschle, Albert Puig Navarro, Rafael Silva Coutinho, Nicola Serra
1910.13429 physics

Tue, Oct 29, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Grand Unified Neutrino Spectrum at Earth
Edoardo Vitagliano, Irene Tamborra, Georg Raffelt
1910.11878 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Observation of Radar Echoes From High-Energy Particle Cascades
S. Prohira et al.
1910.12830 astro-ph

Star-icon Searches for Atmospheric Long-Lived Particles
Carlos Argüelles, Pilar Coloma, Pilar Hernández, Víctor Muñoz
1910.12839 hep-ph

Coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering in multi-ton scale dark matter experiments: Classification of vector and scalar interactions new physics signals
D. Aristizabal Sierra, Bhaskar Dutta, Shu Liao, Louis E. Strigari
1910.12437 hep-ph

Mon, Oct 28, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon XSEN: a νN Cross Section Measurement using High Energy Neutrinos from pp collisions at the LHC
N. Beni et al.
1910.11340 physics

Star-icon A Neutral Beam Model for High-Energy Neutrino Emission from the Blazar TXS 0506+056
B. Theodore Zhang, Maria Petropoulou, Kohta Murase, Foteini Oikonomou
1910.11464 astro-ph

Star-icon Proton acceleration in pulsar magnetospheres
C. Guépin, B. Cerutti, K. Kotera
1910.11387 astro-ph

Physics Briefing Book
European Strategy for Particle Physics Preparatory Group
1910.1175 hep-ex

From diffuse extragalactic and galactic gamma rays to limits on extra dimensions
Michel Cassé, Bruno Mansoulié, Joseph Silk
1910.11867 astro-ph

Constraining dark photon properties with Asteroseismology
Adrián Ayala et al.
1910.11827 astro-ph

Fri, Oct 25, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon W-boson and trident production in TeV–PeV neutrino observatories
Bei Zhou, John F. Beacom
1910.10720 hep-ph

Imaging the nucleus with high-energy photons
Spencer R. Klein, Heikki Mantysaari
1910.10858 hep-ex

Neutrino-electron elastic scattering for flux determination at the DUNE oscillation experiment
Chris M. Marshall, Kevin S. McFarland, Callum Wilkinson
1910.10996 hep-ex

The first six months of the Advanced LIGO’s and Advanced Virgo’s third observing run with GRANDMA
S. Antier et al.
1910.11261 astro-ph

A Brief History of Time Crystals
Vedika Khemani, Roderich Moessner, S. L. Sondhi
1910.10745 cond-mat

Thu, Oct 24, 2019

Heavy sterile neutrino emission in core-collapse supernovae: Constraints and signatures
Leonardo Mastrototaro, Alessandro Mirizzi, Pasquale Dario Serpico, Arman Esmaili
1910.10249 hep-ph

Neutrino production from proton-proton interactions in binary-driven hypernovae
Campion Stefano, Melon Fuksman, Julio David, Rueda Hernandez, Jorge Armando
1910.10439 astro-ph

Warning about Dark Matter Direct Detection in the Presence of LIGO-Motivated Primordial Black Holes
Mark P. Hertzberg, Enrico D. Schiappacasse, Tsutomu T. Yanagida
1910.10575 astro-ph

First M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results and the Role of ALMA
Ciriaco Goddi et al.
1910.10193 astro-ph

Wed, Oct 23, 2019

Probing Virtual Axion-Like Particles by Precision Phase Measurements
Moslem Zarei et. al
1910.09973 hep-ph

Non-minimal dark sector physics and cosmological tensions
Eleonora Di Valentino, Alessandro Melchiorri, Olga Mena, Sunny Vagnozzi
1910.09853 astro-ph

Diffusive acceleration in relativistic shocks: particle feedback
Yotam Nagar, Uri Keshet
1910.10030 astro-ph

Tue, Oct 22, 2019

Star-icon Neutrinos from the gamma-ray source eHWC J1825-134: predictions for Km3 detectors
V. Niro, A. Neronov, L. Fusco, S. Gabici, D. Semikoz
1910.09065 astro-ph

Star-icon Extended Search for the Invisible Axion with the Axion Dark Matter Experiment
ADMX Collaboration
1910.08638 hep-ex

Star-icon Experimental Aspects of Geoneutrino Detection: Status and Perspectives
Oleg Smirnov
1910.09321 physics

Star-icon Atmospheric Neutrinos
Thomas K. Gaisser
1910.08851 astro-ph

Breaking a dark degeneracy: The gamma-ray signature of early matter domination
M. Sten Delos, Tim Linden, Adrienne L. Erickcek
1910.08553 astro-ph

AI Safety for High Energy Physics
Benjamin Nachman, Chase Shimmin
1910.08606 hep-ph

Mon, Oct 21, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Time-integrated Neutrino Source Searches with 10 years of IceCube Data
IceCube Collaboration
1910.08488 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Neutrino-nucleus cross sections for W-boson and trident production
Bei Zhou, John F. Beacom
1910.08090 hep-ph

Effective neutrino masses in KATRIN and future tritium beta-decay experiments
Guo-yuan Huang, Werner Rodejohann, Shun Zhou
1910.08332 hep-ph

Diffusive shock-acceleration: breakdown of spatial diffusion and isotropy
Uri Keshet, Ofir Arad, Yuri Lyubarski
1910.08083 astro-ph

Fri, Oct 18, 2019

Star-icon Towards grounding nuclear physics in QCD
Christian Drischler et al.
1910.07961 nucl-th

Star-icon Searching for scalar dark matter with compact mechanical resonators
Jack Manley, Russell Stump, Dalziel Wilson, Daniel Grin, Swati Singh
1910.07574 astro-ph

Dirac and Majorana neutrino signatures of primordial black holes
Cecilia Lunardini, Yuber F. Perez-Gonzalez
1910.07864 hep-ph

Search for Astronomical Neutrinos from Blazar TXS0506+056 in Super-Kamiokande
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
1910.07680 astro-ph

Wave heating from proto-neutron star convection and the core-collapse supernova explosion mechanism
Sarah E. Gossan, Jim Fuller, Luke F. Roberts
1910.07599 astro-ph

The void halo mass function: a promising probe of neutrino mass
Gemma Zhang et al.
1910.07553 astro-ph

What would happen if we were about 1 pc away from a supermassive black hole?
Lorenzo Iorio
1910.07760 astro-ph

Thu, Oct 17, 2019

Toward a robust inference method for the likelihood of low-luminosity gamma-ray bursts to be progenitors of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays correlating with starburst galaxies
Luis A. Anchordoqui, Claire Mechmann, Jorge F. Soriano
1910.07311 astro-ph

Spectral analysis of Fermi-LAT gamma-ray bursts with known redshift and their potential use as cosmological standard candles
F. Fana Dirirsa et al.
1910.07009 astro-ph

Nucleosynthesis Constraints on The Energy Growth Timescale of a Core-Collapse Supernova Explosion
Ryo Sawada, Keiichi Maeda
1910.06972 astro-ph

Neutrino Oscillations and Energy-Momentum Conservation
HoSeong La
1910.07076 hep-ph

Proceedings of The Magnificent CEνNS Workshop 2018
D. Aristizabal Sierra et al.
1910.07450 hep-ex

Newton vs the machine: solving the chaotic three-body problem using deep neural networks
Philip G. Breen, Christopher N. Foley, Tjarda Boekholt, Simon Portegies Zwart
1910.07291 astro-ph

Wed, Oct 16, 2019

Star-icon High-energy neutrinos from fallback accretion of binary neutron star merger remnants
Valentin Decoene, Claire Guépin, Ke Fang, Kumiko Kotera, Brian David Metzger
1910.06578 astro-ph

Design and Performance of the first IceAct Demonstrator at the South Pole
IceCube Collaboration
1910.06945 astro-ph

Exporting Terrestrial Life Out of the Solar System with Gravitational Slingshots of Earthgrazing Bodies
Amir Siraj, Abraham Loeb
1910.06414 astro-ph

On the Status of Conservation Laws in Physics: Implications for Semiclassical Gravity
Tim Maudlin, Elias Okon, Daniel Sudarsky
1910.06473 gr-qc

Tue, Oct 15, 2019

Dark matter astrometry at underground detectors with multiscatter events
Joseph Bramante, Jason Kumar, Nirmal Raj
1910.05380 hep-ph

Neutrino oscillations in supernovae: angular moments and fast instabilities
Lucas Johns, Hiroki Nagakura, George M. Fuller, Adam Burrows
1910.05682 hep-ph

Fast collective neutrino oscillations inside the neutrino sphere in core-collapse supernovae
Milad Delfan Azari et al.
1910.06176 astro-ph

Hot thermal universe endowed with massive dark vector fields and the Hubble tension
Luis A. Anchordoqui, Santiago E. Perez Bergliaffa
1910.05860 astro-ph

Constraint on the fifth force through perihelion precession of planets
Bing Sun, Zhoujian Cao, Lijing Shao
1910.05666 gr-qc

An Introduction to Particle Dark Matter
Stefano Profumo, Leonardo Giani, Oliver F. Piattella
1910.05610 hep-ph

Particle acceleration in interstellar shocks
Dejan Urošević, Bojan Arbutina, Dušan Onić
1910.06006 astro-ph

Mon, Oct 14, 2019

Star-icon The Dodelson-Widrow Mechanism In the Presence of Self-Interacting Neutrinos
André de Gouvêa, Manibrata Sen, Walter Tangarife, Yue Zhang
1910.04901 hep-ph

Light vector mediator search in the low-energy data of the CONNIE reactor neutrino experiment
Alexis Aguilar-Arevalo et al.
1910.04951 hep-ex

The viability of the 3+1 neutrino model in the supernova neutrino process
Heamin Ko, Dukjae Jang, Motohiko Kusakabe, Myung-Ki Cheoun
1910.04984 hep-ph

Explaining the AMS positron excess via Right-handed Neutrinos
Farinaldo S. Queiroz, Clarissa Siqueira
1910.04782 hep-ph

Fri, Oct 11, 2019

Coupling Neutrino Oscillations and Simulations of Core-Collapse Supernovae
Charles J. Stapleford, Carla Fröhlich, James P. Kneller
1910.04172 astro-ph

Fast-pairwise collective neutrino oscillations associated with asymmetric neutrino emissions in core-collapse supernova
Hiroki Nagakura, Taiki Morinaga, Chinami Kato, Shoichi Yamada
1910.04288 astro-ph

X-ray Search for Axions from Nearby Isolated Neutron Stars
Malte Buschmann, Raymond T. Co, Christopher Dessert, Benjamin R. Safdi
1910.04164 hep-ph

Learning neutrino effects in Cosmology with Convolutional Neural Networks
Elena Giusarma et al.
1910.04255 astro-ph

MOND vs. dark matter in light of historical parallels
Mordehai Milgrom
1910.04368 astro-ph

The hole picture
Vitor Cardoso
1910.04173 astro-ph

Thu, Oct 10, 2019

Constraint on the Matter-Antimatter Symmetry-Violating Phase in Neutrino Oscillations
T2K Collaboration
1910.03887 hep-ex

The AMS-02 beryllium and its implication for Cosmic Ray transport
Carmelo Evoli, Giovanni Morlino, Pasquale Blasi, Roberto Aloisio
1910.4113 astro-ph

Constraints on active and sterile neutrinos in an interacting dark energy cosmology
Lu Feng, Dong-Ze He, Hai-Li Li, Jing-Fei Zhang, Xin Zhang
1910.03872 astro-ph

News from Cosmic Ray Air Showers (ICRC 2019 — Cosmic Ray Indirect Rapport)
Frank G. Schröder
1910.03721 astro-ph

Wed, Oct 09, 2019

Gravitational Lensing of the Cosmic Neutrino Background
Joshua Yao-Yu Lin, Gilbert Holder
1910.03550 astro-ph

Hard X-ray Excess from the Magnificent Seven Neutron Stars
Christopher Dessert, Joshua W. Foster, Benjamin R. Safdi
1910.02956 astro-ph

Dirac neutrinos from Peccei-Quinn symmetry: a fresh look at the axion
Eduardo Peinado, Mario Reig, Rahul Srivastava, Jose W. F. Valle
1910.02961 hep-ph

Nonstandard neutrino interactions at COHERENT, DUNE, T2HK and LHC
Tao Han, Jiajun Liao, Hongkai Liu, Danny Marfatia
1910.03272 hep-ph

The Partonic Content of Nucleons and Nuclei
Juan Rojo
1910.03408 hep-ph

Tue, Oct 08, 2019

Gamma-ray and Neutrino Emissions due to Cosmic-Ray Protons Accelerated at Intracluster Shocks in Galaxy Clusters
Ji-Hoon Ha, Dongsu Ryu, Hyesung Kang
1910.02429 astro-ph

The Normal Neutrino Mass Hierarchy is Exactly What We Need!
Shao-Feng Ge, Jing-Yu Zhu
1910.02666 hep-ph

eV-scale sterile neutrinos from an extra dimension
Shinsuke Kawai, Nobuchika Okada
1910.02936 hep-ph

Conditions for jet break-out in NS mergers
Maxim Lyutikov
1910.02769 astro-ph

Mon, Oct 07, 2019

Refined Bounds on MeV-scale Thermal Dark Sectors from BBN and the CMB
Nashwan Sabti, James Alvey, Miguel Escudero, Malcolm Fairbairn, Diego Blas
1910.01649 hep-ph

A Search for Late-Time Radio Emission and Fast Radio Bursts from Superluminous Supernovae
C.J. Law et al.
1910.02036 astro-ph

Fri, Oct 04, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon On the Impact of Neutrino Decays on the Supernova Neutronization-Burst Flux
André de Gouvêa, Ivan Martinez-Soler, Manibrata Sen
1910.01127 hep-ph

Star-icon Updated Constraints on Asteroid-Mass Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter
Nolan Smyth et al.
1910.01285 astro-ph

Star-icon Test particle simulations of cosmic rays
Philipp Mertsch
1910.01172 astro-ph

Modelling ice birefringence and oblique radio wave propagation for neutrino detection at the South Pole
T. M. Jordan et al.
1910.01471 astro-ph

Probing axion mediated fermion–fermion interaction by means of entanglement
Antonio Capolupo et al.
1910.01533 hep-ph

What can Machine Learning tell us about the background expansion of the Universe?
Rubén Arjona, Savvas Nesseris
1910.01529 astro-ph

Neutrino oscillations in gravitational waves
Maxim Dvornikov
1910.01415 hep-ph

Leptonic Scalars at the LHC
Andre de Gouvea et al.
1910.01132 hep-ph

Brian D. Metzger
1910.01617 astro-ph

Production asymmetry of ντ neutrinos and ν¯τ antineutrinos from a fixed target experiment SHiP
Rafal Maciula, Antoni Szczurek, Jakub Zaremba, Izabela Babiarz
1910.01402 hep-ph

Thu, Oct 03, 2019

Life on Miller’s Planet: The Habitable Zone Around Supermassive Black Holes
Jeremy D. Schnittman
1910.00940 physics

The energy budget and figure of Earth during recovery from the Moon-forming giant impact
Simon J. Lock, Sarah T. Stewart, Matija Ćuk
1910.00619 astro-ph

Sensitivity to Atypical Tau Initiated Air Showers For a High-Altitude Optical Cherenkov Detector
Austin Cummings et al.
1910.00992 hep-ph

A More Complete Phenomenology of Tau Lepton Induced Air Showers
Austin Cummings et al.
1910.01021 hep-ph

Wed, Oct 02, 2019

Probing Bosonic Stars with Atomic Clocks
Chris Kouvaris, Eleftherios Papantonopoulos, Lauren Street, L.C.R. Wijewardhana
1910.00567 hep-ph

Measurement of the extragalactic background light spectral energy distribution with VERITAS
VERITAS Collaboration
1910.00451 astro-ph

Lorentz and CPT Tests using Penning Traps
Yunhua Ding
1910.00456 hep-ph

Higgs boson pair production at colliders: status and perspectives
B. Di Micco et al.
1910.000212 hep-ph

Tue, Oct 01, 2019

Star-icon Measurement of the cosmic-ray proton spectrum from 40 GeV to 100 TeV with the DAMPE satellite
DAMPE Collaboration
1909.12860 astro-ph

Star-icon Implications on the origin of cosmic rays in light of 10 TV spectral softenings
Chuan Yue et al.
1909.12857 astro-ph

Star-icon Probing Muonic Forces with Neutron Stars Binaries
Jeff A. Dror, Ranjan Laha, Toby Opferkuch
1909.12845 hep-ph

Analyzing the activity of neutrino emitter candidates: comparing TXS 0506+056 with other blazars
Antonio Marinelli, J.Rodrigo Sacahui, Ankur Sharma, Mabel Osorio-Archila
1909.13198 astro-ph

Cosmological Dependence of Non-resonantly Produced Sterile Neutrinos
Graciela B. Gelmini, Philip Lu, Volodymyr Takhistov
1909.13328 hep-ph

A new possibility of the fast neutrino-flavor conversion in the pre-shock region of core-collapse supernova
Taiki Morinaga, Hiroki Nagakura, Chinami Kato, Shoichi Yamada
1909.13131 astro-ph

Particle acceleration in relativistic turbulence: a theoretical appraisal
Camilia Demidem, Martin Lemoine, Fabien Casse
1909.12885 astro-ph

Physics potential of ESSνSB in the presence of a Light Sterile Neutrino
Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla, Sabya Sachi Chatterjee, Antonio Palazzo
1909.13746 hep-ph

Neutrino Oscillations in the Vacuum
Emilio Ciuffoli, Jarah Evslin, Hosam Mohammed
1909.13529 hep-ph

The Extreme Universe Space Observatory on a Super-Pressure Balloon II Mission
L. Wiencke, A. Olinto
1909.12835 astro-ph

Mon, Sep 30, 2019

Non-standard interactions versus planet-scale neutrino oscillations
Wei-Jie Feng, Jian Tang, Tse-Chun Wang, Yi-Xing Zhou
1909.12674 hep-ph

Radio constraints on dark matter annihilation in Canes Venatici I with LOFAR
Martin Vollmann et al.
1909.12355 astro-ph

Averages of b-hadron, c-hadron, and τ-lepton properties as of 2018
Heavy Flavor Averaging Group
1909.12524 hep-ex

Fri, Sep 27, 2019

Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows In The Multi-Messenger Era: Numerical Models and Closure Relations
Geoffrey Ryan, Hendrik van Eerten, Luigi Piro, Eleonora Troja
1909.11691 astro-ph

A Deep Targeted Search for Fast Radio Bursts from the Sites of Low-Redshift Short Gamma-Ray Bursts
D. R. Madison et al.
1909.11682 astro-ph

Thu, Sep 26, 2019

Identifying TeV Source Candidates among Fermi-LAT Unclassified Blazars
G. Chiaro et al.
1909.10834 astro-ph

Space test of the Equivalence Principle: first results of the MICROSCOPE mission
Pierre Touboul et al.
1909.10598 gr-qc

Breaking of Lorentz Invariance in Electron-Proton Parity Violation
Alexander Michel, Marc Sher
1909.10627 hep-ph

Wed, Sep 25, 2019

Star-icon What if Planet 9 is a Primordial Black Hole?
Jakub Scholtz, James Unwin
1909.11090 astro-ph

Neutrino decoherence in a fermion and scalar background
Jose F. Nieves, Sarira Sahu
1909.11271 astro-ph

Constraints on Sterile Neutrinos in the MeV to GeV Mass Range
D. A. Bryman, R. Shrock
1909.11198 hep-ph

How sound are our ultra-light axion approximations?
Jonathan Cookmeyer, Daniel Grin, Tristan L. Smith
1909.11094 astro-ph

A New Model Suite to Determine the Influence of Cosmic Rays on (Exo)planetary Atmospheric Biosignatures — Validation based on Modern Earth
Konstantin Herbst et al.
1909.11632 astro-ph

Tue, Sep 24, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Observing EeV neutrinos through the Earth: GZK and the anomalous ANITA events
Ibrahim Safa et al.
1909.10487 astro-ph

Star-icon Physics of radiation mediated shocks and its applications to GRBs, supernovae, and neutron star mergers
Amir Levinson, Ehud Nakar
1909.10288 astro-ph

Three flavor neutrino conversions in supernovae: Slow & Fast instabilities
Madhurima Chakraborty, Sovan Chakraborty
1909.10420 hep-ph

Neutrino Oscillations in Dark Matter
Ki-Young Choi, Eung Jin Chun, Jongkuk Kim
1909.10478 hep-ph

Gravitational footprints of massive neutrinos and lepton number breaking
Andrea Addazi et al.
1909.09740 hep-ph

Mon, Sep 23, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Probing new physics using Rydberg states of atomic hydrogen
Matthew P. A. Jones, Robert M. Potvliege, Michael Spannowsky
1909.09194 hep-ph

Star-icon Large- and Medium-Scale Anisotropies in the Arrival Directions of Cosmic Rays observed with KASCADE-Grande
Markus Ahlers
1909.09222 astro-ph

Star-icon Reevaluating Reactor Antineutrino Anomalies with Updated Flux Predictions
Jeffrey Berryman, Patrick Huber
1909.09267 hep-ph

Star-icon Resolving the Crab pulsar wind nebula at teraelectronvolt energies
H.E.S.S. Collaboration
1909.09494 astro-ph

Directional Dark Matter Detection in Anisotropic Dirac Materials
Ahmet Coskuner, Andrea Mitridate, Andres Olivares, Kathryn M. Zurek
1909.09170 hep-ph

Ultra high energy cosmic rays from super-heavy dark matter in the context of large exposure observatories
A.D. Supanitsky, G. Medina-Tanco
1909.09191 astro-ph

ELMAG 3.01: A three-dimensional Monte Carlo simulation of electromagnetic cascades on the extragalactic background light and in magnetic fields
M. Blytt, M. Kachelriess, S. Ostapchenko
1909.09210 astro-ph

Explaining the MiniBooNE excess by a decaying sterile neutrino with mass in the 250 MeV range
Oliver Fischer, Alvaro Hernandez-Cabezudo, Thomas Schwetz
1909.09561 hep-ph

Solar Neutrino Limits on Decoherence
Pedro Cunha de Holanda
1909.09504 hep-ph

The POEMMA (Probe of Extreme Multi-Messenger Astrophysics) mission
A. V. Olinto et al.
1909.09466 astro-ph

Cosmic Neutrinos and the Cosmic-Ray Accelerator TXS 0506+056
Francis Halzen
1909.09468 astro-ph

Fri, Sep 20, 2019

Star-icon A Search for Neutrino Point-Source Populations in 7 Years of IceCube Data with Neutrino-count Statistics
IceCube Collaboration
1909.08623 astro-ph

Cosmic Ray Small-Scale Anisotropies in Quasi-Linear Theory
Philipp Mertsch, Markus Ahlers
1909.09052 astro-ph

Direct constraints on ultra-light boson mass from searches for continuous gravitational waves
Cristiano Palomba et al.
1909.08854 astro-ph

Direct detection and comp constraints for sub-GeV dark matter
Kyrylo Bondarenko et al.
1909.08632 hep-ph

Velocity debiasing for Hubble constant measurements from standard sirens
Suvodip Mukherjee et al.
1909.08627 astro-ph

Prospects for Life on Temperate Planets Around Brown Dwarfs
Manasvi Lingam, Idan Ginsburg, Abraham Loeb
1909.08791 astro-ph

The Pierre Auger Observatory: Contributions to the 36th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2019)
Pierre Auger Collaboration
1909.09073 astro-ph

Thu, Sep 19, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon A New Population of Ultra-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Sources Detected by HAWC
HAWC Collaboration
1909.08609 astro-ph

Explaining the ANITA events by a Le−Lτ gauge model
Arman Esmaili, Yasaman Farzan
1909.07995 hep-ph

Cosmic-ray acceleration and escape from post-adiabatic Supernova remnants
Robert Brose, Martin Pohl, Iurii Sushch, Oleh Petruk, Taras Kuzyo
1909.08484 astro-ph

Constraining Dark-Matter Ensembles with Supernova Data
Aditi Desai, Keith R. Dienes, Brooks Thomas
1909.07981 astro-ph

Calibration of atmospheric neutrino flux calculations using cosmic muon flux and charge ratio measurements
Juan-Pablo Yáñez, Anatoli Fedynitch, Tyler Montgomery
1909.08365 astro-ph

Obtaining a History of the Flux of Cosmic Rays using In Situ Cosmogenic 14C Trapped in Polar Ice
Segev BenZvi et al.
1909.07994 astro-ph

Wed, Sep 18, 2019

Star-icon The Wolfenstein potential for ultra-light mediators
Alexei Yu. Smirnov, Xun-Jie Xu
1909.07505 hep-ph

Neutrino oscillation analysis of 217 live-days of Daya Bay and 500 live-days of RENO
Mario A. Acero, Alexis A. Aguilar-Arévalo, Dairo J. Polo-Toledo
1909.07599 hep

Gamma-ray luminosity function of BL Lac objects and contribution to the extragalactic gamma-ray background
Yankun Qu, Houdun Zeng, Dahai Yan
1909.07542 astro-ph

Fate of a neutron star with an endoparasitic black hole and implications for dark matter
William E. East, Luis Lehner
1909.07968 hep-ph

Calorimetry for low-energy electrons using charge and light in liquid argon
W. Foreman et al.
1909.07920 physics

Tue, Sep 17, 2019

Two years of non-thermal emission from the binary neutron star merger GW170817: rapid fading of the jet afterglow and first constraints on the kilonova fastest ejecta
A. Hajela et al.
1909.06393 astro-ph

IceCube PeV Neutrino Events from the Decay of Superheavy Dark Matter;an Analysis
Madhurima Pandey, Debasish Majumdar, Ashadul Halder
1909.06839 hep-ph

Divalent lanthanoid ions in crystals for neutrino mass spectroscopy
H. Hara, N. Sasao, M. Yoshimura
1909.06554 hep-ph

Mon, Fri 16, 2019

Star-icon An improved upper limit on the neutrino mass from a direct kinematic method by KATRIN
KATRIN Collaboration
1909.06048 astro-ph

Star-icon Neutron Star Mergers and How to Study Them
Eric Burns
1909.06085 astro-ph

First Constraint on Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering in Argon
COHERENT Collaboration
1909.05913 hep-ex

First operation of the KATRIN experiment with tritium
KATRIN Collaboration
1909.06069 astro-ph

Constraints on the astrophysical environment of binaries with gravitational-wave observations
Vitor Cardoso, Andrea Maselli
1909.05870 astro-ph

Resonance production of keV sterile neutrinos in core-collapse supernovae and lepton number diffusion
Vsevolod Syvolap, Oleg Ruchayskiy, Alexey Boyarsky
1909.06320 hep-ph

FeynMaster: a plethora of Feynman tools
Duarte Fontes, Jorge C. Romão
1909.05876 hep-ph

Fri, Sep 13, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Probe Of Sterile Neutrinos Using Astrophysical Neutrino Flavor
Carlos A. Argüelles et al.
1909.05341 astro-ph

Cosmological Limits on the Neutrino Mass and Lifetime
Zackaria Chacko, Abhish Dev, Peizhi Du, Vivian Poulin, Yuhsin Tsai
1909.05275 hep-ph

Directionally Accelerated Detection of an Unknown Second Reactor with Antineutrinos for Mid-Field Nonproliferation Monitoring
AIT-WATCHMAN Collaboration
1909.05374 physics

dHybridR: a Hybrid–Particle-in-Cell Code Including Relativistic Ion Dynamics
Colby C. Haggerty, Damiano Caprioli
1909.05255 astro-ph

Theoretical Cosmology
A. A. Coley, G. F. R. Ellis
1909.05346 gr-qc

Space Debris detection and tracking with the techniques of cosmic ray physics
H. Miyamoto et al.
1909.05601 astro-ph

Thu, Sep 12, 2019

Dark Shards: velocity substructure from Gaia and direct searches for dark matter
Ciaran A. J. O’Hare et al.
1909.04684 astro-ph

Light neutrino masses from gravitational condensation: the Schwinger-Dyson approach
Gabriela Barenboim, Jessica Turner, Ye-Ling Zhou
1909.04675 hep-ph

Leak-in Dark Matter
Jared A. Evans, Cristian Gaidau, Jessie Shelton
1909.04671 hep-ph

Dynamic fast flavor oscillation waves in dense neutrino gases
Joshua D. Martin, Changhao Yi, Huaiyu Duan
1909.05225 hep-ph

New physics effects on coherence in neutrino oscillations: A model independent analysis
Khushboo Dixit, Ashutosh Kumar Alok
1909.04887 hep-ph

GRANDProto300: a pathfinder with richastroparticle and radio-astronomy science case
Valentin Decoene
1909.04893 astro-ph

Astrophysical Tau Neutrino Identification with IceCube Waveforms
Logan Wille, Donglian Xu
1909.05162 astro-ph

Search for Astrophysical Tau Neutrinos with an Improved Double Pulse Method
Maximilian Meier, Jan Soedingrekso
1909.05127 astro-ph

Model-independent Measurement of the Atmospheric Muon Neutrino Energy Spectrum up to 2.5 PeV
Tobias Hoinka, Jan Soedingrekso, Mathis Börner
1909.05129 astro-ph

Results from IceCube
Dawn R. Williams
1909.05173 astro-ph

Wed, Sep 11, 2019

Visible Sterile Neutrinos as the Earliest Relic Probes of Cosmology
Graciela B. Gelmini, Philip Lu, Volodymyr Takhistov
1909.04168 hep-ph

A CMB Search for the Neutrino Mass Mechanism and its Relation to the H0 Tension
Miguel Escudero, Samuel J. Witte
1909.04044 astro-ph

The Overarching Framework of Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions as Revealed by 3D Fornax Simulations
Adam Burrows et al.
1909.04152 astro-ph

The highest-speed local dark matter particles come from the Large Magellanic Cloud
Gurtina Besla, Annika Peter, Nicolas Garavito-Camargo
1909.04140 astro-ph

Characterization of the varying flux of atmospheric muons measured with the Large Volume Detector for 24 years
LVD Collaboration
1909.04579 astro-ph

How To Discover Mirror Stars
David Curtin, Jack Setford
1909.04071 hep-ph

Signatures of Mirror Stars
David Curtin, Jack Setford
1909.04072 hep-ph

Searching for quark cores with binary neutron star inspirals
Hsin-Yu Chen, Paul M. Chesler, Abraham Loeb
1909.04096 astro-ph

A new test of the weak equivalence principle on the galaxy level based on observations of binary neutron star merger GW170817
Lulu Yao, Zonghua Zhao, Yu Han, Jingbo Wang, Tong Liu, Molin Liu
1909.04338 astro-ph

Model of the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence with Coronagraphic Imaging
Christina L. Vides et al.
1909.04128 astro-ph

The International Pulsar Timing Array: Second data release
B. B. P. Perera et al.
1909.04534 astro-ph

Tue, Sep 10, 2019

Triangulation Pointing to Core-Collapse Supernovae with Next-Generation Neutrino Detectors
N. B. Linzer, K. Scholberg
1909.03151 astro-ph

A new Monte Carlo-based fitting method
Paolo Pedroni, Stefano Sconfietti
1909.03885 physics

Mon, Sep 09, 2019

Star-icon Neutrino vertex reconstruction with in-ice radio detectors using surface reflections and implications for the neutrino energy resolution
A. Anker et al.
1909.02677 astro-ph

Probing Majorana neutrinos with double-β decay
GERDA Collaboration
1909.02726 hep-ex

Probing Diffuse Gas with Fast Radio Bursts
Anthony Walters, Yin-Zhe Ma, Jonathan Sievers, Amanda Weltman
1909.02821 astro-ph

Results of the EUSO-SPB1 flight
J. Eser et al.
1909.03005 astro-ph

Fri, Sep 06, 2019

Star-icon Coronal Synchrotron and Neutrino Emission from the Core of NGC 1068
Yoshiyuki Inoue, Dmitry Khangulyan, Akihiro Doi
1909.02239 astro-ph

Star-icon Search for low-energy neutrinos from astrophysical sources with Borexino
Borexino Collaboration
1909.02422 hep-ex

Comprehensive geoneutrino analysis with Borexino
Borexino Collaboration
1909.02257 hep-ex

Implications of a proton blazar inspired model on correlated observations of neutrinos with gamma-ray flaring blazars
Prabir Banik, Arunava Bhadra, Madhurima Pandey, Debasish Majumdar
1909.01993 astro-ph

No sign of G2’s encounter affecting Sgr A*’s X-ray flaring rate from Chandra observations
Elie Bouffard et al.
1909.02175 astro-ph

Fibonacci Fast Convergence for Neutrino Oscillations in Matter
Peter B. Denton, Stephen J. Parke, Xining Zhang
1909.02009 hep-ph

Men will stretch out their eyes: Or, What happened to Christopher Wren’s inaugural
Robert I McLachlan
1909.02167 physics

Thu, Sep 05, 2019

Distinguishing Dirac from Majorana neutrinos in a microwave cavity
Mehdi Abdi, Roohollah Mohammadi, She-Sheng Xue, Moslem Zarei
1909.01536 hep-ph

Neutrino oscillations in a neutrino-dominated accretion disk around a Kerr BH
Juan David Uribe Suárez, Jorge Armando Rueda Hernandez
1909.01841 astro-ph

The interplay of magnetically-dominated turbulence and magnetic reconnection in producing nonthermal particles
Luca Comisso, Lorenzo Sironi
1909.01420 astro-ph

Efficient propagation of systematic uncertainties from calibration to analysis with the SnowStorm method in IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
1909.01530 hep-ex

Sterile Neutrinos, Black Hole Vacuum and Holographic Principle
Gabriela Barenboim, Christopher T. Hill
1909.01956 hep-th

An Introduction to Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
Aron J. Beekman, Louk Rademaker, Jasper van Wezel
1909.01820 hep-th

HAWC Contributions to the 36th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2019)
HAWC Collaboration
1909.01808 astro-ph

Wed, Sep 04, 2019

Star-icon A search for cosmogenic neutrinos with the ARIANNA test bed using 4.5 years of data
ARIANNA Collaboration
1909.00840 astro-ph

Constraining axion-like particles from rare pion decays
Wolfgang Altmannshofer, Stefania Gori, Dean J. Robinson
1909.00005 hep-ph

Dark Matter Signals on a Laser Interferometer
Satoshi Tsuchida, Nobuyuki Kanda, Yousuke Itoh, Masaki Mori
1909.00654 astro-ph

General COHERENT Constraints on Neutrino Non-Standard Interactions
C. Giunti
1909.00466 hep-ph

Periodic Fast Radio Bursts from Young Neutron Stars
Julian B. Muñoz, Vikram Ravi, Abraham Loeb
1909.00004 astro-ph

Deciphering the AMS cosmic-ray positron flux
A. De Rújula
1909.01277 hep-ph

Properties of the Circumgalactic Medium in Cosmic Ray-Dominated Galaxy Halos
Suoqing Ji, T. K. Chan et al.
1909.00003 astro-ph

Implementing IceCube in SNOwGLoBES
Felix Malmenbeck, Erin O’Sullivan
1909.00886 astro-ph

Acoustic detection of neutrinos in bedrock
Wladyslaw Henryk Trzaska et al.
1909.00417 physics

Tue, Sep 03, 2019

No arXiv announcements

Mon, Sep 02, 2019

Describing correlated observations of neutrino and gamma ray flares from the blazar TXS 0506+056 with proton blazar model
Prabir Banik, Arunava Bhadra
1908.11849 astro-ph

Science Case of a Scintillator and Radio Surface Array at IceCube
Frank G. Schröder
1908.11469 astro-ph

Fri, Aug 30, 2019

Star-icon Characterizing the Nature of the Unresolved Point Sources in the Galactic Center
Laura J. Chang et al.
1908.10874 astro-ph

Star-icon Feasibility of an Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope Array to Veto Air Showers for Neutrino Astronomy
D. Rysewyk et al.
1908.10865 astro-ph

Neutrino Emissions from Tidal Disruption Remnants
Kimitake Hayasaki, Ryo Yamazaki
1908.10882 astro-ph

Axions as a probe of solar metals
Joerg Jaeckel, Lennert J. Thormaehlen
1908.10878 astro-ph

Prospects for Lorentz Invariance Violation searches with top pair production at the LHC and future hadron colliders
Aurelien Carle, Nicolas Chanon, Stephane Perries
1908.11256 hep-ph

Thu, Aug 29, 2019

First measurements with prototype radio antennas for the IceTop detector array
Max Renschler
1908.10565 astro-ph

Long-baseline horizontal radio-frequency transmission through polar ice
P. Allison et al.
1908.10689 astro-ph

Neutrino halo effect on collective neutrino oscillation in iron core-collapse supernova model of a 9.6 M⊙ star
Masamichi Zaizen et al.
1908.10594 astro-ph

Wed, Aug 28, 2019

Star-icon A Search for MeV to TeV Neutrinos from Fast Radio Bursts with IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
1908.09997 astro-ph

Star-icon Search for PeV Gamma-Ray Emission from the Southern Hemisphere with 5 Years of Data from the IceCube Observatory
IceCube Collaboration
1908.09918 astro-ph

Consistency of the Standard Model Effective Field Theory
Grant N. Remmen, Nicholas L. Rodd
1908.09845 hep-ph

Faint repetitions from a bright Fast Radio Burst source
Pravir Kumar et al.
1908.10026 astro-ph

Non-detection of fast radio bursts from six gamma-ray burst remnants with possible magnetar engines
Yunpeng Men et al.
1908.10222 astro-ph

High-energy neutrino event simulation at NLO in Genie for KM3NeT and other observatories
Alfonso Garcia, Aart Heijboer
1908.10077 astro-ph

Tue, Aug 27, 2019

Multi-messenger tests of gravity with weakly lensed gravitational waves
Suvodip Mukherjee, Benjamin D. Wandelt, Joseph Silk
1908.08950 astro-ph

NuSTAR Tests of Sterile-Neutrino Dark Matter: New Galactic Bulge Observations and Combined Impact
Brandon M. Roach et al.
1908.09037 astro-ph

Hybrid detection of high-energy cosmic neutrinos with the next-generation neutrino detectors at the South Pole
S. Toscano et al.
1908.09563 hep-ex

Mon, Aug 26, 2019

Reduction of the Uncertainty in the Atmospheric Neutrino Flux Prediction Using Accurately Measured Atmospheric Muon Flux
M. Honda, M. Sajjad Athar, T. Kajita, K. Kasahara, S. Midorikawa
1908.08765 astro-ph

Neutral Current Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering. Theory
Carlotta Giusti, Martin V. Ivanov
1908.08603 hep-ph

IceCube Search for Galactic Neutrino Sources based on HAWC Observations of the Galactic Plane
Ali Kheirandish, Joshua Wood
1908.08546 astro-ph

Search for Neutrinos from Populations of Optical Transients
Robert Stein
1908.08547 astro-ph

A Real-Time Search for Interstellar Impacts on the Moon
Amir Siraj, Abraham Loeb
1908.08543 astro-ph

Fri, Aug 23, 2019

Multi-messenger tests of cosmic-ray acceleration in radiatively inefficient accretion flows
Shigeo S. Kimura, Kohta Murase, Peter Mészáros
1908.08421 astro-ph

A search for IceCube events in the direction of ANITA neutrino candidates
Alex Pizzuto, Anastasia Barbano, Teresa Montaruli, Justin Vandenbroucke
1908.08060 astro-ph

Searches for steady neutrino emission from 3FHLblazars using eight years of IceCube data from the Northern hemisphere
Matthias Huber
1908.08458 astro-ph

Cosmic Ray Spectrum and Composition from PeV to EeV from the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
Karen Andeen, Matthias Plum
1908.04139 astro-ph

Searches for point-like sources of cosmic neutrinos with 11 years of ANTARES data
Julien Aublin, Giulia Illuminati, Sergio Navas
1908.08248 astro-ph

Dark matter searches with the IceCube Upgrade
Sebastian Baur
1908.08236 astro-ph

First search for GeV neutrinos from bright gamma-ray solar flares using the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
Gwenhaël de Wasseige
1908.08300 astro-ph

Probing neutrino emission at GeV energies from compact binary mergers with IceCube
Gwenhaël de Wasseige, Imre Bartos, Krijn de Vries, Erin O’Sullivan
1908.08299 astro-ph

Thu, Aug 22, 2019

Sensitivity of Super-Kamiokande with Gadolinium to Low Energy Anti-neutrinos from Pre-supernova Emission
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
1908.07551 astro-ph

Blast Waves from Magnetar Flares and Fast Radio Bursts
Andrei M. Beloborodov
1908.07743 astro-ph

The High-Energy Frontier of the Intensity Frontier: Closing the Dark Photon, Inelastic Dark Matter, and Muon g-2 Windows
Yu-Dai Tsai, Patrick deNiverville, Ming Xiong Liu
1908.07525 hep-ph

Quest for new physics using astrophysical neutrino flavor in IceCube
Kareem Farrag
1908.07602 astro-ph

Prospects of Earth-skimming neutrino detection with HAWC
Hermes León Vargas
1908.07622 physics

Wed, Aug 21, 2019

Star-icon Direct Deflection of Particle Dark Matter
Asher Berlin et al.
1908.06982 hep-ph

Star-icon Neutrino Detectors as Tools for Nuclear Security
Adam Bernstein et al.
1908.07113 physics

Neutrino mass ordering obscured by non-standard interactions
Francesco Capozzi, Sabya Sachi Chatterjee, Antonio Palazzo
1908.06992 hep-ph

Astrophysics-independent determination of dark matter parameters from two direct detection signals
Juan Herrero-Garcia, Yannick Müller, Thomas Schwetz
1908.07037 hep-ph

Measurement of the high-energy all-flavor neutrino-nucleon cross section with IceCube
Tianlu Yuan
1908.07027 astro-ph

Low Energy Cosmic Ray Spectrum from 250 TeV to 10 PeV using IceTop
Ramesh Koirala, Thomas K. Gaisser
1908.07143 astro-ph

Enabling a new detection channel for beyond standard model physics with in-situ measurements of ice luminescence
Anna Pollmann
1908.07231 astro-ph

Eleven Year Search for Supernovae with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
Robert Cross, Alexander Fritz, Spencer Griswold
1908.07249 astro-ph

ANTARES and IceCube combined search for neutrino point-like and extended sources in the Southern Sky
Giulia Illuminati
1908.07439 astro-ph

Searching for optical and VHE counterparts of fast radio bursts with MAGIC
J. Hoang et al.
1908.07506 astro-ph

Tue, Aug 20, 2019

Neutrino Fluence from Gamma-Ray Bursts: Off-Axis View of Structured Jets
Markus Ahlers, Lea Halser
1908.06953 astro-ph

Gravitational waves, CMB polarization, and the Hubble tension
Donghui Jeong, Marc Kamionkowski
1908.06100 astro-ph

Measurement of the multi-TeV neutrino cross section with IceCube using Earth absorption
Sally Robertson
1908.06123 astro-ph

IceCube search for high-energy neutrinos produced in the precursor stages of gamma-ray bursts
Paul Coppin, Nick van Eijndhoven
1908.06653 astro-ph

Mon, Aug 19, 2019

Ten years of All-sky Neutrino Point-Source Searches
Tessa Carver
1908.05993 astro-ph

Neutrino, Electroweak and Nuclear Physics from COHERENT Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering with Refined Quenching Factor
M. Cadeddu, F. Dordei, C. Giunti, Y.F. Li, Y.Y. Zhang
1908.06045 hep-ph

A Practical and Consistent Parametrization of Dark Matter Self-Interactions
Xiaoyong Chu, Camilo Garcia-Cely, Hitoshi Murayama
1908.06067 hep-ph

Fri, Aug 16, 2019

New Limits on Charged Dark Matter from Large-Scale Coherent Magnetic Fields
Albert Stebbins, Gordan Krnjaic
1908.05275 astro-ph

First Double Cascade Tau Neutrino Candidates in IceCube and a New Measurement of the Flavor Composition
Juliana Stachurska
1908.05506 astro-ph

A Catalog of Astrophysical Neutrino Candidates for IceCube
Chujie Chen, Charles Cardot
1908.05290 astro-ph

Search for cascade events with Baikal-GVD
Baikal-GVD Collaboration
1908.05430 astro-ph

Thu, Aug 15, 2019

Ultralight dark matter detection with mechanical quantum sensors
Daniel Carney, Anson Hook, Zhen Liu, Jacob M. Taylor, Yue Zhao
1908.04797 hep-ph

On the nature of correlation between neutrino-SM CP phase and unitarity violating new physics parameters
Ivan Martinez-Soler, Hisakazu Minakata
1908.04855 hep-ph

Wed, Aug 14, 2019

The Hubble constant tension with next generation galaxy surveys
Carlos A. P. Bengaly, Chris Clarkson, Roy Maartens
1908.04619 astro-ph

Differentiating short gamma-ray bursts progenitors through multi-MeV neutrinos
G. Morales, N. Fraija
1908.04747 astro-ph

Lorentz Factor Evolution of an Expanding Jet Shell Observed in Gamma-ray Burst: Case study of GRB 160625B
Da-Bin Lin et al.
1908.04641 astro-ph

Cosmic ray ensembles from ultra-high energy photons propagating in the galactic and intergalactic space
Niraj Dhital et al.
1908.04600 astro-ph

Earth as an Exoplanet: A Two-dimensional Alien Map
Siteng Fan et al.
1908.04350 astro-ph

Tue, Aug 13, 2019

Interacting dark energy after the latest Planck, DES, and H0 measurements: an excellent solution to the H0 and cosmic shear tensions
Eleonora Di Valentino, Alessandro Melchiorri, Olga Mena, Sunny Vagnozzi
1908.04281 astro-ph

The Hubble Hunter’s Guide
Lloyd Knox, Marius Millea
1908.03663 astro-ph

A new calculation of Earth-skimming very- and ultra-high energy tau neutrinos
Mary Hall Reno et al.
1908.03603 astro-ph

Derivation of the sterile neutrino Boltzmann equation from quantum kinetics
Lucas Johns
1908.04244 hep-ph

Cosmic Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory: Status and perspectives of a global cosmic ray detection framework
Dariusz Gora et al.
1908.04139 astro-ph

Biofluorescent Worlds I: Global Biological Fluorescence as a Biosignature
J. T. O’Malley-James, L. Kaltenegger
1908.04089 astro-ph

Eigenvectors from Eigenvalues
Peter B. Denton, Stephen J. Parke, Terence Tao, Xining Zhang
1908.03795 math

Mon, Aug 12, 2019

Star-icon CHIME/FRB Detection of Eight New Repeating Fast Radio Burst Sources
B. C. Andersen et al.
1908.03507 astro-ph

Star-icon Observing Dirac neutrinos in the cosmic microwave background
Kevork N. Abazajian, Julian Heeck
1908.03286 hep-ph

Star-icon Evidences of low-diffusion bubbles around Galactic pulsars
Mattia Di Mauro, Silvia Manconi, Fiorenza Donato
1908.03216 astro-ph

Constraining Axion Mass through Gamma-ray Observations of Pulsars
Sheridan J. Lloyd, Paula M. Chadwick, Anthony M. Brown
1908.03413 astro-ph

Entanglement and Collective Neutrino Oscillations
Michael J. Cervia et al.
1908.03511 hep-ph

Applying matched-filter technique to the search for dark matter transients with networks of quantum sensors
Guglielmo Panelli, Benjamin M. Roberts, Andrei Derevianko
1908.03320 astro-ph

Opening the Pandora’s box at the core of black holes
Raúl Carballo-Rubio, Francesco Di Filippo, Stefano Liberati, Matt Visser
1908.03261 gr-qc

First direct detection constraint on mirror dark matter kinetic mixing using LUX 2013 data
LUX Collaboration
1908.03479 hep-ex

A Great Successor to the Hubble Space Telescope
B. Scott Gaudi et al.
1908.03277 astro-ph

Fri, Aug 09, 2019

Star-icon Zee-Burst: A New Probe of Neutrino Non-Standard Interactions at IceCube
K. S. Babu, P. S. Bhupal Dev, Sudip Jana, Yicong Sui
1908.02779 hep-ph

Star-icon Neutrino Physics with an Opaque Detector
A. Cabrera et al.
1908.02859 physics

Natural superheavy nuclei in astrophysical data
Andrey Alexandrov et al.
1908.02931 nucl-ex

Thu, Aug 08, 2019

Detecting and Studying High-Energy Collider Neutrinos with FASER at the LHC
FASER Collaboration
1908.02310 hep-ex

Fermi-LAT Stacking Analysis Technique: An Application to Extreme Blazars and Prospects for their CTA Detection
Vaidehi S. Paliya, Alberto Dominguez, Marco Ajello, Anna Franckowiak, Dieter Hartmann
1908.02496 astro-ph

A frequentist analysis of three right-handed neutrinos with GAMBIT
Marcin Chrzaszcz et al.
1908.02302 hep-ph

New Regimes in the Observation of Core-Collapse Supernovae
Maryam Modjaz, Claudia P. Gutierrez, Iair Arcavi
1908.02476 astro-ph

Supernova Impostors and other Gap Transients
A. Pastorello, M. Fraser
1908.02323 astro-ph

The Nine Axes of Merit for Technosignature Searches
Sofia Z. Sheikh
1908.02683 astro-ph

Wed, Aug 07, 2019

Viable secret neutrino interactions with ultralight dark matter
James M. Cline
1908.02278 hep-ph

Tue, Aug 06, 2019

Mass composition of cosmic rays above 0.1 EeV by the Yakutsk array data
Stanislav Knurenko, Igor Petrov
1908.01508 astro-ph

Probing of violation of Lorentz invariance by ultracold neutrons in the Standard Model Extension
A. N. Ivanov, M. Wellenzohn, H. Abele
1908.01498 astro-ph

Mon, Aug 05, 2019

Indirect Detection of Composite (Asymmetric) Dark Matter
Rakhi Mahbubani, Michele Redi, Andrea Tesi
1908.00538 hep-ph

Using kilonovae as standard candles to measure the Hubble Constant
Michael W. Coughlin et al.
1908.00889 astro-ph

AEDGE: Atomic Experiment for Dark Matter and Gravity Exploration in Space
Andrea Bertoldi et al.
1908.00802 gr-qc

Astro2020 APC White Paper: Findings and Recommendations from the AAS Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy: Advancing the Career Development of Women in Astronomy
Nicolle Zellner et al.
1908.00597 astro-ph

Astro2020 APC White Paper: Findings and Recommendations from the AAS Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy: Towards Eliminating Harassment in Astronomy
Nicolle Zellner et al.
1908.00589 astro-ph

Fri, Aug 02, 2019

Implications of BBN Bounds for Cosmic Ray Upscattered Dark Matter
Gordan Krnjaic, Samuel D. McDermott
1908.00007 hep-ph

Electron Ionization via Dark Matter-Electron Scattering and the Migdal Effect
Daniel Baxter, Yonatan Kahn, Gordan Krnjaic
1908.00012 hep-ph

The “Terrascope”: On the Possibility of Using the Earth as an Atmospheric Lens
David Kipping
1908.00490 astro-ph

Axion-like particles, lepton-flavor violation and a new explanation of aμ and ae
Martin Bauer, Matthias Neubert, Sophie Renner, Marvin Schnubel, Andrea Thamm
1908.00008 hep-ph

Using Artificial Intelligence to Augment Science Prioritization for Astro2020
Brian Thomas et al.
1908.00369 astro-ph

Thu, Aug 01, 2019

Star-icon The IceCube coincident neutrino event is unlikely physically associated with LIGO/Virgo S190728q
Bing Zhang
1907.13464 astro-ph

Detection of cross-correlation between gravitational lensing and gamma rays
S. Ammazzalorso et al.
1907.13484 astro-ph

Gamma rays from reaccelerated particles at supernova remnant shocks
Pierre Cristofari, Pasquale Blasi
1907.13591 astro-ph

Some Implications of the Leptonic Annihilation of Dark Matter: Possible Galactic Radio Emission Signatures and the Excess Radio Flux of Extragalactic Origin
Elaine C. F. S. Fortes et al.
1907.13184 astro-ph

A Reverse Shock in GRB 181201A
Tanmoy Laskar et al.
1907.13128 astro-ph

Astro2020 APC White Paper: Providing a Timely Review of Input Demographics to Advisory Committees
Dara Norman et al.
1907.13172 astro-ph

Astro2020 APC White Paper: Tying Research Funding to Progress on Inclusion
Dara Norman et al.
1907.13202 astro-ph

Wed, Jul 31, 2019

Star-icon Updated results on neutrino mass and mass hierarchy from cosmology
Shouvik Roy Choudhury, Steen Hannestad
1907.12598 astro-ph

Constraints on Light Dark Matter Particles Interacting with Electrons from DAMIC at SNOLAB
DAMIC Collaboration
1907.12628 astro-ph

A Search for Light Dark Matter Interactions Enhanced by the Migdal effect or Bremsstrahlung in XENON1T
XENON1T Collaboration
1907.12771 hep-ex

On Lepton Number Violation in Heavy Neutrino Decays at Colliders
Marco Drewes, Juraj Klarić, Philipp Klose
1907.13034 hep-ph

Neutrino counting experiments and non-unitarity from LEP and future experiments
F. J. Escrihuela, L. J. Flores, O. G. Miranda
1907.12675 hep-ph

Photosynthesis on Exoplanets and Exomoons from Reflected Light
Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb
1907.12576 astro-ph

Tue, Jul 30, 2019

Star-icon High-Energy Multi-Messenger Transient Astrophysics
Kohta Murase, Imre Bartos
1907.12506 astro-ph

Star-icon The Next-Generation Radio Neutrino Observatory — Multi-Messenger Neutrino Astrophysics at Extreme Energies
J. A. Aguilar et al.
1907.12526 astro-ph

Dark matter haloes and subhaloes
Jesús Zavala, Carlos S. Frenk
1907.11775 astro-ph

On the TeV Halo Fraction in gamma-ray bright Pulsar Wind Nebulae
G. Giacinti et al.
1907.12121 astro-ph

Velocity independent constraints on spin-dependent DM-nucleon interactions from IceCube and PICO
IceCube Collaboration, PICO Collaboration
1907.12509 astro-ph

New physics from COHERENT data with improved Quenching Factors
Amir N. Khan, Werner Rodejohann
1907.12444 hep-ph

Hazma: A Python Toolkit for Studying Indirect Detection of Sub-GeV Dark Matter
Adam Coogan, Logan Morrison, Stefano Profumo
1907.11846 hep-ph

Potential Dark Matter Signals at Neutrino Telescopes
Marco Chianese
1907.11926 hep-ph

Mon, Jul 29, 2019

Star-icon Probing heavy dark matter decays with multi-messenger astrophysical data
Koji Ishiwata, Oscar Macias, Shin’ichiro Ando, Makoto Arimoto
1907.11671 astro-ph

Star-icon The IceCube Neutrino Observatory — Contributions to the 36th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2019)
IceCube Collaboration
1907.11699 astro-ph

Hidden Treasures: sterile neutrinos as dark matter with miraculous abundance, structure formation for different production mechanisms, and a solution to the sigma-8 problem
Kevork N. Abazajian, Alexander Kusenko
1907.11696 hep-ph

Characterization of the Astrophysical Diffuse Neutrino Flux with IceCube High-Energy Starting Events
Austin Schneider
1907.11266 astro-ph

Light Dark Matter Search with Ionization Signals in XENON1T
XENON1T Collaboration
1907.11485 hep-ex

Mon, Jul 22, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon White Paper on New Opportunities at the Next-Generation Neutrino Experiments (Part 1: BSM Neutrino Physics and Dark Matter)
C.A. Argüelles et al.
1907.08311 hep-ph

The Luminosity Function and Formation Rate of A Complete Sample of Long Gamma-Ray Bursts
Guang-Xuan Lan, Hou-Dun Zeng, Jun-Jie Wei, Xue-Feng Wu
1907.08342 astro-ph

A search for gamma-ray prompt emission associated with the Lorimer Burst FRB010724
C. Guidorzi et al.
1907.08386 astro-ph

First demonstration of ionization cooling by the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment
MICE Collaboration
1907.08562 physics

Physics of relativistic collisionless shocks: II Dynamics of the background plasma
M. Lemoine, A. Vanthieghem, G. Pelletier, L. Gremillet
1907.08219 astro-ph

If the Weak Were Strong and the Strong Were Weak
Nakarin Lohitsiri, David Tong
1907.08221 hep-th

Fri, Jul 19, 2019

Direct Detection of Spin-(In)dependent Nuclear Scattering of Sub-GeV Dark Matter Using Molecular Excitations
Rouven Essig, Jesús Pérez-Ríos, Harikrishnan Ramani, Oren Slone
1907.07682 hep-ph

Strong constraints on non-standard neutrino interactions: LHC vs. IceCube
Sujata Pandey, Siddhartha Karmakar, Subhendu Rakshit
1907.07700 hep-ph

(g−2)μ,e and the ANITA anomalous events in a three-loop neutrino mass model
Mohammad Abdullah, Bhaskar Dutta, Sumit Ghosh, Tianjun Li
1907.08109 hep-ph

The Southern Wide-Field Gamma-Ray Observatory (SWGO): A Next-Generation Ground-Based Survey Instrument for VHE Gamma-Ray Astronomy
P. Abreu et al.
1907.07737 astro-ph

Technosignatures in Transit
Jason T. Wright, David Kipping
1907.07830 astro-ph

Searches for Technosignatures: The State of the Profession
Jason T. Wright
1907.07832 astro-ph

Thu, Jul 18, 2019

Star-icon A DECam Search for Explosive Optical Transients Associated with IceCube Neutrinos
R. Morgan et al.
1907.07193 astro-ph

An independent assessment of significance of annual modulation in COSINE-100 data
Aditi Krishak, Shantanu Desai
1907.07199 astro-ph

New physics in light of the H0 tension: an alternative view
Sunny Vagnozzi
1907.07569 astro-ph

Accelerating the search for Axion-Like Particles with machine learning
Francesca Day, Sven Krippendorf
1907.07642 astro-ph

All-sky Medium Energy Gamma-ray Observatory: Exploring the Extreme Multimessenger Universe
Julie McEnery et al.
1907.07558 astro-ph

Introduction to multi-messenger astronomy
Andrii Neronov
1907.07392 astro-ph

The Transient program of the Cherenkov Telescope Array
Fabian Schüssler
1907.07567 astro-ph

Wed, Jul 17, 2019

Star-icon Search for Sources of Astrophysical Neutrinos Using Seven Years of IceCube Cascade Events
IceCube Collaboration
1907.06714 astro-ph

Star-icon EmCa — Electromagnetic-Cascades Simulation Package
Stephan Meighen-Berger, Anatoli Fedynitch, Matthias Huber
1907.06924 astro-ph

Death by Dark Matter
Jagjit Singh Sidhu, Robert J Scherrer, Glenn Starkman
1907.06674 astro-ph

Ex Luna, Scientia: The Lunar Occultation eXplorer (LOX)
R. S. Miller et al.
1907.07005 astro-ph

A Space-based All-sky MeV gamma-ray Survey with the Electron Tracking Compton Camera
Kenji Hamaguchi et al.
1907.06658 astro-ph

GRID: a Student Project to Monitor the Transient Gamma-Ray Sky in the Multi-Messenger Astronomy Era
Jiaxing Wen et al.
1907.06842 astro-ph

Astro2020 APC White Paper: Pursuing diversity, equity, and inclusion in multimessenger astronomy collaborations over the coming decade
Multimessenger Diversity Network
1907.06970 astro-ph

Astro2020: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy Graduate Education: an Astro2020 APC White Paper by the AAS Taskforce on Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy Graduate Education
Alexander Rudolph et al.
1907.06769 astro-ph

Tue, Jul 16, 2019

Star-icon The prevalence of repeating fast radio bursts
Vikram Ravi
1907.06619 astro-ph

Star-icon Z′ Mediated WIMPs: Dead, Dying, or Soon to be Detected?
Carlos Blanco, Miguel Escudero, Dan Hooper, Samuel J. Witte
1907.05893 hep-ph

Star-icon The pros and cons of beyond standard model interpretations of ANITA events
L. A. Anchordoqui et al.
1907.06308 hep-ph

An extensive-air-shower-like event registered with the TUS orbital detector
G.K. Garipov et al.
1907.06028 astro-ph

POEMMA (Probe of Extreme Multi-Messenger Astrophysics) design
A. V. Olinto et al.
1907.06217 astro-ph

Galactic diffuse gamma-ray emission at TeV energy
A.Neronov, D.V.Semikoz
1907.06061 astro-ph

A possibility of interpretation of the cosmic ray kneenear 10 TV as a contribution of a single close source
D. Karmanov et al.
1907.05987 astro-ph

Lorentz Violation and Sagnac Gyroscopes
Serena Moseley, Nicholas Scaramuzza, Jay D. Tasson, Max L. Trostel
1907.05933 gr-qc

The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna: Unveiling the Millihertz Gravitational Wave Sky
John Baker et al.
1907.06482 astro-ph

The Galactic magnetic field in the light of starburst-generated ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays
Jorge F. Soriano, Luis A. Anchordoqui, Diego F. Torres
1907.06207 astro-ph

Searches for Lorentz-Violating Signals with Astrophysical Polarization Measurements
Fabian Kislat
1907.06514 astro-ph

Mon, Jul 15, 2019

Star-icon Cosmological Constraints on Invisible Neutrino Decays Revisited
Miguel Escudero, Malcolm Fairbairn
1907.05425 hep-ph

Astrophysical limits on very light axion-like particles from Chandra grating spectroscopy of NGC 1275
Christopher S. Reynolds et al.
1907.05475 hep-ph

Neutrinos from Type Ia and failed core-collapse supernovae at dark matter detectors
Nirmal Raj
1907.05533 hep-ph

Searching the Moon for Extrasolar Material and the Building Blocks of Extraterrestrial Life
Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb
1907.05427 astro-ph

The Breakthrough Listen Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Vishal Gajjar et al.
1907.05519 astro-ph

Fri, Jul 12, 2019

Comparison between DAMA/LIBRA and COSINE-100 in the light of Quenching Factors
COSINE-100 Collaboration
1907.04963 hep-ex

Is there a supernova bound on axions?
Nitsan Bar, Kfir Blum, Guido D’Amico
1907.05020 hep-ph

Searching for CPT Violation with Neutral-Meson Oscillations
Benjamin R. Edwards, Alan Kostelecky
1907.05206 hep-ph

BUST Search for Muon Neutrinos from the Gravitational Wave Event GW170817
V.B. Petkov et al.
1907.05183 astro-ph

Gamma-ray Bursts as distance indicators through a machine learning approach
Maria Dainotti et al.
1907.05074 astro-ph

New constraints on neutrino electric millicharge from elastic neutrino-electron scattering and coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering
A. Parada
1907.04942 hep-ph

IDEAS: Immersive Dome Experiences for Accelerating Science
Jacqueline K. Faherty et al.
1907.05383 astro-ph

Expanding the Timeline for Earth’s Photosynthetic Red Edge Biosignature
Jack T. O’Malley-James, Lisa Kaltenegger
1907.05245 astro-ph

Astro2020 APC White Paper: Accessible Astronomy: Policies, Practices, and Strategies to Increase Participation of Astronomers with Disabilities
Alicia Aarnio et al.
1907.04943 astro-ph

The Nonbinary Fraction: Looking Towards the Future of Gender Equity in Astronomy
Kaitlin C. Rasmussen et al.
1907.04893 astro-ph

A better consensus: Changes to the Decadal process itself
David W Hogg, David Schiminovich
1907.04867 astro-ph

Thu, Jul 11, 2019

Star-icon Target Neutrino Mass Precision for Determining the Neutrino Hierarchy
Constance Mahony et al.
1907.04331 astro-ph

Cosmic Explorer: The U.S. Contribution to Gravitational-Wave Astronomy beyond LIGO
David Reitze et al.
1907.04833 astro-ph

The Origin of Elements Across Cosmic Time: Astro2020 Science White Paper
Jennifer A. Johnson et al.
1907.04388 astro-ph

Astro2020: Training the Future Generation of Computational Researchers
Gurtina Besla et al.
1907.04460 astro-ph

Wed, Jul 10, 2019

Axion-like Relics: New Constraints from Old Comagnetometer Data
Itay M. Bloch, Yonit Hochberg, Eric Kuflik, Tomer Volansky
1907.03767 hep-ph

Bounds on Cosmic Ray-Boosted Dark Matter in Simplified Models and its Corresponding Neutrino-Floor
James B. Dent, Bhaskar Dutta, Jayden L. Newstead, Ian M. Shoemaker
1907.03782 hep-ph

How Dense a CSM is Sufficient to Choke a Jet?
Paul C. Duffell, Anna Y. Q. Ho
1907.03768 astro-ph

AMS-100: The Next Generation Magnetic Spectrometer in Space — An International Science Platform for Physics and Astrophysics at Lagrange Point 2
Stefan Schael et al.
1907.04168 astro-ph

A Surface Radio Array for the Enhancement of IceTop and its Science Prospects
Aswathi Balagopal V. et al.
1907.04171 astro-ph

Ultra-light dark matter saving the 3+1 neutrino scheme from the cosmological bounds
Yasaman Farzan
1907.04271 hep-ph

Predictions for the neutrino parameters in the minimal model extended by linear combination of U(1)Le−Lμ, U(1)Lμ−Lτ and U(1)B−L gauge symmetries Kento Asai
1907.04042 hep-ph

Screened Fifth Forces Mediated by Dark Matter–Baryon Interactions: Theory and Astrophysical Probes
Jeremy Sakstein, Harry Desmond, Bhuvnesh Jain
1907.03775 astro-ph

Lectures on Faster-than-Light Travel and Time Travel
Barak Shoshany
1907.04178 gr-qc

Tue, Jul 09, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon UHECRs with POEMMA
Luis A. Anchordoqui et al.
1907.03694 astro-ph

Star-icon Features in cosmic-ray lepton data unveil the properties of nearby cosmic accelerators
Ottavio Fornieri, Daniele Gaggero, Dario Grasso
1907.03696 astro-ph

Star-icon Very high-energy constraints on the Infrared Extragalactic Background Light
A. Franceschini, L. Foffano, E. Prandini, F. Tavecchio
1907.03666 astro-ph

Galactic Gamma Ray Background from Interactions of Cosmic Rays
Sayan Biswas, Nayantara Gupta
1907.03102 astro-ph

Supernova Neutrino Burst Monitor at the Baksan Underground Scintillation Telescope
Yu.F. Novoseltsev et al.
1907.03019 physics

Theory of elastic neutrino-electron scattering
Oleksandr Tomalak, Richard Hill
1907.03379 hep-ph

Final result of CUPID-0 phase-I in the search for the 82Se Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
O. Azzolini et al.
1907.05001 nucl-ex

Mon, Jul 08, 2019

Star-icon Search for transient variations of the fine structure constant and dark matter using fiber-linked optical atomic clocks
B. M. Roberts et al.
1907.02661 astro’ph

Connecting ANITA Anomalous Events to a Non-thermal Dark Matter Scenario
Debasish Borah, Arnab Dasgupta, Ujjal Kumar Dey, Gaurav Tomar
1907.02740 hep-ph

Eigenvalues: the Rosetta Stone for Neutrino Oscillations in Matter
Peter B. Denton, Stephen J. Parke, Xining Zhang
1907.02534 hep-ph

Accessible Lepton-Number-Violating Models and Negligible Neutrino Masses
André de Gouvêa, Wei-Chih Huang, Johannes König, Manibrata Sen
1907.02541 hep-ph

Neutron rich matter in heaven and on Earth
J. Piekarewicz, F.J. Fattoyev
1907.02561 nucl-th

Global characteristics of the medium produced in ultra-high energy cosmic ray collisions
V. A. Okorokov
1907.02573 astro-ph

Fri, Jul 05, 2019

Precision Beta Decay as a Probe of New Physics
Vincenzo Cirgiliano et al.
1907.02164 nucl-ex

Uncertainty in the Reactor Neutrino Spectrum and Mass Hierarchy Determination
Emilio Ciuffoli, Jarah Evslin, Hosam Mohammed
1907.02309 hep-ph

The Lorentz- and CPT-Violating Standard Model Extension in Chiral Perturbation Theory
Brett Altschul, Matthias R. Schindler
1907.02490 hep-ph

Thu, Jul 04, 2019

Enhancing Sensitivity to Non-Standard Neutrino Interactions at INO combining muon and hadron information
Amina Khatun, Sabya Sachi Chatterjee, Tarak Thakore, Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla
1907.02027 hep-ph

Astro2020 APC White Paper: The Early Career Perspective on the Coming Decade, Astrophysics Career Paths, and the Decadal Survey Process
Emily Moravec, Ian Czekala, Kate Follette
1907.01676 astro-ph

Wed, Jul 03, 2019

Star-icon Neutrino Non-Standard Interactions: A Status Report
P. S. Bhupal Dev et al.
1907.00991 hep-ph

A fast radio burst localised to a massive galaxy
V. Ravi et al.
1907.01542 astro-ph

Multimessenger Asteroseismology of Core-Collapse Supernovae
John Ryan Westernacher-Schneider et al
1907.01138 astro-ph

A Genetic Algorithm for Astroparticle Physics Studies
Xiao-Lin Luo, Jie Feng, Hong-Hao Zhang
1907.01090 astro-ph

Probing Non-Standard Neutrino Interactions with Supernova Neutrinos at Hyper-K
Minjie Lei, Noah Steinberg, James D. Wells
1907.01059 hep-ph

Quasi-Dirac neutrino oscillations at DUNE and JUNO
G. Anamiati, V. De Romeri, M. Hirsch, C. A. Ternes, M. Tórtola
1907.00980 hep–ph

Neutrino oscillations at dual baselines
Minseok Cho, YeolLin ChoeJo, Hye-Sung Lee, Young-Min Lee, Sushant K. Raut
1907.01185 hep-ph

Neutrino Masses from the Point of View of Economy and Simplicity
S. Bilenky
1907.01472 hep-ph

Multi-TeV flaring in nearby High Energy Blazars: A photohadronic scenario
Sarira Sahu
1907.01174 astro-ph

Tue, Jul 02, 2019

Fast Radio Bursts from Magnetars Born in Binary Neutron Star Mergers and Accretion Induced Collapse
Ben Margalit, Edo Berger, Brian D. Metzger
1907.00016 astro-ph

Observing cosmological binary mergers with next generation neutrino and gravitational wave detectors
Zidu Lin, Cecilia Lunardini
1907.00034 astro-ph

High-energy atmospheric muon flux calculations in comparison with recent measurements
A. A. Kochanov, A.D. Morozova, T.S. Sinegovskaya, S.I. Sinegovsky
1907.00640 hep-ph

Mon, Jul 01, 2019

Star-icon Ultra-light Dark Matter is Incompatible with the Milky Way’s Dwarf Satellites
Mohammadtaher Safarzadeh, David N. Spergel
1906.11848 astro-ph

Extreme Dark Matter Tests with Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals
Otto A. Hannuksela, Kenny C. Y. Ng, Tjonnie G. F. Li
1906.11845 astro-ph

Search for spectral features in extragalactic background light with gamma-ray telescopes
A. Korochkin, A. Neronov, D. Semikoz
1906.12168 astro-ph

Unidentified Gamma-ray Sources as Targets for Indirect Dark Matter Detection with the Fermi-Large Area Telescope Javier Coronado-Blazquez et al.
1906.11896 astro-ph

Cosmic ray acceleration by shocks: spectral steepening due to turbulent magnetic field amplification
Anthony Bell, James Matthews, Katherine Blundell
1906.12240 astro-ph

Neutrino decoherence in presence of strong gravitational fields
Amélie Chatelain, Maria Cristina Volpe
1906.12152 hep-ph

Borexino and General Neutrino Interactions
Amir N. Khan, Werner Rodejohann, Xun-Jie Xu
1906.12102 hep-ph

Statistical Methods for the Search of Sterile Neutrinos
Matteo Agostini, Birgit Neumair
1906.11854 hep-ex

Fri, Jun 28, 2019

Star-icon A decade of Gamma-Ray Bursts observed by Fermi-LAT: The 2nd GRB catalog
Fermi-LAT Collaboration
1906.11403 astro-ph

Strong New Limits on Light Dark Matter from Neutrino Experiments
Christopher V. Cappiello, John F. Beacom
1906.11283 hep-ph

Anomalous ANITA air shower events and tau decays
Shoshana Chipman, Rebecca Diesing, Mary Hall Reno, Ina Sarcevic
1906.11736 astro-ph

A single fast radio burst localized to a massive galaxy at cosmological distance
K. W. Bannister et al.
1906.11476 astro-ph

Dark matter capture by the Sun: revisiting velocity distribution uncertainties
A.Nuñez-Castiñeyra, E.Nezri, V.Bertin
1906.11674 astro-ph

CHIME/FRB Detection of the Original Repeating Fast Radio Burst Source FRB 121102
A. Josephy et al.
1906.11305 astro-ph

Thu, Jun 27, 2019

Star-icon The 320 EeV Fly’s Eye event: a key messenger or a statistical oddity ?
Thomas Fitoussi, Gustavo Medina-Tanco, Juan-Carlos D’Olivo
1906.11170 astro-ph

Star-icon The gallium anomaly revisited
Joel Kostensalo, Jouni Suhonen, Carlo Giunti, Praveen C. Srivastava
1906.10980 nucl-th

Constraints on gamma-ray and neutrino emission from NGC 1068 with the MAGIC telescopes
MAGIC Collaboration
1906.10954 astro-ph

Dark matter signals from timing spectra at neutrino experiments
Bhaskar Dutta et al.
1906.10745 hep-ph

First M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results. I. The Shadow of the Supermassive Black Hole
Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration
1906.11238 astro-ph

First M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results. IV. Imaging the Central Supermassive Black Hole
Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration
1906.11241 astro-ph

First M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results. V. Physical Origin of the Asymmetric Ring
Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration
1906.11242 astro-ph

Parton Distributions with Theory Uncertainties: General Formalism and First Phenomenological Studies
NNPDF Collaboration
1906.10698 hep-ph

Wed, Jun 26, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
Péter Mészáros, Derek B. Fox, Chad Hanna, Kohta Murase
1906.10212 astro-ph

Dark matter interactions with muons in neutron stars
Raghuveer Garani, Julian Heeck
1906.10145 hep-ph

Hints of Sterile Neutrinos in Recent Measurements of the Hubble Parameter
Graciela B. Gelmini, Alexander Kusenko, Volodymyr Takhistov
1906.10136 astro-ph

Probing Proton Structure at the Large Hadron electron Collider
Rabah Abdul Khalek et al.
1906.10127 hep-ph

Saving the universe with finite volume effects
Jean Alexandre, Katy Clough
1906.10662 gr-qc

Tue, Jun 25, 2019

Primordial black holes as dark matter candidate are severely constrained by the Galactic Center 511 keV gamma-ray line 
Ranjan Laha
1906.09994 astro-ph

X-ray and gamma-ray limits on the primordial black hole abundance from Hawking radiation
Guillermo Ballesteros, Javier Coronado-Blázquez, Daniele Gaggero
1906.10113 astro-ph

Exploring particle escape in supernova remnants through gamma rays
Silvia Celli, Giovanni Morlino, Stefano Gabici, Felix Aharonian
1906.09454 astro-ph

The impact of asymmetric neutrino emissions on nucleosynthesis in core-collapse supernovae
Shin-ichiro Fujimoto, Hiroki Nagakura
1906.09553 astro-ph

Mon, Jun 24, 2019

Constraining strongly-coupled new physics from cosmic rays with machine learning techniques
Peter Schichtel, Michael Spannowsky, Philip Waite
1906.09064 hep-ph

Test of Lorentz Violation with Astrophysical Neutrino Flavor in IceCube
Teppei Katori, Carlos A. Argüelles, Kareem Farrag, Shivesh Mandalia
1906.09240 hep-ph

Fast Neutrino Flavor Conversion: Collective Motion vs. Decoherence
Francesco Capozzi, Georg Raffelt, Tobias Stirner
1906.08794 hep-ph

High-energy cosmic rays from compact galactic star clusters: particle fluxes and anisotropy
A. M. Bykov, M. E. Kalyashova, D. C. Ellison, S. M. Osipov
1906.08813 astro-ph

Temporal and Angular Variations of 3D Core-Collapse Supernova Emissions and their Physical Correlations
David Vartanyan, Adam Burrows, David Radice
1906.08787 astro-ph

Fri, Jun 21, 2019

The Dark Matter Profiles in the Milky Way
Hai-Nan Lin, Xin Li
1906.08419 astro-ph

Thu, Jun 20, 2019

Constraining primordial black hole abundance with the Galactic 511 keV line
William DeRocco, Peter W. Graham
1906.07740 astro-ph

New constraints on Lorentz Invariance violation from Crab Nebula spectrum beyond
Petr Satunin
1906.08221 astro-ph

Low-energy neutrino scattering in experiment and astrophysics
Natalie Jachowicz, Nils Van Dessel, Alexis Nikolakopoulos
1906.08191 nucl-th

The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: Observations of 1327 Nearby Stars over 1.10-3.45 GHz
Danny C. Price et al.
1906.07750 astro-ph

Coulomb Universe in a Jellium droplet
Eugene B. Kolomeisky
1906.07826 gr-qc

Wed, Jun 19, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Probing the origin of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays with neutrinos in the EeV energy range using the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
1906.07422 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Limits on point-like sources of ultra-high-energy neutrinos with the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
1906.07419 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon POEMMA’s Target of Opportunity Sensitivity to Cosmic Neutrino Transient Sources
Tonia M. Venters et al.
1906.07209 astro-ph

Star-icon Constraining the Fraction of Core-Collapse Supernovae Harboring Choked Jets with High-energy Neutrinos
Dafne Guetta, Roi Rahin, Imre Bartos, Massimo Della Valle
1906.07399 astro-ph

Star-icon Early Solar System r-process Abundances Limit Collapsar Origin
Imre Bartos, Szabolcs Marka
1906.07210 astro-ph

Dark Matter Induced Brownian Motion
Ting Cheng, Reinard Primulando, Martin Spinrath
1906.07356 hep-ph

Consistent Lorentz violation features from near-TeV IceCube neutrinos
Yanqi Huang, Hao Li, Bo-Qiang Ma
1906.07329 hep-ph

The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: Public Data, Formats, Reduction and Archiving
Matthew Lebofsky et al.
1906.07391 astro-ph

Tue, Jun 18, 2019

Star-icon AMS-02 antiprotons are consistent with a secondary astrophysical origin
Mathieu Boudaud et al.
1906.07119 astro-ph

Star-icon Direct detection of primordial black hole dark matter
Benjamin V. Lehmann, Christian Johnson, Stefano Profumo, Thomas Schwemberger
1906.06348 hep-ph

Presupernova neutrino signals as potential probes of neutrino mass hierarchy
Gang Guo, Yong-Zhong Qian, Alexander Heger
1906.06839 astro-ph

Constraining dark matter annihilation with HSC Low Surface Brightness Galaxies
Daiki Hashimoto et al.
1906.06701 astro-ph

Detecting new signals under background mismodelling
Sara Algeri
1906.06615 physics

Touching the stars: improving NASA 3D printed data sets with blind and visually impaired audiences
Kimberly Kowal Arcand et al.
1906.06457 astro-ph

Mon, Jun 17, 2019

Star-iconStar-icon Progress towards characterizing ultrahigh energy cosmic ray sources
Marco Stein Muzio, Michael Unger, Glennys R. Farrar
1906.06233 astro-ph

On the estimatio