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Fri, Dec 30, 2022

No arXiv announcements

Thu, Dec 29, 2022

Detecting VHE prompt emission from binary neutron-star mergers: ET and CTA synergies
Biswajit Banerjee et al.
2212.14007 astro-ph

First statistical measurement of the Hubble constant using unlocalized fast radio bursts
Ze-Wei Zhao, Ji-Guo Zhang, Yichao Li, Jia-Ming Zou, Jing-Fei Zhang, Xin Zhang
2212.13433 astro-ph

Neutrino oscillations in Quantum Field Theory
Sergey Kovalenko, Fedor Simkovic
2212.13635 hep-ph

Wed, Dec 28, 2022

No arXiv announcements

Tue, Dec 27, 2022

Star-icon Bounds on Long-lived Dark Matter Mediators from Neutron Stars
Thong T. Q. Nguyen, Tim M. P. Tait
2212.12547 hep-ph

Neutrino Oscillations in Matter using the Adjugate of the Hamiltonian
Asli Abdullahi, Stephen J. Parke
2212.12565 hep-ph

Millicharge Dark Matter Detection with Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
Chuan-Ren Chen, Bui Hong Nhung, Chrisna Setyo Nugroho
2212.13017 hep-ph

Search for effective Lorentz and CPT violation using ZEUS data
ZEUS Collaboration
2212.12750 hep-ex

Mon, Dec 26, 2022

Results on sub-GeV Dark Matter from a 10 eV Threshold CRESST-III Silicon Detector
CRESST Collaboration
2212.12513 astro-ph

Fri, Dec 23, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Hint for a TeV neutrino emission from the Galactic Ridge with ANTARES
ANTARES Collaboration
2212.11876 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Magnetic Moments of Astrophysical Neutrinos
Joachim Kopp, Toby Opferkuch, Edward Wang
2212.11287 hep-ph

Gravitational wave lensing as a probe of halo properties and dark matter
Giovanni Tambalo, Miguel Zumalacárregui, Liang Dai, Mark Ho-Yeuk Cheung
2212.11960 astro-ph

A novel model-marginalized cosmological bound on the QCD axion mass
Eleonora Di Valentino et al.
2212.11926 astro-ph

Axions from Primordial Black Holes
Yongsoo Jho, Tae-Geun Kim, Jong-Chul Park, Seong Chan Park, Yeji Park
2212.11977 hep-ph

Detecting Axion-Like Particles with Primordial Black Holes
Kaustubh Agashe, Jae Hyeok Chang, Steven J. Clark, Bhaskar Dutta, Yuhsin Tsai, Tao Xu
2212.11980 hep-ph

A new bound on the electron’s electric dipole moment
Tanya S. Roussy et al.
2212.11841 physics

Towards a Unified Model of Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions
Omar Benhar, Camillo Mariani
2212.11860 hep-ph

Going all the way in the search for WIMP dark matter at the muon collider through precision measurements
Roberto Franceschini, Xiaoran Zhao
2212.11900 hep-ph

Determination of the Cosmic-Ray Chemical Composition: Open Issues and Prospects
A. D. Supanitsky
2212.11695 astro-ph

Thu, Dec 22, 2022

Star-icon High-Energy Neutrinos from Gamma-Ray-Faint Accretion-Powered Hypernebulae
Navin Sridhar, Brian D. Metzger, Ke Fang
2212.11236 astro-ph

Supermassive black hole seeds from sub-keV dark matter
Avi Friedlander, Sarah Schon, Aaron C. Vincent
2212.11100 hep-ph

Detecting and characterizing pulsar haloes with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
Christopher Eckner, Veronika Vodeb, Pierrick Martin, Gabrijela Zaharijas, Francesca Calore
2212.11265 astro-ph

Listening to the echo of axion fine grained streams
Ariel Arza, Abaz Kryemadhi, Konstantin Zioutas
2212.10905 hep-ph

Nucleosynthesis in Outflows from Black Hole-Neutron Star Merger Disks With Full GRνRMHD
Sanjana Curtis et al.
2212.10691 astro-ph

Improved Measurement of the 235U Antineutrino Spectrum by PROSPECT
PROSPECT Collaboration
2212.10669 nucl-ex

Constraining scalar leptoquarks using COHERENT data
Roberta Calabrese, Jacob Gunn, Gennaro Miele, Stefano Morisi, Samiran Roy, Pietro Santorelli
2212.11210 hep-ph

Searching for Prompt and Long-Lived Dark Photons in Electro-Produced e+e− Pairs with the Heavy Photon Search Experiment at JLab
P. H. Adrian et al.
2212.10629 hep-ex

Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
C. Adams et al.
2212.11099 nucl-ex

50 Years of Quantum Chromodynamics
Franz Gross et al.
2212.11107 hep-ph

Which sources are the dominant Galactic cosmic-ray accelerators?
Jacco Vink
2212.10677 astro-ph

Wed, Dec 21, 2022

Star-icon Radiofrequency Ice Dielectric Measurements at Summit Station, Greenland
J. A. Aguilar et al.
2212.10285 physics

Star-icon Listening for Dark Photon Radio from the Galactic Centre
Edward Hardy, Ningqiang Song
2212.09756 hep-ph

Updated constraints on axion-like particles from temporal information in supernova SN1987A gamma-ray data
Sebastian Hoof, Lena Schulz
2212.09764 hep-ph

Search for Gamma-ray Spectral Lines from Dark Matter Annihilation up to 100 TeV towards the Galactic Center with MAGIC
MAGIC Collaboration
2212.10527 astro-ph

MeV to multi-TeV thermal WIMPs are all observationally allowed
Koushik Dutta, Avirup Ghosh, Arpan Kar, Biswarup Mukhopadhyaya
2212.09795 hep-ph

Constraints on Lepton Universality Violation from Rare B Decays
Marco Ciuchini, Marco Fedele, Enrico Franco, Ayan Paul, Luca Silvestrini, Mauro Valli
2212.10516 hep-ph

Dark photon superradiance: Electrodynamics and multimessenger signals
Nils Siemonsen et al.
2212.09772 astro-ph

Measurement of the B0S → μ+μ− decay properties and search for the B0 → μ+μ− decay in proton-proton collisions at s√ = 13 TeV
CMS Collaboration
2212.10311 hep-ex

Search for light dark matter with ionization signals in the PandaX-4T Experiment
PandaX Collaboration
2212.10067 hep-ex

Tue, Dec 20, 2022

Star-icon Test of lepton universality in b→sℓ+ℓ− decays
LHCb collaboration
2212.09152 hep-ex

Measurement of lepton universality parameters in B+→K+ℓ+ℓ− and B0→K∗0ℓ+ℓ− decays
LHCb collaboration
2212.09153 hep-ex

Strong Lensing of High-Energy Neutrinos
Yoon Chan Taak, Tommaso Treu, Yoshiyuki Inoue, Alexander Kusenko
2212.08793 hep-ph

Two-component jet model for multi-wavelength afterglow emission of the extremely energetic burst GRB 221009A
Yuri Sato, Kohta Murase, Yutaka Ohira, Ryo Yamazaki
2212.09266 astro-ph

CONGRuENTS (COsmic-ray, Neutrino, Gamma-ray and Radio Non-Thermal Spectra). I. A predictive model for galactic non-thermal emission
Matt A. Roth, Mark R. Krumholz, Roland M. Crocker, Todd A. Thompson
2212.09428 astro-ph

Inspection of the detection cross section dependence of the Gallium Anomaly
C. Giunti, Y.F. Li, C.A. Ternes, Z. Xin
2212.09722 hep-ph

Particle Acceleration in Colliding Flows: Binary Star Winds and Other Double-Shock Structures
Mikhail Malkov, Martin Lemoine
2212.08788 astro-ph

Proton-proton interactions at the Highest Energies: the Grey-Disk and the Core-Corona models
Ruben Conceição, Mário Pimenta
2212.09142 hep-ph

Cosmological gravity probes: connecting recent theoretical developments to forthcoming observations
Shun Arai et al.
2212.09094 astro-ph

Can the gravitational effect of Planet X be detected in current-era tracking of the known planets?
Daniel C. H. Gomes, Zachary Murray, Rafael C. H. Gomes, Matthew J. Holman, Gary M. Bernstein
2212.09594 astro-ph

Is the muon a third family lepton?
Giacomo Cacciapaglia, Aldo Deandrea, Shahram Vatani
2212.08691 hep-ph

TASI Lectures on Cosmic Signals of Fundamental Physics
Daniel Green
2212.08685 hep-ph

Mon, Dec 19, 2022

Star-icon Signature of Collapsars as Sources for High-energy Neutrinos and r-process Nuclei
Gang Guo, Yong-zhong Qian, Meng-Ru Wu
2212.08266 astro-ph

Star-icon The Cherenkov Telescope Array Will Test Whether Pulsars Generate the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess
Celeste Keith, Dan Hooper
2212.08080 astro-ph

Transient Radio Lines from Axion Miniclusters and Axion Stars
Samuel J. Witte et al.
2212.08079 hep-ph

On the Anti-Correlation between Duration and Redshift in Gamma-ray Bursts
Nicole M. Lloyd-Ronning et al.
2212.08096 astro-ph

Anticipating a New-Physics Signal in Upcoming 21-cm Power Spectrum Observations
Rennan Barkana, Anastasia Fialkov, Hongwan Liu, Nadav Joseph Outmezguine
2212.08082 hep-ph

Geometric phases in neutrino mixing
Manosh T. M., N. Shaji, Ramesh Babu Thayyullathil, Titus K Mathew
2212.08245 hep-ph

JUNO Sensitivity on Proton Decay p→ν¯K+ Searches
JUNO Collaboration
2212.08502 hep-ex

Fri, Dec 16, 2022

Star-icon A Search for Dark Matter Lines at the Galactic Center with 14 Years of Fermi Data
Joshua W. Foster, Yujin Park, Benjamin R. Safdi, Yotam Soreq, Weishuang Linda Xu
2212.07435 hep-ph

Star-icon Forward production of prompt neutrinos from charm in the atmosphere and at high energy colliders
Weidong Bai, Milind Diwan, Maria Vittoria Garzelli, Yu Seon Jeong, Karan Kumar, Mary Hall Reno
2212.07865 hep-ph

Dark Matter stimulated neutrinoless double beta decay
Francesco Nozzoli, Cinzia Cernetti
2212.07832 hep-ph

Towards A Direct Detection of the Spin of Dark Matter
Leah Jenks, Konstantinos Koutrolikos, Evan McDonough, Stephon Alexander, S. James Gates Jr
2212.07442 hep-ph

Cosmic-ray Boron Flux Measured from 8.4 GeV/n to 3.8 TeV/n with the Calorimetric Electron Telescope on the International Space Station
CALET Collaboration
2212.07873 astro-ph

Dynamics and Equation of State Dependencies of Relevance for Nucleosynthesis in Supernovae and Neutron Star Mergers
H.-Thomas Janka, Andreas Bauswein
2212.07498 astro-ph

Thu, Dec 15, 2022

Machine learning cosmology from void properties
Bonny Y. Wang, Alice Pisani, Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro, Benjamin D. Wandelt
2212.06860 astro-ph

Distinguishing Non-Standard Interaction and Lorentz Invariance Violation at Protvino to Super-ORCA experiment
Rudra Majhi, Dinesh Kumar Singha, Monojit Ghosh, Rukmani Mohanta
2212.07244 hep-ph

Quantum Tunneling of Ultralight Dark Matter Out of Satellite Galaxies
Mark P. Hertzberg, Abraham Loeb
2212.07386 astro-ph

Wed, Dec 14, 2022

A Search for Coincident Neutrino Emission from Fast Radio Bursts with Seven Years of IceCube Cascade Events
IceCube Collaboration
2212.06702 astro-ph

Search for sub-TeV Neutrino Emission from Novae with IceCube-DeepCore
IceCube Collaboration
2212.06810 astro-ph

A new approach to constrain the Hubble expansion rate at high redshifts by gravitational waves
Mohammadtaher Safarzadeh, Karan Jani, Nianyi Chen, Tiziana DiMatteo, Abraham Loeb
2212.06707 astro-ph

Tue, Dec 13, 2022

Constraining Vector Dark Matter with Neutrino experiments
Dawid Brzeminski, Saurav Das, Anson Hook, Clayton Ristow
2212.05073 hep-ph

Sensitivity of Future Tritium Decay Experiments to New Physics
James A. L. Canning, Frank F. Deppisch, Wenna Pei
2212.06106 hep-ph

Present and Future constraints on Secluded Dark Matter in the Galactic Halo with TeV Gamma-ray Observatories
Guilherme Fortes, Farinaldo Queiroz, Clarissa Siqueira, Aion Viana
2212.05075 hep-ph

Nearby SNR: a possible common origin to multi-messenger anomalies in spectra, ratios and anisotropy of cosmic rays
Bing-Qiang Qiao, Yi-Qing Guo, Wei-Liu, Xiao-Jun Bi
2212.05641 astro-ph

FAIR AI Models in High Energy Physics
Javier Duarte et al.
2212.05081 hep-ex

Mon, Dec 12, 2022

Star-icon Tritium Beta Spectrum and Neutrino Mass Limit from Cyclotron Radiation Emission Spectroscopy
Project 8 Collaboration
2212.05048 nucl-ex

Star-icon Learning the Composition of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
Blaz Bortolato, Jernej F. Kamenik, Michele Tammaro
2212.04760 astro-ph

Searching for relativistic axions in the sky
Arpan Kar, Tanmoy Kumar, Sourov Roy, Jure Zupan
2212.04647 hep-ph

Search for ultralight dark matter with spectroscopy of radio-frequency atomic transitions
Xue Zhang et al.
2212.04413 physics

Probing Lorentz-violating electrodynamics with CMB polarization
Luca Caloni et al.
2212.04867 astro-ph

Doped Semiconductor Devices for sub-MeV Dark Matter Detection
Peizhi Du, Daniel Egaña-Ugrinovic, Rouven Essig, Mukul Sholapurkar
2212.04504 hep-ph

Growth of Cosmic Structure
Dragan Huterer
2212.05003 astro-ph

Fri, Dec 09, 2022

Star-icon A guide to hunting long-lived particles at the LHC
Simon Knapen, Steven Lowette
2212.03883 hep-ph

A Simulation Study of Ultra-relativistic Jets — III. Particle Acceleration at FR-II Jets
Jeongbhin Seo, Dongsu Ryu, Hyesung Kang
2212.04159 astro-ph

The Physics of Fast Radio Bursts
Bing Zhang
2212.03972 astro-ph

Evaporation of Primordial Black Holes in the Early Universe: Mass and Spin Distributions
Andrew Cheek, Lucien Heurtier, Yuber F. Perez-Gonzalez, Jessica Turner
2212.03878 hep-ph

On neutrino-mediated potentials in a neutrino background
Diego Blas, Ivan Esteban, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, Jordi Salvado
2212.03889 hep-ph

Speed Variations of Cosmic Photons and Neutrinos from Loop Quantum Gravity
Hao Li, Bo-Qiang Ma
2212.04220 hep-ph

New UTfit Analysis of the Unitarity Triangle in the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa scheme
UTfit Collaboration
2212.03894 hep-ph

Detection of hidden photon dark matter using the direct excitation of transmon qubits
Shion Chen, Hajime Fukuda, Toshiaki Inada, Takeo Moroi, Tatsumi Nitta, Thanaporn Sichanugrist
2212.03884 hep-ph

Thu, Dec 08, 2022

Invisible Neutrino Decays as Origin of TeV Gamma Rays from GRB221009A
Jihong Huang, Yilin Wang, Bingrong Yu, Shun Zhou
2212.03477 hep-ph

General constraints on sources of high-energy cosmic rays from the pγ interaction losses
Simon Sotirov
2212.03483 astro-ph

Collisional flavor instability in dense neutrino gases
Zewei Xiong, Lucas Johns, Meng-Ru Wu, Huaiyu Duan
2212.03750 hep-ph

Wed, Dec 07, 2022

Neutrino production in blazar radio cores
O. E. Kalashev, P. Kivokurtseva, S. Troitsky
2212.03151 astro-ph

Observing axions through photon ring dimming of black holes
Kimihiro Nomura, Kaishu Saito, Jiro Soda
2212.03020 hep-ph

Tue, Dec 06, 2022

Star-icon Revisiting Tests of Lorentz Invariance with Gamma-ray Bursts: Effects of Intrinsic Lags
Valeri Vardanyan, Volodymyr Takhistov, Metin Ata, Kohta Murase
2212.02436 astro-ph

Caustic-like Structures in UHECR Flux after Propagation in Turbulent Intergalactic Magnetic Fields
K. Dolgikh, A. Korochkin, G.Rubtsov, D. Semikoz, I. Tkachev\
2212.01494 astro-ph

Precision Cosmological Constraints on Atomic Dark Matter
Saurabh Bansal, Jared Barron, David Curtin, Yuhsin Tsai
2212.02487 hep-ph

The WIMP Paradigm: Theme and Variations
Jonathan L. Feng
2212.02479 hep-ph

Searching for Intelligent Life in Gravitational Wave Signals Part I: Present Capabilities and Future Horizons
Luke Sellers, Alexey Bobrick, Gianni Martire, Michael Andrews, Manfred Paulini
2212.02065 astro-ph

Mon, Dec 05, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon The TeV Sun Rises: Discovery of Gamma rays from the Quiescent Sun with HAWC
HAWC Collaboration et al.
2212.00815 astro-ph

Star-icon Upper limits on the isotropic diffuse flux of cosmic PeV photons from Carpet-2 observations
Carpet-2 Collaboration
2212.01088 astro-ph

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] Snowmass Neutrino Frontier: NF01 Topical Group Report on Three-Flavor Neutrino Oscillations
Peter B. Denton et al.
2212.00809 hep-ph

Star-icon Astro-COLIBRI 2 — an advanced platform for real-time multi-messenger discoveries
P. Reichherzer, F. Schüssler, V. Lefranc, J. Becker Tjus, J. Mourier, A. K. Alkan
2212.00805 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 Underground Facilities for the Cosmic Frontier Topical Report
J. Cooley, S. Hertel, H. Lippincott, K. Ni, E. Pantic
2212.00868 hep-ex

Transport of Cosmic ray electrons from 1 AU to the Sun
Vahe’ Petrosian, Elena Orlando, Andrew Strong
2212.00929 astro-ph

lepton number survival in the cosmic neutrino background
Oleg Ruchayskiy, Vsevolod Syvolap, Robin Wursch
2212.01038 hep-ph

Which countries are leading high-impact science in astronomy?
Juan P. Madrid
2212.01295 astro-ph

Fri, Dec 02, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Probing Pseudo-Dirac Neutrinos with Astrophysical Sources at IceCube
Kiara Carloni, Ivan Martinez-Soler, Carlos A. Arguelles, K. S. Babu, P. S. Bhupal Dev
2212.00737 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Multi-messenger model for the prompt emission from GRB 221009A
Annika Rudolph, Maria Petropoulou, Walter Winter, Željka Bošnjak
2212.00766 astro-ph

Star-icon Multi-collision internal shock lepto-hadronic models for energetic GRBs
Annika Rudolph, Maria Petropoulou, Željka Bošnjak, Walter Winter
2212.00765 astro-ph

The Cosmic Neutrino Background Distribution on the Surface of the Earth
Asimina Arvanitaki, Savas Dimopoulos
2212.00036 hep-ph

Probing the Mechanism of Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay in Multiple Isotopes
Matteo Agostini, Frank F. Deppisch, Graham Van Goffrier
2212.00045 hep-ph

Life on Titan May Signal Early Life in the Universe
Abraham Loeb
2212.00473 astro-ph

Thu, Dec 01, 2022

Star-icon Constraints on pseudo-Dirac neutrinos using high-energy neutrinos from NGC 1068
Thomas Rink, Manibrata Sen
2211.16520 hep-ph

Star-icon A very luminous jet from the disruption of a star by a massive black hole
Igor Andreoni et al.
2211.16530 astro-ph

Star-icon The Birth of a Relativistic Jet Following the Disruption of a Star by a Cosmological Black Hole
Dheeraj R. Pasham et al.
2211.16537 astro-ph

Gamma rays: propagation and detection
Elisa Prandini, Konstantinos Dialektopoulos, Jelena Strišković
2211.17021 astro-ph

Wed, Nov 30, 2022

Star-icon A Catalog of the Highest-Energy Cosmic Rays Recorded During Phase I of Operation of the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2211.16020 astro-ph

Observing Signals of Spectral Features in the Cosmic-Ray Positrons and Electrons from Milky Way Pulsars
Ilias Cholis, Thressay Hoover
2211.15709 astro-ph

Anisotropic Photon and Electron Scattering without Ultrarelativistic Approximation
Anderson C. M. Lai, Kenny C. Y. Ng
2211.15691 astro-ph

Neutrino Non-standard Interactions with arbitrary couplings to u and d quarks
Nicolás Bernal, Yasaman Farzan
2211.15686 hep-ph

Identifying the physical origin of gamma-ray bursts with supervised machine learning
Jia-Wei Luo, Fei-Fei Wang, Jia-Ming Zhu-Ge, Ye Li, Yuan-Chuan Zou, Bing Zhang
2211.16451 astro-ph

Dark gauge boson emission from supernova pions
Chang Sub Shin, Seokhoon Yun
2211.15677 hep-ph

Tue, Nov 29, 2022

Star-icon Diffuse Emission of Galactic High-Energy Neutrinos from a Global Fit of Cosmic Rays
Georg Schwefer, Philipp Mertsch, Christopher Wiebusch
2211.15607 astro-ph

Star-icon MAGIC observations provide compelling evidence of the hadronic multi-TeV emission from the putative PeVatron SNR G106.3+2.7
MAGIC Collaboration
2211.15321 astro-ph

Star-icon Precision measurement of reactor antineutrino oscillation at kilometer-scale baselines by Daya Bay
Daya Bay Collaboration
2211.14988 hep-ex

Mon, Nov 28, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 Underground Facilities & Infrastructure Frontier Report
Laura Baudis, Jeter Hall, Kevin T. Lesko, John L. Orrell
2211.13450 hep-ex

Searches for Neutrinos from LHAASO ultra-high-energy γ-ray sources using the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
IceCube Collaboration
2211.14184 astro-ph

Constraints on the Model of Gamma-ray Bursts and Implications from GRB 221009A: GeV gamma rays v.s. High-energy Neutrinos
Ruo-Yu Liu, Hai-Ming Zhang, Xiang-Yu Wang
2211.14200 astro-ph

Directional direct detection of light dark matter up-scattered by cosmic-rays from direction of the Galactic center
Keiko I. Nagao, Satoshi Higashino, Tatsuhiro Naka, Kentaro Miuchi
2211.13399 astro-ph

High-energy Neutrino Productions from AGN Disk Transients Impacted by Circum-disk Medium
Zi-Hang Zhou, Jin-Ping Zhu, Kai Wang
2211.13953 astro-ph

Proto-neutron stars as cosmic factories for massive axion-like-particles
Alessandro Lella, Pierluca Carenza, Giuseppe Lucente, Maurizio Giannotti, Alessandro Mirizzi
2211.13760 hep-ph

Model Agnostic Probes of Dark Sectors at Neutrino Experiments
Marco Costa, Rashmish K. Mishra, Sonali Verma
2211.13253 hep-ph

The Memories of the First European Cosmic Ray Symposium: Lodz, Poland 1968
A A Watson
2211.13569 physics

Fri, Nov 25, 2022

No arXiv announcements

Thu, Nov 24, 2022

Search for an axion-like particle in J/ψ radiative decays
BESIII Collaboration
2211.12699 hep-ex

Wed, Nov 23, 2022

Towards detecting super-GeV dark matter via annihilation to neutrinos
L. Salvador Miranda, S. Basegmez du Pree, K. C. Y. Ng, A. Cheek, C. Arina
2211.12235 hep-ph

Physics implications of a combined analysis of COHERENT CsI and LAr data
V. De Romeri, O. G. Miranda, D. K. Papoulias, G. Sanchez Garcia, M. Tórtola, J. W. F. Valle
2211.11905 hep-ph

Active Galactic Nuclei as potential Sources of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
Frank M. Rieger
2211.12202 astro-ph

Euclid: Modelling massive neutrinos in cosmology — a code comparison
Euclid Collaboration
2211.12457 astro-ph

Direct tests of T, CP, CPT symmetries in transitions of neutral K mesons with the KLOE experiment
KLOE-2 Collaboration
2211.12377 hep-ex

A Search for Optical Laser Emission from Alpha Centauri AB
2211.11756 astro-ph

Tue, Nov 22, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] The Future of US Particle Physics — The Snowmass 2021 Energy Frontier Report
Meenakshi Narain et al.
2211.11084 hep-ex

Non-unitary three-neutrino mixing in the early Universe
Stefano Gariazzo, Pablo Martínez-Miravé, Olga Mena, Sergio Pastor, Mariam Tórtola
2211.10522 hep-ph

Enhancing Sensitivity to Leptonic CP Violation using Complementarity among DUNE, T2HK, and T2HKK
Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla, Sudipta Das, Alessio Giarnetti, Davide Meloni, Masoom Singh
2211.10620 hep-ph

Massive star cluster origin for the galactic cosmic ray population at very-high energies
Thibault Vieu, Brian Reville
2211.11625 astro-ph

Mon, Nov 21, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Evidence for neutrino emission from the nearby active galaxy NGC 1068
IceCube Collaboration
2211.09972 astro-ph

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] Snowmass Cosmic Frontier Report
Aaron S. Chou et al.
2211.09978 hep-ex

Strong cosmological constraints on the neutrino magnetic moment
Pierluca Carenza, Giuseppe Lucente, Martina Gerbino, Maurizio Giannotti, Massimiliano Lattanzi
2211.10432 hep-ph

Rare 40K decay with implications for fundamental physics and geochronology
KDK Collaboration
2211.10319 nucl-ex

Hunting for bumps in the margins
David Yallup, Will Handley
2211.10391 physics

Particle Physics at the European Spallation Source
H. Abele et al.
2211.10396 physics

Modelling Heavy Neutral Leptons in Accelerator Beamlines
Komninos-John Plows, Xianguo Lu
2211.10210 hep-ph

Fri, Wed 18, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Diffuse neutrino flux measurements with the Baikal-GVD neutrino telescope
Baikal Collaboration
2211.09447 astro-ph

Star-icon Growing evidence for high-energy neutrinos originating in radio blazars
A.V. Plavin, Y.Y. Kovalev, Y.A. Kovalev, S.V. Troitsky
2211.09631 astro-ph

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] SNOWMASS Neutrino Frontier NF10 Topical Group Report: Neutrino Detectors
Joshua R. Klein et al.
2211.09669 hep-ex

Revisiting leptonic non-unitarity in light of FASERν
Daniel Aloni, Avital Dery
2211.09638 hep-ph

Mind the gap: The discrepancy between simulation and reality drives interpretations of the Galactic Center Excess
Sascha Caron et al.
2211.09796 astro-ph

Comparison of Step Samplers for Nested Sampling
Johannes Buchner
2211.09426 stat

Thu, Wed 17, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass Neutrino Frontier Report
Patrick Huber et al.
2211.08641 hep-ex

First observation of the cosmic ray shadow of the Moon and the Sun with KM3NeT/ORCA
KM3NeT Collaboration
2211.08977 astro-ph

Locating the Core-Mantle Boundary using Oscillations of Atmospheric Neutrinos
Anuj Kumar Upadhyay, Anil Kumar, Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla, Amol Dighe
2211.08688 hep-ph

Revisiting pseudo-Dirac neutrino scenario after recent solar neutrino data
S. Ansarifard, Y. Farzan
2211.09105 hep-ph

Using supernova neutrinos to probe strange spin of proton with JUNO and THEIA
Bhavesh Chauhan
2211.08443 hep-ph

Wed, Nov 16, 2022

Gamma-ray flux limits from brown dwarfs: Implications for dark matter annihilating into long-lived mediators
Pooja Bhattacharjee, Francesca Calore, Pasquale Dario Serpico
2211.08067 astro-ph

Entanglement in three-flavor collective neutrino oscillations
Pooja Siwach, Anna M. Suliga, A. Baha Balantekin
2211.07678 astro-ph

Characterizing a supernova’s Standing Accretion Shock Instability with neutrinos and gravitational waves
Zidu Lin, Abhinav Rijal, Cecilia Lunardini, Manuel D. Morales, Michele Zanolin
2211.07878 astro-ph

Is the Machine Smarter than the Theorist: Deriving Formulas for Particle Kinematics with Symbolic Regression
Zhongtian Dong, Kyoungchul Kong, Konstantin T. Matchev, Katia Matcheva
2211.08420 hep-ph

Tue, Nov 15, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 Dark Matter Complementarity Report
Antonio Boveia et al.
2211.07027 hep-ex

Assessment of ALP scenarios for GRB 221009A
Giorgio Galanti, Marco Roncadelli, Fabrizio Tavecchio
2211.06935 astro-ph

On the Hadronic Origin of High Energy Emission of γ-ray Loud Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 PKS 1502+036
Zhen-Jie Wang, Ze-Rui Wang, Ruo-Yu Liu, Junfeng Wang
2211.07070 astro-ph

The Galactic Center as a laboratory for theories of gravity and dark matter
Mariafelicia de Laurentis, Ivan De Martino, Riccardo Della Monica
2211.07008 astro-ph

Review of the online analyses of multi-messenger alerts and electromagnetic transient events with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
ANTARES Collaboration
2211.07551 astro-ph

Search for keV–MeV Light Dark Matter from Evaporating Primordial Black Holes at the CDEX-10 Experiment
CDEX Collaboration
2211.07477 hep-ex

Philosophical Foundations of Loop Quantum Gravity
Carlo Rovelli, Francesca Vidotto
2211.06718 gr-qc

Mon, Nov 14, 2022

Sterile Neutrinos from Dark Matter: A ν Nightmare?
Logan Morrison, Stefano Profumo, Bibhushan Shakya
2211.05996 hep-ph

Field line subdiffusion and cosmic ray perpendicular transport in isotropic turbulence
Marco Kuhlen, Vo Hong Minh Phan, Philipp Mertsch
2211.05882 astro-ph

Diffusion of relativistic charged particles and field lines in isotropic turbulence
Marco Kuhlen, Vo Hong Minh Phan, Philipp Mertsch
2211.05881 astro-ph

Constraints on Dark Matter-Electron Scattering from Molecular Cloud Ionization
Anirudh Prabhu, Carlos Blanco
2211.05787 hep-ph

A Simple Sub-Grid Model For Cosmic Ray Effects on Galactic Scales
Philip F. Hopkins, Iryna S. Butsky, Suoqing Ji
2211.05811 astro-ph

Wilks’s Theorem, Global Fits, and Neutrino Oscillations
2211.06347 hep-ph

Direct dark matter searches with the full data set of XMASS-I
XMASS Collaboration
2211.06204 astro-ph

The discovery and scientific potential of fast radio bursts
Matthew Bailes
2211.06048 astro-ph

Fri, Nov 11, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass Theory Frontier Report
N. Craig et al.
2211.05772 hep-ph

A limit on variations in the fine-structure constant from spectra of nearby Sun-like stars
Michael T. Murphy et al.
2211.05150 astro-ph

Physics Beyond the Standard Model with Future X-ray Observatories: Projected Constraints on Very-Light Axion-Like Particles with Athena and AXIS
Júlia Sisk-Reynés, Christopher S. Reynolds, Michael L. Parker, James H. Matthews, M.C. David Marsh
2211.05136 astro-ph

Millicharged Relics Reveal Massless Dark Photons
Asher Berlin, Jeff A. Dror, Xucheng Gan, Joshua T. Ruderman
2211.05139 hep-ph

Connect the Lorentz Violation to the Glashow Resonance Event
Ding-Hui Xu, Shu-Jun Rong
2211.05478 hep-ph

Cosmological tensions in the birthplace of the heliocentric model
Eleonora Di Valentino, Emmanuel Saridakis, Adam Riess
2211.05248 astro-p

Seeing the gravitational wave universe
Chiara M. F. Mingarelli, J. Andrew Casey-Clyde
2211.05148 gr-qc

Primordial Black Holes
Albert Escrivà, Florian Kuhnel, Yuichiro Tada
2211.05767 astro-ph

Fedele Lizzi
2211.05532 physics

Thu, Nov 10, 2022

Ultra high energy cosmic rays from past activity of Andromeda galaxy
V.N. Zirakashvili, V.S. Ptuskin, S.I. Rogovaya
2211.04522 astro-ph

Updated constraints on sterile neutrino mixing in the OPERA experiment using a new νe identification method
OPERA Collaboration
2211.04636 hep-ex

Axion-like ALPs
Fernando Arias-Aragón, Jérémie Quevillon, Christopher Smith
2211.04489 hep-ph

The Hubble Tension and Early Dark Energy
Marc Kamionkowski, Adam G. Riess
2211.04492 astro-ph

Detecting gamma-rays with moderate resolution and large field of view: Particle detector arrays and water Cherenkov technique
Michael A. DuVernois, Giuseppe Di Sciascio
2211.04932 astro-ph

Wed, Nov 09, 2022

Star-icon Hidden Hearts of Neutrino Active Galaxies
Kohta Murase
2211.04460 astro-ph

Star-icon γ-ray and ultra-high energy neutrino background suppression due to solar radiation
Shyam Balaji
2211.03807 astro-ph

Deciphering the ~18 TeV photons from GRB 221009A
Sarira Sahu, B. Medina-Carrillo, G. Sánchez-Colón, Subhash Rajpoot
2211.04057 astro-ph

Finding the missing baryons in the intergalactic medium with localized fast radio bursts
K. B. Yang, Q. Wu, F. Y. Wang
2211.04058 astro-ph

Astronomia ex machina: a history, primer, and outlook on neural networks in astronomy
Michael J. Smith, James E. Geach
2211.03796 astro-ph

Tue, Nov 08, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Constraining the sources of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays across and above the ankle with the spectrum and composition data measured at the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2211.02857 astro-ph

Star-icon Measuring Oscillations with A Million Atmospheric Neutrinos
C. A. Argüelles, P. Fernández, I. Martínez-Soler, M. Jin
2211.02666 hep-ph

Constraints on axionlike particles from a combined analysis of three flaring Fermi flat-spectrum radio quasars
James Davies, Manuel Meyer, Garret Cotter
2211.03414 astro-ph

Sterile Neutrinos: Propagation in Matter and Sensitivity to Sterile Mass Ordering
Dibya S. Chattopadhyay et al.
2211.03473 hep-ph

Blazars at Very High Energies: Emission Modelling
Hélène Sol, Andreas Zech
2211.03580 astro-ph

Uncertainties of the 30-408 MHz Galactic emission as a calibration source for radio detectors in astroparticle physics
M. Büsken, T. Fodran, T. Huege
2211.03086 astro-ph

Mon, Nov 07, 2022

Star-icon New Clues About Light Sterile Neutrinos: Preference for Models with Damping Effects in Global Fits
J.M. Hardin et al.
2211.02610 hep-p

Star-icon Hadronic signatures from magnetically dominated baryon-loaded AGN jets
Maria Petropoulou, Filippos Psarras, Dimitrios Giannios
2211.02076 astro-ph

Proton Synchrotron, an explanation for possible extended VHE gamma-ray activity of TXS 0506+056 in 2017
Sunanda, Reetanjali Moharana, Pratik Majumdar
2211.02493 astro-ph

Unbinned multivariate observables for global SMEFT analyses from machine learning
Raquel Gomez Ambrosio, Jaco ter Hoeve, Maeve Madigan, Juan Rojo, Veronica Sanz
2211.02058 hep-ph

Physical Considerations for an Intercept Mission to a 1I/’Oumuamua-like Interstellar Object
Amir Siraj et al.
2211.02120 astro-ph

Letter of intent for ALICE 3: A next-generation heavy-ion experiment at the LHC
ALICE Collaboration
2211.02491 physics

Fri, Nov 04, 2022

Neutrino Origin of LHAASO’s 18 TeV GRB221009A Photon
Vedran Brdar, Ying-Ying Li
2211.02028 hep-ph

On ALP scenarios and GRB 221009A
Pierluca Carenza, M.C. David Marsh
2211.02010 astro-ph

Discovering a new well: Decaying dark matter with profile likelihoods
Emil Brinch Holm, Laura Herold, Steen Hannestad, Andreas Nygaard, Thomas Tram
2211.01935 astro-ph

A seesaw model for large neutrino masses in concordance with cosmology
Miguel Escudero, Thomas Schwetz, Jorge Terol-Calvo
2211.01729 hep-ph

Connecting small-scale to large-scale structures of fast neutrino-flavor conversion
Hiroki Nagakura, Masamichi Zaizen
2211.01398 astro-ph

The Steady-State Multi-TeV Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission Predicted with GALPROP and Prospects for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
P. D. Marinos, G. P. Rowell, T. A. Porter, G. Jóhannesson
2211.01619 astro-ph

Study of light sterile neutrino at the long-baseline experiment options at KM3NeT
Dinesh Kumar Singha, Monojit Ghosh, Rudra Majhi, Rukmani Mohanta
2211.01816 hep-ph

Modern Machine Learning for LHC Physicists
Tilman Plehn, Anja Butter, Barry Dillon, Claudius Krause
2211.01421 hep-ph

Thu, Nov 03, 2022

Constraints on Electron Acceleration in Gamma-Ray Bursts Afterglows from Radio Peaks
Ruby A. Duncan, Alexander J. van der Horst, Paz Beniamini
2211.00686 astro-ph

Wed, Nov 02, 2022

Star-icon Cosmic Ray Antihelium from a Strongly Coupled Dark Sector
Martin Wolfgang Winkler, Pedro De La Torre Luque, Tim Linden
2211.00025 hep-ph

White Dwarfs in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies: A New Class of Compact-Dark-Matter Detectors
Juri Smirnov, Ariel Goobar, Tim Linden, Edvard Mörtsell
2211.00013 astro-ph

GRB221009A Gamma Rays from Radiative Decay of Heavy Neutrinos?
Alexei Y. Smirnov, Andreas Trautner
2211.00634 hep-ph

The Width of a Beta-decay-induced Antineutrino Wavepacket
B.J.P. Jones, E. Marzec, J. Spitz
2211.00026 hep-ph

Extremely Relativistic Tidal Disruption Events
Taeho Ryu, Julian Krolik, Tsvi Piran
2211.00059 astro-ph

A′ view of the sunrise: Boosting helioscopes with angular information
Jonas Frerick, Felix Kahlhoefer, Kai Schmidt-Hoberg
2211.00022 hep-ph

A robust estimator of mutual information for deep learning interpretability
Davide Piras et al.
2211.00024 physics

Tue, Nov 01, 2022

Detecting neutrino-boosted axion dark matter in the MeV gap
Pierluca Carenza, Pedro De la Torre Luque
2210.17206 astro-ph

Optical/γ-ray blazar flare correlations: understanding the high-energy emission process using ASAS-SN and Fermi light curves
T. de Jaeger et al.
2210.16329 astro-ph

Endothermic self-interacting dark matter in Milky Way-like dark matter haloes
Stephanie O’Neil et al.
2210.16328 astro-ph

Late-Forming PBH: Beyond the CMB era
Philip Lu, Kiyoharu Kawana, Alexander Kusenko
2210.16462 astro-ph

Searching for axion forces with precision precession in storage rings
Prateek Agrawal, David E. Kaplan, On Kim, Surjeet Rajendran, Mario Reig
2210.17547 hep-ph

The CMSSM Survives Planck, the LHC, LUX-ZEPLIN, Fermi-LAT, H.E.S.S. and IceCube
John Ellis, Keith A. Olive, Vassilis C. Spanos, Ioanna D. Stamou
2210.16337 hep-ph

Advanced LIGO, LISA, and Cosmic Explorer as dark matter transducers
Evan Hall, Nancy Aggarwal
2210.17487 hep-ex

Mon, Oct 31, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Treasure Maps for Detections of Extreme Energy Cosmic Rays
Noemie Globus, Anatoli Fedynitch, Roger D. Blandford
2210.15885 astro-ph

Star-icon Constraints on heavy decaying dark matter from 570 days of LHAASO observations
LHAASO Collaboration
2210.15989 astro-ph

GRB 221009A: A light dark matter burst or an extremely bright Inverse Compton component?
M. M. González et al.
2210.15857 astro-ph

Dark matter freeze-in produces large post-inflationary isocurvature
Nicola Bellomo, Kim V. Berghaus, Kimberly K. Boddy
2210.15691 astro-ph

Hybrid multi-fluid-particle simulations of the cosmic neutrino background
Joe Zhiyu Chen, Markus R. Mosbech, Amol Upadhye, Yvonne Y. Y. Wong
2210.16012 astro-ph

Dynamics of a relativistic jet through magnetized media
Leonardo Garcia-Garcia, Diego Lopez-Camara, Davide Lazzati
2210.15698 astro-ph

DUNE Offline Computing Conceptual Design Report
DUNE Collaboration
2210.15665 physics

Fri, Oct 28, 2022

Star-icon Neutrinos from the Brightest Gamma-Ray Burst?
Kohta Murase, Mainak Mukhopadhyay, Ali Kheirandish, Shigeo S. Kimura, Ke Fang
2210.15625 astro-ph

Star-icon Deciphering the Archeological Record: Further Evidence for Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Ray Acceleration in Starburst-Driven Superwinds
Luis Alfredo Anchordoqui
2210.15569 astro-ph

A Significant Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance associated with Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 221009A
Laura A. Hayes, Peter T. Gallagher
2210.15284 astro-ph

NaNu: Proposal for a Neutrino Experiment at the SPS Collider located at the North Area of CERN
Friedemann Neuhaus, Matthias Schott, Rainer Wanke
2210.15532 hep-ex

Has JWST already falsified dark-matter-driven galaxy formation?
Moritz Haslbauer, Pavel Kroupa, Akram Hasani Zonoozi, Hosein Haghi
2210.14915 astro-ph

Potential for definitive discovery of a 70 GeV dark matter WIMP with only second-order gauge couplings
Bailey Tallman et al.
2210.15019 hep-ph

Thu, Oct 27, 2022

Secondary GeV-TeV emission from ultra-high-energy cosmic rays accelerated by GRB 221009A
Nestor Mirabal
2210.14243 astro-ph

Converting dark matter to dark radiation does not solve cosmological tensions
Fiona McCarthy, J. Colin Hill
2210.14339 astro-ph

Constraining Cosmic-ray Transport with Observations of the Circumgalactic Medium
Iryna S. Butsky et al.
2210.14232 astro-ph

Joint photon-electron Lorentz violation parameter plane from LHAASO data
Ping He, Bo-Qiang Ma
2210.14817 astro-ph

Community Report from the Biosignatures Standards of Evidence Workshop
Victoria Meadows et al.
2210.14293 astro-ph

Wed, Oct 26, 2022

Observation of Antineutrinos from Distant Reactors using Pure Water at SNO+
SNO+ Collaboration
2210.14154 nucl-ex

Model constraints based on the IceCube neutrino non-detection of GRB 201009A
Shunke Ai, He Gao
2210.14116 astro-ph

Clusteringenesis: from Light to Heavy Primordial Black Holes
Valerio De Luca, Gabriele Franciolini, Antonio Riotto
2210.14171 astro-ph

The Role of a Heavy Neutrino in the Gamma-Ray Burst GRB-221009A
Kingman Cheung
2210.14178 hep-ph

Cosmic ray anisotropy study by means of detection of muon bundles
G. Trinchero et al.
2210.13916 astro-ph

Overview of radio experiments for UHE cosmic particles detection
Simon Chiche, Valentin Decoene
2210.13560 astro-ph

Pair Production Detectors for Gamma-ray Astrophysics
David J. Thompson, Alexander A. Moiseev
2210.14121 astro-ph

Tevatron Greatest Hits
Dmitri Denisov, Costas Vellidis
2210.13565 hep-ex

On the Role of 40K in the Origin of Terrestrial Life
Giovanni Vladilo
2210.13995 physics

Tue, Oct 25, 2022

Star-icon GRB 221009A: a potential source of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
Rafael Alves Batista
2210.12855 astro-ph

Star-icon Ultrahigh-energy cosmic-ray signature in GRB 221009A
Saikat Das, Soebur Razzaque
2210.13349 astro-ph

Searching for neutrinos from solar flares across solar cycles 23 and 24 with the Super-Kamiokande detector
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
2210.12948 astro-ph

Search for spatial coincidence between IceCube neutrinos and radio pulsars
Vibhavasu Pasumarti, Shantanu Desai
2210.12804 astro-ph

Dipole portal and neutrinophilic scalars at DUNE revisited: the importance of the high-energy neutrino tail
Maksym Ovchynnikov, Thomas Schwetz, Jing-Yu Zhu
2210.13141 hep-ph

Stringent constraint on CPT violation with the synergy of T2K-II, NOνA extension, and JUNO
T. V. Ngoc, S. Cao, N. T. Hong Van, P. T. Quyen
2210.13044 hep-ph

GraphNeT: Graph neural networks for neutrino telescope event reconstruction
Andreas Søgaard et al.
2210.12194 astro-ph

Axion-photon conversion of LHAASO multi-TeV and PeV photons
Guangshuai Zhang, Bo-Qiang Ma
2210.13120 hep-ph

Implication of photon-ALP interactions in sub-PeV neutrino source TXS 0506+056
Bhanu Prakash Pant, Sunanda, Sarathykanan S., Reetanjali Moharana
2210.12652 astro-ph

Searches for Ultra-High-Energy Photons at the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2210.12959 astro-ph

Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
David J. Thompson, Colleen A. Wilson-Hodge
2210.12875 astro-ph

Mon, Oct 24, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass Early Career
Garvita Agarwal et al.
2210.12004 hep-ex

Uncovering the neutrino mass ordering with the next galactic core-collapse supernova neutrino burst
César Jesús-Valls
2210.11676 hep-ex

Core-collapse supernovae simulations with reduced nucleosynthesis networks
Gerard Navó, Moritz Reichert, Martin Obergaulinger, Almudena Arcones
2210.11848 astro-ph

Neutron Lifetime Anomaly and Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Tammi Chowdhury, Seyda Ipek
2210.12031 hep-ph

Fri, Oct 21, 2022

Measured proton electromagnetic structure deviates from theoretical predictions
R. Li et al.
2210.11461 nucl-ex

Extragalactic neutrino emission induced by Supermassive and Stellar Mass Black Hole mergers
Ilja Jaroschewski, Julia Becker Tjus, Peter L. Biermann
2210.11337 astro-ph

Search for gravitational-wave transients associated with magnetar bursts in Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo data from the third observing run
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration, KAGRA Collaboration
2210.10931 astro-ph

Sensitivity of an antineutrino monitor for remote nuclear reactor discovery
Liz Kneale, Steve T Wilson, Tara Appleyard, James Armitage, Niamh Holland, Matthew Malek
2210.11224 physics

Revealing ultra-high-energy cosmic ray acceleration with multi-messenger observations of the nearby GRB 980425/SN 1998bw
Nestor Mirabal
2210.10822 astro-ph

Delayed teraelectronvolt emission from GRB 980425/SN 1998bw and the origin of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
Nestor Mirabal
2210.11430 astro-ph

Standard physics is still capable to interpret ∼18 TeV photons from GRB~221009A
Zhi-Chao Zhao, Yong Zhou, Sai Wang
2210.10778 astro-ph

Possible Evidence for Lorentz Invariance Violation in Gamma-ray Burst 221009A
Justin D. Finke, Soebur Razzaque
2210.11261 astro-ph

Light speed variation from GRB 221009A
Jie Zhu, Bo-Qiang Ma
2210.11376 astro-ph

Neutrinoless double-beta decay at colliders: interference between Majorana states
Jonathan L. Schubert, Oleg Ruchayskiy
2210.11294 hep-ph

Completing RHINO
Pasquale Di Bari, Adam Murphy
2210.10801 hep-ph

A lab scale experiment for keV sterile neutrino search
Y.C.Lee et al.
2210.11108 physics

Thu, Oct 20, 2022

Star-icon First constraints on light sterile neutrino oscillations from combined appearance and disappearance searches with the MicroBooNE detector
MicroBooNE collaboration
2210.10216 hep-ex

Entering the Era of Measuring Sub-Galactic Dark Matter Structure: Accurate Transfer Functions for Axino, Gravitino & Sterile Neutrino Thermal Warm Dark Matter
Cannon M. Vogel, Kevork N. Abazajian
2210.10753 hep-ph

A search for kilonova radio flares in a sample of Swift/BAT short GRBs
A. Eddins, K.H. Lee, A. Corsi, I. Bartos, Z. Marka, S. Marka
2210.10675 astro-ph

Sommerfeld enhancement of resonant dark matter annihilation
Martin Beneke, Stefan Lederer, Kai Urban
2210.14343 hep-ph

The MillenniumTNG Project: The large-scale clustering of galaxies
Sownak Bose et al.
2210.10065 astro-ph

A review of neutrino decoupling from the early universe to the current universe
Kensuke Akita, Masahide Yamaguchi
2210.10307 hep-ph

Names from Greek Myth in Fundamental Physics
Nirmal Raj
2210.10623 physics

Wed, Oct 19, 2022

Star-icon Flare Duty Cycle of Gamma-Ray Blazars and Implications for High-Energy Neutrino Emission
Kenji Yoshida, Maria Petropoulou, Kohta Murase, Foteini Oikonomou
2210.10011 astro-ph

Star-icon Dark Matter from Monogem
Christopher V. Cappiello, Neal P. Avis Kozar, Aaron C. Vincent
2210.09448 hep-ph

Star-icon Dark Matter Induced Power in Quantum Devices
Anirban Das, Noah Kurinsky, Rebecca K. Leane
2210.09313 hep-ph

Asteroids for ultralight dark-photon dark-matter detection
Michael A. Fedderke, Anubhav Mathur
2210.09324 hep-ph

Dark Matter prospects with COSI: ALPs, PBHs and sub-GeV Dark Matter
Andrea Caputo, Michela Negro, Marco Regis, Marco Taoso
2210.09310 hep-ph

Symmetry in neutrino oscillation in matter: New picture and the νSM – non-unitarity interplay
Hisakazu Minakata
2210.09453 hep-ph

Analytic Neutrino Oscillation Probabilities
Chee Sheng Fong
2210.09436 hep-ph

Evidence of fresh cosmic ray in galactic plane based on DAMPE measurement of B/C and B/O ratios
Pei-Pei Zhang, Xin-Yu He, Wei Liu, Yi-Qing Guo
2210.09591 astro-ph

Strong lensing constraints on primordial black holes as a dark matter candidate
Veronica Dike, Daniel Gilman, Tommaso Treu
2210.09493 astro-ph

Tue, Oct 18, 2022

Star-icon Detection of spectral hardenings in cosmic-ray boron-to-carbon and boron-to-oxygen flux ratios with DAMPE
DAMPE Collaboration
2210.08833 astro-ph

Star-icon High-energy neutrino emission from magnetised jets of rapidly rotating protomagnetars
Mukul Bhattacharya, Jose Alonso Carpio, Kohta Murase, Shunsaku Horiuchi
2210.08029 astro-ph

More Ingredients for an Altarelli Cocktail at MiniBooNE
Kevin J. Kelly, Joachim Kopp
2210.08021 hep-ph

Interpretations of the cosmic ray secondary-to-primary ratios measured by DAMPE
Peng-Xiong Ma et al.
2210.09205 astro-ph

Evolution of collisional neutrino flavor instabilities in spherically symmetric supernova models
Zewei Xiong et al.
2210.08254 astro-ph

Probing Galactic variations in the fine-structure constant using solar twin stars: methodology and results
Daniel A. Berke, Michael T. Murphy, Chris Flynn, Fan Liu
2210.08275 astro-ph

Parameters of axion-like particles required to explain high-energy photons from GRB 221009A
S.V. Troitsky
2210.09250 astro-ph

Model Independent Approach of the JUNO 8B Solar Neutrino Program
JUNO Collaboration
2210.08437 hep-ex

Multi-Neutrino Entanglement and Correlations in Dense Neutrino Systems
Marc Illa, Martin J. Savage
2210.08656 nucl-th

Mon, Oct 17, 2022

Star-icon Interpreting Reactor Antineutrino Anomalies with STEREO data
STEREO Collaboration
2210.07664 hep-ex

Effective Field Theory and Inelastic Dark Matter Results from XENON1T
XENON Collaboration
2210.07591 hep-ex

Gravitational focusing effects on streaming dark matter as a new detection concept
Abaz Kryemadhi, Marios Maroudas, Andreas Mastronikolis, Konstantin Zioutas
2210.07367 astro-ph

Statistical significances and projections for proton decay experiments
Prudhvi N. Bhattiprolu, Stephen P. Martin, James D. Wells
2210.07735 hep-ph

Design and Testing of a 3U CubeSat to Test the In-situ Vetoing for the νSOL Solar Neutrino Detector
Jonathan Folkerts
2210.07975 astro-ph

Fri, Oct 14, 2022

Impact of the finite life-time of UHECR sources
Björn Eichmann, Michael Kachelrieß
2210.07090 astro-ph

Interpretation of multi-TeV photons from GRB221009A
Ali Baktash, Dieter Horns, Manuel Meyer
2210.07172 astro-ph

On the Sensitivity of Spin-Precession Axion Experiments
Jeff A. Dror, Stefania Gori, Jacob M. Leedom, Nicholas L. Rodd
2210.06481 hep-ph

Freezing In Vector Dark Matter Through Magnetic Dipole Interactions
Gordan Krnjaic, Duncan Rocha, Anastasia Sokolenko
2210.06487 hep-ph

Evidence of a signature of planet formation processes from solar neutrino fluxes
Masanobu Kunitomo, Tristan Guillot, Gaël Buldgen
2210.06900 astro-ph

Hubble tensions: a historical statistical analysis
Martin Lopez-Corredoira
2210.07078 astro-ph

Thu, Oct 13, 2022

Star-icon Starburst Nuclei as Light Dark Matter Laboratories
Antonio Ambrosone, Marco Chianese, Damiano F.G. Fiorillo, Antonio Marinelli, Gennaro Miele
2210.05685 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] The Future of High Energy Physics Software and Computing
V. Daniel Elvira et al.
2210.05822 hep-ex

Lorentz invariance violation induced threshold anomaly versus very-high energy cosmic photon emission from GRB20221009A
Hao Li, Bo-Qiang Ma
2210.06338 astro-pg

Concept Study for Observing Galactic Neutrinos in Neptune’s Atmosphere
Trent English, Nick Solomey
2210.05913 astro-ph

Wed, Oct 12, 2022

Star-icon Constraints on populations of neutrino sources from searches in the directions of IceCube neutrino alerts
IceCube Collaboration
2210.04930 astro-ph

Revisiting GeV-scale annihilating dark matter with the AMS-02 positron fraction
Iason Krommydas, Ilias Cholis
2210.04903 astro-ph

Directional Neutrino Searches for Galactic Center Dark Matter at Large Underground LArTPCs
Matthew R. Buckley, Andrew Mastbaum, Gopolang Mohlabeng
2210.04920 hep-ex

Searching Lorentz invariance violation from cosmic photon attenuation
Hao Li, Bo-Qiang Ma
2210.05563 astro-ph

Axion-like particles explain the very-high energy emission from GRB221009A
Giorgio Galanti, Marco Roncadelli, Fabrizio Tavecchio
2210.05659 astro-ph

Ultradense dark matter haloes accompanying primordial black holes
M. Sten Delos, Joseph Silk
2210.04904 astro-ph

Tue, Oct 11, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Near-future discovery of the diffuse flux of ultra-high-energy cosmic neutrinos
Victor Branco Valera, Mauricio Bustamante, Christian Glaser
2210.03756 astro-ph

Star-icon State-of-the-Art Collapsar Jet Simulations Imply Undetectable Subphotospheric Neutrinos
Ersilia Guarini, Irene Tamborra, Ore Gottlieb
2210.03757 astro-ph

Star-icon The impact of neutrino-nucleus interaction modeling on new physics searches
Nina M. Coyle, Shirley Weishi Li, Pedro A. N. Machado
2210.03753 hep-ph

Star-icon New Constraints on Dark Matter and Cosmic Neutrino Profiles through Gravity
Yu-Dai Tsai, Joshua Eby, Jason Arakawa, Davide Farnocchia, Marianna S. Safronova
2210.03749 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Frontier For Rare Processes and Precision Measurements
Marina Artuso, Robert H. Bernstein, Alexey A. Petrov
2210.04765 hep-ex

Constraining ultralight vector dark matter with the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array second data release
Yu-Mei Wu et al.
2210.03880 astro-ph

Exploring Anisotropic Lorentz Invariance Violation from the Spectral-Lag Transitions of Gamma-Ray Bursts
Jin-Nan Wei, Zi-Ke Liu, Jun-Jie Wei, Bin-Bin Zhang, Xue-Feng Wu
2210.03897 astro-ph

Monoenergetic Neutrinos from WIMP Annihilation in Jupiter
George M. French, Marc Sher
2210.04761 hep-ph

Rejecting noise in Baikal-GVD data with neural networks
I. Kharuk, G. Rubtsov, G. Safronov
2210.04653 astro-ph

Fundamentals of electroweak theory
Jiri Horejsi
2210.04526 hep-ph

Mon, Oct 10, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 Topical Report on Synergies in Research at Underground Facilities
Catalina Curceanu et al.
2210.03145 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass Theory Frontier: Effective Field Theory
Matthew Baumgart et al.
2210.03199 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass Topical Summary: Formal QFT
David Poland, Leonardo Rastelli
2210.03128 hep-th

Towards the ultimate reach of current Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes to TeV Dark Matter
Alessandro Montanari, Emmanuel Moulin, Nicholas L. Rodd
2210.03140 astro-ph

A lower bound on intergalactic magnetic fields from time variability of 1ES 0229+200 from MAGIC and Fermi/LAT observations
MAGIC Collaboration
2210.03321 astro-ph

Fri, Oct 07, 2022

Star-icon High-energy neutrinos from choked-jet supernovae: searches and implications
Po-Wen Chang, Bei Zhou, Kohta Murase, Marc Kamionkowski
2210.03088 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] TF08 Snowmass Report: BSM Model Building
Patrick J. Fox et al.
2210.03075 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] TF07 Snowmass Report: Theory of Collider Phenomena
Fabio Maltoni, Shufang Su, Jesse Thaler
2210.02591 hep-ph

SND@LHC: The Scattering and Neutrino Detector at the LHC
The SND@LHC Collaboration
2210.02784 hep-ex

Thu, Oct 06, 2022

Light Dark Matter Accumulating in Terrestrial Planets: Nuclear Scattering
Joseph Bramante, Jason Kumar, Gopolang Mohlabeng, Nirmal Raj, Ningqiang Song
2210.01812 hep-ph

Cosmic-ray boosted dark matter in Xe-based direct detection experiments
Tarak Nath Maity, Ranjan Laha
2210.01815 hep-ph

Explosive nucleosynthesis with fast neutrino-flavor conversion in core-collapse supernovae
Shin-ichiro Fujimoto, Hiroki Nagakura
2210.02106 astro-ph

Wed, Oct 05, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon High-energy neutrino-induced cascade from the direction of the flaring radio blazar TXS 0506+056 observed by the Baikal Gigaton Volume Detector in 2021
Baikal-GVD Collaboration et al.
2210.01650 astro-ph

Star-icon Dark Matter decay to neutrinos
Carlos A. Argüelles et al.
2210.01303 hep-ph

Star-icon Modeling the Extragalactic Background Light and the Cosmic Star Formation History
Justin D. Finke et al.
2210.01157 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 Cross Frontier Report: Dark Matter Complementarity (Extended Version)
Antonio Boveia et al.
2210.01770 hep-ph

A Roadmap For Scientific Ballooning 2020-2030
Peter Gorham et al.
2210.01198 astro-ph

Search for exotic neutrino interactions using solar neutrinos in the CDEX-10 experiment
CDEX Collaboration
2210.01604 hep-ex

Reply to “Comment on “Damping of neutrino oscillations, decoherence and the lengths of neutrino wave packets””
Evgeny Akhmedov, Alexei Y. Smirnov
2210.01547 hep-ph

Panoramic SETI: Program Update and High-Energy Astrophysics Applications
Jérôme Maire et al.
2210.01356 astro-ph

Tue, Oct 04, 2022

Star-icon First-principles Fermi acceleration in magnetized turbulence
Martin Lemoine
2210.01038 astro-ph

Star-icon Neurino Cadence of TXS~0506+056 Consistent with Supermassive Binary Origin
J. Becker Tjus, I. Jaroschewski, A. Ghorbanietemad, I. Bartos, E. Kun, P.L. Biermann
2210.00202 astro-ph

Multi-wavelength study of the galactic PeVatron candidate LHAASO J2108+5157
S. Abe et al.
2210.00775 astro-ph

How to Identify Different New Neutrino Oscillation Physics Scenarios at DUNE
Peter B. Denton, Alessio Giarnetti, Davide Meloni
2210.00109 hep-ph

Improved Measurement of the Evolution of the Reactor Antineutrino Flux and Spectrum at Daya Bay
Daya Bay Collaboration
2210.01068 hep-ex

ALPHA: Searching For Dark Matter with Plasma Haloscopes
Alexander J. Millar et al.
2210.00017 hep-ph

Mon, Oct 03, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Neutrino propagation in the Earth and emerging charged leptons with 𝚗𝚞𝙿𝚢𝙿𝚛𝚘𝚙
Diksha Garg et al.
2209.15581 astro-ph

MICROSCOPE mission: final results of the test of the Equivalence Principle
Pierre Touboul et al.
2209.15487 gr-qc

Result of the MICROSCOPE Weak Equivalence Principle test
Pierre Touboul et al.
2209.15488 gr-qc

A Parameterized Neutrino Emission Model to Study Mass Ejection in Failed Core-collapse Supernovae
A.S. Schneider, E. O’Connor
2209.15064 astro-ph

High Altitude characterization of the Hunga Pressure Wave with Cosmic Rays by the HAWC Observatory
R. Alfaro et al.
2209.15110 astro-ph

Geopolitical Implications of a Successful SETI Program
Jason T. Wright, Chelsea Haramia, Gabriel Swiney
2209.15125 astro-ph

Fri, Sep 30, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Snowmass 2021 Theory Frontier Topical Group on Quantum Information Science
Simon Catterall et al.
2209.14839 quant-ph

Search for Cosmic-ray Boosted Sub-GeV Dark Matter using Recoil Protons at Super-Kamiokande
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
2209.14968 hep-ex

Analytic approach to ALP emission in core-collapse supernovae
Ana Luisa Foguel, Eduardo S. Fraga
2209.14318 hep-ph

The Interplay between the Dark Matter Axion and Primordial Black Holes
Kratika Mazde, Luca Visinelli
2209.14307 astro-ph

Prompt Emission of Gamma-Ray Bursts in the High-density Environment of Active Galactic Nuclei Accretion Disks
Davide Lazzati, Gustavo Soares, Rosalba Perna
2209.14308 astro-ph

Solar neutrino physics
Xun-Jie Xu, Zhe Wang, Shaomin Chen
2209.14832 hep-ph

Letter of Interest: Ocean science with the Pacific Ocean Neutrino Experiment
Felix Henningsen, Lisa Schumacher
2209.14710 physics

Thu, Sep 29, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Instrumentation Frontier Working Group for Snowmass 2021
Phil Barbeau et al.
2209.14111 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass’21 Accelerator Frontier Report
S.Gourlay et al.
2209.14136 physics

Bounds from multi-messenger astronomy on the Super Heavy Dark Matter
M. Deliyergiyev, A. Del Popolo, Morgan Le Delliou
2209.14061 astro-ph

Could quantum gravity slow down neutrinos?
Giovanni Amelino-Camelia, Maria Grazia Di Luca, Giulia Gubitosi, Giacomo Rosati, Giacomo D’Amico
2209.13726 gr-qc

Improving ANAIS-112 sensitivity to DAMA/LIBRA signal with machine learning techniques
I. Coarasa et al.
2209.14113 astro-ph

One-off and Repeating Fast Radio Bursts: A Statistical Analysis
Hao-Yan Chen, Wei-Min Gu, Mouyuan Sun, Tuan Yi
2209.13943 astro-ph

Review of solutions to the Cusp-core problem of the ΛCDM Model
Antonino Del Popolo, Morgan Le Delliou
2209.14151 astro-ph

New Constraints on Warm Dark Matter from the Lyman-α Forest Power Spectrum
Bruno Villasenor, Brant Robertson, Piero Madau, Evan Schneider
2209.14220 astro-ph

Spacetime foam: a review
S. Carlip
2209.14282 gr-qc

Einstein’s Happiest Moment: The Equivalence Principle
Paul Worden, James Overduin
2209.13781 physics

Wed, Sep 28, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Topical Group on Physics Beyond the Standard Model at Energy Frontier for Snowmass 2021
Tulika Bose et al.
2209.13128 hep-ph

Search for Gamma-Ray and Neutrino Coincidences Using HAWC and ANTARES Data
AMON Collaboration, ANTARES Collaboration, HAWC Collaboration
2209.13462 astro-ph

Gamma-ray Pulsar Halos in the Galaxy
Kun Fang
2209.13294 astro-ph

Blazar jets as possible sources of ultra-high energy photons: a short review
Gopal Bhatta
2209.13158 astro-ph

NASDUCK SERF: New constraints on axion-like dark matter from a SERF comagnetometer
Itay M. Bloch, Roy Shaham, Yonit Hochberg, Eric Kuflik, Tomer Volansky, Or Katz
2209.13588 hep-ph

Discovering QCD-Coupled Axion Dark Matter with Polarization Haloscopes
Asher Berlin, Kevin Zhou
2209.12901 hep-ph

Global fits of simplified models for dark matter with GAMBIT I. Scalar and fermionic models with s-channel vector mediators
Christopher Chang, Pat Scott, Tomás E. Gonzalo, Felix Kahlhoefer, Anders Kvellestad, Martin White
2209.13266 hep-ph

Improved Mixed Dark Matter Halo Model for Ultralight Axions
Sophie M. L. Vogt, David J. E. Marsh, Alex Laguë
2209.13445 astro-ph

A light in the dark: searching for electromagnetic counterparts to black hole-black hole mergers in LIGO/Virgo O3 with the Zwicky Transient Facility
Matthew J. Graham et al.
2209.13004 astro-ph

The Inferred Abundance of Interstellar Objects of Technological Origin
Carson Ezell, Abraham Loeb
2209.11262 physics

Tue, Sep 27, 2022

Star-icon Neutrino non-radiative decay and the diffuse supernova neutrino background
Pilar Ivanez-Ballesteros, M. Cristina Volpe
2209.12465 hep-ph

Star-icon Probing high-energy solar axion flux with a large scintillation neutrino detector
Giuseppe Lucente, Newton Nath, Francesco Capozzi, Maurizio Giannotti, Alessandro Mirizzi
2209.11780 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Particle Physics
C. Bonifazi et al.
2209.12377 physics

Impact of Rotation on the Multimessenger Signatures of a Hadron-quark Phase Transition in Core-collapse Supernovae
Shuai Zha, Evan O’Connor
2209.12418 astro-ph

The Fourth Catalog of Active Galactic Nuclei Detected by the Fermi Large Area Telescope — Data Release 3
Fermi-LAT collaboration
2209.12070 astro-ph

After DART: Using the first full-scale test of a kinetic impactor to inform a future planetary defense mission
Thomas S. Statler et al.
2209.11873 astro-ph

Predicting asteroid material properties from a DART-like kinetic impact
Kathryn M. Kumamoto et al.
2209.11876 astro-ph

Mon, Sep 26, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon  [Snowmass 2021] Report of the Topical Group on Cosmic Probes of Fundamental Physics for for Snowmass 2021
Rana X. Adhikari et al.
2209.11726 hep-ph

Star-icon How Broad is a Neutrino?
Hannah Banks, Kevin J. Kelly, Matthew McCullough
2209.11270 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Topical Group on Top quark physics and heavy flavor production for Snowmass 2021
Reinhard Schwienhorst et al.
2209.11267 hep-ph

Neutrino Fast Flavor Pendulum. Part 2: Collisional Damping
Ian Padilla-Gay, Irene Tamborra, Georg G. Raffelt
2209.11235 hep-ph

Prospective Study on Observations of γ-Ray Sources in the Galaxy Using the HADAR Experiment
Xiangli Qian et al.
2209.11458 astro-ph

Prompt cusps and the dark matter annihilation signal
M. Sten Delos, Simon D. M. White
2209.11237 astro-ph

An empirical investigation into cosmological tensions
Ramon de Sá, Micol Benetti, Leila Lobato Graef
2209.11476 astro-ph

Searches for Lepton Flavor Violation in Tau Decays at Belle II
Swagato Banerjee
2209.11639 hep-ex

StaNdaRT: A repository of standardized test models and outputs for supernova radiative transfer
Stéphane Blondin et al.
2209.11671 astro-ph

Opportunities for Technosignature Science in the Planetary Science and Astrobiology Decadal Survey
Jacob Haqq-Misra et al.
2209.11685 astro-ph

Fri, Sep 23, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Snowmass 2021 Topical Group on Lattice Gauge Theory
Zohreh Davoudi et al.
2209.10758 hep-lat

[Snowmass 2021] Theory Techniques for Precision Physics — Snowmass 2021 TF06 Topical Group Report
Radja Boughezal et al.
2209.10639 hep-ph

Choked jet model for the neutrino emission associated with Tidal Disruption Events
Jian-He Zheng, Xiang-Yu Wang, Ruo-Yu Liu
2209.11005 astro-ph

Stochasticity of Cosmic Rays from Supernova Remnants and the Ionization Rates in Molecular Clouds
Vo Hong Minh Phan, Sarah Recchia, Philipp Mertsch, Stefano Gabici
2209.10581 astro-ph

Halo-Independent Dark Matter Electron Scattering Analysis with In-Medium Effects
Muping Chen, Graciela B. Gelmini, Volodymyr Takhistov
2209.10902 hep-ph

New anomaly observed in 12C supports the existence and the vector character of the hypothetical X17 boson
A.J. Krasznahorkay et al.
2209.10795 nucl-ex

A Lunar Backup Record of Humanity
Carson Ezell, Alexandre Lazarian, Abraham Loeb
2209.11155 physics

Thu, Sep 22, 2022

Star-icon Prospects for detection of a Galactic diffuse neutrino flux
Pedro De la Torre Luque, Daniele Gaggero, Dario Grasso
2209.10011 astro-ph

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] Neutrino Frontier Topical Group Report (NF03): Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Pilar Coloma, Lisa W. Koerner, Ian M. Shoemaker, Jaehoon Yu
2209.10362 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Summary Report of the Topical Group on Career Pipeline and Development (CommF2) Community Engagement Frontier Snowmass 2021
Julie Hogan, Aneliya Karadzhinova-Ferrer, Sudhir Malik
2209.10114 physics

[Snowmass 2021] U.S. CMS – PURSUE (Program for Undergraduate Research SUmmer Experience)
Tulika Bose, Sudhir Malik, Meenakshi Narain
2209.10109 physics

Novel Constraints on Axions Produced in Pulsar Polar Cap Cascades
Dion Noordhuis et al.
2209.09917 hep-ph

Total Solar Irradiance during the Last Five Centuries
V. Penza, F. Berrilli, L. Bertello, M. Cantoresi, S. Criscuoli, P. Giobbi
2209.10115 astro-ph

Radiative processes on a quantum computer
Paulo F. Bedaque, Ratna Khadka, Gautam Rupak, Muhammad Yusf
2209.09962 nucl-th

Interstellar Meteors are Outliers in Material Strength
Amir Siraj, Abraham Loeb
2209.09905 astro-ph

Wed, Sep 21, 2022

Star-icon Floating Dark Matter in Celestial Bodies
Rebecca K. Leane, Juri Smirnov
2209.09834 hep-ph

A Double Layered Water Cherenkov Detector Array for Gamma-Ray Astronomy
Samridha Kunwar et al.
2209.09305 astrop-ph

Search for Majoron-like particles with CUPID-0
CUPID-0 Collaboration
2209.09490 hep-ex

Resonant search for the X17 boson at PADME
Luc Darmé, Marco Mancini, Enrico Nardi, Mauro Raggi
2209.09261 hep-ph

Searching for axion dark matter with MeerKAT Radio Telescope
Yun-Fan Zhou et al.
2209.09695 astro-ph

Tue, Sep 20, 2022

Star-icon Testing hadronic and photo-hadronic interactions as responsible for UHECR and neutrino fluxes from Starburst Galaxies
Antonio Condorelli, Denise Boncioli, Enrico Peretti, Sergio Petrera
2209.08593 astro-ph

Star-icon Limits on the Diffuse Gamma-Ray Background above 10 TeV with HAWC
HAWC Collaboration
2209.08106 astro-ph

Star-icon Six textbook mistakes in data analysis
Alexandros Gezerlis, Martin Williams
2209.09073 physics

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Topical Group on Cosmic Probes of Dark Matter for Snowmass 2021
Alex Drlica-Wagner et al.
2209.08215 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Topical Group on Dark Energy and Cosmic Acceleration: Complementarity of Probes and New Facilities for Snowmass 2021
Brenna Flaugher et al.
2209.08654 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Topical Group on Wave Dark Matter for Snowmass 2021
Joerg Jaeckel, Gray Rybka, Lindley Winslow
2209.08125 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Topical Group on Cosmic Frontier 5 Dark Energy and Cosmic Acceleration: Cosmic Dawn and Before for Snowmass 2021
Clarence L. Chang et al.
2209.08265 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Reinterpretation and Long-Term Preservation of Data and Code
Stephen Bailey, K.S. Cranmer, Matthew Feickert, Rob Fine, Sabine Kraml, Clemens Lange
2209.08054 physics

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 Computational Frontier CompF4 Topical Group Report: Storage and Processing Resource Access
W. Bhimij et al.
2209.08868 physics

Constraining Dark Matter Substructure With Gaia Wide Binaries
Edward D. Ramirez, Matthew R. Buckley
2209.08100 hep-ph

The Gamma-ray Bursts fundamental plane correlation as a cosmological tool
M. G. Dainotti et al.
2209.08675 astro-ph

Using TeV Cosmic Rays to probe the Heliosphere’s Boundary with the Local Interstellar Medium
Paolo Desiati et al.
2209.08122 astro-ph

dmscatter: A Fast Program for WIMP-Nucleus Scattering
Oliver Gorton, Calvin Johnson, Changfeng Jiao, Jonathan Nikoleyczik
2209.09187 nucl-th

Neutron Tagging following Atmospheric Neutrino Events in a Water Cherenkov Detector
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
2209.08609 hep-ex

The Interstellar Interlopers
David Jewitt, Darryl Z. Seligman
2209.08182 astro-ph

The game of life on a magnetar crust: from γ-ray flares to FRBs
S. K. Lander
2209.08598 astro-ph

Constraints on extragalactic transmitters via Breakthrough Listen
M.A. Garrett, A.P.V. Siemion
2209.08147 astro-ph

Mon, Sep 19, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Constraints on the hosts of UHECR accelerators
Marco Stein Muzio, Glennys R. Farrar
2209.08068 astro-ph

Star-icon New Constraints on Macroscopic Dark Matter Using Radar Meteor Detectors
Pawan Dhakal, Steven Prohira, Christopher V. Cappiello, John F. Beacom, Scott Palo, John Marino
2209.07690 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Theory of Neutrino Physics — Snowmass TF11 (aka NF08) Topical Group Report
André de Gouvêa et al.
2209.07983 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass Topical Report: Underground Facilities for Neutrinos
Tim Bolton, M. Patrick Decowski, Albert De Roeck, Gabriel Orebi Gann, Danielle H. Speller
2209.07622 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Fundamental Physics in Small Experiments
T. Blum et al.
2209.08041 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier: Report of the CF04 Topical Group on Dark Energy and Cosmic Acceleration in the Modern Universe
James Annis, Jeffrey A. Newman, Anže Slosar
2208.08049 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Topical Group on Electroweak Precision Physics and Constraining New Physics for Snowmass 2021
Alberto Belloni et al.
2209.08078 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 Computational Frontier CompF03 Topical Group Report: Machine Learning
Phiala Shanahan, Kazuhiro Terao, Daniel Whiteson
2209.07559 physics

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Topical Group on Environmental and Societal Impacts of Particle Physics for Snowmass 2021
K. Bloom, V. Boisvert, M. Headley
2209.07684 physics

Resonant Production of Light Sterile Neutrinos in Compact Binary Merger Remnants
Garðar Sigurðarson, Irene Tamborra, Meng-Ru Wu
2209.07544 astro-ph

Improved Constraints on Dark Matter Annihilations Around Primordial Black Holes
Prolay Chanda, Jakub Scholtz, James Unwin
2209.07541 hep-ph

Fri, Sep 16, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Topical Group on Particle Dark Matter for Snowmass 2021
Jodi Cooley et al.
2209.07426 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass Theory Frontier: Astrophysics and Cosmology
Daniel Green et al.
2209.06854 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Topical Group on Artificial Neutrino Sources for Snowmass 2021
L. Fields, A. D. Marino, J. P. Ochoa-Ricoux, J. Spitz
2209.07480 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass Neutrino Frontier: Neutrino Interaction Cross Sections (NF06) Topical Group Report
A. B. Balantekin et al.
2209.06872 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass Computational Frontier: Topical Group Report on Experimental Algorithm Parallelization
G. Cerati et al.
2209.07356 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Topical Group on Neutrino Applications for Snowmass 2021
N. S. Bowden, J. M. Link, W. Wang
2209.07483 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: The Dense Matter Equation of State and QCD Phase Transitions
Slavko Bogdanov et al.
2209.07412 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Report of the Topical Group on Higgs Physics for Snowmass 2021: The Case for Precision Higgs Physics
Sally Dawson et al.
2209.07510 hep-ph

Neutrino forces in neutrino backgrounds
Mitrajyoti Ghosh, Yuval Grossman, Walter Tangarife, Xun-Jie Xu, Bingrong Yu
2209.07082 hep-ph

Thu, Sep 15, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Probing Quantum Gravity with Elastic Interactions of Ultra-High-Energy Neutrinos
Alfonso Garcia Soto, Diksha Garg, Mary Hall Reno, Carlos A. Argüelles
2209.06282 hep-ph

Star-icon New constraints on the dark matter-neutrino and dark matter-photon scattering cross sections from TXS 0506+056
Francesc Ferrer, Gonzalo Herrera, Alejandro Ibarra
2209.06339 hep-ph

Star-icon Cosmic searches for Lorentz invariance violation
Carlos Pérez de los Heros, Tomislav Terzić
2209.06531 astro-ph

The Irreducible Axion Background
Kevin Langhoff, Nadav Outmezguine, Nicholas L. Rodd
2209.06216 hep-ph

Constraints on light decaying dark matter candidates from 16 years of INTEGRAL/SPI observations
Francesca Calore, Ariane Dekker, Pasquale Dario Serpico, Thomas Siegert
2209.06299 hep-ph

Ultra Long-Term Cosmology and Astrophysics
Robert J. Scherrer, Abraham Loeb
2209.06572 astro-ph

Snowmass Computational Frontier: Topical Group Report on Quantum Computing
Travis S. Humble, Gabriel N. Perdue, Martin J. Savage
2209.06786 quant-ph

Wed, Sep 14, 2022

Star-icon Search for photons above 10^{19} eV with the surface detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2209.05926 astro-ph

Large amplitude bidirectional anisotropy of cosmic-ray intensity observed with world-wide networks of ground-based neutron monitors and muon detectors in November, 2021
K. Munakata et al.
2209.05743 astro-ph

Accelerators for Electroweak Physics and Higgs Boson Studies
A. Faus-Golfe, G.H. Hoffstaetter, Q. Qin, F. Zimmermann
2209.05827 physics

Tue, Sep 13, 2022

Star-icon Snowmass Neutrino Frontier: NF02 Topical Group Report on Understanding Experimental Neutrino Anomalies
Georgia Karagiorgi, Bryce R. Littlejohn, Pedro Machado, Alexander Sousa
2209.05352 hep-ex

Star-icon Dark Sector Physics at High-Intensity Experiments
Stefania Gori et al.
2209.04671 hep-ph

Neutrino Flux Deduced from γ-rays Emitted by Novae
Dafne Guetta, Yael Hillman, Massimo Della Valle
2209.04873 astro-ph

Muons in the aftermath of Neutron Star Mergers and their impact on Trapped Neutrinos
Eleonora Loffredo, Albino Perego, Domenico Logoteta, Marica Branchesi
2209.04458 astro-ph

Imprints of scalar NSI on the CP-violation sensitivity using synergy among DUNE, T2HK and T2HKK
Abinash Medhi, Moon Moon Devi, Debajyoti Dutta
2209.05287 hep-ph

Mon, Sep 12, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Where are Milky Way’s Hadronic PeVatrons?
Takahiro Sudoh, John F. Beacom
2209.03970 astro-ph

Star-icon Snowmass 2021 topical group report: Neutrinos from Natural Sources
Yusuke Koshio, Gabriel D. Orebi Gann, Erin O’Sullivan, Irene Tamborra
2209.04298 hep-ph

Astrophysical Observations of a Dark Matter-Baryon Fifth Force
Moira I. Gresham, Vincent S. H. Lee, Kathryn M. Zurek
2209.03963 astro-ph

Search for relativistic fractionally charged particles in space
DAMPE Collaboration
2209.04260 astro-ph

Standard Model Predictions for Rare K and B Decays without New Physics Infection
Andrzej J. Buras
2209.03968 hep-ph

Ultimate Limit of Future Colliders
M.Bai, V.Shiltsev, G. White, F. Zimmermann
2209.04009 physics

Fri, Sep 09, 2022

A long gamma-ray burst from a merger of compact objects
E. Troja et al.
2209.03363 astro-ph

Majorana versus Dirac Constraints on the Neutrino Dipole Moments
André de Gouvêa, Giancarlo Jusino Sánchez, Pedro A.N. Machado, Zahra Tabrizi
2209.03373 hep-ph

A PeVatron Candidate: Modelling the Boomerang Nebula in X-ray Band
Xuan-Han Liang, Chao-Ming Li, Qi-Zuo Wu, Jia-Shu Pan, Ruo-Yu Liu
2209.03809 astro-ph

No room to hide: implications of cosmic-ray upscattering for GeV-scale dark matter
James Alvey, Torsten Bringmann, Helena Kolesova
2209.03360 hep-ph

Near-Earth Supernovae in the Past 10 Myr: Implications for the Heliosphere
Jesse A. Miller et al.
2209.03497 astro-ph

Practical use of reactor anti-neutrinos for nuclear safeguard in Vietnam
Son Cao, T. V. Ngoc, N. T. Hong Van, P. T. Quyen
2209.03541 hep-ex

Report of the Snowmass 2021 e+e−-Collider Forum
Maria Chamizo Llatas, Sridhara Dasu, Ulrich Heintz, Emilio A. Nanni, John Power, Stephen Wagner
2209.03472 hep-ex

Extracting ultralight boson properties from boson clouds around post-merger remnants
Kelvin H. M. Chan, Otto A. Hannuksela
2209.03536 gr-qc

Plane-wave and wavepacket neutrino flavor oscillations in vacuum in conformal coupling models
Fayçal Hammad, Parvaneh Sadeghi, Nicolas Fleury
2209.03899 hep-ph

A model of mentorship for students from historically underrepresented groups in STEM
M. K. Rodriguez Wimberly, Alexander L. Rudolph, Carol Hood, Rachel E. Scherr, Christine Pfund
2209.03395 physics

Thu, Sep 08, 2022

Star-icon Blazar constraints on neutrino-dark matter scattering
James M. Cline et al.
2209.02713 astro-ph

Testing the Gallium Anomaly
Patrick Huber
2209.02885 hep-ph

Report of the Topical Group on Neutrino Properties for Snowmass 2021
Carlo Giunti, Julieta Gruszko, Benjamin Jones, Lisa Kaufman, Diana Parno, Andrea Pocar
2209.03340 hep-ph

Laboratory Constraints on the Neutron-Spin Coupling of feV-scale Axions
Junyi Lee, Mariangela Lisanti, William A. Terrano, Michael Romalis
2209.03289 hep-ph

Probing ultralight scalar, vector and tensor dark matter with pulsar timing arrays
Caner Unal, Federico R. Urban, Ely D. Kovetz
2209.02741 astro-ph

Graph Neural Networks for Low-Energy Event Classification & Reconstruction in IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
2209.03042 hep-ex

Physics Opportunities in the ORNL Spallation Neutron Source Second Target Station Era
J. Asaadi et al.
2209.02883 hep-ex

Effects of Popular Science Writing Instruction on General Education Student Attitudes Towards Science: A Case Study in Astronomy
Briley L. Lewis et al.
2209.02852 physics

Wed, Sep 07, 2022

Observation of Spectral Structures in the Flux of Cosmic-Ray Protons from 50 GeV to 60 TeV with the Calorimetric Electron Telescope on the International Space Station
CALET Collaboration
2209.01302 astro-ph

Search for exotic physics in double-β decays with GERDA Phase II
GERDA Collaboration
2209.01671 nucl-ex

Muon Collider Forum Report
K.M. Black et al.
2209.01318 hep-ex

On the hadronic origin of the TeV radiation from GRB 190114C
S. Gagliardini, S. Celli, D. Guetta, A. Zegarelli, A. Capone, S. Campion, I. Di Palma
2209.01940 astro-ph

Compact Binary Foreground Subtraction in Next-Generation Ground-Based Observatories
Bei Zhou et al.
2209.01221 gr-qc

Subtracting Compact Binary Foregrounds to Search for Subdominant Gravitational-Wave Backgrounds in Next-Generation Ground-Based Observatories
Bei Zhou et al.
2209.01310 gr-qc

Cosmic-ray propagation under consideration of a spatially resolved source distribution
Julia Thaler, Ralf Kissmann, Olaf Reimer
2209.02295 astro-ph

Neutrino transport in general relativistic neutron star merger simulations
Francois Foucart
2209.02538 astro-ph

Nonequilibrium Hanbury-Brown-Twiss experiment: Theory and application to binary stars
Adrian E. Rubio Lopez, Ashwin K. Boddeti, Fanglin Bao, Hyunsoo Choi, Zubin Jacob
2209.02571 quant-ph

Overview of the Galileo Project
Abraham Loeb
2209.02479 physics

Tue, Sep 06, 2022

No arXiv announcements

Mon, Sep 05, 2022

Star-icon Gallium Anomaly: Critical View from the Global Picture of νe and ν¯e Disappearance
C. Giunti, Y.F. Li, C.A. Ternes, O. Tyagi, Z.Xin
2209.00916 hep-ph

New Insights Into Axion-Lepton Interactions
Wolfgang Altmannshofer, Jeff A. Dror, Stefania Gori
2209.00665 hep-ph

Exotic Dark Matter Search with CDEX-10 Experiment at China Jinping Underground Laboratory
CDEX Collaboration
2209.00861 hep-ex

Dark Matter: DAMA/LIBRA and its perspectives
R. Bernabei et al.
2209.00882 hep-ex

Fri, Sep 02, 2022

Addressing the Short-Baseline Neutrino Anomalies with Energy-Dependent Mixing Parameters
K. S. Babu, Vedran Brdar, André de Gouvêa, Pedro A. N. Machado
2209.00031 hep-ph

Characterising Dark Matter-induced neutrino potentials
Gabriel M. Salla
2209.00442 hep-ph

A Phantom Menace: On the Morphology of the Galactic Center Excess
Samuel D. McDermott, Yi-Ming Zhong, Ilias Cholis
2209.00006 astro-ph

Diffuse X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Limits on Boson Stars that Interact with Nuclei
Javier F. Acevedo, Amit Bhoonah, Joseph Bramante
2209.00017 hep-ph

Comment on “Damping of neutrino oscillations, decoherence and the lengths of neutrino wave packets”
B.J.P. Jones
2209.00561 hep-ph

Effects of galactic magnetic field on the UHECR correlation studies with starburst galaxies
Ryo Higuchi, Takashi Sako, Toshihiro Fujii, Kazumasa Kawata, Eiji Kido
2209.00305 astro-ph

A Predictive and Testable Unified Theory of Fermion Masses, Mixing and Leptogenesis
Bowen Fu, Stephen F. King, Luca Marsili, Silvia Pascoli, Jessica Turner, Ye-Ling Zhou
2209.00021 hep-ph

Radio Detection
A. Connolly, A. Karle, S. de Jong, C. Thomas
2209.00590 astro-ph

Thu, Sep 01, 2022

Exploiting stellar explosion induced by the QCD phase transition in large-scale neutrino detectors
Tetyana Pitik, Daniel Heimsoth, Anna M. Suliga, A. B. Balantekin
2208.14469 hep-ph

Dark matter substructures affect dark matter-electron scattering in direct detection experiments
Tarak Nath Maity, Ranjan Laha
2208.14471 hep-ph

The supernova remnant SN 1006 as a Galactic particle accelerator
Roberta Giuffrida et al.
2208.14491 astro-ph

Lepto-hadronic jet-disc model for the multi-wavelength SED of M87
Margot Boughelilba, Anita Reimer, Lukas Merten
2208.14756 astro-ph

Probing Muon g−2 at a Future Muon Collider
Jason Arakawa, Arvind Rajaraman, Taotao Sui, Tim M.P. Tait
2208.14464 hep-ph

Neutrino decay in the presence of NSI
Ashutosh Kumar Alok, Neetu Raj Singh Chundawat, Arindam Mandal
2208.14881 hep-ph

pyBumpHunter: A model independent bump hunting tool in Python for High Energy Physics analyses
Louis Vaslin, Samuel Calvet, Vincent Barra, Julien Donini
2208.14760 hep-ex

Wed, Aug 31, 2022

Collider Searches for Heavy Neutral Leptons: beyond simplified scenarios
Asmaa Abada, Pablo Escribano, Xabier Marcano, Gioacchino Piazza
2208.13882 hep-ph

Neutrino search from γ-ray bursts during the prompt and X-ray afterglow phases using 10 years of IceCube public data
Francesco Lucarelli et al.
2208.13792 astro-ph

Seeking dark matter with γ-ray attenuation
José Luis Bernal, Andrea Caputo, Gabriela Sato-Polito, Jordan Mirocha, Marc Kamionkowski
2208.13794 astro-ph

Expanding Fireball in Magnetar Bursts and Fast Radio Bursts
Tomoki Wada, Kunihito Ioka
2208.14320 astro-ph

Tue, Aug 30, 2022

Physics implications of recent Dresden-II reactor data
Anirban Majumdar, Dimitrios K. Papoulias, Rahul Srivastava, José W. F. Valle
2208.13262 hep-ph

Uncovering dark matter density profiles in dwarf galaxies with graph neural networks
Tri Nguyen, Siddharth Mishra-Sharma, Reuel Williams, Lina Necib
2208.12895 astro-ph

Constraints on dark matter scattering with long lived mediators from observations of the Sun with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
D. Serini et al.
2208.13157 astro-ph

Mon, Aug 29, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Indication of a Local Source of Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays in the Northern Hemisphere
Pavlo Plotko, Arjen van Vliet, Xavier Rodrigues, Walter Winter
2208.12274 astro-ph

Constraining Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter in the Milky Way Halo with Swift-XRT
Dominic Sicilian, Dannell Lopez, Massimo Moscetti, Esra Bulbul, Nico Cappelluti
2208.12271 astro-ph

Fri, Aug 26, 2022

Star-icon Weighing the Local Interstellar Medium using Gamma Rays and Dust
Axel Widmark, Michael Korsmeier, Tim Linden
2208.11704 astro-ph

Current and future γ-ray searches for dark-matter annihilation beyond the unitarity limit
Donggeun Tak, Matthew Baumgart, Nicholas L. Rodd, Elisa Pueschel
2208.11740 astro-ph

Constraining Non-Standard Interactions with Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering at the European Spallation Source
Sabya Sachi Chatterjee, Stéphane Lavignac, O. G. Miranda, G. Sanchez Garcia
2208.11771 hep-ph

Quantum Gravitational Decoherence in the 3 Neutrino Flavor Scheme
Dominik Hellmann, Heinrich Päs, Erika Rani
2208.11754 hep-ph

Probing neutrino interactions and dark radiation with gravitational waves
Marilena Loverde, Zachary J. Weiner
2208.11714 astro-ph

On the prompt contribution to the atmospheric neutrino flux
Sergey Ostapchenko, Maria Vittoria Garzelli, Günter Sigl
2208.12185 hep-ph

Neutrino Decoherence from Generalised Uncertainty
Indra Kumar Banerjee, Ujjal Kumar Dey
2208.12062 hep-ph

Alouette: Yet another encapsulated TAUOLA, but revertible
Valentin Niess
2208.11914 physics

Simulation of Deflection Uncertainties on Directional Reconstructions of Muons Using PROPOSAL
Pascal Gutjahr et al.
2208.11902 astro-ph

Thu, Aug 25, 2022

Impact of Lorentz violation on anomalous magnetic moments of charged leptons
Andreas Crivellin, Fiona Kirk, Marco Schreck
2208.11420 hep-ph

Limits on the nuclearite flux using the ANTARES neutrino telescope
ANTARES Collaboration
2208.11689 astro-ph

Identification of carbon dioxide in an exoplanet atmosphere
JWST Transiting Exoplanet Community Early Release Science Team
2208.11692 astro-ph

Wed, Aug 24, 2022

Star-icon Evaluation of the potential of a gamma-ray observatory to detect astrophysical neutrinos through inclined showers
Jaime Alvarez-Muñiz, Ruben Conceição, Pedro J. Costa, Mário Pimenta, Bernardo Tomé
2208.11072 hep-ph

Core Collapse Supernova Gravitational Wave Emission for Progenitors of 9.6, 15, and 25 Solar Masses
Anthony Mezzacappa et al.
2208.10643 astro-ph

Dark Grand Unification in the Axiverse: Decaying Axion Dark Matter and Spontaneous Baryogenesis
Joshua W. Foster, Soubhik Kumar, Benjamin R. Safdi, Yotam Soreq
2208.10504 hep-ph

Collisional instabilities of neutrinos and their interplay with fast flavor conversion in compact objects
Lucas Johns, Zewei Xiong
2208.11059 hep-ph

Out of this world neutrino oscillations
Tony Gherghetta, Andrey Shkerin
2208.10567 hep-th

Swarm of lightsail nanosatellites for Solar System exploration
Giovanni Santi et al.
2208.10980 physics

Tue, Aug 23, 2022

Discovering neutrinoless double-beta decay in the era of precision neutrino cosmology
Manuel Ettengruber, Matteo Agostini, Allen Caldwell, Philipp Eller, Oliver Schulz
2208.09954 hep-ph

IceCube search for neutrinos coincident with gravitational wave events from LIGO/Virgo run O3
IceCube Collaboration
2208.09532 astro-ph

Extra dimensions with light and heavy neutral leptons: An application to CEνNS
Amir N. Khan
2208.09584 hep-ph

The environmental footprint of future Higgs boson studies: Who is the greenest?
Patrick Janot, Alain Blondel
2208.10466 hep-ph

Can We Fly to Planet 9?
Adam Hibberd, Manasvi Lingam, Andreas M. Hein
2208.10207 astro-ph

Mon, Aug 22, 2022

Boosting through the Darkness
Debjyoti Bardhan, Supritha Bhowmick, Diptimoy Ghosh, Atanu Guha, Divya Sachdeva
2208.09405 hep-ph

Fri, Aug 19, 2022

Dark Black Holes in the Mass Gap
Nicolas Fernandez, Akshay Ghalsasi, Stefano Profumo, Nolan Smyth, Lillian Santos-Olmsted
2208.08557 hep-ph

Faraday Rotation Measure Variations of Repeating Fast Radio Burst Sources
Yuan-Pei Yang, Siyao Xu, Bing Zhang
2208.08712 astro-ph

To Profile or To Marginalize — A SMEFT Case Study
Ilaria Brivio, Sebastian Bruggisser, Nina Elmer, Emma Geoffray, Michel Luchmann, Tilman Plehn
2208.08454 hep-ph

Thu, Aug 18, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Evidence for intrinsic charm quarks in the proton
Richard D. Ball et al.
2208.08372 hep-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Galactic contribution to the high-energy neutrino flux found in track-like IceCube events
Yu. Kovalev, A. Plavin, S. Troitsky
2208.08423 astro-ph

Possible counterpart signal of the Fermi bubbles at the cosmic-ray positrons
Ilias Cholis, Iason Krommydas
2208.07880 astro-ph

Low-Mass dark matter (in)direct detection with inelastic scattering
Nicole F. Bell, James B. Dent, Bhaskar Dutta, Jason Kumar, Jayden L. Newstead
2208.08020 hep-ph

Neutrinos in Stellar Astrophysics
G. M. Fuller, W. C. Haxton
2208.08050 nucl-th

When, Where, and How to Open Data: A Personal Perspective
Benjamin Nachman
2208.07910 hep-ph

Wed, Aug 17, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon The hunt for extraterrestrial high-energy neutrino counterparts
I. Liodakis et al.
2208.07381 astro-ph

Star-icon Identifying diffuse spatial structures in high-energy photon lists
Minjie Fan, Jue Wang, Vinay L. Kashyap, Thomas C. M. Lee, David A. van Dyk, Andreas Zezas
2208.07427 astro-ph

Compton Telescopes for Gamma-ray Astrophysics
Carolyn Kierans, Tadayuki Takahashi, Gottfried Kanbach
2208.07819 astro-ph

Tue, Aug 16, 2022

Star-icon Into the darkness: Ultra-high energy neutrinos from high-redshift electromagnetic cascades
AmirFarzan Esmaeili, Antonio Capanema, Arman Esmaili, Pasquale Dario Serpico
2208.06440 hep-ph

A method for reconstructing the Galactic magnetic field using dispersion of fast radio bursts and Faraday rotation of radio galaxies
Ayush Pandhi, Sebastian Hutschenreuter, Jennifer West, Bryan Gaensler, Ashley Stock
2208.06417 astro-ph

A Probabilistic Model for the Efficiency of Cosmic-Ray Radio Arrays
Vladimir Lenok, Frank G. Schröder
2208.07233 astro-ph

First Search for Axion-Like Particles in a Storage Ring Using a Polarized Deuteron Beam
JEDI Collaboration
2208.07293 hep-ex

First results of LZ and XENONnT: A comparative study of neutrino properties and light mediators
ShivaSankar K.A., Anirban Majumdar, Dimitrios K. Papoulias, Hemant Prajapati, Rahul Srivastava
2208.06415 hep-ph

UHE neutrinos encountering decaying and non-decaying magnetic fields of compact stars
Neetu Raj Singh Chundawat, Arindam Mandal, Trisha Sarkar
2208.06644 hep-ph

Mon, Aug 15, 2022

Star-icon Dark Matter Direct Detection with Quantum Dots
Carlos Blanco, Rouven Essig, Marivi Fernandez-Serra, Harikrishnan Ramani, Oren Slone
2208.05967 hep-ph

Non-Standard Neutrino Self-Interactions Can Cause Neutrino Flavor Equipartition Inside the Supernova Core
Sajad Abbar
2208.06023 astro-ph

Indirect Detection of eV Dark Matter via Infrared Spectroscopy
Taiki Bessho, Yuji Ikeda, Wen Yin
2208.05975 hep-ph

Fri, Aug 12, 2022

Star-icon Nearby active galactic nuclei and starburst galaxies as sources of the measured UHECRs anisotropy signal
Cainã de Oliveira, Vitor de Souza
2208.05849 astro-ph

Calorimetric Detection of Dark Matter
Julien Billard, Matt Pyle, Surjeet Rajendran, Harikrishnan Ramani
2208.05485 hep-ph

Evidencing the interaction between science fiction enthusiasm and career aspirations in the UK astronomy community
Elizabeth R. Stanway
2208.05825 astro-ph

Thu, Aug 11, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Evidence for PeV Proton Acceleration from Fermi-LAT Observations of SNR G106.3+2.7
Ke Fang, Matthew Kerr, Roger Blandford, Henrike Fleischhack, Eric Charles
2208.05457 astro-ph

Star-icon An induced annual modulation signature in COSINE-100 data by DAMA/LIBRA’s analysis method
COSINE-100 Collaboration
2208.05158 hep-ex

Star-icon Radio Detection of High Energy Neutrinos in Ice
Steven Barwick, Christian Glaser
2208.04971 astro-ph

Indirect Signals of Dark Matter Can Change Depending on Where You Look
Hooman Davoudiasl, Julia Gehrlein
2208.04964 hep-ph

Atmospheric axion-like particles at Super-Kamiokande
Kingman Cheung, Jui-Lin Kuo, Po-Yan Tseng, Zeren Simon Wang
2208.05111 hep-ph

The All-sky Medium Energy Gamma-ray Observatory eXplorer (AMEGO-X) Mission Concept
Regina Caputo et al.
2208.04990 astro-ph

Anomalies in Physical Cosmology
Phillip James E. Peebles
2208.05018 astro-ph

Wed, Aug 10, 2022

Star-icon Implications of the QCD dynamics and a Super-Glashow astrophysical neutrino flux on the description of ultrahigh energy neutrino data
Victor P. Goncalves, Diego R. Gratieri, Alex S. C. Quadros
2208.04597 hep-ph

The ASTRI Mini-Array of Cherenkov Telescopes at the Observatorio del Teide
Scuderi S. et al.
2208.04571 astro-ph

Review: The role of jets in exploding supernovae and in shaping their remnants
Noam Soker
2208.04875 astro-ph

Tue, Aug 09, 2022

Damping of neutrino oscillations, decoherence and the lengths of neutrino wave packets
Evgeny Akhmedov, Alexei Y. Smirnov
2208.03736 hep-ph

Neutrino Decoherence and the Mass Hierarchy in the JUNO Experiment
Eric Marzec, Joshua Spitz
2208.04277 hep-p

Neutron-Mirror-Neutron Oscillation and Neutron Star Cooling
Itzhak Goldman, Rabindra N. Mohapatra, Shmuel Nussinov, Yongchao Zhang
2208.03771 hep-ph

Implications of Recent KATRIN Results for Lower-Limits on Neutrino Masses
Ephraim Fischbach, Dennis E. Krause, Quan Le Thien, Carol Scarlett
2208.03790 hep-ph

Bounds on ultralight bosons from the Event Horizon Telescope observation of Sgr A∗
Akash Kumar Saha et al.
2208.03530 astro-ph

Recollections of Kip Thorne
James Hartle
2208.04285 physics

Mon, Aug 08, 2022

Extragalactic Observatory Science with the ASTRI Mini-Array at the Observatorio del Teide
F. G. Saturni et al.
2208.03176 astro-ph

ASTRI Mini-Array Core Science at the Observatorio del Teide
S. Vercellone et al.
2208.03177 astro-ph

Galactic Observatory Science with the ASTRI Mini-Array at the Observatorio del Teide
A. D’Aì et al.
2208.03181 astro-ph

Primordial Lepton Asymmetries in the Precision Cosmology Era: Current Status and Future Sensitivities from BBN and the CMB
Miguel Escudero, Alejandro Ibarra, Victor Maura
2208.03201 hep-ph

Constraining bosonic asymmetric dark matter with neutron star mass-radius measurements
Nathan Rutherford, Geert Raaijmakers, Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Anna Watts
2208.03282 astro-ph

How do the dynamics of the Milky Way – Large Magellanic Cloud system affect gamma-ray constraints on particle dark matter?
Christopher Eckner, Francesca Calore, Denis Erkal, Sophia Lilleengen, Michael S. Petersen
2208.03312 astro-ph

Fri, Aug 05, 2022

Cosmological implications of photon-flux upper limits at ultra-high energies in scenarios of Planckian-interacting massive particles for dark matter
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2208.02353 astro-ph

LSND and MiniBooNE as guideposts to understanding the muon g−2 results and the CDF II W mass measurement
Waleed Abdallah, Raj Gandhi, Samiran Roy
2208.02264 hep-ph

Axion-like particle from primordial black hole evaporation and its detection in neutrino experiments
Tong Li, Rui-Jia Zhang
2208.02696 hep-ph

Virtual neutrino propagation at short baselines
Vadim A. Naumov, Dmitry S. Shkirmanov
2208.02621 hep-ph

Thu, Aug 04, 2022

Reverse shock of the Fermi bubbles explains their origin
Yutaka Fujita
2208.01654 astro-ph

New limits on neutrino electromagnetic interactions and light new physics with XENONnT
Amir N. Khan
2208.02144 hep-ph

Applications of Machine Learning to Predicting Core-collapse Supernova Explosion Outcomes
Benny T.-H. Tsang, David Vartanyan, Adam Burrows
2208.01661 astro-ph

Wed, Aug 03, 2022

Constraints on the very high energy gamma-ray emission from short GRBs with HAWC
HAWC Collaboration
2208.01075 astro-ph

Bremsstrahlung from the Cosmic Neutrino Background
Konstantin Asteriadis, Alejandro Quiroga Triviño, Martin Spinrath
2208.01207 hep-ph

Dark matter search with the BDX-MINI experiment
M. Battaglieri et al.
2208.01387 hep-ex

Transport parameters from AMS-02 F/Si data and fluorine source abundance
E. Ferronato Bueno, L. Derome, Y. Génolini, D. Maurin, V. Tatischeff, M. Vecchi
2208.01337 astro-ph

The redshift evolution of extragalactic magnetic fields
Valentin Pomakov et al.
2208.01336 astro-ph

Tue, Aug 02, 2022

Star-icon CRPropa 3.2 — an advanced framework for high-energy particle propagation in extragalactic and galactic spaces
Rafael Alves Batista et al.
2208.00107 astro-ph

Star-icon TeV Dark Matter searches in the extragalactic gamma-ray sky
Moritz Hütten, Daniel Kerszberg
2208.00145 astro-ph

Star-icon Limits on Fast Radio Burst-like Counterparts to Gamma-ray Bursts using CHIME/FRB
Alice P. Curtin et al.
2208.00803 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] On Baryon and Lepton Number Violation
Pavel Fileviez Perez et al.
2208.00010 hep-ph

Implications of multiwavelength spectrum on cosmic-ray acceleration in blazar TXS 0506+056
Saikat Das, Nayantara Gupta, Soebur Razzaque
2208.00838 astro-ph

Unveiling the outer core composition with neutrino oscillation tomography
L. Maderer, E. Kaminski, J. A. B. Coelho, S. Bourret, V. Van Elewyck
2208.00532 hep-ex

A measurement of Hubble’s Constant using Fast Radio Bursts
C.W. James et al.
2208.00819 astro-ph

Searching for photon-ALPs mixing effects in AGN gamma-ray energy spectra
Qixin Yu, Dieter Horns
2208.00079 astro-ph

Gravitational Waves from Long Gamma-Ray Bursts and Supernovae
Gerardo Urrutia, Fabio De Colle, Claudia Moreno, Michele Zanolin
2208.00129 astro-ph

Approaching Petavolts per meter plasmonics using structured semiconductors
Aakash A. Sahai et al.
2208.00966 hep-ex

The road towards imaging a black hole — a personal perspective
Heino Falcke
2208.00695 astro-ph

An Ocean Expedition by the Galileo Project to Retrieve Fragments of the First Large Interstellar Meteor CNEOS 2014-01-08
Amir Siraj, Abraham Loeb, Tim Gallaudet
2208.00092 astro-ph

Mon, Aug 01, 2022

Star-icon Core-collapse Supernova Constraint on the Origin of Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter via Neutrino Self-interactions
Yu-Ming Chen, Manibrata Sen, Walter Tangarife, Douglas Tuckler, Yue Zhang
2207.14300 hep-ph

Inferring the Energy and Distance Distributions of Fast Radio Bursts using the First CHIME/FRB Catalog
Kaitlyn Shin et al.
2207.14316 astro-ph

The Profiled Feldman-Cousins technique for confidence interval construction in the presence of nuisance parameters
NOvA Collaboration
2207.14353 hep-ex

Was Entropy Conserved between BBN and Recombination?
Alexander C. Sobotka, Adrienne L. Erickcek, Tristan L. Smith
2207.14308 astro-ph

Searching for a Fifth Force with Atomic and Nuclear Clocks
Dawid Brzeminski, Zackaria Chacko, Abhish Dev, Ina Flood, Anson Hook
2207.14310 hep-ph

Coupled and uncoupled early dark energy, massive neutrinos and the cosmological tensions
Adrià Gómez-Valent, Ziyang Zheng, Luca Amendola, Christof Wetterich, Valeria Pettorino
2207.14487 astro-ph

Fri, Jul 29, 2022

Star-icon Jupiter missions as probes of dark matter
Lingfeng Li, JiJi Fan
2207.13709 hep-ph

Gravitational-wave event rates as a new probe for dark matter microphysics
Markus R. Mosbech et al.
2207.14126 astro-ph

Cosmic Ray Interstellar Propagation Tool using Itô Calculus (criptic): software for simultaneous calculation of cosmic ray transport and observational signatures
Mark R. Krumholz, Roland M. Crocker, Matt L. Sampson
2207.13838 astro-ph

Quantification of Unknown Unknowns in Astronomy and Physics
Peter Hatfield
2207.13993 astro-ph

The Eclipse Megamovie Project (2017)
Hugh S. Hudson et al.
2207.13704 astro-ph

Thu, Jul 28, 2022

Shining Light on Cosmogenic Axions with Neutrino Experiments
Yanou Cui, Jui-Lin Kuo, Josef Pradler, Yu-Dai Tsai
2207.13107 hep-ph

Probing Physics Beyond the Standard Model: Limits from BBN and the CMB Independently and Combined
Tsung-Han Yeh, Jessie Shelton, Keith A. Olive, Brian D. Fields
2207.13133 astro-ph

Axion-Like Particle Production at Beam Dump Experiments with Distinct Nuclear Excitation Lines
Loyd Waites et al.
2207.13659 hep-ph

Statistical significance testing for mixed priors: a combined Bayesian and frequentist analysis
Jakob Robnik, Uroš Seljak
2207.06784 physics

Characterizing the Expected Behavior of Non-Poissonian Template Fitting
Luis Gabriel C. Bariuan, Tracy R. Slatyer
2207.13097 astro-ph

Constraining resonant dark matter self-interactions with strong gravitational lenses
Daniel Gilman, Yi-Ming Zhong, Jo Bovy
2207.13111 astro-ph

The Sources of Fast Radio Bursts
J. I. Katz
2207.13241 astro-ph

An introductory lecture on Generalised Parton Distributions
Cédric Mezrag
2207.13584 hep-ph

Wed, Jul 27, 2022

Star-icon Limits on the cosmic neutrino background
Martin Bauer, Jack D. Shergold
2207.12413 hep-ph

Star-icon On the contribution of cosmic-ray interactions in the circumgalactic gas to the observed high-energy neutrino flux
Oleg Kalashev, Nickolay Martynenko, Sergey Troitsky
2207.12458 astro-ph

Star-icon How to plan your astronomy research paper in ten steps
Nushkia Chamba, Johan H. Knapen, Diane Black
2207.12959 astro-ph

Constraining the γ-ray Emission Region for Fermi-Detected FSRQs by the Seed Photon Approach
Danyi Huang et al.
2207.13058 astro-ph

The JWST Early Release Observations
Klaus Pontoppidan et al.
2207.13067 astro-ph

Constraining the Charge-, Time- and Rigidity-Dependence of Cosmic-Ray Solar Modulation with AMS-02 Observations during Solar Cycle 24
Ilias Cholis, Ian McKinnon
2207.12447 astro-ph

Cosmic neutrino flux and spin flavor oscillations in intergalactic medium
Ashutosh Kumar Alok, Neetu Raj Singh Chundawat, Arindam Mandal
2207.13034 hep-ph

Flux Variations of Cosmic Ray Air Showers Detected by LHAASO-KM2A During a Thunderstorm on 10 June 2021
LHAASO Collaboration
2207.12601 astro-ph

Tue, Jul 26, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon High-energy neutrino transients and the future of multi-messenger astronomy
Claire Guépin, Kumiko Kotera, Foteini Oikonomou
2207.12205 astro-ph

Star-icon The FASER Detector
FASER Collaboration
2207.11427 hep-ex

Large-scale anisotropies of extragalactic cosmic rays below the ankle
Silvia Mollerach, Esteban Roulet, Oscar Taborda
2207.11540 astro-ph

The European Spallation Source as a searching tool for scalar field dark matter
Rubén Cordero, Luis A. Delgadillo, O. G. Miranda
2207.11308 hep-ph

Search for New Physics in Electronic Recoil Data from XENONnT
XENON Collaboration
2207.11330 hep-ex

Search for low-mass dark matter WIMPs with 12 ton-day exposure of DarkSide-50
DarkSide-50 Collaboration
2207.11966 hep-ex

Search for dark matter-nucleon interactions via Migdal effect with DarkSide-50
DarkSide-50 Collaboration
2207.11967 hep-ex

Search for dark matter particle interactions with electron final states with DarkSide-50
DarkSide-50 Collaboration
2207.11968 hep-ex

Three-flavour neutrino oscillations in a magnetic field
Alexey Lichkunov, Artem Popov, Alexander Studenikin
2207.12285 hep-ph

Measuring Hubble Constant with Dark Neutron Star-Black Hole Mergers
B. Shiralilou et al.
2207.11792 astro-ph

Point sources of ultra-high-energy neutrinos: minimalist predictions for near-future discovery
Damiano F. G. Fiorillo, Mauricio Bustamante, Victor B. Valera
2207.11940 astro-ph

Oscillation tomografy study of Earth’s composition and density with atmospheric neutrinos
Juan Carlos D’Olivo Saez et al.
2207.11257 physics

Mon, Jul 25, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon The Curious Case of Near-Identical Cosmic-Ray Accelerators
Domenik Ehlert, Foteini Oikonomou, Michael Unger
2207.10691 astro-ph

Collider Events on a Quantum Computer
Gösta Gustafson, Stefan Prestel, Michael Spannowsky, Simon Williams
2207.10694 hep-ph

The Fast Flavor Instability in Hypermassive Neutron Star Disk Outflows
Rodrigo Fernández, Sherwood Richers, Nicole Mulyk, Steven Fahlman
2207.10680 astro-ph

The Data Behind Dark Matter: Exploring Galactic Rotation
A.N. Villano et al.
2207.11235 physics

Fri, Jul 22, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon TAROGE-M: Radio Antenna Array on Antarctic High Mountain for Detecting Near-Horizontal Ultra-High Energy Air Showers
TAROGE Collaboration
22087.10616 astro-ph

Search for dark matter annihilation signals in the H.E.S.S. Inner Galaxy Survey
H.E.S.S. Collaboration
2207.10471 astro-ph

Higgsino Dark Matter Confronts 14 years of Fermi Gamma Ray Data
Christopher Dessert, Joshua W. Foster, Yujin Park, Benjamin R. Safdi, Weishuang Linda Xu
2207.10090 hep-ph

Cosmological prior for the J-factor estimation of dwarf spheroidal galaxies
Shun’ichi Horigome, Kohei Hayashi, Shin’ichiro Ando
2207.10378 astro-ph

The GRANDMA network in preparation for the fourth gravitational-wave observing run
S. Agayeva et al.
2207.10178 astro-ph

Astrophysical Tests of Dark Matter Self-Interactions
Susmita Adhikari et al.
2207.10638 astro-ph

Thu, Jul 21, 2022

Revisiting constraints on WIMPs around primordial black holes
Estanis Utrilla Ginés, Samuel J. Witte, Olga Mena
2207.09481 astro-ph

Dark Matter Constraints from the Eccentric Supermassive Black Hole Binary OJ 287
Ahmad Alachkar, John Ellis, Malcolm Fairbairn
2207.10021 astro-ph

CP-violation due to Majorana phase in two flavour neutrino oscillations
Khushboo Dixit, Akhila Kumar Pradhan, S. Uma Sankar
2207.09480 hep-ph

Diffuse supernova neutrino background
Anna M. Suliga
2207.09632 astro-ph

Exploration of Parameter Spaces Assisted by Machine Learning
A. Hammad, Myeonghun Park, Raymundo Ramos, Pankaj Saha
2207.09959 hep-ph

Wed, Jul 20, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass White Paper: New flavors and rich structures in dark sectors
Philip Harris, Philip Schuster, Jure Zupa
2207.08990 hep-ph

Gone with the breeze: A subsonic outflow solution to the Fermi bubbles problem
Olivier Tourmente, Donna Rodgers-Lee, Andrew M. Taylor
2207.09189 astro-ph

A search for dark matter among Fermi-LAT unidentified sources with systematic features in Machine Learning
V. Gammaldi, B. Zaldívar, M.A. Sánchez-Conde, J. Coronado-Blázquez
2207.09307 astro-ph

Submarine Navigation using Neutrinos
Javier Fidalgo Prieto et al.
2207.09231 physics

Tue, Jul 19, 2022

Star-icon Observational constraints on cosmic-ray escape from UHE accelerators
Quentin Luce, Sullivan Marafico, Jonathan Biteau, Antonio Condorelli, Olivier Deligny
2207.08092 astro-ph

Implications from 3D modeling of gamma-ray signatures in the Galactic Center Region
J. Becker Tjus et al.
220.08097 astro-ph

Simulation analysis with “rock” muons from atmospheric neutrino interactions in the ICAL detector at INO
R. Kanishka, D. Indumathi, V. Bhatnagar
2207.08122 hep-ph

Mon, Jul 18, 2022

Star-icon High-Energy Neutrino Emission from Espresso-Reaccelerated Ions in Jets of Active Galactic Nuclei
Rostom Mbarek, Damiano Caprioli, Kohta Murase
2207.07130 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Lattice QCD and Particle Physics
Andreas S. Kronfeld et al.
2207.07641 hep-lat

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass Early Career: The Key Initiatives Organization
Joshua Barrow, Kristi L. Engel, Tiffany R. Lewis, Sara M. Simon, Jorge Torres
2207.07508 physics

Neutrino Mass Ordering — Circumventing the Challenges using Synergy between T2HK and JUNO
Sandhya Choubey, Monojit Ghosh, Deepak Raikwal
2207.04784 hep-ph

Gusts in the Headwind: Uncertainties in Direct Dark Matter Detection
Grace E. Lawrence, Alan R. Duffy, Chris A. Blake, Philip F. Hopkins
2207.07644 astro-ph

Massive neutrino self-interactions and Inflation
Shouvik Roy Choudhury, Steen Hannestad, Thomas Tram
2207.07142 astro-ph

Extensive study of nuclear uncertainties and their impact on the r-process nucleosynthesis in neutron star mergers
I. Kullmann, S. Goriely, O. Just, A. Bauswein, H.-T. Janka
2207.07421 astro-ph

Measuring dark matter spikes around primordial black holes with Einstein Telescope and Cosmic Explorer
Philippa S. Cole, Adam Coogan, Bradley J. Kavanagh, Gianfranco Bertone
2207.07576 astro-ph

Cooling Envelope Model for Tidal Disruption Events
Brian D. Metzger
2207.07136 astro-ph

Constraints on primordial black holes from observation of stars in dwarf galaxies
Nicolas Esser, Peter Tinyakov
2207.07412 astro-ph

Final Result of the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR’s Search for Neutrinoless Double-β Decay in 76Ge
Majorana Collaboration
2207.07638 nucl-ex

Testing spin-dependent dark matter interactions with lithium aluminate targets in CRESST-III
CRESST Collaboration
2207.07640 astro-ph

Mixture-of-theories Training: Can We Find New Physics and Anomalies Better by Mixing Physical Theories?
Sascha Caron, Roberto Ruiz de Austri, Zhongyi Zhang
2207.07631 hep-ph

Fri, Jul 15, 2022

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] Dark Sector Studies with Neutrino Beams
Brian Batell et al.
2207.06898 hep-ph

Star-icon Exploring Dark Sector Portals with High Intensity Experiments
Brian Batell, Nikita Blinov, Christopher Hearty, Robert McGehee
2207.06905 hep-ph

Determining Neutrino Mass Ordering with ICAL, JUNO and T2HK
Deepak Raikwal, Sandhya Choubey, Monojit Ghosh
2207.06798 hep-ph

Right-handed Dirac and Majorana neutrinos at Belle II
Tao Han, Jiajun Liao, Hongkai Liu, Danny Marfatia
2207.07029 hep-ph

What is flat ΛCDM, and may we choose it?
Stefano Anselmi et al.
2207.06547 astro-ph

Thu, Jul 14, 2022

Star-icon Beginning a journey across the universe: the discovery of extragalactic neutrino factories
Sara Buson et al.
2207.06314 astro-ph

Star-icon Search for keV-scale Sterile Neutrinos with first KATRIN Data
KATRIN Collaboration
2207.06337 nucl-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass White Paper: Belle II physics reach and plans for the next decade and beyond
Latika Aggarwal et al.
2207.06307 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] U.S. National Accelerator R\&D Program on Future Colliders
P. C. Bhat et al.
2207.06213 physics

Search for Lorentz-Invariance Violation with the first KATRIN data
KATRIN Collaboration
2207.06326 nucl-ex

Is the Observable Universe Consistent with the Cosmological Principle?
Pavan Kumar Aluri et al.
2207.05765 astro-ph

Searches for massive neutrinos with mechanical quantum sensors
Daniel Carney, Kyle G. Leach, David C. Moore
2207.05883 hep-ex

Direct detection of dark photon dark matter using radio telescopes
Haipeng An, Shuailiang Ge, Wen-Qing Guo, Xiaoyuan Huang, Jia Liu, Zhiyao Lu
2207.05767 hep-ph

Wed, Jul 13, 2022

Model marginalized constraints on neutrino properties from cosmology
Eleonora di Valentino, Stefano Gariazzo, Olga Mena
2207.05167 astro-ph

The geometric correlations of leptonic mixing parameters
Ding-Hui Xu, Shu-Jun Rong
2207.05371 hep-ph

pocoMC: A Python package for accelerated Bayesian inference in astronomy and cosmology
Minas Karamanis, David Nabergoj, Florian Beutler, John A. Peacock, Uros Seljak
2207.05660 astro-ph

Characterization of JWST science performance from commissioning
Jane Rigby et al.
2207.05632 astro-ph

Tue, Jul 12, 2022

Star-icon Search for Astrophysical Neutrinos from 1FLE Blazars with IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
2207.04946 astro-ph

Star-icon Neutrino Flavor Conversion, Advection, and Collisions: The Full Solution
Shashank Shalgar, Irene Tamborra
2207.04058 astro-ph

Star-icon Global view of neutrino interactions in cosmology: The freestreaming window as seen by Planck
Petter Taule, Miguel Escudero, Mathias Garny
2207.04062 astro-ph

Long-Exposure NuSTAR Constraints on Decaying Dark Matter in the Galactic Halo
Brandon M. Roach et al.
2207.04572 astro-ph

Proposal for a neutrino telescope in South China Sea
TRIDENT Collaboration
2207.04519 astro-ph

Solar ν¯e flux: Revisiting bounds on neutrino magnetic moments and solar magnetic field
Evgeny Akhmedov, Pablo Martínez-Miravé
2207.04516 hep-ph

New constraint on neutrino magnetic moment from LZ dark matter search results
M. Atzori Corona, W. M. Bonivento, M. Cadeddu, N. Cargioli, F. Dordei
2207.05036 hep-ph

A First Search for Solar 8B Neutrino in the PandaX-4T Experiment using Neutrino-Nucleus Coherent Scattering
PandaX Collaboration
2207.04883 hep-ex

DarkNews: a Python-based event generator for heavy neutral lepton production in neutrino-nucleus scattering
Asli M. Abdullahi, Jaime Hoefken Zink, Matheus Hostert, Daniele Massaro, Silvia Pascoli
2207.04137 hep-ph

Mon, Jul 11, 2022

Star-icon First Dark Matter Search Results from the LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) Experiment
LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) Collaboration
2207.03764 hep-ex

Search for long-lived heavy neutral leptons and Higgs portal scalars decaying in the MicroBooNE detector
MicroBooNE Collaboration
2207.03840 hep-ex

CALET Search for electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational waves during the LIGO/Virgo O3 run
O. Adriani et al.
2207.03621 astro-ph

The Physics of Pulsar Halos: Research Progress and Prospect
Ruo-Yu Liu
2207.04011 astro-ph

Fast Flavor Transformations
Sherwood Richers, Manibrata Sen
2207.03561 astro-ph

The Chiral Puzzle of Life
Noemie Globus, Roger D. Blandford
2207.12138 q-bio

A Step in Understanding the S8 Tension
Melissa Joseph, Daniel Aloni, Martin Schmaltz, Eashwar N. Sivarajan, Neal Weiner
2207.03500 astro-ph

Bayesian model comparison for simulation-based inference
A. Spurio Mancini, M. M. Docherty, M. A. Price, J. D. McEwen
2207.04037 astro-ph

Fri, Jul 08, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon A New Probe of Relic Neutrino Clustering using Cosmogenic Neutrinos
Vedran Brdar, P. S. Bhupal Dev, Ryan Plestid, Amarjit Soni
2207.02860 hep-ph

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 White Paper: Cosmogenic Dark Matter and Exotic Particle Searches in Neutrino Experiments
J. Berger et al.
2207.02882 hep-ph

The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: The Persistence of Neutrino Self-Interaction in Cosmological Measurements
Christina D. Kreisch et al.
2207.03164 astro-ph

Probing dark matter interactions with SKA
Markus R. Mosbech, Celine Boehm, Yvonne Y. Y. Wong
2207.03107 astro-ph

Advancing Globular Cluster Constraints on the Axion-Photon Coupling
Matthew J. Dolan, Frederick J. Hiskens, Raymond R. Volkas
2207.03012 hep-ph

Study of matter effects in the presence of sterile neutrino using OMSD approximation
Kiran Sharma, Sudhanwa Patra
2207.03249 hep-ph

Imprints of flavor anomalies on neutrino oscillations through dark matter halo
Ashutosh Kumar Alok, Neetu Raj Singh Chundawat, Arindam Mandal
2207.02962 hep-ph

Trapped-Ion Quantum Simulation of Collective Neutrino Oscillations
Valentina Amitrano et al.
2207.03189 quant-ph

Thu, Jul 07, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Double and multiple bangs at tau neutrino telescopes: A novel probe of sphalerons with cosmogenic neutrinos
Guo-yuan Huang
2207.02222 hep-ph

Large Extra Dimensions and neutrino experiments
D. V. Forero, C. Giunti, C. A. Ternes, O. Tyagi
2207.02790 hep-ph

The Essential Character of the Neutrino Mechanism of Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions
Tianshu Wang, David Vartanyan, Adam Burrows, Matthew S. B. Coleman
2207.02231 astro-ph

Neutrino Fast Flavor Instability in three dimensions for a Neutron Star Merger
Evan Grohs et al.
2207.02214 hep-ph

Neutron star observations of pseudoscalar-mediated dark matter
John Coffey, David McKeen, David E. Morrissey, Nirmal Raj
2207.02221 hep-ph

New Benchmark Models for Heavy Neutral Lepton Searches
Marco Drewes, Juraj Klarić, Jacobo López-Pavón
2207.02742 hep-ph

Search Prospects for Axion-like Particles at Rare Nuclear Isotope Accelerator Facilities
Wooyoung Jang et al.
2207.02223 hep-ph

Baseline and other effects for a sterile neutrino at DUNE
J. T. Penedo, João Pulido
2207.02331 hep-ph

Telescope Concepts in Gamma-Ray Astronomy
Thomas Siegert, Deirdre Horan, Gottfried Kanbach
2207.02248 astro-ph

Lectures on Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
Ghanashyam Date
2207.02243 hep-th

Wed, Jul 06, 2022

Star-icon High-energy neutrinos and gamma rays from winds and tori in active galactic nuclei
Susumu Inoue, Matteo Cerruti, Kohta Murase, Ruo-Yu Liu
2207.02097 astro-ph

Updated neutrino mass constraints from galaxy clustering and CMB lensing-galaxy cross-correlation measurements
Isabelle Tanseri, Steffen Hagstotz, Sunny Vagnozzi, Elena Giusarma, Katherine Freese
2207.01913 astro-ph

Bounds on right-handed neutrino parameters from observable leptogenesis
Pilar Hernandez, Jacobo Lopez-Pavon, Nuria Rius, Stefan Sandner
2207.01651 hep-ph

Les Houches 2021: Physics at TeV Colliders: Report on the Standard Model Precision Wishlist
Alexander Huss, Joey Huston, Stephen Jones, Mathieu Pellen
2207.02122 hep-ph

Roadmap to Thermal Dark Matter Beyond the WIMP Unitarity Bound
Ronny Frumkin, Eric Kuflik, Itay Lavie, Tal Silverwater
2207.01635 hep-ph

Tue, Jul 05, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 Rare & Precision Frontier (RF6): Dark Matter Production at Intensity-Frontier Experiments
G. Krnjaic et al.
2207.00597 hep-ph

Can superbubbles accelerate ultra-high energy protons?
Thibault Vieu, Brian Reville, Felix Aharonian
2207.01432 astro-ph

Non-Standard Neutrino Spectra From Annihilating Neutralino Dark Matter
Melissa van Beekveld et al.
2207.00599 hep-ph

Cover Your Bases: Asymptotic Distributions of the Profile Likelihood Ratio When Constraining Effective Field Theories in High-Energy Physics
Florian U. Bernlochner, Daniel C. Fry, Stephen B. Menary, Eric Persson
2207.01350 physics

Mon, Jul 04, 2022

Star-icon The Higgs boson Turns Ten
Gavin P. Salam, Lian-Tao Wang, Giulia Zanderighi
2207.00478 hep-ph

Star-icon Solving the multi-messenger puzzle of the AGN-starburst composite galaxy NGC 1068
Björn Eichmann et al.
2207.00102 astro-ph

A portrait of the Higgs boson by the CMS experiment ten years after the discovery
CMS Collaboration
2207.00043 hep-ex

A detailed map of Higgs boson interactions by the ATLAS experiment ten years after the discovery
ATLAS Collaboration
2207.00092 hep-ex

Search for Milli-Charged Particles from the Sun at IceCube
Ye Xu
2207.00178 astro-ph

Fri, Jul 01, 2022

Star-icon New physics above 50 TeV: probing its phenomenology through UHECR air-shower simulations
S. Romanopoulos, V. Pavlidou, T. Tomaras
2206.14837 astro-ph

Galactic Cosmic-Ray Propagation in the Inner Heliosphere: Improved Force-Field Model
Jung-Tsung Li, John F. Beacom, Annika H. G. Peter
2206.14815 astro-ph

Towards a Sub-percent Precision Measurement of sin2θ13 with Reactor Antineutrinos
Jinnan Zhang, Jun Cao
2206.15317 hep-ex

Neutrino Characterisation using Convolutional Neural Networks in CHIPS water Cherenkov detectors
Josh Tingey et al.
2206.14904 hep-ex

A Search for Radio Technosignatures at the Solar Gravitational Lens Targeting Alpha Centauri
Nick Tusay et al.
2206.14807 astro-ph

Thu, Jun 30, 2022

Stellar prospects for FRB gravitational lensing
Liam Connor, Vikram Ravi
2206.14310 astro-ph

Cosmic Neutrinos as a Window to Departures from Special Relativity
J.M. Carmona, J.L. Cortes, J.J. Relancio, M.A. Reyes
2206.14257 hep-ph

Shore Shadow Effect in Baikal
Apoorva Bhatta, Paweł Malecki, Dariusz Góra
2206.14497 astro-ph

The Astropy Project: Sustaining and Growing a Community-oriented Open-source Project and the Latest Major Release (v5.0) of the Core Package
Astropy Collaboration
2206.14220 astro-ph

Reconstruction of interactions in the ProtoDUNE-SP detector with Pandora
DUNE Collaboration
2206.14521 hep-ex

Wed, Jun 29, 2022

Star-icon Identifying High Energy Neutrino Transients by Neutrino Multiplet-Triggered Followups
Shigeru Yoshida, Kohta Murase, Masaomi Tanaka, Nobuhiro Shimizu, Aya Ishihara
2206.13719 astro-ph

Heavy Neutral Leptons at Beam Dump Experiments of Future Lepton Colliders
Pierce Giffin, Stefania Gori, Yu-Dai Tsai, Douglas Tuckler
2206.13745 hep-ph

Dark radiation constraints on portal interactions with hidden sectors
Peter Adshead, Pranjal Ralegankar, Jessie Shelton
2206.13530 hep-ph

Towards solar measurements of nuclear reaction rates
Earl Patrick Bellinger, Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard
2206.13570 astro-ph

Investigating Lorentz Violation with the long baseline experiment P2O
Nishat Fiza, Nafis Rezwan Khan Chowdhury, Mehedi Masud
2206.14018 hep-ph

The Statistical Similarity of Repeating and Non-Repeating Fast Radio Bursts
Kongjun Zhang, Longbiao Li, Zhibin Zhang, Qinmei Li, Juanjuan Luo, Min Jiang
2206.13871 astro-ph

First Evaluation of Meson and τ lepton Spectra and Search for Heavy Neutral Leptons at ILC Beam Dump
Mihoko M. Nojiri, Yasuihito Sakaki, Kohsaku Tobioka, Daiki Ueda
2206.13523 hep-ph

Neutrinos and their interactions with matter
M. Sajjad Athar, A. Fatima, S. K. Singh
2206.13792 hep-ph

Audible universe
Chris Harrison, Anita Zanella, Nic Bonne, Kate Meredith, Nicolas Misdariis
2206.13542 astro-ph

Q&A: Accessibility in Astronomy for the Visually Impaired
Jacob Noel-Storr, Michelle Willebrands
2206.13815 astro-ph

Tue, Jun 28, 2022

Star-icon Towards Powerful Probes of Neutrino Self-Interactions in Supernovae
Po-Wen Chang, Ivan Esteban, John F. Beacom, Todd A. Thompson, Christopher M. Hirata
2206.12426 hep-ph

Star-icon Arrival Directions of Cosmic Rays above 32 EeV from Phase One of the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2206.13492 astro-ph

The muon g-2 and lattice QCD hadronic vacuum polarization may point to new, long-lived neutral hadrons
Glennys R. Farrar
2206.13460 hep-ph

Neutrino Properties and Interactions
Pedro A. N. Machado
2206.13449 hep-ph

Sensitivity of the GAPS Experiment to Low-energy Cosmic-ray Antiprotons
Field Rogers et al.
2206.12991 astro-ph

Mon, Jun 27, 2022

Dark photon superradiance quenched by dark matter
Enrico Cannizzaro, Laura Sberna, Andrea Caputo, Paolo Pani
2206.12367 hep-ph

Axion Haloscope Using an 18 T High Temperature Superconducting Magnet
Hojin Yoon et al.
2206.12271 hep-ex

Cosmic nucleosynthesis: a multi-messenger challenge
Roland Diehl, Andreas Korn, Bruno Leibundgut, Maria Lugaro, Anton Wallner
2206.12246 astro-ph

Fri, Jun 24, 2022

Are pulsar halos rare ?
Pierrick Martin, Alexandre Marcowith, Luigi Tibaldo
2206.11803 astro-ph

TangoSIDM: Tantalizing models of Self-Interacting Dark Matter
Camila A. Correa et al.
2206.11298 astro-ph

Quantum fluctuations masquerade as halos: Bounds on ultra-light dark matter from quadruply-imaged quasars
Alexander Laroche, Daniel Gilman, Xinyu Li, Jo Bovy, Xiaolong Du
2206.11269 astro-ph

Unique Probe of Neutrino Electromagnetic Moments with Radiative Pair Emission
Shao-Feng Ge, Pedro Pasquini
2206.11717 hep-ph

Observational characteristics of radiation-mediated shocks in photospheric gamma-ray burst emission
Filip Samuelsson, Felix Ryde
2206.11701 astro-ph

On the relation between duration and energy of non-repeating fast radio bursts: census with the CHIME data
Seong Jin Kim et al.
2206.11330 astro-ph

easyFermi: a graphical interface for performing Fermi-LAT data analyses
Raniere de Menezes
2206.11272 astro-ph

Thu, Jun 23, 2022

A new life for sterile neutrino dark matter after the pandemic
Torsten Bringmann et al.
2206.10630 hep-ph

Exotic dark matter search with the Majorana Demonstrator
Majorana Collaboration
2206.10638 hep-ex

The Structure of Gamma Ray Burst Jets
Om Sharan Salafia, Giancarlo Ghirlanda
2206.11088 astro-ph

Searching for ultralight scalar dark matter with muonium and muonic atoms
Yevgeny V. Stadnik
2206.10808 hep-ph

Gender Disparity in Publishing Six Months after the KITP Workshop “Probes of Transport in Stars”
Meridith Joyce, Jamie Tayar, Daniel Lecoanet
2206.10617 astro-ph

Wed, Jun 22, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Design and Initial Performance of the Prototype for the BEACON Instrument for Detection of Ultrahigh Energy Particles
D. Southall et al.
2206.09660 astro-ph

Star-icon Neutrino Detection without Neutrino Detectors: Discovering Collider Neutrinos at FASER with Electronic Signals Only
Jason Arakawa, Jonathan L. Feng, Ahmed Ismail, Felix Kling, Michael Waterbury
2206.09932 hep-ph

Star-icon Constraining axion-like particles with the diffuse gamma-ray flux measured by the Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory
Leonardo Mastrototaro et al.
2206.08945 hep-ph

Self-consistency in models of neutrino scattering and fast flavor conversion
Lucas Johns, Hiroki Nagakura
2206.09225 hep-ph

Probing heavy Majorana neutrinos and the Weinberg operator through vector boson fusion processes in proton-proton collisions at s√ = 13 TeV
CMS Collaboration
2206.08956 hep-ex

Neutrino-anti-neutrino instability in dense neutrino systems, with applications to the early universe and to supernovae
R. F. Sawyer
2206.09290 hep-ph

Tue, Jun 21, 2022

No arXiv announcements

Mon, Jun 20, 2022

Inelastic nuclear scattering from neutrinos and dark matter
Bhaskar Dutta, Wei-Chih Huang, Jayden L. Newstead, Vishvas Pandey
2206.08590 hep-ph

Ruling Out New Physics at Low Redshift as a solution to the H0 Tension
Ryan E. Keeley, Arman Shafieloo
2206.08440 astro-ph

Evaluating Approximate Flavor Instability Metrics in Neutron Star Mergers
Sherwood Richers
2206.08444 astro-ph

Probing the Lorentz Symmetry Violation Using the First Image of Sagittarius A*: Constraints on Standard-Model Extension Coefficients
Mohsen Khodadi, Gaetano Lambiase
2206.08601 gr-qc

Non-resonant particle acceleration in strong turbulence: comparison to kinetic and MHD simulations
Virginia Bresci, Martin Lemoine, Laurent Gremillet, Luca Comisso, Lorenzo Sironi, Camilia Demidem
2206.08380 astro-ph

Searching for Invisible Axion Dark Matter with an 18T Magnet Haloscope
Youngjae Lee et al.
2206.08845 hep-ex

Quantum Anomaly Detection for Collider Physics
Sulaiman Alvi, Christian Bauer, Benjamin Nachman
2206.08391 hep-ph

Could the “Wow” signal have originated from a stochastic repeating beacon?
David Kipping, Robert Gray
2206.08374 astro-ph

Fri, Jun 17, 2022

IceCube at the Frontier of Macroscopic Dark Matter Direct Detection
Yang Bai, Joshua Berger, Mrunal Korwar
2206.07928 hep-ph

Lorentz Symmetry Violation of Cosmic Photons
Ping He, Bo-Qiang Ma
2206.08180 astro-ph

A Stimulating Explanation of the Extragalactic Radio Background
Andrea Caputo, Hongwan Liu, Siddharth Mishra-Sharma, Maxim Pospelov, Joshua T. Ruderman
2206.07713 hep-ph

One likelihood to bind them all: Lyman-α constraints on non-standard dark matter
Deanna C. Hooper et al.
2206.08188 astro-ph

New Limits on Axionlike Particle Coupling with the Photons from Two-Photon Decays and Inverse Primakoff Scattering
C.-P. Wu, C.-P. Liu, L. Singh, Greeshma C., J.-W. Chen, H.-C. Chi, M.K. Pandey, H.T. Wong
2206.07878 hep-ph

Thu, Jun 16, 2022

Dipole-Coupled Neutrissimo Explanations of the MiniBooNE Excess Including Constraints from MINERvA Data
Nicholas W. Kamp et al.
2206.07100 hep-ph

Lorentz-violation-induced arrival time delay of astroparticles in Finsler spacetime
Jie Zhu, Bo-Qiang Ma
2206.07616 gr-qc

Wed, Jun 15, 2022

Star-icon BSM Targets at a Target-less DUNE
Aayush Bhattarai et al.
2206.06380 hep-ph

Star-icon High-Energy Astrophysical Neutrinos from Cosmic Strings
Cyril Creque-Sarbinowski, Jeffrey Hyde, Marc Kamionkowski
2206.06377 hep-ph

The Cosmic History of Long Gamma Ray Bursts
G. Ghirlanda, R. Salvaterra
2206.06390 astro-ph

Supernova Dust Evolution Probed by Deep-Sea 60Fe Time History
Adrienne F. Ertel, Brian J. Fry, Brian D. Fields, John Ellis
2206.06464 astro-ph

Searching for Afterglow: Light Dark Matter boosted by Supernova Neutrinos
Yen-Hsun Lin, Wen-Hua Wu, Meng-Ru Wu, Henry Tsz-King Wong
2206.06864 hep-ph

Probing non-standard neutrino interactions with a light boson from next galactic and diffuse supernova neutrinos
Kensuke Akita, Sang Hui Im, Mehedi Masud
2206.06852 hep-ph

Inference of neutrino nature and Majorana CP phases from 0νββ decays with inverted mass ordering
Guo-yuan Huang, Newton Nath
2206.06688 hep-ph

Neutrino lines from MeV dark matter annihilation and decay in JUNO
Kensuke Akita, Gaetano Lambiase, Michiru Niibo, Masahide Yamaguchi
2206.06755 hep-ph

Gravitational Wave Pathway to Testable Leptogenesis
Arnab Dasgupta, P.S. Bhupal Dev, Anish Ghoshal, Anupam Mazumdar
2206.07032 hep-ph

Symmetry Finder for neutrino oscillation in matter: Interplay between νSM and non-unitarity
Hisakazu Minakata
2206.06474 hep-ph

A Flavour Inspired Model for Dark Matter
Claudio Andrea Manzari, Stefano Profumo
2206.06768 hep-ph

Proposed energy-metabolisms cannot explain the atmospheric chemistry of Venus
Sean Jordan, Oliver Shorttle, Paul B. Rimmer
2206.06414 astro-ph

The Fermi paradox: Impact of astrophysical processes and dynamical evolution
Dominik R.G. Schleicher, Stefano Bovino
2206.06967 astro-ph

Tue, Jun 14, 2022

First Laboratory Bounds on Ultralight Dark Photon Dark Matter from Precision Atomic Spectroscopy
Joshua Berger, Amit Bhoonah
2206.06364 hep-ph

A Challenge to the Standard Cosmological Model
Nathan Secrest, Sebastian von Hausegger, Mohamed Rameez, Roya Mohayaee, Subir Sarkar
2206.05624 astro-ph

Impact of late-time neutrino emission on the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background
Nick Ekanger, Shunsaku Horiuchi, Kei Kotake, Kohsuke Sumiyoshi
2206.05299 astro-ph

Using Neutrino Oscillations to Measure H0?
Luis A. Anchordoqui
2206.06115 astro-ph

Search for solar axions via axion-photon coupling with the Majorana Demonstrator
Majorana Collaboration
2206.05789 nucl-ex

Deep learning techniques for Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes
Songshaptak De, Writasree Maitra, Vikram Rentala, Arun M. Thalapillil
2206.05296 astro-ph

The AWAKE Run 2 programme and beyond
AWAKE Collaboration
2206.06040 physics

Mon, Jun 13, 2022

Pulsars Do Not Produce Sharp Features in the Cosmic-Ray Electron and Positron Spectra
Isabelle John, Tim Linden
2206.04699 astro-ph

Constraints on Light Leptophilic Dark Matter Mediators from Decay Experiments
Gerrit Bickendorf, Manuel Drees
2206.05038 hep-ph

The viability of ultralight bosonic dark matter in dwarf galaxies
Isabelle S. Goldstein, Savvas M. Koushiappas, Matthew G. Walker
2206.05244 astro-ph

Right-handed sneutrino and gravitino multicomponent dark matter in light of neutrino detectors
Jong Soo Kim, Daniel E. Lopez-Fogliani, Andres D. Perez, Roberto Ruiz de Austri
2206.04715 hep-ph

Final Result on the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay of 82Se with CUPID-0
O. Azzolini et al.
2206.05130 nucl-ex

Fri, Jun 10, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Experiments and Facilities for Accelerator-Based Dark Sector Searches
Philip Ilten et al.
2206.04220 hep-ex

Cosmological Magnetic Fields from Primordial Kerr-Newman Black Holes
Dan Hooper, Aurora Ireland, Gordan Krnjaic
2206.04066 astro-ph

The isotropic γ-ray emission above 100 GeV: where do very high energy γ rays come from?
Raniere de Menezes, Raffaele D’Abrusco, Francesco Massaro, Sara Buson
2206.04075 astro-ph

Improved constraints and the prospects of detecting TeV to PeV scale Heavy Neutral Leptons
Kevin A. Urquía Calderón, Inar Timiryasov, Oleg Ruchayskiy
2206.04540 hep-ph

Time-dependent, quasi-steady, and global features of fast neutrino-flavor conversion
Hiroki Nagakura, Masamichi Zaizen
2206.04097 astro-ph

GRQKNT code: General-Relativistic Quantum-Kinetics Neutrino Transport
Hiroki Nagakura
2206.04098 astro-ph

Field Level Neural Network Emulator for Cosmological N-body Simulations
Drew Jamieson et al.
2206.04594 astro-ph

Simple lessons from complex learning: what a neural network model learns about cosmic structure formation
Drew Jamieson et al.
2206.04573 astro-ph

Constraints on Sub-GeV Dark Matter-Electron Scattering from the CDEX-10 Experiment
CDEX Collaboration
2206.04128 hep-ex

Neutrino physics and non-standard interactions
Vicente Pleitez
2206.04595 hep-ph

A self-consistent wave description of axion miniclusters and their survival in the galaxy
Virgile Dandoy, Thomas Schwetz, Elisa Todarello
2206.04619 astro-ph

Searching the SETI Ellipsoid with Gaia
James R. A. Davenport et al.
2206.04092 astro-ph

Weighing the Darkness III: How Gaia Could, but Probably Won’t, Astrometrically Detect Free-Floating Black Holes
Jeff J. Andrews
2206.04648 astro-ph

Thu, Jun 09, 2022

Shutting the allowed mass range of the ultralight bosons with S2 star
Riccardo Della Monica, Ivan de Martino
2206.03980 gr-qc

PeV IceCube signals and H0 tension in the framework of Non-Local Gravity
Salvatore Capozziello, Gaetano Lambiase
2206.03690 hep-ph

Dark Matter Jets of Rotating Black Holes
Balducci Ottavia, Hofmann Stefan, Koegler Maximilian
2206.03500 gr-qc

Wed, Jun 08, 2022

Dynamical Unification of Tidal Disruption Events
Lars Lund Thomsen, Tom Kwan, Lixin Dai, Samantha Wu, Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz
2206.02804 astro-ph

Evaluations of uncertainties in simulations of propagation of ultrahigh-energy cosmic-ray nuclei derived from microscopic nuclear models
E. Kido, T. Inakura, M. Kimura, N. Kobayashi, S. Nagataki, N. Shimizu, A. Tamii, Y. Utsuno
2206.03447 astro-ph

Summarizing experimental sensitivities of collider experiments to dark matter models and comparison to other experiments
Antonio Boveia et al.
2206.03456 hep-ph

Improved Modeling of the Discrete Component of the Galactic Interstellar Gamma-ray Emission and Implications for the Fermi-LAT Galactic Center Excess
Christopher M. Karwin et al.
2206.02809 astro-ph

Deep Learning Models of the Discrete Component of the Galactic Interstellar Gamma-Ray Emission
Alexander Shmakov et al.
2206.02819 astro-ph

Search for a light muon-philic Z′ with the NA64-e experiment at CERN
NA64 Collaboration
2206.03101 hep-ex

Energizing gamma ray bursts via Z′ mediated neutrino heating
Tanmay Kumar Poddar, Srubabati Goswami, Arvind Kumar Mishra
2206.03485 hep-ph

The Canfranc Axion Detection Experiment (CADEx): Search for axions at 90 GHz with Kinetic Inductance Detectors
Beatriz Aja et al.
2206.02980 hep-ex

Tue, Jun 07, 2022

Searching for High-Energy Neutrino Emission from Galaxy Clusters with IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
2206.02054 astro-ph

Non-Standard Interaction of atmospheric neutrino in future experiments
Pouya Bakhti, Meshkat Rajaee, Seodong Shin
2206.02594 hep-ph

A Search for Light Fermionic Dark Matter Absorption on Electrons in PandaX-4T
PandaX Collaboration
2206.02339 hep-ex

Voyager 3: A Concept Mission to Interstellar Medium
Shohreh Abdolrahimi et al.
2206.01877 physics

Building a Culture of Equitable Access and Success for Marginalized Members in Today’s Particle Physics Community
Kétévi A. Assamagan et al.
2206.01849 physics

Mon, Jun 06, 2022

Search for supernova bursts in Super-Kamiokande IV
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
2206.01380 astro-ph

The PUMAS library
Valentin Niess
2206.01457 physics

Towards a theory of hadron resonances
Maxim Mai, Ulf-G. Meißner, Carsten Urbach
2206.01477 hep-ph

The European Spallation Source neutrino Super Beam Conceptual Design Report
A. Alekou et al.
2206.01208 hep-ex

Fri, Jun 03, 2022

The solar disk at high energies
Miguel Gutiérrez, Manuel Masip, Sergio Muñoz
2206.00964 astro-ph

Supernova Neutrino Decoupling Is Altered by Flavor Conversion
Shashank Shalgar, Irene Tamborra
2206.00676 hep-ph

Indications for a Nonzero Lepton Asymmetry in the Early Universe
Anne-Katherine Burns, Tim M.P. Tait, Mauro Valli
2206.00693 hep-ph

First Constraining Upper Limits on Gravitational Wave Emission from NS 1987A in SNR 1987A
Benjamin J. Owen, Lee Lindblom, Luciano Soares Pinheiro
2206.01168 gr-qc

AAfrag 2.01: Interpolation routines for Monte Carlo results on secondary production including light antinuclei in hadronic interactions
M. Kachelriess, S. Ostapchenko, J. Tjemsland
2206.00998 hep-ph

Design of a Space-based Near-Solar Neutrino Detector for the νSOL Experiment
N. Solomey et al.
2206.00703 physics

Thu, Jun 02, 2022

Prospects for extending the core-collapse supernova detection horizon using high-energy neutrinos
Nora Valtonen-Mattila, Erin O’Sullivan
2206.00450 astro-ph

Upper limit on the diffuse extragalactic radio background from GZK photon observation
Graciela B. Gelmini, Oleg Kalashev, Dmitri Semikoz
2206.00408 astro-ph

New bounds on Lorentz violation from a composite pulse method in a trapped ion
Laura S. Dreissen, Chih-Han Yeh, Henning A. Fürst, Kai C. Grensemann, Tanja E. Mehlstäubler
2206.00570 physics

Wed, Jun 01, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Near-future discovery of point sources of ultra-high-energy neutrinos
Damiano F. G. Fiorillo, Mauricio Bustamante, Victor B. Valera
2205.15985 astro-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Deep learning reconstruction of the neutrino direction and energy from in-ice radio detector data
C. Glaser, S. McAleer, S. Stjärnholm, P. Baldi, S. W. Barwick
2205.15872 astro-ph

Star-icon Improved measurement of solar neutrinos from the Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen cycle by Borexino and its implications for the Standard Solar Model
Borexino Collaboration
2205.15975 hep-ex

Star-icon Investigating the correlations between IceCube high-energy neutrinos and Fermi-LAT gamma-ray observations
RongLan-Li, BenYang-Zhu, YunFeng-Liang
2205.15963 astro-ph

Star-icon Nested sampling for physical scientists
Greg Ashton et al.
2205.15570 stat

CONNECT: A neural network based framework for emulating cosmological observables and cosmological parameter inference
Andreas Nygaard, Emil Brinch Holm, Steen Hannestad, Thomas Tram
2205.15726 astro-ph

First Search Result for Neutral Current Fermionic Absorption Dark Matter from PandaX-4T 0.63 Tonne-Year Data
PandaX Collaboration
2205.15771 hep-ex

The physics case for neutrino neutrino collisions
Sitian Qian et al.
2205.15350 hep-ph

Tue, May 31, 2022

Star-icon A search for photons with energies above 2×1017 eV using hybrid data from the low-energy extensions of the Pierre Auger Observatory
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2205.14864 astro-ph

Data-driven hadronic interaction model for atmospheric lepton flux calculations
Anatoli Fedynitch, Matthias Huber
2205.14766 astro-ph

Simulation of the isotropic ultra-high energy photons flux in the solar magnetic field
Bożena Poncyljusz et al.
2205.14266 astro-ph

Anomalies in reactor antineutrino spectra in light of a new summation model with parameterized missing transitions
A. Letourneau et al.
2205.14954 hep-ph

Prospect of detecting TeV halos with LHAASO: in the framework of the anisotropic diffusion model
Kai Yan, Ruo-Yu Liu, S.Z. Chen, Xiang-Yu Wang
2205.14563 astro-ph

Constraints on PBH as dark matter from observations: a review
Marc Oncins
2205.14722 astro-ph

How have astronomers cited other fields in the last decade?
Michele Delli Veneri et al.
2205.14153 astro-ph

A Referee Primer for Early Career Astronomers
Michelle Ntampaka et al.
2205.14270 astro-ph

Mon, May 30, 2022

Cosmological constraints on decaying axion-like particles: a global analysis
Csaba Balázs et al.
2205.13549 astro-ph

Dark Matter Pollution in the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background
Nicole F. Bell, Matthew J. Dolan, Sandra Robles
2205.14123 hep-ph

Decaying warm dark matter revisited
Emil Brinch Holm, Thomas Tram, Steen Hannestad
2205.13628 astro-ph

Atom Interferometer Tests of Dark Matter
Yufeng Du, Clara Murgui, Kris Pardo, Yikun Wang, Kathryn M. Zurek
2205.13546 hep-ph

Searching for dark energy with the Sun
Ippocratis D. Saltas, Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard
2205.14134 astro-ph

Fundamental physics with ESPRESSO: Constraints on Bekenstein and dark energy models from astrophysical and local probes
C. J. A. P. Martins et al.
2205.13848 astro-ph

Automatic detection of long-duration transients in Fermi-GBM data
F. Kunzweiler, B. Biltzinger, J. Greiner, J.M. Burgess
2205.13649 astro-ph

The dark dimension, the Swampland, and the origin of cosmic rays beyond the GZK barrier
Luis A. Anchordoqui
2205.13931 hep-ph

Fri, May 27, 2022

Multi-messenger Emission from Tidal Waves in Neutron Star Oceans
Andrew G. Sullivan et al.
2205.13541 astro-ph

Primordial black holes capture by stars and induced collapse to low-mass stellar black holes
Marc Oncins, Jordi Miralda-Escudé, Jordi L. Gutiérrez, Pilar Gil-Pons
2205.13003 astro-ph

Toward Realistic Models of Core Collapse Supernovae: A Brief Review
Anthony Mezzacappa
2205.13438 astro-ph

Thu, May 26, 2022

Star-icon Searches for Connections between Dark Matter and High-Energy Neutrinos with IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
2205.12950 hep-ex

Star-icon Looking at Luminous Fast Blue Optical Transients through Neutrino Glasses
Ersilia Guarini, Irene Tamborra, Raffaella Margutti
2205.12282 astro-ph

Star-icon A New Way To Seek Out Dark Neutrino Sectors And To Boldly Explore Multi-Dimensional Parameter Spaces
Carlos A. Argüelles, Nicolò Foppiani, Matheus Hostert
2205.12273 hep-ph

Constraints on dark matter annihilation and decay from the large-scale structure of the nearby universe
Deaglan J. Bartlett, Andrija Kostić, Harry Desmond, Jens Jasche, Guilhem Lavaux
2205.12916 astro-ph

Mapping Dark Matter with Extragalactic Stellar Streams: the Case of Centaurus A
Sarah Pearson et al.
2205.12277 astro-ph

A COHERENT constraint on leptophobic dark matter using CsI data
COHERENT Collaboration
2205.12414 hep-ex

Gamma-rays from the circumgalactic medium of M31
Manami Roy, Biman B. Nath
2205.12291 astro-ph

Probing Spacetime Foam with Extragalactic Sources of High-Energy Photons
Y. Jack Ng, Eric S. Perlman
2205.12852 gr-qc

Revealing the Milky Way’s Most Recent Major Merger with a Gaia EDR3 Catalog of Machine-Learned Line-of-Sight Velocities
Adriana Dropulic, Hongwan Liu, Bryan Ostdiek, Mariangela Lisanti
2205.12278 astro-ph

Measurement of Double Beta Decay Half-life of 136Xe with the PandaX-4T Detector
PandaX-4T Collaboration
2205.12809 nucl-ex

Wed, May 25, 2022

Star-icon Time-dependent interpretation of the neutrino emission from Tidal Disruption Events
Walter Winter, Cecilia Lunardini
2205.11538 astro-ph

Gamma-ray bursts afterglow physics and the VHE domain
Davide Miceli, Lara Nava
2205.12146 astro-ph

Effective Field Theory Analysis of CDMSlite Run 2 Data
SuperCDMS Collaboration
2205.11683 astro-ph

Gamma/Hadron Separation with the HAWC Observatory
HAWC Collaboration
2205.12188 astro-ph

AnaBHEL (Analog Black Hole Evaporation via Lasers) Experiment: Concept, Design, and Status
AnaBHEL Collaboration
2205.12195 gr-qc

Viability of quantum communication across interstellar distances
Arjun Berera, Jaime Calderón-Figueroa
2205.11816 quant-ph

Tue, May 24, 2022

Star-icon Oscillations of High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos in the Copious MeV Neutrino Background
Sajad Abbar, Jose Alonso Carpio, Kohta Murase
2205.10384 hep-ph

Star-icon Searches for Neutrinos from Gamma-Ray Bursts using the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
IceCube Collaboration
2205.11410 astro-ph

Dark Stars Powered by Self-Interacting Dark Matter
Youjia Wu, Sebastian Baum, Katherine Freese, Luca Visinelli, Hai-Bo Yu
2205.10904 hep-ph

Signatures of R-process Enrichment in Supernovae from Collapsars
Jennifer Barnes, Brian D. Metzger
2205.10421 astro-ph

Constraining the Active-to-Heavy-Neutrino transitional magnetic moments associated with the Z′ interactions at FASERν
Kingman Cheung, C.J. Ouseph
2205.11077 hep-ph

Search for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay of 76Ge with a Natural Broad Energy Germanium Detector
CDEX collaboration
2205.10718 nucl-ex

Note on fundamental physics tests from black hole imaging: Comment on “Hunting for extra dimensions in the shadow of Sagittarius A∗”
Sunny Vagnozzi, Luca Visinelli
2205.11314 astro-ph

From BeyondPlanck to Cosmoglobe: Open Science, Reproducibility, and Data Longevity
S.Gerakakis et al.
2205.11262 astro-ph

New description of neutrino flavour evolution in solar matter
Jakub Rembielinski, Jacek Ciborowski
2205.11493 hep-ph

Constraining ΛCDM cosmological parameters with Einstein Telescope mock data
Matteo Califano, Ivan de Martino, Daniele Vernieri, Salvatore Capozziello
2205.11221 astro-ph

X- and Gamma-ray astrophysics in the era of Multi-messenger astronomy
Giulia Stratta, Andrea Santangelo
2205.10774 astro-ph

Distinguishing (Dirac or Majorana) neutrinos in purely leptonic decays of leptons
Yao Yu, Bai-Cian Ke
2205.10419 hep-ph

Mon, May 23, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Detector Requirements for Model-Independent Measurements of Ultrahigh Energy Neutrino Cross Sections
Ivan Esteban, Steven Prohira, John F. Beacom
2205.09763 hep-ph

Star-icon Constraints on sterile neutrino models from strong gravitational lensing, Milky Way satellites, and Lyman-α forest
Ioana A. Zelko et al.
2205.09777 hep-ph

BeyondPlanck XII. Cosmological parameter constraints with end-to-end error propagation
S. Paradiso et al.
2205.10104 astro-ph

Pre-Supernova Alert System for Super-Kamiokande
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
2205.09881 hep-ex

Atmospheric resonant production for light dark sectors
Luc Darmé
2205.09773 hep-ph

Capture of primordial black holes in extrasolar systems
Benjamin V. Lehmann, Ava Webber, Olivia G. Ross, Stefano Profumo
2205.09756 astro-ph

Revisit the rate of tidal disruption events: the role of the partial tidal disruption event
Shiyan Zhong, Shuo Li, Peter Berczik, Rainer Spurzem
2205.09945 astro-ph

The Detection of Transiting Exoplanets by Gaia
Aviad Panahi et al.
2205.10197 astro-ph

Searching for Muonphilic Dark Sectors with Proton Beams
Claudia Rella, Babette Döbrich, Tien-Tien Yu
2205.09870 hep-ph

Parametric resonance in neutrino oscillations induced by ultra-light dark matter and implications for KamLAND and JUNO
Marta Losada, Yosef Nir, Gilad Perez, Inbar Savoray, Yogev Shpilman
2205.09769 hep-ph

Tidal disruption of solitons in self-interacting ultralight axion dark matter
Noah Glennon et al.
2205.10336 astro-ph

Modelling self-interacting dark matter substructures I: Calibration with N-body simulations of a Milky-Way-sized halo and its satellite
Masato Shirasaki, Takashi Okamoto, Shin’ichiro Ando
2205.09920 astro-ph

A Method for Quantifying Position Reconstruction Uncertainty in Astroparticle Physics using Bayesian Networks
Christina Peters et al.
2205.10305 astro-ph

Theoretical summary of Moriond 2022: QCD and high-energy interactions
Kirill Melnikov
2205.10097 hep-ph

Reproducibility of the First Image of a Black Hole in the Galaxy M87 from the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration
Ria Patel et al.
2205.10267 astro-ph

Fri, May 20, 2022

Impact of the Dresden-II and COHERENT neutrino scattering data on neutrino electromagnetic properties and electroweak physics
M. Atzori Corona, M. Cadeddu, N. Cargioli, F. Dordei, C. Giunti, Y.F. Li, C. A. Ternes, Y.Y. Zhang
2205.09484 hep-ph

FLArE up dark sectors with EM form factors at the LHC Forward Physics Facility
Felix Kling, Jui-Lin Kuo, Sebastian Trojanowski, Yu-Dai Tsai
2205.09137 hep-ph

Indirect Detection of Low-mass Dark Matter Through the π0 and η Windows
J. G. Christy, Jason Kumar, Arvind Rajaraman
2205.09356 hep-ph

Multi-messenger constraints on the Hubble constant through combination of gravitational waves, gamma-ray bursts and kilonovae from neutron star mergers
Mattia Bulla, Michael W. Coughlin, Suhail Dhawan, Tim Dietrich
2205.09145 astro-ph

Powering luminous core collapse supernovae with jets
Noam Soker
2205.09560 astro-ph

Neutrino capture on tritium as a probe of flavor vacuum condensate and dark matter
Antonio Capolupo, Aniello Quaranta
2205.09640 hep-ph

Estimating the warm dark matter mass from strong lensing images with truncated marginal neural ratio estimation
Noemi Anau Montel, Adam Coogan, Camila Correa, Konstantin Karchev, Christoph Weniger
2205.09126 astro-ph

Role of non-gaussian quantum fluctuations in neutrino entanglement
Denis Lacroix, A. B. Balantekin, Michael J. Cervia, Amol V. Patwardhan, Pooja Siwach
2205.09384 nucl-th

Thu, May 19, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] The Physics potential of the CEPC. Prepared for the US Snowmass Community Planning Exercise (Snowmass 2021)
Huajie Cheng et al.
2205.08553 hep-ph

Anisotropic diffusion cannot explain TeV halo observations
Pedro De La Torre Luque, Ottavio Fornieri, Tim Linden
2205.08544 astro-ph

Prospects for Detecting the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background with JUNO
JUNO Collaboration
2205.08830 hep-ex

A proposed network of Gamma-ray Burst detectors on the Global Navigation Satellite System Galileo G2
J. Greiner, U. Hugentobler, J.M. Burgess, F. Berlato, M. Rott, A. Tsvetkova
2205.08637 astro-ph

Constraints on annihilating dark matter in the Omega Centauri cluster
Man Ho Chan, Chak Man Lee
2205.08692 astro-ph

Active galactic nuclei jets simulated with smoothed particle hydrodynamics
Filip Huško, Cedric G. Lacey
2205.08884 astro-ph

Wed, May 18, 2022

NMMA: A nuclear-physics and multi-messenger astrophysics framework to analyze binary neutron star mergers
Peter T.H.Pang et al.
2205.08513 astro-ph

Cosmology-friendly time-varying neutrino masses via the sterile neutrino portal
Guo-yuan Huang, Manfred Lindner, Pablo Martínez-Miravé, Manibrata Sen
2205.08431 hep-ph

Horizons: Nuclear Astrophysics in the 2020s and Beyond
H. Schatz et al.
2205.07996 nucl-ex

Strong supernovae bounds on ALPs from quantum loops
Ricardo Z. Ferreira, M.C. David Marsh, Eike Müller
2205.07896 hep-ph

A search for two-component Majorana dark matter in a simplified model using the full exposure data of PandaX-II experiment
PandaX Collaboration
2205.08066 hep-ex

The Futility of Exoplanet Biosignatures
Harrison B. Smith, Cole Mathis
2205.07921 astro-ph

Tue, May 17, 2022

Star-icon Constraining Feeble Neutrino Interactions with Ultralight Dark Matter
Abhish Dev, Gordan Krnjaic, Pedro Machado, Harikrishnan Ramani
2205.06821 hep-ph

Non-Universal Stellar Initial Mass Functions: Large Uncertainties in Star Formation Rates at z≈2−4 and Other Astrophysical Probes
Joshua J. Ziegler et al.
2205.07845 astro-ph

On LGRB progenitors: an approach from thermally-produced neutrinos
Gibran Morales, Nissim Fraija
2205.06967 astro-ph

Cosmological Bound on the QCD Axion Mass, Redux
Francesco D’Eramo et al.
2205.07849 astro-ph

Constraining super-light sterile neutrinos at Borexino and KamLAND
Zikang Chen, Jiajun Liao, Jiajie Ling, Baobiao Yue
2205.07574 hep-ph

Geminga contribution to the cosmic-ray positron excess according to the gamma-ray observations
Guang-Yao Zhou, Zhao-Huan Yu, Qiang Yuan, Hong-Hao Zhang
2205.07038 astro-ph

Constraining Fundamental Constant Variations from Ultralight Dark Matter with Pulsar Timing Arrays
David E. Kaplan, Andrea Mitridate, Tanner Trickle
2205.06817 hep-ph

Unstable Neutrinos can Relax Cosmological Mass Bounds
Stefan Sandner
2205.07353 hep-ph

Multi-Species Thermalization Cascade of Energetic Particles in the Early Universe
Manuel Drees, Bardia Najjari
2205.07741 hep-ph

Transfer of Rocks between Planetary Systems: Panspermia Revisited
Fred C Adams, Kevin J Napier
2205.07799 astro-ph

The Cavendish Computors: The women working in scientific computing for Radio Astronomy
Verity Allan
2205.07267 astro-ph

Mon, May 16, 2022

Code Comparison for Fast Flavor Instability Simulation
Sherwood Richers et al.
2205.06282 astro-ph

Supernova Fast Flavor Conversions in 1+1 D : Influence of Mu-tau neutrinos
Francesco Capozzi, Madhurima Chakraborty, Sovan Chakraborty, Manibrata Sen
2205.06272 hep-ph

Gamma-Ray Bursts at TeV Energies: Theoretical Considerations
Ramandeep Gill, Jonathan Granot
2205.06312 astro-ph

ACHILLES: A novel event generator for electron- and neutrino-nucleus scattering
Joshua Isaacson, William I. Jay, Alessandro Lovato, Pedro A. N. Machado, Noemi Rocco
2205.06378 hep-ph

Improved search for invisible modes of nucleon decay in water with the SNO+ detector
SNO+ Collaboration
2205.06400 hep-ex

Fri, May 13, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon [Snowmass 2021] Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays: The Intersection of the Cosmic and Energy Frontiers
A. Coleman et al.
2205.05845 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Naturalness: A Snowmass White Paper
Nathaniel Craig
2205.05708 hep-ph

First indirect detection constraints on axions in the Solar basin
William DeRocco, Shalma Wegsman, Brian Grefenstette, Junwu Huang, Ken Van Tilburg
2205.05700 hep-ph

Towards a full description of MeV dark matter decoupling: a self-consistent determination of relic abundance and Neff
Xiaoyong Chu, Jui-Lin Kuo, Josef Pradler
2205.05714 hep-ph

First-principle calculation of birefringence effects for in-ice radio detection of neutrinos
Nils Heyer, Christian Glaser
2205.06169 astro-ph

Thu, May 12, 2022

Star-icon Tau depolarization at very high energies for neutrino telescopes
Carlos A. Argüelles, Diksha Garg, Sameer Patel, Mary Hall Reno, Ibrahim Safa
2205.05629 hep-ph

Constraining the Milky Way’s Pulsar Population with the Cosmic-Ray Positron Fraction
Olivia Meredith Bitter, Dan Hooper
2205.05200 astro-ph

Elaborating the Ultimate Fate of Fast Collective Neutrino Flavor Oscillations
Soumya Bhattacharyya, Basudeb Dasgupta
2205.05129 hep-ph

Core-passing atmospheric neutrinos: a unique probe to discriminate between Lorentz violation and non-standard interactions
Sadashiv Sahoo, Anil Kumar, Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla, Amol Dighe
2205.05134 hep-ph

Do you smell something decaying? Updated linear constraints on decaying dark matter scenarios
S. Alvi, T. Brinckmann, M. Gerbino, M. Lattanzi, L. Pagano
2205.05636 astro-ph

Gamma-ray Diagnostics of r-process Nucleosynthesis in the Remnants of Galactic Binary Neutron-Star Mergers
Yukikatsu Terada et al.
2205.05407 astro-ph

First High-speed Camera Observations of the Optical Counterpart of a Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flash
R.U. Abbasi et al.
2205.05115 physics

Where Neutrino Decoherence Lies
Emilio Ciuffoli, Jarah Evslin
2205.05367 hep-ph

First Results from the Taiwan Axion Search Experiment with Haloscope at 19.6 μeV
TASEH Collaboration
2205.05574 hep-ex

A void in the Hubble tension? The end of the line for the Hubble bubble
David Camarena, Valerio Marra, Ziad Sakr, Chris Clarkson
2205.05422 astro-ph

Bias and Priors in Machine Learning Calibrations for High Energy Physics
Rikab Gambhir, Benjamin Nachman, Jesse Thaler
2205.05084 hep-ph

Wed, May 11, 2022

Constraining ultralight bosonic dark matter with Keck observations of S2’s orbit and kinematics
Guan-Wen Yuan, Zhao-Qiang Shen, Yue-Lin Sming Tsai, Qiang Yuan, Yi-Zhong Fan
2205.04970 astro-ph

The last Complex WIMPs standing
Salvatore Bottaro et al.
2205.04486 hep-ph

Tue, May 10, 2022

Star-icon Multi-messenger High-Energy Signatures of Decaying Dark Matter and the Effect of Background Light
Barbara Skrzypek, Marco Chianese, Carlos Argüelles Delgado
2205.03416 astro-ph

Star-icon The TeV Diffuse Cosmic Neutrino Spectrum and the Nature of Astrophysical Neutrino Sources
Ke Fang, John S. Gallagher, Francis Halzen
2205.03740 astro-ph

Millisecond Pulsar Kicks Cause Difficulties in Explaining the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess
Oliver Boodram, Craig O. Heinke
2205.03479 astro-ph

Updating non-standard neutrinos properties with Planck-CMB data and full-shape analysis of BOSS and eBOSS galaxies
Suresh Kumar, Rafael C. Nunes, Priya Yadav
2205.04292 astro-ph

Learning Uncertainties the Frequentist Way: Calibration and Correlation in High Energy Physics
Rikab Gambhir, Benjamin Nachman, Jesse Thaler
2205.03413 hep-ph

Double-Weak Decays of 124Xe and 136Xe in the XENON1T and XENONnT Experiments
XENON Collaboration
2205.04158 hep-ex

First results of the nuGeN experiment on coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering
nuGEN Collaboration
2205.04305 nucl-ex

Search for dark photon cold dark matter in the mass range 74–110μeV/c2 with a cryogenic millimeter-wave receiver
DOSU-RR Collaboration
2205.03679 hep-ex

Mon, May 09, 2022

Star-icon Search for new cosmic-ray acceleration sites within the 4FGL catalog Galactic plane sources
Fermi-LAT Collaboration
2205.03111 astro-ph

Online triggers for supernova and pre-supernova neutrino detection with cryogenic detectors
Philipp Eller, Nahuel Ferreiro Iachellini, Luca Pattavina, Lolian Shtembari
2205.03350 astro-ph

Matter effects on flavor transitions of high-energy astrophysical neutrinos based on different decoherence schemes
Ding-Hui Xu, Shu-Jun Rong
2205.03164 hep-ph

Climbing out of the shadows: building the distance ladder with black hole images
Fabrizio Renzi, Matteo Martinelli
2205.03396 astro-ph

Stochastic effects on observation of ultralight bosonic dark matter
Hiromasa Nakatsuka et al.
2205.02960 astro-ph

Got plenty of nothing: cosmic voids as a probe of particle dark matter
S. Arcari, E. Pinetti, N. Fornengo
2205.03360 astro-ph

New direct limit on neutrinoless double beta decay half-life of 128Te with CUORE
CUORE Collaboration
2205.03132 nucl-ex

Fri, May 06, 2022

Neutrino Portals, Terrestrial Upscattering, and Atmospheric Neutrinos
R. Andrew Gustafson, Ryan Plestid, Ian M. Shoemaker
2205.02234 hep-ph

Two Novel Observational Tests of General Relativity
Abraham Loeb
2205.02746 gr-qc

Dancing in the dark: detecting a population of distant primordial black holes
Matteo Martinelli et al.
2205.02639 astro-ph

Searching for velocity-dependent dark matter annihilation signals from extragalactic halos
Eric J. Baxter, Jason Kumar, Aleczander D. Paul, Jack Runburg
2205.02386 astro-ph

Introduction to Charged Lepton Flavour Violation
Marco Ardu, Gianantonio Pezzullo
2205.08220 hep-ph

Cosmological simulations with rare and frequent dark matter self-interactions
Moritz S. Fischer et al.
2205.02243 astro-ph

Inverse Tritium Beta Decay with Relic Neutrinos, Solar Neutrinos, and a 51Cr Source
Jen-Chieh Peng, Gordon Baym
2205.02363 hep-ph

Electromagnetic Couplings of Axions
Anton V. Sokolov, Andreas Ringwald
2205.02605 hep-ph

Framework and Tools for the Simulation and Analysis of the Radio Emission from Air Showers at IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
2205.02258 astro-ph

Thu, May 05, 2022

Star-icon Neutrino mass and mass ordering: No conclusive evidence for normal ordering
Stefano Gariazzo et al.
2205.02195 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 White Paper: Observational Signatures of Quantum Gravity
Kathryn M. Zurek
2205.01799 gr-qc

Exploring the hadronic origin of LHAASO J1908+0621
Agnibha De Sarkar, Nayantara Gupta
2205.01923 astro-ph

Cosmic rays and random magnetic traps
Devika Tharakkal, Andrew P. Snodin, Graeme R. Sarson, Anvar Shukurov
2205.01986 astro-ph

Study of water Cherenkov detector design for ground-based gamma-ray experiments
Francesca Bisconti, Andrea Chiavassa
2205.02148 astro-ph

Wed, May 04, 2022

Star-icon The diffuse supernova neutrino background as a probe of late-time neutrino mass generation
André de Gouvêa, Ivan Martinez-Soler, Yuber F. Perez-Gonzalez, Manibrata Sen
2205.01102 hep-ph

Improved stellar limits on a light CP-even scalar
Shyam Balaji, P. S. Bhupal Dev, Joseph Silk, Yongchao Zhang
2205.01669 hep-ph

Novel cosmological bounds on thermally-produced axion-like particles
Luca Caloni, Martina Gerbino, Massimiliano Lattanzi, Luca Visinelli
2205.01637 astro-ph

Measuring Galactic Dark Matter through Unsupervised Machine Learning
Matthew R Buckley, Sung Hak Lim, Eric Putney, David Shih
2205.01129 astro-ph

New Horizons for Fundamental Physics with LISA
K. G. Arun et al.
2205.01597 gr-qc

On the Standard Model Predictions for Rare K and B Decay Branching Ratios: 2022
Andrzej J. Buras
2205.01118 hep-ph

Biological Homochirality and the Search for Extraterrestrial Biosignatures
Marcelo Gleiser
2205.01193 astro-ph

Tue, May 03, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Physics at Future Colliders: the Interplay Between Energy and Luminosity
Zhen Liu, Lian-Tao Wang
2205.00031 hep-ph

Distinguishing Dirac vs. Majorana Neutrinos: a Cosmological Probe
Beatriz Hernandez-Molinero, Raul Jimenez, Carlos Pena-Garay
2205.00808 hep-ph

Study of maximum electron energy of sub-PeV pulsar wind nebulae by multiwavelength modelling
Jagdish C. Joshi, Shuta J. Tanaka, Luis Salvador Miranda, Soebur Razzaque
2205.00521 astro-ph

Axion-like Particles Implications for High-Energy Astrophysics
Giorgio Galanti, Marco Roncadelli
2205.00940 hep-ph

Constraints on Explosion Timescale of Core-Collapse Supernovae Based on Systematic Analysis of Light Curves
Sei Saito, Masaomi Tanaka, Ryo Sawada, Takashi J. Moriya
2205.00624 astro-ph

In-situ calibration system for the measurement of the snow accumulation and the index-of-refraction profile for radio neutrino detectors
Jakob Beise, Christian Glaser
2205.00726 astro-ph

Relativistic magnetic explosions
Maxim V. Barkov, Praveen Sharma, Konstantinos N. Gourgouliatos, Maxim Lyutikov
2205.00695 astro-ph

The storage ring proton EDM experiment
Jim Alexander et al.
2205.00830 hep-ph

An intuition for physicists: information gain from experiments
Johannes Buchner
2205.00009 cond-mat

Mon, May 02, 2022

DMRadio-m3: A Search for the QCD Axion Below 1μeV
DMRadio Collaboration
2204.13781 hep-ex

Taiwan Axion Search Experiment with Haloscope: CD102 Analysis Details
TASEH Collaboration
2204.14265 hep-ex

Radio sky reveals primordial electron-proton interactions
Shyam Balaji, Maura E. Ramirez-Quezada, Celine Boehm
2204.13711 astro-ph

Mathematical encoding within multi-resonant planetary systems as SETI beacons
Matthew S. Clement, Sean N. Raymond, Dimitri Veras, David Kipping
2204.14259 astro-ph

Fri, Apr 29, 2022

Star-icon Timing and Multi-Channel: Novel Method for Determining the Neutrino Mass Ordering from Supernovae
Vedran Brdar, Xun-Jie Xu
2204.13135 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Searches for new physics with high-intensity kaon beams
KOTO, LHCb, NA62/KLEVER Collaborations, US Kaon Interest Group
2204.13394 hep-ex

Sub-percent Precision Measurement of Neutrino Oscillation Parameters with JUNO
JUNO Collaboration
2204.13249 hep-ex

Compatibility of Neutrino DIS Data and Its Impact on Nuclear Parton Distribution Functions
K.F.Muzakka et al.
2204.13157 hep-ph

Thu, Apr 28, 2022

Prospects for multi-messenger detection of binary neutron star mergers in the fourth LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA observing run
Barbara Patricelli et al.
2204.12504 astro-ph

Beryllium isotopic composition and Galactic cosmic ray propagation
Paolo Lipari
2204.13085 astro-ph

Requirements on Quantum Superpositions of Macro-Objects for Sensing Neutrinos
Eva Kilian, Marko Toroš, Frank F. Deppisch, Ruben Saakyan, Sougato Bose
2204.13095 quant-ph

Digital Radio Arrays for the Detection of Air Showers Initiated by Ultra-High-Energy Particles (Epiphany 2022)
Frank G. Schröder
2204.12631 astro-ph

Wed, Apr 27, 2022

Star-icon Neutrino secret self-interactions: a booster shot for the cosmic neutrino background
Anirban Das, Yuber F. Perez-Gonzalez, Manibrata Sen
2204.11885 hep-ph

First constraints on axion-like particles from Galactic sub-PeV gamma rays
Christopher Eckner, Francesca Calore
2204.12487 astro-ph

Antineutrino sensitivity at THEIA
Stephane Zsoldos, Zara Bagdasarian, Gabriel D. Orebi Gann, Andrew Barna, Stephen Dye
2204.12278 hep-ex

Search for supernova neutrinos and constraint on the galactic star formation rate with the KamLAND data
KamLAND Collaboration
2204.12065 astro-ph

Detection of gamma-ray emission from the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal galaxy
Roland M. Crocker et al.
2204.12054 astro-ph

Collisional dilemma: Enhancement or damping of fast flavor conversion of neutrinos
Rasmus S. L. Hansen, Shashank Shalgar, Irene Tamborra
2204.11873 astro-ph

Radiative transfer in stars by feebly interacting bosons
Andrea Caputo, Georg Raffelt, Edoardo Vitagliano
2204.11862 astro-ph

Probing the νR-philic Z′ at DUNE near detectors
Garv Chauhan, P. S. Bhupal Dev, Xun-Jie Xu
2204.11876 hep-ph

Z′s and sterile neutrinos from heterotic string models: exploring Z′ mass exclusion limits
Alon E. Faraggi, Marco Guzzi
2204.11974 hep-ph

Implications of W-boson mass for atomic parity violation
H. B. Tran Tan, A. Derevianko
2204.11991 hep-ph

The physics case for a neutrino lepton collider in light of the CDF W mass measurement
Tianyi Yang et al.
2204.11871 hep-ph

Constraining high-redshift stellar-mass primordial black holes with next-generation ground-based gravitational-wave detectors
Ken K. Y. Ng et al.
2204.11864 astro-ph

Probing the extragalactic mid-infrared background with HAWC
Mateo Fernandez Alonso
2204.12166 astro-ph

Quantum coherence in neutrino oscillation in matter
Z. Askaripour Ravari, M. M. Ettefaghi, S. Miraboutalebi
2204.12332 quant-ph

Gravitational Effects on Quantum Coherence in Neutrino Oscillation
M. M. Ettefaghi, R. Ramezani Arani, Z. S. Tabatabaei Lotfi
2204.12314 quant-ph

Gamma/hadron discrimination at high energies through the azimuthal fluctuations of the particle distributions at ground
R. Conceição, L. Gibilisco, M. Pimenta, B. Tomé
2204.12337 hep-ph

A Review of Searches for Evidence of Tachyons
Robert Ehrlich
2204.12017 hep-ph

Observation of large scale precursor correlations between cosmic rays and earthquakes
P. Homola et al.
2204.12310 physics

Quantum control of molecules for fundamental physics
D. Mitra, K. H. Leung, T. Zelevinsky
2204.12373 physics

Tue, Apr 26, 2022

A Kilonova Following a Long-Duration Gamma-Ray Burst at 350 Mpc
J. C. Rastinejad et al.
2204.10864 astro-ph

Constraints on the extragalactic magnetic field strength from blazar spectra based on 145 months of Fermi-LAT observations
E. I. Podlesnyi, T. A. Dzhatdoev, V. I. Galkin
2204.11110 astro-ph

The Moving Mirror model for Fast Radio Bursts
Almog Yalinewich, Ue-Li Pen
2204.11663 astro-ph

Theory of QED radiative corrections to neutrino scattering at accelerator energies
Oleksandr Tomalak, Qing Chen, Richard J Hill, Kevin S McFarland, Clarence Wret
2204.11379 hep-ph

Mon, Apr 25, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Probing Heavy Sterile Neutrinos at Ultrahigh Energy Neutrino Telescopes via the Dipole Portal
Guo-yuan Huang, Sudip Jana, Manfred Lindner, Werner Rodejohann
2204.10347 hep-ph

Star-icon Microscopic and Macroscopic Effects in the Decoherence of Neutrino Oscillations
Ting Cheng, Manfred Lindner, Werner Rodejohann
2204.10696 hep-ph

Unraveling the 0νββ Decay Mechanisms
Lukáš Gráf, Manfred Lindner, Oliver Scholer
2204.10845 hep-ph

On the Superiority of the |Vcb|−γ Plots over the Unitarity Triangle Plots in the 2020s
Andrzej J. Buras
2204.10337 hep-ph

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Nuclear Physics
Amber Boehnlein et al.
2204.02309 nucl-th

Fri, Apr 22, 2022

Is the θ¯ parameter of QCD constant?
Hooman Davoudiasl, Julia Gehrlein, Robert Szafron
2204.09694 hep-ph

Measurement of the effective weak mixing angle at the CEPC
Zhenyu Zhao, Siqi Yang, Manqi Ruan, Minghui Liu, Liang Han
2204.09921 hep-ex

A Collision Mechanism for the Removal of Earth’s Trojan Asteroids
Kevin J. Napier, Larissa Markwardt, Fred C. Adams, David W. Gerdes, Hsing Wen Lin
2204.10316 astro-ph

Thu, Apr 21, 2022

Star-icon Time-delayed neutrino emission from supernovae as a probe of dark matter-neutrino interactions
Jose Alonso Carpio, Ali Kheirandish, Kohta Murase
2204.09650 hep-ph

Star-icon Very Light Sterile Neutrinos at NOvA and T2K
André de Gouvêa, Giancarlo Jusino Sánchez, Kevin J. Kelly
2204.09130 hep-ph

Star-icon New reactor data improves robustness of neutrino mass ordering determination
Peter B. Denton, Julia Gehrlein
2204.09060 hep-ph

Energy-dependent flavor ratios, cascade/track spectrum tension and high-energy neutrinos from magnetospheres of supermassive black holes
Kirill Riabtsev, Sergey Troitsky
2204.09339 astro-ph

Majorana neutrino mass constraints in the landscape of nuclear matrix elements
Eligio Lisi, Antonio Marrone
2204.09569 hep-ph

On the potential of bright, young pulsars to power ultra-high gamma-ray sources
Emma de Oña Wilhelmi, Rubén López-Coto, Elena Amato, Felix Aharonian
2204.09440 astro-ph

Non-detection of CHIME/FRB sources with the Arecibo Observatory
Deborah C. Good et al.
2204.09090 astro-ph

Biocosmology: Towards the birth of a new science
Marina Cortês, Stuart A. Kauffman, Andrew R. Liddle, Lee Smolin
2204.09378 astro-ph

Biocosmology: Biology from a cosmological perspective
Marina Cortês, Stuart A. Kauffman, Andrew R. Liddle, Lee Smolin
2204.09379 physics

Wed, Apr 20, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Light curves of BSM-induced neutrino echoes in the optically-thin limit
Ryan Eskenasy, Ali Kheirandish, Kohta Murase
2204.08924 hep-ph

Star-iconStar-icon Simulating neutrino echoes induced by secret neutrino interactions
Jose Alonso Carpio, Kohta Murase
2204.09029 hep-ph

Star-icon Detecting High-Energy Neutrino Minibursts from Local Supernovae with Multiple Neutrino Observatories
Ali Kheirandish, Kohta Murase
2204.08518 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Neutrino Flavor Model Building and the Origins of Flavor and CP Violation: A Snowmass White Paper
Yahya Almumin et al.
2204.08668 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Quantum computing hardware for HEP algorithms and sensing
M. Sohaib Alam et al.
2204.08605 quant-ph

Revisiting the evidences for spectral anomalies in distant blazars: new data on the photon-ALP mixing
Francesco Cenedese, Alberto Franceschini, Giorgio Galanti
2204.08865 astro-ph

Unveiling dark fifth forces with linear cosmology
Maria Archidiacono, Emanuele Castorina, Diego Redigolo, Ennio Salvioni
2204.08484 astro-ph

A lensing multi-messenger channel: Combining LIGO-Virgo-Kagra lensed gravitational-wave measurements with Euclid observations
Ewoud Wempe et al.
2204.08732 astro-ph

Changing patterns in electroweak precision with new color-charged states: Oblique corrections and the W boson mass
Linda M. Carpenter, Taylor Murphy, Matthew J. Smylie
2204.08546 hep-ph

Scalability of gadolinium-doped-water Cherenkov detectors for nuclear nonproliferation
Viacheslav A. Li, Steven A. Dazeley, Marc Bergevin, Adam Bernstein
2204.08618 physics

Tue, Apr 19, 2022

Hadronic supercriticality in spherically expanding sources: application to GRB prompt emission
Ioulia Florou, Apostolos Mastichiadis, Maria Petropoulou
2204.08025 astro-ph

Beta-decay implications for the W-boson mass anomaly
Vincenzo Cirigliano, Wouter Dekens, Jordy de Vries, Emanuele Mereghetti, Tom Tong
2204.08440 hep-ph

Enhancement of the W boson mass in the Georgi-Machacek model
Poulami Mondal
2204.07844 hep-ph

Explaining W boson mass anomaly and dark matter with a U(1) dark sector
Kai-Yu Zhang, Wan-Zhe Feng
2204.08067 hep-ph

W boson mass shift and muon magnetic moment in the Zee model
Talal Ahmed Chowdhury, Julian Heeck, Shaikh Saad, Anil Thapa
2204.08390 hep-ph

The 2HD+a model for a combined explanation of the possible excesses in the CDF MW measurement and (g−2)μ with Dark Matter
Giorgio Arcadi, Abdelhak Djouadi
2204.08406 hep-ph

Mon, Apr 18, 2022

Prospects for a local detection of dark matter with future missions to Uranus and Neptune
Lorenz Zwick, Deniz Soyuer, Jozef Bucko
2204.07242 gr-qc

A model explaining the new CDF II W boson mass linking to muon g−2 and dark matter
Keiko I. Nagao, Takaaki Nomura, Hiroshi Okada
2204.07411 hep-ph

Implication of the W boson mass anomaly at CDF II in the Higgs triplet model with a mass difference
Shinya Kanemura, Kei Yagyu
2204.07511 hep-ph

Fri, Apr 15, 2022

Star-icon Independent determination of the Earth’s orbital parameters with solar neutrinos in Borexino
Borexino Collaboration
2204.07029 hep-ex

Cosmic ray spectrum of protons plus helium nuclei between 6 TeV and 158 TeV from HAWC data
HAWC Collaboration

On the W-mass and New Higgs Bosons
Pavel Fileviez Perez, Hiren H. Patel, Alexis D. Plascencia
2204.07144 hep-ph

W boson mass and muon g−2 in a lepton portal dark matter model
Junichiro Kawamura, Shohei Okawa, Yuji Omura
2204.07022 hep-ph

Avoiding the Great Filter: Predicting the Timeline for Humanity to Reach Kardashev Type I Civilization
Jonathan H. Jiang et al.
2204.07070 physics

Thu, Apr 14, 2022

Anomalous U(1) Gauge Bosons and String Physics at the Forward Physics Facility
Luis A. Anchordoqui, Ignatios Antoniadis, Karim Benakli, Dieter Lust
2204.06469 hep-ph

Constraining Primordial Black Holes using Fast Radio Burst Gravitational-Lens Interferometry with CHIME/FRB
Calvin Leung et al.
2204.06001 astro-ph

A High-Time Resolution Search for Compact Objects using Fast Radio Burst Gravitational Lens Interferometry with CHIME/FRB
CHIME/FRB Collaboration
2204.06014 astro-ph

Robust Features of Off-Axis Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglow Lightcurves
Paz Beniamini, Ramandeep Gill, Jonathan Granot
2204.06008 astro-ph

The Wℓν-vertex corrections to W-boson mass in the R-parity violating MSSM
Min-Di Zheng, Feng-Zhi Chen, Hong-Hao Zhang
2204.06541 hep-ph

Wed, Apr 13, 2022

Star-icon The Sensitivity of Future Gamma-Ray Telescopes to Primordial Black Holes
Celeste Keith, Dan Hooper, Tim Linden, Rayne Liu
2204.05337 astro-ph

Cosmology with the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna
Pierre Auclair et al.
2204.05434 astro-ph

Analytic treatment of 3-flavor neutrino oscillation and decay in matter
Dibya S. Chattopadhyay, Kaustav Chakraborty, Amol Dighe, Srubabati Goswami
2204.05803 hep-ph

New physics interpretation of W-boson mass anomaly
Motoi Endo, Satoshi Mishima
2204.05965 hep-ph

On the implications of positive W mass shift
Reuven Balkin, Eric Madge, Tony Menzo, Gilad Perez, Yotam Soreq, Jure Zupan
2204.05992 hep-ph

Impact of the CDF W-mass anomaly on two Higgs doublet model
Yongtae Heo, Dong-Won Jung, Jae Sik Lee
2204.05728 hep-ph

Excesses in the low-mass Higgs-boson search and the W-boson mass measurement
Thomas Biekötter, Sven Heinemeyer, Georg Weiglein
2204.05975 hep-ph

Explaining The New CDFII W-Boson Mass In The Georgi-Machacek Extension Models
Xiao Kang Du, Zhuang Li, Fei Wang, Ying Kai Zhang
2204.05760 hep-ph

Correlating t→cZ to the W Mass and B Physics with Vector-Like Quarks
Andreas Crivellin, Matthew Kirk, Teppei Kitahara, Federico Mescia
2204.05962 hep-ph

The Number of Possible CETIs within Our Galaxy and the Communication Probability among These CETIs
Wenjie Song, He Gao
2204.05479 astro-ph

Disruption of a Planetary Nitrogen Cycle as Evidence of Extraterrestrial Agriculture
Jacob Haqq-Misra, Thomas J. Fauchez, Edward W. Schwieterman, Ravi Kopparapu
2204.05360 astro-ph

Tue, Apr 12, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon The ultra-high-energy neutrino-nucleon cross section: measurement forecasts for an era of cosmic EeV-neutrino discovery
Victor Branco Valera, Mauricio Bustamante, Christian Glaser
2204.04237 hep-ph

Star-icon A multi-messenger study of the blazar PKS 0735+178: a new major neutrino source candidate
N. Sahakyan, P. Giommi, P. Padovani, M. Petropoulou, D. Bégué, B. Boccardi, S. Gasparyan
2204.05060 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] The COHERENT Experimental Program
D. Akimov et al.
2204.04575 hep-ex

Sterile neutrino production at small mixing in the early universe
Gonzalo Alonso-Álvarez, James M. Cline
2204.04224 hep-ph

Probing light mediators at the MUonE experiment
Giovanni Grilli di Cortona, Enrico Nardi
2204.04227 hep-ph

SMEFT Analysis of mW
Emanuele Bagnaschi, John Ellis, Maeve Madigan, Ken Mimasu, Veronica Sanz, Tevong You
2204.05260 hep-ph

Right-handed neutrinos and the CDF II anomaly
Mattias Blennow, Pilar Coloma, Enrique Fernández-Martínez, Manuel González-López
2204.04559 hep-ph

W-Boson Mass, Electroweak Precision Tests and SMEFT
JiJi Fan, Lingfeng Li, Tao Liu, Kun-Feng Lyu
2204.04805 hep-ph

Oblique Lessons from the W Mass Measurement at CDF II
Pouya Asadi, Cari Cesarotti, Katherine Fraser, Samuel Homiller, Aditya Parikh
2204.05283 hep-ph

Precise calculation of the W boson pole mass beyond the Standard Model with FlexibleSUSY
Peter Athron, Markus Bach, Douglas H.J. Jacob, Wojciech Kotlarski, Dominik Stöckinger, Alexander Voigt
2204.05285 hep-ph

The W boson mass weighs in on the non-standard Higgs
Giacomo Cacciapaglia, Francesco Sannino
2204.04514 hep-ph

Higgs physics confronts the MW anomaly
Luca Di Luzio, Ramona Gröber, Paride Paradisi
2204.05284 hep-ph

New physics effects on the W-boson mass from a doublet extension of the SM Higgs sector
Henning Bahl, Johannes Braathen, Georg Weiglein
2204.05269 hep-ph

Correlating W-Boson Mass Shift with Muon g−2 in the 2HDM
K.S. Babu, Sudip Jana, Vishnu P.K.
2204.05303 hep-ph

Unifying gravitational waves with W boson, FIMP dark matter, and Majorana Seesaw mechanism
Xuewen Liu, Shu-Yuan Guo, Bin Zhu, Ying Li
2204.04834 hep-ph

A Model of Vector-like Leptons for the Muon g−2 and the W Boson Mass
Hyun Min Lee, Kimiko Yamashita
2204.05024 hep-ph

Type-II Seesaw Triplet Scalar and Its VEV Effects on Neutrino Trident Scattering and W mass
Yu Cheng, Xiao-Gang He, Zhong-Lv Huang, Ming-Wei Li
2204.05031 hep-ph

Singlet extensions and W boson mass in the light of the CDF II result
Kodai Sakurai, Fuminobu Takahashi, Wen Yin
2204.04770 hep-ph

Using gamma-ray observation of dwarf spheroidal galaxy to test a dark matter model that can interpret the W-boson mass anomaly
Ben-Yang Zhu, Shang Li, Ji-Gui Cheng, Rong-Lan Li, Yun-Feng Liang
2204.04688 astro-ph

Explaining The Muon g−2 Anomaly and New CDFII W-Boson Mass in the Framework of ExtraOrdinary Gauge Mediation
Xiao Kang Du, Zhuang Li, Fei Wang, Ying Kai Zhang
2204.04286 hep-ph

Speculations on the W-Mass Measurement at CDF
Jiayin Gu, Zhen Liu, Teng Ma, Jing Shu
2204.05296 hep-ph

Violation of custodial symmetry from W-boson mass measurements
Ayan Paul, Mauro Valli
2204.05267 hep-ph

Extra W-Boson Mass from a D3-Brane
Jonathan J. Heckman
2204.05302 hep-ph

NMSSM neutralino dark matter for W-boson mass and muon g−2 and the promising prospect of direct detection
Tian-Peng Tang, Murat Abdughani, Lei Feng, Yue-Lin Sming Tsai, Yi-Zhong Fan
2204.04356 hep-ph

Investigation of CMB constraints for dark matter-helium scattering
Kimberly K. Boddy, Gordan Krnjaic, Stacie Moltner
2204.04225 astro-ph

Dark Matter constraints from Planck observations of the Galactic polarized synchrotron emission
Silvia Manconi, Alessandro Cuoco, Julien Lesgourgues
2204.04232 astro-ph

Exploring the Fate of Stellar Core Collapse with Supernova Relic Neutrinos
Yosuke Ashida, Ken’ichiro Nakazato
2204.04880 astro-ph

Very High-energy Afterglow Emission of GRB 190829A: Evidence for Its Hadronic Origin?
Sarira Sahu, Isabel Abigail Valadez Polanco, Subhash Rajpoot
2204.04822 astro-ph

Search for continuous gravitational wave emission from the Milky Way center in O3 LIGO–Virgo data
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration, KAGRA Collaboration
2204.04523 astro-ph

Gamma-Ray Bursts
Yun-Wei Yu, He Gao, Fa-Yin Wang, Bin-Bin Zhang
2204.04417 astro-ph

Mon, Apr 11, 2022

Star-icon High energy particles from young supernovae: gamma-ray and neutrino connections
Prantik Sarmah, Sovan Chakraborty, Irene Tamborra, Katie Auchettl
2204.03663 astro-ph

Impact of the recent measurements of the top-quark and W-boson masses on electroweak precision fits
J. de Blas, M. Pierini, L. Reina, L. Silvestrini
2204.04204 hep-ph

The W boson Mass and Muon g−2: Hadronic Uncertainties or New Physics?
Peter Athron, Andrew Fowlie, Chih-Ting Lu, Lei Wu, Yongcheng Wu, Bin Zhu
2204.03996 hep-ph

Electroweak Precision Fit and New Physics in light of W Boson Mass
Chih-Ting Lu, Lei Wu, Yongcheng Wu, Bin Zhu
2204.03796 hep-ph

Interpreting electroweak precision data including the W-mass CDF anomaly
Alessandro Strumia
2204.04191 hep-ph

Low energy SUSY confronted with new measurements of W-boson mass and muon g-2
Jin Min Yang, Yang Zhang
2204.04202 hep-ph

W-boson mass anomaly: probing the models of axion-like particle, dark photon and Chameleon dark energy
Guan-Wen Yuan, Lei Zu, Lei Feng, Yi-Fu Cai
2204.04183 hep-ph

Inert Higgs Dark Matter for New CDF W-boson Mass and Detection Prospects
Yi-Zhong Fan, Tian-Peng Tang, Yue-Lin Sming Tsai, L. Wu
2204.03693 hep-ph

GeV antiproton/gamma-ray excesses and the W-boson mass anomaly: three faces of ∼60−70 GeV dark matter particle?
Cheng-Rui Zhu, Ming-Yang Cui, Zi-Qing Xia, Zhao-Huan Yu, Xiaoyuan Huang, Qiang Yuan, Y. Z. Fan
2204.03767 astro-ph

Search for 70 μeV Dark Photon Dark Matter with a Dielectrically-Loaded Multi-Wavelength Microwave Cavity
R. Cervantes et al.
2204.03818 hep-ex

Standard model anomalies: Lepton flavour non-universality and lepton g-2
Alessandra D’Alise et al.
2204.03686 hep-ph

Discovery prospects for long-lived multiply charged particles at the LHC
Mohammad Mahdi Altakach, Priyanka Lamba, Rafał Masełek, Vasiliki A. Mitsou, Kazuki Sakurai
2204.03667 hep-ph

Distinguishing between dark-matter interactions with gravitational-wave detectors
Andrew L. Miller, Francesca Badaracco, Cristiano Palomba
2204.03814 astro-ph

Critical Tests of Leading Gamma Ray Burst Theories II
Shlomo Dado, Arnon Dar, A. De Rújula
2204.04128 astro-ph

Fri, Apr 08, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Quantum Simulation for High Energy Physics
Christian W. Bauer et al.
2204.03381 quant-ph

Constraining New Physics with Borexino Phase-II spectral data
Pilar Coloma, M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, Michele Maltoni, João Paulo Pinheiro, Salvador Urrea
2204.03011 hep-ph

Axion Searches at the LHC: FASER as a Light Shining through Walls Experiment
Felix Kling, Pablo Quílez
2204.03599 hep-ph

Betelgeuse Constraints on Coupling between Axion-like Particles and Electrons
Mengjiao Xiao et al.
2204.03121 astro-ph

An updated review of the new hadron states
Hua-Xing Chen, Wei Chen, Xiang Liu, Yan-Rui Liu, Shi-Lin Zhu
2204.02649 hep-ph

Thu, Apr 07, 2022

Testing Lorentz invariance of electrons with LHAASO observations of PeV gamma-rays from the Crab Nebula
Chengyi Li, Bo-Qiang Ma
2204.02956 astro-ph

Wed, Apr 06, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Enabling Flagship Dark Energy Experiments to Reach their Full Potential
Jonathan A. Blazek et al.
2204.01992 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Opportunities for precision QCD physics in hadronization at Belle II — a snowmass whitepaper
A. Accardi et al.
2204.02280 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass White Paper: String Theory and Particle Physics
Mirjam Cvetic, James Halverson, Gary Shiu, Washington Taylor
2204.01742 hep-th

Perspectives for multi-messenger astronomy with the next generation of gravitational-wave detectors and high-energy satellites
Samuele Ronchini et al.
2204.01746 astro-ph

Learning new physics efficiently with nonparametric methods
Marco Letizia et al.
2204.02317 hep-ph

A Note on Proton Stability in the Standard Model
Seth Koren
2204.01741 hep-ph

Tue, Apr 05, 2022

Complementarity of direct detection experiments in search of light Dark Matter
J. R. Angevaare, G. Bertone, A. P. Colijn, M. P. Decowski, B. J. Kavanagh
2204.01580 hep-ph

The Andromeda Gamma-Ray Excess: Background Systematics of the Millisecond Pulsars and Dark Matter Interpretations
Fabian Zimmer, Oscar Macias, Shin’ichiro Ando, Roland M. Crocker, Shunsaku Horiuchi
2204.00636 astro-ph

Introducing the MeVCube concept: a CubeSat for MeV observations
Giulio Lucchetta, Markus Ackermann, David Berge, Rolf Bühler
2204.01325 astro-ph

Direct Measurement of the Nickel Spectrum in Cosmic Rays in the Energy Range from 8.8 GeV/n to 240 GeV/n with CALET on the International Space Station
CALET Collaboration
2204.00845 astro-ph

New Limit on Axion-Dark-Matter using Cold Neutrons
Ivo Schulthess et al.
2204.01454 hep-ex

Mon, Apr 04, 2022

First Search for Unstable Sterile Neutrinos with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
IceCube Collaboration
2204.00612 hep-ex

ASAS-SN follow-up of IceCube high-energy neutrino alerts
Jannis Necker et al.
2204.00500 astro-ph

Neutrino Driven Explosions aided by Axion Cooling in Multidimensional Simulations of Core-Collapse Supernovae
Aurore Betranhandy, Evan O’Connor
2204.00503 astro-ph

Self-interacting dark baryons
James M. Cline, Cédrick Perron
2204.00033 hep-ph

Origin of intense electron heating in relativistic blast waves
Arno Vanthieghem, Martin Lemoine, Laurent Gremillet
2204.00546 astro-ph

Fri, Apr 01, 2022

379710-200 “My Rhodopsin!”: Why Adding Dark Mode to Journals Could Make Us All Better Astronomers
Kyle A. Corcoran, Ellorie M. Corcoran
2203.16546 astro-ph

379710-200 The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf: Case Studies of Peer Review
Eve Armstrong
2203.17095 astro-ph

379710-200 Predicting Winners of the Reality TV Dating Show The Bachelor Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Abigail J. Lee, Grace E. Chesmore, Kyle A. Rocha, Amanda Farah, Maryum Sayeed, Justin Myles
2203.16648 cs

379710-200 First Detections of Exop(lan)ets: Observations and Follow-Ups of the Floofiest Transits on Zoom
Sabina Sagynbayeva et al.
2203.17185 astro-ph

379710-200 Transmogrifiers: Bright of the Exomoon
Michael B. Lund
2203.17017 physics

379710-200 Taurine in Taurus. An Over-Caffeinated Search for Coffee in Space
Christian Eistrup, Łukasz A. Tychoniec, Iris Nijman, Marta Paula Tychoniec, Siroon Bekkering, Anna Gaca
2203.16598 astro-ph

379710-200 On the Possibility of Discovering Exoplanets within our Solar System
John A Paice, Jack J|C Watkins
2203.17075 astro-ph

379710-200 Social distancing between particles and objects in the Universe
Door van Flonkelaar, Bozef Jucko, Gudit Marg, Koah Nubli, Schebastian Sulz
2203.16982 astro-ph

379710-200 Worry No More, The Hubble Tension is Relieved: A Truly Direct Measurement of the Hubble Constant from Mooniversal Expansion
Gagandeep S. Anand, Zachary R. Claytor, Ryan Dungee
2203.16551 astro-ph

379710-200 Could fresh lava be (warm) dark matter?
Mark R. Lovell
2203.16563 astro-ph

379710-200 The Parking Lot Planet
Sergio Best, Fernanda Correa, Juan Ignacio Espinoza
2203.16791 physics

379710-200 Can the abyss swallow gravitational waves or why we do not observe echoes?
Roman A. Konoplya, Alexander Zhidenko
2203.16635 gr-qc

379710-200 Follow the Index: A new proposal
Henri M.J. Boffin
2203.17123 astro-ph

Star-icon Searching for neutrino emissions from multi-frequency sources
Yu-Ling Chang, Bruno Arsioli, Wenlian Li, Donglian Xu, Liang Chen
2203.16740 astro-ph

Star-icon Neutrino follow-up with the Zwicky Transient Facility: Results from the first 24 campaigns
Robert Stein et al.
2203.17135 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] More is Different: Non-Minimal Dark Sectors and their Implications for Particle Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology — 13 Take-Away Lessons for Snowmass 2021
Keith R. Dienes, Brooks Thomas
2203.17258 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Quantum Networks for High Energy Physics
Andrei Derevianko et al.
2203.16979 quant-ph

Fast Neutrino Conversion in Hydrodynamic Simulations of Neutrino-Cooled Accretion Disks
Oliver Just, Sajad Abbar, Meng-Ru Wu, Irene Tamborra, Hans-Thomas Janka, Francesco Capozzi
2203.16559 astro-ph

Active Galactic Nuclei and their demography through cosmic time
Stefano Bianchi, Vincenzo Mainieri, Paolo Padovani
2203.16846 astro-ph

The collider landscape: which collider for establishing the SM instability?
Roberto Franceschini, Alessandro Strumia, Andrea Wulzer
2203.17197 hep-ph

Cosmological Neutrinos
Floyd W. Stecker
2203.17223 astro-ph

Thu, Mar 31, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Probing dark matter with small-scale astrophysical observations
Richard Brito et al.
2203.15954 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Prospects for precise predictions of aμ in the Standard Model
G. Colangelo et al.
2203.15810 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Physics Community Needs, Tools, and Resources for Machine Learning
Philip Harris et al.
2203.16255 cs

Axion signatures from supernova explosions through the nucleon electric-dipole portal
Giuseppe Lucente et al.
2203.15812 hep-ph

Classification of gamma-ray targets for velocity-dependent and subhalo-boosted dark-matter annihilation
Thomas Lacroix et al.
2203.16440 astro-ph

100 years of mathematical cosmology: Models, theories, and problems
Spiros Cotsakis, Alexander P. Yefremov
2203.16443 physics

Wed, Mar 30, 2022

Star-icon Visible Neutrino Decays and the Impact of the Daughter-Neutrino Mass
André de Gouvêa, Manibrata Sen, Jean Weill
2203.14976 hep-ph

Star-icon Impact of COVID-19 on Astronomy: Two Years In
Vanessa Böhm, Jia Liu
2203.15621 astro-ph

Galactic diffuse gamma rays meet the PeV frontier
Pedro De la Torre Luque et al.
2203.15759 astro-ph

Current and future neutrino limits on the abundance of primordial black holes
Nicolás Bernal, Víctor Muñoz-Albornoz, Sergio Palomares-Ruiz, Pablo Villanueva-Domingo
2203.14979 hep-ph

EstrellaNueva: an open-source software to study the interactions and detection of neutrinos emitted by supernovae
O. I. González-Reina, J. Rumleskie, E. Vázquez-Jáuregui
2203.15181 astro-ph

Microphysics of diffusive shock acceleration: impact on the spectrum of accelerated particles
Pierre Cristofari, Pasquale Blasi, Damiano Caprioli
2203.15624 astro-ph

Efficiency of Nonthermal Particle Acceleration in Magnetic Reconnection
Masahiro Hoshino
2203.15169 astro-ph

Tue, Mar 29, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon PeV Tau Neutrinos to Unveil Ultra-High-Energy Sources
Carlos A. Argüelles, Francis Halzen, Ali Kheirandish, Ibrahim Safa
2203.13827 astro-ph

Star-icon Multiwavelength search for the origin of IceCube’s neutrinos
Emma Kun, Imre Bartos, Julia Becker Tjus, Peter L. Biermann, Anna Franckowiak, Francis Halzen
2203.14780 astro-ph

Star-icon Neutrino Masses and Mass Hierarchy: Evidence for the Normal Hierarchy
Raul Jimenez, Carlos Pena-Garay, Kathleen Short, Fergus Simpson, Licia Verde
2203.14247 hep-ph

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] Axion Dark Matter
C. B. Adams et al.
2203.14923 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] New Horizons: Scalar and Vector Ultralight Dark Matter
D. Antypas et al.
2203.14915 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 White Paper: Charged lepton flavor violation in the tau sector
Swagato Banerjee et al.
2203.14919 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 whitepaper: Proton structure at the precision frontier
S. Amoroso et al.
2203.13923 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Japan’s Strategy for Future Projects in High Energy Physics
M. Endo et al.
2203.13979 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Evolution of HEP Processing Frameworks
Christopher D. Jones, Kyle Knoepfel, Paolo Calafiura, Charles Leggett, Vakhtang Tsulaia
2203.14345 cs

Low energy cosmic rays
S. Gabici
2203.14620 astro-ph

Fast Radio Bursts
Di Xiao, Fayin Wang, Zigao Dai
2203.14198 astro-ph

Fermion picture for cellular automata
C. Wetterich
2203.14081 nlin

Recollections of Steven Weinberg
James Hartle
2203.14115 physics

Recollections of John Wheeler
James Hartle
2203.14135 physics

Mon, Mar 28, 2022

Star-icon An alternative explanation of the Gallium anomaly
Carlo Giunti, Christoph Andreas Ternes
2203.13659 hep-ph

Star-icon Observing the inner parsec-scale region of candidate neutrino-emitting blazars
Cristina Nanci et al.
2203.13268 astro-ph

Comprehensive Analyses of the Neutrino-Process in the Core-collapsing Supernova
Heamin Ko et al.
2203.13365 nucl-th

On (g−2)μ From Gauged U(1)X
Admir Greljo, Peter Stangl, Anders Eller Thomsen, Jure Zupan
2203.13731 hep-ph

KM3NeT upper bounds of detection rates of solar neutrinos from annihilations of dark matter at the solar core
Aman Gupta, Debasish Majumdar, Ashadul Halder
2203.13697 hep-ph

Interlopers speak out: Studying the dark universe using small-scale lensing anisotropies
Birendra Dhanasingham, Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine, Annika H. G. Peter, Andrew Benson, Daniel Gilman
2203.13775 astro-ph

Neutrinos as Qubits and Qutrits
Abhishek Kumar Jha, Akshay Chatla, Bindu A. Bambah
2203.13485 hep-ph

Fri, Mar 25, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Searches for New Particles, Dark Matter, and Gravitational Waves with SRF Cavities
Asher Berlin et al.
2203.12714 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 White Paper: Electron Ion Collider for High Energy Physics
R. Abdul Khalek et al.
2203.13199 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Whitepaper submitted to Snowmass21: Advanced accelerator linear collider demonstration facility at intermediate energy
C. Benedetti et al.
2203.08425 physics

Hadrophilic Light Dark Matter from the Atmosphere
Carlos A. Argüelles, Víctor Muñoz, Ian M. Shoemaker, Volodymyr Takhistov
2203.12630 hep-ph

Rocks, Water and Noble Liquids: Unfolding the Flavor Contents of Supernova Neutrinos
Sebastian Baum, Francesco Capozzi, Shunsaku Horiuchi
2203.12696 hep-ph

New determination of the production cross section for secondary positrons and electrons in the Galaxy
Luca Orusa, Mattia Di Mauro, Fiorenza Donato, Michael Korsmeier
2203.13143 astro-ph

COSEν: A Collective Oscillation Simulation Engine for Neutrinos
Manu George, Chun-Yu Lin, Meng-Ru Wu, Tony G. Liu, Zewei Xiong
2203.12866 hep-ph

The SAGEX Review on Scattering Amplitudes
Gabriele Travaglini et al.
2203.13011 hep-th

Thu, Mar 24, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay: A Roadmap for Matching Theory to Experiment
Vincenzo Cirigliano et al.
2203.12169 hep-ph

AI Poincaré 2.0: Machine Learning Conservation Laws from Differential Equations
Ziming Liu, Varun Madhavan, Max Tegmark
2203.12610 cs

Displaying dark matter constraints from colliders with varying simplified model parameters
Andreas Albert et al.
2203.12035 hep-ph

Search for Gravitational Waves Associated with Fast Radio Bursts Detected by CHIME/FRB During the LIGO–Virgo Observing Run O3a
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration, KAGRA Collaboration, CHIME/FRB Collaboration
2203.12038 astro-ph

Direct Search for Dark Matter Axions Excluding ALP Cogenesis in the 63-67 micro-eV Range, with The ORGAN Experiment
Aaron P. Quiskamp, Ben T. McAllister, Paul Altin, Eugene N. Ivanov, Maxim Goryachev, Michael E. Tobar
2203.12152 hep-ex

A Possible Subclassification of Fast Radio Bursts
Han-Yue Guo, Hao Wei
2203.12551 astro-ph

Climate impacts of particle physics
Kenneth Bloom et al.
2203.12389 physics

sympy2c: from symbolic expressions to fast C/C++ functions and ODE solvers in Python
Uwe Schmitt, Beatrice Moser, Christiane S. Lorenz, Alexandre Refregier
2203.11945 astro-ph

Wed, Mar 23, 2022

Star-icon Neutrino interactions with ultralight axion-like dark matter
Matías M. Reynoso, Oscar A. Sampayo, Agustín M. Carulli
2203.11642 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier CF6 White Paper: Multi-Experiment Probes for Dark Energy — Transients
Alex G. Kim et al.
2203.11226 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Neutrino Scattering Measurements on Hydrogen and Deuterium: A Snowmass White Paper
Luis Alvarez-Ruso et al.
2203.11298 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Bubble Chamber Detectors with Light Nuclear Targets: A Snowmass 2021 White Paper
Luis Alvarez-Ruso et al.
2203.11319 physics

[Snowmass 2021] Enhancing HEP research in predominantly undergraduate institutions and community colleges
Matt Bellis et al.
2203.11662 physics

[Snowmass 2021] Facilitating Non-HEP Career Transition
Sudhir Malik et al.
2203.11665 physics

Testing Non-Standard Interactions Between Solar Neutrinos and Quarks with Super-Kamiokande
Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
2203.11772 hep-ex

The cosmic optical background excess, dark matter, and line-intensity mapping
José Luis Bernal, Gabriela Sato-Polito, Marc Kamionkowski
2203.11236 astro-ph

Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle in the PTOLEMY project: a theory update
PTOLEMY Collaboration
2203.11228 hep-ph

A substandard candle: the low-ν method at few-GeV neutrino energies
Callum Wilkinson, Stephen Dolan, Luke Pickering, Clarence Wret
2203.11821 hep-ph

In search of short gamma-ray burst optical counterpart with the Zwicky Transient Facility
Tomás Ahumada et al.
2203.11787 astro-ph

High-Energy Extragalactic Neutrino Astrophysics
Naoko Kurahashi, Kohta Murase, Marcos Santander
2203.11936 astro-ph

Tue, Mar 22, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon [Snowmass 2021] Snowmass White Paper: Beyond the Standard Model effects on Neutrino Flavor
C. A. Argüelles et al.
2203.10811 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Event Generators for High-Energy Physics Experiments
J. M. Campbell et al.
2203.11110 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass White Paper: Effective Field Theories for Condensed Matter Systems
Tomas Brauner et al.
2203.10110 hep-th

[Snowmass 2021] In Search of Excellence and Equity in Physics
Emanuela Barzi, S. James Gates Jr., Roxanne Springer
2203.10393 physics

[Snowmass 2021] Particle Physics Outreach to K-12 Schools and Opportunities in Undergraduate Education
Marge G. Bardeen et al.
2203.10953 physics

Signatures of anisotropic diffusion around PeVatrons in 100 TeV gamma-ray data
G. Giacinti, T. Abounnasr, A. Neronov, D. Semikoz
2203.11052 astro-ph

Dark Photon Stars: Formation and Role as Dark Matter Substructure
Marco Gorghetto, Edward Hardy, John March-Russell, Ningqiang Song, Stephen M. West
2203.10100 hep-p

Novel Physics with International Pulsar Timing Array: Axionlike Particles, Domain Walls and Cosmic Strings
Deng Wang
2203.10959 astro-ph

The Case for Technosignatures: Why They May Be Abundant, Long-lived, Highly Detectable, and Unambiguous
Jason T. Wright, Jacob Haqq-Misra, Adam Frank, Ravi Kopparapu, Manasvi Lingam, Sofia Z. Sheikh
2203.10899 astro-ph

SETI in 2021
Macy J. Huston, Jason T. Wright
2203.11172 astro-ph

The start of things for Kamiokande: The Kamioka Nucleon Decay Experiment
Atsuto Suzuki
2203.10457 hep-ex

Mon, Mar 21, 2022

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] Advancing the Landscape of Multimessenger Science in the Next Decade
Kristi Engel et al.
2203.10074 astro-ph

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Theory Frontier: Theory Meets the Lab
Rouven Essig, Yonatan Kahn, Simon Knapen, Andreas Ringwald, Natalia Toro
2203.10089 hep-ph

Star-icon Constraining ultra-high-energy cosmic ray composition through cross-correlations
Konstantinos Tanidis, Federico R. Urban, Stefano Camera
2203.09538 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] On the Importance of Rare Kaon Decays: A Snowmass 2021 White Paper
Jason Aebischer, Andrzej J. Buras, Jacky Kumar
2203.09524 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass White Paper: Precision Studies of Spacetime Symmetries and Gravitational Physics
Eric Adelberger et al.
2203.09691 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Portability: A Necessary Approach for Future Scientific Software
Meghna Bhattacharya et al.
2203.09945 physics

[Snowmass 2021] Data and Analysis Preservation, Recasting, and Reinterpretation
Stephen Bailey et al.
2203.10057 hep-ph

A simulation study of tau neutrino events at the ICAL detector in INO
R. Thiru Senthil, D. Indumathi, Prashant Shukla
2203.09863 hep-ph

The KM3NeT multi-PMT optical module
KM3NeT Collaboration
2203.10048 astro-ph

Setigen: Simulating Radio Technosignatures for SETI
Bryan Brzycki et al.
2203.09668 astro-ph

Fri, Mar 18, 2022

Star-icon Physics in a diverse world or A Spherical Cow Model of Physics Talent
Howard Georgi
2203.09485 physics

[Snowmass 2021] The European Spallation Source neutrino Super Beam
A. Alekou et al.
2203.08803 physics

[Snowmass 2021] Quantum Computing for Data Analysis in High-Energy Physics
Andrea Delgado et al.
2203.08805 physics

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper:Primordial Black Hole Dark Matter
Simeon Bird et al.
2203.08967 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Theory, phenomenology, and experimental avenues for dark showers: a Snowmass 2021 report
Guillaume Albouy et al.
2203.09503 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Complementary Signals of Lepton Flavor Violation at a High-Energy Muon Collider
Samuel Homiller, Qianshu Lu, Matthew Reece
2203.08825 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] The CLIC project
O. Brunner et al.
2203.09186 physics

[Snowmass 2021] Theoretical tools for neutrino scattering: interplay between lattice QCD, EFTs, nuclear physics, phenomenology, and neutrino event generators
L. Alvarez Ruso et al.
2203.09030 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Low Background kTon-Scale Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers
A. Avasthi et al.
2203.08821 physics

[Snowmass 2021] The Necessity of International Particle Physics Opportunities for American Education
Enrique Arce-Lareta et al.
2203.09336 physics

Weaker yet again: mass spectrum-consistent cosmological constraints on the neutrino lifetime
Joe Zhiyu Chen, Isabel M. Oldengott, Giovanni Pierobon, Yvonne Y. Y. Wong
2203.09075 hep-ph

Limits to gauge coupling in the dark sector set by the non-observation of instanton-induced decay of Super-Heavy Dark Matter in the Pierre Auger Observatory data
Pierre Auger Collaboration
2203.08854 astro-ph

Revisiting constraints on asymmetric dark matter from collapse in white dwarf stars
Heinrich Steigerwald, Valerio Marra, Stefano Profumo
2203.09054 astro-ph

A 5% measurement of the Hubble constant from Type II supernovae
T. de Jaeger et al.
2203.08974 astro-ph

Prospects for reconstructing the gravitational-wave signals from core-collapse supernovae with Advanced LIGO-Virgo and the BayesWave algorithm
Nayyer Raza, Jess McIver, Gergely Dálya, Peter Raffai
2203.08960 astro-ph

Discovering the building blocks of dark matter halo density profiles with neural networks
Luisa Lucie-Smith et al.
2203.08827 astro-ph

Rescuing High-Scale Leptogenesis using Primordial Black Holes
Nicolás Bernal, Chee Sheng Fong, Yuber F. Perez-Gonzalez, Jessica Turner
2203.08823 hep-ph

Opportunities for Technosignature Science in the Astro2020 Report
Jacob Haqq-Misra et al.
2203.08968 astro-ph

Thu, Mar 17, 2022

[Snowmass 2021] Searches for Baryon Number Violation in Neutrino Experiments: A White Paper
P. S. B. Dev et al.
2203.08771 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier: The landscape of low-threshold dark matter direct detection in the next decade
Rouven Essig et al.
2203.08297 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass White Paper: Effective Field Theories for Dark Matter Phenomenology
Matthew Baumgart et al.
2203.08204 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Current Status and Future Prospects for the Light Dark Matter eXperiment
Torsten Åkesson et al.
2203.08192 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] A Strategy for Low-Mass Dark Matter Searches with Cryogenic Detectors in the SuperCDMS SNOLAB Facility
SuperCDMS Collaboration
2203.08463 physics

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Future Gravitational-Wave Detector Facilities
Stefan W. Ballmer et al.
2203.08228 gr-qc

[Snowmass 2021] A New Charged Lepton Flavor Violation Program at Fermilab
M. Aoki et al.
2203.08278 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] The strong coupling constant: State of the art and the decade ahead
D. d’Enterria et al.
2203.08271 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Enhanced NeUtrino BEams from kaon Tagging (ENUBET)
A. Longhin, F. Terranova
2203.08319 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] DarkQuest: A dark sector upgrade to SpinQuest at the 120 GeV Fermilab Main Injector
Aram Apyan et al.
2203.08322 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] The Heavy Photon Search Experiment
Nathan Baltzell et al.
2203.08324 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Future Circular Lepton Collider FCC-ee: Overview and Status
I. Agapov et al.
2203.08310 physics

[Snowmass 2021] High Energy & High Luminosity gamma gamma Colliders
E. Barzi et al.
2203.08353 physics

[Snowmass 2021] Dark-matter And Neutrino Computation Explored (DANCE) Community Input to Snowmass
Amy Roberts et al.
2203.08338 hep-ex

Diffuse flux of ultra-high energy photons from cosmic-ray interactions in the disk of the Galaxy and implications for the search for decaying super-heavy dark matter
Corinne Bérat, Carla Bleve, Olivier Deligny, François Montanet, Pierpaolo Savina, Zoé Torrès
2203.08751 astro-ph

Neutron stars as photon double-lenses: constraining resonant conversion into ALPs
Kyrylo Bondarenko, Alexey Boyarsky, Josef Pradler, Anastasia Sokolenko
2203.08663 hep-ph

Constraints on Neutron-Mirror-Neutron Oscillation from Neutron Star Cooling
Itzhak Goldman, Rabindra N. Mohapatra, Shmuel Nussinov, Yongchao Zhang
2203.08473 hep-ph

The Pierre Auger Exotic Events and Axion Quark Nuggets
Ariel Zhitnitsky
2203.08160 hep-ph

The Mercedes water Cherenkov detector
P. Assis et al.
2203.08782 physics

Recollections of Richard Feynman
James Hartle
2203.08185 physics

Wed, Mar 16, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon [Snowmass 2021] High-Energy and Ultra-High-Energy Neutrinos
Markus Ackermann et al.
2203.08096 hep-ph

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] Synergy between cosmological and laboratory searches in neutrino physics: a white paper
Kevork N. Abazajian et al.
2203.07377 hep-ph

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] Dark Matter In Extreme Astrophysical Environments
Masha Baryakhtar et al.
2203.07984 hep-ph

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] The Present and Future Status of Heavy Neutral Leptons
Asli M. Abdullahi et al.
2203.08039 hep-ph

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] The Physics Case for a Neutrino Factory
Alex Bogacz et al.
2203.08094 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 CMB-S4 White Paper
Kevork Abazajian et al.
2203.08024 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier Dark Matter Direct Detection to the Neutrino Fog
D. S. Akerib et al.
2203.08084 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] KATRIN: Status and Prospects for the Neutrino Mass and Beyond
M. Aker et al.
2203.08059 nucl-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Neutrinos from Stored Muons (nuSTORM)
L. Alvarez Ruso et al.
2203.07545 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] SoLAr: Solar Neutrinos in Liquid Argon
Saba Para et al.
2203.07501 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Future Collider Options for the US
P. C. Bhat et al.
2203.08088 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Electric dipole moments and the search for new physics
Ricardo Alarcon et al.
2203.08103 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Detection of Early-Universe Gravitational Wave Signatures and Fundamental Physics
Robert Caldwell et al.
2203.07972 gr-qc

[Snowmass 2021] The Physics of Light Relics
Cora Dvorkin et al.
2203.07943 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass White Paper: Light Dark Matter Direct Detection at the Interface With Condensed Matter Physics
Andrea Mitridate, Tanner Trickle, Zhengkang Zhang, Kathryn M. Zurek
2203.07492 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] The International Linear Collider: Report to Snowmass 2021
Alexander Aryshev et al.
2203.07622 physics

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier: Cosmic Microwave Background Measurements White Paper
Clarence L. Chang et al.
2203.07638 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Inflation: Theory and Observations
Ana Achúcarro et al.
2203.08128 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Theory Frontier White Paper: Data-Driven Cosmology
Mustafa A. Amin et al.
2203.07946 astro-ph

[Showmass 2021] Machine Learning and Cosmology
Cora Dvorkin et al.
2203.08056 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Prospects for obtaining Dark Matter Constraints with DESI
Monica Valluri et al.
2203.07491 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Discrete Flavor Symmetries and Lepton Masses and Mixings
Garv Chauhan et al.
2203.08105 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] The REDTOP experiment: Rare η/η′ Decays To Probe New Physics
REDTOP Collaboration
2203.07651 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass White Paper: Probing New Physics with μ+μ−→bs at a Muon Collider
Wolfgang Altmannshofer, Sri Aditya Gadam, Stefano Profumo
2203.07495 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Recent Progress and Next Steps for the MATHUSLA LLP Detector
Cristiano Alpigiani et al.
2203.08126 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Cosmology and Fundamental Physics from the three-dimensional Large Scale Structure
Simone Ferraro, Noah Sailer, Anze Slosar, Martin White
2203.07506 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: 21cm Radiation as a Probe of Physics Across Cosmic Ages
Adrian Liu, Laura Newburgh, Benjamin Saliwanchik, Anže Slosar
2203.07864 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass White Paper: Implications of Quantum Gravity for Particle Physics
Patrick Draper, Isabel Garcia Garcia, Matthew Reece
2203.07624 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Calibrations and backgrounds for dark matter direct detection
Daniel Baxter et al.
2203.07623 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Detector and Beamline Simulation for Next-Generation High Energy Physics Experiments
Krzysztof Genser, Vincent R. Pascuzzi, others
2203.07614 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021: Quantum Sensors for HEP Science — Interferometers, Mechanics, Traps, and Clocks
Daniel Carney et al.
2203.07250 quant-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Societal impacts of particle physics projects
R. Zens et al.
2203.07995 hep-ex

ExHaLe-jet: An extended hadro-leptonic jet model for blazars. I. Code description and initial results
Michael Zacharias, Anita Reimer, Catherine Boisson, Andreas Zech
2203.07956 astro-ph

New tests of dark sector interactions from the full-shape galaxy power spectrum
Rafael C Nunes, Sunny Vagnozzi, Suresh Kumar, Eleonora Di Valentino, Olga Mena
2203.08093 astro-ph

Search for gamma-ray line signals around the black hole at the galactic center with DAMPE observation
Tian-Ci Liu, Ji-Gui Cheng, Yun-Feng Liang, En-Wei Liang
2203.08078 astro-ph

Radiopurity of a kg-scale PbWO4 cryogenic detector produced from archaeological Pb for the RES-NOVA experiment
J.W. Beeman et al.
2203.07441 physics

Introduction to a low-mass dark matter project, ALETHEIA: A Liquid hElium Time projection cHambEr In dArk matter
Junhui Liao et al.
2203.07901 astro-ph

Interpretable machine learning in Physics
Christophe Grojean, Ayan Paul, Zhuoni Qian, Inga Strümke
2203.08021 hep-ph

Limits on the Detection of Planet Nine in the Dark Energy Survey
Matthew Belyakov, Pedro H. Bernardinelli, Michael E. Brown
2203.07642 astro-ph

Tue, Mar 15, 2022

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] The Future of Gamma-Ray Experiments in the MeV-EeV Range
Kristi Engel et al.
2203.07360 astro-ph

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Puzzling Excesses in Dark Matter Searches and How to Resolve Them
Rebecca K. Leane et al.
2203.06859 hep-ph

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] White Paper on Light Sterile Neutrino Searches and Related Phenomenology
M. A. Acero et al.
2203.07232 hep-ex

*[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass 2021 Community Survey Report
Garvita Agarwal et al.
2203.07328 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] High Energy Physics Opportunities Using Reactor Antineutrinos
O. A. Akindele et al.
2203.07214 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Prompt electron and tau neutrinos and antineutrinos in the forward region at the LHC
Weidong Bai et al.
2203.07212 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier: The landscape of cosmic-ray and high-energy photon probes of particle dark matter
Tsuguo Aramaki et al.
2203.06894 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass White Paper: Strong CP Beyond Axion Direct Detection
Nikita Blinov et al.
2203.07218 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Fundamental Physics and Beyond the Standard Model
Emanuele Berti et al.
2203.06240 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Astrophysical and Cosmological Probes of Dark Matter
Kimberly K. Boddy et al.
2203.06380 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Ultraheavy particle dark matter
Daniel Carney et al.
2203.06508 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier: Synergies between dark matter searches and multiwavelength/multimessenger astrophysics
Shin’ichiro Ando et al.
2203.06781 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Theories and Experiments for Testable Baryogenesis Mechanisms: A Snowmass White Paper
J. L. Barrow et al.
2203.07059 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] The Project 8 Neutrino Mass Experiment
Project 8 Collaboration
2203.07329 nucl-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Muon Collider Physics Summary
Chiara Aimè et al.
2203.07256 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering: Terrestrial and astrophysical applications
M. Abdullah et al.
2203.07361 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Early-Universe Model Building
Pouya Asadi et al.
2203.06680 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Testing neutrino flavor models
Julia Gehrlein, Serguey Petcov, Martin Spinrath, Arsenii Titov
2203.06219 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] LHCb future dark-sector sensitivity projections for Snowmass 2021
Daniel Craik, Phil Ilten, Daniel Johnson, Mike Williams
2203.07048 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Dark Matter Physics from Halo Measurements
Keith Bechtol et al.
2203.07354 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Observational Facilities to Study Dark Matter
Sukanya Chakrabarti et al.
2203.06200 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Cosmological Simulations for Dark Matter Physics
Arka Banerjee et al.
2203.07049 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] A Gaseous Argon-Based Near Detector to Enhance the Physics Capabilities of DUNE
A. Abed Abud et al.
2203.06281 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] The Road Ahead for CODEX-b
Giulio Aielli et al.
2203.07316 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021: Vera C. Rubin Observatory as a Flagship Dark Matter Experiment
Yao-Yuan Mao et al.
2203.07252 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Rubin Observatory after LSST
Bob Blum et al.
2203.07220 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Dark Matter Physics from the CMB-S4 Experiment
Cora Dvorkin et al.
2203.07064 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Heavy Neutral Lepton Searches at the Electron-Ion Collider: A Snowmass Whitepaper
Brian Batell, Tathagata Ghosh, Keping Xie
2203.06705 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Electron Scattering and Neutrino Physics
A. M. Ankowski et al.
2203.06853 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] The Potential of a TeV-Scale Muon-Ion Collider
Darin Acosta et al.
2203.06258 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] The Future Circular Collider: a Summary for the US 2021 Snowmass Process
G. Bernardi et al.
2203.06520 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] DIMUS: Super-Compact Dimuonium Spectroscopy Collider at Fermilab
Patrick J. Fox, Sergo Jindariani, Vladimir Shiltsev
2203.07144 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Experimental Searches for Muon to Electron Conversion in a Nucleus: COMET, DeeMe, and Mu2e. A Contributed paper for Snowmass 21
Sophie Middleton, MyeongJae Lee, Yoshihiro Seiya
2203.07089 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Accelerator and Beam Physics: Grand Challenges and Research Opportunities
S. Nagaitsev et al.
2203.06816 physics

First measurement of high-energy reactor antineutrinos at Daya Bay
Daya Bay Collaboration
2203.06686 hep-ex

The rigidity dependence of galactic cosmic-ray fluxes and its connection with the diffusion coefficient
M. Vecchi, P.-I. Batista, E. F. Bueno, L. Derome, Y. Génolini, D. Maurin
2203.06479 astro-ph

Search for muon-to-electron conversion with the COMET experiment
Manabu Moritsu
2203.06365 hep-ex

Continuous Habitable Zones: Using Bayesian Methods to Prioritize Characterization of Potentially Habitable Worlds
Austin Ware, Patrick Young, Amanda Truitt, Alexander Spacek
2203.06259 astro-ph

Mon, Mar 14, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon [Snowmass 2021] Tau Neutrinos in the Next Decade: from GeV to EeV
Roshan Mammen Abraham et al.
2203.05591 hep-ph

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] Cosmology Intertwined: A Review of the Particle Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology Associated with the Cosmological Tensions and Anomalies
Elcio Abdalla et al.
2203.06142 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass Neutrino Frontier: DUNE Physics Summary
DUNE Collaboration
2203.06100 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] BSM ν physics: complementarity across energies — a white paper for Snowmass 2021
Tao Han, Jiajun Liao, Hongkai Liu, Danny Marfatia, Richard Ruiz
2203.06131 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass2021 CMB-HD White Paper
CMB-HD Collaboration
2203.05728 astro-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Opportunities for new physics searches with heavy ions at colliders
David d’Enterria et al.
2203.05939 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Directional Detection of Dark Matter Using Solid-State Quantum Sensing
Reza Ebadi et al.
2203.06037 physics

[Snowmass 2021] Solving Simulation Systematics in and with AI/ML
Brett Viren, Jin Huang, Yi Huang, Meifeng Lin, Yihui Ren, Kazuhiro Terao, Dmitrii Torbunov, Haiwang Yu
2203.06112 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Higgs Factory Considerations
J.A. Bagger et al.
2203.06164 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Recoil imaging for dark matter, neutrinos, and physics beyond the Standard Model
C. A. J. O’Hare
2203.05914 physics

[Snowmass 2021] DUNE Software and High Performance Computing
Bonnie Fleming et al.
2203.06104 hep-ex

Axion Instability Supernovae
Jeremy Sakstein, Djuna Croon, Samuel D. McDermott
2203.06160 hep-ph

Search for secluded dark matter towards the Galactic Centre with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
ANTARES Collaboration
2203.06029 astro-ph

Astrophysics with the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna
Pau Amaro-Seoane et al.
2203.06016 gr-qc

On the radio spectra of Galactic millisecond pulsars
Kshitij Aggarwal, Duncan. R. Lorimer
2203.05560 astro-ph

New Physics searches in a low threshold scintillating argon bubble chamber measuring coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering in reactors
E. Alfonso-Pita, L. J. Flores, Eduardo Peinado, E. Vázquez-Jáuregui
2203.05982 hep-ph

LINNA: Likelihood Inference Neural Network Accelerator
Chun-Hao To, Eduardo Rozo, Elisabeth Krause, Hao-Yi Wu, Risa H. Wechsler, Andrés N. Salcedo
2203.05583 astro-ph

Validation of standardized data formats and tools for ground-level particle-based gamma-ray observatories
A. Albert et al.
2203.05937 astro-ph

Fri, Mar 11, 2022

Star-icon [Snowmass 2021] The Forward Physics Facility at the High-Luminosity LHC
Jonathan L. Feng et al.
2203.05090 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Searches for Long-Lived Particles at the Future FCC-ee
C. B. Verhaaren et al.
2203.05502 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Testing Lepton Flavor Universality and CKM Unitarity with Rare Pion Decays in the PIONEER experiment
PIONEER Collaboration
2203.05505 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Axion-Like Particles at High Energy Muon Colliders — A White paper for Snowmass 2021
Tao Han, Tong Li, Xing Wang
2203.05484 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] New Ideas in Baryogenesis: A Snowmass White Paper
Gilly Elor et al.
2203.05010 hep-ph

[Snowmass 2021] Passive low energy nuclear recoil detection with color centers — PALEOCCENE
Krystal Alfonso et al.
2203.05525 hep-ex

[Snowmass 2021] Snowmass Whitepaper: Physical Mathematics 2021
Ibrahima Bah et al.
2203.05078 hep-th

Neutrino forces and the Sommerfeld enhancement
Rupert Coy, Xun-Jie Xu, Bingrong Yu
2203.05455 hep-ph

The PDF4LHC21 combination of global PDF fits for the LHC Run III
Richard D. Ball et al.
2203.05506 hep-ph

Detectability of hadron-quark phase transition in neutrino signals of failing core-collapse supernova
Zidu Lin, Shuai Zha, Evan P. O’Connor, Andrew W. Steiner
2203.05141 astro-ph

Probing the Dark Solar System: Detecting Binary Asteroids with a Space-Based Interferometric Asteroid Explorer
Andrew G. Sullivan, Doğa Veske, Zsuzsa Márka, Imre Bartos, Szabolcs Márka
2203.05547 astro-ph

Thu, Mar 10, 2022

Star-icon Upper limit on the axion-photon coupling from magnetic white dwarf polarization
Christopher Dessert, David Dunsky, Benjamin R. Safdi
2203.04319 hep-ph

Star-icon Constraining Axion-Like Particles with HAWC Observations of TeV Blazars
Sunniva Jacobsen, Tim Linden, Katherine Freese
2203.04332 hep-ph

Decay of multiple dark matter particles to dark radiation in different epochs does not alleviate the Hubble tension
Luis A. Anchordoqui, Vernon Barger, Danny Marfatia, Jorge F. Soriano
2203.04818 astro-ph

Signal model and event reconstruction for the radio detection of inclined air showers
Felix Schlüter, Tim Huege
2203.04364 astro-ph

Electroweak ALP Searches at a Muon Collider
Yunjia Bao, JiJi Fan, Lingfeng Li
2203.04328 hep-ph

The Low Frequency Perspective on Fast Radio Bursts
Maura Pilia
2203.04890 astro-ph

A Beacon in the Galaxy: Updated Arecibo Message for Potential FAST and SETI Projects
Jonathan H. Jiang et al.
2203.04288 physics

Wed, Mar 09, 2022

Star-icon Observable Signatures of Cosmic Rays Transport in Starburst Galaxies on Gamma-ray and Neutrino Observations
A. Ambrosone, M. Chianese, D.F.G. Fiorillo, A. Marinelli, G. Miele
2203.03642 astro-ph

Physics Opportunities for the Fermilab Booster Replacement
John Arrington et al.
2203.03925 hep-ph

The Sources of Apparently Non-Repeating FRB
J. I. Katz
2203.03675 astro-ph

Search for sub-GeV Dark Matter via Migdal effect with an EDELWEISS germanium detector with NbSi TES sensors
EDELWEISS Collaboration, B.J. Kavanagh
2203.03993 astro-ph

Effect of clustering on primordial black hole microlensing constraints
Matthew Gorton, Anne M. Green
2203.04209 astro-ph

Complementarity of experiments in probing the non-relativistic effective theory of dark matter-nucleon interactions
Anja Brenner, Gonzalo Herrera, Alejandro Ibarra, Sunghyun Kang, Stefano Scopel, Gaurav Tomar
2203.04210 hep-ph

Tue, Mar 08, 2022

Fermi and eRosita bubbles as relics of the past activity of the Galactic black hole
H.-Y. Karen Yang, M. Ruszkowski, E. Zweibel
2203.02526 astro-ph

Spectral softening in core-collapse supernova remnant expanding inside wind-blown bubble
Samata Das, Robert Brose, Dominique M.-A. Meyer, Martin Pohl, Iurii Sushch, Pavlo Plotko
2203.03369 astro-ph

Entanglement and correlations in fast collective neutrino flavor oscillations
Alessandro Roggero, Ermal Rrapaj, Zewei Xiong
2203.02783 astro-ph

Mon, Mar 07, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon Neutrino Self-Interactions: A White Paper
Jeffrey M. Berryman et al.
2203.01955 hep-ph

A Next-Generation Liquid Xenon Observatory for Dark Matter and Neutrino Physics
J. Aalbers et al.
2203.02309 physics

Exploiting a future galactic supernova to probe neutrino magnetic moments
Sudip Jana, Yago P Porto-Silva, Manibrata Sen
2203.01950 hep-ph

Observational constraints on the origin of the elements. IV: The standard composition of the Sun
Ekaterina Magg et al.
2203.02255 astro-ph

Search for Pauli Exclusion Principle Violation by Pair Production in the Majorana Demonstrator Calibration Data
MAJORANA Collaboration
2203.02033 nucl-ex

PIONEER: Studies of Rare Pion Decays
PIONEER Collaboration
2203.01981 hep-ex

Low Energy Event Reconstruction in IceCube DeepCore
IceCube Collaboration
2203.02303 hep-ex

Fri, Mar 04, 2022

Observing Axion Emission from Supernova with Collider Detectors
Shoji Asai, Yoshiki Kanazawa, Takeo Moroi, Thanaporn Sichanugrist
2203.01519 hep-ph

Constraining heavy axion-like particles by energy deposition in Globular Cluster stars
Giuseppe Lucente, Oscar Straniero, Pierluca Carenza, Maurizio Giannotti, Alessandro Mirizzi
2203.01336 hep-ph

The Potential to Probe Solar Neutrino Physics with LiCl Water Solution
Wenhui Shao et al.
2203.01860 hep-ex

Thu, Mar 03, 2022

The Diffuse Gamma-Ray Flux from Clusters of Galaxies
Saqib Hussain, Rafael Alves Batista, Elisabete M. de Gouveia Dal Pino, Klaus Dolag
2203.01260 astro-ph

Low-Energy Physics in Neutrino LArTPCs
D. Caratelli et al.
2203.00740 physics

First joint observation by the underground gravitational-wave detector, KAGRA, with GEO600
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration, KAGRA Collaboration
2203.01270 gr-qc

GCOS — The Global Cosmic Ray Observatory
Jörg R. Hörandel
2203.0117 astro-ph

Wed, Mar 02, 2022

An absolute ν mass measurement with the DUNE experiment
Federica Pompa, Francesco Capozzi, Olga Mena, Michel Sorel
2203.00024 hep-ph

Measuring the propagation speed of gravitational waves with LISA
Tessa Baker
22203.00566 gr-qc

Do Atoms Age?
Mark G. Raizen, David E. Kaplan, Surjeet Rajendran
2203.00195 quant-ph

A call to Arms Control: Synergies between Nonproliferation Applications of Neutrino Detectors and Large-Scale Fundamental Neutrino Physics Experiments
Adam Bernstein et al.
2203.00042 physics

Tue, Mar 01, 2022

Search for Magnetic Monopoles with ten years of the ANTARES neutrino telescope
ANTARES Collaboration
2202.13786 astro-ph

New physics from polarised light of the cosmic microwave background
Eiichiro Komatsu
2202.13919 astro-ph

Alternative ideas in cosmology
Martin Lopez-Corredoira, Louis Marmet
2202.12897 astro-ph

Mon, Feb 28, 2022

Probing New Gauge Forces with a High-Energy Muon Beam Dump
Cari Cesarotti, Samuel Homiller, Rashmish K. Mishra, Matthew Reece
2202.12302 hep-ph

New limits on leptophilic ALPs and Majorons from ArgoNeuT
Enrico Bertuzzo, Ana Luisa Foguel, Gabriel M. Salla, Renata Zukanovich Funchal
2202.12317 hep-ph

On the observability of gravitational source rotation in neutrino flavor oscillations
Himanshu Swami
2202.12310 hep-ph

Astrophysical Plasma Instabilities induced by Long-Range Interacting Dark Matter
Akaxia Cruz, Matthew McQuinn
2202.12464 astro-ph

Theia: Summary of physics program. Snowmass White Paper Submission
M. Askins et al.
2202.12839 hep-ex

A Straight Lightning Bolt?! Observation of a Predicted Macro Dark Matter Signature
Nathaniel Starkman, Glenn D. Starkman, Harrison Winch, Jagjit Singh Sidhu
2202.12428 astro-ph

History of Solar Neutrino Observations
Masayuki Nakahata
202.12421 hep-ex

Fri, Feb 25, 2022

Star-icon Explaining the UHECR spectrum, composition and large-scale anisotropies with radio galaxies
Björn Eichmann, Michael Kachelrieß, Foteini Oikonomou
2202.11942 astro-ph

Star-icon Search for High-Energy Neutrino Emission from Galactic X-ray Binaries with IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
2202.11722 astro-ph

ALP induced polarization effects on photons from galaxy clusters
Giorgio Galanti, Marco Roncadelli, Fabrizio Tavecchio
2202.12286 astro-ph

Thu, Feb 24, 2022

Star-iconStar-icon toise: a framework to describe the performance of high-energy neutrino detectors
Jakob van Santen, Brian A. Clark, Rob Halliday, Stefan Hallman, Anna Nelles
2202.11120 astro-ph

A Highly Variable Magnetized Environment in a Fast Radio Burst Source
Reshma Anna-Thomas et al.
2202.11112 astro-ph

Impact of QCD uncertainties on antiproton spectra from dark-matter annihilation
Adil Jueid, Jochem Kip, Roberto Ruiz de Austri, Peter Skands
2202.11546 hep-ph

Measurement of Energy Spectrum and Elemental Composition of PeV Cosmic Rays: Open Problems and Prospects
G. Di Sciascio
2202.11618 astro-ph

Wed, Feb 23, 2022

Bounds on new physics with data of the Dresden-II reactor experiment and COHERENT
Pilar Coloma et al.
2202.10829 hep-ph

Implications of the first evidence for coherent elastic scattering of reactor neutrinos
Jiajun Liao, Hongkai Liu, Danny Marfatia
2202.10622 hep-ph

Probing light mediators and (g−2)μ through detection of coherent elastic neutrino nucleus scattering at COHERENT
M. Atzori Corona et al.
2202.11002 hep-ph

Listening to the Universe with Next Generation Ground-Based Gravitational-Wave Detectors
Ssohrab Borhanian, B. S. Sathyaprakash
2202.11048 gr-qc

Tue, Feb 22, 2022

Model-independent classification of events from the first CHIME/FRB Fast Radio Burst catalog
Anastasia Chaikova, Dmitriy Kostunin, Sergei B. Popov
2202.10076 astro-ph

Requirements on common solutions to the LSND and MiniBooNE excesses: a post-MicroBooNE study
Waleed Abdallah, Raj Gandhi, Samiran Roy
2202.09373 hep-ph

Suggestive evidence for Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering from reactor antineutrinos
J. Colaresi, J.I. Collar, T.W. Hossbach, C.M. Lewis, K.M. Yocum
2202.09672 hep-ex

Prospects for Distinguishing Supernova Models Using a Future Neutrino Signal
Jackson Olsen, Yong-Zhong Qian
2202.09975 astro-ph

Spectral Lag Transition of 32 Fermi Gamma-ray Bursts and their Application on Constraining Lorentz Invariance Violation
Zi-Ke Liu, Bin-Bin Zhang, Yan-Zhi Meng
2202.09999 astro-ph

Matter Effect of Sterile Neutrino in Light of Renormalization-Group Equations
Shuge Zeng, Fanrong Xu
2202.09851 hep-ph

Understanding planetary context to enable life detection on exoplanets and test the Copernican principle
Joshua Krissansen-Totton, Maggie Thompson, Max L. Galloway, Jonathan J. Fortney
2202.10333 astro-ph

Mon, Feb 21, 2022

Star-icon Simulation of in-ice cosmic ray air shower induced particle cascades
Simon De Kockere, Krijn D. de Vries, Nick van Eijndhoven, Uzair A. Latif
2202.09211 astro-ph

Star-icon Indirect search of Heavy Neutral Leptons using the DUNE Near Detector
S. Carbajal, A. M. Gago
2202.09217 hep-ph

Accelerating Earth-Bound Dark Matter
David McKeen, Marianne Moore, David E. Morrissey, Maxim Pospelov, Harikrishnan Ramani
2202.08840 hep-ph

How do Magnetic Field Models Affect Astrophysical Limits on Light Axion-like Particles? An X-ray Case Study with NGC 1275
James H. Matthews et al.
2202.08875 astro-ph

Do direct detection experiments constrain axionlike particles coupled to electrons?
Ricardo Z. Ferreira, M.C. David Marsh, Eike Müller
2202.08858 hep-ph

Massive neutrino self-interactions with a light mediator in cosmology
Jorge Venzor, Gabriela Garcia-Arroyo, Abdel Pérez-Lorenzana, Josue De-Santiago
2202.09310 astro-ph

Dark Photons and Displaced Vertices at the MUonE Experiment
Iftah Galon, David Shih, Isaac R. Wang
2202.08843 hep-ph

Fri, Feb 18, 2022

Extraterrestrial Axion Search with the Breakthrough Listen Galactic Center Survey
Joshua W. Foster et al.
2202.08274 astro-ph

Final results on the 0νββ decay half-life limit of 100Mo from the CUPID-Mo experiment
C. Augier et al.
2202.08716 nucl-ex

A Three-component Model for Cosmic-ray Spectrum and Dipole Anisotropy
Yiran Zhang, Siming Liu, Houdun Zeng
2202.08491 astro-ph

Direct measurement of the distribution of dark matter with strongly lensed gravitational waves
Shuo Cao, Jingzhao Qi, Zhoujian Cao, Marek Biesiada, Wei Cheng, Zong-Hong Zhu
2202.08714 astro-ph

Thu, Feb 17, 2022

Gamma rays reveal proton acceleration in thermonuclear novae explosions
MAGIC Collaboration
2202.07681 astro-ph

A fast radio burst with sub-millisecond quasi-periodic structure
Inés Pastor-Marazuela et al.
2202.08002 astro-ph

Tomographic Muon Imaging of the Great Pyramid of Giza
Alan D. Bross et al.
2202.08184 physics

Nuclear Data to Reduce Uncertainties in Reactor Antineutrino Measurements: Summary Report of the Workshop on Nuclear Data for Reactor Antineutrino Measurements (WoNDRAM)
Catherine Romano et al.
2202.08241 nucl-ex

Wed, Feb 16, 2022

Star-icon A low-threshold ultrahigh-energy neutrino search with the Askaryan Radio Array
ARA Collaboration
2202.07080 astro-ph

Star-icon Probing Neutrino Mass Models through Resonances at Neutrino Telescopes
K.S. Babu, P.S. Bhupal Dev, Sudip Jana
2202.06975 hep-ph

Star-icon KamLAND’s search for correlated low-energy electron antineutrinos with astrophysical neutrinos from IceCube
S. Abe et al.
2202.07345 astro-ph

Blazar-Boosted Dark Matter at Super-Kamiokande
Alessandro Granelli, Piero Ullio, Jin-Wei Wang
2202.07598 astro-ph

Heavy Neutrinos at the FCC-hh in the U(1)B−L Model
Wei Liu, Suchita Kulkarni, Frank F. Deppisch
2202.07310 hep-ph

CTA Sensitivity on TeV scale Dark Matter Models with Complementary Limits from Direct Detection
C. Duangchan et al.
2202.07321 astro-ph

The Blazar sequence and its Physical Understanding
Elisa Prandini, Gabriele Ghisellini
2202.07490 astro-ph

On possible life-dispersal patterns beyond the Earth
Andjelka B. Kovacevic
2202.07347 astro-ph

Looking out for a sustainable space
James A. Blake
2202.06994 astro-ph

Tue, Feb 15, 2022

A uniform stellar origin for binary black holes revealed by lensing
T. Broadhurst, J.M. Diego, G.F. Smoot
2202.05861 astro-ph

Galactic halo magnetic fields and UHECR deflections
Vasundhara Shaw, Arjen van Vliet, Andrew M. Taylor
2202.06780 astro-ph

First evidence for off-shell production of the Higgs boson and measurement of its width
CMS Collaboration
2202.06923 hep-ex

Gamma-ray halos around pulsars as the key to understanding cosmic ray transport in the Galaxy
R. López-Coto, E. de Oña Wilhelmi, F. Aharonian, E. Amato, J. Hinton
2202.06899 astro-ph

Polarisation signatures in radio for inclined cosmic-ray induced air-shower identification
Simon Chiche, Kumiko Kotera, Olivier Martineau-Huynh, Matias Tueros, Krijn D. de Vries
2202.06846 astro-ph

Three-dimensional simulation of a core-collapse supernova for a binary star progenitor of SN 1987A
Ko Nakamura, Tomoya Takiwaki, Kei Kotake
2202.06295 astro-ph

Heavy neutrinos at future linear e+e− colliders
Krzysztof Mękała, Jürgen Reuter, Aleksander Filip Żarnecki
2202.06703 hep-ph

Bounds on sterile neutrino lifetime and mixing angle with active neutrinos by global 21 cm signal
Pravin Kumar Natwariya, Alekha C. Nayak
2202.06007 hep-ph

Picking the low-hanging fruit: testing new physics at scale with active learning
Juan Rocamonde, Louie Corpe, Gustavs Zilgalvis, Maria Avramidou, Jon Butterworth
2202.05882 hep-ph

Neutrinos from Gamma-ray Bursts
Shigeo S. Kimura
2202.06480 astro-ph

Mon, Feb 14, 2022

Cosmic-ray generated bubbles around their sources
Benedikt Schroer, Oreste Pezzi, Damiano Caprioli, Colby Haggerty, Pasquale Blasi
2202.05814 astro-ph

Galaxies lacking dark matter produced by close encounters in a cosmological simulation
Jorge Moreno et al.
2202.05836 astro-ph

Boosting jittering jets by neutrino heating in core collapse supernovae
Noam Soker
2202.05556 astro-ph

“Stairway to Heaven” — Spectroscopy of Particle Couplings with Gravitational Waves
Daniel G. Figueroa, Adrien Florio, Nicolas Loayza, Mauro Pieroni
2202.05805 astro-ph

Fri, Feb 11, 2022

Non-standard neutrino cosmology dilutes the lensing anomaly
Ivan Esteban, Olga Mena, Jordi Salvado
2202.04656 astro-ph

Improving CP Measurement with THEIA and Muon Decay at Rest
Shao-Feng Ge, Chui-Fan Kong, Pedro Pasquini
2202.04038 hep-ph

Correlating Gravitational Wave and Gamma-ray Signals from Primordial Black Holes
Kaustubh Agashe, Jae Hyeok Chang, Steven J. Clark, Bhaskar Dutta, Yuhsin Tsai, Tao Xu
2202.04653 astro-ph

Mr. Tompkins world: Effects of extreme variations in fundamental constants on the structure of atoms, molecules, and periodic table
Vsevolod D. Dergachev, Hoang Bao Tran Tan, Sergey A. Varganov, Andrei Derevianko
2202.04228 physics

Thu, Feb 10, 2022

Star-icon PKS 1424+240: yet another masquerading BL Lac object as a possible IceCube neutrino source
P. Padovani, B. Boccardi, R. Falomo, P. Giommi
2202.04363 astro-ph

New Constraint on the Local Relic Neutrino Background Overdensity with the First KATRIN Data Runs
KATRIN Collaboration
2202.04587 nucl-ex

Neutrino astronomy as a probe of physics beyond the Standard Model: decay of sub-MeV B-L gauge boson dark matter
Weikang Lin, Luca Visinelli, Donglian Xu, Tsutomu T. Yanagida
2202.04496 hep-ph

Diffuse Galactic emission spectrum between 0.5 and 8.0 MeV
Thomas Siegert, Joanna Berteaud, Francesca Calore, Pasquale D. Serpico, Christoph Weinberger
2202.04574 astro-ph

The Pantheon+ Analysis: Cosmological Constraints
Dillon Brout et al.
2202.04077 astro-ph

Can a Single Population Account for the Discriminant Properties in Fast Radio Bursts?
Shu-Qing Zhong, Wen-Jin Xie, Can-Min Deng, Long Li, Zi-Gao Dai, Hai-Ming Zhang
2202.04422 astro-ph

High-energy colliders as a probe of neutrino properties
O. G. Miranda, J. W. F. Valle, G. Sanchez Garcia, Sanjoy Mandal, Xun-Jie Xu
2202.04502 hep-ph

For LISA. A piano-based sonification project of gravitational waves
Andrea Valle, Valeriya Korol
2202.04621 astro-ph

Wed, Feb 09, 2022

New bounds on axion-like particles from MicroBooNE
Pilar Coloma, Pilar Hernández, Salvador Urrea
2202.03447 hep-ph

Revisiting the Dark Matter Interpretation of Excess Rates in Semiconductors
Peter Abbamonte et al.
2202.03436 hep-ph

Dark matter, supernova neutrinos and other backgrounds in direct dark matter searches. The ANDES laboratory prospects
K.J. Fushimi, M.M. Saez, M.E. Mosquera, O. Civitarese
2202.03887 hep-ph

Belle II sensitivity to long-lived dark photons
Torben Ferber, Camilo Garcia-Cely, Kai Schmidt-Hoberg
2202.03452 hep-ph

What does cosmology tell us about the mass of thermal-relic dark matter?
Rui An, Vera Gluscevic, Erminia Calabrese, J. Colin Hill
2202.03515 astro-ph

GB6 J2113+1121: A multi-wavelength flaring gamma-ray blazar temporally and spatially coincident with the neutrino event IceCube-191001A
Neng-Hui Liao et al.
2202.03788 astro-ph

Nonresonant Searches for Axion-Like Particles in Vector Boson Scattering Processes at the LHC
J. Bonilla, I. Brivio, J. Machado-Rodríguez, J. F. de Trocóniz
2202.03450 hep-ph

Odderon observation: explanations and answers to questions/objections regarding the PRL publication
Kenneth Österberg
2202.03724 hep-ex

Tue, Feb 08, 2022

Star-icon AMS-02 antiprotons and dark matter: Trimmed hints and robust bounds
Francesca Calore et al.
2202.03076 hep-ph

An explanation of the muon puzzle of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays and the role of the Forward Physics Facility for model improvement
Luis A. Anchordoqui, Carlos Garcia Canal, Felix Kling, Sergio J. Sciutto, Jorge F. Soriano
2202.02095 hep-ph

Investigating the blazar TXS 0506+056 through sharp multi-wavelength eyes during 2017-2019
MAGIC Collaboration, OVRO Collaboration, Metsähovi Collaboration, et al.
2202.02600 astro-ph

Intensity interferometry for ultralight bosonic dark matter detection
Hector Masia-Roig et al.
2202.02645 hep-ph

NSI effects on the generation of microscopic black hole events
Ashutosh Kumar Alok, Trisha Sarkar, Shweta Yadav
2202.02775 hep-ph

High-Energy Neutrinos from Active Galactic Nuclei
Kohta Murase, Floyd W. Stecker
2202.03381 astro-ph

Neutrino Flavor Conversions in High-Density Astrophysical and Cosmological Environments
Francesco Capozzi, Ninetta Saviano
2202.02494 hep-ph

DarkFlux: A new tool to analyze indirect-detection spectra of next-generation dark matter models
Antonio Boveia, Linda M. Carpenter, Boyu Gao, Taylor Murphy, Emma Tolley
2202.03419 hep-ph

A Search for Technosignatures toward the Galactic Centre at 150 MHz
Chenoa D. Tremblay, Danny C. Price, Steven J. Tingay
2202.03324 astro-ph

Mon, Feb 07, 2022

Star-icon Rediscovering orbital mechanics with machine learning
Pablo Lemos, Niall Jeffrey, Miles Cranmer, Shirley Ho, Peter Battaglia
2202.02306 astro-ph

Toward the discovery of matter creation with neutrinoless double-beta decay
Matteo Agostini, Giovanni Benato, Jason A. Detwiler, Javier Menéndez, Francesco Vissani
2202.01787 hep-ex

Propagation of cosmic rays in plasmoids of AGN jets — implications for multimessenger predictions
J. Becker Tjus, M. Hörbe, I. Jaroschewski, P. Reichherzer, W. Rhode, M. Schroller, F. Schüssler
2202.01818 astro-ph

Discovering true tauonium via two-photon fusion at e+e− and hadron colliders
David d’Enterria, Hua-Sheng Shao
220.02316 hep-ph

Unravelling the left-right mixing using 0νββ decay and collider probes
Gang Li, Michael J. Ramsey-Musolf, Juan Carlos Vasquez
2202.01789 hep-ph

Collective neutrino oscillations with tensor networks using a time-dependent variational principle
Michael J. Cervia et al.
2202.01865 hep-ph

White dwarfs as Physics laboratories: lights and shadows
Jordi Isern, Santiago Torres, Alberto Rebassa-Mansergas
2202.02052 astro-ph

Climate Change and Human Evolution from the Passage of the Solar System through a Cold Cloud 2-3Myrs ago
Merav Opher, Abraham Loeb
2202.01813 astro-ph

Fri, Feb 04, 2022

Detecting Beyond the Standard Model Interactions of Solar Neutrinos in Low-Threshold Dark Matter Detectors
Thomas Schwemberger, Tien-Tien Yu
2202.01254 hep-ph

First measurement of the absorption of 3He nuclei in matter and impact on their propagation in the galaxy
ALICE Collaboration
2202.01549 nucl-ex

Constraining Dark matter annihilation with Dark Energy Survey Y3 LSBG sample
Daiki Hashimoto, Atsushi J. Nishizawa, Masahiro Takada
2202.01400 astro-ph

Searching for Ultra-light Bosons and Constraining Black Hole Spin Distributions with Stellar Tidal Disruption Events
Peizhi Du, Daniel Egana-Ugrinovic, Rouven Essig, Giacomo Fragione, Rosalba Perna
2202.01215 hep-ph

The Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background in the Standard and Double Collapse Models
Alexander Libanov, Andrey Sharofeev
2202.01206 astro-ph

Neutrino Astronomy with IMB, Kamiokande and Super Kamiokande
John M. LoSecco
2202.01676 astro-ph

Well-being in French Astrophysics
N. A. Webb et al.
2202.01768 astro-ph

Thu, Feb 03, 2022

Neutrino point source searches for dark matter spikes
Katherine Freese, Irina Galstyan, Pearl Sandick, Patrick Stengel
2202.01126 astro-ph

A novel search for high-frequency gravitational waves with low-mass axion haloscopes
Valerie Domcke, Camilo Garcia-Cely, Nicholas L. Rodd
2202.00695 hep-ph

IceCube and High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos
Francis Halzen, Ali Kheirandish
2202.00694 astro-ph

Testing Lorentz Invariance with Neutrinos
Floyd W. Stecker
2202.01183 hep-ph

Investigation of the Lorentz invariance violation in two-neutrino double-beta decay
S.A. Ghinescu, O. Nitescu, S. Stoica
2202.01023 nucl-th

Wed, Feb 02, 2022

Gamma-ray Cosmology and Tests of Fundamental Physics
J. Biteau, M. Meyer
2202.00523 astro-ph

Tue, Feb 01, 2022

Star-icon nNNPDF3.0: Evidence for a modified partonic structure in heavy nuclei
Rabah Abdul Khalek et al.
2201.12363 hep-ph

Density of GeV muons in air showers measured with IceTop
IceCube Collaboration
2201.12635 hep-ex

Prospects for the detection of the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background with the experiments SK-Gd and JUNO
Yufeng Li, Mark Vagins, Michael Wurm
2201.12920 astro-ph

Status of the K-EUSO Orbital Detector of Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays
P. Klimov et al.
2201.12766 astro-ph

GRB Emission with Anisotropic Electron Distribution
Ryota Goto, Katsuaki Asano
2201.13028 astro-ph

Can one-zone hadronuclear model explain the hard-TeV spectrum of BL Lac objects?
Wei-Jian Li et al.
2201.12708 astro-ph

H0 as a Universal FLRW Diagnostic
Chethan Krishnan, Ranjini Mondol
2201.13384 astro-ph

The Friedman-Lemaître-Robertson-Walker Metric: a centennial review
Robert Barnes
2201.13120 astro-ph

Mon, Jan 31, 2022

Primordial Black Hole Dark Matter in the Context of Extra Dimensions
Avi Friedlander, Katherine J. Mack, Sarah Schon, Ningqiang Song, Aaron C. Vincent
2201.11761 hep-ph

Wakefield Acceleration in a Jet from a Neutrino Driven Accretion Flow around a Black Hole
Yoshiaki Kato, Toshikazu Ebisuzaki, Toshiki Tajima
2201.11755 astro-ph

First limits on neutrino electromagnetic properties from the CONUS experiment
CONUS Collaboration
2201.12257 hep-ex

Contribution to the extragalactic neutrino background from dense environment of GRB jets
W. Bednarek, A. Śmiałkowski
2201.12061 astro-ph

Nothing to see here: Failed supernovae are faint or rare
Robert Byrne, Morgan Fraser
2201.12187 astro-ph

Fri, Jan 28, 2022

Star-icon Improved eV-scale Sterile-Neutrino Constraints from the Second KATRIN Measurement Campaign
KATRIN Collaboration
2201.11593 hep-ex

Search for solar atmospheric neutrinos with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
ANTARES Collaboration
2201.11642 astro-ph

Milky Way Satellite Census. IV. Constraints on Decaying Dark Matter from Observations of Milky Way Satellite Galaxies
DES Collaboration
2201.11740 astro-ph

Incremental Fermi Large Area Telescope Fourth Source Catalog
Fermi-LAT collaboration
2201.11184 astro-ph

Muography in Colombia: simulation framework, instrumentation and data analysis
J. Peña-Rodríguez et al.
2201.11160 astro-ph

Thu, Jan 27, 2022

High energy neutrinos from fast winds in Novae
W. Bednarek, A. Śmiałkowski
2201.10810 astro-ph

New Test of Neutrino Oscillation Coherence with Leggett-Garg Inequality
Xing-Zhi Wang, Bo-Qiang Ma
2201.10597 quant-ph

Electric charge dequantization with Dirac neutrinos in CEνNS
Amir N. Khan
2201.10578 hep-ph

Project Hephaistos I. Upper limits on partial Dyson spheres in the Milky Way
Matías Suazo, Erik Zackrisson, Jason T. Wright, Andreas Korn, Macy Huston
2201.11123 astro-ph

Don’t Forget To Look Up
Philip Lubin, Alexander N. Cohen
2201.10663 astro-ph

Wed, Jan 26, 2022

Low-Energy Supernovae Severely Constrain Radiative Particle Decays
Andrea Caputo, Hans-Thomas Janka, Georg Raffelt, Edoardo Vitagliano
2201.09890 astro-ph

The DRAKE mission: finding the frequency of life in the Cosmos
Subhajit Sarkar
2201.10226 astro-ph

Two sides of the same coin: sterile neutrinos and dark radiation. Status and perspectives
Maria Archidiacono, Stefano Gariazzo
2201.10319 hep-ph

Tue, Jan 25, 2022

Inhomogeneous Jets from Neutron Star Mergers: One Jet to Rule them all
Gavin P Lamb et al.
2201.09796 astro-ph

The first days of type II-P core collapse supernovae in the gamma-ray range
P. Cristofari, A. Marcowith, M. Renaud, V.V. Dwarkadas, V. Tatischeff, G. Giacinti, E. Peretti, H. Sol
2201.09583 astro-ph

Is the Hubble crisis connected with the extinction of dinosaurs?
Leandros Perivolaropoulos
2201.08997 astro-ph

Mon, Jan 24, 2022

Observational signatures of stellar explosions driven by relativistic jets
Moshe Eisenberg, Ore Gottlieb, Ehud Nakar
2201.08432 astro-ph

Inference of bipolar neutrino flavor oscillations near a core-collapse supernova, based on multiple measurements at Earth
Eve Armstrong et al.
2201.08505 astro-ph

Inelastic Dirac Dark Matter
Anastasiia Filimonova, Sam Junius, Laura Lopez Honorez, Susanne Westhoff
2201.08409 hep-ph

TeV Instrumentation: current and future
Julian Sitarek
2201.08611 astro-ph

The Cosmological Parameters (2021)
Ofer Lahav, Andrew R Liddle
2201.08666 astro-ph

Estimate of the carbon footprint of astronomical research infrastructures
Jürgen Knödlseder et al.
2201.08748 astro-ph

Fri, Jan 21, 2022

TeV and keV-MeV Excesses as Probes for Hadronic Process in BL Lacertaes
Ji-Gui Cheng, Xiao-Li Huang, Ze-Rui Wang, Jian-Kun Huang, En-Wei Liang
2201.08148 astro-ph

In situ, broadband measurement of the radio frequency attenuation length at Summit Station, Greenland
J. A. Aguilar et al.
2201.07846 astro-ph

Cross-sectional uncertainties influences on sensitivity studies of DUNE and T2HK experiments
Ritu Devi, Jaydip Singh, Baba Potukuchi
2201.08040 hep-ph

New Physics Searches at Kaon and Hyperon Factories
Evgueni Goudzovski et al.
2201.07805 hep-ph

High-power laser experiment forming a supercritical collisionless shock in a magnetized uniform plasma at rest
Ryo Yamazaki et al.
2201.07976 physics

European Strategy for Particle Physics — Accelerator R&D Roadmap
C. Adolphsen et al.
2201.07895 physics

An Overview of CHIME, the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment
CHIME Collaboration
2201.07869 astro-ph

The Weak Gravity Conjecture: A Review
Daniel Harlow, Ben Heidenreich, Matthew Reece, Tom Rudelius
2201.08380 hep-th

A Brief Analysis of the Apollo Guidance Computer
Charles Averill
2201.08230 cs

Thu, Jan 20, 2022

Star-icon A Search for Electron Neutrino Transitions to Sterile States in the BEST Experiment
V.V. Barinov et al.
2201.07364 nucl-ex

Star-icon Search for Spatial Correlations of Neutrinos with Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays
ANTARES Collaboration, IceCube Collaboration, Pierre Auger Collaboration, Telescope Array Collaboration
2201.07313 astro-ph

Empirical capture cross sections for cosmic neutrino detection with 151Sm and 171Tm
Vedran Brdar, Ryan Plestid, Noemi Rocco
2201.07251 hep-ph

Unveiling the Universe with Emerging Cosmological Probes
Michele Moresco et al.
2201.07241 astro-ph

Wed, Jan 19, 2022

Star-icon Assessing coincident neutrino detections using population models
F. Capel, J. M. Burgess, D. J. Mortlock, P. Padovani
2201.05633 astro-ph

Evidence for gamma-ray emission from the remnant of Kepler’s supernova based on deep H.E.S.S. observations
H.E.S.S. Collaboration
2201.05839 astro-ph

Understanding the phase reversals of Galactic cosmic ray anisotropies
Bing-Qiang Qiao, Qing Luo, Qiang Yuan, Yi-Qing Guo
2201.06234 astro-ph

Gravitational search for near Earth black holes or other compact dark objects
Tomoyo Namigata, C. J. Horowitz, R. Widmer-Schnidrig
2201.06511 gr-qc

Geometry of the neutrino mixing space
Wojciech Flieger, Janusz Gluza
2201.06036 hep-ph

Taking Neutrino Pictures via Electrons
Guey-Lin Lin, Thi Thuy Linh Nguyen, Martin Spinrath, Thi Dieu Hien Van, Tse-Chun Wang
2201.06733 hep-ph

Physical Publicly Verifiable Randomness from Pulsars
J. R. Dawson et al.
2201.05763 astro-ph

High-Energy Neutrino Emission from Blazars
Foteini Oikonomou
2201.05623 astro-ph

Galactic and Extragalactic Sources of Very High Energy Gamma-rays
D. Bose, V. R. Chitnis, P. Majumdar, A. Shukla
2201.06789 astro-ph

A short pre-history of Quantum Gravity
2201.05736 gr-qc

Tue, Jan 18, 2022

No arXiv announcements

Mon, Jan 17, 2022

Dark matter scattering in astrophysical media: collective effects
William DeRocco, Marios Galanis, Robert Lasenby
2201.05167 hep-ph

ALPINIST: Axion-Like Particles In Numerous Interactions Simulated and Tabulated
Jan Jerhot, Babette Döbrich, Fatih Ertas, Felix Kahlhoefer, Tommaso Spadaro
2201.05170 hep-ph

Can NSI affect measures of non-local correlations in neutrino oscillations?
Bhavna Yadav, Trisha Sarkar, Khushboo Dixit, Ashutosh Kumar Alok
2201.05580 hep-ph

50 years INR: Exploring the High-Energy Universe
Christian Spiering
2201.05437 astro-ph

Fri, Jan 14, 2022

Star-icon Impact of Wave Package Separation in Low-Energy Sterile Neutrino Searches
Carlos A. Argüelles, Toni Bertólez-Martínez, Jordi Salvado
2201.05108 hep-ph

The Road to Precision Cosmology
Michael S. Turner
2201.04741 astro-ph

History and Geography of Pentaquark Searches: Challenges and Pitfalls
Moskov Amaryan
2201.04885 hep-ex

Thu, Jan 13, 2022

A search for neutron to mirror neutron oscillation using neutron electric dipole moment measurements
Prajwal Mohanmurthy, Albert R. Young, Jeff A. Winger, Geza Zsigmond
2201.04191 nucl-ex

Breaking baryon-cosmology degeneracy with the electron density power spectrum
Andrina Nicola et al.
2201.04142 astro-ph

Cosmological direct detection of dark energy: non-linear structure formation signatures of dark energy scattering with visible matter
Fulvio Ferlito, Sunny Vagnozzi, David F. Mota, Marco Baldi
2201.04528 astro-ph

Wed, Jan 12, 2022

Star-icon Strong constraints on neutrino nonstandard interactions from TeV-scale νμ disappearance at IceCube
IceCube Collaboration
2201.03566 hep-ex

Star-icon Galactic gamma-ray and neutrino emission from interacting cosmic-ray nuclei
M. Breuhaus, J. A. Hinton, V. Joshi, B. Reville, H. Schoorlemmer
2201.03984 astro-ph

Star-icon Modelling of propagation of very-high-energy gamma rays with CRbeam code. Comparison with CRPropa and ELMAG codes
O.Kalashev, A.Korochkin, A.Neronov, D.Semikoz
2201.03996 astro-ph

Dark matter annihilation and the Galactic Centre Excess
Robert J. J. Grand, Simon D. M. White
2201.03567 astro-ph

Ultrahigh-energy Gamma-Ray Radiation from the Crab Pulsar Wind Nebula
Lin Nie, Yang Liu, Zejun Jiang, Xiongfei Geng
2201.03796 astro-ph

Energy functions of fast radio bursts derived from the first CHIME/FRB catalogue
Tetsuya Hashimoto et al.
2201.03574 astro-ph

Simulation Study of the Relative Askaryan Fraction at the South Pole
Ek Narayan Paudel, Alan Coleman, Frank G. Schroeder
2201.03405 hep-th

Axion-photon multimessenger astronomy with giant flares
Javier De Miguel, Chiko Otani
2201.04059 astro-ph

The International Pulsar Timing Array second data release: Search for an isotropic Gravitational Wave Background
J. Antoniadis et al.
2201.03980 astro-ph

Feynman Integrals
Stefan Weinzierl
2201.03593 hep-th

Continuous gravitational waves in the lab: recovering audio signals with a table-top optical microphone
James W. Gardner et al.
2201.03683 gr-qc

Building instructions for a ferromagnetic axion haloscope
Nicolò Crescini
2201.04081 hep-ex

Why is Parity Restored?
Jean-Marie Frère
2201.03548 hep-ph

Tue, Jan 11, 2022

Flat spectrum radio quasars and BL Lacs dominate the anisotropy of the unresolved gamma-ray background
Michael Korsmeier, Elena Pinetti, Michela Negro, Marco Regis, Nicolao Fornengo
2201.02634 astro-ph

A review of the tension between the T2K and NOνA appearance data and hints to new physics
Ushak Rahaman, Soebur Razzaque, S. Uma Sankar
2201.03250 hep-ph

The Absence of Periodicity in Repeating FRB
J. I. Katz
2201.02910 astro-ph

Neutron Stars with Baryon Number Violation, Probing Dark Sectors
Jeffrey M. Berryman, Susan Gardner, Mohammadreza Zakeri
2201.02637 hep-ph

Searching for dark-matter waves with PPTA and QUIJOTE pulsar polarimetry
Andrés Castillo et al.
2201.03422 astro-ph

A General Analysis for Observing Quantum Interference at Colliders
Andrew J. Larkoski
2201.03159 hep-ph

Theory of Nuclear Fission
Nicolas Schunck, David Regnier
2201.02719 nucl-th

Mon, Jan 10, 2022

Cosmology with one galaxy?
Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro et al.
2201.02202 astro-ph

New binary black hole mergers in the LIGO–Virgo O3a data
Seth Olsen, Tejaswi Venumadhav, Jonathan Mushkin, Javier Roulet, Barak Zackay, Matias Zaldarriaga
2201.02252 astro-ph

Dark sectors in neutron-shining-through-a-wall and nuclear absorption signals
Matheus Hostert, David McKeen, Maxim Pospelov, Nirmal Raj
2201.02603 hep-ph

The prototype X-ray binary GX 339-4: using TeV gamma-rays to assess LMXBs as Galactic cosmic ray accelerators
D. Kantzas, S. Markoff, M. Lucchini, C. Ceccobello, V. Grinberg, R. M. T. Connors, P. Uttley
2201.02379 astro-ph

Modeling the γ-ray Pulsar Wind Nebulae population in our Galaxy
M. Fiori, B. Olmi, E. Amato, R. Bandiera, N. Bucciantini, L. Zampieri, A. Burtovoi
2201.02221 astro-ph

An Experiment for Electron-Hadron Scattering at the LHC
K. D. J. André et al.
2201.02436 hep-ex

Fri, Jan 07, 2022

Impact of Warm Dark Matter on the Cosmic Neutrino Background Anisotropies
Christopher G. Tully, Gemma Zhang
2201.01888 astro-ph

Improved bounds on ultralight scalar dark matter in the radio-frequency range
Oleg Tretiak et al.
2201.02042 hep-ph

A Robust Description of Hadronic Decays in Light Vector Mediator Models
Ana Luisa Foguel, Peter Reimitz, Renata Zukanovich Funchal
2201.01788 hep-ph

Status of Lattice QCD Determination of Nucleon Form Factors and their Relevance for the Few-GeV Neutrino Program
Aaron S. Meyer, André Walker-Loud, Callum Wilkinson
2201.01839 hep-lat

Thu, Jan 06, 2022

Star-icon MiniBooNE and MicroBooNE Joint Fit to a 3+1 Sterile Neutrino Scenario
MiniBooNE Collaboration
2201.01724 hep-ex

Star-icon On the nature of radio-wave radiation from particle cascades
Clancy W. James
2201.01298 astro-ph

The CAMELS project: public data release
Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro et al.
2201.01300 astro-ph

Inferring Astrophysical Parameters of Core-Collapse Supernovae from their Gravitational-Wave Emission
Jade Powell, Bernhard Müller
2201.01397 astro-ph

A Stable Sexaquark: Overview and Discovery Strategies
Glennys R. Farrar
2201.01334 hep-ph

Constraints on sub-GeV Dark Matter Boosted by Cosmic Rays from CDEX-10 Experiment at the China Jinping Underground Laboratory
CDEX Collaboration
2201.01704 hep-ex

Wed, Jan 05, 2022

Neutrino bound states and bound systems
Alexei Yu. Smirnov, Xun-Jie Xu
2201.00939 hep-ph

FACET: A new long-lived particle detector in the very forward region of the CMS experiment
S. Cerci et al.
2201.00019 hep-ex

Quasi-Sterile Neutrinos from Dark Sectors I. BSM matter effects in neutrino oscillations and the short-baseline anomalies
Daniele S. M. Alves, William C. Louis, Patrick G. deNiverville
2201.00876 hep-ph

Reevaluation of the cosmic antideuteron flux from cosmic-ray interactions and from exotic sources
Laura Šerkšnytė et al.
2201.00925 astro-ph

The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: Technosignature Search of Transiting TESS Targets of Interest
Noah Franz et al.
2201.00918 astro-ph

Towards RNA life on Early Earth: From atmospheric HCN to biomolecule production in warm little ponds
Ben K. D. Pearce, Karan Molaverdikhani, Ralph E. Pudritz, Thomas Henning, Kaitlin E. Cerrillo
2201.00829 astro-ph

Tue, Jan 04, 2022

Diffuse flux of PeV neutrinos from centrifugally accelerated protons in active galactic nuclei
Rajat K. Dey, Animesh Basak, Sabyasachi Ray
2201.00586 astro-ph

GW190521: First Measurement of Stimulated Hawking Radiation from Black Holes
Jahed Abedi, Luís Felipe Longo Micchi, Niayesh Afshordi
2201.00047 gr-qc

All-sky search for continuous gravitational waves from isolated neutron stars using Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo O3 data
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration, KAGRA Collaboration
2201.00697 gr-qc

Mon, Jan 03, 2022

Multi-band Emission up to PeV Energy from the Crab Nebula in a Spatially Dependent Lepto-hadronic Model
Qi-Yong Peng, Bi-Wen Bao, Fang-Wu Lu, Li Zhang
2112.14939 astro-ph

Analysis of the result of the Neutrino-4 experiment in conjunction with other experiments on the search for sterile neutrinos within the framework of the 3 + 1 neutrino model
A.P. Serebrov, R.M. Samoilov, M.E. Chaikovskii
2112.14856 hep-ex

Models of ultra-heavy dark matter visible to macroscopic mechanical sensing arrays
Carlos Blanco, Bahaa Elshimy, Rafael F. Lang, Robert Orlando
2112.14784 hep-ph