Public talks

2016.11.26 Neutrinos: secret messengers of the Universe
TEDxTukuy, Lima, Peru
Video: https://youtu.be/C6EZU9-nsKw

2016.10.20 High-energy neutrinos: ghosts from beyond the Solar System
New Vistas in Astronomy Series, Perkins Observatory, Columbus, OH

2015.03.29 Cosmic rays and neutrinos: windows into the ultra-high-energy Universe
Astronomy on Tap, Columbus, OH, USA

Articles and interviews

Occasionally, I write science outreach articles on different topics, usually for PUCP, my former university in Lima. These articles are in Spanish. The list below also includes other written articles, interviews, and audio:

2019.09.28 Bizarre Particles Keep Flying out of Antarctica’s Ice, and They Might Shatter Modern Physics
Interview for an article in Scientific American about the ANITA anomalous events

2017.06.02 Why is the scientific attitude relevant today? (In Spanish)
Opinion article about the scientific attitude within science and beyond

2015.09.16 Phone interview on radio show of the National Univ, of Cuyo, Argentina (audio)
On black holes, and the magnetic cloak built at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (“magnetic wormhole”)

2015.05.22 Nuclear fusion: the golden apples of the Sun (In Spanish)
Article about the nuclear fusion, plasma, and the ITER project

2015.04.17 Ohio scientist studies the largest explosions in the Universe
Interview on the Big Ten Network Livebig website about our work on neutrinos, cosmic rays, and gamma rays from gamma-ray bursts published in Nature Communications

2015.04.10 Cosmic debris: Study looks inside the universe’s most powerful explosions
Interview for the OSU press release about our work on neutrinos, cosmic rays, and gamma rays from gamma-ray bursts published in Nature Communications

2015.03.09 The Enigma Code: Alan Turing and the birth of computer science (In Spanish)
Article about Alan Turing and his role in shaping computer science

2014.11.28 Is it possible to travel in space and time via a wormhole? (In Spanish)
Article about what is science and what is science fiction in the movie “Interstellar”

2014.05.29 Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “Cosmos”: rediscovering our capacity to be awed (In Spanish)
Article about the new “Cosmos” documentary

2014.04.28 Doing science together in Perú (In Spanish)
Opinion article about the state and future of science in Perú, and the role of the PUCP Physics colloquia that I organize

2014.03.14 “Cosmic rays have influenced evolution” (In Spanish)
Interview after my Physics colloquium at PUCP, “Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays and astrophysical neutrinos: a fifty-year-old mystery”

2008.11.02 “Good ideas are not enough; results are necessary”
Interview by the Universia Latin American academic portal

Physics colloquia at PUCP

In 2011, while I was still a Master’s student at PUCP, in Lima, I started the weekly Physics colloquia.  Since then, I have continued to organize them, typically from abroad.  The organizational work consists in selecting and contacting the speakers, managing the talk schedule for each semester, and coordinating the advertising, both in print, and online, via e-mail and social media.  All talks are webcast live and recorded.

To date (October 2017), we have successfully organized more than 200 talks over nine semesters, with speakers from PUCP, other universities and research institutes in Perú, and from abroad.

The PUCP colloquia have become a referential scientific event in the Physics community of Perú.