NuOscProbExact code and paper released



For a while now, I had been working on a lightweight code to compute neutrino oscillation probabilities for arbitrary oscillation scenarios.

NuOscProbExact uses the method developed by Ohlsson and Snellman to compute probabilities exactly without the need of diagonalizing the Hamiltonian.

NuOscProbExact is fully written in Python 3.7, open source, and publicly available at this GitHub repository: .

In the repository you will also find documentation and examples; the code itself is distributed with example files ready to run.



For details, see the accompanying paper:

NuOscProbExact: a general-purpose code to compute exact two-flavor and three-flavor neutrino oscillation probabilities, Mauricio Bustamante, [arXiv:1904.12391]

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