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Fri, Dec 29, 2017

Star-icon Low-luminosity gamma-ray bursts as the sources of ultrahigh-energy cosmic ray nuclei
B. Theodore Zhang, Kohta Murase, Shigeo S. Kimura, Shunsaku Horiuchi, Peter Mészáros
1712.09984 astro-ph

Star-icon Cumulative Neutrino and Gamma-Ray Backgrounds from Halo and Galaxy Mergers
Chengchao Yuan, Peter Mészáros, Kohta Murase, Donghui Jeong
1712.09754 astro-ph

Searches for 3.5 keV Absorption Features in Cluster AGN Spectra
Joseph P. Conlon
1712.09567 astro-ph

Cannonball model diagnosis of the short gamma ray burst 170817A
Shlomo Dado, Arnon Dar, Alvaro De Rujula
1712.09970 astro-ph

Thu, Dec 28, 2017

No arXiv announcements

Wed, Dec 27, 2017

Search for PeVatrons at the Galactic Center using a radio air-shower array at the South Pole
A. Balagopal V., A. Haungs, T. Huege, F. G. Schroeder
1712.09042 astro-ph

Origin Of The Far Off-Axis GRB171205A
Shlomo Dado, Arnon Dar
1712.09319 astro-ph

Tue, Dec 26, 2017

No arXiv announcements

Mon, Dec 25, 2017

No picks today

Fri, Dec 22, 2017

Star-icon How to Give a Great Talk
Charles L. H. Hull
1712.08088 astro-ph

THESEUS: a key space mission for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
G. Stratta et al.
1712.08153 astro-ph

Thu, Dec 21, 2017

Star-icon Neutrino Oscillations Within the Induced Gravitational Collapse Paradigm of Long Gamma-Ray Bursts
Laura Becerra, Marcelo M. Guzzo, Fernando Rossi-Torres, Jorge A. Rueda, Remo Ruffini, Juan D. Uribe
1712.07210 astro-ph

Star-icon Constraints on scattering of keV–TeV dark matter with protons in the early Universe
Vera Gluscevic, Kimberly K. Boddy
1712.07133 astro-ph

Star-icon Determination of the absolute energy scale of extensive air showers via radio emission: systematic uncertainty of underlying first-principle calculations
Marvin Gottowik, Christian Glaser, Tim Huege, Julian Rautenberg
1712.07442 astro-ph

How to prove that the LHC did not discover dark matter
Doojin Kim, Konstantin T. Matchev
1712.07620 hep-ph

Imprints of Cosmic Rays in Multifrequency Observations of the Interstellar Emission
E. Orlando
1712.07127 astro-ph

A New Numerical Scheme for Cosmic Ray Transport
Yan-Fei Jiang, Peng Oh
1712.07117 astro-ph

Wed, Dec 20, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon Gravitational probes of dark matter physics
Matthew R. Buckley, Annika H.G. Peter
1712.06615 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Search for Features in the Cosmic-Ray Electron and Positron spectrum measured by the Fermi Large Area Telescope
M. N. Mazziotta, F. Costanza, A. Cuoco, F. Gargano, F. Loparco, S. Zimmer
1712.07005 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Status of neutrino properties and future prospects – Cosmological and astrophysical constraints
Massimiliano Lattanzi, Martina Gerbino
1712.07109 astro-ph

Fast neutrino flavor conversion: roles of dense matter and spectrum crossing
Sajad Abbar, Huaiyu Duan
1712.07013 hep-ph

Illuminating the photon content of the proton within a global PDF analysis
Valerio Bertone, Stefano Carrazza, Nathan P. Hartland, Juan Rojo
1712.07053 hep-ph

Tue, Dec 19, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon A Search for Neutrino Emission from Fast Radio Bursts with Six Years of IceCube Data
IceCube Collaboration
1712.06277 astro-ph

Star-icon The Impact of Nuclear Reaction Rate Uncertainties On The Evolution of Core-Collapse Supernova Progenitors
C. E. Fields, F. X. Timmes, R. Farmer, I. Petermann, William M. Wolf, S. M. Couch
1712.06057 astro-ph

Star-icon CNO Neutrino Grand Prix: The race to solve the solar metallicity problem
David G. Cerdeno, Jonathan H. Davis, Malcolm Fairbairn, Aaron C. Vincent
1712.06522 hep-ph

Targeted numerical simulations of binary black holes for GW170104
James Heal et al.
1712.05836 gr-qc

Mon, Dec 18, 2017

Star-icon Effects of a neutrino-dark energy coupling on oscillations of high-energy neutrinos
Niki Klop, Shin’ichiro Ando
1712.05413 hep-ph

Star-icon What can we learn on supernova neutrino spectra with water Cherenkov detectors?
Andrea Gallo Rosso, Francesco Vissani, Maria Cristina Volpe
1712.05584 hep-ph

Interstellar communication. V. Introduction to photon information efficiency (in bits per photon)
Michael Hippke
1712.05682 astro-ph

Fri, Dec 15, 2017

Star-icon Coincident detection significance in multimessenger astronomy
Gregory Ashton et al.
1712.05932 astro-ph

Star-icon swordfish: Efficient Forecasting of New Physics Searches without Monte Carlo
Thomas D. P. Edwards, Christoph Weniger
1712.05401 hep-ph

Flavor and energy inference for the high-energy IceCube neutrinos
Giacomo D’Amico
1712.04979 astro-ph

Sifting for Sapphires: Systematic Selection of Tidal Disruption Events in iPTF
T. Hung et al.
1712.04936 astro-ph

Umbrella sampling: a powerful method to sample tails of distributions
Charles Matthews, Jonathan Weare, Andrey Kravtsov, Elise Jennings
1712.05024 astro-ph

Thu, Dec 14, 2017

Star-icon Identifying WIMP dark matter from particle and astroparticle data
Gianfranco Bertone, Nassim Bozorgnia, Jong Soo Kim, Sebastian Liem, Christopher McCabe, Sydney Otten, Roberto Ruiz de Austri
1712.04793 hep-ph

Star-icon Particle Physics with Gravitational Wave Detector Technology
Christoph Englert, Stefan Hild, Michael Spannowsky
1712.04481 hep-ph

Earth-Scattering of super-heavy Dark Matter: updated constraints from detectors old and new
Bradley J. Kavanagh
1712.04901 hep-ph

On the nature of fast radio bursts
Istomin Ya.N
1712.04806 astro-ph

Exploring the astrophysics of dark atoms
Akshay Ghalsasi, Matthew McQuinn
1712.04779 astro-ph

Observational Constraints on Secret Neutrino Interactions from Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Guo-yuan Huang, Tommy Ohlsson, Shun Zhou
1712.04792 hep-ph

Wed, Dec 13, 2017

Star-icon Sensitivity of seismically-cued antineutrino detectors to nuclear explosions
Rachel Carr, Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress, Adam Bernstein
1712.04001 nucl-ex

The orbit of GW170817 was inclined by less than 28 degrees to the line of sight
Ilya Mandel
1712.03958 astro-ph

Looking for the WIMP Next Door
Jared A. Evans, Stefania Gori, Jessie Shelton
1712.03974 hep-ph

Neutrino oscillation processes with a change of lepton flavor in quantum field-theoretical approach
Vadim O. Egorov, Igor P. Volobuev
1712.04335 hep-ph

Tue, Dec 12, 2017

Star-icon Late time afterglow observations reveal a collimated relativistic jet in the ejecta of the binary neutron star merger GW170817
Davide Lazzati, Rosalba Perna, Brian J. Morsony, Diego López-Cámara, Matteo Cantiello, Jared C. Workman
1712.03237 astro-ph

Star-icon Determination of cosmic-ray primary mass on an event-by-event basis using radio detection
Washington R. Carvalho Jr., Jaime Alvarez-Muñiz
1712.03544 astro-ph

Prospects for detecting eV-scale sterile neutrinos from a galactic supernova
Tarso Franarin, Jonathan H. Davis, Malcolm Fairbairn
1712.03836 astro-ph

Mon, Dec 11, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon High-energy neutrinos from Galactic superbubbles
K.J. Andersen, M. Kachelriess, D.V. Semikoz
1712.03153 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon A Strong Test of the Dark Matter Origin of the 1.4 TeV DAMPE Signal Using IceCube Neutrinos
Yue Zhao, Ke Fang, Meng Su, M. Coleman Miller
1712.03210 astro-ph

Star-icon Novel Gamma-Ray Signatures of PeV-Scale Dark Matter
Carlos Blanco, J. Patrick Harding, Dan Hooper
1712.02805 hep-ph

Indirect dark matter searches in the dwarf satellite galaxy Ursa Major II with the MAGIC Telescopes
MAGIC Collaboration
1712.03095 astro-ph

Fri, Dec 08, 2017

Constraints On Short, Hard Gamma-Ray Burst Beaming Angles From Gravitational Wave Observations
Daniel Williams, James A. Clark, Andrew R. Williamson, Ik Siong Heng
1712.02585 astro-ph

Thu, Dec 07, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon Diffuse axion-like particle searches
Hendrik Vogel, Ranjan Laha, Manuel Meyer
1712.01839 hep-ph

Star-iconStar-icon No LIGO MACHO: Primordial Black Holes, Dark Matter and Gravitational Lensing of Type Ia Supernovae
Miguel Zumalacarregui, Uros Seljak
1712.02240 astro-ph

Astrophysical signatures of leptonium
Simon C. Ellis, Joss Bland-Hawthorn
1712.02022 astro-ph

Wed, Dec 06, 2017

Star-iconStar-iconEnergy Spectrum of Cosmic-ray Electron and Positron from 10 GeV to 3 TeV Observed with the Calorimetric Electron Telescope on the International Space Station
CALET Collaboration
1712.01711 astro-ph

The Progenitor Dependence of Three-Dimensional Core-Collapse Supernovae
C. D. Ott, L. F. Roberts, A. da Silva Schneider, J. M. Fedrow, R. Haas, E. Schnetter
1712.01304 astro-ph

Clustering of gamma-ray burst types in the Fermi-GBM catalogue: indications of photosphere and synchrotron emissions during the prompt phase Zeynep Acuner, Felix Ryde
1712.01568 astro-ph

Neutrinos, DUNE and the world best bound on CPT violation
Gabriela Barenboim, Christoph Andreas Ternes, Mariam Tórtola
1712.01714 hep-ph

Tue, Dec 05, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon Expected neutrino fluence from short Gamma-Ray Burst 170817A and off-axis angle constraints
Daniel Biehl, Jonas Heinze, Walter Winter
1712.00449 astro-ph

The MICROSCOPE mission: first results of a space test of the Equivalence Principle
Pierre Touboul et al.
1712.01176 astro-ph

The origin of the first neutron star — neutron star merger
K. Belczynski et al.
1712.00632 astro-ph

Energy loss during Dark Matter propagation in an overburden
M. Shafi Mahdawi, Glennys R. Farrar
1712.01170 hep-ph

Self-Destructing Dark Matter
Yuval Grossman, Roni Harnik, Ofri Telem, Yue Zhang
1712.00455 hep-ph

Status of Dark Matter Searches (Rapporteur Talk)
Carsten Rott
1712.00666 astro-ph

Mon, Dec 04, 2017

Star-icon Significance of an excess in a counting experiment: assessing the impact of systematic uncertainties and the case with Gaussian background
1712.00118 physics

Construction of KAGRA: an Underground Gravitational Wave Observatory
KAGRA Collaboration
1712.00148 gr-qc

Bayesian Analysis of the DAMPE Lepton Spectra and Two Simple Model Interpretations
Jia-Shu Niu, Tianjun Li, Ran Ding, Bing Zhu, Hui-Fang Xue, Yang Wang
1712.00372 astro-ph

Features in the Spectrum of Cosmic-Ray Positrons from Pulsars
Ilias Cholis, Tanvi Karwal, Marc Kamionkowski
1712.00011 astro-ph

Cosmic ray e+e− spectrum excess and peak feature observed by the DAMPE experiment from dark matter
Hong-Bo Jin, Bin Yue, Xin Zhang, Xuelei Chen
1712.00362 astro-ph

Dark matter cascade decay implications from DAMPE, HESS, Fermi-LAT and AMS02
Yu Gao, Yin-Zhe Ma

Origins of sharp cosmic-ray electron structures and the DAMPE excess
Xian-Jun Huang, Yue-Liang Wu, Wei-Hong Zhang, Yu-Feng Zhou
1712.00005 astro-ph

A Precision Search for WIMPs with Charged Cosmic Rays
Annika Reinert, Martin Wolfgang Winkler
1712.00002 astro-ph

Cosmic ray-modified shocks: appearance of an isothermal jump
Maxim Lyutikov
1712.00342 astro-ph

Fri, Dec 01, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon Measurement of the Energy-Dependent Neutrino-Nucleon Cross Section Above 10 TeV Using IceCube Showers
Mauricio Bustamante, Amy Connolly
1711.11043 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon A mildly relativistic wide-angle outflow in the neutron star merger GW170817
K. P. Mooley et al.
1711.11573 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Data-driven model of the cosmic-ray flux and mass composition from 10 GeV to
Hans Dembinski, Ralph Engel, Anatoli Fedynitch, Thomas Gaisser, Felix Riehn, Todor Stanev
1711.11432 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos from Tidal Disruptions by Massive Black Holes
Claire Guépin, Kumiko Kotera, Enrico Barausse, Ke Fang, Kohta Murase
1711.11274 astro-ph

Star-icon Extragalactic Gamma-ray Background from Star-forming Galaxies: Will Empirical Scalings Suffice?
I. Komis, V. Pavlidou, A. Zezas
1711.11046 astro-ph

The habitability of the Milky Way during the active phase of its central supermassive black hole
Amedeo Balbi, Francesco Tombesi
1711.11318 astro-ph

Future Cosmological Constraints from Fast Radio Bursts
Anthony Walters, Amanda Weltman, B. M. Gaensler, Yin-Zhe Ma, Amadeus Witzemann
1711.11277 astro-ph

Thu, Nov 30, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon Direct detection of a break in the teraelectronvolt cosmic-ray spectrum of electrons and positrons
DAMPE Collaboration
1711.10981 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Interpretations of the DAMPE electron data
Qiang Yuan et al.
1711.10989 astro-ph

Star-icon Explanation of the knee-like feature in the DAMPE cosmic e−+e+ energy spectrum
Kun Fang, Xiao-Jun Bi, Peng-Fei Yin
1711.10996 astro-ph

A model explaining neutrino masses and the DAMPE cosmic ray electron excess
Yi-Zhong Fan, Wei-Chih Huang, Martin Spinrath, Yue-Lin Sming Tsai, Qiang Yuan
1711.10995 hep-ph

Simplified TeV leptophilic dark matter in light of DAMPE data
Guang Hua Duan, Lei Feng, Fei Wang, Lei Wu, Jin Min Yang, Rui Zheng
1711.11012 hep-ph

Revealing the Dark Matter Halo with Axion Direct Detection
Joshua W. Foster, Nicholas L. Rodd, Benjamin R. Safdi
1711.10489 astro-ph

Wed, Nov 29, 2017

Analytic calculation of radio emission from parameterized extensive air showers, a tool to extract shower parameters
Olaf Scholten, Gia Trinh, Krijn D. de Vries, Brian M. Hare
1711.10164 astro-ph

Subsurface Exolife
Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb
1711.09908 astro-ph

Astrophysical Black Holes: A Compact Pedagogical Review
Cosimo Bambi
1711.10256 gr-qc

Tue, Nov 28, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon Constraints on the ejecta of the GW170817 neutron-star merger from its electromagnetic emission
Eli Waxman, Eran Ofek, Doron Kushnir, Avishay Gal-Yam
1711.09638 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon A Measurement of the Tau Neutrino Cross Section in Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations with Super-Kamiokande
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
1711.09436 hep-ex

Star-icon A Further Test of Lorentz Violation from the Rest-Frame Spectral Lags of Gamma-Ray Bursts
Jun-Jie Wei, Xue-Feng Wu
1711.09185 astro-ph

Star-icon COHERENT constraints to conventional and exotic neutrino physics
T. S. Kosmas, D. K. Papoulias
1711.09773 hep-ph

IceCube’s astrophysical neutrino energy spectrum from CPT violation
Jiajun Liao, Danny Marfatia
1711.09266 astro-ph

Cosmic-ray propagation with DRAGON2: II. Nuclear interactions with the interstellar gas
Carmelo Evoli, Daniele Gaggero, Andrea Vittino, Mattia Di Mauro, Dario Grasso, Mario Nicola Mazziotta
1711.09616 astro-ph

Mon, Nov 27, 2017

Star-icon Prospects to verify a possible dark matter hint in cosmic antiprotons with antideuterons and antihelium
Michael Korsmeier, Fiorenza Donato, Nicolao Fornengo
1711.08465 astro-ph

D meson production asymmetry, unfavoured fragmentation and consequences for prompt atmospheric neutrino production
Rafal Maciula, Antoni Szczurek
1711.08616 hep-ph

Physics of the saturation of particle acceleration in relativistic magnetic reconnection
Daniel Kagan, Ehud Nakar, Tsvi Piran
1711.08701 astro-ph

Characterization of Pulsar Sources for X-ray Navigation
Paul S. Ray, Kent S. Wood, Michael T. Wolff
1711.08507 astro-ph

Fri, Nov 24, 2017

No arXiv announcements

Thu, Nov 23, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon Measurement of the multi-TeV neutrino cross section with IceCube using Earth absorption
IceCube Collaboration
1711.08119 hep-ex

Star-iconStar-icon Photonuclear Reactions in Lightning Discovered from Detection of Positrons and Neutrons
Teruaki Enoto et al.
1711.08044 astro-ph

The SUrvey for Pulsars and Extragalactic Radio Bursts II: New FRB discoveries and their follow-up
S. Bhandari et al.
1711.08110 astro-ph

The formation rate of short gamma-ray bursts and gravitational waves
G. Q. Zhang, F. Y. Wang
1711.08206 astro-ph

High-Energy Neutrino Astronomy: where do we stand, where do we go?
Christian Spiering
1711.08266 astro-h

Neutrino Mass Priors for Cosmology from Random Matrices
Andrew J. Long, Marco Raveri, Wayne Hu, Scott Dodelson
1711.08434 astro-ph

Extragalactic diffuse gamma-rays from dark matter annihilation: revised prediction and full modelling uncertainties
Moritz Hütten, Céline Combet, David Maurin
1711.08323 astro-ph

Wed, Nov 22, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon Measuring the Local Diffusion Coefficient with H.E.S.S. Observations of Very High-Energy Electrons
Dan Hooper, Tim Linden
1711.07482 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Parton distributions and lattice QCD calculations: a community white paper
Huey-Wen Lin et al.
1711.07916 hep-ph

First results on low-mass dark matter from the CRESST-III experiment
CRESST Collaboration
1711.07692 astro-ph

Tue, Nov 21, 2017

Star-icon Measuring the Galactic Cosmic Ray Flux with the LISA Pathfinder Radiation Monitor
M. Armano et al.
1711.07427 astro-ph

Star-icon All-flavor search for a diffuse flux of cosmic neutrinos with 9 years of ANTARES data
ANTARES Collaboration
1711.07212 astro-ph

Star-icon The state of matter in simulations of core-collapse supernovae — Reflections and recent developments
Tobias Fischer et al.
1711.07411 astro-ph

All-sky search for long-duration gravitational wave transients in the first Advanced LIGO observing run
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration
1711.06843 gr-qc

Neutron skins and neutron stars in the multi-messenger era
F. J. Fattoyev, J. Piekarewicz, C. J. Horowitz
1711.06615 nucl-th

Prompt emission from the counter jet of a short gamma-ray burst
Ryo Yamazaki, Kunihito Ioka, Takashi Nakamura
1711.06856 astro-ph

Mon, Nov 20, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon There is No Missing Satellites Problem
Stacy Y. Kim, Annika H. G. Peter, Jonathan R. Hargis
1711.06267 astro-ph

Fri, Nov 17, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon Extended gamma-ray sources around pulsars constrain the origin of the positron flux at Earth
HAWC Collaboration
1711.06223 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Bulk Lorentz factors of Gamma-Ray Bursts
G. Ghirlanda, F. Nappo, G. Ghisellini, A. Melandri, G. Marcarini, L. Nava, O. S. Salafia, S. Campana, R. Salvaterra
1711.06257 astro-ph

Star-icon Exploring a Non-Minimal Sterile Neutrino Model Involving Decay at IceCube and Beyond
Zander Moss, Marjon H. Moulai, Carlos A. Argüelles, Janet M. Conrad
1711.05921 hep-ph

Can one ever prove that neutrinos are Dirac particles?
Martin Hirsch, Rahul Srivastava, José W. F. Valle
1711.06181 hep-ph

Thu, Nov 16, 2017

Search for Boosted Dark Matter Interacting With Electrons in Super-Kamiokande
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
1711.05278 hep-ex

Dark matter-neutrino interactions through the lens of their cosmological implications
Andres Olivares-Del Campo, Celine Boehm, Sergio Palomares-Ruiz, Silvia Pascoli
1711.05283 astro-ph

Fast Radio Bursts – implications and future prospects for Fermi
Manisha Caleb
1711.05258 astro-ph

GW170608: Observation of a 19-solar-mass Binary Black Hole Coalescence
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration
1711.05578 astro-ph

Wed, Nov 15, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon The Fermi-LAT GeV Excess Traces Stellar Mass in the Galactic Bulge
Richard Bartels, Emma Storm, Christoph Weniger, Francesca Calore
1711.04778 astro-ph

Star-icon Millisecond pulsar origin of the Galactic center excess and extended gamma-ray emission from Andromeda – a closer look
Christopher Eckner, Xian Hou, Pasquale D. Serpico, Miles Winter, Gabrijela Zaharijas, Pierrick Martin, Mattia di Mauro, Nestor Mirabal, Jovana Petrovic, Tijana Prodanovic, Justin Vandenbrouck
1711.05127 astro-ph

Star-icon A population of highly energetic transient events in the centres of active galaxies
E. Kankare et al.
1711.04577 astro-ph

Star-icon Evidence of Neutrino Enhanced Clustering in a Complete Sample of Sloan Survey Clusters, Implying ∑mν=0.11±0.03eV
Raizeh Emami, Tom Broadhurst, Pablo Jimeno, George Smoot, Raul Angulo, Jeremy Lim, Ming Chung Chu, Ruth Lazkoz
1711.05210 astro-ph

Spin-flavor oscillations of ultrahigh-energy cosmic neutrinos in interstellar space: The role of neutrino magnetic moments
Podist Kurashvili, Konstantin A. Kouzakov, Levan Chotorlishvili, Alexander I. Studenikin
1711.04303 hep-ph

Are PDFs still consistent with Tevatron data?
Zack Sullivan
1711.04018 hep-ph

A rapid cosmic-ray increase in BC 3372-3371 from ancient buried tree rings in China
F. Y. Wang, H. Yu, Y. C. Zou, Z. G. Dai, K. S. Cheng
1711.04947 astro-ph

Enhanced Rates of Fast Radio Bursts from Galaxy Clusters
Anastasia Fialkov, Abraham Loeb, Duncan R. Lorimer
1711.04396 astro-ph

AT2017gfo: an anisotropic and three-component kilonova counterpart of GW170817
Albino Perego, David Radice, Sebastiano Bernuzzi
1711.03982 astro-ph

Scale invariant jets: from blazars to microquasars
I. Liodakis, V. Pavlidou, I. Papadakis, E. Angelakis, N. Marchili, J. A. Zensus, L. Fuhrmann, V. Karamanavis, I. Myserlis, I. Nestoras, E. Palaiologou, A. C. S. Readhead
1711.03979 astro-ph

Tue, Nov 14, 2017

No arXiv announcements

Mon, Nov 13, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon High-energy neutrinos from FR0 radio-galaxies?
F. Tavecchio, C. Righi, A. Capetti, P. Grandi, G. Ghisellini
1711.03757 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Tidally disrupted stars as a possible origin of both cosmic rays and neutrinos at the highest energies
Daniel Biehl, Denise Boncioli, Cecilia Lunardini, Walter Winter
1711.03555 astro-ph

Star-icon Stellar Wakes from Dark Matter Subhalos
Malte Buschmann, Joachim Kopp, Benjamin R. Safdi, Chih-Liang Wu
1711.03554 astro-ph

GW170817: Joint Constraint on the Neutron Star Equation of State from Multimessenger Observations
David Radice, Albino Perego, Francesco Zappa
1711.03647 astro-ph

On the synchrotron spectrum of GRB prompt emission
Siyao Xu, Yuan-Pei Yang, Bing Zhang
1711.03943 astro-ph

Revisiting quantum decoherence in the matter neutrino oscillation framework
J.A. Carpio, E. Massoni, A.M. Gago
1711.03680 hep-ph

Probing “long-range” neutrino-mediated forces with atomic and nuclear spectroscopy
Yevgeny V. Stadnik
1711.03700 physics

Fri, Nov 10, 2017

Star-icon GRB170817A: a giant flare from a jet-less double neutron-star merger?
Om S. Salafia, Gabriele Ghisellini, Giancarlo Ghirlanda, Monica Colpi
1711.03112 astro-ph

Star-icon Constraining a Thin Dark Matter Disk with Gaia
Katelin Schutz, Tongyan Lin, Benjamin R. Safdi, Chih-Liang Wu

Accelerator and reactor complementarity in coherent neutrino scattering
James B. Dent, Bhaskar Dutta, Shu Liao, Jayden L. Newstead, Louis E. Strigari, Joel W. Walker
1711.03521 hep-ph

Searching for Secluded Dark Matter with H.E.S.S., Fermi-LAT, and Planck
Stefano Profumo, Farinaldo S. Queiroz, Joseph Silk, Clarissa Siqueira
1711.03133 hep-ph

Thu, Nov 09, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon One-point fluctuation analysis of IceCube neutrino events outlines a significant unassociated isotropic component and constrains the Galactic contribution
Michael R. Feyereisen, Daniele Gaggero, Shin’ichiro Ando
1711.02820 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Supernova origin of cosmic rays from a gamma-ray signal in the Constellation III region of the Large Magellanic Cloud
Andrii Neronov
1711.02734 astro-ph

Star-icon Deflections of UHECRs in the Galactic magnetic field
Glennys R. Farrar, Michael S. Sutherland
1711.02730 astro-ph

Radiation as a Constraint for Life in the Universe
Ximena C. Abrevaya, Brian C. Thomas
1711.02748 astro-ph

Energy peaks: an high energy physics outlook
Roberto Franceschini
1711.02969 hep-ph

Retainment of r-process material in dwarf galaxies
Paz Beniamini, Irina Dvorkin, Joe Silk
1711.02683 astro-ph

Wed, Nov 08, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon Neutrinos and Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic-Ray Nuclei from Blazars
Xavier Rodrigues, Anatoli Fedynitch, Shan Gao, Denise Boncioli, Walter Winter
1711.02091 astro-ph

Constraining External Reverse Shock Physics of GRBs from ROTSE-III Limits
Xiao-Hong Cui, Yuan-Chuan Zou, Jun-Jie Wei, Wei-Kang Zheng, Xue-Feng Wu
1711.02264 astro-ph

Pseudoscalar Mediators: A WIMP model at the Neutrino Floor
Giorgio Arcadi, Manfred Lindner, Farinaldo S. Queiroz, Werner Rodejohann, Stefan Vogl
1711.02110 hep-ph

Tue, Nov 07, 2017

Anisotropic emission of neutrino and gravitational-wave signals from rapidly rotating core-collapse supernovae
Tomoya Takiwaki, Kei Kotake
1711.01905 astro-ph

Science with e-ASTROGAM (A space mission for MeV-GeV gamma-ray astrophysics)
A. De Angelis et al.
1711.01265 astro-ph

Mon, Nov 06, 2017

Is Self-Interacting Dark Matter Undergoing Dark Fusion?
Samuel D. McDermott
1711.00857 hep-ph

Fri, Nov 03, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon Exploring the Properties of Choked Gamma-Ray Bursts with IceCube’s High Energy Neutrinos
Peter B. Denton, Irene Tamborra
1711.00470 astro-ph

Imprints of neutrino-pair flavor conversions on nucleosynthesis in ejecta from neutron-star merger remnants
Meng-Ru Wu, Irene Tamborra, Oliver Just, Hans-Thomas Janka
1711.00477 astro-ph

The Second Galactic Center Black Hole?; A Possible Detection of Ionized Gas Orbiting around an IMBH embedded in the Galactic Center IRS13E complex
Masato Tsuboi, Yoshimi Kitamura, Takahiro Tsutsumi, Kenta Uehara, Makoto Miyoshi, Ryosuke Miyawaki, Atsushi Miyazaki
1711.00612 astro-ph

A Paradox about Likelihood Ratios?
Louis Lyons
1711.00775 physics

Thu, Nov 02, 2017

Star-iconStar-icon Robust measurement of supernova νe spectra with future neutrino detectors
Alex Nikrant, Ranjan Laha, Shunsaku Horiuchi
1711.00008 astro-ph

The Astrophysical Consequences of Intervening Galaxy Gas on Fast Radio Bursts
J. Xavier Prochaska, Marcel Neeleman
1711.003232 astro-ph

Scattered Short Gamma-Ray Bursts as Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Waves and Implications of GW170817 and GRB 170817A
Shota Kisaka, Kunihito Ioka, Kazumi Kashiyama, Takashi Nakamura
1711.00243 astro-ph

Star-icon Dark Energy Survey Year 1 Results: A Precise H0 Measurement from DES Y1, BAO, and D/H Data
DES Collaboration
1711.00403 astro-ph

Wed, Nov 01, 2017

Neutrino propagation in binary neutron star mergers in presence of nonstandard interactions
Amélie Chatelain, Maria Cristina Volpe
1710.11518 hep-ph

GRB170817A/GW170817 is not a short gamma-ray burst, most likely an intermediate one
I. Horvath, B.G. Toth, J. Hakkila, L.V. Toth, I.I. Racz, L.G. Balazs, S. Pinter, Z. Bagoly
1710.11509 astro-ph

Star-icon Modelling the cosmic spectral energy distribution and extragalactic background light over all time
Stephen K. Andrews, Simon P. Driver, Luke J. Davies, Claudia d. P. Lagos, Aaron S. G. Robotham
1710.11329 astro-ph

Star-icon Progress in high-energy cosmic ray physics
Silvia Mollerach, Esteban Roulet
1710.11155 astro-ph

Is Life Most Likely Around Sun-like Stars?
Manasvi Lingam, Abraham Loeb
1710.11134 astro-ph

Tue, Oct 31, 2017

Star-icon Gamma-Ray Flux from Dark Matter Near the Galactic Center
HAWC Collaboration
1710.10288 astro-ph

Star-icon Comment on “Characterizing the population of pulsars in the Galactic bulge with the Fermi Large Area Telescope” [arXiv:1705.00009v1]
Richard Bartels, Dan Hooper, Tim Linden, Siddharth Mishra-Sharma, Nicholas L. Rodd, Benjamin R. Safdi, Tracy R. Slatyer
1710.10266 astro-ph

Star-icon Diffuse γ-ray emission from self-confined cosmic rays around Galactic sources
M. D’Angelo, G. Morlino, E. Amato, P. Blasi
1710.10937 astro-ph

Radio Transients from Newborn Black Holes
Kazumi Kashiyama, Kenta Hotokezaka, Kohta Murase
1710.10765 astro-ph

On the radiation mechanism of repeating fast radio bursts
Wenbin Lu, Pawan Kumar
1710.10270 astro-ph

Constraining Photon Portal Dark Matter with TEXONO and COHERENT Data
Shao-Feng Ge, Ian M. Shoemaker
1710.10889 hep-ph

Mon, Oct 30, 2017

Star-icon Supernova and prompt gravitational-wave precursors to LIGO gravitational-wave sources and short-GRBs
Erez Michaely, Hagai B. Perets
1710.09893 astro-ph

The median density of the Universe
Jens Stücker, Philipp Busch, Simon D. M. White
1710.09881 astro-ph